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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 1, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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next fox news sunday. this is the fox report. tonight, making the case for striking syria or not. dozens of lawmakers have returned to washington, d.c. for classified intelligence meetings with the white house officials. >> this case is going to build stronger and stronger. >> i want to see the plan and a strategy that this will achieve some goals that we need to achieve. >> we rightfully recognize that in the long run he and the country and the world will be stronger if congress was supportive of his activities. >> there's weakness here on the part of the president. i think it has not been a good week for him, but he made his
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decision to come to congress, and it's going to be a very, very tough debate. >> fox report. how the people that represent all of us are drawing battle lines over whether to use america's military hardware in syria. and the raging wildfire burning around yosemite national park hit a historic new milestone. and a big question looms. what sparked it. in minutes, why the answer may be linked to mexican drug cartels. also, a front row seat to a terrifying experience behind the wheel, and if this landslide isn't bad enough, look out for that boulder! i am harris faulkner. action tonight from capitol hill on the crisis in syria. within the past few hours, roughly 70 house lawmakers wrapped up a classified briefing with top intelligence and military advisers from the obama administration. the meeting lasted we're told
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more than an hour. one lawmaker telling fox news the room was split, virtually 50/50 on what to do, raising questions about whether congress will back up the president and his adamant call for action against syria. this comes as the president announced yesterday he will seek congressional approval for any military action in to syria's civil war there, his secretary of state john kerry made the rounds on the sunday those today revealing new information on the alleged chemical attacks in syria. more on that part of the story in a moment. first, let's begin with back and forth between the white house and congress. some of the very lawmakers that must vote on whether we would launch a strike on another country's government over using a weapon of mass destruction on its own people. peter doocy kicks off our coverage on capitol hill. peter, what's some of the reaction you're hearing from lawmakers? >> reporter: harris, today was the first time lawmakers have been briefed on classified intelligence since they found out they're going to have a
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chance to vote on authorizing the use of force against the assad regime in syria. so today, officials from the white house, the pentagon, and the state department all made presentations behind closed doors at this members only briefing, and we're told some of them stressed the importance of sending a message to iran by responding decisively against syria, basically as a way to show that the united states actually backs up its tough talk. but not everyone is sold. >> a civil war, religious war, not sure it impacts the interests of the united states, and frankly most of my constituents from what they've heard so far. >> reporter: meanwhile, we learned today that democratic leadership in the house will not pressure democratic members to support the president in this case, and this comes as many members have been complaining that the resolution written by
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the white house that would authorize force against assad is just too broad with one even comparing it to a blank check. >> the purpose of our action is to deter future use of chemical weapons in syria and elsewhere around the world, and i believe that the draft resolution to support it presented by the administration does not current meet that test, that it is too broadly drafted, it is too open ended. >> reporter: and the chairman of the judiciary committee in the senate, democratic senator pat leahy says the senate will end up taking up a new resolution, different than the one sent over by the white house. >> peter, i'm reading a schedule that's now filling up with more briefings and meeting. what is next? >> reporter: harris, as you know, congress, the house and senate are scheduled to be on recess until next tuesday, september 9th. here on the hill for the next few days there are going to be a series of hearings, meetings,
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briefings about syria, and harris, we also just heard in the last hour or so that the white house has now sent an invitation to chairs and ranking members, so basically the top two people on a number of key committees to head down pennsylvania avenue to sit with the president, so the president can make his argument to them in person, and those meetings are going to happen tuesday. >> very interesting. peter doocy, thank you. we'll continue coverage as members of congress are briefed on syria. you heard peter talking about the fact that there are so many more lawmakers headed back to washington. remember, last week they were on an unclassified phone call talking about it, many at national parks on vacation. now we're seeing many of them head back to the hill. we're also learning new information about the chemical weapons allegedly used in syria. we told you moments ago, secretary of state john kerry released new details today, this time naming a specific chemical agent that killed more than one
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thousand citizens. he talked about it with anchor chris wallace on fox news sunday. >> the fact is that yesterday we have now learned that hair and blood samples that have come to us from east damascus from individuals who were engaged as first responders in east damascus, i can report to you today they have tested positive for signatures of sarin. so this case is going to build stronger and stronger. >> secretary kerry says he feels more confident about our intelligence by the day. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live on capitol hill. what have you learned about what intelligence lawmakers are actually seeing? >> reporter: we had this classified briefing that lasted 90 minutes, briefers were senior deputies from the intelligence department, and national security staff, the group that advises the president on policy and strategy, and what they
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briefed lawmakers, many of whom arrived very casually dressed today were the four pillars of the intelligence assessment, number one, the chemical agent used. number two, means of delivery, in this case a rocket system. number three, what they call a chain of custody, so who was in control of the chemical agent, also the delivery system, and finally the chain of command, who made the decision to launch this chemical weapons attack. and lingering questions since secretary kerry spoke last week about the attack, whether there was any way the u.s. could have launched a preemptive attack, given there was intelligence the syrian regime three days before was preparing for an attack, and even wearing gas masks. one lawmaker that was briefed today says that intelligence was not available in real time. >> the evidence that was made available to the united states government was available after the strike on the 21st, not before. >> reporter: you listened carefully to the congressman's
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language there, what that tells us is that a great deal of the intelligence, we heard it off camera from members of congress today, comes from foreign intelligence services, not from u.s. sources itself, harris. >> well, we have been telling everybody and you press in on the point this is classified. outside of the sarin gas technology from secretary kerry, not a lot of pinpoint details. do lawmakers think the intelligence is conclusive? >> reporter: what lawmakers said to fox today is they felt the amount of intelligence was volu volumous. there were telephone intercepts, they had raw intelligence that they could review themselves, and several said to fox they felt it was an effort by the administration to avoid a repeat of that faulty intelligence that led the u.s. to invade iraq in 2003. but one of the overlooked headlines in the intelligence assessment is that the attack on august 21st was not the first
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time the syrian regime allegedly used chemical weapons. in fact, one foreign intelligence service believes it happened at least a dozen times in the past, that was confirmed to fox news by the chairman of the house intelligence committee, even before the president spoke in the rose garden. >> the british think 14 times, i think u.s. intelligence services believe a few less times than that, i think 9. there's a clear pattern of chemical weapons use on behalf of the regime. >> reporter: administration officials said to reporters after the assessment was released that they believe the syrian regime uses chemical weapons when they're in a situation that they're finding it hard to control ground. in this particular case, they wanted to move forces out of damascus to aleppo, so they wanted to squelch the resistance. we hear from lawmakers they would like to have more information and have more confidence in the intelligence coming from on the ground in
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syria, harris. >> catherine herridge reporting tonight. thank you. where are arab nations when it comes to use of chemical weapons in the muslim country of syria? today they began to call for u.n. and international action against syria. the league wrapped up a meeting in egypt with resolution that the assad regime must be held accountable for the attacks that left hundreds of civilians dead. a syrian state run newspaper, another declaring victory over the united states after president obama announced he will seek congressional approval for military strikes, the president's decision delaying action. they call that a victory. it is making people in israel very nervous. for days, they have been lining up for gas masks amid threats of retaliation aimed at them. benjamin netanyahu trying to calm things down today, saying his nation is ready for any threat.rt in the region, live from jerusalem. tell us more about the reaction where you are. >> reporter: harris, officials
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here and the government off the record will use the coward word to describe president obama's actions. some going even further here in israel, one minister in the government compared president obama's lack of action on syria to president roosevelt's refusal to bomb the nazi extermination camps in world war ii. israel still has its iron dome missile defense system on stand by ready in case of attack. the syrians have declared victory, syrian state tv covered people partying in the streets of damascus last night when the united states announced it was not going to strike immediately. the deputy prime minister of that country went on pan arab satellite networks saying america had, quote, lost the battle before it began, said that the american administration made a joke out of itself. probably a larger implication,
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harris, for so long the word of the american president was considered ironclad in this part of the world, drawing a red line meant something. now in capitals around the area, a lot of folks wonder if it does mean something going forward. >> what about iran's nuclear situation? how does this play into that? they have been one of the countries to threaten retaliation, rather than hitting us, they say they would hit israel. >> reporter: absolutely. remember that for a long time the israelis talked about hitting iran. it was an insurance policy when president obama said iran would not be allowed to get a nuclear weapon, military options were on the table. the syrian issue and chemical weapons is seen as a litmus test by israel in terms of whether the united states would make good on that promise about iran, something that israel views as an existential threat to its existence. today in the cabinet, a number of ministers talked about this
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proves, president obama's actions, prove that in the future israel may have to go it alone. back to you. >> and they're our friends. leland vittert, thank you very much. remembering legendary broadcaster and journalist, david frost has died. his fame grew when he sat down with former president nixon right after watergate. and piecing together just what sparked the beast burning out west in yosemite national park. homes, buildings destroyed, lives changed forever. a live report on why investigators may be looking south of the border for answers. stay close. >> i say it every night, the firemen are saving our butts, saving our butts, and there's a lot of them out there. have i got a treat for you. new clean whipped creme. clean fresh foundation, a dash of hydration, whipped to smooth matte perfection. what a treat! new clean whipped creme. from easy breezy beautiful covergirl.
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square miles of land in and around yosemite national park. it is now the fourth largest fire in that state's history and it is not the only one tearing through california's beautiful land. the map will show that you. look at all of the red. the hot and dry conditions turning california into a tinder box. more than 8,000 firefighters on the job working six major fires. dominic di-natale in the newsroom. focus on the biggest fire, the rim fire. we're hearing some theories the cause of that fire could be tied to the drug cartels south of the border? >> reporter: you bet, harris. one told fox news it is probably a pot farm that caused what is now the worst wildfire this season in california. officially, cal fire is telling us that may have sparked it remains under investigation, but the fire chief for a town in the path of the flames told us that marijuana operations in the national forest are likely to have started it, and the theory is based on information the
4:18 pm
authorities already have. chief tom mcneil tells us lightning strike was ruled out, there was no bad weather near the point of origin at the time it started. he highly suspects, quote, there may have been some sort of grow. pot gross owe taxpayers 80 million for this, that's how much it cost california to tackle this fire so far, harris. >> last week, not even last week, four days ago we reported it was 47 million. that number nearly jumped as they fight this beast. you mention pot farms and they're looking at that, and that's primarily because those have caused fires before. >> reporter: yes, particularly back in 2009 if you remember, a cooking fire at a marijuana drug trafficking operation started in santa barbara. it torched 90,000 acres, at the time was threatening thousands of homes. because the people that caused it had been dropped there by the cartels, they couldn't escape,
4:19 pm
and being there illegally, they try to evade firefighters in these situations, the police as well, ending up in danger, getting burned. some people carrying weapons makes it incredibly risky business. problem won't go away, from may to october, that's the season of pot coinciding to wildfire season. we'll see if the authorities include it was indeed pot growers that started this. they haven't contained the rim fire yet, not even half. ringing friday's closing bell on wall street the harley-davidson way. but wall street could use some gas of its own after stocks took a slide last week. the key factors that could rev up your 401(k) or stall it when it gets started after the holiday. while president obama and congress mull over what's next in syria, you see it, demonstrators taking to the
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we head into a new month, stock markets are closed tomorrow for labor day. starting tuesday, investors will be watching developments that could have big consequences for your 401(k), retirement money, including pending decision on u.s. military strike on syria. fox news senior business correspondent and anchor of bulls and bears brenda buttner
4:24 pm
has more. >> tomorrow is labor day, but for wall street, real labor day is friday when the august jobs report comes out. estimates are 180,000 jobs were created last month, and that the unemployment rate will hold at 7.4%. a surprise to the up side could mean stocks head south because the fed could ease up on the easy money policy, which has fueled the markets, if it sees signs the economy is on the mend. that's over here. wall street will also be looking over there to the crisis in syria, with more uncertainty this weekend about if and when the u.s. will strike, stocks may sell off, but if history is any guide, we could see a rebound if the strike is swift. if there's also worry gas prices may spike, fueled by unrest in the middle east, some forecast the tension in the middle east could hike gas prices from the national average of about $3.56 a gallon ten cents in the next
4:25 pm
week. a hit at the pump and purposes of consumers could hurt the economy. stocks start this month after a tough august. s&p 500 is likely a part of your retirement plan, suffered the worst monthly performance since may of 2012. and september is often not one to remember. historically, the worst month of the year for stocks. harris, back to you. >> brenda, thank you. legendary british broadcaster and journalist sir david frost has passed away. his career spanned a half century on both sides of the atlantic, mainly because he was by far most remembered for his historic 1977 interview with a former american president, richard nixon. at the time, it was the most watched television interview in history. and it was contentious at times as frost pressed nixon on his involvement in the watergate scandal. >> as you look back at the record, you behaved partially protecting your friends or maybe
4:26 pm
yourself and that in fact you were to put it most simple a part of a coverup at times. >> no. i again, i again respectfully will not quibble with you about the use of the terms. >> frost died of a heart attack while on a cruise. british prime minister david cameron called him an extraordinary man with charm, wit, talent, intelligence in equal measure. frost was 74 years old. images now of a landslide caught on tape. the people in the car had no chance to avoid this roadway hazard. then from the dust cloud, a boulder, that thing in the middle of your stream. and president obama's push for a strike on syria. lawmakers getting a good look at the intelligence in a classified
4:27 pm
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life with verizon now is excellent. we rely on verizon entirely. i love verizon. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable and in more places than any other 4g network. period. that's powerful. verizon. get the nokia lumia 928 for free. i am harris faulkner. this is the fox report. if you're just joining us, members of congress stepping up to the cameras and to the
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microphone in the last little while as they were coming out of a high level classified briefing on the crisis in syria. as we have been reporting, president obama is letting congress decide whether to authorize military action, at least that's how he's putting it, against the assad regime for using chemical weapons on its own citizens. a senior administration official tells fox news president obama himself along with vice president joe biden and the white house chief of staff are making calls tonight, directly to lawmakers who are on the congressional vacation break as you may know, urging them to vote in favor of striking syria. lawmakers spoke about today's briefing offered mixed reactions. >> i am still leaning no. i want some more information. i hope the president can get more support this week when he meets with other international leaders. i think a lot of us are concerned, where is the international community. >> i think the resuolution may e
4:32 pm
altered, but i mostly support. >> the tragedy in syria is what happens next with iran having nuclear breakout capabilities at any moment, if they think that the president is bluffing when he says this is a red line, then is the president bluffing when he says all options are on the table with regards to iran? that's a real threat to us, to our democratic ally, israel. >> our own chief white house correspondent ed henry is also reporting tonight, the obama administration has invited the heads and ranking members of several top congressional committees to the white house. that's expected to happen on tuesday. we've just been able to grab ed on the phone quickly. tonight your reporting shows important conversations could be happening as we speak. >> reporter: that's right, harris. the bottom line is what we're seeing is the white house stepping up its game because they realize they're in trouble. the president had that reversal in the rose garden yesterday,
4:33 pm
this caught everyone by surprise, including lawmakers in both parties who didn't expect to be debating and voting on this. so you saw secretary of state john kerry on with chris wallace and other sunday talk shows on top of that, reporting the president has been on the phone all day sunday, very rare, reaching out to members of congress in both parties, pressing them for votes. joe biden on the phone, the chief of staff, the president will be on the phone tomorrow, also will have senator john mccain, key republican on national security issues, former opponent to the white house monday on labor day, a holiday. yet they're behind closed doors working on syria. here is what's important about the tuesday meeting. chairs and ranking members of the house and senate intelligence committees, the folks sort of in the middle of this, grappling with the difficult syria issue, tuesday night is when the president leaves for sweden, then goes to russia for the g-20 summit. so he is out of the country several days.
4:34 pm
the point of these meetings today and tomorrow, he has an up hill battle, has to get votes and change minds in 24 hours before he leaves the country, otherwise he could suffer a devastating blow if he loses votes in the house and senate and looks like a weak commander in chief. >> how has this situation changed with president putin side russia. remember over the nsa contractor who allegedly leaked information about the nsa surveilling millions of us, russia has extended that temporary asylum to edward snowden, so you weren't going to have that one on one between president obama and putin. what's the latest on that situation? >> reporter: i mean look, what you're pointing to is another thumb in the eye from president putin to president obama. that's why president obama cancelled what was supposed to be a one on one meeting on the sidelines of the g-20 summit. they're still going to see each other, he is hosting it in russia. president obama is not going to snub him and not shake his hand, but the snowden thing strained
4:35 pm
the relationship, the syria thing strained the president. russia with a permanent seat on u.n. security council has veto, blocked any effort to go after assad, and authorize military force on an international basis, so the problem there is that president obama came to power saying he was going to reset russian relations, the snowden case, syrian case, more examples of how that has failed, so the president has to go back to the drawing board. that's why he's now depending on house republicans that he is normally battling with, they haven't been helpful to him on health care and other things, and now he is leaning and needing house republicans to bail him out on syria. a tough predicament for the president. >> ed, before i let you go, peter doocy reported that democrats from the administration are not necessarily going to pressure other democrats on the hill to vote in favor, but from what we're learning tonight, the phone calls may be going out to people in both political parties. >> reporter: i am told it is
4:36 pm
both parties, i think peter is right. there's going to be people inside the white house reluctant to lean too hard on fellow democrats, anti-war democrats that were against george w. bush on iraq and, you know, were tough on him on that. so now they're probably some of the democrats reluctant to get into what could be entanglement in syria, and that's why it points up to the fact peter is right, it will be hard to get democratic votes, the president will need republican votes. when was the last time he got a significant number of republican votes on any legislation on the hill? what you have now is normally republicans would be voting for a mission like this, but you've got kind of a growing isolationist wing, rand paul and others say why would we go over and send strikes to syria? then you have other republicans like john mccain saying we should get involved, more involved in syria, but don't do small strikes, do something big to decimate assad's army and military. people are all over the map. difficult for the president to
4:37 pm
navigate. >> last night on this program, senator rand paul told us live that he is grateful for the opportunity and praising the president that congress will get a say in this, although he says -- >> he wants to at least weigh in. david axelrod, senior adviser, tweeted that congress is caught in the car. they kept saying we want a debate. now it will be a political hot potato for them. the other thing axelrod said, it will be a wild week. i think that's something everyone agrees on. >> ed henry, we're glad you're here to help us navigate things that are developing this hour. thanks very much. >> it is an honor to be on with you. >> thanks. americans against and for u.s. military getting involved in a situation in syria over chemical weapons, protestering this weekend in cities nationwide. >> reporter: congress may be in recess until september 9th, the american people are not. the issue whether the u.s. should take military action in
4:38 pm
syria, striking a chord in d.c., 200 anti-and pro war protesters holding signs, chanting. police forcibly separating the groups during heated confrontations. >> we have to tell assad that chemical weapons is absolutely ridiculous to use against the population. we have to stop them from dropping bombs on innocent neighborhoods. >> in new york city, they chanted in times square no war on syria. in los angeles, many protesters against military intervention. in boston, over 100 syrian americans an activists gathered. >> i want to see the real documents. i want to see the evidence. you can't just come out and tell me that a government used weapons of mass destruction against civilians and yet deny your own people the evidence. >> today we spoke to residents in the syrian neighborhood of patterson, new jersey, amod jay lost friends and family and
4:39 pm
supports u.s. military intervention. >> we need our freedom by taking assad out, that's it. we don't want them to target. it is a war, people have to die, but like they say, they already have the points set up. hopefully only attack that point. >> smaller protests in other cities like san francisco, chicago, austin. harris? >> thank you. new reaction on syria from the pope. the pontiff calling on the world's one billion catholics to fast and pray for peace on september 7th. that's just ahead of a vigil planned for st. peter's square next weekend. pope francis devoting his entire weekly papal appearance to syria, condemning use of chemical weapons and calling for peaceful negotiations in the on-going civil war there. nelson mandela is back home in joe hhannisbejohannisberg. he was discharged from the
4:40 pm
hospital today. he has been there for most of the summer, trying to fight off a recurring lung infection. a spokesperson with the current president's office says mandela is still very ill. >> his condition remains critical, and he is at times unstable. nevertheless, his team of doctors is convinced he will receive the same level of intensive care at his home as he received in pretoria. his home has been reconfigured to allow him to receive intensive care at home. >> supporters have been singing songs, leaving flowers outside mandela's home since he fell ill several months ago. two people nearly crushed in a sudden landslide, all caught on video. it is our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. taiwan. dash cam footage captured a wall of earth hitting a busy road. the car with the camera stopped
4:41 pm
just in time, but the vehicle in front of it was pelted with dirt, rocks, nearly crushed by a boulder. they walked away with no injuries. neighbors and firefighters pitching in to save homes in the path of several firefighters in the northern and central region. france and spain sent help. they say more are needed. at least five people died. mexico. thousands of people protesting in mexico city. they don't like their president's plan for energy reform. he is proposing private tiesing oil reserves to boost production. mexico's constitution would have to change to pass the plan. and back to taiwan for a giant panda birthday bash. they were born two days apart,
4:42 pm
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4:46 pm
headlines about the money nightmare there. it is our top story as we go across america. michigan. an underground explosion sent manhole covers flying in downtown detroit. each one weighing hundreds of pounds, shattering the pavement upon impact. nobody was hurt. fire investigators say detroit's aging infrastructure is to blame, and an older cable probably caused it. >> vibrations from the building. >> they face rising debts and fewer jobs. mississippi. police busted a breeding farm of exotic animals, including african cats, birds, rare frogs and lizards valued more than $100,000. the owner reportedly
4:47 pm
cooperating. most are receiving care at a local shelter. maryland, her nickname is firecracker. these days pink is her color. she's a breast cancer survivor and this massive pink concrete truck a gift from her employer to support breast cancer awareness. >> i pulled in the lot, saw that an, it was such a surprise. >> she says she's now cancer free, gets a lot of looks on the job. >> i get so many horn honks, waving, thumbs up, smaller children, sitting at the windows laughing. i think it is great. it is a great feeling. i'm so glad they let me drive this. texas, forget coins or jewelry, a houston man says he found something much more valuable with his metal detector, dog tags from world war ii. he researched the soldier's history, found he died in the 1990s. he hopes to return the tags to his family. that's the fox watch across
4:48 pm
america. they came for beer, left with an incredible story to tell. an object fell from the sky, coming close to the maryland bar you saw there. the impact shook the building, left cars covered with debris. it was accidently dropped from a jet in training. >> this is a nighttime mission, they were conducting dropping things on a range, and unfortunately this incident occurred. >> i was thanking god it wasn't closer to the bar, there was people sitting at the picnic table when this happened. >> because of that, nobody was hurt. one of the bar owners says the bomb squad told her she should rename the bar bullseye. well, when you hit a country with limited strikes, can you punish that country's government without affecting a civil war? this is the context of syria. coming up, a look at america's
4:49 pm
history when it comes to striking a balance between a little military action and a big involvement. >> today we have done what we had to do. if necessary, we shall do it again. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:50 pm
[ male announcer ] ultra rugged phones from sprint. buy one, get four free, and $150 credit when you swih your business line to sprint. the pioneers in push-to-talk. trouble hearing on the phone? visit
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4:52 pm
here is a different perspective on things. while we wait to see what congress will decide about syria, whether president obama gets the go ahead he wants to punish that country for chemical weapons use, a closer look at our history on the topic. this would not be the first time america launched attack in hopes of sending a message while avoiding being drawn into a larger conflict. elizabeth prann has a look at limited military strikes. >> reporter: they're waiting to
4:53 pm
see if americans support president obama's request to attack syria. at the same time, it is hard not to look at administrations past and what retaliations took place. starting almost 30 years ago, the u.s. bombed beirut during the civil war under the reagan administration. one month later, shiite muslim suicide bombers struck marine barracks in that country, more than 200 marines were killed. years later, the same administration ordered a raid in libya. moammar gadhafi survived, later admitted his involvement in pan am plane explosion over lockerbie, scotland. under clinton administration, they ordered attacks on factories in sudan, they supported al qaeda. they retaliated attacking the uss cole, followed by the deadly september 11 attacks in 2001. these among wars involving president george bush are all incidents weighing on the administration's strategy, which now has no time line. >> the rationale for the
4:54 pm
military response the president has requested is as powerful today and will be as powerful if not more powerful each day. >> reporter: some lawmakers say we can keep u.s. national security strong if an attack is done correctly and with proper international cooperation. >> every time the united states has acted decisively, there's no retaliation, because we retaliate against retaliation. >> reporter: keep in mind, while many lawmakers are outspoken for full debate before any u.s. action, that doesn't mean they're on board with an attack. harris, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you. a football fan favorite cut by another team. so is there a future for tim tebow in the nfl or does he need to give up his quarterback dreams and pick a different position to stay in the league? getting ready to talk sports. r ] you won't believe your eyes. with olay regenerist eye and lash duo. the serum instantly thickens and defines lashes. the cream smooths and softens the look of lines.
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4:58 pm
start, kind of. last year's heisman winner, johnny manziel, sat on the bench most of his first game back. peter schraeger of is here. he did something after the game he finally got to play in that made the coach angry again. >> he was suspended first half of the game for things that happened off the field in the off season. comes in second half, think he is humbled, a little quiet. johnny manziel scores three touchdowns. at one point, made a gesture, signing his autograph, what he was suspended for, saying i won't give you my autograph to the right player. after scoring another touchdown, taunting another player. eventually he was pulled from the game, his coach screaming at him on the sidelines, shrugged it off, went on. a lot to talk about johnny manziel now. the word is bravado. he is the only freshman to ever win the heisman trophy. he had a rough off season with
4:59 pm
the media. doesn't seem to care. >> it is talent. this kid scored three touchdowns. in a half. >> and it is talent. people are knocking him now, saying it is not professional. he is not a professional, he is not a professional, he is a college kid. he is only 20 years old. we'll see how it plays out. >> see who steps up to mentor. i saw troy aikman. tim tebow cut from the patriots. >> he was signed by patriots middle of the summer, with them through training camp, cut day saturday afternoon, tebow was released. today cleared waivers, meaning he is unrestricted free agent in the nfl. a lot of questions whether this is end of the road for tim tebow. it is too late to teach him a new offense, i don't see him picked up by any other team. gary goodwin, tweeting back on tebow. tebow is not done, not by a long shot. maybe not this year, could play different. >> i hope so. a great kid, great role model.
5:00 pm
>> great to see you. >> great to see you. that's our fox report this sunday, september 1st. wow, the unofficial end of summer, can you believe it? i am harris faulkner. thanks a lot for watching. now a fox urgent on the crisis in syria. huckabee will begin in minutes. a quick update on developments concerning possible american strike on syria. i am harris faulkner. members of congress coming back to washington this sunday. some 70 of them for a classified briefing on capitol hill. and we're getting an idea of what is emerging about the intelligence behind the push for a military strike against the assad regime in syria. secretary of state john kerry now says it was sarin gas used to kill more than a thousand citizens, many of them children. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live for us inside washington tonight.


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