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tv   Saving America A Hannity Special  FOX News  September 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪ >> i'm chris wallace. president obama does i'm chris wallace. president obama does an about face. and congress and military force in syria. >> execute this mission, it's not time sensitive. it may with effective tomorrow or next week or one month from now. >> the assad regime killed more than 1,000 of its own people with chemical weapons. the president says the deaths should not go unpunished -- >> but while i believe i have the authority to carry out this military action without authorization, i know the country will be stronger and our
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actions more effective. >> we have a president who does what he says that he will do. >> u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, joins us to discuss the president's decision to delay action in syria more than a week. then, we'll talk with two leaders of the senate armed services committee. democratic jack reed and james inhoff and new york congressman, peter king. who says the president is ab di kating his reasonability as commander in chief. plus, jake keene and joe lieberman join us with their tack on president obama's decision to put syria on hold. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> hello again from fox news in washington. president obama shocked washington and the world saturday, announcing he will seek congressal approval for the u.s. of military force against syria. this, just a day after secretary
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of state john kerry said u.s. intelligence proves the assad regime used chemical weapons and seemed to argue for a quick response. we'll talk with secretary kerry in a moment, but first, we have fox team coverage. leyland from our mideast bureau and mike emanuel on capitol hill and ed henry, with the latest on president obama's stunning turn around. >> just minutes ago, a top syrian official charging president obama hesitation and confusion stemming from friday. time to step on the pedal, then wait, put on the brakes. top aides decided the u.s. should move forward with military action to respond to the chemical attack. that secretary kerry claims killed over 1,400 people, called assad a thug, but then after
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that, kerry going on out a limb, we got a clue something might be a miss. top officials say around 6:00 p.m. friday night, the president went for a 45 minute walk on the south lawn on the white house with dennis mcdunn know and threw him a curveball. revealed he was overriding kerry and the rest of his team to seek congressional authorization. this is a big delay, so congress does not return to work until september 9th in a dramatic reversal because for days, white house aides said the opposite, that they would only consult congress and friday about 7:00 p.m., the president had a two-hour meeting with a senior staff. i'm told there was real division in there because aides were concerned he could lose this vote. polls show americaned could lose intervention. if he wins it, he could lose a lot of political capital. kerry and other members found
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out in phone calls. then the president came out in the rose garden, important to note, he indicated if congress votes this down, he has the executive power to launch military action, although that might be weeks down the road. apparently, not confronted right away. within minutes of leaving the rose garden, vice president went out for a golf match. >> ed, thanks for that. now, an early assessment on how the president's plan will do on capitol hill from chief congressional correspondent, mike emanuel. >> good morning. senate foreign relations chair has scheduled a hearing on the use of force for tuesday. harry reed says action is justified and warranted and says the senate will vote on the resolution no later than the week of september 9th.
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says the syrian regime used chemical weapons on its own people. said they must consider the message would send to allies around the world. a key republican senator says he has an open mind about the use of force in syria, but isn't sold on the administration's argument so far. >> it has suggested that the u.s. military should be employed to vindicate so-called international laws. in my view, u.s. military forces justify only to protect the vital national security interest of the united states. >> senator chambliss says it's about quickly making a tough decision and says congress should return immediately. bill nelson says quote, i support the president's
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decision, but we should strike in syria today and the chairman of the senate armed services community, carl levin, says he wants an international coalition. quote, it is important ha the president in seeking support and participation from other countries, including arab countries. we should note that house members will receive a classified briefing today and house aides are saying the president's going to have to personally invest a lot of time and effort in making the case for lawmakers in syria. >> thank you. >> joining us now to discuss the president's stunning turn around on syria is secretary of state, john kerry. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you. >> mr. secretary, you made the case for military action in the strongest possible terms on friday. if is situation is so dire, if bashar al assad is such a thug,
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why is the president waiting until congress comes back nine days from now to debate this? why not call them into session tomorrow and begin this debate and get an approval to act? >> where the case hasn't changed and doesn't at all. the rationale for response, the president has flekted it's as poweful if in the more each day. yesterday, we have now learned that hair and blood samples that have come to us from east damascus from individuals engaged as first responders, i can report to you they have tested positive for signatures of sarin, so this case is going to build stronger and stronger and the president believes this
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decision is stronger when you have the time to be able to have the support of the united states congress and of the american people, so i think america is stronger here. that's the president's belief. i think people should be celebrating, that he's honoring the questions he's heard from many in congress to consult and be engaged with them and i think realizing that the assad regime is already on the defensive. they are being significantly impacted by the potential of these strikes, we gain the legitimacy of the full throated response of the president acting together after our democratic processes work properly. >> but this isn't csi, a civics
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lesson. if your remarks on friday, you said that this matter, said it matters beyond the borders of syria. take a look. >> this is about iran will now feel em boldened to obtain nuclear webs. it is about hezbollah and north korea. >> what message are we sending to iran and hezbollah ankz when the president announces he thinks we should take military action, but is going to wait nine days for congress to come back, then goes off and plays a round of golf? what message does that send to rebels on the ground and to our enemies who are watching? >> i think, actually, north korea and iran ought to take note that the united states of america has the confidence in
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its democratic process to ask all of the american people to join in an action that could have profound implications with respect to iran. the fact is that if we act and if we act in concert, then iran will know this nation is capable of speaking with one voice and that has serious and profound implications, i think, with respect to the potential of the confrontation of their nuclear program. that is one of the things at stake here. i said that, you just quoted it. that and america's willingness to enforce the international norm on chemical weapons. i think we're stronger. the president believes we're stronger. when the congress of the united states joins in. i mean, congress can't have it both ways. you can't say you've got to consult with us if you want to honor the process and congress has the right to make its voice heard in these decisions and the president is giving them that
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opportunity and i think you should welcome it, chris, and the congress and the country should welcome this. it's an important debate and we do not lose anything militarily in the meantime. >> the possibility they're going to get killed in the meantime. ronald reagan didn't think he needed congressional approval to go africa daf in libya. bill clinton didn't think he needed approval to go after kosovo or al-qaeda. >> actually, at the instant the planes were in the air in kosovo, there was a vote in the house of representatives and the vote didn't carry, so the truth is, the president would have loved to have had the support from congress. our country is much stronger when we act together. i'm amazed that you would argue
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against the congress weighing in, when assad is on the defensive, he's moving assets around. he's hunkering down an the fact is, this strike can have impact, when it needs to, with the support of the congress and the united states. let me just finish. if the assad regime were to be foolish enough to attack yet again and do something in the meantime, of course, the president of the united states knows he has the power to do this. and i assume the president would move very, very rapidly, but he feels we are stronger in gets the united states as a whole to gel around policy to understand it better and to know what the strategy is and what the united states needs. i don't believe that's going to happen. i think the stakes of upholding the international standard of
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behavior in place since 1925 after world war i, only adolf hitler and saddam hussein have reached out in a time of war. ipg to come template the united states would turn its back on israel, jordan, turkey, turn its back on the innocent syrian people that have been slaughtered by this gas and those who what whey be subject to an attack, if we don't stand up to this, i can't contemplate that the president would turn its back and the fact we would have granted impunity to a ruthless dictator who continues to gas his people. those are the stakes. i don't believe the congress will do that. >> mr. secretary, you make it sound as if this is the plan. you made a powerful call for quick action. you seem to be leading the cause up the hill.
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>> i never mention ee eed word, quick. i made the case why we needed to take action. the president announced his decision yesterday. well, chris, it will happen with the consent on the congress of the united states and be much more powerful and allow us to do more coordinating with her friends and allies, do more planning and be far more effective. >> i think this is a smart decision by the president, a courageous decision. he is not trying to create an imperial presidency. he's trying to respect the
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process. >> this was not the plan. if i can just ask the question, sir, the white house is acknowledging it is not the plan. the white house podium, press spokesman saying it didn't need congressal approval. we're told the president went out with the chief of staff on the lawn friday night, changed his mind and you and other cabinet officials were informed of it after the fact. this was never the plan. >> i disagree. i received a telephone call from the president the night before. he discussed it. he had not made up his mind. i believe it is a good idea that the vice president, whole group of people believe that the president has made a courageous decision and as you know, chris, i've certainly learned as a new member of a cabinet, no decision is made until the president of the united states makes the decision. staff can advise, people can weigh in, but everybody knows that ultimately, no decision is
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made until the president makes it. the president made this decision. i believe it's the right decision. i think we are stronger. the president believes very, very much that america will show the best face of our democracy at a great strength and show a unity of purpose and conviction of a congress and the president that we need to do this and during this time over these next days, we have an opportunity to regauge, to fine tune or strategy on syria. i know people like john mccain, lindsey graham, other, have talked about things that can strengthen in. we can create a unity of purpose that makes america stronger and that is frankly, much more damaging and much more problematic for assad. >> one final question and we have less than a minute left. you talk at this, going to make it worse for assad. after the president announced
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his decision, officials in damascus were saying that the president had flinched, made a joke at the american administration. a newspaper on the streets of damascus today calls this quote, the start of the historic american retreat. haven't you handed syria and iran, at least a temporary victory, sir? >> i don't believe so at all. and that is in the hands of the congress and the united states. the president has made his decision. the president wants to stand up and make certain that we uphold the international norm that we do not grant impunity to a ruthless dictator to gas his own people. anybody who saw those images, anybody who know focuses on the evidence i just gave you of signatures of sarin. people who went to help died in
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this case. this is a man who has committed a crime against humanity and i can't imagine that the congress of the united states will not recognize our interests with respect to iran, israel, jordan, turkey, our friends in the region, the syrian people, the opposition. america's credibility is on the line here. and i expect the congress of the united states to do what is right, stand up to be counted the energy of the american people and on the ways we will support the opposition in order to see that the people of syria can choose their future in an appropriate way. >> secretary kerry, thank you. thanks for joining us. it should be an interesting couple of weeks, sir. >> that, it may be, but i believe that in the end, the congress of the united states will do what is right.
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>> thank you, sir. up next as the president decides to seek congressal approval, what's the reaction on capitol hill? we'll talk with three leading lawmakers. plus, a live report from the middle east. the decision to delay a military strike. you know throughout history, folks have suffered from frequent heartburn. butetting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning 24 hours. zero heartburn. i don't do any cleaning. i make dirt. ♪ very, very heavy.
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>> u.s. navy warships armed with dozen of tomahawk missiles are sitting in the us navy warships are sitting in the mediterranean, waiting to open fire, but they'll have to wait more than a week longer.
6:23 pm
>> up until yesterday when an american president drew a line in the sand r, it meant something. now, folks aren't so sure. the syrians are declaring victory on state tv today. president assad said quote, syria will not change its principles. the deputy prime minister saying america had walked a battle before it started and the administration had made a joke out of itself. that is while syrian state tv was showing street parties. the syrians spent the week moving military hardware around, trying to keep it away from u.s. targets so they could make good on their promise to attack tel
6:24 pm
av aviv. they called up reserve soldiers, canceled military leave, those kinds of things. the israelis say they're going to remain on high alert to see what the americans do, but that's probably a bigger story here. what the u.s. did about syria was seen as a test for what president obama might do about iran. now, there is a fear in israel if push comes to shove, the israelis may have to go it alone. now, it is looked as though the syrians and russians were eye to eye is president obama and he has blinked in order for him to regain his credibility for the red line the president of the
6:25 pm
united states that means something is judges over the next couple of weeks by what president obama actually does, not what he or members of his administration say. back to you. >> we want to get congressional reaction now from two leaders of the senate armed services committee. jack reid and the committee's top republican, james inhoff. also with us, republican congressman, peter king of new york who sits on the house intelligence committee. you all heard president obama's announcement yesterday. that he is going to go to capitol hill to seek congressional authorization for the use of military force against syria. congressman king, you have called this an abdication. i thought i remembered the president is supposed to go to congress before he takes to syria. >> he has stachture power,
6:26 pm
president eisenhower, clinton, he's authorized to do it and if he says this issue as important as it is and sending so many mixed sagales over the last year and ten days, this is a clear -- of leadership and if you feel so strongly about it and doesn't want to take the action himself, he should call us back tomorrow. we can't be waiting nine, ten days, letting syria prepare. if we can't stop syria on a red line with chemical weapons, how does anyone expect us to some iran. >> senator reid, it sure seemed like we were on the verge this weekend of taking military action against syria. the white house said the president was prepared to go it alone. now, he puts more than a week
6:27 pm
until congress comes back. going in a special session tomorrow, a lot of people in this country who say the president flinched. >> the president made the right decision. >> he was clear he did not decide on final military action and decided that in the long run, he and the country and the world would be stronger if congress was supportive of his activities because this is not just a short-term effort. this is a longer term effort and i think, too, his response was in recognition of many republicans and democrats who are calling for congressional participation. i think he made the right choice. he has to work to build a strong international coalition, so that will help not only carrying out h this operation, but also to give him additional support within congress as he builds his
6:28 pm
coalition, so i think he made the right choice. >> senator inhoff, before the president made the decision to go to congress, you had been very public and critical of what you saw as the president's limited plan to strike at syria. best guess, sir, as a veteran of capitol hill, will congress approve the authorization for the use of force? >> first of all, i don't think they will. and chris, you for some reason, nobody wants to talk about the real serious problem here and that is the condition of our military today. a week ago, i said i would oppose going in and having mi military intervention. it may sound easy when people like secretary carey say it's going to be quick. this could be a war in the middle east, it's serious. you've got to realize what this president has done to our military and our military is is so degraded now.
6:29 pm
it's not just me who says this. i want to read one quote by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. general dempsey, he said our military force is so degraded and unready, it would be immoral to use force. that's exactly what they're talking about doing, is using force. >> congressman king, we keep hearing and in fact, we hear from secretary kerry, from the president himself, how war weary the congress, rather the country is. what do you think of the chances that congress will reject the use of force and if they were to do that, does the president then consider going glun rat rally? and active? >> first, i felt bad for senator kerry having to defend the indefensible. secondly, especially when there's going to be time over the next nine days for opposition to build up to it. see the president being so yewe
6:30 pm
and vacillating, no, i intend to vote yes, certainly my intention right now, but back in 1999 with kosovo, the house did vote against engagement in kosovo and bill clinton kept fighting any way and ultimately, the vote did past. he had missions being carried out after the house of representatives voted, so the president has the constitutional power to do it. by now, i have no clue at all what's in michigan mind on this issue. >> briefly, do you think the house majority, the republicans in the house, will as a group, vote for or against the use of force? >> right now, i would say if the vote were today, probably be a no vote. i'm hoping by the time next week comes around and hopefully, the president can make his case, that he will be able to get a majority of house representatives. right now, it will be very difficult. also, we have an increasing isolationist wing.
6:31 pm
>> the president says he's looking to a vigorous debate on the issue and i want to talk about what a lot of people say is a disconnect between the threat the administration talks about and the limited action that they're talking about actually taking against the assad regime. let's listen to secretary of state kerry on friday. >> if we choose to live where assad can gas thousands of people with immunity, there will be no end to the test of our resolve and the dangers that will flow from those others who believe they can do as they will. >>. >> but, if assad is a thug and murderer, as the secretary of state just said there, senator inhoff, why should the u.s. limit itself to a strike that you know, we heard more about what they're not going to do than they are. short-term. limited.
6:32 pm
punitive. no attempts at regime change. does that make sense against a murderer? >> chris, this is just part of the salesmanship of this secretary kerry. he's been saying this. it's going to be easy, quick and we all know that isn't going to be the case. it's going to be something that could be long and last a long period of time, so you know, for the secretary of state, you talk about all these allies of ours who are united, wanting us to do this, let's hear from them. we have heard that iran, who's going to have the capability of a system that will reach the united states by 2015, they've stated they'll take action against israel. we are going to be meeting on wednesday. senate armed services committee and i hope to get this point across, that we're going to have
6:33 pm
to tie in capabilities with the military that we have right now with what the president wants to do. >> senator, let's talk about the nature of this kind of limited attack that the msh is pushing for. secretary kerry said we cannot allow assad to gas hundreds of his people with impunity, but we will allow him to slaughter 100,000 of his people with bombs and guns? >> well, the ofbtive we're trying to achieve here is to reaffirm a standard of international law that has existed since the end of world war i, that chemical weapons will not be used. the president believes and i think his advisers have xwifen him options rngs that our risks are clearly limited. we want to vindicate this principle of international law. not just in the case of syria, but as others have subjected, there are countries in the
6:34 pm
region, countries across the world, in north korea for example, that have chemical weapons. we want it make it clear they cannot be used. there are other issues with respect to supporting the syrian opposition. i believe the president should continue to carry through on his pledges to supply in this case, limited, lethal aid such as a i antitank weapons and weapons like that. this issue is about in terms of the whole world, stopping the use of chemical weapons. >> as i discussed the secretary kerry, this is not just about syria. it's about hezbollah and north korea and iran. senator inhoff, what kind of message does the president send when he calls a time-out of more than a week on taking action? says he's going to give it to congress. talks about a limited attack in hezbollah to europe.
6:35 pm
what message should our enemies around the world read from this? >> chris, first of all, i think the thing that should not have been done is the line in the sand or the red line say we are going to do this. sounding very, very, if he's going to make that statement, he ought to stay with it and even though i didn't agree and don't agree with what he's going to want to do, but if you're going to say something, you've got to back it up and this president clearly has retreated from the position he took not just in the last couple of days, but about a week when he talked about the red line. >> finally, let's play that sound. suppose you have the debate from congress. you just heard senator inhoff and congressman king say they think it's a very risky matter. that this may not pass. what have congress rejects the use of force? does the president go ahead unilaterally after the president has spent a week seeking their support and what message would that send to our friends and
6:36 pm
allies and our enemies in the middle east? >> first, i think the president worked diligently, not just the president, but his whole cabinet has to work to convince, not just the congress, but the american people that this is in the interest of the united states. not just simply the interest of another country. that vindicating this norm will be incredibly important to us and will put us in the position i think as my colleagues have suggested and to confront further issues in the middle east. so, this is critically important. i think that case can be and made. i think that if there is another serious incident, secretary kerry suggested, the president has stated he feels he has the international authority tho move forward, so i think the real
6:37 pm
issue here is making sure and as jim inhoff indicated, we're beginning those deliberations next week. but to get the support of the american people. >> i want to thank you all for joining us today. many of our colleagues wanted to debate the president's plan. now, you'll get your chance, gentlemen. >> coming up, we'll bring in our sunday panel including a retired four-star general and veteran senator to discuss how the president's decision to hit the pause button on military action will be seen in the middle east. ♪ [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires screech ] ♪ and your favorite songs always playing. [ beeping ] ♪ may you never be stuck behind a stinky truck.
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6:41 pm
would not involve a long-term commitment for major operation. >> the president and top officials talking more this week about what they won't do in syria than what they will. and it's time for our sunday group. former senator, joe lieberman and jennifer reuben and charles lane from "the washington post." i think we would all agree that a military action is more than cruise missiles. it's about building support, general kane, what message is the president sending to our friends in the region with all this talk about the limits, the restrictions on what we're going
6:42 pm
to do in syria, then putting in the whole process on pause for more than a week to wait for congressional approval. >> in a sense, i'm not shocked by it. when he's making national security decisions like he has made of hesitation delay and it's been a part of his behavior for some time, the fact of the matter is, i think the white house is somewhat paralyzed and it dominates their thinking, so what you get in the region then, strategically in the united states. here, given this attack, the moral imperative that leading u.s. officials were made about this, and now, we have this pattern of hesitation and delay again. we've seen it in the past. even after we had certain
6:43 pm
knowledge of osama bin laden's reation, it took six months ch we started and then pulled back forces. this is a significant pattern and it's led to a deminnishment in the region. >> you were a senator for 24 re years, have you seen anything like this, where a president seems about to take us with serious military action, then says wait a minute, i'm going to wait for congress to come back from a vacation. >> never saw anything like it. we had president clinton acted in bosnia and kosovo without endorsement by congress. in the 1990s, not one vote for president bush 41 was matching troops, over a half million americans. there was a debate about whether
6:44 pm
he should come to congress for authorization. nothing like this and nothing like this in a sense that president states the red line of the use of chemical weapons. >> the administration says consistently he doesn't have to come to congress to make military action. secretary kerry on friday in a brilliant, convincing, moving statement, essentially indictsm the president said, let's wait. there's a mass murderer loose and while we're waiting, he's dispersing his critical assets. any disadvantage we had is diminishing rapidly. >> so, now, the battleground is not sier syria, it's capitol hi. jennifer? >> i spoke with leadership offices yesterday and they say, we have no idea, which just
6:45 pm
points to really the lunacy of this reversal, the president doesn't know the votes are there and a negative vote would raise questions as to what the president intends to do. we had the first red line, then he said we would act, then we didn't. another reversal during that interim period, then another instance of chemical weapons. we are going to act unilaterally, if our allies and foes can follow this, they're smarter than we are. >> if there's anybody on this panel who at least sees the president's side of the case, it's you. >> no one's going to excuse the
6:46 pm
mismanaged in many different ways. i would, some would acknowledge the difficulties, the problems he's facing and i think this too much is going to congress has lunacy since after all, that is kind of what the constitution calls for and allowed republica republicans have been calling for. he does seem to think this is somehow turning the tables on his opponents in congress by sort of giving them what they wish for and lets them work it out. i think they have him over a barrel because he basically has gone to the congress, one house of which in common, the republicans, and asked them for a political bailout. he's interested to see what kind of conditions are open they start demanding before they give him what they says he wants. >> we have to take a break here, but when we come back, the president says he looks forward to a debate over his plan for a limited strike against the assad regime. we'll ask if that's likely to stop the carnage or just em
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it sounds to me like saving face because he's made a promise and he will follow through with his promise. promise, so he's going to follow through with his promise. that's why he ought to be very careful about drawing lines in the sand or red lines because now he feels he looks weeks to g colleagues in the united states as well as international colleagues, but i don't feel te that's enough reason to go to war. >> rand paul alreadyhe joining e debate over whether to go to syria. we're going hear about in the next hour and half, the debate, the best way forward in
6:51 pm
syria. what do you think about the te president'rms plan as he has la it out? focused on attacking assad's chemical action not regime h change. >> first of all i think this operation should have been over by now much less extended for , secondly, i did support the limited action if the objective is to reduce significant military capability. and i was suggesting that assad would never believe he would use chep cal weapons and have to give up his air power, and that is within the means of these kinds of instruments we're d doing.t an shut down his airfield, airplanes, infrastructure, supports, all of that. that is still attain tobl the certain degree, but we're goingk have to work very hard, i believe, to make this strike very i thinkin it should be tied to
6:52 pm
something that's strategic in ot terms of moving the advantage to the opposition forces and not just a punitive measure and it should be coupled with military aids and forces and also geographically separated from the jihad forces. >> senator lieberman, a couple a of your former colleagues in the senate have suggested they might oppose this not because it doesd too much but because it doesn't do enough because it's too limited and there's no point in this kind of a strike if you aren't going to do what general keane says which is to degrade and slaughterize his people. what do you say to that?ongr >> i was shocked. i think he has the authority nw to do that and that's exactly what a commander in chief is he supposed to do. the worst of all ends to this ss whole saga would be for congress not to give the president
6:53 pm
authority to act. it would be catastrophic. i know that they there are going to be people in the republican and democratic parties who for policy reasons will oppose the resolution the president has asked for. there are going to be others w o are going to be tempted to hang the president out there by voting no. when they do that, they're not just going to be hanging the president out there. they're going to be hanging america out there and compromising our credibility inm the world.resi so i appeal to my fellow memberd of congress. give the president the authority he's asked for. now, incidentally the fact that he hasgo waited now and gone to congress in my opinion the righ todispersal, a lot of the to assets would require him now not to just take a shot across the bow but to hit the bow whereca e leadership of syria is which ordered the chemical weapons attack they we have evidenced killed almost 1,500 people and
6:54 pm
426 children so i'm going do everything i can to convince my former colleagues including my amigo graham, to vote for it. don't let it fail. >> john, does a limited strike after an additional delay, does that serve a useful purpose? >> well, it depends how limited it is, i suppose. what general keane was suggesting is you can stop shorh of a regime change and make a difference. >> i'm talking about what the president is talking about. >> what the president is talkinn about appears to be quite is frankly usele.he the worst thing to do is throw a few missiles there, have assad beat his chest and say he avooived, have him pay a traffi ticket and keep going and interestingly enough the actual resolution the white house has come up with is rather broad.nt it c says the president can tak action as is nece deal with the wmd situation.situ well, general keane just made the argument that in order deal with it you have to do a lot
6:55 pm
my argument would be in order to do it you would have to get rid of assad as well. >> well,wo we're not going do that. the president is not going do is so wish for it all you want. the worst thing that could happen is if we do nothing whether congress turned it down or the pretsident after gettingn authority decided to do nothing. now the debate will be about hig calibrating. it's a bad business to be in but it's not as bad as ending with nothing. >> that's why you don't have g these decisions made by congrest because there are 535 game plans and that's why it's so difficul. to throw the ball into congress's court. they don't act with one voice. >> well, vhe's asking for very very broad authority within -- once he gets it, then he can draw up the plan and, you know, he can calibrate how much force we're going to use. >> let me bring general keane in here. let's say the congress approves
6:56 pm
and the president launches his air strike and it's as limited y as he's talking about. what happens the day after? i guess what i'ming are asking is do you understand what our strategy is for syria and more importantly the threat for iran? >> no, i don't. i think it's critical on where n we stand with syria. the issue, i think for many of g us has always been aboutio iran. this is an anchor point for them in terms of regional domination. it mean as lot to them. they're all in here.nd they have their forces in there. they've never taken their forces outside the country and gi intervened. because this is critical to them. extra teaticly we've got to keep our eye on the ball and our strategy to dealing with syria toin date is quite inat kwatd a will be inadequate. >> and in 30 i seconds how mucht trouble are we in in the middle east right now? >> well, the middle east is -- >> i mean u.s. policy. >> i'm sure that our enemies are cheering now as a result of this
6:57 pm
decision because they realize it's not clear that the president will get authority. or and our allies are worried. and it's not just our -- our de allies in europe and inner r again, this resolution or something like it has to pass congress. >> thank you, panel. see you next week. and remember our discussion and this discussion will continue oa sunday on "panel plus." i you can find it on our website h and make sure to follow us on twitte twitter @foxnewssunday. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. this labor day, don't invest in a mattress until you visit a sleep number store. once you experience it, there's no going back. oh, yeah!
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that's it for a very busy day. have a great week and we'll see you next "fox weeks sunday." . are we "stupid in america"? when it comes to education, maybe. >> we have a system where all the workers are thinking we're doing a great job for the kids and what we're doing is producing 8% sub says. >> kids aren't learning but school spending is through the roof. why? what's gone wrong? the bureaucracy is wrong. it's the blob people call it. >> it's the blob. it is. >> it's like reformers are up against jabba the hut. the unions and the paper pushers. >> let's destroy the system. >> good. let's bring on the destruction. who would


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