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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 4, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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we're all back tomorrow. see you then. tonight, the american people are not excited about a new war. >> i think it's a big mistake. >> strange political days. both conservatives and liberals are. tpz tonight, we'll have no spin analysis with john mccain, charles. >> there is not a blank for any democrat or republican to bring the country into another ill conceived undefined war. >> and where do the pundits stand on syria? some are against the strike in syria while some liberals who condemn the iraq war support the action in syria. we'll sort it all out.
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>> did you know what you were doing was wrong? >> at the time, i don't -- i don't think i did. >> also tonight, an outrageous column in "the washington post" saying that teachers having sex with underage students should not be held criminally liable. is it legal? we'll confront the situation. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. america and syria, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. next month, we begin our 18th hiroshima on "the factor," a very long ride. and from the beginning, from the beginning one of my naj yor theme has been the mobility of this country that separates me from the left who think the u.s.
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is the exploit tif place. simply put, i believe america offers the greatest amount of people the best chance at a free and prosperous life and tens of millions of immigrants agree with me. folks ain't going to cuba, china, or finland. folks want to come here. also, since world war ii the usa has literally freed hundreds and thousands of people worldwide. we have righted many wrongs in our expense. that, of course, is noble but now many americans do not want to make that sacrifice any longer. iraq, afghanistan, those wars have hurt this country. thousands of people were killed or maimed. thus, some americans have had enough. they are not willing to let evil go unchallenged because their a never-ending supply of it but i say us americans still have a responsibility to stop mass murder when we can as long as we don't damage our infrastructure
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in the process. removing suddam hussein was noble but the cost was too high. giving the afghan people a chance at freedom is noble but the folks there may not care enough to embrace it. what about syria? assad kills women and children at will. no question, iran is helping them do it. assad violated the geneva convention. thus, is he a war criminal. if the u.s. can punish assad, we should but we have to be smart about it. we can't direct his overthrow but we can send a message, slaughter civilians and you'll pay a steep price. many evil men and women believe the u.s. is weak and lacks the courage could right wrongs. certainly putin believes that and some in the chinese government. back home we now have many kompb served tif people willing to give assad a pass because they don't trust president obama.
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ironically, it was ten years ago that many liberal people did not want to move against suddam because they didn't trust president bush. same mind-set, different ideology. if the u.s. fails to act against assad, the consequences would be a loss of respect from those who care about a just world. if we sit back and do nothing, we will sit up a free-fire zone where no weapons are off limits. biological would be next. mark my words. president obama is asking cross to affirm his decision to punish you a assad. in the end, america needs to do what is right. we should use our power to protect the innocent if we can. great britain may not have the will to do that anymore but we americans should set a better example for the world. if we don't, if we don't, we will slowly lose the know bill tea that was gained by past
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sacrifice. unfortunately, in this world, justice can be imposed by one people only. us. to whom much is given, much is expected. and that's the memo. now nor the top story reaction, joining us, senator john mccain. all right, senator, i've got a lot of questions for you. a lot of people are skeptical about the gas situation. putin o putin on saturday said he doesn't believe that gas was used. can you convince us tonight? >> yes, i can. it's absolutely true. the evidence is in, the tests have been taken. you can't look at bodies stacked up like that with no visible marks on them. by the way, you may not know this. the people who went in and took those horrible videos that shocked us all, they died, too. >> but there is a contention that it's set up by the rebels who want assad punished by the usa, want to give usa inside
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that kousht's activities, they did it, assad didn't do it. that's the float contention that's around. >> that's ludicrous. that's ludicrous and an insult to your intelligence. the rebels don't have access to those chemical weapons, to start off with, and this wasn't the first time that bashar al assad used those weapons. just in small amounts and there's no doubt about what he did and more and more evidence will be forthcoming. there's enough evidence now that we must act. >> okay. now, when you hear your colleagues and putin and others say he didn't do it, are they lying, senator? >> of course. of course. did you expect anything else of putin? >> my expectations are very low but when i hear congress people and national pundits say, you know, they don't believe president obama, they believe he's lying, they believe it's a setup, and then you hear the liberals who oppose it say the
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same thing happened in iraq, we get this all the time, we were supposed to do go in, it wasn't there, the whole thing was a big fiasco and they say syria is the same thing. i don't know how you convince them it isn't. >> in iraq it was the allegation that suddam hussein had those weapons. in syria it's the fact that he used those weapons. there's overwhelming evidence to that fact. you can think of a lot of reasons not to react to this but the fact that it's not the use of chemical weapons by suddam hussein is not one of them. >> all right. now, my support of such an action is hinged upon a lucid plan. and i don't expect president obama to tell me the plan because if it's a military plan, you don't give it to your enemies, but i'm expecting the united states, if they go in, to go in in a surgical way, to do a responsible military campaign that damages assad and that's it. that's what i'm supporting here.
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if it goes -- if it's not effective, if it's just a total waste of time, i'm going to be very, very angry. and i think you would feel the same way. right? >> i do. three things have to happen. degrade the capability for using those weapons, take away the air capability. the second is to strengthen the resistance which, by the way, is legitimate and moderate. and third is to change the equation on the battlefield and we can do all of those three things. >> from the air? >> take the air out and -- >> no, by using air power. >> without putting a single american boot on the ground which we cannot do and we can do a standoff from the air, just like you've seen -- >> trying to get assad out of there, you said, well, you know, the rebels are moderates. we know that. the cia has reported that. there are some jihadist in there and al qaeda in there and why we are getting involved in this
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swamp, they are all bad guys. >> but they are not and the institute for the study of war will show you and general keen will tell you and people will constantly tell you, i went there and i know the general and i know these people and they are moderates. syria is a moderate nation. they are not -- they are demonstrating now in the areas that are controlled by the jihadist against them. it is a nation who would rejkt them and people who allege that you can't tell the difference that they are using as an excuse for not going in and doing the right thing. >> rt will. in my memo, the main thing is, if we don't do anything, we really lose credibility throughout the world. our enemies feel we're week and the noble people who like us, just like great britain, they are going to sit out of it from now on, they don't want anything to do, whether it's gas or biological, iran nukes, they are not going to step up. i think that really is what is at play here. do you agree with that? >> i totally agree.
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if we had done something two years ago we could have easily prevailed and it's going to be difficult to sort it out. but to let the massacre go on, 100,000 people, a million kids, destabilizing the whole region which it's spreading to which a lot of people don't understand but really the polls are not good and the president of the united states has to go on national television from the oval office and explain to the american people what's at stake here because they are war weary. >> but there are a lot of people in this country who loathe president obama, who whatever he says, they are going to oppose it. whatever the president says, they are going to be against it and that's the problem that barack obama has five years into his two terms. >> i think you have an overwhelming majority of the american people who will respond when they are told clearly these atrocities, what has taken place, the danger of it spreading and the fact that america's national security will be at risk just as you mentioned
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if we let this go unresponded to. >> iran and russia are saber rattling saying if we go in, they are going to take reprisals against us. should we fear that? >> no. because they know what will happen to them if they do. they'll get beaten. but if we're going to be intimidated and bullied by them, then we're not worth anything but the point also is that iran is the one that's going to gain if we do nothing. syria is a client state of iran. that is a battle that we're fighting and iran continues to learn a lesson which is it's okay for them to have nuclear weapons if we do nothing. >> we appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. next on the rundown, we'll give you the latest polling on the syria question. and then where do the pundits stand? some supporters of the iraq war don't want t
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research poll asks do you favor u.s. air strike against syria? 29% favor and 48% say no. support attacking syria and so does harry reid and pat leahy says no at this point as does rand paul. let's get right to the big question. the senate is likely to support military action against syria. will the house? >> if the vote were today, it would not. but i think in the end, and depending on how the resolution is worded, i think he'll be able
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to get enough house members. i noticed speaker boehner came out and supported the general proposition today as well as the others that you mentioned. >> all right. so there's a lot on the line for president obama if he gets voted down his presidency through. it's the end. so you figure the democrats are not going to throw him under the bus. a few of the really left wingers will but most of them understand the danger to the president's administration, correct? that's what is driving that. i mean, if he loses, he's done. >> yeah, but he can't do it with just democratic votes in the house, obviously, he would need some number of republicans and the challenge will be rounding them up because a lot of them are dead set against him and further foreign militaryventure him. so there's work to be done there. it won't be easy. when you hear senator mccain say the things he wants out of this, he would like a burner mission. he wants major assistance to the rebels and action that would turn the tide of the war.
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the president, i think, has suggested to the senator and to some others that he favors that as well but in the testimony today, john kerry was drawing all kinds of restrictions around that because i think they are afraid that if it is seen as a i had woulder mission other than a short-lived bombing mission, that they will lose too many democrats. >> yeah, but it's all pr. you know that. the obama administration wants assad out of there and covertly with the cia, they are going to do whatever they can to get him out tlf. >> they've got a peculiar way of showing it. the aid that we promised the rebels back in june has yet to reach them, any of it. so you may suppose that we have people in there doing all kinds of things but it's not showing up on the ground and the rebels are doing badly. >> but now the equation has changed because assad made it personal vis-a-vis obama. whenever you make it personal, then everything changes. >> well, you would have thought, then, if that were the case,
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that this president in libya shows that he's perfectly willing to go forward with things that he deems necessary with or without congress, he would have put this mission which the military says is all planned out into place and he suddenly pulled back and decided to seek congressional approval. >> that's too risky for him. he's not going to go by himself. it's too risky. if he had maybe britain and france behind him, he would. but hu-huh. >> how do you feel about this whole issue? >> i think it's never a good thing when the president of the united states, any president, warnings are disregarded and ignored and nothing happens. the credibility of president of the united states is a resource for the country and to a great extent for the world and the united states is still the sole superpower and it's important when the president of the united states warns bashar al assad not to do something, he goes ahead and does it anyway, that there were consequences to that.
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>> then you agree with my talking points memo, basically yes? the consequence of this is if we back away and let this weasel get away with it, every other wees sell is going to go, you know what -- >> you've got to figure this is being watched closely in tehran and moscow. >> absolutely. >> i think the president needs to be given the authority he fears he can't do without to go forward with this and if it turns out to be a short-lived bombing campaign that doesn't change the course of the war, so be it. but it's better than nothing which i think would be damaging. >> now, last question real fast, i think no matter what happens, president obama is a loser here. i think he's been embarrassed, even if they go and bomb him three weeks and congress says okay, i think he's a loser. >> well, what i think is the problem is it appears he has no coherent foreign policy at this point. it's not panned out. he's been slow to learn a lesson from them and he's not learned them yet and i think the people
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have realized that. it's the principle business of the president. remember, the federal government is the only branch of the government that needs to do it well to have a legacy. >> brit hu many. e, thank you. where do the pundits stand? some are opposing military action while others
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when the u.s. invaded iraq in 202, now it's a different story with syria. some right-wing radio people like laura ingraham and glenn beck are not and others like karl rove and bill kristol are. so is jesse jackson and harry
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reid and nancy pelosi are for it. juan, your cocktail says they may be very confused here. the people you hang out with in washington, they don't know what to think. they can't throw their guy under the bus and not support him. but they are supporting american power. whoa. you know? >> well, it's not clear that they are siding with the president yet and he's got to get that liberal democratic base on board otherwise it's not a matter of a question about how republicans politically and the pundits are responding, it will become a matter of the president unable to control his left wing. >> well, he's got pelosi and reid already. they are the leadership. and a bunch of other left wingers. eugene robinson, you know this guy eugene robinson, you can't get more crazy left, i think
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eugene robinson, i think people like nick and "the new york times." >> he's ready to go. >> what strikes me is what you were saying a minute ago, laura ingraham and palin and limbaugh -- >> that's right. big gung ho people in iraq. doesn't it come down to this one, down to president obama? >> yes. >> it does. that's what it is about. i think the affirmation conservatives would be supporting that action but they loathe the president so much and they think he's such a screw-up that whatever he does, they are going to oppose. >> you know, it hurts my heart to say it because i want to give everybody the benefit of the doubt but when i listen to their
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reasoning, the reasoning doesn't rhyme, sync with what they were saying when president bush said it's time to go after suddam hussein. >> i disagree with you. i think there is good reason why people like rand paul and other republicans oppose. they sincerely believe that president obama does not know what he's doing. >> no, no, no. that's a different issue. >> he's the commander in chief. >> yeah, but the big picture here is whether or not you have some trouble with the president, whether it's his policies, whether even -- >> competent to do this mission. he can't do the mission. >> no. no. no. look, he can do the mission and it's up to our military. the u.s. military is totally competent and able to handle the ground attack. >> they don't trust the commander. >> yes, they don't trust the commander but they don't like the commander. i think your earlier point was on target and then they go to oh, we are uncertain about the
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outcome. this could be trouble. it could be world war 3. that's the wrong fame work. the right fame work is sending a message to syria, seblding a message to north korea, don't mess around. >> look at this bullish juan williams, everyone. you're going to be -- >> well, i was reluctant. look, out of the box i think, look, we -- >> i have 30 seconds. you're on board with this, right? >> i'm on board now. i'm telling you initially i was out of the box because i thought getting involved in syria's internal affairs is none of our business but increasingly i see this as a regional global issue where america's interests are at stake. >> juan williams, thank you. teachers having sex with underage students aren't criminals. later, charles krauthammer
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unresolved problems tonight, an outrageous column in "the washington post" saying sex between students and teachers should not be a crime. it's an article written by betsy, sentencing a man who raped a girl who has now committed suicide. the judge has been overturned
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and they are going to have the give the man more time. you are both familiar with this case. it's outrageous, right? >> totally outrageous. >> 30 days for raping a 14-year-old boy. the guy is like 32. the guy is an arrogant s.o.b. judge. said, i don't really care, i'm going to give you the guy 30 days. 30 days is what you get for petty, stealing some cigarettes or something. this guy, there's something wrong with him, this judge, no doubt about it. montana is slowly reacting. they are going to pull him back in and say you've got to give him a mandatory two. but for this woman then to say, oh, you know, that shouldn't be a crime. teachers with all that power, 14-year-old -- 14 years old -- >> it is completely outrageous. we've seen elements on the far left for a long time. i'm talking about elements on the far left that have argued exactly this, that we should be
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normalizing adult child sex. they are few and far between. but that's what this woman says. >> you feel this woman is way out there on the left. >> let's take politics out of this. this is not a far left issue. >> i don't see any conservatives arguing this, allen. >> a 14-year-old girl subsequently commits suicide. he's a predator. >> what's the mind-set of this woman? >> i don't know what is in her mind-set but she said this should be decriminalized like the way we treat marijuana. >> that's so insane. >> i'll tell you why it's insane. when you're doing marijuana, you do it to yourself. >> almost 100% of the time the people calling for libertine changes -- >> very rarely in this area. >> absolutely not. >> ron paul, rand paul, all of these libertarians don't go
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anywhere near this. >> we agree on this issue but when we don't agree you have to make this a left-right issue. that's wrong. >> it always comes from one -- >> you wouldn't believe how many liberals support being a predator and raping a 14-year-old girl. >> no, i'm not a liberal. it's the extreme right or left. >> why should "the washington post" print an article from a cook? >> i think it was very bad judgment. it's outrageous. look, what she writes -- she uses these buzz words in the piece. she talks about a continuum of sex and how we need to use this conversation to advance much-needed dialogue about sex. we've been having a dialogue about sex since adam and eve. this isn't about sex. this is a about a crime. >> she did say that teachers who did this should be suspended but it was a throw away, the piece. >> if i were the editors "the i would not have published this column.
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>> i agree. >> opposite party view to get another point of view. >> crazy, irresponsible is not in the journal list stick definition. >> i understand that she was wrong but there should be more than one point of view. >> she was crazy irresponsible and journalists do not have a duty to response that. >> they have a duty of the people push libing that -- >> you oppose the syria things? >> absolutely. >> and you oppose? >> you two can go out to dinner and oppose together. don't go near syria. >> i'll take it. >> there you go. >> my life. when we come right back, will the fbi charge the widow of the slain marathon bomber? is it legal on the case? and then charles krauthammer on president obama versus tyrant assad.
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the o'reilly factor, the number one cable show for 13 years running. the feds have indicted another man in the boston marathon bombing and the widow of the slain terrorist also still under investigation. here now is who is charged in this latest thing? >> the two were all friends of
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the suspect bombing's roommate. >> and they all went to ask college together? >> yes. >> so you've got two kiz zach stans. >> they face deportation because they said, listen, we're not going to fight it. they waived it. >> they have been in prison all this time. >> but the other guy got out on 100,000. >> he's on home arrest. >> his mom is watching him. >> his mom is watching him. >> what they did was after the feds raided the room, the college room, dzhokhar, they misled and hid stuff for him and didn't tell him. >> they made false statements. >> according to the government. >> correct. this is what is alleged. and the other two, in fact, removed items, disposed of them. >> so they could do heavy time
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on this? >> 25 years plus. because they went into the store -- >> so they are in trouble. now, katherine russell, she's the widow of tamerlan, the guy who was shot to death and then run over by his brother in a are ka. here she is. she's a convert to islam. >> uh-huh. >> and apparently the fbi has a phone call when tamerlan was on the run called her and they chatted and this is the nsa surveillance thing. this is what they can do. >> at work. >> right. so they got some kind of call. the odds are that this woman was going to be charged. >> she's got a whole team who represents her. >> if all they have right now is a call but not the substance of that call. there was no tap or anything like that, it's going to be hard for them to show. i'm just saying if, it's going to be hard for them to show. >> it says here that they have some information against her. >> right. >> so she could be charged, radio it?
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>> forensics as well. >> she didn't come forward. >> no. >> here's what i would do. i would go to the three that were just arrested in this case and charged and see what they know about her and her involvement. >> but it's a different brother. >> but still. but still. >> you always ask. >> the american is is faifacing time. >> no marijuana sales and they don't go after you if you smoke it in private but in colorado and the state of washington now it's legal there and you can consume it and make a fool out of yourself in front of anybody. but they are not going to go into the state of colorado or washington and do anything about it. >> right there. was an statement issued that they are not going to as long as these states maintain strict rules involving sale or distribution. >> i'm sure they will. >> right. >> i am positive that in seattle and denver there are strict --
1:43 am
don't you sell that pot. you can smoke it but don't you sell it. >> do you know what their approach is going to be, trust and verify, trust and verify. >> such a farce. >> it doesn't make any sense because it's still illegal federally so how can they satisfy we are not going to go after our own laws. >> tomorrow we're on the drug front. a guy in california -- this is an unbelievable story. a meth head. there is he. he gets sentenced to one year? >> one year. >> they say, look, we'll let you out, you fool, if you go to rehab. all right? so they kick him over to aa. >> 90 days rehab. but he's an atheist. >> he's an atheist so he doesn't like the higher power business so he sues the rehab, the state, and he wins. >> and he wins. >> this is unbelievable. >> so then he gets a jury trial and the jury says, yeah, we don't care that the judge said that we're supposed to look for damages. we award you nothing.
1:44 am
so then the circuit court of appeals says, no, he's got a lot of emotional distress. >> look at that beard. >> and to go back to jail. >> so guess what? >> what? >> i want the jury to come back and give mr. meth $1. >> give it to him. you can even buy meth for $1. i think. i don't know. i think it's more expensive than that. we shouldn't be laughing about this. but this is how insane -- >> so the ninth circuit set you have to give him money. >> they try to do this idiot a favor by taking him out of jail, putting him in rehab but part of the rehab is a higher power, barry, and you might want to deal with that. no, i'm offended. i'm suing. and so they make this -- >> unbelievable. >> emotional distress. >> you wouldn't have seen barry for five years and we wouldn't have to deal with this.
1:45 am
methamphetamine, not a good thing. >> no,
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back of the book segment tonight, what the syria deal really comes down to. it's president obama versus assad. it's personal. here's charles kraut hahammer. first of all, do you think the u.s. will authorize a strike against syria? >> i think it's likely because in the end of the democratic doves will be loathed to leave their president twists in the wind. if they undercut him on this, which is really, you know, a measure of high order, if they
1:49 am
cut him down on this, they will have a president so weak in the second term. >> yes. >> they will get nothing on the domestic agenda achieved and you heard eleanor norton from the district of columbia say i'm opposed to this strike but i will support it because of my loyalty to the president and that's where i think the democrats will go. >> okay. and i agree with you that this is the end of president obama if congress refuses to act. now, some conservatives knowing that or believing that would say i'm going to oppose no matter what the right thing to do, no matter if the unintended consequences are going to hurt the country just to damage barack obama i'm going to oppose. that mindset is in play as well. >> i'm not sure if that's the reason why the list of people on the conservative side whom you say oppose this oppose it. that's rather cynical and i don't see any reason i have to attribute that because there are very good substantive reasons
1:50 am
why a conservative would oppose what obama wants to do. >> let me ask you this. if john mccain or mitt romney were president and the same thing happened, out the republican president, you're going to tell me that these conservative commentary indicators wouldn't back the gop president? >> i will tell you that if john mccain were the president, or let's say bob gates, if we had a serious man in the presidency, he would not propose an air strike designed to achieve nothing. he would not propose an air strike, which is a message, if you want to send a message, you call the western union. you want to use a tomahawk missile, you do it with one objective, to alter the course of the civil war in syria. that would be a serious use of force. that's not the reason given by a lot of right wingers.
1:51 am
the reason given is, we should stay out of it. i was just talking to monica crawly about this. we should stay out of it, they're all bad people. you remove one, al qaeda comes in. and yours is a little bit more subtle, if you had somebody -- i made that point earlier, that if you had a commander in chief, people had confidence in, it would be a lot easier to say, do it, because they don't have confidence to this commander in chief. i think there's a lot of ideology in this, in play here. >> i'm right now undecided, because i can see the arguments. on both sides. out of the ashes and out of the smoke emerges bashar al assad. he looks at the world and says, the americans can't even touch me. the americans are bluff, are afraid. are cowards and the war is
1:52 am
unchanged. >> that's what saddam hussein said. >> saddam hussein did not walk out of the ashes. >> that's right. he was -- it was just some kind of cosmetic thing, i'll be right with you. my talking points i think should have convinced you, you know the unintended consequences of no action. you know how it's going to embolden his people across the world. these evil people. and also we have a know billty factor here, if we can save kids from being gassed, we should. >> but your assumption is completely wrong. how will a strike that is intended not to alter anything, simply -- look, obama, what did he call it? a shot across the bow. >> kerry said, they were going to raid. >> kerry's not the president about obama is the president. he decided that chemicals are a red line, did he nothing. he decided we were going to strike, he did nothing. he says, we have all the urgency
1:53 am
in the world, and then he spendses the night, he thinks about it and decides we're not going to do anything until he has a congress that's going to decide, it could be a day, a week, a mo urgency at all. you trust the judgment? >> i don't trust anything. i want to make that clear to my audience. i'm not trusting president obama, john kerry. i'm not trusting john mccain. i'm seeing that we should try to do the right thing. that's what i'm supporting. if the president of the united states is going to go in there, and botch the military campaign when there isn't going to be any -- assad isn't going to be damaged, believe me, he's through. end of story. he's gone. >> he's announced in advance that the purpose of the strike is not to bring down assad. >> we'll see what the resolution is. >> that's not a botch, that's his objective, is to send a message. i say, send a text. it's less expensive.
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>> factor tip of the day, more good news -- some good news tonight about the american people. the tip two minutes away. test ip two minutes away. factor tip of the day. americans once again rising to the occasion. but first, three weeks from today, "killing jesus" will hit the marketplace. close to 2 million copies worldwide, incredible. advance sales on bill
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o' more than 10,000 right now. if you want to get the book signed. please get orders into billo' i do sign all the books. we don't use auto pens here. also, to become a premium member, you get killing jesus absolutely free of charge. a stupendous deal. a small spark could ignite a big fire. >> president obama has this much problem getting a coalition for syria why should we worry about iran. >> i'm confused as to why syria isn't important enough to call congress back into session. that's a good question. i believe the president wants to rally other nations in russia. he's going over the conference. before congress votes. he feels he can improve his position. i think that's what's going on. winston churchill must be
1:56 am
turning over in his grave after great britain fell to support action against assad. the house of parliament vote against action was true democracy in action. i am in favor of the action. and so is everyone i know. tom cogan, how can you be in favor of democracy, you disagree, with a majority of people that don't want another foreign fiasco. because democracy respects dissent. i never follow the herd, unless the herd is right. and in this case, i don't think so. i think we have to do the right thing, and protect the innocent if we can. just because a 32-year-old has two children, doesn't mean he should be paid a set rate, it's all about a skills set. i was a single mom with three
1:57 am
kids. i made little money but i didn't complain, i didn't deserve more. the word of the day should be propinquity. not quite rel vants with what we do with the word of the day. the factor tip of the day. we try to get these high-tech wheelchairs for grievously wounded military people in the u.s. we believe we'll be able to get the so-called track chairs for every vet that needs one. they cost about $15,000 each. americans are pitching in all over the country. on september 15th, some new york firefighters are holdsing a benefit at the eagle auto mall in river head on long island to raise money for the independence fund,.org. that's a charity getting the chairs. we salute those firefighters, also donald trump.
1:58 am
we hope other wealthy americans will follow his lead. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. also, spout off about the factor. this is a good word this evening, do not be bellicose. thanks for watching. remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely l >> it's september 4th. a fox news lart. he was supposed to rot in jail for the rest of his life.
1:59 am
ariel castro found dead an apparent suicide in his cell. >> lawmakers from both parties backing a strike on syria. they agreed up to 90-days of military action with no ground forces. why is the military analyst saying this? >> who boots on the ground are part of our future. >> the potential aftermath of a u.s. strike. >> no money no lunch. the school policy causing major controversy. kids could be left hungry all day. fox and friends first starts right now. >> good morning. you are looking live at mid town
2:00 am
manhattan. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday. >> i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. the man who held three women captive for a decade inside his cleveland house of horrors committed suicide. >> ainsley earhardt has the latest. >> good morning ladies, at 9:20 last night prison officials found ariel castro dead and hanging in his prison cell. medical staff at the correctional reception center which is in orion ohio performed cpr on him. he was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead at 10:52 a.m. he was in a single cell that means he was checked on every 30 minutes but was not on suicide batch. last month he was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus


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