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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 5, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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nuggets. >> you had broccoli and spinach only? >> actually, i threw that houston. they didn't have to do that. see you. the news begins anew on "studio b," and the president is keeping up his push for war in syria. they dent call it war, you know. they tell us it's not war but to the she the tomahawk missile that lands in america and that's not warmth even on the home turf of leading opponent of the russian -- military act in rush, he is on the push. he is alone there. it met to an awkward meeting with the two and health officials are now contacting folks who may have been exposed to a deadly brain disorder, like mad cow disease but does not come from cows. football season, are you ready? i noe. it's starts tonight. baltimore and denver. but it's been a wild offseason.
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all the arrests, a murder charge, and then there's the washington football team. i mean, dan snyder says he'll never change the name of the washington football team, bus is it time? is saying the name of the washington football team akin to saying, i don't know, the n-word? that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, hand shake and big smile, how president obama handled the much anticipated moment when he came face to face to vladimir putin. the president is in russia for a long-planned economic summitment. and canceled a sit-down meeting with putin when the relationship win south starting with the nsa leaker, ed snowden. now the relation is downright bitter and putin calling secretary of state john kerry a liar. russia has long been syria's biggest backer and putin says
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the united states has no prove the regime used the chemical weapons, despite new evidence today. speaking in russia, the british prime minister david cameron confirmed his country's own testing turned up the sarin gas. but can they prove it was the government that used it? if they can, they have not proved it publicly. the syrian situation has made relations so tough riff can he russians, they made a last-minuting seating change one that makes positive president obama and president putin will stay very far apart. that will prevent a photo on like this gem from the last time they met. the expressions say it all. the president has not stopped the hard sell to congress for military strikes. tomorrow, the senate returns to d.c. early to take up the measure.
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a senate panel yesterday approved a resolution calling for limited military action against the syrian regime. wendell with the president in st. pete earsburg. good morning. >> shepard, sirways not officially on the alleged here but the president is working the leaders on the margins trying to get support for a military strike says he could change bashar al-assad's calculus about using chemical weapons again, but he is really swimming against the tide. chinese officials warn increasing the violence in syria could have an impact on the global economy. the pope sent the leaders a letter urging them to, quote, lay aside the futile pursuit of a military solution, and vladimir putin greeted mr. obama with small but refused to give an inch on his protection of
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assad, and blaming the chemical weapons attack on rebels. and putin accused secretary of state kerry of lying about the prevalence of extremist among the rebels and his spokeswoman shuck it off. >> secretary kerry is a decorated combat veteran. he has had more than words aimed at him so he is not losing comment. >> president obama said yesterday that so-called resunset u.s.-russian relations have achieved some things, but admitted it has hit a wall in his words. the president cancelled a trip to california next week and will stay in washington to make sure congress backs his plan to punish assad for his chemical weapons use. >> wendell, thanks very much. pj crowley, a professor of
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practice in washington. why doesn't it bother anybody that what the president is considering doing is illegal? >> well, the dilemma is the conditions that existed two years ago in libya, intervening there are -- >> but not war. >> does not exist here. the real issue is if you are effective on sidelining the u.n., which russia has done, they say the only one that can authorize use of force is the u.n. security council and then they effective sidelined the security council. so, it's kind of a cynical circular argument. i think what the president is saying is those who want to arbitrate international norms should be more than just russia and china. >> help people understand the nature of the russian and syrian relationship and the reason for russia's pushback here. >> i think there are four things animating vladimir putin's position. first is a long-standing
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relationship between russia, the receive itup -- soviet union and syria. you think about all the transitions in the middle east, all of them have been former soviet client states moving into the more or less western column. so he sees lost influence in the middle east and syria is their large major client state. secondly there's a philosophy philosophical issue. they do not believe the international community should interfere in sovereign affair noise state. i think also vladimir putin is the seminal experience for him was the end of the cold war, the loss of russian influence, and standing up to the united states, standing up to the american president, using that, plaintiff's its economic clause, as a means means of enhancing rn influence around the world. i think putin has a point about if assad goes you create a
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political vacuum. and then the question is, is syria more stable with assad or more stable without assad. >> is it your sense that those who are pushing for this effort have thought through a long list, which we can rattle off for an hour, of potential unintended consequences and weigh the cost benefit analysis on that matter? >> yes. the short answer is, yes. there's been a lot of war-gaming as to we do this, what does assad or russia or hezbollah do, the rest of the reregion. there's ask whether you do something or do nothing. but the american policy is one of containment. trying to make sure that whatever happens in syria, doesn't still over more than it already has into other countries in the region, and they feel that the introduction of chemical weapons expand the risk that this thing will escalate
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and up. mat he destabilize not just syria but other countries surrounding syria. >> thank you for that. back on capitol hill, bipartisan group of lawmakers on the house and senate a couple hours ago ended a closed door briefing on syria. the idea that reviewed the evidence it has used chemical weapons against its own people. before the briefing two key senators claim they'd already seen enough. >> based on what i have learned, i have no doubt that the regime used nerve agents. >> for the intelligence committee the indication has been there for a while. i look forward to the other members seeing all the intelligence. >> the senate is set to vote next week on authorizing a military response, in other words, an act of war, chit is. the measure passed the senate foreign relations committee yesterday, ten voting for it, one voting against it, and one
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voting presence. that highlights the challenge our president faces in persuading congress to allow military action, but we although the president insists he does not need the approval of congress. he says he wants its, though. mike emanuel is live. what's being tried here to convince lawmakers are who skin tech cal. >> senate intelligence chairwoman dieeen feinstein talked about the video evidence and asked the cia to create a dvd showing the victims, clearly hoping the video showing people who are gassed by their own government, the syrian regime, will help win over the support of lawmaker. >> if you leave it unabced you send a message by that lack of answer. and we can't do that. i mean, you can look at the children. you can look at the adults. look at the convulsions, and
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it's hard to believe this is civilized world. >> the senate is due to take a procedural step tomorrow, teeing up a week of debate and ultimately a vote on the senate floor next week. >> shepard: mike, is anybody questioning the intelligence or just we're supposed to too with the information. >> no. they seem to understand the intelligence, seem to be pretty compelled by the intelligence, but bottom line is there are people who are concerned about what happens next after we launch a military strike? does it lead a broader way? what anyway be the unintended consequences. so one republican senator says she is considering all options. >> this is not a choice between doing nothing and doing a military strike. there are other ways to put pressure internationally on the assad regime, to eyes late
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him -- isolate him that might be more effective and would not involve the use of military action. >> congressman michael grimm, republican from new york, who says he was supporting the use of force in syria, moments ago announced he is pulling support, saying he thinks the extreme costs of war far outweigh the benefits and his constituents are very much against military action. >> shepard: interesting. mike emanuel, thank you. the u.s. senate measure lays out an explicit goal of shifting the balance in power in syria. in other words to put it plainly, the senate is saying we're taking sides in a civil war in the middle east. the u.s. would certainly be siding with the rebels. and now some graphic video shows the brutality of some of the people whom we might be helping. all sides. fair and balanced. just ahead. [ male announcer ] what's important to you?
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i mentioned we have some graphic amateur video we're interesting to show you, and is raising concerns over exactly who we might be helping if the united states military does launch an act of war against syria. "the new york times" reported this footage shows rebel forces in syria, the ones we would be backing, executing seven captured government soldiers as the soldiers lay helplessly on the ground. "the new york times" says they  who was disgusted by the killings. and the video cuts to black just before the guns go off. and this comes with a warning, as you might imagine, this is -- well, it's disturbing. [speaking in foreign language]
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>> shepard: the times reports the rebels buried the bodies in an unmarked graves. another video shows the lengths syria is ready to go to beat he opposition. >> the four and a half minute video with the white and black islamist flag shows a group of handers allied with the free syrian army. wait posted on -- it was posted on a prosyrian web site two days have the alleged chemical weapons attack august 21st. three analyst reviewed the tape with one concluding it is not moderate in tone or message. >> the narrative is jihadi, and the red line they're talking about using weapons they never used before. and what comes to mind is chemical of biological.
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>> this want man was a deputy to a general, the rebel leader. the president of the middle east media research institute, reviewed the tape, telling fox the message isoclor. if the west doesn't act this group will have no red lines, either. >> the administration not surprisingly getting a lot of pushback. >> it came up consistently during the hearings this week on capitol hill. with the state department defending the position there's a moderate element to the opposition. >> seems like the opposition was maybe more than western-leaning, more moderate, and time has gone by, it's more infiltrated by al qaeda. is that true? >> that it is basically not true. basically incorrect. the opposition has increasingly become more defined by moderation. >> the chairman of the homeland security committee counters he have had briefings indicating
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the -- what we consider moderates in the united states what they consider modat on the ground in syria. >> what he is saying -- what secretary kerry said was this rebel group is moderating, becoming less violent. but every single built of intelligence and information we have been able to get shows the opposite. >> well, it shows the opposite based on my reporting. even some of the intelligence agencies most notably the cia has had a hard time telling the appropriation committees on the hill with any certainty who has been getting help from the united states inside of syria and whether they are truly friendly to the united states or not. but it's a very mixed picture, and this grayness, if you will, played out on capitol hill. but again, i think it comes down togom what is moderate in syria is not what we consider moderate in the ute. >> shepard: what the president is talking about in general
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terms is a number of days, not weeks of bombing. >> uh-huh. well, that may be the case, but the question is what the objective is, and historically what we have seen with limited strikes there are severe and unintended consequences. most notably lockerbie and 9/11. >> one. >> shepard: thanks. one of the reasons i brought that up we asked about the cost, and the answer was, tens of millions of dollars. tomahawk missiles cost almost a million dollars apiece. so $25 million? that would be 25 tomahawk missiles and nothing else. tens of millions of dollars. one worth writing down. to look at later in you diary of this period in our history. at least one brain surgery patient is dead today and a number of other brain surgery patients are said to be at great risk of a rare brain do but it's
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>> shepard: a hospital in new hampshire is reporting a rare some fatal brain disease, likely killed a patient. the disease has the same scientific name as mad cow but it's not linked to beef. it's a different strain with different consequences and now public health officials are warning surgeons in several other states may have enknowingly exposed people to the same disease by using the same rented equipment. they rent equipment. halve officials notified eight
12:24 pm
patients who had brain surgery in the same hospital in manchester. other hospitals doing the same for another five. the disease easts away the brain, causes memory loss, coordination, and kills you. it's rare. the feds say 300 cases are recorded in the united states each year, and for those who had surgery after the patient die, doctors point out the risk is zero. but it ain't low. how did this happen? >> it's a sort of cruel and unusual series of events. the standard process by which we clean medical tools doesn't affect this particular disease. those tools very specific to this kind of neurosurgery that was performed, and doctors had no idea this one patient actually had that disease when it performed surgery on him. so, even though the tools were cleaned after the doctors performed the surgery on the patient at catholic medical center in may, it's possible as many as 13 other patients who underwent similar surgeries have been exposed to the disease,
12:25 pm
also known as sporadic cjd. the tools were rented, so after doctors used them for eight surgeries they were used in other hospitals and the disease can take decades to show up, but moves quickly, causing behavioral changes and. >> when symptoms appear the average time to death is four months. there is no treatment. there is no cure. and there's no screening test. >> that's pretty scary. the disease truly one in a million. one in a million people around the world will get it. >> shepard: sporeadic cjd. soundses like a rapper's name. the patients who may have been exposed now they may have been exposed. >> they have been notified and the risk they'll cullly contract the disease is said to be extremely low, but it is possible. only four cases of transmission involving surgical instruments
12:26 pm
have been reported, not in the u.s. they're monitor patients' healths and providing families with as much health and information as they can. the patients took the news well. none were angry or emotionally upset. catholic medical center has now put a suspension on all neurological surgeries until they get autopsy results from one patient two died. >> shepard: a check now on your money. the dow approaching hit first three-day winning streak in two months, after a new report shows more americans are getting back to work. the economy is looking up according to almost every index. the number of americans filing first-time jobless claims fell by 9,000 last week, to 323,000 and that's a five-year low. analyst says the number helped push stocks higher, higher today. we're up 14 and dancing around 15,000. could mark the third straight
12:27 pm
day of gains, the longest streak since july 15th. >> usually september is terrible. look back the last 40 years you find performancees negative. but investors today are focused on fundals and profits are grope, consumers are spending. good news for retailers. auto sales on fire. so what we're fining is those numbers are great. we want to see improvement in jobs, and we'll get more on that friday. >> shepard: updating the top story, the crisis in sirways deepenle. the president says it's the world's responsibility to hold the syrian regime accountable. so where us the world? i guess we are the world. again. next. [ dennis ] it's always the same dilemma --
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>> shepard: this is "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. as congress gets closer to a vote on whether to commit an act of war in syria, the body count in the country's civil war just keeps going up. [ gunshots ] >> amateur video, shaky, showing rebel fighters attacking a
12:32 pm
christian village. once again, rebel fighters, the ones we would be siding with, attacking a christian village. we cannot confirm the authenticity. rebels are reported ties to al qaeda seized the hotel, fired shells on the neighborhoods killed at least eight government soldiers. the same bloody scene repeated day in and day out in syria for two years in all the unites nations reports it's left more than 100,000 people dead and that it can't be sure of the number. the u.n. reports the fighting has chased some seven million people from their home, some the organization call the great tragedy of the century. president obama said it's up to the world to act but he is fully aware that we are the only ones in the world about to act. he is having trouble building international coalition. in fact he can't do it. jonathan hunt is here in studio. u.s. officials said bluntly today that if the unites nations
12:33 pm
is irrelevant in this crisis. >> there's a lot of pressure around the world for president obama to go back to the united nations security council for authorization for the potential military action but a that seeps highly unlikely given the comments from our ambassador to the u.n., samantha powell. the said the majority of the nations in the world signed a treaty against the use of chemical weapons, even during wartime. president assad and the u.s. officials' views has used the weapons and the countries, including all members of the u.n. security council, now have to step happy to plate bus butt she says the security council is making itself irrelevant. >> it has not protected peace and security for the hundreds of syrian children who war gassed to death august 21. it's not protecting the stability of the region. it is not standing behind now an
12:34 pm
internationally accepted ban on the u.s. of chemical weapons. >> unusually blunt language from an ambassador to the u.n. and clear evidence it would seem, shep, that president obama has no intention of going back to the security council. >> shepard: they were more specific today, our leaders, about the coalition that they are attempting now to build. >> yes. state department spokeswoman was asked very specifically about this coalition, and whom it existed of right now. she named nine nations. they are australia, al bana, kosovo, canada, denmarks, france, holland, romania and turkey. she said they have publicly supported military action being taken by the united states. and secretary of state john kerry said yesterday on the hill that 34 nations are backing the united states without naming the 34. secretary kerry is traveling to
12:35 pm
europe this weekend. there he is going to have one particularly important meeting with the arab league. their statements following the meeting will be key as to how the international community develops the response. >> the arab league is on the record saying, don't do this, right? >> yes. but they have made two statements. the first win said there needs to be action against assad. he is responsible for that chemical weapons attack. a few days later they came out with the statement you're referencing so secretary of state kerry would like the change their minds. >> we talk about building a coalition. how many nations, aside from our nation, are actively considering or even discussing the possibility of getting involved in. >> you break that down from those nine, you get one. that is france, the only nation that appears at this point to be willing to join us in actually taking action.
12:36 pm
>> shepard: and his president can do what he wants to do but has made no commitment. >> no commitment but has made every indication that france is actually ready to give something to the military operation. >> french intelligence shows syria has up to 1,000-tons of chemical weapons. and many analysts say they consider the stockpile to be the largest active stockpile in all the world. what happened if you strike chemical weapons? what happens then? they blow up. and what happens then? a lot of people die. so we're not doing that. can't do that. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff previously said we would need troops on the ground to gain control of those. troops on the ground. admiral dempsey said that in a letter to the head of the -- he wrote, thousands of special operations forces at other ground forces would be needed,
12:37 pm
would be needed, to assault and secure chit critical sites. thousands. reports indicate those sites are scattered all over syria some some are producing chemical weapons and some are to storage and some for research and development. jennifer griffin, at the pentagon. what has the pentagon said regarding the boots on the ground which general dempsey said would be necessary? >> general dempsey said 75,000 troops would be needed for that make. but that's not their mission so we asked the pentagon about the internal contradiction in their strategy. here's the pentagon spokesman. >> if regime change is not involved, if boots on the ground are not involved if the target set does not include chemical weapon storage facilities because of concerns of releasing the sarin into the air, how do you assure people this mission will deter him from using the
12:38 pm
weapons again, or from sharing them with hezbollah? >> well, if i were in the syrian military right now, facing the prospect of u.s. military action, with support from international partners, i think it would make me think twice about using chemical weapons again. >> that's presuming the regime survives. all bets are off if the pentagon does what last night's senate resolution to do, change the momentum on the battlefield, which could lead to the fall of assad and the release of those chemical weapons into who knows who hands. >> and they're talking about the cost. >> heard how sequestration would harm the navy and other services. now it seems the pentagon isn't so concerned about money. >> if this operation goes forward, if we're asked by the president to conduct a military mission, we will conduct it. when something is that important, we'll find a way to
12:39 pm
pay for it. >> the defendant secretary hagel said the costs would be in the tens of millions of dollars but the chef of naval operations, whose ships would be called on, gave a different impression this morning. >> a carrier strike group operating out the will cost you in extended separations -- a lot of flying going on as opposed to routine flying -- will cost you $40 million a week. if it isn't flying that much, a routine, it's $25 million a week. >> tomahawks cost $1.5 million apiece. the bottom line is the pentagon doesn't know how much this will cost because they dent know what their mission is. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. i hope you don't have too busy a week. we do not take military action against sirarch it has the potential to raise all sorts of legal questions if we do this. judge andrew -- actually no reel
12:40 pm
questions. no legal questions. this is legal. >> yes, it is ill lee under international law and illegal under the constitution. under international law, these are accepted international standards that eave civilized country has accepted. you can use military force to attack somebody that attacked you or you can use military force to attack one that is about to attack you. neither of those apply with respect to syria. you can use military force to -- come to the aid of an ally. >> like bush the first crossed the line with asked saddam in kuwait. >> precisely. you can use military force to enforce international norms against a government that violated the international norms when authorized to do so by the united nations, and that hasn't happened here. so, under none of the four standard ways to use military force under international law was this aerial assault or
12:41 pm
troops on the ground, whatever it becomes, apply. domestic law is a little different. we all know that under the war powers act, en, ad in 1973 under president nixn roz veto, the president can start any war he wants, against anybody he wants for 90 days and nothing congress can do it. nevertheless, knowing he has this authority president obama asked for specific authorization to do this, in order to give him, i would suggest some political cover. is the war powers act constitutional? can congress give it warmaking power away to the president? the answer, no. can congress tell the president how to wage war? answer, no. meaning, if the president is unleashed to do whatever he wants in syria, congress cannot stop him from putting the 75,000 boots on the ground that jennifer griffin just told us general dempsey said would be necessary. >> shepard: so if they do this we have committed a war crime.
12:42 pm
>> yes. what are the sanctions? no judge is going to stop this. no one is going to prosecutor the president. the american become doesn't want this to happen. our allies in the region don't want this to happen. who wants this to happen besides john kerry and the president? >> shepard: back to costs. flying around costs 25 to $40 million a week. tomahawk missiles cost 1.5 million. >> 200 million right there. >> on day 2009 gulf war, we knocked off 288 of them. >> wow. >> a half billion dollars, on die one of that war. it wasn't long ago they said, we're running out of money. and today we'veing figure out a way. the saud diz have agreed to pay for it. >> the problem is that sometimes the president can get lawless, any president, when he has
12:43 pm
military equipment at his disposal. no one seems to care about the law here. they just seem to care about politics. congress lets the president start a war. the president doesn't care what international law says. he wants to be vindicated politically for aned advised statement he made during campaign, if they cross the red line we'll have to do something about it. >> shepard: looks as if they don't have the vote and interestingly, the word from the hill is, john boehner, who says he is for it, he is not out trying to get votes. often they wheel and deal in washington to get members to do what leaders want you to do. give you this, trade you that. that's not happening. >> we learned this morning that that is correct, the republicans are not pushing their members, even though the speaker is -- the last vote count, it loses by 20 votes. >> shepard: a woman in one major
12:44 pm
u.s. city reportedly almost died after somebody shot her with an ak-47. the police are not only charging the gun mound, they want to charge the 9-1-1 dispatcher. wait until you hear how long the response times are in this city. [ male announcer ] this is pam.
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>> the cop thursday detroit will seek criminal charges against a 9-1-1 dispatcher who waited an hour before call -- the woman called six times and by the time the cops finally showed up the suspect had shot her in the chest with an ak-47. the police chief has now suspended the dispatcher and says he will ask prosecutors to file charges and look at this. folks in detroit wait on average 58 minutes for the cops to come after you call 9-1-1. the national average? 11 minutes. islamabad, pakistan, claims a maximum of five minute wait for help there.
12:48 pm
and johannesburg, south africa, it's 21 minutes. in detroit it's 58. joining us now. arthur eye do la -- aidala. >> the police chief is seeking charges but it's not unusual. >> the police chief denoted -- didn't just move the officer who was in charge of the unit, a commander. he demoted him to inspector and moved him out. put a new boss in charge of the communications division, and basically what happened is this woman calls six times but it was early in the morning, the change of shifts, and i think what is going to come out is the nine -- 9-1-1 operator will say i waited for the morning put the call through. once the dispatcher puts puts te call through, they get there in eight minutes and by that time the woman is critically wounded
12:49 pm
by an ak-47. he is on the loose. she is in the hospital. official misconduct? hard to come up with a criminal act for what they did. a lot of civil exposure. the only case i found similar to this is in new york city, two child welfare workers were charged with criminally negligent homicide because they case they were working on, the father beat the daughter until she died. so they charged the father with murder and charms the workers, supposed to be supervising the situation, with criminally negligent homicide. the only thing close to this. >> whoa do you charge for having a 58-minute average wait time. >> they have a defense. i looked that up as well. they're a different classifications. so a level one classification, which is a gun, notify, or assault, it's shorter. they're including there, my car was stolen, my groceries were stolen -- >> police say domestic violence
12:50 pm
is the most difficult call to respond to. >> not a doubt about. that's where they get injured the most. >> shepard: the nfl kicks off the regular sustain a few hours but comes after a rocky offseason, players in legal trouble. not just aaron hernandez who may be in a lot of trouble. we'll show you the players in trouble with the law, including the name of the washington football team. jim gray, the inevitable is next.
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12:53 pm
>> at long last the nfl inflame returns tonight. it's been an ugly offseason. prosecutors charged at least 37 players with crimes.
12:54 pm
most notably, away heron unanimous -- aaron hernandez. concussions have been a hot topic. the nfl last week agreed to a $765 million settlement with former players. some analysts say that could have been a lot higher and really they didn't admit any fault or anything, but the debate over the washington football team's name, and logo, is once again heating up. now a native american tribe in new york reports it's launching an ad campaign to get the team to ditch the moniker, and it's far from the only one. joining us now, jim gray. good to see you. >> great to be with you. >> this thing comes up every year. i heard an eloquent man, native american, says this is like calling a team the n-word. he goes, that's how it feels to me. i don't have a horse in this race but i heard him, and dan snyder seems to not want to have any part of this. >> well, you have to understand the sensitivities and that it is
12:55 pm
offensive to a whole group of people, but it's been in place for a long time. so it's going to continue. dan snyder said he is never going to change the team and as of now he is not selling the team and has no thoughts of that and he is a young man. so i don't know how they'll put this to bed. some media say they won't call them the redskins. this goes back a long time. as far as i'm concerned as long as they want be called the redskins i will call them that. i would not kareem abdul-jabbar lieu lu al sin door, but that's the name. >> i feel look once they start playing football the chatter will good -- good away but the criminal problems are not going anywhere, especially aaron hernandez. it's awful. >> there's an image problem, and all the duis and the -- belcher last season killing his wife and then him.
12:56 pm
it's a huge image problem for roger goodell. part of the problem is these guys are so aggressive on the field, but that's a problem off the field. when you ask them to be different people outside of the boundaries, it's very difficult, almost impossible. so a lot of this you can see coming because they're aggressive people, and they're fighting for their jobs and their careers every play. and to turn that off when they walk off the field, doesn't happen. >> real quick, ravens and broncos you you like? >> i like broncos but the ravens have last ten starters since the super bowl, the most players to lose from a super bowl starting team, so the ravens have an uphill battle. >> i like the broncos. i knock not wait for them to kick off which they will
12:57 pm
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>> shepard: we're looking forward to football tonight and watching the closing numbers on the dow. it could end up flat. neil cavuto is waiting for you, hang on. ♪ >> can these two men bear 48 hours together without driving each other crazy? welcome everyone, i'm neil cavuto. who is felix and who is oscar? maybe not quite the odd couple but it's odd and uncomfortable because the two leaders of the superpowers of the world are so far apart on sirarch because while they were all smiles here, inside the g-20 summit, a different story, sitting a goodies stance away from each oomph -- goodies stance away from each


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