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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 5, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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for this thursday, september 5th, 2013, i'm shepherd smith. we will be back tomorrow for "studio b" and we will have a special guest, dennis could you sin niche and wait until you hear what he has to say about prospects of war. the o'reilly factor is on. >> their air ability. you want to make it difficult to continue the war. >> president obama did not draw the red line. humanity drew it. >> strange, strange bedfellows over syria. tonight we will run down prominent rib brails and conserve -- liberals and conservatives and what they are saying about syria and why. what will michigan state university do about a professor indoctrinating students with political hate lettering? we will talk to a student in that professor's class. why is hawaii such a
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liberal state? do you know what liberal means? >> no. >> some of the dumbest things ever said on waters world. no this is not three hours long. >> what is ben franklin famous for? >> the 100th president? >> caution, you are about to begin the no spin zone. it begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly and thanks for watching us. should america attack syria? that is the subject of this evening's talking points. conservatives and liberals are split over the issue which as you know is rare in this country. so there is no question that storm clouds are gathering over the obama administration because the president is in trouble. he needs congress to uh official his decision to use military action. congress might not do it. although yesterday the senate foreign relationses committee voted 10-7 to support the president.
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they are fascinated how some prominent americans are coming down on the issues. let's define some well known people. president bush avoided speaking of current issues, but says he will meet on friday. quote, the human condition elsewhere matters to the security of the united states, unquote. from that we believe bush supports action from assad. president clinton said in june mr. obama would look like a fool and lame if he didn't try to bring assad down, so we believe he supports the action. dick cheney issued no public statement, but in june he told chris wallace that the usa should have moved against assad a longtime ago. hof, cheney -- however, cheney doubts the strike now would accomplish much. his daughter, liz chain me, running for the senate in wyoming is dead set against attacking assad. hillary clinton supports president obama's plan. whatever it may be. mrs. clinton needs obama's support so she is likely to go
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along with whatever the president wants to do. senator marco rubio is unconvinced that military action would accomplish anything. nancy pelosi supports mr. obama in some about anything so on board. sara pay lynn opposes -- sarah palin is oppose just about everything and uh against the strike on syria. she said, quote, allah should sort it out. the -- rush limbaugh opposes military action saying that the obama administration is incapable of effective action and their plan is incoherent and inconsistent and risky and unpredictable. al gore has said nothing even though it is very hot in syria. colin powell is against attacking assad saying america should not be going around inte of other countries. chris christie is not putting forth an opinion, but did owe pine that the use of chemical
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weapons is, quote, intolerable for civilized society. mitt romney traveling overseas has not given an opinion even though we asked him if he weighs in we will report it. jesse jackson at first opposed military action, but now has changed his mind saying americans have to, quote, back the president up. congressman paul ryan's office told the factor he has not yet made up his mind on th issue, but he has not seen enough evidence to support an attack. oprah winfrey will not comment even though we asked her. and our pal glen beck is against attacking assad believing it may lead to world war 3 and would involve russia, iran and china lining up against america. while opinions are all over the place, talking points believes a debate is healthy and there are good points on both sides. syria is not an immediate threat to the usa, but neither was saddam hussein. both situations involve speculation of what could happen. saddam could have given weapons of mass destruction to terrorists, although later that was disproved.
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assad's main supporter, iran, could very well defy the world and develop a nuclear weapon and em boldened by the lack of action against syria. for those thinking clearly and that's most of the factor audience, it is important to understand that if america decides not to hold assad accountable for using poison gas against civilians, that prohibition goes away forever. it seems the world is fine with allowing the use of banned weapons and once again that is acceptable if it becomes acceptable, all restraints disappear. you know it amazes me that russia and china continue to arm and support uh -- assad and iran even though they condone mass murder. russia and china should be ashamed. if they would join the usa in condemning terrorist states the world would be a more civilized place. we have to do businesslike savages like putin and the
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bunch in beijing, but everyone should know exactly who they are. back in america distresses me that the left will not support military action diseened to protect and strengthen the country every. some on the right dismyself barack obama so much -- disspies barack obama so much they are against anything he says. the human condition elsewhere matters to the security of the united states. that being said, opposing action against syria is valid if done for the right reasons. if you believe it would cause more harm to this country than good in the long run, then opposition is a must. i don't believe that. i could be wrong. if you are basing their opinion on the fantasy that assad did not use chemical weapons you are flat out wrong. the intel is overwhelming against assad. one final thing, president obama in no way, in no way wants this controversy.
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it could damage him forever. he is not a confrontational guy. there is no way on earth the french government wants military action in syria. they gary don't want it. it goes against their outlook. the syria dilemma is complicated and it doesn't help that america has few friends in the region. the friends we have, israel, jordan, saudi arabia, turkey and the gulf states badly want assad opposed. our primary enemy iran desperately wants to keep him in power. you may want to do the math. that's a memo. next on the run down, a fired up lori ingram -- laura ingram will give us her view. laura is next.
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and in the impact segment ms. laura ingram on syria.
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she was a supporter of the iraq war and even travel together country. now she opposes action against the syrian tyrant assad. so lets take your opposition to syria in the context of the support for iraq action. >> you are absolutely right. i joined you on air several times during the first four years of our involvement in iraq. over the last several years i have warned republicans about continuing to go down this path where when it comes to military engagements the american public is not seeing how the military engagement improves their lives and how it impacts our national security and the public gets farther and farther away from the debate. obviously at the beginning of the war in iraq bill and the intelligence on wmd, so many others believed it and so many other countries, we believed we could have a leadership in iraq post saddam that would
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work with us, that would be plural lis stick and respect religious minorities. we hoped for that and it was important for the region. most of that turned out to be wishful thinking and instead today iraq is in total chaos. we had great men and women over there, but we lost blood and treasure and lives have been destroyed and families have been absolutely turned upside down. under woulded warriors, we do -- wounded warriors we do a lot for them. i don't want to see more and men appearing in wounded warrior commercials because their lives were destroyed by another military engagement. >> i have simple questions. number one, do you believe that if barack obama doesn't act against assad, america's power declines, particularly among our enemies? >> good question. i think the opposite is true. i actually think the reason there is so much chaos in the world is in part because america has gotten weaker -- we have become weaker --
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>> you don't think it em boldens putin or iran? >> they will do whatever is in their own self-interest. china does what china does. they are not getting involved in any military conflicts. >> second question, if we don't pesh assad for this human -- punish assad for this human rights violation, do we lose any moral authority? how could we go in and punish anyone else if they used bacterial warfare, biological warfare, gas again, do relose the moral authority to do it? >> a way to look at it, bill, we lose moral authority in this case by acting. first of all syria is not part of the 72 or the 93 biological warfare convention. so there is a very stiff case to be made that military intervention here would be illegal for us to do because they are not part of that. number one. number two, the world doesn't want us to do this.
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if this is in violation of international which kerry did not say. he said international norms. international law would have the security council and some partners would have brazil on our side. we would have more than france. in that regard our moralely is not at issue. >> you are saying that any state that is not party to weapons of mass destruction from being banned can use them without interference. >> i think when the world is not willing to shed their own blood -- >> see we are the leader. we are the leader of the civilized world. it just becomes chaotic. >> our public is against this. most military people today are against this. veterans are against this and most players in the world are against this. >> most americans don't want to get involved with this at this point. >> why do you think they don't? they think the players are murky and the outcome is unclear. >> do you want me to answer the question? most americans are not on
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board with this for two reasons. the left doesn't want military action ever. they don't care. you heard that with powers last night. they don't want it. they don't care. that's a segment. a lot on the right and i have thousands of letters to back this up say obama is so incompetent we don't trust him to do anything so we won't support anything he does. i will go to kosovo and the clinton campaign. americans were not killed jie. but we had nato with us there. >> we had nato with us. didn't have the u.n. they stopped mass murder there. they did a humanitarian act. >> i think that's a good poi tbh t. i also say we have to realize one thing. this is 1997 or 1998 or 1999. we are a much different place. america has grown weaker after warfare. reagan kept us prosperous and won the cold war on the basis of peace through strength. when we lost 242 marines in
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lebenon we pulled up stakes in lebenon. reagan laid out four principals for military engagement in his biography "an american life" and those principals today are thought met in anyway, shape or form. >> let me rebut. the reason we didn't hit anybody is because we didn't know who to hit. it was a terrorist act and not a state act. >> who do we hit here? >> assad. >> we are not doing a regime change. >> i believe in my heart and i think you may even agree with me on this. if ronald reagan wasn't today and said to assad, warned him do not use gas on children and civilians and he defied reagan, reagan would hit him. real quick last word. >> bill, i don't think reagan would act here. it doesn't meet his four principals. the elites need to prove to america that they have earned their trust back after a lot of mismanage meant -- mismanagement of our economy, borders and wars. people don't trust for good reason. >> miss laura ingram and we would like you to vote in our
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bill o'reilly poll. if congress approves military action against syria, if they do that, would you support it? yes or no. results next week. geraldo on syria and anthony wiener getting disrepresented on the streets of new york. disrespected on the streets of new york. wait until you see this.
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what i was equally horrified by was the video that came out today of the syrian rebels, the people we would be supporting were we to attack assad assassinating cap you are tood syrian -- captured syrian soldiers after they tortured them. they had their hands behind their backs and beaten them and then they put the weapon tots back of their heads and blew their heads off. >> it is like el salvador. i covered that war. >> me too. >> and there were no good guys. there were no good guys. i think when the head of state defies the president of the united states the way assad does it elevates it to a zone that you have to be very, very careful now. >> in the words of senator ted cruz, we cannot be the air force for al-qaeda. we are now watching -- >> if you were in congress you would vote against it? >> this is a crime against humanity. this is not a crime against the united states of america. humanity must respond. that's why we have the united nations. we have to rally people to respond. >> they won't.
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and so therefore you will vote against it. but know your vote will lead to more chaos in the future. it absolutely will. him weaker and we to attack prolong the war, what happens when we blow up his runways and bridges and the defense ministry and they are laying out on the street and syrian corpses killed by the united states by our over extended military. how do we feel in that regard? if the united nations doesn't function or care to do anything, then damn them. >> just know that your guy, barack obama's power will be severely weakened if he does nothing and that's the fact. >> he draws the red line and it is not my red line. not this time. >> it is not geraldo's red linement. anthony wiener, we president haven't covered him because we don't feel he is an important figure in the united states any longer. it is a story everybody knows and we don't need to know.
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it he is running for mayor in new york city. he will not win, but he is out there. yesterday this happened which was extremely disyou are iting. disturbing. roll the tape. >> you have the nerve to walk around in public. >> you are a perfect person? you are my judge this you are my judge? what rabbi taught you that? what rabbi taught you are my judge? >> you are fine. stay out of the public eye. >> that's up to you to judge. i don't take it from you and i don't judge you. >> you are a bad example from the people. >> that's obvious. >> that's why we have elections. >> you are perfect and you will judge me. >> i am not running for office. >> you know who judges me 1234 you know who judges me? go visit with your rabbi. go visit your rabbi. shows how much you know. >> think about your wife. >> by the way -- that is between me and her and my god and not between you. >> your reaction? >> i would have smacked that guy and i tell you why. what you didn't hear is he said you are married to an
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arab. if i was on a the plan particular avenue in brooklyn and a guy came up to me in arab dress and obvious arab dress and came up to me, are you married to a jew. i would say you damn right i am. what is it to you? this goes to far. this man was in anthony wiener's face. he was obnoxious. he was intentionally provocative. he was physically provocative. i absolutely do not blame anthony wiener at all. what you don't see is what ignited it and you would feel the same thing if it was a member of your family. >> we want to clarify that the guy -- >> you are married to a jew i mean screw that guy. >> the guy did say that anthony wiener's wife is an arab and had that in the conversation. that's what ignited it. some people will say, listen, wiener is a free target. let's take the wife element out and you can't justify that on any level. the other argument that if you do things like he did and then
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you go out to the public and want a vote for power, you have to expect this kind of stuff. >> you know, there is a line that you draw -- >> the red line. >> >> there is a red line you draw, don't mess with my wife. don't mess with my kids. >> put that aside. >> then you have basic saville tee. how dare you? i have made a mistake. he didn't murder anybody. >> so was he right saying the guy shouldn't judge him? >> he can judge him, but he should do it in a civil norm of civilized conduct. he can rank him out. he canada bait him all he wants -- he can debate him all he wants. but when you start the low blow stuff you are in the gutter. if you are going to come into the gutter, then i'm telling you, i will fight you back. >> you would have punched him? >> i would have. >> you would gone ban to your
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syndicated program. and if you had a chair you would hit him. >> you got it right. exactly. >> he would have sued you for gazillions and you would be the loser. >> my mustache may be grayer, but i am the same man. >> you would have paid the price civilly if you punched him. >> were you to argue to a new york jury this man insulted my wife they would have looked at that man and said get out of this courtroom. >> you would taken the chance. i am glad wiener didn't hit him. i think wiener handled it -- >> i think ironically this will bring wiener back in the race. >> no. >> i saw low double digits. it is possible. it is a runoff. >> you are living in a world of oz. it won't be close. geraldo, everybody. the dumbest things ever said on a segment part two. you don't want 20* miss it. you don't want to miss it. talking about john mccain and milely cyrus and no they are not touring together. stay tuned for those reports.
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last night we played you a clip of michigan state university professor william penn telling his english class that republicans are evil. the professor's rant was totally out of context to the class and downright vicious. >> if i found out you are racist i am coming after you. what is going on in south carolina and north carolina? voter suppression is about
5:31 pm
getting black people not to vote. why? because black people vote democratic. >> now penn has been reassigned by the university and taken out of the classroom. joining us from lansing, michigan a sophomore at michigan state and he was the student who taped penn's remarks. first of all, why did you do that? >> well, bill, i did it because i really honestly couldn't believe what was happening at first. this man was using his position as a professor to in my opinion indoctrinate students to theng a way he thought was pleasing. i didn't think any college student should listen to that. >> the class you are in, literatures, cultures, identities. it is an arts and humanities class. that has nothing to do with
5:32 pm
politics. how did he segue into that rant? >> well, he was all over the place talking about a number of things. in the full video you can get a clear glimpse of that. he started talking about the romneys and the republican party on a few things and somehow he said he could tie it altogether but still to this day i can't understand. >> about 400 kids, that's a mob. what was the general reaction now that the professor was taken out of the classroom. he is still getting paid, but he will do research on the republican party. what was the reaction to the students in the class? >> well, at the time they were all laughing at his jokes and whatnot. once i think it started to break out it has been mixed. i was in the class today before they announced dr. penn was no longer teaching the
5:33 pm
class and people were -- parents were calling them and they were really interested in what was going on. the opinions were mixed. some felt it didn't -- maybe it was too much. like i said, a lot of others were -- >> anybody mad at you? >> nobody knows it was me. >> nobody is directing anger at you. >> not yet. >> michigan state university paid for by the taxpayers of mech mitch. is it -- of michigan. is it a left wing school? is there a lot of stuff like this going on in your experience? >> i just started my sophomore year so i have only been here one complete year, and it is unfortunate this had to happen so early in my second year. i have had to write a couple of papers with a left leaning bias because i knew i i wasn't going to get a better grade -- i was president going to get a better grade if i -- >> you faked the paper to get
5:34 pm
a good grade. evan. you now was there ever the vice-versa where you had to write a paper from a right wing point of view to get a good grade? >> that has not happened yet, no. >> and i know a lot of students do that. they take the temperature -- they take the political temperature of the professor and shoot off propaganda to him or her. but the prevailing wisdom on the campus in your experience now as a sophomore, is it left wing or is this guy, penn, an exception? >> i certainly wouldn't call it an exception. i had to write a few papers for professors where this would happen. certainly he is the most vocal about his opinions i faced. overall i would say that this is is -- it is a college campus and it is pretty liberal. >> evan, thanks very much. we appreciate you coming on. when we come back, john mccain playing video poker in a senate hearing. and miley cyrus is doing
5:35 pm
something, but i am not quite sure what. and waters world dumbest edition part 2. you will like this one. the factor will be right back.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly and in the what the heck just happened segment two hot topics starting with senator john
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mccain who was in a senate hearing on syria, but instead of listening up the senator was playing video poker on his machine there. greg gutfeld is here and bernard . sorry about the big words, gutfeld. >> am i sweating? >> it is a good word and a word you should know and embrace. >> i embrace a lot of things. >> how about mccain and the video poker? >> i know it looks silly and it is a serious topic, but if the guy wants to play yatzee he can. he spent time in a prison camp and he had to learn to pass time in those conditions, so he is the expert at passing time. be happy that a lot of these politicians are distracted. they do more damage when they are not distracted. by the way, he is not playing solitaire. that's depressing. >> so you say this moit be -- this might be akin to his captivity being in a senate
5:40 pm
hearing? >> yes. >> the same isolation and the same pressure and that this was just a pressure reliever? >> what's akin? >> akin. >> that means it is like something? >> yes. >> then i agree with you. >> though i disagree 100% with senator mccain i love and respect him. i agree with everything greatest said, but i think if we this moment back. it was a serious hearing. >> and mccain is leading the charge against syria. >> i say give him a pass. if it was lyndsay graham i would feel like punching him in the face on something so serious as this. >> i don't think you will change mccain's mind. he believes this guy, assad, is a villain and has to goment but you disagree and you -- has to go, but i would think you would want to go in and beat the leafing daylights out of -- the living daylights out of him? >> i was against the iraq war. when people talk about war rear re, let me -- war weary let me translate. spending money we don't have
5:41 pm
and people who hate our guts. that's what the american people feel and so it will be a tough sell for my friend. >> do you oppose the action? >> i can say i will be one of the few tv commentators who has no idea what is going on over there. >> you will waffle around? >> no. there is a certain level of ambivalence where you can be swayed one way or the other. if you are not sure, shut up. that's me. >> quagmire. >> if i would have known i would have brought some maple surup for the waffle. >> senator john kerry, his face used to look like a deflated football with eyes and now i think he is going to nancy pelosi's doctor. >> that's madam touou. >> he looks like phil donohue. >> somebody else who has not weighed in on the syrian situation is milely cyrus. she has not given her opinion as the world awaits that.
5:42 pm
instead she is talking about her performance and that was, let's face it, not a big positive for her. here is what she said. >> i don't pay attention to the negative. i have seen this play out so many times. how many times have we seen this play out in pop music? you know now. madonna has done it. britney has done it. any vma performer, anyone who performs you want to make history. me and robin said, you know we are about to make history. three days later people are still talking about it. you are overthinking it. you are thinking about it more than i did. i didn't even think about it. that's just me. >> i think she has a little caffeine going on there. i think what she means she and robin, which is robin thicke in the suit that i have now ordered . i think what she is saying is that everybody does this at 20 years old and simulates sex on stage and that everyone does it. i know for a fact that
5:43 pm
mcgirk has not done it and gutfeld has not done it. >> no. >> so we are three who have not done it. but perhaps everyone else has done it. >> well look, niki minaj did it on the billboard music awards on the abc broadcast network. >> she did the same thing. >> and it was more pour pornographic. >> but isn't she australian? >> no she is a black rapper and she did it well -- >> is she from australia or american? >> the caribbean i believe. >> that's close to australia. >> but the entertainment media ignored it giving neither props nor condom nation. >> they don't >> they don't know her. the thing is she was a walt disney, hannah montana person. >> the shocking thing is listening to her voice when she talks she is madge from palmolvie. she sounds like a truck driver. she obviously smokes. there is a toxic element of the culture. >> did you see how quickly she was speaking some.
5:44 pm
>> she admits to taking stuff. she flaunts it. she did for twerking did what anthony wiener did for sexting. >> this is a serious question and i regret even bringing this up. i feel sorry for this woman. she is 20 years old. she obviously is in way over her head and doesn't know what she is doing. she is on the lyndsay lohan track. maybe not quite that bad, but going that way. i think americans should have a bit of sympathy for her. do you have sympathy for her, gutfeld? >> yes, and i offered to do private counseling sessions at a local hotel. no, actually i don't like her. all she is saying all you need is attention minus achievement and that's the worst thing to tell anybody. if all you can do is make people remember you through some kind of silly act, that's nothing to be proud of. >> good point and i hate to admit it. >> do you feel sorry? >> slightly. miley cyrus smaid -- made
5:45 pm
twerking jump the shark or whatever you say. >> the dumbest things ever said on that segment. it is not three hours long. waters is next. .. ..
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waters world last week we ran the dumbest things ever said in that segment. it was a huge hit. we had so much material left over that we decided to put together part 2 and here it is. >> why is hawaii such a liberal state? >> um, ah. >> explain what liberal means first. >> do you know what liberal
5:49 pm
means? >> no. >> michelle obama doesn't want young people on facebook. >> i don't think 12-year-olds should be on facebook. they are 12 and they put they are 18. >> have you ever been in trouble for doing that? >> they tried. >> who is they? >> the detectives. >> fast and the furious, how will that shake down this. >> the movie? >> how old are you? >> so if you are drinking responsibly how many drinks is that? >> eight. >> your friends turn green. >> what is ben franklin famous for? >> 100th president? >> what is obama's economic policy? >> it brings new light on people that are in the streets. >> what are you talking about? >> we really have to talk. we say we are talking, but nobody is listening. >> would you have talked to hitler? >> i would have tried. >> get gone. have i no more to talk to you about. >> is that a pickle?
5:50 pm
>> i understand he is an excellent judge of peck kills. >> i sincerely hope so. >> what do you think of the occupy movement? >> don't know. don't make me look stupid. >> too late. >> when yowhen you're judging, exactly are you looking for? >> you look for a dog that tips the essence of the american breed standard under the american kennel guidelines. >> has an owner ever tried to grease you? >> grease me? >> no. >> what are you suggesting, my man. >> what's the dirs betwefferencn a hockey mom and a pitbull? a pitbull is delicious. if dublin wins, we will consider going. >> unless he's on the menu. >> the powers that be are in the right hand? can i shake your hand? are you married? >> no, i'm not. >> does the ball fly into your head once in a while?
5:51 pm
> >> that's not a ball. i want a real ball. >> i'm really hoping i can be in a science lab so i can hang around naked. >> that's creepy. >> you just got your picture. >> the only picture i can correlate is superman or moses. >> do you consider yourself a patriot? >> no. >> but you love america? >> no. >> are you a hedonistic type of guy? >> i forget what hedonistic is. i'm from south brooklyn. you've got to break that down for me. >> okay. >> do you find you really learn a lot from bill's presentation? >> no. >> hello. >> is it the whole world is -- this is actually waters world. >> you wept with waters world,
5:52 pm
the most loathsome movie of all time. pretty good. >> are you bill o'reilly? >> i hope not. >> that's not nice. we still have a lot of stuff left over. >> i like what i said so we can run a whole clip of that. >> you've been doing this what? about two years. has anybody ever gotten angry at you? because they know you're kind of poking fun at them. >> no one's really that angry because i think people feel it's cool to be dumb. they don't get embarrassed. >> it's cool to be on tv. >> whenever they bomb, they laugh. it's not really that an tag nisk. >> nobody said get out of here, don't use that. >> i have had some people come up and say, i want to retract that interview. that's not really how it works. >> you'd like it if people got angry. i think you're looking for that, right? >> i'd get angry?
5:53 pm
>> i want you to be safe out there. we bring security with watters. we don't want anybody to bother you, particularly because you put the collar up in the back. >> i was running not from the pickle, from the freak holding the pickle chasing me. i want to clear that up. >> i thought you would address the collar. i get letters every week with the collar, does this guy kn know -- >> it's a family tradition. >> blame his father and don't keep writing he about it. next, 16 minutes and me, your humble correspondent. [ ale announcer ] campbell's angus beef & dumplings. hearty cheeseburger. creamy thai style chicken with rice. mexican-style chicken tortilla. if you think campbell's 26 new soups sound good, imagine how they taste. m'm! m'm! good!
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of "killing ji cuss." every night on the message boards and the special newscast by me just for them also weekly backstage conversation where you guys ask me questions. now, since "killing jesus" is projected to be a major event, out in three weeks, you might want to get a copy by signing up for bill o'reilly premium membership. i went to vote on your poll about syria. first, i oppose the action then heard your talking points and changed my mind and then heard rand paul and changed again. all you can do is think about the complicated issue and come to your own opinion. i believe the majority of americans support action against assad. with obama's record, no. yours is a very honest e-mail.
5:57 pm
n oppose all the president's policies so they oppose this one. we should only take military action when there's an immediate threat to our allies. defiance to our american president is a threat. it could weaken us very much with a war. >> handling the assad mess is correct, he will defy obama but would have never shrugged off a warning from reagan. powers and oeber shane made great points. the only one giving me a headache last night was you, bill. i'm sorry for that. you should cure them not cause them. you're pushing the syria so much
5:58 pm
i can't watch the factor anymore. >> i'm sorry to hear that. you should be open to opposing points of view, makes life far more interesting. bill, i want to see you shirtless and then decide who looks better, you or putin. careful what you wish for, sandy. if i agree to that, can i still wear the tie? this afternoon i sat for a two hour interview, the longest interview i ever sat for, conducted by nora o'donnell for 60 minutes. lots of questions at "killing jesus." it will be edited, of course. i answered the questions honestly and that might work against me but i don't care. here's the tip of the day. if you consent to talk with someone, speak truthfully even if there is a down side. but if you don't want to answer a question, just say that and smile. no more explanation required. if you're honest and candid in everything when talking to other
5:59 pm
people, you will be respected. that is the factor tip of the day and that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor news website different than o' we'd like you to spout off about the factor, o'reil o' name and town name and town. and word of the day, noddy. i love that. we're getting thousands of e-mails about syria. if you have any questions about it, have any questions about syria that i have not addressed or the other pundits and guests on this program have not addressed, let's on the next factor do a q & a about syria. i think most of you really want what's best for america. i respect that. go to the bill o' message boards. great debate.
6:00 pm
and put them in e-mail form and i will try to answer them. always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> tonight, the president goes face to face one-on-owith one o biggest foes while debate rages in d.c. we'll show you chilling video of syrian rebels you have to see to believe. now, to d.c. where battle lines are beginning to be drawn whether or not to attack the assad regime. while congress will not consider a formal resolution until next week. white house aides are already reportedly worried they do not have the votes to pass the measure, particularly in the house of representatives. but if it fails the state department is now suggesting the president may go it


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