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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 5, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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oof. checkmate for the good guys. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta van susteren, greta, take it away. this is a fox news alert. the u.s. could attack syria by air. senior defense department sources telling fox news channel the use of air assets could now be in play and the size of any potential air strike depends on prb's target list and that list is constantly changing. a pentagon source telling fox news channel jennifer griffin that military channels have revised their plans 50 times just since president obama began considering a limited strike on syria. meanwhile, new questions about the president's leadership on syria are surfacing. >> can you imagine any president ever saying it's not my problem, it's america's problem? who the hell says that? who? what kind of person thinks that?
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that's what's got people trouble. >> once the administration made this call, though, i think there is a real need for us to back it up. >> this president has tried to find a way to blame everybody or anybody for everything. >> seems to be running away from a policy that he's advocating at the same time. you can't have that type of schizophrenic leadership. >> we're in this situation because the president over the last five years has been terrible leadership in the middle east. >> i have more questions than answers. >> we're in the midst of total absurdity the way this is being dealt with. >> we have a president who, unlike former presidents, has just failed to act the way that presidents act in times of crises. >> the leadership or a lack of leadership to be more precise has driven our country in a cul-de-sac. and that's not a good place to be. >> you got to show leadership.
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he's got to stand up. >> i still have many questions about the wisdom of the president's actions. >> he sure punted the ball to congress as opposed to taking the type of leadership that we normally see out of a commander in chief. >> whether he knows it or not, his credibility is on the line. it is his credibility on the line, and nothing he can do about that. >> a marine with combat experience joins us. three days ago he supported the president's plan for syria. does he still. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> i guess that's a rhetorical question since i know that in three days that you have changed your opinion of what should be done. what is your opinion now and why? >> well, there's several reasons. one, i will not support a strike on syria. i've lost confidence in the president and in this administration to be able to handle the situation that they've gotten themselves into. first of all, there was a small window of opportunity for us to
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regain some credibility in the region and on the international stage. and unfortunately, this president has done everything he possibly could to bungle this every way known. when he first came out strong, you know, listen, i'm a lawmaker now, i'm in the political arena, but i still and always will be in my heart a united states marine. there is nothing i want more than to support my commander in chief when he draws a red line. i think that's just in me. but since he drew that line, since secretary kerry came out, he has done nothing but mess this up and he has lost my confidence. >> so what do we do as a nation in light of where we are? and most people would probably agree that assad did use chemical weapons against innocent civilians. so in light of your sort of lost confidence in the president which i assume is different than your confidence in the military who would be executing the president's directions, do we just sort of sit and wait and hope the that president assad
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doesn't do it again? >> unfortunately, we're now in an untenable situation. we're kind of damned if we do, damned if we don't. but what i have to weigh is the overall benefit to the united states. the benefit now, what benefit would we receive from striking syria? i think that the problems that could come of that and the death and re-entering of war and the cost of war greatly outweighs at this point the benefits that we could receive. and i got to tell you just last night i went to a vigil in staten island for staff sergeant whose body was just returned from afghanistan. this hero came home to be buried. and while i was there speaking with the veterans that were there, they're asking me what exactly are we going to do? what exactly is the goal? i didn't have an answer. the reason i don't have an answer is both secretaries, secretary hagel, secretary kerry, came before congress and didn't have answers in the committees. that's a big reason also why
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i've changed my decision to support the president. the other thing is the president comes out and then says it's not his red line, it's the international line, it's that red line, i think the president has lost his resolve. >> and i know a lot of people have a beef with the president, the whole discussion about the red line or no red line, let me ask you if any any way your opinion could change or would change in light of the news tonight, jennifer griffin reporting that there's a possibility that some of the military will be from the air, which i assume means if we go from the air, it does escalate the war but does enable us to get the underground bunkers that we can't get with cruise missiles. is there something between now and next four or five days the president could do in terms of a strategy that would change your opinion to support a military strike or not? >> as of right now, no, and i would pose this question -- if we strike by air, which i assume we were going to have a strike by air -- if we do and it uncovers a cache of sarin gas or
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other chemical weapons, does anyone in the united states believe that we're going to leave it there for al qaeda, al mosra whatever other insurgents to get to or will we put boots on the ground, my beloved marine corps, will they not have to secure whatever they find there? i think that answer is obviously yes, which means even though you're starting as an air strike, you can end up with boots on the ground by uncovering something that you didn't expect or even that you did expect. >> do you consider boots on the ground -- i'm curious how it's defined because the cia apparently is training some of the rebels in jordan. there's another report today that the u.s. military may take over that training operation, they would take over training rebels in jordan to go into syria and fight against assad. is that boots on the ground? we put u.s. military in an adjacent country to train rebels or not? >> that's a very different question. i would say not necessarily, but
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it really depends on all the circumstances which i'm not privy to. that's the first i'm hearing of that. >> but assuming i'm saying is correct, the reports i'm reading, let's assume they're correct. is that technically boots on the ground? what does boots on the ground mean? next door training rebels, is that boots on the ground? >> we're always going to have troops throughout the world, especially in areas where there's known conflict. i wouldn't consider that specifically boots on the ground. what i'm specifically talking about is bringing troops into syria which is now a hot lz. that's untenable after years of war. after speaking to everyone in staten island, brooklyn, we cannot absorb the cost of war. i'm not just talking about dollars and cents. i'm talking about the blood of young americans. the 24-year-olds that we're burying, the 19-year-olds. we're war weary at this point and our country just can't do it any more. >> to sum up a little bit of what you're saying, correct me if i'm wrong, is one of the
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problems you're having is that president obama waited so long presumably that president assad could scurry away and hide assets we want to hit and even use civilians as human shields, is that part of what you're saying? >> absolutely. that is certainly part of the problem i have. i was very clear even when i said i would support the president he had to act swiftly and it had to be meaningful and it had to be direct. if i'm assad, i'm taking my sarin gas and other chemicals and moving them to schools, hospitals and motive mosques. i'm putting them there knowing the united states would not strike where there would be so many civilian casualties. why give him that opportunity? it make nos sense from any level. it doesn't make common sense. >> sir, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> and fox's greg palcot joins us from lebanon. he's been on the border of syria. what's the latest?
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>> well, greta, the problem with this battle, as president obama weighs a deeper u.s. involvement, it is not clear-cut on that battle field. fighting is raging in a town north of damascus. rebel forces are doing fighting with the forces of bashar al assad as in many other towns throughout syria. the difference with this town, however, it is ancient, itself is historic, it is mainly christian. we're hearing gripping anecdotal stories of nuns cowering in convents while artillery shells zing overhead. christians, to some degree at least have been caught in the fighting and the rebel sources that have been fighting assad to some degree have been targeting the christians. also "the new yorker" magazine today with a gripping story of
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fighting in another part of syria, that's in the northwestern corner of that country. that is heartland of bashar al assad, the syrian president. there too was a fight between rebels and syrian government forces, and in this case, it is al qaeda-linked fighters of the al nusrah fight that have been doing the fighting and those group groups have been known for their brutal tactics, summary executions far in the back of this fight as in the fight many places in syria, the free syrian army. that's the more secular rebel fighters that secretary of state kerry often mentions in his testimony this week, greta. >> what kind of preparations are being made? obviously, they know that something is going to happen. i think it's pretty self-evident. maybe i'm wrong on that. but what preparations are being made in syria? >> yeah, greta, we've been speaking to people inside syria,
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speaking to them actually during this entire 2 1/2-year conflict. and i've never heard such tension now. the u.s. says it has just targeted -- said it is just tactical. but in fact the actions of the greatest superpower in the world getting involved in this fighting is focusing minds there. bashar al assad's forces are being moved around. soldiers and assets are removed from military installations, being placed in other locations. in certain towns, civilian populations are being told to evacuate away from these facilities. and in other facilities, civilians are taking it on their own to actually move in or perhaps encourage strongly by the government to move in and act as human shields so they could be caught in the crossfire of a possible u.s. military strike. basically, greta, the government there is using every single day
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that we are waiting for that possible u.s. military strike to reconfigure what is happening on the ground, to make the end result a little bit more favorable to the assad regime, greta. >> greg, thank you. and we're about to show you a graphic video published by "the new york times" today. in it a group of syrian rebels are executing government soldiers at gunpoint. the video's edited so you won't see any gunfire, but you will hear the shot. "the new york times" said the video was smuggled out of syria by a former rebel who had become disgusted by the rebel violence and relates to an incident last spring. [ speaking foreign language ] [ gunfire ] >> he served as the first u.s.
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director of national intelligence as well as ambassador to iraq and the united nations and many more posts, i should add. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> in looking at what's going on in syria, and i realize much can change. it's a very fluid situation. do you have some sort of sense of what our long-term strategy is? >> well, i think i have a better sense of what the short-term strategy is. >> do we need to know -- can we two to war just having a short-term strategy? >> well, this issue of the chemical weapons has become a focal point. as you were saying earlier, i don't doubt that there's going to be some kind of reaction. and the president's entire effort is focused on mobilizing support for that action both here in our congress and with other countries overseas. as far as the longer term, i mean, we did say quite a while ago we think assad must go. we've been supportive of the opposition. it looks like that support is getting more robust. it would appear that's one of the conditions of senators and
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congressmen like john mccain for supporting the president on his retaliation against the syrians for using chemical weapons would be to bolster and beef up the kind of the nature of the support that we give to the rebels. >> when you talk about opposition -- we all know who president assad is and it's been the conclusion of many in this nation that he must go. he hasn't gone yet. when you talk about the opposition, john mccain talks about the free syrian army. but there are many more elements. am i correct that there are a lot of different groups part of this opposition? >> yes, and truth be told, this is probably a huge can of worms as was the case in iraq and other places. when you take the lid off the top of a regime that has been totally repressive for several decades, it's very hard to predict what it is that is going to come afterwards, but clearly you're going to be in a little better position to influence that if you have been providing
7:15 pm
assistance and support to one of the elements in that situation. >> i guess that's where i come back to what's our long-term strategy. because it would behead the monster if assad is killed in one of the strikes now suddenly he's gone, out of the picture, now who is going to take over? there are all these groups. that's what the long-term strategy becomes important. >> right. that would be fair to stay that we know what we desire for syria, we know what we would like to implement as a policy for syria, replace assad with some kind of more acceptable form of government. i don't think we really have that detailed a strategy as to how it is we're going to get there. we've got this first initial step of supporting the nonextremist opposition, but i'm not sure we've been able to game it out much beyond that. and probably aren't going to be able to really until assad himself falls. >> but isn't that like very sort of, you know, dangerous in sense
7:16 pm
of terms of what we don't -- i guess the deal with russia was former secretary of state colin powell talked about you break it, it's xwroorps if you go in there and all of a sudden assad is gone, which is something we want, now we've got all these groups, some which we like and some of the groups with we like. there's one that's got an al qaeda affiliation we don't like. we've got all these chemical weapons there. we don't know who's going to secure it. but this is now ours. >> right. >> then what do we do? >> well, the truth is this is a situation fraught with uncertainty and fraught with terrible choices, choices between different shades of bad and worse. and i don't think we know what's going to happen. but i think one of the things that is forcing our hand and sort of giving impetus to our thinking is the fact that mr. bashar al assad's behavior has become even more reprehensible and in a way, you might argue,
7:17 pm
that this use of chemical weapons has been kind of a straw that broke the camel's back. >> it seems to me three things we can do. we can do nothing. >> right. >> we can do a limited military strike. or we can go in there full force and try to do a regime change. the president has said no to the regime change and doing nothing is unacceptable to him. so we'll go in there and do this sort of limited military action which will punish him. say day two, we've now punished him, a lot of buildings have come down. now they parade pictures around of the dead civilians saying these horrible americans have killed. iran feels imboldened, look at these horrible americans. >> i'm sure what we do is try to avoid inflicting -- >> i'm convinced that, too. >> i'm sure they'll go after military targets. i'm sure the choice the president wants to pursue is the second choice you described, a limited military strike in the
7:18 pm
hopes that that will deflect and deter bashar al assad from resorting again to chemical weapons. >> do you think it will? >> i think that's the minimal objective. >> in your heart and mind, do you think if we go in there and knock down a bunch of buildings and aircraft and he comes out alive and he'll say not any more, not me? >> i think he'll think twice about it. secretary kerry made that point in his testimony the other day in rather impassioned terms, if we don't do anything, think of the alternative, if we don't react at all, he'll be emboldened to be even more brutal against his opposition. and i think there would be a greater chance he'd use those weapons again. >> three lousy choices. >> three lousy choices. >> mr. ambassador, good to see you, sir. >> sorry to say. >> no, thank you. should the cia expand its training of select syrian rebels in jordan? yes, it could help the civil war
7:19 pm
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did you see what designer kenneth cole did on twitter? a lot of people enraged. boots on the ground or not? let's not forget about sandals,
7:23 pm
pumps and loafers, # footwear. he's using the syrian crisis to sell shoes. dana lash is host of the dana show. she joins us. >> thanks for having me back. >> are you part of the enraged or unenraged on this? >> i'm kind of in between. i just think it's so tacky. it's so tasteless. i don't want to hate on him too hard because my mom really likes his shoes. so at the risk of offending her, i'm just going to say it's in really poor taste and tacky, kind of makes me question his taste overall. >> i had a little bit of your viewpoint when i first dug into it. really? so they have one moron who tweets something from a company thinking that it was whatever. then i dug into it. now they're sort of serial tweeters where they make really tasteless remarks. there's one about the uproar in cairo. it says rumors they hurt our new spring collection is available
7:24 pm
online and that would be the reason. there's another one about gun control. sounds like they sort of make a career out of taking very sensitive issues and sort of making fun of them. >> exactly, yeah. he's a repeat offender with this. in fact, when he did the tweet about cairo and was trying to sell the spring collection, they actually printed that tweet out and they put it up on the glass of their main store in san francisco. so -- and this was even after he apologized. so they were really using it for marketing. it's smart when you think about somebody piggybacking on a hashtag. but trying to exploit something that's really sad and we're talking about sending lives into this conflict, we're talking about men and women in union form and their wives and children. just so tacky. i see something like this, greta, and i think if his taste is so bad here, where else is his taste bad? i would expect something like this from somebody who produces platform lucite heels but not somebody who is trying to be low
7:25 pm
fashion with loafers and pumps. >> i catch your humor on that. for me, it is someone who has no understanding of history, they've never traveled the world, they have no idea of the conflict. if they heard greg palkot's report about nuns huddling in fear and the risk they might get gassed by sarin gas tonight. they may think it is clever, but they're profoundly ignorant of what's really going on on the ground there. and it may be a good idea to take all their money and dispatch someone in the region to get an idea to smart up a little bit. >> one of those shoot first, apologize or ask questions later kind of thing. as you pointed out, he did this before. with gun control, with cairo, now with syria. he just thinks it's a great way to get his marketing out there and apologize for it afterwards. >> i don't know if this will have an effect on sales, do you, either way? >> it makes me think twice with
7:26 pm
it. if i see somebody tacky like this on twitter i hope i can sell some shoes in the midst of the syria conflict, # syriafootwear. it seems tacky to me. i don't know. just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. whether or not this will affect sale, i don't know whether his cairo tweet affected sale ors gun control affected sales, but it's just if you're trying to present this image of at least somewhat midcouture fashion for footwear, this is a tacky, tasteless way to do it. he's like the general store karl lagerfeld. >> are people in favor of some limited action or not in syria? >> overwhelmingly 99.9% against, greta, very much against. >> even though they have -- wait, what about the fact that, you know, he's probably going to gas people and we'll have to sit and listen to it and hear it and we'll have to endure this? >> yeah, and there have been
7:27 pm
multiple reports whether assad's regime or syrian leaders claiming credit for the gas attacks as well. we're talking about sending our men and women over there and adding that to the attacks, it bears some hesitancy. >> a no-win situation all tl way around. whether we go or don't go, this one is very difficult. dana, thank you. >> thanks, greta. coming up, what is obama care costing american workers. the vice president of white castle says obama care is hurting his business. also rush limbaugh like you've never seen him before literally. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you
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starting at just $49 installed. adt. always there. call or click today. white castle has more than 10,000 employees and right around the corner is obama care. so what's going to happen? joining us is jamie richardson, vice president at fast food chain white castle. good evening, sir. >> hey, greta, how are you
7:32 pm
tonight? >> very well. 10,000 employees, that's a lot. 406 restaurants in 12 states. that's a lot, too. they all have health care or at least a number of them do? >> all of our full-time team members are offered health care. for us we really believe that good business, great food and responsible citizenship should all go together. that's why we really made that a priority. we've offered health care since 1924. a big commitment for us. >> what happens when obama care rolls in? how does that impact white castle? >> the biggest impact right now is we've been given this extra year for implementation. that's a great gift because we see it as a chance to fix the things that are most wrong with the law. namely that the full-time definition has shifted from 40 hours to 30 hours in the law. that provision alone will increase our costs by 35%. so restaurants, retailers, everyone around the country have started to really share that story and both parties are looking at that and understanding we need to have
7:33 pm
some common sense and good dialogue to really address the challenges that the law presents. >> seems to me if that's going to happen, there's a couple options, one is you raise prices 35% to accommodate the 35% increase in cost, which i don't think will happen. that would be tough on people who go to white castle. the other would be that people who are working 40 hours a week if they're lowering the number down to 30 hours a week in order to get underneath the financial burden that you see with obama care, now they're going to get 29 hours a week. >> what we look at and see is there's a big temptation for retailers and restaurants to try to make it work somehow some way. that's why with this one year that's been granted as temporary relief there's a chance to have a good bipartisan discussion to fix what's wrong with the law. we know for our people it's important. we know at white castle it's important as family-owned business. >> how do you fix it? what you are looking for that
7:34 pm
fixes it so white castle can live with it? >> we're encouraged because there's bipartisan legislation introduced by senator collins and donnelly and in the house congressman lipinski and congressman young have introduced bills that face this head-on. this is where we live, where we work, where we raise our families. >> i got that. >> having as much full-time employment as possible. >> what specifically are you asking them to do? what is it you're looking for? >> this addresses in the affordable care act the provision that says 30 hours per week is full time. what it would do is change that to 40 hours a week which is the standard that's been like that for decades now. it would help us to keep our definition of full-time right where it is. those team members would still be eligible for the health insurance benefit and that would save us 35% in or costs. if it doesn't get changed we're staring down the barrel of a really difficult decision.
7:35 pm
>> what happens to the people who don't have the 40 hours at white castle? >> at white castle our definition of full time is 35 hours per week. but in the future you could see a situation where you'd be forced to have more people part time where our focus is on keeping as many people full time as possible. people come to white castle -- i just met a white castle hero, met with him today, jerry young, who worked for us for 35 years -- 45 years and jerry shares the tale about how that health insurance benefit was huge for him when he was raising his family. we want to provide the same benefits for as many people as possible for as long as we possibly can. the provisions of the law really make it difficult to be able to do that in the way that we've been able to over the years. >> jamie, thank you. we'll watch and see what happens for white castle. thank you, sir. >> crave on, greta. congresswoman diane black pushing a provision through
7:36 pm
congress to defund a government position, but then president obama apparently went around her rebranding that job by just tweaking the title just to keep it. congressman black joins us. good evening. >> good evening, great to be with you. >> so what is the job that you sought to have defunded and you did defund with the federal government? >> well, the president put into place a brand new position back in february of 2012 called the public advocate. and it basically was a lobbyist for those coming to our country illegally. when i saw that, i just thought that was really wrong. not right to use taxpayer dollars in that way. i think it would be better be used to proekting the border. i went to work on that and we wrote a bill to defund this program. it passed in the house without opposition. it passed in the senate. it was then added to the continuing resolution, which was sign eed by the president.
7:37 pm
what he did over the summer he circumvented congress after signing the law, he has his signature on it and just renaming the position, basically the same person, same role and he went around what congress had done in this continuing resolution. >> let me back up for a second. you mean everybody in the house voted for this, both sides of the aisle? >> everybody, both sides of the aisle. it had no opposition in the house and no opposition in the senator and the president signed it into law. this is supposed to be the most transparent administration in the history of our country. i don't think that's the way you would call it transparent by going around congress. >> well, there's also -- the congress, i mean, the government, there are three equal branchs with three specific responsibilities. so the president doesn't like what you all did unanimously, house and senate, republican, democrats, so he takes that job that you threw out, that you defunded and he gives another title to another job that's
7:38 pm
identical, same person, in fact. where did he get the money? did you guys give him the money? >> that's a very good question because we defunded it. so obviously he's doing something that's actually against the law that he signed in. because i'm not sure where he got the money. that's a question for the administration. >> but probably my guess is that you guys funded it. maybe unknowingly, but he can't fund the job himself, right? >> well, he can find other money in homeland security because that's where this money comes from. even the president of the i.c.e. workers, the union president, said that this program is just fraught with fraud, waste and abuse. so it is not a partisan issue. this is an issue that has been agreed upon by both the democrats and the republicans. >> what is the white house saying? because obviously they just totally ignored congress and the senate and republicans and democrats, they don't need you,
7:39 pm
we don't care what you're going to do, we'll do it anyway. when you ask, what's the response from the administration? >> they're just not returning our call. we've been calling and they've been avoiding and calling back to let us know how they did this, how they funded it since it was a defunded position and i guess they wrote it into another line item, i don't know. but that's a good question for the administration, for the executive branch when congress passes a law and the president signs it. this isn't something the president didn't know about, he signed the law. >> by the way, who is it that you are trying to reach? maybe the on the record viewers would like to help you out a little bit. which agency are you trying to contact to find out about this to find out what's up? >> we've been trying to call homeland security. and i don't have the name with me of the person that we've been calling for the last several days and has not returned our call. we've not gotten any information back at all to tell us why this was done and how it was done
7:40 pm
since it did not have funding. we're not going to give up on this, greta. >> i'll tell you what, you call us tomorrow, somebody on your staff give us the name, number, e-mail address and maybe the bloggers can put some heat on and get answers. always fun to get answers. thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> coming up, the latest edition to fox news, but before she joins the team supermodel carol ault goes on the record. and anthony weiner tries to explain this. ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm finally talking to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] ultra rugged phones from sprint. buy one, get four free, and $150 credit when you swih your business line to sprint. the pioneers in push-to-talk. trouble hearing on the phone? visit anthony weiner on damage control. yesterday we showed him screaming at man who called him a scumbag, that was his term. and today the reason he confronted the man was because he used a racial slur against his wife houma. listen to the part of the tape you might have missed. >> a real scum bag. >> very nice.
7:43 pm
very nice. >> that's a charming guy right there. very nice. in front of children. ta that is charming. >> you're disgusting. >> takes one to know one, jackass. >> so now we want to know what you think. go to vote in our poll. does this poll change your mind about anthony weiner. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
7:44 pm
>> test test
7:45 pm
after appearing on more than 700 magazine covers supermodel carol ault joins the fox news team. her new show "a healthy you and carol ault" airs this saturday 4:00 p.m. eastern. welcome, carol. >> thank you so much, thank you for having me on your show. >> delighted to have you on the show.
7:46 pm
and 4:00 saturday is the big hour. it will repeat sunday 4:00 p.m. eastern. a half hour show, but essentially news you can use. tell me about it. >> well, it's actually health news. i spent the last 17 years trying to keep myself healthy. i just heard you say it's fun to get answers. i think that especially is true when it comes to health, absolutely. >> what's the biggest tip you can give this segment? what's the thing that we're all really rotten at and we can at least get started doing right? >> that disease is called inflammation, it's aging, an inflammatory disease. the hardest thing to do issal ka line out the body, the best thing you can do is drink alkaline-free water. >> will you do social media on your show? >> i will do an ask carol section at the end. i got that from you guys. i'll answer questions from my twitter which is @carolault fnc. >> how did you get the bug to be
7:47 pm
interested in health? the rest of us know we're supposed to be interested in it, we all wish we could and we all lack the discipline. so why you? i mean, how are you so lucky to have the bug and to do this and do the right thing in. >> i guess because i was very unlucky in the beginning. i started to age very rapidly. this business can really age you. i started to gain weight. then i started not feeling well. then i had serious health issues. and i said, if i don't do something to help myself, nobody else is going to do it. i started studying up on all the latest fads and the thins that work and the things that didn't work. what i found was there was a lot of snake oil out there, but amongst all that snake oil are things that work. that's what we'll talk about on the show. i'll talk about what works. >> what about diet? are you vegetarian, vegan, eat red meat? start with the basics. >> i eat i just eat it prepared correctly. and that correct me for me is raw. >> well, we're all looking forward to this.
7:48 pm
we welcome you to fox news. i think you'll have a lot of fun here. everybody does. it's certainly never dull here. carol, welcome to fox news. 4:00 saturday. and everybody, if you're busy 4:00 saturday, you all know about dvr and everything else. so make sure carol gets a big welcome with lots of viewers. thank you very much. >> thank you, you guys have made me feel very welcome. thank you, greta. straight ahead what is rush limbaugh getting into this time? start guessing using # greta. you have to see it to believe it. and nikki harris' moment goes viral. ♪ [ male annouer ] let's go places. but let's be ready. ♪ let's do our homework. ♪ let's look out for each other. let's look both ways before crossing. ♪ let's remember what's important.
7:49 pm
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7:52 pm
time to hash it out. rush limbaugh taking his words from the airwaves now to the page. limbaugh announces children's book. the book is titled "rush revere and the brave pilgrims." limbaugh's version of the thanksgiving story. the senator himself tweeting scandal after he was caught on cameras playing poker and yes it was during a senate hearing on
7:53 pm
syria. you can bet some are smiling. now tmz reporting john mccain iphone poker downloads skyrocket after senator scandal. the lawmaker has great taste. and sales of the poker game now jumping 30% since the incident. she might be the governor of south carolina, but nikki haley still has her mom moment. what not to do, getting locked out of the governor's mansion in your robe while sending the kids off to school, sigh, # a day in the life. i hope her friends didn't see her locked out in her bathrobe, the children will never live it down. cats and dogs is typical for politicians. this takes the cake. stubs the cat, an honorary mayor of alaska town for 15 years is recovering after a vicious dog attack. well wishes and donations to cover stubs medical bills pouring in from around the world. we hope mayor stubs is back on
7:54 pm
his paws soon. and it's been a lousy week for george zimmerman. first cops ticketing him for speeding, now this. fox orlando tweeting george zimmerman getting divorced. his wife shellie filing for divorce in florida. she petitioned to equally divide the couple's assets and debts. she's also asking for sole custody of their two dogs. president bill clinton and george h.w. bush reuniting. giving us a glimpse into the meeting tweeting this picture with the caption enjoyed my annual lunch with president and mrs. bush in maine envious of his western cactus theme socks. # sock swag. those are some pretty nice socks. we wouldn't expect anything less from the sock aficionado, president bush. coming up, president obama's credibility taking a hit from jay leno. that's next. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's endless shrimp.
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stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, time for last call. president obama says u.s. response to syria will not affect his credibility. so what does? jay leno has something to say about that. >> despite what critics say the president says lack of response to syria so far does not threaten his credibility. you know he's right. which economy, benghazi, that threatens his credibility but this other stuff? no. >> that is your last call. we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you tune in tomorrow night. we have the "on the record" special, it's an unbelievable special. you'll really love it. our team hits the ground investigating from coast to coast and new videotape of the serial killer. really creepy. make sure you go to
8:00 pm tonight. don't forget, 4:00 p.m. saturday. our newest edition of fox. make sure you watch or record it. good night from washington. nicl you hear what he has to say about prospects of war. the o'reilly factor is on. >> their air ability. you want to make it difficult to continue the war. >> president obama did not draw the red line. humanity drew it. >> strange, strange bedfellows over syria. tonight we will run down prominent rib brails and conserve -- liberals and conservatives and what they are saying about syria and why. what will michigan state university do about a professor indoctrinating students with political hate lettering? we will talk to a student in that professor's class.


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