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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 6, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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advice. you have been a great audience. give yourself a big hand. you did a great job. thank you all. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. the news continues. we will see you back here soon on hannity. >> he was one of the country's most horrific serial killers, suspected of killing at least 11 people across ten states and then he made a mistake using his victim's atm card and finally being captured in a deep east texas town. >> i think there is going to be a lot of crimes that only israel keyes will know about. he will take that to his death. >> on december 2nd, 2012 after months of interrogations, he committed suicide in his alaskan jail. >> all i have is information. other than that you are upset with me because i have the
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information. >> mr. keyes is now dead, but our investigation continues. >> we take you into the interrogations and let you see into the mind of a monster as he toyed with authorities in a high stakes game of cat and mouse. >> if i had the information, i would rather have something tangible that i get for it. >> no promises, but that's not very tangible. >> israel keyes was a fairly smart guy. >> the fbi is asking for your help to identify the victims of a man addicted to murder. >> having plans on stopping. he would have done it more if he knew he would get caught when he did. >> a man of many ugly and dark sides. >> i'm two people and the only person who knows about what i'm talking about is me. >> my understanding, if he did this for his own pleasure. he did this for himself. >> if it's a remote area, it's not anywhere near where he lived. >> murder, arsonists, bank
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robbers and rapist were all on his resume. >> he didn't have empathy or remorse. >> only three vehicles have been identified. >> earlier today, the dive team discovered when investigators believed to be the body of samantha koenig. >> on the morning of june 8th and june 9th, the couriers were abducted and subskweequently murdered. >> he being looed at you and he wouldn't think twice about killing you. >> keyes planned ahead leaving murder kits all over the country stashed with weapons, cash and tools to dispose of bodies. >> there was that one that wasn't related to any murders. >> now over the next hour, we take you to the scene of the crime from vermont to alaska.
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>> no doubt that israel keyes committed these murders and committed them in a horrific way. >> dissecting every piece of evidence. >> we will never understand what made that guy tick. it wasn't pretty. >> uncovering new clues in the hopes that more information can be gathered about the bleed trail left behind by israel keyes. >> the people who knew and cared about him, they had no idea about the other side of israel. >> tonight, an on the record special investigation. the confessions of a serial killer, israel keyes. in the next hour, you go inside the investigation into one of the country's deadliest centers. a man who committed as many as 11 murders between 2001 and march 2012 and only three to date have been identified. you will hear from the killer himself for the first time in newly released interrogation video. first to vermont. on june 8th, 2011, bill and
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lorraine courier vanished from their home and their bodies were never recovered. thousands of miles away to alaska, february 2012, samantha koenig, an 18-year-old barista was kidnapped, raped, murdered and dismembered. the cruel crime in his hometown of anchorage. her remains were found in a lake. surveillance cameras showed him robbing numerous banks to support his hobby of killing. he burglarized homes and committed arson and rapes. he stashed murder kits in locations as he planned future crimes, but he made mistakes in the end. he began using his last victim's atm card that led to his capture 4,000 miles from alaska all the way in texas. now the fbi is releasing new clues and evidence. you have not seen this and
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tonight you will. first, on the record hits the ground in quiet vermont where bill and lorraine in a sleepy town vanished without a trace. >> when did you first learn? is. >> 10:00 in the morning on june 8th. we received a call from a family that bill and lorraine had not gone to work. they had both been in their jobs for over 20 years and it was very unusual. lorraine worked with her sister in law and her sister in law went to the house and saw the car was gone and they called police. >> the garage is attached to the house as part of the house, that's significant in this investigation. >> yes, it is. >> why? >> the couriers' car was in the garage on the night of june 8th. one of the first things that the sister in law noticed is that the car was gone.
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there was also a broken window from a door leading from the garage into the house. >> have you been inside that house? >> yes, several times. >> how soon after the reports were you inside the house? >> later that evening. other officers from the patrol unit had been in the house after going to the house and seeing that the window was broken. they went through the house. nothing was disturbed, but bill and lorraine weren't there. the only thing that was out of the ordinary was the broken glass. later family members said a gun was missing. a little after that we discovered the phone line had been cut. >> the main street in essex, vermont is sort of a driveway. this is the driveway to the home where the most nightmarish thing happened. a couple was literally executed by a serial killer the night of june 8th to june 9th, 2011, this
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is where he brought the couple about a mile away from their home to this area to where there was a home. it has been demolished. this is where he killed, shot bill in the basement and strangled mrs. courier. what happened inside? >> he tied bill and lorraine up and drove them in their own vehicle here. he concealed it in the back of the house. he brought bill courier into the basement and tied him to a stool. when he came out of the basement, i think he assumed that lorraine would be tied up inside of a car, but she had gotten partially free and was standing outside of the car when he came out of the basement. when they saw each other, lorraine began to run. he chased her down and dragged her in it through the front of
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the house and brought her up stairs and tied her up. there was a sexual assault of lorraine sometime during the course of that. bill manages to get partially free and starts to make his way upstairs to try and rescue his wife. he hears the disturbance down stairs and grabs the gun he brought with him and shootings bill several times and kills him. he goes back upstairs and finishes whatever it is he decided to do with lorraine. he strangles her nearly to the point of unconsciousness upstairs and then brings her downstairs into the basement and strangles her to death. >> what did he do with the bodies?
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>> he brought trash bags with them and he put their bodies separately in the trash backs from the bottom up and from the top down. he poured drano on the bodies to speed decomposition and dragged them into the corner of the basement where he put more debris on top of them. >> they were never discovered or anything? is someone came in and coincidentally took the house down some. >> >> they demolished the house and carried the stuff away in dump trucks from there. it eventually ended up in a land if il about two hours from here in coventry, vermont. the people who did the demolition started to go into the basement and said there was a very, very strong odor of decomposition. they were familiar with what decomposing bodies smelled like i believe more from hunting and
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being out in the woods, but they decided not to go down there because the smell was too bad and they collapsed the house into the basement and dug it out and took it away. >> before arrest and confession in an alaskan jail, israel keyes was not someone who the authorities were looking at in the disappearance and murder of bill and lorraine cure whier. the most chilling discovery, the couriers had been picked totally at random. a vermont prosecutor worked the case. >> about israel keyes, what is the first time you heard his name? >>. >> the first time was i believe on april seventh of 2012. i was contacted by the chief of police because bill and lorraine courier were missing a year before and i got a call from the chief saying that a man named israel keyes was arrested and was in custody in alaska. he had told authorities there
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that he was responsible for the murder of bill and courier here in vermont. >> the only person i ever saw was bill courier. >> anybody else? >> no. >> had you heard of the disappearance of the couriers? >> i had. they had been reported missing by family members on june 9th on 2011. they had last been seen the day before and when they failed to show up for work, the family members reported them missing. i had been contacted by the police department to notify me this was happening and there was an investigation under way. there was little information about the couriers and what may have happened to them, but after that point, i was involved in the investigation right up through the time when iz real keyes killed himself in an alaska jail. >> totally random? >> are totally random. >> any reason he picked them? >> my understanding is the
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reason he picked out their residence, when he came to vermont, he knew there were certain things he was looking for that would make it easier if are him to accomplish the crime. he wanted a house where he thought there were no kids or dogs. he wanted a house with a predictable lay out so when he got into the house to be able to predict where they were sleeping. he wanted it to have an attached garage and the car to be in the garage. i would assume to make it easier when he did have them subdued to get them into the car and move from the residence. >> did you talk to him? >> i did. over the phone. that was set up through the attorney's office and the fbi in alaska. myself and lieutenant george had a conversation with him on june 1st, 2012. >> what was it like? >> we wanted to close out loose ends we thought might exist and based on what i said before, we were looking for specific details to confirm he had been in the residence.
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the conversation itself was based on questions like tell us what you saw in the garage. what was the back yard looking like. what did the couriers tell you about themselves. information that wasn't released publicly. that was the question in the interview generally. it was based on those types of details elicited from him. >> israel keyes may have picked victims at random, but the planning and execution was meticulous and thorough. long before he chose his prey, he stashed kill or murder kits in an area where he intended to carry out a murder. it was stacked with guns and supplies and tools to dispose of the bodies. on the record takes you to one storage area used more than two years prior to the murders. >> it's a local park that was given to the town by the federal
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government. >> about how far is this by driving to the home of the couriers? >> are about a mile? >> from the hotel where israel keyes was staying? >> less than a mile. >> the murder scene where the home was demolished? are. >> this is probably a few miles up. >> what is significant is israel keyes was here prior to the murder? >> he was here in april of 2009. >> that's about two years and two months before the murder. >> that's right. >> what was he doing here? >> i know what he did here. he came here with a wooden box that had a gun in it. some cable ties and other items and maybe rope. he buried it here in this park. >> and to unbury it when? >> he came here on june 8th of 2011, the day he abducted bill
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and lorraine. >> i imagine it's two years and two months later. unless you have some markers where you bury something. >> it was at an intersection of two australias where he did it. i can understand how he can find it. yeah, we have heavy winders and a lot of snow and flooding most springs and so he told us he found it. >> and obviously he didn't leave part of it behind. >> ahe did. he actually did. it was over a year and hurricane irene came through to before we knew that something was here. we did come back in the summer of 2012 trying to find anything that would corroborate his story. we weren't able to. >> the fact that he buried something is his story and there was no way to confirm that? >> that's correct. >> but he knew enough to tell
7:16 pm
you about the area? >> he did and he told us what he did with the murder weapon and what he did with bill and lorraine's gun that they were where he said he put them in new york state. >> straight ahead, he was the last known victim of israel keyes. a young coffee barista working on a cold snowy night miles from where keyes lives. on the record takes you to alaska next. you are going inside the interrogation room. you will hear the raw truth from a gold blooded killer. israel keyes in his own words. plus -- how the fbi needs your help in trying to identify some of keyes's victims who have yet to be discovered. ♪
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>> now you are going to alaska. serial killer israel keyes in his own back yard. his last known victim is samantha koenig. her kidnapping rape and murder would lead to his capture as keyes became less careful and more heinous in his ways. her story shocking the community as they learned that a serial killer was hiding in plain sight. we hit the ground in alaska. >> this is the coffee stand where israel keyes abducted samantha koenig. you have to imagine this in winter. it was the snowiest winter on record. you had a huge burm blocking the view from the road here. in mid-town, it's a busy road
7:21 pm
even at night. driving by, you can't see the stands. the snow had been plowed up so high. >> along the side of the road. you can't see it. >> he comes to this window with a gun. how does he get her out? >> he threatened her with the gun. she ended up opening the door so he could get in. i am trying to remember, but he may have told her he was trying to rob the place and wanted to get him by. he ultimately got her down on the floor of the coffee hut and used plastic zip ties to secure her hands behind her back. this was all within minutes of her boyfriend coming to pick her up at the end of the day. he had her zip tie and had her hands behind her back. eventually stood her up and walked her out the door and basically told her if you don't fight, i won't kill you right here. i don't think he told her ever
7:22 pm
that he was going to kill her, it was just come with me and you won't get hurt. walked her back across the street where he came from and at some point the fbi thinks she tried to get away. she did try to fight with him and he grabbed her and stuck the gun to her ribs and said he would kill her right there if she tried to again. as far as we know she complied and went across the street with him and he put her in his truck and drove to his house. >> here put her in the shed? >> we are in west anchorage, this is the house where israel keyes lived with his girlfriend. it used to be a shed in the driveway over to the right in a trailer in front of that that was used for construction. the shed there is where he apparently held samantha and sexually assault and killed her.
7:23 pm
>> in that shed was just here sort of where the gray area was. >> yeah. >> past the driveway? >> a metal tool shed that had sat there for a long time until the end of march when the fbi came and picked it up. the forklift took it away and approximate uh it on a flatbed truck and drove it to the headquarters downtown. >> tell us where we are now. >> we are about 30 minutes north of anchorage between anchorage and palmer, alaska. >> this is where samantha koenig's body was recoveried? are. >> right. they came out here in late march acting on a tip from israel keyes himself and came out and dug a hole in the ice and recovered her body. >> so that was in april? >> late march. >> late march, okay. this here is the lake. this is perhaps likely area
7:24 pm
where the fbi would have come in with their team and sat out right here. how did they know where to look? >> israel had told them where to look in his admission to the fbi that he killed her. described how he did it and told him where he could find her body. >> not to be gruesome, but it wasn't just one body. >> that's right. it wasn't just one thing that they put in this body bag. there were pieces they put in the body bag. that's because unfortunately he had not only raped and killed her, but he had dismembered her body and when they recovered it, it wasn't just one thing that people saw them get out of the lake. >> coming up, the cruel and callus cat and mouse game played with the authority, toying with them as they desperately sought information on other victims and murders. we will take you inside the interrogation room when we come back. ♪
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>> never before seen video of several of the sessions of israel keyes. in the video, we get a glimpse of the calculated and callus serial killer as he embarks on a cat and mouse game he seemed to love with holding information while confessing to more crimes. ultimately trying to exchange information for a swiftly expedited death sentence. >> this is the interrogation room. for more than 20 introduce and more than 40 hours with a cat and mouse game. >> i wanted to continue to cooperate. i am having issues as far as
7:30 pm
it's unrealistic expectations on my part, but i was thinking there might be a way to get the information to you and to the fbi. and to some way ensure we can work out some sort of a dream. i will give you all the answers on the cases and the families get closure and as many as possible and in return for that, you know, i don't plan to being around a whole lot longer, but the main concern for me is my kids being to be around. i don't want her to type my name in and it pops up. i know something is going to
7:31 pm
come up. trying to minimize that at this point, i guess. what i was hoping to do is apparently it's going to be really difficult to get that s shurns. i am trying to figure out a way we can still do that. >> what about finding more bodies yet? the football field? is. >> they are making progress. >> it can still be a couple of weeks or something. this is one of the best analogies. it's more like an underlying -- just some things until you find them. i don't feel guilty. for the taxpayers.
7:32 pm
i kept my mouth shut. that's how committed they are. >> i understand. it sounds like they got the area, they just have to find the body. i know i don't have any rights to the situation, all i have is information. now you are upset i want to control the information. >> it's depressing. there was frustration. >> there is going to be a lot of frustration before this is over, but it's already been years of frustration for a lot of people. they are going to have to learn to live with it. >> that's a different issue. did you find any knives in new york or in that area?
7:33 pm
there two k3w0i6s that were not here, but i don't know where they were. i thought they were in that bucket. i thought that they were but i haven't seen him in any of the pictures. >> i don't remember the bucket though. >> well, holding the knife.
7:34 pm
i don't know. he took it apart. >> the knife. it was because they had it folded to it. they could disassemble it or something. >> yeah. was that from a long time? >> the blood is not from a long time. i hadn't carried it for a while. >> and the other places? >> no. there were times where [inaudible] >> is that related to the washington murders?
7:35 pm
are. >> yes. that was close. >> that was a 4 1/2 inch blade. >> do you know what color? >> similar to the one i had on when i was arrested. just a different blade style. same company and everything.
7:36 pm
>> it will eventually. the only person i ever shot was bill courier. >> everybody else was strangled? >> are yeah. >> coming up, what was it like to be in that interrogation room with a cold hearted killer? we will speak to the authorities who sat face-to-face with israel keyes and later, why is the fbi asking for help now and could it be possible that samantha koenig was not his last victim? this is shocking. in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down
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headquarters, ba shar is claimed to have a huge supply of chemical weapons responsible for killing 1400 people last month. assad has "barely put a dent in his enormous stockpile." president obama is planning to address the american people about the situation this tuesday. johnson & johnson recalling 200,000 bottles of motrin infant drop formula because they may contain particles of plastic. they are asking them to take the affected products off store shelves and stop using the bottles and throw them away. it's the latest in a series of 40 product recalls announced by the company since 2009. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to confessions of a serial killer. >> we have shown you the
7:42 pm
confessions of israel keyes. you have seen the cat and mouse game he played, but can you imagine what it was like to sit face-to-face for hour upon hour in a room with such a brutal and determiningous killer who would not hesitate to take your? we spoke with the u.s. attorney in alaska who did just that. >> we spent a lot of hours in the interrogation room with israel keyes. what was he like? >> we spent a lot of hours with israel keyes. a lot of disturbing time listening to what he had to say which was mostly confessing to the crimes he committed and building us with the details of the crimes that he didn't want to fully reveal. he was not wired like anyone else i have dealt with. he was a sociopath.
7:43 pm
>> i envy you really. >> he wanted the death penalty. he seemed to be wanting to negotiate that with you. tell us about that. >> that was just another strange turn in the case. fairly early on, he communicated to us that he was seeking the death penalty. that's something that he wanted to talk about. >> i think like i said, you want to have the death penalty. you have more information for the judge and jury and how likely that would be, but i guess my point is at least we can kind of do one of the details of what happened. >> the reason to do that is not now. >> from his timing aspect, it appeared from the tapes released that we have seen leading up to
7:44 pm
november 29th a few days before he would kill himself, it seemed that he enjoyed the cat and mouse aspect of interrogations. was there indication that maybe he was throwing the towel in? >> you know, i think that israel keyes enjoyed the negotiation. he wanted to sit down with prosecutors on the case and try to negotiate what was going to happen to him. where am i going to be charged and what am i going to be charged with and who will know about the heinous things i did. how am i going to tell you? our job was to get as much information as we could to get closure to families and put to rest these issues. >> you are asking for more information and i am still waiting to see what happens with the information i have already given.
7:45 pm
so essential ly what can happen is it becomes a one-way street until i see what comes out the other end on these other issues. >> he was someone who was a clear sociopath and someone at the same time though you can talk to like you would be talking to your neighbor, but at the same time you know he was responsible for these horrible things. we are also conscious of the fact that although you can have a regular conversation with him, he looked at you and he wouldn't think twice about killing you. >> i wouldn't be sitting here drafting a letter to you about what we are going to do to you. i wouldn't be here if we wanted to go ahead and try to make you a villain. we would just go and do that. all right? >> it's my own motive.
7:46 pm
>> you are concerned about that? >> well, coming in or from my perspective, yeah, it would be fun to have all this stuff come out, but i'm not trying to do that. >> there was no doubt that israel keyes committed these murders and committed them in a truly horrific way. he even said if anyone listened to what he had done, they would give him the death penalty. unfortunately we couldn't get him to admit the rest of those murders. we couldn't give him what he wanted. >> straight ahead, are there more victims? could israel keyes killed in the time of his death in the capture. now information that could put the fbi hot on the trail. why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside?
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>> greta: the fbi recently came forward with previously unreleased details over travels in the last daek yaids but why asking for help now?
7:51 pm
>> now we have exhausted our investigative leads until this point we're reaching wout details to tra. we have extensively pinpointed locations he's been through airline travel, car rentals, financial transactions, cell phone records and those types of things reaching out to those people in those locations to see if any of those people have seen him. >> give us an example what. are you looking for? maybe someone watch something. >> sure, one of the trips he took after he killed samantha was to texas. he took to travel to texas on the second. he went down to new orleans took a cruise. from february 6 to february 11 came back to new orleans and drove to dallas on the 12th of february. we know he left the dallas area on the 13th of february at -- to locations unknown.
7:52 pm
that is the time frame we're asking people in texas to be on the lookout for. he was driving a 2011 kia, blue in color. he was out of pocket for several days. he told us he was out of control looking to take someone in texas. >> making samantha -- . >> if he killed them that, would be correct. >> why are you reaching out to the public now? what are you looking for? >> interested in having the public help us identify places he may have been as well as locations he may have committed crimes in. we've introduced a time line to let people know what locations he was in so the public with help us identify missing persons in those areas. >> why now, though? >> we're at the end of our investigation. he killed himself december 2, 2012 we spent several months going through possible leads we v and we're at a point we
7:53 pm
want to release that information for the public. in an effort to get as much out as we can so it might jog someone's memory or put anymore a location where a family member knows a loved one went missing so we can hopefully identify additional victims. >> a lot of unanswered questions. which ones stick out the most in your mind? the person that asked the question? >> there are a couple trips keys made that are of extreme tr. there are things he did on the trips that are red flags for us. he turned his cell phone off or stopped using credit cards. things he did to seemed to be an effort to disguise himself. there are several trips that we're interested in. one of them being wyoming. we know he went to wyoming in late august, early september,
7:54 pm
2007, and again rg early july, 2008. keys told us in wyoming he had a cache. based on history with him we know there could be money from a bank robbery or items from a home inskpraigs there could be items taken from victims. he told us he did something on that trip. that is one example so there there are missing person that's family members or law enforcement can reach out to us. >> bottom line, there is no drop in this. you think there will be recovered victims? >> we're hoping so. and i think one of the biggest things that we would like to get out to the public is that we're looking for missing person cases. he made it clear majority of the victims were not found going back to his carefulness about how he got rid of victims. he was very good at picking victims that didn't generate a lot of media attention up
7:55 pm
until probably samantha coenig. we're looking at missing person cases not necessarily cold case homicides. the missing person cases are the key ones. so families that had someone disappear, and you think it may be you know they just left or ran away but if it's during the time frame keith may have been in your area that is something we will be interested in knowing. >> bill:. >> greta: if you want to know more about the time line check out and kbreta coming up, our on the record special continues. [ male announcer ] making a dodge in 100 easy steps. step 1 -- study the competition. step 2 -- get angry. they're boring. 3 -- make a car from scratch the dodge way. steps 4 through 28 -- recall 100 years of know-how. start building, try things. yes. make it different.
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8:00 pm
killers you're asked to call 1-800-call-fbi and make sure you go to gret with a and let us know what you thought about the show. we'll see you next time. our cube is a casualty. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i was elected to end wars, not start them. >> president obama goes all in as he tries to convince not just congress but the american people that the u.s. should attack syria. will it work >> laura: plus, who really are the syrian rebels? freedom fighters or al qaeda terrorists? we'll have an investigation. >> it was unanimous that chemical weapons were used. obviously this is disputed by p


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