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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  September 7, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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irs, another video. about $10,000 it costs them. they spoofed "the apprentice" having the entire tax population saying, you're fired! >> anybody a bull or bear on the irs? >> pretty good production. >> all right. we are a bull on neil cavuto. obama, obama, we can see your greedy side. >> wage rage again. walmart, again. hi again, everyone. if this is ringing a bell, it should. targeting the nation's largest retailer to hike wages. just the latest of unions pushing for higher job growth. is it time for protesters to get a reality check? we have ben stein.
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also adam and charlie. charles payne, bad time. >> bad timing. by the way, most of those weren't walmart workers. you want to talk about a sign of desperation. >> by the way, there was a big protest in new york city. there is no walmart. >> that's my point. so many -- listen. when a walmart opens up, usually for every job available, there's about 20 to 50 people in line for a job. same thing at mcdonald's. a couple years ago for every job mcdonald's was offering, 100 people would show up. then, jobs report on friday. it's absolutely nuts. this is their goal. i think they're getting more and more desperate but more and more transparent. >> ben stein? >> well, it's interesting. i'm probably the only one here this shops at walmart. i shop there every day during the summer. >> oh, please. don't assume we don't know. don't assume we don't know what walmarts are like. >> you don't know. >> yes, i do.
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>> by the way, the ads for tv sections. all over it. go ahead. >> anyway, they have a very, very hard job. i don't think they're paying enough. but that is a matter for the free market. it's not a matter for demonstrations. >> one, i shop at walmart. i've got a bag over there that i bog at walmart and stuff in the bag that i bought at walmart. walmart is the whale for the unio unions. they have a private sector unionship under 7% much the workforce. membership is still declining and they'll constantly go after walmart. they want unionization, pure and simple. it will cost jobs in this country and mean price goes higher for the very people that the unions insist they're trying to help. it is not good news for this country. >> one thing i do know is that there are a number of other big box retailers that pay as much if not even less than walmart. they're not targeted because a lot of them are unionized.
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>> and a lot are not as big. these protests seem pretty mild. eye been to strikes where my dad let me play hooky and go to protests in new york. i would say these are pretty mild. i would say i think they're playing with fire in this economy. this is a bad economy. we're not producing jobs. people on the low end of the sort of -- the wage structure are lucky to have jobs. we don't produce that many jobs right now. this is a very slow growing economy. they can be protesting their way out of a job. >> adam? >> i disagree with something ben said earlier that demonstrations are not part of the way the free market works. part of the free market includes free speech. demonstrations are about free speech. these people have every right to demonstrate and say they want to make more money. >> that's assuming, adam, they're all walmart workers. >> they have a right -- >> no, no, no, i understand that distinction as well.
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i mean, i think it's the union's responsibility to try to organize walmart. i mean, they've been trying for years. they're going to have to try for years more. i sort of feel sorry for them. i think when they succeed in organizing walmart, it will probably be too late. thy have to try to organizize -- >> let me ask you. how much more money do they expect to make at walmart? when it comes down to it, if you work at walmart, you're going to expect not to make that much money. that's just the bottom line. i don't know -- >> well, not starting off but can you go up the ranks. >> if you're a manager, a district manager, maybe you can make a few bucks but typical walmart worker they're looking to organize, and generally managers are not part of organized labor. >> your salary is not a surprise. you don't hand in an application
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and wonder what you're going to make when you get the gig. you know what you're going to make. you thank god and say, they picked you for the job. you waited in line two days. you got the job. you thank god for the job. unions are trying to stir you up because it's backfire. 7% of public unions out there, in part because their goals are no longer about the employees or businesses or customers. >> you have to ask, how much can they really pay them more before walmart can't exist? they have tight margins. this is a dangerous situation, adam. i don't think -- if you're aspiring to work at walmart, you will not make a lot of money. if you make too much money, walmart will go out of business. >> i disagree with that. 300,000 managers in the walmart -- >> they're not unionized. >> the whole company isn't unionize, charlie. >> you don't unionize managers. >> the managers, 300,000, make
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anywhere from $50,000 to $175,000. >> we're talking about the rank and file. >> finish the point. >> if anybody is unionizing in this country, have you to ask yourself as a worker, what am i going to get for the dues i'm forced to pay. >> you hit on the point, one i want to expound on with you, ben stein. i find it odd service workers union taking up the plight of fast food workers when i think they're far more interested in those workers' cash and signing them up. leaving that aside, do you see a pattern here where the unions might be using these guys? they get what they want, get them unionized, there's another strike in the winter. they're not watching from a warm office, you know, high above in a skyscraper saying, go, guys, go. >> it's all a racket. you're basically saying the unions are a racket. people in walmart are a racket.
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it's all a rack. everybody does what he thinks is best for him. yes, it's going to be great for the membership bosses at seiu if they unionize walmart. of course that's why they want to do it. they don't care about the guy in idaho making $7.50 an hour. they could care less. >> think about -- >> what's the -- >> you initially had unions, gentlemen, because people had dangerous jobs. walmart is not a dangerous job. listen, i think they should be paid a few more bucks but there's a limit to how much unions can extract. >> charlie, what's -- i mean, you're talking -- both of you are talking in such generalities. how many more few bucks -- >> are you going to get a paper cut at walmart? give me a break. >> i'll make the point. as you know, walmart would like to pay its workers as little as possible in order to make as much money as possible. there's nothing wrong with that. that's what management does.
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you agree with the unions they should make a few more bucks. >> this is the same scenario of the automotive unions, when you push too hard t, demand too much money, can you strike and unionize your workforce out of jobs. >> by the way, any -- >> how do you know what the profit margins are? >> no business wants to pay their people as little as possible. >> i don't know. >> you start off entry-level people at certain point and let the cream of the crop rise. >> if the goal of walmart was to pay their workers little, 60% of their employees have health care full-time workers. >> walmart figured out, if you make the aisles big enough for two to pass comfortably, so i have been to walmart. >> where there's smoke there really is fire. 11 alarm blaze raging at a
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warehouse. guess what reportedly made it rage? solar panels. yeah, adam. more proof to put out the green agenda now before it gets us all. up next, trying to lead the world against syria. how about starting to lead our country. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days.
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gear up with great deals at bass pro shops. and get clearance savings up to $2,000 on select boats and up to $2,100 on select atvs during our model year end clearance sale. good morning. we're live from america's news headquarters. right now president obama will use the weekly address he's given to assure war-weary americans of a potential military strike in syria won't be another iraq or afghanistan. >> what we're not talking about is an open-ended intervention. this would not be another iraq or afghanistan. there would be no american boots on the ground. any action we take would be limited, both in time and scope. designed to deter the syrian government from gassing its own people again and degrade its
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ability to do so. >> passage of the president's plan for syria in congress far from certain. lawmakers say their constituents are overwhelmingly against any interaction. we'll have more headlines for you 30 minute away. you can always get your news and much more at a red line for us is we're saying chemical weapons being moved around or utilized. first of all, i didn't set a red line. the world set a red line. >> this is where i do the abbott and c costello. you did say you did a red line! mixed messages from a president dealing with syria, congress still trying to figure out what to do with syria. the president will be addressing
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the nation next tuesday night. charles payne, what does he have to say? what does he have to do? >> when i listened to him friday morning, it seemed to me he's already made up his mind. a lot of people don't think so. he said he was going to explain to america why he's going to take the action that he's going to take, which means i'm going with or without these guys. it's my military -- >> so whatever congress decides, i'm -- so this is all for show? >> my conviction, my constituents. i think he's convinced -- he's boxed himself into a corner. he had three lines. he had all moved. no more movement. that's this is how it's going to end. >> you think the presidency looks weak saying the chemical weapons are a red line and then he backtracks this past week. he goes in front of the american people and on tuesday and tries to convince them this was the right thing to do, lets congress vote and they vote against it then he goes in? you talk about a horrible
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situation if that's the way it plays out. >> then he's setting the stage for that next tuesday, boy, that's a market-rattler there, ben stein. what do you think? >> the whole thing is a nauseating -- just to the point, nixon would never have let this happen. let's get that straight. we shouldn't be involved in that war. if he wants to backtrack, if he wants to eat crow, if he wants to be feckless, do anything but keep us out of that war. he's not going to change the regime. he's not going to change battlefield momentum. just making more people mad at us. we don't belong there. it's just not our fight. >> adam? >> i think the president is damned if he doesn't and damned if he does here. i'm not so interested in the word play -- >> just remember your words. >> he's saying these are international standards. i think he's doing his very
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best, in a very difficult situation, and stuconsulting wi congress, but -- >> adam, this is horrendous. he looks like -- >> he's waffling -- >> the worst thing about it, he telegraphed it. assad, they create human shields, they create bunkers to hide stuff. when you telegraph -- the effectiveness has been obliterated. he looks like he doesn't know what he's doing. >> what would markets -- >> he does know what he's doing. >> guys, what would the fallout be if hell or high water he goes in, then what? what for the markets? >> a couple bombs and we forget about it. it will be a marginal one day impact. >> it will be terribly rattling if congress votes against it and does he what he wants anyway.
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>> as long as russia doesn't rattle their sabre because putin made comments that scared the heck out of the market. it's a complete lack of leadership and reflecting not just in foreign policy but those jobs numbers. >> ben stein, i get worried when market types say it's short, effective, over in a matter of days, well and good. the history of such conflicts is anything but that. >> there's never been a case where the u.s. intervened in muslim world where it was quick, easy and no fallout. it doesn't happen. we don't intervene in muslim world and say it's easy in, easy out. >> when reagan bombed libya. quick and dirty and did the job. >> yeah, quick and dirty and then they blew up the plane over lockerbie.
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>> incident it's like we were embroiled in a war. we've been going back and forth in this part of the world for years. >> ben's point is there's no such thing as getting in and out. >> we're in already. >> no, we're not necessarily in right now, but once we bomb, we are really in. >> no, we are in. we invaded iraq. >> i'm talking about syria. >> no, no, this is syria. to bring you up to speed, this section is syria. >> ien understand it's syria but memories are long over there. >> i still love you. when we come back, forget the washington way. something the government did this week from the playbook of the chicago way. there is a pursuit we all share. a better life for your family, a better opportunity for your business, test. . ..
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♪ ♪ >> neil: all right. after the downgrading, the retaliating, you got to wonder, standard & poor's ripping the justice department $5 billion fraud lawsuit is nothing more than a very, very pricy tit-for-tat saying it's being punished for having the nerve to knock america's triple-a credit rating down. charlie, what do you make of that? moody's and fitch invesors were not knocked down. >> i have done a lot of all righting on this. the behavior was despicable, but so was moody's. in the bottoms, problematic e-mails on the s&p. >> neil: i'm not dismissing that. only one of the firms downgraded u.s. >> they look at e-mails and they come one bad stuff. if you have to make a case, you need evidence of intentionally were keeping the mortgage bond ratings high. that said, you can't make a whole case on e-mails. the egregious behavior of the
7:53 am
rating agency spanned all of them. let's face it, this is the only one that downgraded the u.s. >> neil: why the only one? >> congratulations, s&p. you finally came out and said what even says knew. you were targeted. you embarrassed the administration. the triple-a thing, they can never get it back. stain on obama's record. >> don't you think they deserve to investigated? >> neil: then investigate them all. i say investigate them all. hardly a defender of the guys. i remember how they gave pristine rating to questionable debt. they were not the only one doing it. what is good for the goose should be good for all the gander. it's not. >> i was not a conspiracy theorist on this note. >> i live my life if that world. >> given what we have seen out of the administration, just in the last year, doesn't it make you question everything that the administration does? whether you are talking about the justice department going after fox news james rosen, you talk about the i.r.s.
7:54 am
scandal. >> jamie dimond. >> everything. but now -- >> neil: that is the guy that had a disney fast pass to the oval office and he started criticizing them. >> you have to hold you nose with this one. >> neil: benstein, you don't have to be in the black helicopter crowd to connect some dots here. texas, dare start a voter i.d. law. then a quick lawsuit. arizona, you know, says it's tired of the fed incompetent illegal immigrant crackdown. crackdown on their own and they get a lawsuit. it seems to be a pattern. >> to the administration and eric holder who i think of, as the minister of fear, the lawsuit is the punch in the brass knuckles and the shiv of what the chicago mafia would have done. if they don't do anything they don't like, wham, they hit them with the lawsuit. the government has lawyers, a lot of time on their hands. and wham, they hit them with a lawsuit. a lawsuit is a nightmare. and yes, i absolutely believe all the rating agencies screwed up.
7:55 am
i absolutely find it extremely odd this is the one they went after. as you say, you cannot lift a finger against obama without worry about getting sued. >> neil: adam, what do you make of that? >> as ben likes to say with all due respect, this is outrageously silly thesis to suggest the president of the united states or secretary of the treasury would say to the attorney general, hey, let's go sue these guys. ben, why them? it's s&p. c'mon, ben. >> neil: c'mon, adam. there are other big rating agencies. >> it's s&p. >> what is the difference between s&p and moody niece >> they all screwed up. why aren't they being sued? >> we don't know they haven't investigated moody's and fitch. we know they sued s&p. >> the only thing i would say is this, the evidence of an s&p is pretty bad. >> fine. >> it's there. >> it's there. i did not see the evidence. >> okay. what do you make. in the end, how far does it go? >> i think it ends. >> really?
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>> daigen, time word. charlie, final word. great seeing you. up next, get ready for a september to remember in dc. not just a decision on syria. we've got the budgets that is nowhere near done. debt limit nowhere near resolved. investigators nowhere near happy. but our gap picking stocks that can have you survive the worst. [ female announcer ] you tweeted, posted and cheered about yoplait's fall favorites. so we brought pumpkin pie and apple crisp back for a limited time. see? you really do call the shots.
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♪ yoplait. it is so good.
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>> neil: all right stocks to help you survive a rockion september. what do you got? >> telecommunication equipment is back. cena had a huge number and it will continue for many quarters to come. >> neil: adam, what do you got? >> sdy. s&p dividend stocks, neil. times at like, you invest in a basket to pay you some income. >> neil: ben? >> i think it's a miracle that warren buffett offers to invest our money for us. berkshire hathaway. >> neil: ben, why i have you here, what do you make of the um beat of war and how real is it and how big a deal it gets to be? >> it's terrifying to me.
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syria is a quagmire of quagmires. i really hope we don't get in. i don't see any point in it at all. >> neil: all right. front and center. it will be all anybody is talking about next week. presidential address next tuesday night. we'll cover it live as the nation once again on the brink of war. here's dave. ♪ ♪ >> david: well, get this. the very folks supporting the president the most are still hurting the most. take a look at this. while the nation's unemployment rate is now at 7.3%. it's much higher for the president's biggest fans. meanwhile, household income, for those same groups dropping. much more than the national average. under this president. and some here saying this is proving the administration's policies are hurting, not helping. but are they right? hi, i'm david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox." john tandy, rick unger, elizabeth macdonald, is a


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