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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 8, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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♪ light me up, make me feel alive ♪ - hi. - ♪ you've got what it takes - she actually said hi to me. - oh, yeah. - ♪ shine on me today that is it for fox reports. huckabee starts now. tonight on huckabee, the president making the case for military action in syria. >> the assad regime brazen use of chemical weapons is a threat to global peace and secretary. >> is the rebel opposition a less of a threat. >> they are car peppeders and black smith and dentist. >> is the president sure about that? do we know what we are getting to into syria. >> back in kindergarten. >> i am okay with it. our culture dictates that you can't start early enough. >> the governors take on america's culture crisis.
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♪ ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you. thank you very much. great studio audience here and welcome to huckabee from the fox nows studios in new york city. well, these are strange times we are living in. republicans like john boehner are siding with president obama and democrats are. charlie rangle said he was embarrassed of the president on this. and you know things are really weird when deafed letterman said this. >> looks like we are getting ready to teach syria a lesson and president obama said he never used the term red line. remember we find out if they use chemical weapons in syria that would be crossing a read line and if they did we go in and get them and that would be
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a violation of the red line. and they drou a redline. redline everywhere. and now, the president said he never used the term redline. he said the world used the red line. it is taken him five years and finally the guy learned how to -- >> you know, dave might have a point. congress is calling witnesses and debating on whether to strike syria, does president obama really want to go to war? the redline business has me wondering. he set the red line in 2012 when he said this. >> we have communicated in no uncertain terms with every player in the renningion that that is a redline for and you say there is consequences if we see movement on the chemical weapons front or theous of chemical weapons. that would, that would change my calculations siing cannily. >> oh, fine. this week, he changed his tune.
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>> i didn't set a redline, the world set a redline. >> right. (laughter) >> when it comes to global concern the president's language is important and messages are nuanced. so to make sure we know exactly where president obama stands, we turn to the director of the committee of american- syrian studies dr. robert payne. thank you for being here. >> i am a busy man these days and since you obviously cannot understand complicated world issues, here i am. >> i appropriate that. >> and i want to say that everybody in our audience self included we all heard president obama set the red line in 2012. if chemical witnesses are used that is a red line. did you hear that if>> no, i was
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not in the room. i know this. we have iks a notion and what we have seen so far. >> i, i. no offense dr. payyne. i don't understand what you are saying. >> oh, what a surprise. >> doctor, the president needs to send a chlor message to the american people and the rest of the world. did the president did he or not draw a redline? >> i don't know. i don't know how i could be much more clear what the president is saying is. this all and written notes and something we so as a development and carry that further. and like when you go, there you are. hello? i don't you understand that governor? >> no, i don't. let me try and let me judge you dr. payyne. >> i am missing an important game or meeting. >> i am going to be quick. vladimar putin called john kerry
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a liar. there is confusion about what is happening in syria so as an expert on syria, tell us what is really happening. >> i don't know. i don't know. i do think that there is one thing i know for sure is. this if you. we have i guess. as what we so many and can we what wee have. that's what exactly. take that to the bank. >> i am sure i could. dr. payne. that is what i was afraid of. it a pores you are coaching the president on that. this is not dr. robert payyne. welcome mr. double talk derwood fincher. thank you for being here and great to have you back. well, i am glad that a strong contingent of republicans and democrats so the utter folly of
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the military action in syria. and sad that there are those who think that lighting the fuse to release the military bring the united states to an undefined mission and unknown outcome and untrustworthy administration makes sense. the only way president obama is transparent as he promised is the duplicity with which he has governed. without hint of shame he takes the position that suits his political ambition. he railed against the government as a santor. and as president he defends the unconstitutional actions of the nsa to innocent citizens and allows the irs to be a rogue agency and trampling the rights was conservative and proisrael negotiations and candidate obama said christian faith was the reason he opposed same- sex marriage. and in 2012, he supported it and
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treated it as if it was a civil right as race. i didn't realize the boibl was rewritten and president obama had the authority to make the revisions. he said he was not going to take away anyone's gun and believed in the second amendment and then spent his presidential energy fighting law- a boyding gun owners and soaking to restrict their weapons and a mmo and access. he called our national debt and borrowing from china unpatriotic and he doubled the national debt and went from opposing raising the debt ceiling and not giving him a higher credit limit was unacceptable and the use of excutive power was abused by those before him and he would respect the limits and he proceeded to act if the executive was the only branch of government and treating congress as if they are a junior high student council. and told us our taxes wouldn't
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go up and health care costs go down. that is a warm pile of a aftermath of a bull's break fast. (applause) he said he wouldn't tolerate the abuse of the irs toward citizens, but he tolerated it. he hasn't done a thing to end it much less hold accountable those who used government power as if it was a personal power tool and thumbing his nose at congress and saying he could go without congressional authoritization. he could make a fol of the secretary of state and told us the urgent need for military intervention in syria. and the president without bothering to involve congress having an about-face 12 hours later and maybe we should talk to congress and besides, there is no hurry. he said there was a red line and then claimed he didn't have one and that doning did. he wondered if the role reason
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to go to congress to ultimately blame them should the whole illegal endevor blow up in his face. he claimed his credibility is not on the line, and on that point, you know it is right. you can't lose what you don't possess and the president has no credibility. ine the comedian are mocking him for that. despite what the critics say. president obama said the lack of response to syria does not threaten his credible. he is right. economy. and benghazi that thettened the credibility. but the other stuff, no. >> and the prophets of the comedians. i have a message to members was congress who are seriously thinking of voting to give obama a loaded gun. why would we believe that he would save syrians when he wouldn't send our own military
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to benghazi to save americans who were slaughtered by terrorist? . (applause) president obama is going to be addressing the nation on syria live in prime time on tuesday night and joining me is the deputy under secretary of defense. one of the original members of the army delta force and commanded a green beret lieutenant boykin. and dr. ju dith who is president of the islam. and eric stackle deteriorate beck host of tacklebeck on cbn. >> we are delighted to have you here. i want to begin with the general. you are involved in major military conflicts that the country has been a part of for decades. should the united states get involved in syria in >> governor, first of all, it is good to be with you and your
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other guests both of whom are good friends. my short answer is no. if we started two years ago, we could have built a coalition with the free syrian army and christians and curds that were pro western. at this point i was opposed for a variety of reasons, but one of which is, the coalition of islamist are already persecuting the christians, they are attacking the christian villages and burning churches and this will only be worse if they ultimately in control of all of syria. >> there is a lot of mixed messages coming out of the pentagon. it was saying that there was not a good outcome that would result from an intervention and would require a significant amount of boots on the ground to secure the chemical weapons. just to be blunt. what is going on politics in the pentagon? >> being -- of course it is
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governor. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff testifying with secretary kerry. you could tell he was not comfortable being there. he went on line in opposition to this. and i think that any professional military looks at this extra teggically realizes that there is no guarantee that this will not either lead to bots on the ground and a larger conflict or a catalyst like world war i that starts not only a regional but may be a global conflict. i think the military is against this. >> why didn't they say it? why didn't they say we can't tell you that the operation the way it is planned is valid? >> one of our fundmental principles is civilian control of the military. we are the only democracy that
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never had military control and we believe in that. and the military supports that. and you are seeing pressure from the administration to bring the military leadership in line with this. and i think it is foolish. i think it is about preserving the credibility of the president who got off a teleprompter and made a foolish statement with the red lone and i think the military is forced into supporting this thing which i think they have a visceral opposition to it. >> with all of the budget cuts that we had. the sequestration and expenditure of the resources through the two wars in afghanistan and iraq, do we have the resources to take on another battle operation? >> that is a good point, governor. we are grounding about a third of our airplanes and a third of our ships are staying in port and our army and marine corps don't have the money to maintain
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a robust training program or repair their equipment and they don't have ammunition. and at the same time we are talking about expending millions if not billions in an attack on an enemy that we can't define. i never seen an operation where we went in trying to figure out how to do the least amount of damage and that's the marker that the president puts down. it is not the time to expend resources in the military when they are at an all- time low. >> i know you heard what the general said and i know you think we should go in to serria and bring eric in the conversation. and so stay with us as we continue the discussion on syria. we'll be right back. >> i would like to hear from you. go to my web site at and follow me on twitter and
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>> welcome back. i want to get straight to. this is personal to you. and i understand that. you have family in syria and is not a abstract thought. what do you believe we would accomplish in syria? >> i served 11 years in the navy and i don't take it lightly to send sons and daughters. syria is in a cross roads it is not just a syrian war. it is interest and containment of iran. we are letting a vacum in the middle east and to do nothing approach show that jiowa haddist are empowered and al-qaeda. and we allowed saudi arabia and
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qa ta r to be the influencers of the future. the narrative is not al-qaeda versus assad. millions of syrians who are in damascus and a leppo. they want to do neither of the facism of islamism or secullar fashion of sarks sawed. we are ignoring the millions. millions in egypt that rose up against the military regime of mubarak and millions that rose up against the brotherhood. if we want to see the freedom agenda of president bush to rise in the middle east. is it a post- american world if we allow the most vicious to survive. i think in two or throw weeks degade and give the opposition. there is bad folks: but the majority of them are syrians that are diverse.
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>> do we trust that the administration would do what is necessary to make sure the operation was a successful and he's never defined what success looks like. that is the concern i have. if he had gone in two years ago and built a international coalition and it could have been limited. i am not sure it is limited based on the scope of what is going on? control. potential of this to if you talk about iowa ran. go to the head of the snake and target their nuclear weapon facilities number one. and with vacouples and we agree on most things. but if you look at the past now years at iraq and afghanistan and egypt and libya when there is a power vacouple it is filled by islamist and with a limited strike and not putting boots on the ground. chaos after assad goes, who fills the vacouple. is it islamist or ruthless and
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the jihaddist and al-qaeda and their ilk. we saw it in afghanistan and libya and elsewhere and there is a bad pattern here. >> general, we hear from secretary kerry and the president that there are no boots on the ground. is it rolistic to have a limited strike and becomely go pop a few missiles and get out and we are done and nothing else that will help and it will not stir up more than it solves like kicking a mound of fire ants. >> no. stop and think about the fact that we have russians and iranians inside of syria right now and supporting bashare assad you. what if we hit the target. we could ignight a larger conflict and would draw u.s. fores in a deeper way, and to be honest with you. i don't think that there is anybody in the administration that has a real appreciation for
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the dangers that we are dealing with a so- called limited strike. >> zitty how hard would it be to build the coalition and france offered to send a basket of the cheese and wine. if we go it alone we could be the scorn of the world and united nations. should we wait until there is a case made and clear strategy. >> no, it has radical otherwised the syria population. there was no al-qaeda in syria except in the prisones before 2012. the longer it goes on and less options that syrians have. look in egypt. 16 years was irons iffed dictator and one year of opening up society destroyed the political infrastructure and the same thing will happen in syria
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if we defeat islamism and we has promoters of liberty have to give a majority in the room. this is very different than iraq. in syria a uprising of 5 or 10 million syrians are part of the movement to get rid of assad. it is not just 10,000 al-qaeda. >> eric, if we go in and stir it up. do we not invite the iowa rannians to launch against israel and stir up the entire region and get everybody involved in a way. i don't know what they solves. >> that is a great possibility. if assad and his back is against the wall, does he go out in a blaze of glory. he has the largest chemical stock poil and does he fire missiles at israel and stir that hornet's nest. and post assad does syria become a al-qaeda magnet like we saw in
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iraq. it was filled in iraq by iran. and my fears we'll see it in syria again. and egypt. yes the egyptian people led to the overthrow of morsi and the muslim brotherhood regime, but look at the damage done and now egypt is in chaos and disarray thanks to the muslim brotherhood. >> thank you for being here. and general and doctor, and eric and complicated issues to say the least. >> there is a implication of strike of syria and how that might affect israel later on in the program. >> but first, what age should kids learn about the birds and bees. and john mccain playing video poker in a senate hearing on syria. got a lesson for
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>> with poll numbers showing
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seven percent of the new yorkers supporting him. you would think that anthony weiner might have an attitude adjustment. but earlier this week he showed that he just can't stay away with the headlines except for all of the wrong reasons. this is what happened when he got confronted by a voter in a brooklyn shop. very nice. in front of children. that is charming. you are disgusting. >> charms. takes one to know one, jack. >> maybe the man was rude and being on the campaign trail, i certain confronted and the best thing to soissue a simple response and walk away. but wein couldn't help himself. >> are you a perfect person or my judge. what rabby taught you are my judge. >> you are fine but work out your problems and stay out of
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the public eye. >> i don't take my judgment for you. >> you are a bad example of the people. your behavior is deviant. >> when you are talking to voters, you are talking to the judge. they judge you. (applause) and they are not judging you well now. back to school in america and chicago public schools added mandatory sexual and health edoccasion for kinder gart ep classes. that's right. here is one chicago mom's opinion. >> i am okay with it. i would like to believe that it is not necessary. but i think that our culture and the way things are going deckitates that you can't start early enough. >> really? . i mean, i thought we learned our colors and our numbers in kindergarten. not body parts for gosh sakes.
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i understand we are live nothing a different culture, but i am not sure it is a better one mandatory sex edkagd for kindergarten kids? >> this is one old dad and grandpa's view. >> during tuesday, ardz senator john mccain had his mind on something else. he was caught playing poker on his iphone. and now the senator laughed it off and tweeted this. scandal, caught playing iphone game at throw plus senate hearing and worst of all, i lost. before he plays poker again like that maybe senator mccain ought it take tips from this guy. >> ♪ you got to know when to hold them and know when to fold and know when to walk away and know when to run. >> it is not a quote. but great news from the huckabee
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family. we'll introduce you to little caroline grace huckabee. she is two weeks old this weekend. that is not carolin grace. you lousy people in the production room. i know where you live. this is a shot we want you to see. this is my sweet little grand daughter grandchild number three and born to my son and his wife two weeks agoment and just precious peculiars. thank god she will never look like me. that's the good news and hopefully she will look like her mother and she is cute and we couldn't be more excited about her and i got home just in time and see her for the first time when she was presented to the family. and one little thought. she was born on my birthday. august 24th. (applause) >> and so, what a considerate
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young lady to have thought to make her grandfather so pleased. we welcome you. well, the president will speak to the nation on tuesday and talking about syria and you can bet the people of israel is listening and why has israel stayed so quiet. the deputy defense minister skw answering that question when we re@spú
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huckabee. for all of your head lines when you want them on fox news opinion com. (applause) >> so far our biggest ally has
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decision of the but we are counting they will reach the decision. it is not only about syria but the people in iran are watching what is happening in syria and happening today in washington and we are to bear in mind whatever western societies will do in syria will affect iran if the future. >> is there a concern if something happening in syria it could light a fuse in iran and that could directly impact israel? >> well, in our region everything can happen. we are continuing with our life. today we celebrate the new year of the jewisherb holiday rosh hashana and we are happy and safe. with our neighbors, the only stable thing in the ability is
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the oast stability. we are worried if nothing happens in assad. the leadership in iran understand it can use weapons of mass destruction against sievians and nothing will happen to them as well. >> i know israel hasn't had a warm and fuzzy relationship with syria and assad, but if assad were to be desupposed from power whether by the united states or rebels, do you have any indication of what kind of leadership would replace assad in syria and whether or not it would be better than assa >> frankly speaking we can't anticipate the outcome in syria we saw what happened in egypt and other countries, we don't determine or dictate to the neighbor what happens there. we are monitor our border and capable of defending our people. but we can't get involved in the internal issues of our
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neighbors. >> danny, there is widespread distribution of gas mask in israel. is that a precaution or do you have any concern that there is an imminent threat of some type of chemical or nerve gas that might be launched in to israel? >> actually, there is no special need for any mack for the civilians in israel. but because of the news and people are watching the news and people took the gas mack, but they do it as part of the security features. but we have ordinary lives in israel and i can understand people want to get the gas mask but they don't have to do it officially. >> the iranian chief of staff made the comment that if the united states were to launch some type of a strike in syria, that would probably result in iran going after he called the
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zionist. what kind of pressure or what kind of anxiety does that create in israel knowing that anything happening in syria, could have implications that have nothing to do with israel but everything to do with israel and iran? >> it is not new to us here in israel and we are not worried about it. we they are continuing to build a reactor and achieving nuclear capability. and those actions we are worried about. the declaration and threats we are used to it. we hear orth threat and we don't care about that much. >> danny, do you feel that israel is prepared for what happened in the region? you are about the only stable country the region and are you
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prepared and do israelis feel safe and secower. >> israel is prepared and we are capable to defend our citizens no matter what will happen. and we are trained and have technology. we don't want to get involved in the conflict. if we have to do it we are capable of defending ourselves. we will do it in the future and we are capable and strong to defend our nation. >> our thanks to the deputy defense minnist danny dannon speaking to us from israel. >> clearly a lot of confougz on where israel stands. they have not taken a position. there is pressure on congress to back a military intervention. that does not necessarily repreponderate the views of israeli government or the best interest of the government. there is a likely hod of going into syria now and stirring
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assad and all of his allies up could have a detrimental impact on israel and a lot of us who are strong supporters and defenders of israel because it is the only place of peace and stability in the middle east are concerned that a misstep in syria, could be a misstep that brings the rest of the world in to a battle that no body is ready to have. if we want to take a side, make sure iranians don't get nuclear capacity. that is something we need to get done. you know janice dean the weather machine. but you might not know while she lets us been the forcast she is battling a debilitating disease. she wrote also a children's bock. how does
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>> each weekday hear my commentery on the huckabee report. details at all right. everybody wants to know about the weather. is it hot? do i need an umbrella or carry a heavy jacket? and kids want to know if there is a snow day so they can get out of school. fox's janice don't has the answers because she is the weather machine. (applause) whether it is the extreme weather blizzards, she is busy
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raising two young sons and struggling with multiple sclers onnis. janice has a brand new bock helping kids learn about the weather. it is called freddie, the frog caster. >> oh, my gosh. this audience is fantastic. >> they are great. (applause) >> see now i am addicted. i want them to come while i do the weather. and i do it in back of the green screen and when i give a good forecast. >> you predict rain and blizzards. >> they can go boo. >> and this bunch will. >> case interactive. >> a lot of people don't understand that you are one of the happiest and upbeat people i know and that's why everybody loves and you everyone loves janice don't. many people don't know that you have an incredible attitude about life despite you battle
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multiple sclers onnis. >> i have been flare up free for a number of years and i am thafrgful for that. i was diagnosed in 200 foif. and because i was diagnosed with an illness, maybe that's why i have a better at to youed and live for today. you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow? and i am fortunate that i have a support group. i have an amazing husband. you met him before. and i have two beautiful children matthew and theodore. i think they save my life. i have them obviously being diagnosed with multiple sclers onnis. you think your life is over. and you have a support system like i have with a great work place and fox is amazing and people i work with and unbelievable husband and children i go home to, i am blessed and i am very fortunate.
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>> we are fingerprint that you wrote a great bock that i got a copy for my grandchildren. >> i will have to give manny copies for the grandchildren. >> thort. i will have to buy a bunch of them. what made you say i will write a book to help children understand weather. >> i have been here a decade and started when i was 14. over the years, people say my child and grandchild and niece and nephew are interested in the weather and upons to go on outside. do you have recommonedations for bocks and kids. i did research and there was not anything out there and there was a platform and my four year old one day tock a wash clothe and the water came out and momma, that is a cloud. and i am thinking that is a smart by. and i realized they have an appreciation at a young age for weather. and i did with freddie the frog
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frog casting weather since he was a tadpole and his parents encouraged the love of weather. and they get hymnbooks and his station outside and he takes an interest in the weather, an early interest and i think one of the main lessons in there is encourage your children about what they most love to do, even if they are small, hard work pays off. what i also want to do with the book, which i think is a lovely story and beautiful illustrations, russ cox did an amazing job, but there's meteorology terms that i simplified a little bit and it's also very educational and i don't think we get it a lot in children's books. >> the old saying by mark twain, everybody talks about the weather but doesn't do anything about it. janice dean did something about it. she wrote a book. thank you. >> i adore you. i adore you. wonderful audience. thank you for having me on. >> thank you. >> i'll be back with closing thoughts on september 11th when
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we come back. stay with us.
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years since our nation was shattered. the cowardly and savage attacks on innocent civilians by islamic jihadists who forever changed the way we live. that morning is going to be frozen in time for most of us as we painfully remember each detail that we saw unfold before our unbelieving eyes. only the kennedy assassination comes close to having been such a moment in which our national soul was so universally punctured. within hours, we knew that the attackers were muslim radicals, we knew that their evil and
12:55 am
godless deeds were coordinated by al qaeda, led by osama bin laden. we committed other nation to remembering the victims and bringing justice to the plotters and killers. a year ago on wednesday, another act of terror occurred in benghazi, libya. unlike the clarity of our resolve following the attacks on our homeland, the fog of benghazi was created largely because our own government lied to us and diligently fought to cover up what really happened that night. it's impossible to cure any disease if you aren't honest about the sentence. and in the case of benghazi, it wasn't just that the government failed to tell us the truth, but rather that they went out of their way to manufacture a ridiculous story about a video being the reason for the attacks. president obama would imply that in other controversy were phony
12:56 am
scandals but the attack in benghazi that left four americans dead was not phony. our insistence that as surely as we promised to find bin laden, we would get to the bottom of what happened that nght in libya must continue. i hope we never forget 9/11 for as much as it shows the anim animalistic behavior of the terrorists, volunteers and firemen who gave their lives. if you wonder why terrorism can hurt us but never kill us, well, it's that september 11th is going to be remembered as one of america's worst days but yet in the rubble of the twin towers and the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania, we also saw americans at their best laying down their lives for
12:57 am
others. as we reflect and remember this week, let's not dwell on the monsters who don't deserve the attention. let's focus on the true
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failing to respond to this breach of this international norm would send a signal to rogue nations, regimes and terrorist organizations that they can develop and use weapons of mass destruction, and not pay a consequence, and that's not the world that we want to live in. >> when you look at those videos of those children heaving for breath, unable to move spasming, their lives stolen from them or their parents'


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