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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  September 8, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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welcome back. new concerns over the safety of christians living in syria. new reports suggest rebels attached to al qaeda have attacked a historic christian village northeast of the capital of damascus. meanwhile the israeli government trag dramatic steps preparing to protect its people against a possible retaliatory attack. connor live from our jerusalem bureau. connor? >> with the threat of a u.s. threat on bashar al assad,
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taking no chances, they are employing the iron dome to jerusalem. normally the iron dome is in other parts of the country, in southern parts of the country where they are more than likely to take rockets. but in an effort to protect the city from a retaliatory attack, they are moving the iron dome here. they are already setting it up. militants rarely fire on jerusalem because it's a holy city to jews, christians and muslims, but given the threats by assad and the irani leaders in tehran, israel is not taking any chances. in syria the fighting there rages on as the world debates on what to do. the battle for a small christian town just outside damascus shows how complicated the entire situation in syria really is. according to press reports, syrian rebels have taken over the ancient christian city of malula just outside damascus. christians there generally support bashar al assad, but the city was recently taken over
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from the assad regime by rebels. but the rebels there are increasingly linked to al qaeda-linked groups, and now rebels control that small christian city. a lot of critics of the obama administration's plan says that by attacking assad, you would actually be helping rebels who are increasingly western and more and more are tied to al qaeda groups. heather? >> thank you, connor. we're talking about president obama, his decision to seek congressional approval of military strikes against syria is now topping the political agenda and putting every other issue that he has on this agenda on hold. his persuasion skills are indeed being tested now as lawmakers from both parties say their constituents are against using military force. let's take a look at this "washington post" abc news poll. it shows that it finds 59%
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oppose attacking syria while 36% support it with independence, as you can see. most strongly against it and only 30% independents support a strike on syria. former republican congressman for new york, pat o'dell, and doug shone. he, too, a former fox contributor and poster for republicans. as we look at this poll, it shows the difference between the president and members of congress, it looks like. >> this is a huge divide, and pat and john i know will have something to add to what i am about to say. bottom line, there is a huge divide in america between ordinary opinion which is, why are we doing this, what is it going to produce, and what is
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the benefit? and the administration who has not made a case, which is why the president is going to go on all the shows and do the oval office address on tuesday. and congress, which is now starting to reflect public opinion, and i think the whip counts are showing a 6 or 7-1 margin against the attack. >> pat, some of the margins are even wider depending on who you look at. 10-1 margin. >> they're particularly intensive, but if you look at pugh, it's not just the independents, look at the democrats. the president doesn't have the support of the democratic party. both parties are crackingov ove this, and what we see is not just the president but we see a certain foreign policy leadership pushing this agenda against a country, left and right, intensely against it. and by the way, the largest opposition to any prospective military action the gallop has ever registered. >> what's the stake for the
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president? >> a lot. if he were to have this vote take place in the senate and house, and if he loses, and i say if he has the vote, because doug and i just before we went on the air, we are of the opinion that if he's going to lose the vote in the house, which i think today he would lose badly, he may withdraw this thing. because he doesn't want to lose, because if he loses something where he puts all his credibility on the line, kelly, his lame duckedness begins right away. >> john, i think it's possible he may want, in his heart of hearts, have to withdraw and say i've done the will of the american people, and ultimately he'll be able to be for it without ultimately having to do it. >> gentlemen, as you know, pat particularly, the president said this is not about politics. even dennis mcdonough, the white house chief of staff, said this is not about politics. >> dennis mcdonough could tell us the sun is rising. we're almost at the year anniversary of benghazi on wednesday. >> to the day. >> to the day.
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on tuesday the president -- we drew the red line in the sand. a year ago they used chemical weapons. this is all about saving the president's face, and this argument suddenly after the disastrous policies, look, this president lied to the american people about benghazi as he did on the red line. he said, i didn't draw a red line. >> let's listen to the president of the united states talking about that red line. >> i'm just saying the american people don't believe anything they're being told. >> it's ready now. let's listen to the president. okay, basically the president said he didn't draw the red line, that the international community drew the red line, and he went on to say that if people don't step up to retaliate against syria for this chemical weapons attack, it would be basically wrong for all of us to let them get away with it.
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z >> the big question about this is, and we all have our opinions, how did we get here with barack obama as president of the united states who ran, in effect, against george w. bush and what had happened for eight years? he has morphed into george w. bush ii. and john kerry is donald ru rumsfeld and they have created another wave of anger about national intelligence, should we go to war in a country that is not a threat to us? we're back in 2002 all over again, only this time it's a liberal democrat who is ticking off everybody, and the republican leadership up on capitol hill is on his side. just like the democratic leadership 12 years ago was with george w. bush. and the two parties are fracturing between the base and the leadership. >> you talk about the parties fracturing, we know
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representative elijah cummings is basically saying the president has to prove to the american people that there is a case for conducting a strike against syria. other democrats are coming out and saying the same thing. so the president has to not only sell this to the american people, which will happen tuesday when he goes before the public from the oval office tuesday night from the white house office at 9:00 p.m., but he also has to convince his own party. and they are really, really at a feverish pitch right now trying to get their own party to support him. >> kelly, let me summarize what the stakes are. you're absolutely right to say that the democratic party is deeply divided in the president's credibility and influence with his own party, his own base is at stake. but with the debt ceiling coming up, the budget coming up and the implementation of health care, the entire system of governance is at risk in the next month or so. bottom line, we are in effectively a revolutionary
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moment. >> a year ago we said that we were pre-revolutionary. i believe they may be lighting the match to provocate. we've been saying this for some time. the breakdown between the national establishment telling the american people, look, it's the president's own effectless policies, and egypt ran all this which led us to this moment. but pegvictoria newman wrote something that is important. the civil liberties not left or right to democrats or republicans, it looks more like a fight between the country and washington and the broad american public and washington's governing assumption. this is a revolutionary moment. >> to give proof to that, we had last week the congress starts coming back, and the first day after labor day the speaker of the house, the highest ranking republican in the country, and the majority leader, the second highest ranking, eric canter,
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just like that said, i'm for the attack. they didn't do anything except say i'm announcing. a week later, counting those two, kelly, we have less than a dozen republicans in congress who are in favor of this thing. >> we've got to hold it there. we'll come back and discuss this some more. a possible military strike with syria not too popular in town halls, as we've seen, and we'll show you more of that as senator john mccain found out in an intense gathering. what does it mean for votes for intervention in congress? our political insiders are back after the break. ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs
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this is a disturbing video of the victims of that alleged regime chemical attack. it was shown by the administration to senators earlier this week in closed door briefings as it argued for punishing the regime. and then i want to show you this newspaper here. take a look at this. this is an article and a picture on the front page of thursday's "new york times." it's basically raising the questions about the opposition. who can we trust there? the regime shows freedom fighters are there, actually, regime fighters, and they were executed. so, gentlemen, we look at the media and we look at the fact that this is being reported, and no one is giving the president or congress a pass on this one. what do you say about the way this is being handled? >> this is the first time, kelly, that the administration, and particularly president obama himself, have come under real harsh scrutiny by the media. during the campaign, the first and the second, obama's internal joke was his political base was the media.
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that's no more. times have changed. >> okay. pat? >> i think what we're seeing here, and this is the reason the public doesn't trust anything the administration says. we saw egypt and the muslim brotherhood and they told us that would be great. we've been about benghazi and all of libya is in chaos. and now a set killing this front of us just like ted revisited. >> so the president is back from russia and he's now going to go on all the shows monday night and do the speech tuesday night to a country that has already seen that. i saw it. they had videos of these rebels killing people the other night. no one is in favor of any of this thing, and the president, it's too late to turn this thing around. >> he should have done it if he was going to do something. >> some argue if he had done it
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a year ago, it would have been to little too late. >> let's talk about senator diane feinstein and her response and what it shows about the tone and tenor of american politics. let's listen to senator diane feinstein responding to a question. >> there is no question that what's coming in is overwhelmingly negative. there's no question about that. but, you see, then they don't know what i know. they haven't heard what i heard. and i like to believe now after 20 years that i have some skille chaff in this thing. >> gentlemen, how do you respond to what she's saying? >> she's got classified information. >> the one thing we know about politics is that when politicians say, i know better than you, or i have more information, that that really, really angers the american people. and in this case, there has been not a scintilla of evidence
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presented to suggest that we have a strategy, a plan or a way to deter the assad regime. that's why this is so damning. >> and it's the same voice on the nsa saying we need to stop this, and the country saying no. that was a precursor for what we have now. the country's attitude is we're not being told the truth and we're not buying this. >> we're not going to be able to see it, but john mccain, the leading advocate of strong military action in syria, he got an earful at a town meeting the other night. people who normally support mccain is unloading on him, and they're unloading on all these politicians for the same thing. >> a sign of a very war-weary nation. gentlemen, thank you. you can get more of the political insiders every monday at 10:30 a.m. live on
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welcome back. we are learning more about the extent of a possible military strike against syria.
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according to a new report, the pentagon which already has four navy destroyerers and one aircraft carrier located in the region. and major bob seals is a retired army general. and joins us now. thank you for joining us. >> hi, heather. >> why the extended time frame? we're now hearing it's been moved from the potential of two days to three? >> well, the military took a knee, heather. i mean, we turned to assad a week or so ago and said we're going to back off. and we'll be back off maybe in a couple weeks to conduct these strikes. if you're thinking about an enemy, about a will 0 win, you're going to disperse high, dig in and camouflage and place your most strategic in urban areas. whereas, a week ago, a target here on the destroyer may have been aiming, say, at a motor pool full of vehicles. now those vehicles are dispersed
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all over the countries. and it makes the targeting problem, the technical targeting problem much more difficult. so you can't do it at 24, maybe it's now going to take 48. maybe it's going to take 72 hours. initially it was going to be a strike and restrike. now maybe it's a restrike to the restrike. and then it goes on and on and on, heather. pretty soon, we're going to find ourselves either in a campaign that comes up short and subjectives or a campaign that's extended in order to achieve the on theives. >> we continue to hear from the administration. this is not iraq. this is not afghanistan, this is not libya. how do they know that? how can they say that not knowing what will happen once we have the initial strike? >> well, of course, they're right. history doesn't repeat itself and no would wars are the same. and making analogies like that are very dangerous for a couple of reasons. first of all, the syrian army is not the libyan army, it's
12:55 pm
certainly not the serbian army. this is a very tough, horribly abusive and blood-thirsty military, they're killers and 53 nothing to lose. and they've been lessen by the civil war, but unlike the libyan, far better equipped particularly with things like air defense and anti-tank missiles and so forth. so this is a different target. it's a different enemy. completely different circumstances. so those types of analogies, frankly, heather, aren't helpful. >> based on what you've heard so far from the the obama administration, are you clear on either the objective, the strategy or the exit plan? >> no, no, and no. we've heard nothing from the administration about how this ends. we don't know what the strategic objectives are and what the goals are. all we've been told is to -- it's done to support american
12:56 pm
credibility in the world. listen, heather, i've been in this business a long time. anytime anybody stands up and says our strategic ends are to restore honor, to maintain credibility, frankly, those aren't military objectives. and anytime anybody says that, it's time to run for the doors. >> thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate your insight as always. >> thank you, heather. >> that was very good, general scales knows what he's talking about. >> yes. >> that will do it for us. we thank you for being a part of today. carol alt is coming up next with her new show. i'll be back with more news in just half an hour. >> have you seen her show? >> i did see it. i'm very interested in everything she's talking about i'll be watchle. >> healthy you with carol alt. so thanks. from the mcgregors, 'cause we love chex.
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