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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we'll see you next "fox news sunday." we'll see you next week on fox news center. "fox news sunday" is a presentation of fox news. the case to punish the assad regime is one of the most intense lobbying efforts the obama administration that's undertaken. tonight vice president joe biden is hosting a dinner for senate republicans. and just more than 48 hours from now the president is expected to make a direct appeal to all americans. >> not a single one of them so far has rebutted or refused the intelligence. >> but that does not mean lawmakers from either side of the political aisle are ready to support the president for a strike. >> the most difficult obstacle they have to overcome is if we go in on the side of the rebels
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we'll be going in on the side of al qaeda. >> the american people don't want to be embroiled in a middle eastern civil war. >> fox report, the showdown to win over public opinion as they debate what's really at stake for our national security. also, think your smartphone is secure from the government? we've learned a new report says the nation's spy agency can grab your info off that device just as easily as you do. and, a british prince in a brush with the law. right on the grounds of buckingham palace. what was he doing? the hard sell on syria tonight on the fox report. as we move closer to a potential congressional vote on whether to approve limited military action against the assad regime. it's shaping town an uphill battle for president obama. he's trying to convince
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skeptical lawmakers and the american people that the syrian people and national security would be better off if we intervene. something republican senator rand paul of kentucky says just is not possible. >> i don't think we're going to do anything to assad for doing these attacks and it's more likely the chemical weapons kobe come freed and go about between the rebels or al qaeda's hands if we destabilize assad. >> white house is putting on a lobbying effort like we haven't seen in years. president obama will address the nation tuesday night, 9:00 eastern. but today it was his chief of staff, who made the rounds on five sunday shows telling chris wallace on fox news sunday other dangerous force in the middle east are watching to see what we do. >> so the question now is, for congress, to resolve this week, is are there consequences for a dictator who would have used those weapons to gas to death
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hundreds of children? the answer to that question is interesting in damascus where we're following closely and followed closely in tehran among lebanese hezbollah and others. >> other key administration officials continue pounding the pavement on behalf of the president. secretary of state john kerry meeting with members of the arab league today in europe. he reiterated saudi arabia's support for astrike and vice president joe biden hosting a dinner for several top gop senators. we have live fox team coverage. let's begin with steve. the central argument being put now by the president and his team is what? >> yeah. basically they argue the world can't stand by and tolerate the use of chemical weapons. as the white house pushes closer to military action against syria a u.s. government official provided video of the gas attack last month in syria. it was reportedly shot by syrian rebels and was previously shown to some members of congress.
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secretary of state john kerry was asked about that video today in paris. >> those videos make it clear to people that these are real human being, real children, parents being affected in ways that are unacceptable to anybody anywhere by any standard. >> secretary kerry is heading to london to meet with britain's foreign minister after they voted not to support president obama. >> this dinner tonight with republican lawmakers in the senate with vice president joe biden may indicate or maybe it doesn't just how the votes are lining up in congress. what are you hearing? >> well, it's going to be difficult. as you mentioned an uphill battle for the president. there's opposition on both side of the aisle even among the president's friends. listen. >> i'm asking where is the national security issue and make no mistake about it. the minute that one of those cruise missiles lands in there we're in the syrian war.
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it's a civil war. we're taking sides with the rebels, many of whom are still associated with al qaeda. >> we always are concerned about our credibility. lobation few tomahawk missiles will not increase our credibility. it's a face saving measure. >> the congressional debate could begin as early as tomorrow in the u.s. senate. >> interesting to see that democrat leader agreeing with rand paul republican from kentucky. steve, thank you very much. and a programming note now. tomorrow on our own chris wallace i should say will sit down with president obama at the white house to talk about the crisis in syria. that interview then will air on special report with brett behr. watch it here. we're now hearing from syria's president bashir al assad.
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in a rare television interview with cbs he denies using chemical weapons and wouldn't confirm or deny whether his country has them. u.s. intelligence believes syria has one of the largest stockpiles including thousand of tons of agents. neighboring israel is taking additional precautions deploying it's iron dome missile defense system on the outskirts of jerusalem. connor, why is israel now taking another step? >> well, as things were heating up two weeks ago israel repositioned one of it's iron dome anti-missile systems outside of tel aviv but with the threat of a u.s. strike on syria once again looming israel is not taking any precautions. with the possibility of a u.s. strike, israel is concerned that jerusalem, which is an area that's not normally targeted by
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militants whether from gaza or hezbollah could be a target this time. so they moved this iron dome anti-missile system just outside of jerusalem. now militants obviously rarely attack jerusalem because it is the home to both christians and muslims and jews. it's a holy city for all three faiths. israel's leaders do fear as the tensions are mounting here in the middle east, particularly with syria and the threats coming from the assad regime and tehran and iran things could get nasty here and there's a real sense across the nation here in israel and across the region that if u.s. does strike syria things could get bad quickly. israel not taking any chances here by moving that iron dome system to jerusalem. >> on the flip side of this, even if we don't take military action the war 2 1/2 years old in syria rages on. >> it really does. there's been a lot of talk about chemical weapons and red lines and u.s. credibility. but on the ground in syria it's
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complicated situation. we're hearing reports this tiny little christian village, ancient and historic ancient village by the name of maaloula was captured by syrian rebels. most christians support the assad regime. earlier there were reports this town maaloula was taken over by syrian opposition forces. they are rebel opposition groups that are actually tied to al qaeda. so after an extended battle, maaloula is in the hand of rebel opposition groups that are tied to al qaeda. i want paints a picture of how complicated on the ground things are in syria. there's a real concern that as the u.s. moves forward with this air strike the u.s. could be supporting terrorist groups tied to al qaeda, particularly as more and more of these opposition groups in syria grow stronger and stronger. thend to be the ones to be the most extreme and most likely
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tied to al qaeda groups. >> you were giving us such an education on how fractured things are on the ground for syria. pope francis is thanking all the people who joined him for a day of feast and prayer. he questioned the motives behind warfare. he told today's crowd he thinks the desire to profit from selling weapons may fuel the world's wars. he asked people to keep playing for peace. the vatican estimated 150,000 people took part. right now the unusual, european folding in yosemite national park and surrounding areas in northern california, 50 scientists have been called in by the federal government because of that inferno, the rim fire that's been burning for a month. what are they looking for? what's on your smartphone? pictures. text messages that might be a little inappropriate if they were to be read out of context.
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>> if you have a smartphone the government can reportedly access whatever is in it. german "newsweek"ly is reporting the national security agency can get past the protective measures on smartphones, blackberry and android device. the agency described setting up dedicated teams for each type of phone. reportedly giving them acstories contact list, who you are calling, even your location. the magazine says the nsa uses the information to watch suspected terrorists. the article does not explain how the maggot the documents but one of the writers is an american
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filmmaker with contacts close to nsa leaker edward snowden. snowden is hiding out in russia, temporary asylum granted to him there. he's wanted in the united states on espionage charges. breaking news now. we're just learning that president obama has left the white house to attend dinner now with that group that the vice president is hosting tonight. republican senators. we had wondered who was on the list. i'll pull up my phone right now. and i can tell you this. so far the people who have accepted the list for dinner senator bob corker, republican of tennessee. susan collins republican in maine. senator deb fibsher. we can tell you the president is joining the vice president. of course, the vice president is the president of the senate.
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that's part of his job. but joe biden has been in the senate for a number of years. why would he be hosting a dinner like this. we'll talk with our guest from the "washington examiner" a little bit later in the hour about why he would have been chosen to pull this group of top republicans together tonight and what it might indicate about the conversations going on regarding the crisis in syria. and whether or not they are gaining the kind of traction in washington for the president to make that strike he wants to make on syria's government. over chemical weapons. we'll bring you and update as we learn who is actually in the room at the table at that dinner. the president now is with people this. fox wildfire alert. an update on the cost from all the damage in and around yosemite national park. firefighters have it 80% contained. it's now grown to be third largest wildfire in california's history. the rim fire. has burned 394 square miles. that's larger than the size of
4:16 pm
dallas, texas. and as it is entering its fourth week more than 3400 people are working it. trying to put the last hot spots out. we now know that fire was started by a hunter although officials have not released the name of the suspect or what type of fire was set. meanwhile scientists are assessing the damage, a very large group of scientists. they are laying plans to protect habitat and waterways as the fall rainy season approaches. dominic is live in our west coast newsroom. exactly what are they looking for? >> well they basically want to see what damage is being done the environment that could actually lead to mudslides. we got 50 multiagency experts that have been brought in, twice the number they typically deploy for a big wildfire. that's because this fire is just so huge. it has the potential to trigger more possibly even worse mudslides and erosion than in a normal fire season, normally rainy season. this team is what they call a
4:17 pm
burn area emergency response. they set up base today in the forest and cracking on the prevent further disasters after this big one. >> what they generally look for are value at risk roads, parts of roads could get washed out, bridges, camp grounds, any kind of property but our number one objective is trying to protect human lives and safety. >> that's right now they don't know how much of the landscape that's burned, has the potential to create a new environmental threat. >> you know, i've been reading all along that there's a dam which supplies san francisco. in fact that was something we watched very early on. water supply in that area. what about protecting that from mudslides now? >> well the good news is that so
4:18 pm
far the water in the reservoir what you're referring to is clear even though the ashes have been falling for weeks. what the scientists have got to do is deal with five square miles of steep watershed that got torched around the dam, runoff from the rains could contaminate it or clog it. they have to redirect water channels, plant trees to knit the soil back together. that's going to be extremely expensive and difficult to do. >> thank you very much. if you are just joining us breaking news that hour as president obama has now joined the vice president at mr. biden's residence for a dinner with senate republicans. we're working to get more information to bring you the latest on what the conversation is like inside that dinner. electricity gets cut to an
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amusement park. a ride which was swinging children through the air before suddenly sending them plunging to the ground. we're learning now an update on their conditions. british prince stopped by police. scotland yard on the grounds of buckingham palace. what was he doing?
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>> 13 children were hurt when an amusement park ride malfunctioned at a fair in connecticut. the children were on a small swing ride when it lost electricity. throwing them almedly to the ground. it happened earlier today at the annual oyster festival in
4:23 pm
norwalk. two children were taken to nearby hospitals with bad injuries. all the parents were there with them. the festival shut down the rest of the rides as a precaution. connecticut state fire marshal's office is being called in to investigate what caused the power outage and then the accidents. the head of the naacp is stepping down. president and ceo benjamin jealous has announced he'll resign by the end of the year. he says he influenza pursue teaching at a university and spend more time with his family. the baltimore based group is the nation's largest civil rights organization. jealous got the job about five years ago when he was 35 years old making them youngest leader of the group's history. no word who will replace him. britain's royal guards stopped somebody they thought was an intruder prowling buckingham palace gardens. when they demanded to see his identification the guy whipped out this. i'm prince andrew and then stepped out of the shadows. this comes days after a break in at the palace when a suspect
4:24 pm
scaled a fence and got inside. >> reporter: he is one of our most recognizable royals or so you would have thought. for two armed police officers prince andrew might have bean dangerous intruder. they only realized their error and minutes one of our most senior royals could prove his identity. those in the palace gardens just there beyond that perimeter fence and there are two ways of looking at what happened here last week. one argument supports the police. it shows that at least they were vigilante and doing their jobs. the other argument suggests the officers based here and charged with protecting the royal family don't even know who they are protecting. those familiar with the royal family think they will probably have some sympathy for the officers involved. >> think prince andrew will be understandably and a little aggrieved he wasn't recognized.
4:25 pm
buckingham palace, >> reporter: family is legitimate targets and how did the officer know this guy wasn't a look-a-like and wasn't going to cause serious problems. >> reporter: the incident made a bad week worse. just 48 hours previously buckingham palace's security had been breached in one of the most security lapses in 30 years. two men were arrested for burglary one. there's no comment on the break in. they apologized for failing to recognize prince andrew. on wednesday 4th of september at approximately 1800 hours two uniformed officers approached a man in the gardens of buckingham palace to verify his identity. the man was identified. the royal has accepted their apology. the police have a difficult job to do balancing security for the
4:26 pm
royal family and deterring intruders. and sometimes they get it wrong. i'm grateful for their apology and look forward a safe walk in the garden in the future. no members of the royal family were in residence when the burglary was attempted. the queen is still in scotland enjoying her traditional highland break. that's lucky. both incidents seem to be resolved but both outcomes could have been much more serious. and breaking news on the fox report this hour, just happening, president obama we're told has taken that 12 minute car ride to vice president joe biden's residence at the u.s. naval observatory. there's a dinner going on tonight. they are talking about the crisis in syria. the president trying to drum up support against a tide of people who could hardly be convinced that we need to intervene in the situation in syria.
4:27 pm
so this is just into fox. the president now has joined that meeting that the vice president was hosting senate republicans there. we only know of a couple of names so far as the list fills out. we'll fill you in. also now we're learning the president has called to meet senate democrats on tuesday. that would be ahead of the speech that he's supposed to give to the nation again to talk about the upcoming vote in congress on syria. after telling the nation and the world he'll wait on congress to see what they decide whether we should take military action against the assad regime in syria for the alleged use of chemical weapons. we'll keep you posted as this information is happening now at this hour on a sunday night. also police find themselves with a standoff situation. an armed man who is 107 years old. the outcome of this tense situation when we continue. also the demolition team showed up on time, problem is they took out the wrong house. i am today by luck.
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breaking news on the fox report. president obama is now at vice president joe biden's home. his residence where senate
4:32 pm
republicans are dining with the vice president. now we knew that this dinner was coming and now the statement from the white house. the president has joined mr. biden at the naval observatory to sell syria strike to republican senators. according to the white house this evening the president dropped by the dinner that the vice president is hosting for republican senators. the event is closed to the press. the white house has not provided number of senators who will be attending or the exact list of names. we mentioned a couple of names that we've been able to confirm. we don't know who was on the original insight list. the president reportedly departed the white house just a short time ago. right as we were going life here on fox report at the top of the hour and arrived about ten minutes later, we've got our news crews standing outside. of course the event as i just mentioned is closed to the public. david drug certificate a senior correspondent for the "washington examiner." i'm eager to ask him about this. clearly politics has a grip on what happens from here on out with regard to using our military against the assad
4:33 pm
regime. you got the president of the senate joe biden as part of his duties as vice president. they are holding this dinner but now you have the president showing up. what does that tell you? >> well, look. the president is looking for votes on syria. if the vote were held today it would fail and fail miserably. that's why you see a full-court press. the president has to convince republicans but has to convince democrats and has to convince a lot of democrats particularly in the house because without a lot of democrats, most democrats even republicans that are gettable could stay off this resolution. >> you've said the president is going all in with a speech to the nation in about 48 hours. that's a gambling term. what's at stake for president obama? >> well, i think what's at stake is his credibility around the world and the credibility of the united states when our government sets red lines on the behavior of other nations. what's also at stake possibly, though we won't know this at first is whether his domestic
4:34 pm
agenda still will have legs. he was only re-elected and pretty strongly about a year ago and he should really be in good shape at least through the next 2014 mid-term election. if congress rebukes him it means democrats rebuke him if syria fails it weakens him. >> i want to go back to this dinner. tonight top senators have been invited to subcommittee with vice president joe biden. i'm curious how much this really exposes the underbelly of the split in the democratic party. the doves who don't ever want to go to war and those loyal to this president. how tricky is it for him? >> it's a heavy-lift. you should look at the split this way. everybody people among democrats is loyal to the president. they like him. they really like his agenda. they particularly liked his foreign policy agenda. now he's sort of done a 180 and asking home to get involved in
4:35 pm
another conflict in the middle east and they are standing firm for now. for democrats the concern is, they are being asked to take a vote they don't want to take that they don't believe in. but they know if the president is rebuked it could hurt the president, it could hurt their party. so, you know, they are trying to weigh all of this and that's why you see democrats very vocally opposed to this that clearly support him on 99.9% of his jen agenda but don't support him on this. he has nancy pelosi who knows how to wrangle democrats votes. he has harry reid who has a good grip on his caucus and the democratic majority in the senate. but look, there are a lot of democrats in the house, there are a lot in the senate and he doesn't have them all right now so it's a tough go. >> i mentioned to our viewers we don't have the total list of people who were invited. republican senator susan collins
4:36 pm
and bob corker have accepted the invitation. having them at the table is key for many reasons you say. why? >> well, the president is going to need republican votes in the senate. he'll need republican votes in the house where republicans hold the majority. although it's a little bit late to try and begin to schmooze members of the opposite party when the administration has been standoffish with republicans, it's not all the administration's fault it's just the way it is. i'm not sure that some sort of charm offensive on syria will work, but if you're going to ask republicans to join for a tough vote you need appeal to their philosophically sensibilities. a lot of republicans are inclined to support the president's request based on the merits but they don't like the administration, they don't trust the administration and when the public for now is so opposed to military intervention in syria there's no overriding reason why they should support the president and really what the
4:37 pm
president needs to do is turn around public opinion. if he's able to turn the tide this week with his speech, with these network interviews on public opinion it will make him easier to get members of congress to move along. >> i'm hearing you talk about the lobbying effort and i'm reading comparisons between the lobbying the white house is doing right now, the obama white house is doing over syria, to what they did to push the president's health care law through. how are they similar in your opinion? >> well, i don't know that you can compare the two other than to say the president apparently really want this and the public doesn't like it. but there's a big difference. with health care, despite the public opinion polls and 2010 despite the looming electoral disaster for the democrats, you had all the democrats in congress by and large wanting to vote for health care, they believed in it, they liked it, knew it could have political consequences but they wanted to do. asking them to vote for a war resolution in the middle east
4:38 pm
when it's not been made clear to them it's a direct threat to the united states and those are the president's words you're asking them to do something that they are not inclined to do philosophically. other than the big full-court press we're seeing with the administration and interviews and all that and the speech that's coming on tuesday i don't know you actually can compare the two. >> david drugger with the "washington examiner." thank you so much for joining us. i want ended. being a breaking news moment that we could get your experience and perspective on. we appreciate your time. thank you. a 107-year-old man is dead. how? in a shootout with a s.w.a.t. team. it's our top story as we go across america. arkansas, police in pine bluff say the elderly man pointed a gun at two people in this home. they got out. but the gunman stayed behind in a bedroom forcing a standoff. negotiations didn't work. then the s.w.a.t. team tried releasing gas in the room hoping
4:39 pm
he would surrender. instead he opened fire on them through the bedroom door. they shot back killing him. michigan, a home demolished. problem is it was the wrong house. but some neighbors didn't mind. >> when i heard they tore down the house by accidents i wanted to give those guys a 12 pack of beer. >> there was broken window, doors, squatters living there. >> the man who owns the house that was supposed to be destroyed is accused of swapping addresses with the house next door to save his own property. that plan didn't work. we're told crews have returned to take his house down too. indiana, two specialists with the indiana national guard awarded the purple heart. they were serving in iraq nearly five years ago when a bomb took out their vehicle. both suffered traumatic brain injuries. >> it's great. this is totally awesome.
4:40 pm
>> a lot of history. my step dad got a purple heart in vietnam. so i'm just really honored. most people don't even get this. >> the purple heart for those wounded or killed in action is the oldest military award still given. california, talk about a sight for sore eyes. this is a giant inflatable sculpture more than a half football field long three stories tall in grant park in downtown l.a. you walk through wind being tunnels to feast your eyes on rooms filled with lights and color. even performers are inside. ticket cost, free. that's a fox watch across america. boston strong. it became more than just phrase after the deadly marathon bombing. now that slogan may be used once again to help some of the victims recover. and whatever you do, if you don't like heights don't look down. we're about to take a sunday
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flash flood watch now in effect in parts of utah. a day after unrelenting rainfall caused major trouble in utah county. water and mudslides forced people out of their homes north of provo and alpine i should say down.orcing at least one major look at that. volunteers are helping with the clean up. >> just flooded over and over ran all the ditches. >> huge torrent of mud and like water coming down from the mountains. >> the goal is to try to divert it back into canals, back into the ditches, into the storm drains. oh, my goodness those people were covered in mud. did you see that? the national weather service has reported three quarters of an inch of rain fell in just 15 minutes yesterday in alpine. massachusetts drivers could give back to the marathon
4:45 pm
bombing victims by making their cars boston strong. lawmakers there are considering stamping a series of license plates with the inspirational slogan that became so popular following the april 15th attacks. the proposed specialty license plates cost $50 a piece with a portion going one fund boston, a charity helping families of the thee people killed and the hundreds of people with life altering injuries. more than 60 lawmakers signed on the bill. a hearing is scheduled for tuesday. one of our nation's key allies in the pacific has chosen a new government. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. australia, the nation's conservative party set to take over after winning national elections. president-elect swept into power filing an cut foreign aid. >> i'll be in the office for the rest of the day getting briefings from senior public
4:46 pm
servants and people expect that after an election an incoming government will be getting down to business and that's what i'll be doing today. i'll be working on building a better future for a great country, building a stronger australia, a better australia in the months and years ahead. north korea, several weeks have pageantry beginning in pyongyang. thousands of performers in a massive dance and gymnast show. japan, street party in tokyo after being named the host city for the 2020 summer olympic games. japan beat out spain and turkey. wrestling is back in the games. china, don't like heights? don't look down. a glass bottom skywalk on the side of the cliff. 2300 feet in the sky. giving thrill seekers a view of the forest below. that's a wrap on this fox trip
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new york city honored a 6-year-old boy who was killed in the sandy hook elementary school massacre. his brother unveiled the sign bearing his name. located near the number 7 train benjamin's favorite subway.
4:51 pm
his dad compared the family's departed first grader to others who oversee nearby streets. >> ben didn't serve in the second world war ii or help liberate a concentration camp. ben was 6. he just learned how to tie his shoes. that was his major accomplishment and frankly he hadn't perfected that either. >> god bless them. the wheelers lived in queens before moving to newtown, connecticut. a gunman killed benjamin and 19 other first graders and six teachers during last december's tragedy. a group of ex-offenders in new york city are getting a second chance by showing off their green thumbs. an internship program is helping them learn gardening skills while they are still in prison. and if they work hard enough their work could blossom to
4:52 pm
bigger opportunities. brian? >> it's hard enough to find work out there but for ex-offenders coming out of prison and looking for a second chance the odds can feel insurmountable. the unemployment rate for former inmates is up to 60%. in new york city, the hor horticultural society is helping them grow. >> when i was incarcerated wow i let myself down, i let my family down and i needed to find a way to pick myself back up. >> he served eight months in rykers island. once ex-offenders are released they enter the green team. maintain new york's gardens, installing green roofs, landscaping city parks and planting trees. the program offering transitional work opportunities and then job placements. >> keeps your mine occupied and you're not wondering or thinking
4:53 pm
too much of what you should be doing or shouldn't be doing. also it brings on responsibility. i think that's the first step of building the career and building the future. >> robert johnson is a green team intern. he hopes to one day work full time doing a surprisingly fulfilling job. >> growing stuff, you can say i grew that. it came from my pain and struggle and it makes you feel great. >> programs like this offer hope according to one study only about 40% employers would hire applicant with criminal records. we want to go back to the breaking news tonight on the fox report. president obama is at the vice president's home. what is he telling senate republicans sitting around the dinner table? the white house says no press allowed. we knew the vp joe biden had invited top republican senators to dinner tonight. the white house said the president decided to stop by and
4:54 pm
join the debate on chemical weapons and syria. the wrangling for attacking the syrian regime won't stop here. the president is suffering weakness in his own political party. he sat down to meet with senate democrats in the hours before he'll talk with the nation on tuesday. stay close. [ school bell rings ] [ male announcer ] from the last day of school, back to the first. they're gonna create a ton of research papers and important projects. so make sure they've got a safe place to keep them all. this weeonly get 16 gig flash drives for $7.87. staples has it. staples. that was easy. [fuzz pile] we sure ve it great here.
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may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may incrse your risk of osteoporosis some eye prlems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. [ male announcer ] advair diskus fluticasone propionate and salmeterol inhalation powder. get your first prescription free and save on refills at wow. a tennis match between two of the most powerful players on the women's side of the u.s. open the a rematch of last years final. a win for serena williams.
4:58 pm
she played victoria azarenka for the second year in a row in front of a packed house. it was squeaky close. azarenka is powerful too. she force ad third set and then serena seemed to shift into a higher gear. her 17th grand slam. title in fifth u.s. open win. as you hear the announcer he's almost saying what i say. tomorrow rafael nadal faces novak djokovic. the nfl making a major announcement on fox about the super bowl halftime show. grammy award winner bruno mars will join the sunday family in typewriter but come february he'll entertain crowds in east rutherford, new jersey. no top on that. we'll want a coat. bruno better warm up his vocal chords. met life stadium is open and in feb it will be cold.
4:59 pm
let's do fox fast forward looking ahead to some of the big events expected. on monday congress returns to session from its summer recess. syria the big topic of their discussion. the senate could begin debating whether to authorize a strike. also monday chris wallace sits down with president obama at the white house to talk about the crisis in syria. that interview will air that night on special report 6:00 p.m. eastern. on tuesday president obama meets with senate democrats later that evening addresses the nation 9:00 p.m. eastern. watch it all right here on fox news channel. on this day in 1930 the correlated got a little stickier when the company 3m introduced scotch tape. an employee figured out to coat strips of cellopane with adhesive. it soon caught on.
5:00 pm
as for the name a car dealer said the company was being stinky. he compared the company to scotland who had a penny pimpblipimpbl i -- pinching repudiation. scotch tape. now huckabee. >> tonight on huckabee, the president making his case for military action in syria. >> the assad regime brazen use of chemical weapons is a threat to global peace and security. but is the rebel opposition any less of a threat? >> these folks are carpenters, dentist, not professional fighters. >> is the president sure about that? do we know what we're getting into in syria? plus sex ed in kindergarten? >> i'm okay with it. >> i think your culture dictates you can't start early enough. >> where do we draw the line. governor's take on america's culture crisis.


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