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tv   Confessions of a Serial Killer  FOX News  September 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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on hannity. >> he was one of the country's most horrific serial killers suspected of killing at least 11 people across ten states. then he made a mistake using his victim's atm card and finally being captured in a deep east texas town. >> i think there will be a lot of crime only israel keys will know about. he will take the crimes to his own death. >> on december 22nd, 2012, after months of interrogation he committed suicide in his alaskan jail. >> i know i don't have any rights. all i have is information. now you are upset with me i want
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to keep the information. >> we take you into the interrogations and let you see into the mind of a monster as he toyed with authorities in a high stakes game of cat and mouse. >> if i give you any information i would rather have something that is tangible that i get for it. >> there is no promises. >> if it is not a promise it is not very tangible. >> israel keys was not a stupid person he was a smart guy. >> now the fbi is asking for your help to identify the victims of a man addicted to murder. >> if he had any plans of stopping he would when he was caught. >> the only person who knows about what i am telling you is me. and multiple victims. >> my understanding is he did this for his own pleasure he did it for himself. >> murder arsonist bank robber
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and rapist were all on his resume. >> he enjoyed what he was doing. he didn't have any empathy or remorse. >> only three of the victims have been identified. >> forensic team discovered in a lake what investigators believe to be the body of samantha. >> establishes on the night of june 8th into june 9th, 2011, bill and lorraine courier where abducted from their home and subsequently murdered by him. >> we are subconscious of the fact you could have a regular conversation with him. he look at mu and wouldn't think twice about killing you. >> leaving murder kits all over the country with weapons stashed with tools to dispose of bodies. (indiscernible) >> now over the next hour we take you to the scene of the
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crime from vermont to alaska. >> there is no doubt israel keyes committed the murders and committed them in a horrific way. >> dissecting ever price of evidence. >> we will never really understand what made that guy tick but it wasn't pretty. >> uncovering new clues in hopes that more information can be gathered from the bloody trail defendant hand by israel keyes. >> the people who knew him and cared about him had no idea about the other side of israel. >> tonight an "on the record" special investigation the confessions of a serial killer israel keyes. in the next hour you go inside the investigation into one of the country's deadliest predators the man the fbi believe committed as many as 11 murders between 201 and march 2012. only three to date have been identified. you will hear from the killer himself for the first time in newly released interrogation video. first to vermont. on june 8th, 2011, bill and lorraine currier vanished from
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their home their bodies never recovered and thousands of miles away to alaska. in february 2012 samantha koenig an 18-year-old barrista was kidnapped raped murdered and dismembered in keyes home town of anchorage. the remains from found in anchorage. cold blooded killer. surveillance cameras show him robbing numerous banks around the country to support his hobby of killing. burglarized homes committed arsonists in texas and raped many of his victims. he was a planner. he stashed murder kits in locations as he planned future crimes but he made mistakes in the end and began using his last victim's atm card which led to his capture 4,000 miles from alaska in texas. now the fbi is releasing new clues and new evidence. you have not seen this and tonight you will.
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first on the record hits the ground in quiet essex vermont where bill and lorraine currier a well liked couple vanished without a trace. >> when did you first learn they disappeared and you couldn't find them? >> 10:00 in the morning on june 8th we received a call from the family that bill and lorraine hadn't gone to work they had both been in their jobs for over 20-years and it was very unusual. lorraine worked with her sister-in-law her sister-in-law went over to the house and saw the car was gone and called the police. >> this -- the garage is attached to the how is that is significant in the whole investigation isn't it? >> yes. >> why? >> because the currier's car was in the garage on the night of june 8th. one of the first things that the sister-in-law noticed was that the car was gone and there was also a broken window from a door
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leading from the garage into the house. >> have you been inside that house? >> yes, several times. >> how soon after the reports they vanished were you inside the house? >> later that evening. other officers from the patrol unit had been in the house after going to the house and seeing the window was broken. they went to the house nothing looked sdisturbed but bill and lorraine weren't there. the only thing out of the ordinary was the broken glass. later family members told us that a gun was missing. and then later a little after that we discovered that the phone line to the house had been cut. >> we are in upper main street in essex, vermont. if you notice this is sort of an old driveway. this is actually the driveway to the home where the most nightmarish thing happened. a couple was literally executed by a serial killer the night of june 8th to june 9th, 2011, this is where israel keyes brought
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the currier couple about a mile away from their home to this area to where there was a home it has now been demolished. this is where he killed shot bill in the basement and strangled mrs. currier. what happened inside? >> well, he tied bill and lorraine up and drove them into their own vehicle here, concealed it in the back of the house. he brought bill currier into the basement and tied him to a stool. when he came out of the basement i think he assumed that lorraine would still be tied up inside the car but she had gotten partially free. she was standing outside of the car when he came out of the basement. when they saw each other lorraine began to run and he chased her down and dragged her in through the front of the
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house and brought her up stairs and tied her up. there was a sexual assault of lorraine. sometime during the course of that bill manages to get partially free and starts to make his way up stairs to try and rescue his wife and he hears the disturbance down stairs, grabs the gun that he had brought with him from alaska and shoots bill several times and kills him. then he goes back up stairs and finishes whatever it is he has decided to do with lorraine. he strangles her nearly to the point of unconsciousness up stairs, but then he brings her down stairs into the basement and strangles her to death. >> what did he do with the two bodies? >> he brought some trash bags with him. he put their bodies each
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separa separately the trash bag from the bottom up, unfrom the top down, poured drain no on the bodies to speedy composition and dragged them over into the corner of the basement where he put more debris on top of them. >> and they were never discovered or anything, someone came in at some point bulldozed the -- coincidentally the house down. >> they demolished the house, carried all of the stuff away in dump trucks from there it eventually ended up in a landfill about two hours from here in vermont. the people who did the demolition started going through the basement and said there was a very, very strong odor of decomposition. they were familiar with what decomposing bodies smelled like i believe more from hunting and being out in the woods, but they decided not to go down there
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because the smell was too bad and they just collapsed the house into the basement and then dug it out and took it away. >> before the arrest and confession in an alaskan jail israel keyes was not someone they were looking at in the disappearance and murder of bill and lorraine currier. the most chilling discovery they were picked totally at random. a prosecutor who worked the case. >> talk about israel keyes. when was the first time you heard his name? >> the first time i heard his name was i believe on april 7th of 2012. i had been contacted by the chief of police in excessex was bill and lorraine currier had gone missing approximately a year before that. i had gotten a call from chief lorone saying a man was arrested and was in custody in alaska and
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he had told authorities there that he was responsible for the murder of bill and lorraine currier. >> the only person i ever shot was bill currier. >> everybody else was strangled. >> had you known the name bill and lorraine currier? >> hi. i was involved in the case. they had been reported missing june 9th of 2011. they had last been seen the day before. when they failed to show for work the next day the family member reported them missing. i had been contacted that night by members of the police department notified me this was happening that there was an investigation underway. very little information at that point about the currir's and what may have happened to them. at that point i was involved in the investigation right up through the time when israel keyes killed himself in an alaskan jail. >> totally random? >> totally random. >> any reason he picked them out? >> the reason he -- he didn't
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pick them out. he picked their residence. he knew there was certain things in the residents he was looking for that would make it easier for him to accomplish a crime. he wanted a house where he thought there was no kids no dogs. he wanted a house with a predictable layout so when he got into the house be able to predict where the couple would be sleeping. he wanted to have an attached garage and wanted the car to be in the garage one would assume it would make it easier when he had them subdued to get them into the car to move from the residence. >> did you talk to him? >> i did. over the phone. set up through the u.s. attorney's office and fbi alaska and myself and lieutenant george murray had a conversation with him on june 1st of 2012. >> what was it like? >> the reason we had the conversation we wanted to close out any lose ends we thought might exist. we were looking for very specific detail from him that would confirm for us that he had been in that residence. so the conversation itself i
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think was based on questions like tell us what you saw in the garage. what was the backyard looking like. what did the currier's personal i will tell you about themselves. information that wasn't released publically. that was the questioning of the interview generally was based on those types of details being elicited from him. >> israel keyes may have picked his victims at random but his planning and execution was thorough and meticulous. long before he killed his prey keyes would often stash kill kits or murder kits in an area where he intended to carry out a murder. they were stocked with guns supplies cash and tools to dispose of the body. "on the record" hits the ground taking you to one storage area used more than two years prior to the bloody murders of bill and lorraine currier. >> lieutenant, where are we? >> in an area called 68 acre as local park that was given to the town by the federal government.
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>> about how far is this by driving from the home of the currier's? >> about a mile. >> from the hotel where israel keyes was staying? >> slightly less than a mile. >> the murder scene where the home was demolished? >> this is probably a few miles up route 15 from there. >> what's interesting about this israel keyes was here sometime prior to the murder? >> he was here in april of 2009. >> which is about two years and two months before the murder. >> yes, that's right. >> what was he doing here? >> i know what he did here. he came here with a wooden box that had a gun in it and some cable ties and some other items, maybe some rope. he buried it here in this park. >> to unbury it when? >> he came here june 8th of 2011 the day he abducted bill and lorraine. >> i image some what different
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two years two months later with all of the tree growth unless you have some sort of markers where you bury something off the path. >> it was at an intersection of two trails where he did it. i could understand how he could find it, but, yeah, we have he heavy winters a lot of snow, we have flooding most springs, and so he told us he found it. >> and obviously he didn't leave part of it behind. >> he did. he actually did. but it w over a year and hurricane irene came through, too, before we knew that something was here. so we did come back in the summer of 2012 trying to find anything that would corroborate his story and we weren't able to. >> so the fact that he buried something that is his story and there's no way to confirm that. >> that's correct. >> he knew enough to tell you
6:16 pm
about the area? >> he did. and he also told us what he did with the murder weapon. he told us what he did with bill and lorraine currier's gun. they were exactly where he said he put them in new york state. >> straight ahead, she was the last known victims of israel keys a lounge ang rage alaskan coffee barrista living miles from where keyes lived. "on the record" takes you to alaska next. also you are going inside the interrogation room. you will hear the raw truth from a cold blooded killer. israel keyes in his own words. how the fbi needs your help in trying to identify some of key's victims who have yet to be discovered. ♪
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>> now you are going to alaska. >> israel keyes in his own backyard. samantha koenig was working on a bitter cold night. her kidnapping rape and murder would lead to keyes capture as he became more heinous in his ways. they learned a serial killer was hiding in plain sight. >> this is a coffee stand where israel keyes abducted samantha koenig. it was the snowyest winter on record for anchorage. the abductor had a huge berm blocking view from the road here. mid town ang rage is a pretty busy road even at night.
6:21 pm
driving by you couldn't really see the sand because the snow had been plowed up so high. >> so high along the side of the road you couldn't see this. >> he comes to this window. he has a gun. how did he get her out? >> he threatened her with a gun. she opened the door so he could get inside. i am trying to remember if the fbi even told us he may have told her he was trying to rob the place and just wanted to get inside. he ultimately got her down on the floor of the coffee hut, used plastic zip ties to secure her hands behind her back. this is all within minutes of her boyfriend coming to pick her up at the end of the day. he had her zip tied and had her hands behind her back and eventually stood her up, walked her out the door and basically told her, if you don't fight i won't kill you right here. i don't think he told her ever that he was going to kill her.
6:22 pm
it was just come with me and you won't get hurt. walked her back across the street where he had come from and at some point the fbi thinks that she tried to get away. she did try to fight with him and he grabbed her and stuck the gun into her ribs and said he would kill her right there. she tried that again. as far -- if she tried that again. she complied. he walked across the street with her put her in his truck and drove over to his house. >> put her in the shed. >> we are in west ang rage. this is the house where israel keyes lived with his girlfriend. used to be a shed in the driveway over to the right there in a trailer in front of that that he had a personal construction business. the shed is where he apparently held samantha and sexually assaulted her and killed her. >> that shed was just here sort
6:23 pm
of where that gray area was? >> yeah. >> kind of a metal tool shed that just had sat there for a long time until end of march when the fbi came and picked it up with a fork lift and took it away on a flatbed truck right here and drove it to the fbi headquarters downtown. >> tell us where we are right now? >> we are about 30 minutes north of ang rage between ang rage and palmer alaska. >> this is where samantha koenig's body was recovered? >> that's right. the fbi dive team came out here in late march 2012 acting on a tip from israel keyes himself came out dug a hole in the ice and uncovered the body. >> that was in april? >> late march 2012. >> and this here is the lake, this is perhaps likely area where the fbi would have come in
6:24 pm
with their team and set outright here. how did they know where to look? >> well, israel had actually told them where to look in his admission to the fbi that he killed her. described how he did it. told them where they could find their body. >> not to be gruesome, it wasn't just one body? >> that's right. i mean it wasn't just one thing that they put in this body bag there were pieces they put in the body bag that's because unfortunately he had not only raped and killed her, but he had dismembered her body and when they recovered it it wasn't just one thing that people saw them get out of the lake. >> coming up, the cruel and callous cat and mouse game israel keyes played with authorities toying with them as they desperately sought information on other victims and murders. we will take you inside the interrogation room when we come
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>> the fbi recently released never before seen video of several of the interrogation sessions of israel keyes. in the video we get a glimpse of the calculated and callous serial killer as he embarks on a cat and mouse game he seems to love withholding information while confessing to more crimes. ultimately trying to exchange information for a swiftly expedited death sentence. >> this is the interrogation room at the fbi headquarters where israel keyes sat for more than 20 interviews and more than 40-hours in a cat and mouse game. >> i do want to continue to cooperate. i am having some issues as far as some unrealistic expectation
6:30 pm
on my part. i was thinking there might be a way to (inaudible) the information to the fbi and to in some way ensure, somehow ensure we could work out some of the agreements where i give you all of the answers on these cases and the families get closure, as many as possible and in return for that, you know, i couldn't plan on being around a whole lot longer but really big concern to me is my kid is going to be around. i don't want her to type my name in the computer and have it pop up. i already know something is going to come up, i know that.
6:31 pm
i just trying to minimize that at this point i guess. what i was hoping to do, apparently it is going to be really difficult to get assurance. i am trying to figure out a way wi where we can still do that. where are they at? did they find the bodies yet? >> it is a football field. >> they are making progress. >> it can still be a couple weeks or something? >> yeah. >> they are not going to stop. >> one of the best analogies i heard for it it is (indiscernible) tossing things until you find what you think you are lacking for. >> a lot of trouble to go through. >> i almost feel guilty. (laughter) costing the tax payer
6:32 pm
payer's a lot of money. >> but that's how committed the fbi is. >> sounds like they have got it, they have got the area they have just got to find it now. i no i don't have any rights in this situation all i have is information. now you are upset with me that i want to control the information. >> no, i am not upset with you. you were saying it is depressing yet there is frustration. >> it would be a lot of frustration. but it's already been years of frustration for a lot of people. they gthey are going to have to learn to live with it. >> did you find any knives in new york (indiscernible). >> i think there might have been in the boats. you told us we would find it in the boat.
6:33 pm
>> there were two knives that were not at kimberly's house i am not sure where they were. i thought they were in that bucket. i thought there may have been one in new york (indiscernible) knives i had from a long time ago. but i haven't seen them in any of the pictures. >> i don't think there was a knife. i don't remember a knife being in a bucket, though. >> (indiscernible). a folding knife.
6:34 pm
you took it apart. (indiscernible). you could disassemble it. >> snrme(indiscernible). i hadn't carried it in a while. >> any other places where it could be? >> no. >> this was a long time ago? >> 2005. >> right. they are both knives i used before that.
6:35 pm
>> (indiscernible) it had a 4 and a half inch folding blade. i think i bought it at wal-mart. it looked very similar to the one i had on me when i was arrested. j just a different blade style. >> (indiscernible) >> it was small. >> i think we talked about this before when we were talking about federal jurisdiction of guns.
6:36 pm
(indiscernible) >> the only person i ever shot was bill currier. >> everybody else was strangled? >> yes. >> what was it like to be in that interrogation room with a cold hearted killer? we will speak next with authorities who sat face to face with israel keyes. later why is the fbi asking for your help now? could it be possible sam thman th -- samantha co anything wasn-- coes
6:37 pm
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>> live from america's news headquarters i am harris
6:41 pm
falkner. intense lobbying going on in washington. president obama's motorcade return to go the white house after he stops by the home of vice president joe biden. stayed more than an hour. he was hosting a dinner for several top gop senators. they will decide whether to authorize a military strike against syria. they will take the case for action to the american public tomorrow on a network of tv with chris wallace fox news channel. the president faces a tough sell on capitol hill. house members oppose military action against syria 6 to 1. one-third of the senate remains undecided. that is democrat control. israel is taking precautions in case we hit syria. i am harris falkner. back to program -- programming. >> we have shown you the chilling confessions of israel keyes.
6:42 pm
you have seen the manipulative cat and house game he played. can you image what it was like to face to face hour upon hour in a room with such a brutal and dangerous killer who would not hesitate to take your life? jenkins spoke with the u.s. attorneys who did just that. >> we spent a lot of hours in interrogation room with israel keyes, what was your impression of him? what was he like? >> we spent a lot of hours with israel keyes. a lot of disturbing time listening to what he had to say which was confessing to the crimes he committed and sort of goading us with the details of crimes that he didn't want to fully reveal. he was not wired like any one else i have ever dealt with. he was a sociopath. >> i don't expect anything.
6:43 pm
(laughter) come on let's be realistic. >> i am being realistic. >> they are not sympathetic at all. >> he wanted the death penalty. he seemed to want to negotiate that with you. tell us about that aspect of it. >> that was just another strange turn in this case. but fairly early on he communicated to us that he was actually seeking the death penalty. that's something that he wanted to talk about. >> catch 22 you want to have the death penalty. you give us more information the more likely that would be. my plan c is we can kind of do quantity over a details of what happened. i think that -- >> the time to do that is at sentence not now. >> from the timing aspect of it, though, it appeared from the tapes at least that we have seen leading up to november 29th a
6:44 pm
few days before he ultimately killed himself it seemed that he enjoyed the cat and mouse aspect of the interrogations. was there any indication that maybe he was throwing the towel in? >> i do think israel keyes enjoyed the negotiation. he wanted to sit down with prosecutors on the case and try to negotiate what was going to happen with him, where am i going to be charged what am i going to be charged with who will know about the heinous things i did, when am i going to tell you the details and how am i going to tell you? our job was to get as much information we could to get closure to families po tut to rest these issues. >> you are asking for more information, and i am still waiting to see what happens with the information i have already given.
6:45 pm
so essentially what can happen is it becomes a 1-way street until i see what comes out the other end i will tell you the other issues. >> he was someone who was a clear sociopath. he was someone, at the same time, though, you could talk to him like you were talking to your neighbor. at the same time you know he was responsible for these horrible things. we were also conscious of the fact that although you could have a regular conversation with him, he looked at you and he wouldn't think twice about killing you. >> how would you draft a letter to you here is what we are going to do for you, we wouldn't be in here. we want to go ahead and try to paint you a villain we would just go and do that. all right? >> well, you know --
6:46 pm
>> you are concerned about the extent to which. >> from an entertainment perspective from my perspective it would be really fun to have all of this stuff come out, but i am not trying to --. snin i s (indiscernible). >> it is no doubt israel keyes committed the murders and committed them in a truly horrific way. he said one time if any jurors listens to what he has done no one who hesitate and they would wall all give them the death penalty. unfortunately we could not get him to admit to the rest of those murders because we couldn't give him what he wanted. >> straight ahead, are there more victims? could israel keyes have killed in the time after koenig's death and capture? new information that could put the fbi hot on the trail. our start up is not making any money yet
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>> the fbi recently came forward with previously undisclosed details about israel keyes' travels over the last decade. why is the fbi asking for help now? >> essentially now that we have
6:51 pm
exhausted our investigative leads that we had up until this point we are reaching out with specific details of his travels. we have pretty extensively pinpointed locations that he has been through airline travel, car rentals, financial transactions, cell phone records and those kind of things. reaching out to those specific people in those locations to see if any of those people have seen him. >> give us an example? what were you looking for maybe someone watching this will -- >> one of the most recent trips he took after killing samantha was to texas. he took samantha on february 1st, traveled to texas on the 2nd. he went down to new orleans took a cruise from february 6th to february 11th. he came back to new orleans and drove to the dallas area on the 129 of -- 12th of february. we know he left the dallas area on the 13th of february to locations unknown. that's the specific time frame
6:52 pm
we are asking peop texas to be on the lookout for him and his vehicle. he was driving a 2011 kia soul blue in color. he was out of pocket for several days. he was out of control and looking to take somebody in texas. >> making samantha koenig not his last victim. >> if in fact he took somebody in texas in that surrounding area and killed them, that would be correct. >> why are you reaching out to the public now? what are you looking for? >> we are interested in having the public help us identify places that israel keyes may have been as well as locations that i may have committed crimes in. we introduced the time line to introduce where people were and which locations he was so the public can help identify missing persons in those areas. >> why now? >> we are pretty much at the end of our investigation. he killed himself december 2nd, 2012, we spent the last several months going through all of the possible leads we have.
6:53 pm
we are at a point where we want to release all of that information to the public in an effort to get as much out as we can so that it might jog someone's memory or we can put him in a location where a family member knows that their loved one went missing so they can report that to us and we can hopefully identify other victims. >> a lot of unanswered questions. which ones stick out the most in your mind? oo having been the person who asked most of the questions? >> there are a couple of trips, actually several trips that keyes made that are certain things he did he turned his cell phone off or stopped using credit cards stuff he did that seemed to be an effort to disguise himself or not put s himself in a specific location. there are several trips he took that we are interested in. one of them is wyoming he went to wyoming late august 2007 and
6:54 pm
early july of 2008. he told us that in wyoming he had a cash and in that cash based on history with him we know that there could be money from bank robbery or items from a home invasion. we also know there could be items taken from a victim. he told us he did something on that trip. so that is one example of information we want to get out there so if there are missing persons in those areas that family members or law enforcement can reach out to us. >> bottom line there's no shoe to drop in this, you think there will be recovered victims? >> we are hoping so. i think one of the biggest things that we would like to get out to the public is that we are looking for missing person cases. he made it very clear the majority of his victims were not found. that goes back to his meticulousness and carefulness of how he got rid of victims. he also was very good at taking victims that didn't generate a lot of media attention, up until the currier's and samantha
6:55 pm
koenig. what we are looking at is missing person cases not full case homicides. we will go through it. but the missing person cases are the key ones. families that had someone disappear and you think is may be that they just left or they ran away but if it's during the time frame that he may have been in your area that is something that we would be interested in knowing. >> if you want to know more about the details of israel keyes travels am tytime line ch out fbi or go to greta confessions of a serial quillki continues. of getting something "new." and now, there's a plan that lets you experience that "new" phone thrill again and again. and again. can you close your new phone box?
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>> thank you for being with us. if you believe that you have information that may concern one of america's deadliest killers
7:00 pm
israel keyes, you are asked to call 1-800-call-fbi. make sure you go to greta and let us know what you thought about the show. we will see you next time. tomorrow, thank you. >> 2,000 years ago, one super power, rome, dominated the world. it became famous for its military and for having rule of law and a stable currency people could rely on. they built beautiful buildings, roads, aqueducts, they created art and literature. rome flourished for 200 years in relative peace and prosperity. then it crumbled. why? political leaders grabbed power. that power turned many into tyrants who endulged in debauchery and corruption. they raised taxes to pay for war and increased regulation. when the masses com


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