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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 9, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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up. the same pilot made national head leans and landed in the median of a busy highway. he's either that good or work on the navigation. we report and you decide. >> america lives starts right now. >> and all right. thank you, guys. the fox news alert out of washington, one hour from now, congress will reconvene after a month long break and jump in the debate over whether the united states should strike syria. this happens as president obama is set to sit down with fox news and other networks to make his case for military action. so meanwhile, seeing the syrian rebels have attacked a christian village outside of damascus. and they are in the process of torching priests and setting
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churches on fire. now the government troops are moving in and fighting to stop the slaughter. reporting live in jerusalem is leland viter. >> good afternoon, martha, so far government troops have been unable to work their way in the village. the rebels are fighting for it and inside and they plan to blow the place up so it cannot hurt muslims anymore. the village is a strategic area on a hill. and areas that rebels are making against the government troops. it has 3300 people and some of the oldest christian population. and you can see the churches there, two of the oldest monast aries inside of syria are there. and one nun told the associated
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press that they had hide all of the orphans in near by caves to try to protect them. and what make its more concerning is the naech of the rebels themselves inside. they are fighters that is an al-qaeda linked syndicate group and a well known extremist group in syria. and remember, it is the christians in syria that support president assad. it is showing the sectarian strife. the rebels are targeting christian villages. and there is a lot of fears raised that an attack on president assad by the united states would weaken his ability to protect the christian villages allowing the religious extremist to move forward. it is a complicated a liiances of the spoider web are in syria in the civil war.
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>> not unlike in egypt where mubarak forced a situation where the christians and lived side by side. thank you, we'll talk about that big, big story today. and also this. president assad over the last now hours, saying that he welcomes russia's proposal to put his own chemical weapons under international control. this is a big listen pen for the whole discussion and this as he denotices that he and his regime were the ones that used chemical weapons in the ongoing civil war. world leaders raised questions about the motives by rushia. do they want to look like the guy who fixed the situation up? british prime freedom said it must not be used as a distraction tactic and he has assad telling americans to expect everything if the u.s. is
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to launch a strike and he's talking about retaliation and those are his warnings and his words and hear them coming up in the next hour. and meanwhile, an all out media blitz to try to turn the tide in favor of strikes on syria. president obama will sit down with chris wallace and five other networks before speaking to the nation tomorrow night at 9 o'clock p.m. in a prime time address. this is clearly a high- stakes and very important gamble that is going on right now for president obama. he's going all in, in his second term and the question of america's credibility is at stake on the issue abroad. and all of that hangs in the balance. and we have a new poll from pugh and look at this. it is a double-digit increase in the americans who are opposed to
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military action. 63 percent said no. they don't want the united states to get involved in what is involved in syria. a lot at stake this afternoon. and chris joins us now. host of power play. chris, the next big hurdle obviously is on the hill and that's where the work is done in terms was pr if you will for this effort. the president went to vice-president biden's house with republican senators and trying to get good will. there is none that can over come the poll. there is 0 political up side in this. the president is asking republicans he has spent much of his career demonizing for his own political gain, that the president is going to say, i know it is unpopular. i know there is no political
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advantage in doing it. i want you to help me make my redline declaration stick. that doesn't sell. that doesn't work when public opinion is so strongly against. it how can the administration think that the sales pitch is going to make it happen. >> who would have thought in the beginning of the obama presidency and his commitment to get us out of iraq and afghanistan and said remember me, i am the guy who got us out and i don't want to get us in another war and he is very alone on many ways. there may be support from france or saudi arabia. but he doesn't have nato or un or the american people and a lot of folks in congress came back from the hometown visits and were told to forget it. >> septemberors joe mafrnin and mp in the senate are coming up with a delay that is a fig leaf
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so they can say we didn't reject your request. we said you had to wait 45 days and they have through letter h a chiefments that the president must have if he is given the authorization to bomb syria. and what would be happening? russia coming in the play and pushing it to the un and assad stays on the pr push and bracketing the president and is there any point in the end? >> we just got this in and brand new polls and the last poll a crop in support for this between september 1st and now. just a few days ago. and how is the president doing in the handling of syria 56% disapprove and 29 percent approve of the and 15 percent are not sure what to make. he made it clear because he
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mentioned the polls that he is watching the numbers and it begs the question. how does he if he back pedals on this does he creativitily doing. it putin saying we'll handle and put a cap on the chemical weapons and we have it covered, how do does that look? >> as americans hear rebel forces and the folks that we would be helping by attacking are attacking the christian villages and russia deeply enmeshed in this. they have bots on the ground and a big naval base and they have munitions there and the american people we need to save face. we have to maintain it and now we have to bomb. when they think of the possible ramifications of this. there is plenty of reason to say not. this is the take away.
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more they hear about it the less they like. it i don't know why the american electorate hearing him six times tonight will be more inclined. >> it will be intchlth particularly chris wallaces. and you can get the latest. go to fox it is a great digest of what is going o. and it pops the story in your phone. put your e-mail address in there. fox don't miss out. it is a good news source. >> there is a developing story concerning diana nya d. she is having to defend the record- breaking swim from cuba to florida. they are skeptical that she completed that 110 mile journey
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on her own. trace gallinger. you watch the video of her stumbling and talking about how people are to hold on to their dreams and skeptics are raising questions here. >> the reason they are skeptical. the math doesn't add up. it is 110 miles from havana to florida. that would mean 73 hours and instead she finished in 53 hours and this is what she said shortly after the race. >> the toughest physical point. 13 hours with the mack on. they were absolute hell. i suffered with the salt water and not able to broeth over the waves. >> her navigator said the gulf stream was moving and she was swimming at four miles per hour.
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they believe she got into the boat or she held on to the boat for long stretches and a sen hour stretch she didn't eat or drink and point to her attempt last year in rough weather she did get into the boat but never dechaired that for several days. now her team said i am quoting here. she is proud of what she and her team accomplished last woke and committed to complete transparency and she has a bunch of supporters. >> i think the only person who was not surprised she accomplished it was her. >> and now she plans to meet with the marathon swimming association and take all of their questions in the vein of trarz parency. she is the first one to do it without a shark cage. and all of her time statements were submitted to open water
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swim being association and verified and nya d was crit sidewaysed because she wore a body suit and mask. unless you have hard evident. you need to stand up and applaud. 64 years old and 110 miles. and an amazing feat. >> we want to believe it and she was so inspiring when she came out of the story. trace, thank you very much. >> and there are new questions today as we mark a year since an overseas terror attack that rarely seems to get attention. michelle ma lcolm is next to remind us of a event that is too often forgotten by the administration and sheds light on our situation in syria. and stick around for that. tens of thousands of retired
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y this week marks one year since the deadly taliban attack on camp bastion in afghanistan. it left two marines dead and others hurt and cost hundreds of millions in destroyed military hardware. there is new questions of what happen that day when 15 taliban fighters dressed in american fatiguesment stormed the compound armed with assault rifles and rocket propolled grenades. >> i think when people talk about remembering something your mind goes to september 11th and
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benghazi but this is an attack that happen a couple of days right after happen in benghazi. n15 taliban infilt traitors got a hod of american combat fatigues and conducted a devastating rawed and took the lives of two american hearos. they were part of a contingent of marines who were on the front lines. they had been completely surprised and unprepared and had limited weaponly and no body armor and somehow were able to mount a defense. this past labor day weekend, there were four other ma marines involved in defending the base that is a joint run nato base with britain for our marines and they were awarded purple hearts. it was buried on the holiday.
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and i believe that a lot of the families feel that way. that the news has been buried for the last year and we can't forgot what happen there. we may may be prepared to send more american solid yers overseas. i have talked to the family as they fought for the truth. there is no such thing as no boots on the ground. >> there is a lot of truth to that. what is their theory and i know you have written why the marines were caught off good and what happened to their security? >> a lot of the families are hearing on the ground that decisions were made by military leaders. this is at a time when we are withdrawing down our forces in afghanistan that security was ous source to those who were a
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sleep on the job. and as a result of the pressure that the families brought to bear on the pentagon and leaders there and all alone in the fight with few people on capitol hill and few people in the media calling attention to it. a probe was launched and it is done now and they are waiting to brief members of capitol hill. my concern and family concern is that so much media oxygen sucked up their plight was forgotten and we can't do that for the people who put their lives on the line and sacrificed so much. >> michelle, it raises questions of the troops on the ground and follow-up and security and things that go wrong like here and in benghazi it is a rush to not talk about it and put it to slope. and raises questions about syria as well. the president has been reluctant
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to go forward with this and on the other hand sell it big time. there is a lot of incongruances there. >> no question about it, margaret a. one thing to remind people about in camp bastion, six months before the raid took place, there was an attempt by a jihadi on leon panetta's life and a cover up and hush up, and no one wants to talk about jihad what is needed to defend against it not only here at home but overseas. you know that we here at fox news covered a lot of questions that military families about rules was engagement and concerns about soldiers fighting with hands tied behind their back and what kind support they get from military leaders.
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and in benghazi and camp bastion there was red flags and they were ignored. calls in question of military and civilian leaders. >> you can imagine how it is to be on the front line and not have the back up. it is fright feeling that those people felt. thank you for coping it in the limelight and we'll see you later today. >> take care. >> tens of thousands of retired workers will without health care as two biggest american employers decide to write them a check and find coverage on their own. we'll tell you what the larger implications of this stories really are. adoring mystery from world war ii may be solved now. the answers are next.
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the nation echoes president roosevelt's answer for prayer. they are drawn from the ways of peace and fight not for the lust of conquest but end conquest. accused pass
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>> national security advisor susan rice launching a speech on the syria. she said his forces loaded war heads filled with deadly chemicals on to rockets and launched them in suburbs controlled or contested by opposition forces and tried to cover tup. listen. >> only the syrian regime has the capacity of delivering chemical weapons on the scale to cause the devastation we saw in damascus.
10:26 am
the opposition does not. the rockets were foured from territory controlled by the regime. the rockets landed in territory controlled or contested by the opposition. >> we are monitoring the white house briefing that is happening right now for other news on syria and we'll bring it to you as that gets underway. >> an incredible discovery in italy can bring closure to families of american soldiers killed in world war ii. this shows a video crossing and they believe they have found it decades after it sunk. trace joins us live after this. >> tell us about the story, trace. >> back in world war ii in the closing days, american troops were fighting the germ rans they
10:27 am
plow up the tunnels. and so u.s. military commanders is not them cross the lake on six whole trucks. on april 30th. it was loaded halfway across the lake and it stalled. and the soldiers tossed out all of the ammunition and equipment and it still sank and killing 24 of the 25 soldiers. and the only survivors was a life guard from dayton, ohio who swam until he was rescued. they have searched for the vehicles and using high-tech n sonar they have found it and there it is. picture is sitting upright. 900 feet down. it is not confirmed if this is the exact duck vehicle that killed 24.
10:28 am
but the hope is to recover it and the remains next year. that is a big deal for a lot of military families that would like closure and a big deal for the united states government that vowed to love no soldier behind. 900 feet down sitting upright and that would be an amazing recovery seven decades later. >> thank you, trace, very much. >> and there is a growing controversy over growing comments from the president's top pitchman. david a xel rod tries to sell it by comparing it to the iraq war. we have a fair and balanced discussion on. this and reaction to that strategy and a carnival ride that is scene as a sudden tragedy as a malfunction injured
10:29 am
kids and dults. a stunning revelation from dennis rodman's recent trip to north korea. he was interviewed to a member of the ruling family whose existence was undpoun to the white house. >> afraid to talk and if you talk jay z. i am pretty important now. let's go there obama, talk to me. i am right here. do one thing. i have an inside track. is mane the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fiy thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore,
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>> a knocks news alert on the full court press that we are witnessing from the administration on syria the left white house and deputy national security advisor briefing reporters and marie hart state department spokesperson and taking answers on syria. and then susan rice is also talking about the argument for strikes in syria and we'll bring you all of the latest that is happening and it is emblematic in the big push to get approval from the nation and congress in a strike to syria. >> that raising the debate continues and the folks who helped to putt president in the
10:34 am
white house and mold the then candidate's anti- war message are the biggest voices in support of the president's plan to strike. and david axle rod sounds like a convert to bush doctrine and going on meet the press to say that the united states needs to take action. he tweeted no response is a grown light to iran and assad that the united states would look the other way. we must respondment brad blake man former assistant to president bush. and doug trip dht i. good to have you here. >> it is interesting. and i keep going back to this, joe. if anyone told you when
10:35 am
president obama was elected and put yourself back in that moment of him getting out of iraq and the decade of wars that we are fighting in iraq and afghanistan. he said the right war to be fighting was in afghanistan and put the focus there and he would be sort of initiating a strike on syria and he would be out there on this limbb without a ton of support from president and congress is not what anyone would have believed at that moment. >> i think that is right. i think the situation is much different and closer to an iraq attack that saddam hussein made in march of known 88, martha where he used weapons, gas on the curds in the north. and the reagan administration and this not about blaming, but
10:36 am
the reagan administration didn't do anything. it was an election year and he was in the last throes of his presidency. saddam hussein did think he could kuwait oil fields and get away from it. >> there are similarities and we are drawing them to the wrong focus there. >> i mean, it is interesting, brad, david axlerod said we have to respond or hesbollah and iran, it would be open season on chemical weapons because we didn't do anything. that is similar to the bush argument if not the united states, who, right? >> here's the difference, president bush led us into war and president obama is impeding
10:37 am
us in the war. president bush had deliberation up on the hill. he had think tanks look at. it and the american people were conditioned and begin reasons why it is important. this has not happen under president obama and political people against the wars in iraq are now for a war in syria the american people are not convinced. as horrendous as it is for chemical weapons to be used. we are seeing a national community. we are not solid on war. we shouldn't be solid a war. a case should be made and over time as to why it is in our interest. the president failed to do that, joe, do you agree? >> i think the president could make a much better case than they made. and part of this is, we are
10:38 am
operating in the shadow of the iraq war and the case the bush administration made to go to iraq has not been born out and no weapons of mass destruction. >> you just admitted he used it against his own people. and the fact of the matter he had them. >> in 1988 he used them in his own people and no one did anything. that wasn't the reason we went in this 2001 and 2003. it was 9/11 and we took our eye off osamma bin laden. >> it is like saddam hussein who did use chemical weapons and no one did anything and later, yes, you are right. that meant george bush, 41, had to go in when he invaded kuwait.
10:39 am
he had to go in and leading a international coalition and that's when we got the weapons of mass destruction. >> and you look at the time frame and what is passed, that is significant and you are right, joe. we are just coming through iraq and afghanistan. there is little understanding or appetite. there is a very isolationist mod in the country. we don't want to get involved. you look at what people are saying about this. it begs the question. why the administration chose this particular atrocitiys and we see a lot them. why is this? hundred thousand people who died and torteured in front of their families. and why this moment has made such a difference to this president and i think that is a hard thing for people to get over? >> it is. you are seeing opposition on all sides. and it is the liberals in the
10:40 am
democratic party and the conservatives who were in a conservative case for the iraq wars and against this one. the case hasn't been made that there is an imminent threat or that there is an overriding interest which is what the president is going to have to do. and he is a good friend of mine. his answer isn't going to get over the two hurdles. the president will have to make the case for the american people to win over congress to have a shot. i don't see him winning a vote in congress right now. >> a lot to go on before that vote today and tomorrow. thank you, and good to see you right now tens of thousands of retired americans who will lose the health care plans whether they like them or not.
10:41 am
you were told you would never lose it and if you would like it you would keep it. ibm and time warner will cut former employees a check and put them on health care exchanges. what this signals to every american worker. the game is changing and this is just the beginning in his opinion. we'll talk about that and a surprise revelation from dennis rodman's trip to north korea. eye-opening moments from the now's conference from the self- proclaimed basketball diplomat. it is very interesting. we'll be right back. >> i would be back as a guest for the country. and it is amazing he is a very young individual and he wants to change things. he wants to change things in the world.
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>> a big story getting a lot of attention from retired workers and those on the job as ibm and time warner decide to cut former employees a check and drop them from company coverage in favor of health care exchanges. does that sound familiar? steve moore moris the senior of the wall street journal and a fox news contributor and steve forbes editor of forbes media that you know well. good to have you here. >> steve forbes great to so you. let me start wu. this is a disturbing development for people who spend their lives working at these two companies. what does it mean for them and what is the largest message here? >> it is a contest of what kind of health care system we are going to have. with businesses in 2015 getting
10:46 am
under obama care and getting a one- year reprieve. do they pay a twoipd fine per employee or cope the current plans and paying 8- 15 per employee? and you can see the companies now not only with retirees to work at another company. you will see this contest. we end up with a single payer government plan or a true plan. and that's what we so unfolding. companies will try to reduce costs. all they so is rising costs and obama care is making it worse and not better. >> steve moore, is it better for the retired in the end or is the check they are written loves them with choices that are cheaper and much less comprehensive in the end for
10:47 am
them? >> yeah, martha, the term to describe it is called dumping. the proetsz is that employers -- process is what employers will dump the company plans and dump them in the exchanges. what does this mean for the workers? in the vast majority of the cases it is cheaper for the people to be in the exchanges and which by the way health care coverage is worse under the obama care system than it is under the employer plans and may i add one other thing that is interesting. you talked about unions are concerned about whether the union plans will be dumped in the exchanges as well. you have big business and unions that are concerned about how obama care
10:48 am
will swallow up the whole system. stove forbes is right. this leads to an escalating cost sphiral and that leads to higher costs and that was supposed to be the plan that bent costs down. >> it was also a plan that if you liked your health insurance plan as many folks in ibm and time warner, they have planned on this and this is how they play for the health care and suddenly they are not allowed to cope it at all. >> the whole thing is upended and these are successful companies and not on the brink. and they see the future and the future is not a good one. we have to hope in the battle a head in 2014 and 16 there will be a choice tone a effective government plan or sanctioned plan or you as a patient or consumer can choose your own plan and the hopefuly on this
10:49 am
what ibm has done and other companies have done is going to lead to a positive thing and instead of one size fits all. you will have the choice and the government wanting you to have less choice and health care. >> so essentially they are obama care exchanges that the employers will go into? >> thort. i mean, they are exchanges and i find myself in agreement with steve forbes. i wish the republicans could explain a free market system the way you do. this is where martha, the republicans have fall know down on the job. they are critical of obama care, and rightly so, but they don't explane how you have a system that covers everyone and cheaper. >> maybe if stove forbes decided to run for president and talk about that people would know about it. since he never did
10:50 am
that's where we are left. good to see you. >> always a plosure. >> and then lots was questions today about a connecticut carnival. a ride malfunction. this is every parent's nightmare. a went tumbling to the ground one r on one of those big swings. i'm going to show you what happened. and as we get set to mark one year since the benghazi terror attack, new questions for the administration today about why no one has been arrested in that case, despite the fact that several media outlets were able to track down one of the men that has been identified by our government as someone they would like to have. >> finally, not to belabor it, but why can a.p. find them, why can "the new york times" find them, and not our government? >> the united states government does what it says. and we will do what we say in this instance. [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe
10:51 am
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over the weekend family fun turns terrifying at a popular festival in connecticut. 17 children and one adult were injured when a carnival style ride broke down. laura i thifgle is live. >> investigators are working to determine exactly what caused this zoomer swing ride to lose power, sending riders crashing into each other and down to the ground below. we have some new photos of the accident scene we want to show you. you can see some of the children on the ground being checked out by medics. some of the injured seen in braces laying in the grass. 18 people in all were injured. 17 of them as you said were children. when the twirling swing ride lost power, some riders fell 10 to 15 feet to the ground. >> i heard a loud crash.
10:55 am
and i looked to my left and i saw the swing ride. all of these people fell out. very scary. i saw these familys. i saw the paramedics. i saw them coming here. leave the area. we need this area clean. >> all the chains, all the rides, all of the kids continue swinging in the direction it was going, collided with each other, swung back and forth, back and forth until it came to a halt. some of the kids fell out. a lot of kids were screaming. this was people around just went out of their minds. >> how scary of the parents, too. the police chief said some of the fallen riders were also bumped by the drooping seats dragging along the ground. the ride's owner issued this statement. preliminary investigation is under way, that the zoomer swing ride suffered a mechanical malfunction at the norwalk oyster festival. our first and only concern is for the well-being for those involved and their families. we are continuing to cooperate
10:56 am
with authorities as they investigate into the root cause of the accident. i want to mention none of the injuries is said to be life threatening. one person remains in the hospital. martha. >> laura, thank you very much. so it is not just president obama making his case to the media. a brutal dictator is also speaking out, making his case right now. bashar al-assad's interview with an american newscaster and his warning about what may happen if the united states does follow through with the promise to strike in his country of syria. reaction from the peninsuulitzee winning journalist is coming up. and massive attention now under scrutiny. the serious questions that are now coming up for swimmer diana nyad. she is facing a lot from the swimming community about that trip she took from cuba to florida. we're going to ask annu ultra marathon swimmer what the
10:57 am
skeptics are actually talking about. and look at the science that seems to prove that her amazing journey at 64 was no hoax. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. fox news alert now, a decision which just may influence whether president obama orders a military strike on syria. brand new hour, lots of new information on this on "america live" this morning. right now the people who work for all of us are back at capitol hill after their summer recess. it seems like it went on a long time but they're back at work. any moment now the senate could begin the process of debating a resolution authorizing the use of force to punish the assad regime for what they believe was their use of chemical weapons. this could set the stage for a crucial test vote that could happen on this as early as wednesday, we're learning. the white house faces a tough job right now.
11:01 am
they've t got to convince lawmakers on both sides of the aisle where there is resistance, particularly in the house among democrats and republicans, to intervene in a civil war that has already killed more than 100,000 people on the ground in syria. the president may face an even tougher sell to the american people because look at these numbers we just got. this is a new pugh poll that shows opposition to a strike has jumped by 15 points. it's now at 63%. look at the dates there because on september 1st opposition to a strike was at 48%. so just over the course of the ten days or so, nine days, whatever it is, during the time that we have gotten into this discussion about congressional approval and everything, that has not been good for the president. it's gone in the wrong direction for him. according to this look at pew as well. nearly half of the country disapproves of the job performanperfor performance the president is doing. 43% disapproval. and, no, now, 49% and 44%
11:02 am
approve of the job that the president is doing. so it's been a rough couple of weeks. chief congressional correspondent is live on the capitol hill with more with the battle the president is undergoing there. good afternoon, mike. >> hi, martha. good afternoon to you. there's a whole range of meetings, briefings, conversations taking place as the obama administration tries to make the case that skeptical lawmakers. one person out on point on this is national security adviser susan rice. here's a sample of her pitch today. >> assad's escalating use of chemical weapons threatens the national security of the united states. and the likelihood that left unchecked, assad will continue to use these weapons again and again, takes the syrian conflict to an entirely different level. >> tennessee republican senator lamar alexander announced today in nashville he will vote no on the use of force because too
11:03 am
much uncertainty about what comes next. alexander says he sees too much risk that a strike will do more harm than good. other republicans sound like they are leaning no. but will they hear the president's and his team's argument? >> i want to hear all the arguments. i want to see what the resolution in the house looks like. and i'm certain that there are going to be some amendments presented. but i want to give it due diligence because i think it's that important. >> they would have to present a much clearer strategy, much clearer objective than explaining to the american people why this is a compelling u.s. interest. right now they haven't made that case. and my constituents feel the same way. >> to two senate democrats are shopping an alternative. it would give the assad regime 45 days to give up chemical weapons and provide president obama to give congress a long-term strategy for syria. first a vote on the authorization of force and if congress votes no, one democrat
11:04 am
says the president should not ignore the vote. >> i think that would be very unwise. very, very unwise. it's going set a terrible situation between congress and the president. it could lead to a constitutional crisis. i think it's absolutely clear that the president did not have the authority to launch an attack on syria because the wars power act is very clear, eminent threat. there is no eminent threat. >> senate majority leader harry reid is a supporter of using force in syria. he is due on the senate floor any time now. we will listen to hear what he has to say during this critical week. >> thank you. as members of congress weigh authorizing a strike on syria here's some context about recent conflicts and congress and how it's gone in the past. in 1983 the united states invaded grenada. president ronald reagan bypassed congress to in that instance to restore order on the island nation and then in 1991, months
11:05 am
after fighting began in the persian gulf war congress authorized military force and that began "operation desert storm." in 1992, as the bloodshed continued during a civil war in somalia, both the house and the senate voted to take military action. let's go seven years later. president bill clinton sent troops to kosovo in a nato-backed mission that time. congress voted on it but never formally authorized that mission. after the september 11th terror attacks congress gave the green light to invade afghanistan. and one year later, congress authorized action to invade iraq. and in 2011, president barack obama notified congress of the nato bombing campaign in libya. they never authorized that mission. that was something that he took the initiative and went ahead and did. based on a similar argument that he believed that a massacre would ensue if indeed we did not take action. so meanwhile, the man accused of slaughtering and gassing his own
11:06 am
people have a new warning today for the united states. syrian president bashar al-assad says that americans, quote, should expect everything if we attack his country. national security cones jennifer griffin is live on this at the pentagon. jennifer, good afternoon to you. you know, there's a huge campaign going on on both sides right now. and it's shaping up in a very interesting way. >> that's right, martha. president assad used the interview with cbs and charlie rose to make a series of veiled threats. >> tell me what you mean by "expect everything." >> everything. >> including chemical warfare? >> that depends. if the -- if the rebels or the -- any other group have it, it could happen. i don't know. we don't -- i'm not fortune
11:07 am
teller. >> assad's ally hezbollah in lebanons that 10,000 plus medium range missiles which are pointed towards israel. in recent day hezbollah in neighboring iraq threat. that iraq's shiite groups would target u.s. troops in the gulf if they carry out a military strike against syria. co in a statement to the iranian news agency one of the iraqi shia groups says it had, quote, 23,000 fully trained and equipped martyrdom-seeking forces who can blow the u.s. interests in iraq and the persian gulf at any time if the u.s. commits such a stupid act. russia, meanwhile, spent four more warships not eastern mediterranean late last week. kerry told them russia does not plan to go to war over syria. the chief of staff from the kremlin says the warships may be needed to evacuate the main naval base. its only port in the mediterranean and middle east. that port is in syria as the
11:08 am
port of tartus. it is potential for a terrorist attack, less concerned about russia, that has the pentagon concerned. >> for more on this let's bring in pulitzer prize winning journalist and fox contributor. judy, welcome. let's start with the retaliation issue that assad brought up. and, you know, everything is on the table. he said, well, you never know what the rebels will do, if you all attack us, you know, i'm oh of he said, basically, i'm dealing with a huge can of worms here. i've got two different -- t at least two different forces that, who knows what they might do. >> right, xakly. this is the kind of threat that is supposed to intimidate those on the hill who are undecided, who haven't made up their minds whether or not they really think that this kind of a military strike is in america's interest. the problem is, it's not clear that that kind of threat isn't going to antagonize congress and push people into the "no"
11:09 am
column. and the problem with bashars a satd wh sad when he tries to wage war on tv is that he's not very experienced at it, he's not very good and he tends to get do things that get people's back up. that seems to be what's happening in congress. if you make threats about what you're going to do to the americans, if american does a punishing strike, that is secretary has said, limited is not going to do very much damage, you're really setting people up for a, yes, we must stand with the president. >> got it. i mean, john kerry said, being incredibly small, the attack. it's something that has a lot of people scratching their heads. i'm not sure why you would forewarn that you're going to do an incredibly small attack, brush it off your shoulder and it will be fine. let's look at one more piece of this charlie rose interview with bashar assad. >> war is against the u.s. why?
11:10 am
this is the war for al qaeda and the same people that killed americans in the 11th of september. >> he's saying why would you do that? why would you want to be on the side of al qaeda? >> this is a much more powerful argument. and it's not an argument that's likely to resonate among people who support military power in general and the use of that power because, if, best case, bashar assad is removed from power, if he falls, the big what if question is what congress is now grappling with. is it better to have assad there? he's a maniac. he uses gas on his own people. he's killed 110,000 and a few thousand with chemical weapons. or is it better to have al qaeda in damascus and is that the logical outcome of what would happen if assad weren't there? now, i spoke today to sala, the spokesman for the, quote, moderate rebels. he says that that is not going
11:11 am
to happen if america supports them. the problem he says is that while he favors a tactical military strike, it isn't going to provide the training, the arms that they need to fight al qaeda. so weirdly enough, there's almost no one who supports the president purely on the grounds which he is asking congress to support him on. and assad is trying to play at the nagging concerns that americans have about what we're being told and what we're not being told by the president. >> and you've got this modern opposition in the middle that has nothing, you know. and they're really squeezed between assad and these al qaeda forces at the moment and whether they're ever going to get the help they kneneed is a big question. >> complex question for the congress. >> it is. judy, thank you very much. see you later. so coming up, switching gears here for a moment, dennis rodman is spending time with his favorite dictator over the
11:12 am
weekend. now kim jong-un's basketball buddy says he's going back to north korea and this time he's bringing friends with him. why wouldn't he, right? he had such a good time. he's going back. plus, breaking news on a growing manhunt for an escaped inmate. that's coming up. and also, the deadly benghazi attack almost one year later. we were promised that arrests would be made in this case by the president. nothing yet. and the ringleader doesn't even appear to be in hiding. he's t chatting with various meetia outlets. so what is the white house doing to bring the people who murdered four americans to justice? it's a very legitimate question. >> why is it that reporters seem to be able to find this guy who the government is charging for involvement in benghazi but our law enforcement can't find him? >> look, we've been very clear that we will hold those people who carried out this dastardly
11:13 am
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call or click today. in washington today but this week also marks one year difference the deadly attack on our u.s. consulate in benghazi. chris stevens and three other americans were killed when militants stormed the grounds there. our own chris wallace grilled them as to why, despite the fact that many media outlets have interviewed a man who is believed to have been one of the ring leaders of this attack and, yet, no arrests have been made. watch this. >> look, we've been very clear that we will hold those people who carried out this dasdardly heinous attack.
11:17 am
we will track every lead that we can find. >> why can't we find them? >> this president has demonstrated that. and we will do that. >> joining me now is nationally syndicated radio host "america now" and host of the richard fowler show. good to have you both here. andy, what's your reaction to that exchange? >> i thought it was embarrassing. you have a white house chief of staff a year after benghazi and nothing has been done. one of the responsible parties, a member of the libyan branch of al qaeda, is hanging out talking to "new york times" reporter sipping coffee. and this same branch of al qaeda then went on to attack an algerian installation and killed 39 oil workers. they're running around north africa and nobody is doing anything. i think there's a reason why. because barack obama wants this islamic fantasy of islamic government to take hold of africa. all been a nightmare. >> i don't know about that. >> really? >> richard, you can respond to
11:18 am
that, but i want to actually stick to the main question here which is, why would denis mcdonough be pieced that by question? it's a very legitimate question, richard. >> i think what the chief of staff was trying to say is clearly that this president has shown before that he will track down every lead until he gets his man. we saw that when he went after osama bin laden, when he went after a lot of top al qaeda officials, drone attacks or cia covert operations. this president has been a president that follows down every lead. i have 100% trust in this president and our fbi to get to the bottom of this and solve what happened in benghazi and bring those individuals to justi justice. >> it doesn't make any sense. the guy responsible is being interviewed by the "new york times." why can't we just have a member of our cia dress up like a western reporter and -- >> osama bin laden was interviewed by barbara walters. the president went after him and when the president got him, that's the point. >> that was obviously many years before. >> that doesn't make any sense.
11:19 am
>> -- september 11th. >> obviously. >> i was surprised, frankly, it appeared that he was surprised by the question, denis mcdonough. and i can't imagine, richard fowler, why he would be surprised by the question. and there's a feeling that, you know, pursuing this is annoying, that it shouldn't be brought up and we should all be quiet and let the administration take cabe of it. if we all wake up tomorrow morning and they found these guys and brought them in everybody will be happy that they were pursuing it. the feeling i think that up sets people is they don't think that's the case, they think it's been dropped, richard. >> i think the reason why the chief of staff was surprised had less to do with the question and more to do with the fact that he's reaching from conservatives on the hill that they're willing to make this big witch hunt about it, going to have all of these hearings and do anything possible to bring this president down on this one particular issue. i think the president and the white house is sort of saying, all right, guys, enough is enough here. clearly we're trying to solve this issue. clearly we're concerned on that four individuals of our
11:20 am
administration were killed. the secretary of state was concerned. you dragged hillary clinton down to the hill and now we're still talking about this? >> andy, you know, there are parallels here. when you look at what happened in syria and a chemical weapons attack and now we're considering a strike in response to that chemical weapons attack and yet, you know, you have what happened in benghazi and you have this long period of time of nothing. and i think that people want, you know, sort of there to be some sort of oh we. >> i ask you a question. >> go ahead. >> martha, how is it that a year later we can't find any of these people in libya, yet we know within eight days exactly what happened in syria, because there's a lack of initiative. and also, where's the follow-up reporting on what happened to libya two years after the nato air strike? what happened is the muslim brotherhood is now the second most populous party. oil production is down 90% and it's -- >> richard? go ahead. >> i would bet -- >> i would beg to differ that libya is the most violent country on earth.
11:21 am
two, the argument that the white house is making, we saw what happened in libya and this white house will do everything in its power to make sure that never happens again. that's just a couple of weeks ago they shut down all their embassies in the middle east because of intelligence they've received. this president is doing everything in his power to protect our men and women serving abroad. the fact that people would question that may make them questionable. >> gentlemen -- >> you see a chief of staff a year later having no clue and he's upset that we're asking these questions. i think it speaks volumes. >> his claim was that we all should be quiet because something -- they're working on it and well see if that turns out to be the case. >> we'll see. >> a lot of people are wait for answer on that. >> andy dean and richard fowler, thank you very much, gentlemen. see you next time. when you talk about what's going on with syria, the stakes could not be higher than they are right now for president obama. as congress debates authorizing the military strike that he has asked for, coming up, our panel will discuss the new option,
11:22 am
it's being called plan b and it comes from russia to the rescue? stay tuned for that. plus, dennis rodman's plus, dennis rodman's basketball diplomacy next. [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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11:25 am
there's a massive manhunt under way right now in detroit. police and the fbi are searching for an inmate who escaped from a downtown courthouse after stabbing a sheriff's deputy in the neck. he then stole the deputy's uniform and carjacked a woman's minivan. he got into an accident nearby and then later abandoned the car. his lawyer says the man has a history of mental illness and that manhunt is, as we said, under way. more on that when we get it. just days after returning from his second trip to north
11:26 am
korea where he palled around with his buddy dictator kim junk u.n., former nba star dennis rodman plans on going back. see him uking it up there. next time he said he's going to bring more friends with him. why t not? great time. live in our west coast newsroom with dennis rodman's revelations on basketball and diplomacy with north korea. hey. >> yeah, and the interesting thing, martha, dennis rodman said he had a big surprise for us. it turned out the surprise had nothing to do with kenneth bae, instead the surprise is it had to do with karl malone and scottie pippen because rodney's idea is he wants to form together nba grates to bring them over there and play the north koreans. basketball diplomacy. in fact, rodman says kim jong-un
11:27 am
is a good guy. rodman says that president obama should forget about syria and talk to kim the younger. listen. >> this guy just wants to do one thing, have a simple conversation with you. that's it. what, obama, are you afraid to talk to dennis rodman? afraid to talk to beyonce and jay-z, why t not me? why knot me? i'm pretty important now, right? let's go there, obama. talk to me. i'm right here. >> rodman, by the way, also confirmed that kim the younger has a new baby girl. something the north korean media or anybody else has failed to confirm so far. as for kenneth bae, rodman says that's just not his deal. despite the fact that rodman, before the trip, said that he would bring it up to kim the younger. here's what he then told reporters when he got back. listen to this. >> that's not my stuff. ask bobama about that.
11:28 am
>> you said you were going to talk about it. >> ask obama. [ bleep ]. >> yeah, apparently someone failed to inform ambassador rodman that hillary clinton is no longer the secretary of state and that kim the younger is accused of starving, imprisoning and executing innocent people over there including his ex-girlfriend. but how about a little basketball. >> that went over well, right? >> right. >> unbelievable. just details he doesn't bother with. he doesn't really care. trace, thank you. thank you. we'll see you later. well, she pulled off one of the most incredible physical feats of the year. and now some people say maybe she didn't do it. just ahead, why diana nyad is facing tough criticism over her historic swim. on the fifth try she says she accomplished it from cuba to key west. and then some inside scoop from the man who took a swim while dragging 2,000 pounds of bricks.
11:29 am
why, you ask, would someone do that? plus, are we going to see russia to the rescue as president obama faces a top political battle on the question of syria is putin trying to sweep in with a solution? that's next. >> politics is somebody else's concern. the president is not interested in the politics of this. >> i can tell you that i have not heard one constituent in my district that has told me that they want me to support giving the president the authority to intervene militarily, not one. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it.
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all right. fox news alert in the on going campaign for the strikes in syria, the latest entry is from former secretary of state hillary clinton. just moments ago she stepped in front of the podium at the white house and speaking out on syria. she just left a meeting with president, and here's what she had to say. >> and three points in particular are at the heart of the decision our country and our congress can have to make in the days ahead. first, as the president has said, the assad regime's inhuman use of weapons of mass destruction against innocent men, women, and children violates a universal norm at the heart of our global order. and, therefore, it demands a strong response from the
11:34 am
international community led by the united states. second, the international community cannot ignore the ongoing threat from the assad regime's stockpiles of chemical weapons. whether they are used again against syrian civilians or transferred to hezbollah or stolen by other terrorists, this is about protecting both the syrian people and our friends in the region. the world will have to deal with this threat as swiftly and comprehensively as possible. now, if the regime immediately surrendered its stockpiles to international control as was suggested by secretary kerry and the russians, that would be an important step. but this cannot be another
11:35 am
excuse for delay for obstruction. and russia has to support the international community's efforts sincerely or be held to account. it is very important to note that this discussion that has taken hold today about potential international control over syria's stockpiles only could take place in the context of a credible military threat by the united states to keep pressure on the syrian government as well as those supporting syria like russia. third, as has been emphasized many times, and i did so as secretary of state, the broader conflict in syria is a threat to regional stability and security of our allies and partners, as well as a humanitarian a t
11:36 am
catastrophe for the syrian people to absorb hundreds of thousands now, more than 2 million refugees. achieving a political solution that ends the conflict is in the interest of the united states. it will require an intense diplomatic effort guided by the road map that was agreed to by the international community in geneva last year, in june of 2012. there was an agreement we hammered out that pointed the way forward. we need to get to the opportunity to begin such negotiations to move toward a resolution. the president and i discussed these challenges today. i will continue to support his efforts. and i hope that the congress will, as well. i also want to thank president
11:37 am
obama for making -- >> all right. we may be witnessing some new movement, the ground may be shifting here a little bit in this whole discussion. you just heard the secretary of state -- former secretary of state referring to the discussion today that the international community would take control of syria's chemical weapons. russia introduced this idea initially and it does appear to be taking a little bit of hold from washington. here are remarks from the state department moments ago. watch this. >> so again, we'll take a step back and look at the russian's statement. we'll see what details looi behind it. but at this point, of course, we have serious skepticism because of everything assad has done in the course of the last several years on chemical weapons. >> this is fascinating because that's marie from the state department. she suggested to us just several days ago that all the diplomatic avenues here have been exhaustive, a strike was what the president planned to do, power made similar comments
11:38 am
suggest that the diplomacy route was dead, that they were at, you know, a stand still where that was concerned but now this whole attitude seems to be reopening a little bit. let's bring in our panel. deputy editor of the "wall street journal" and fox news contributor, journalist specializing in affairs and fox news contributor doug saun who used to work with hillary clinton. is hillary, doug, the person sent out to eke open that door now that may send us in a very different direction here? >> it certainly looks to me like she went well beyond the state department spokesman. i think, martha, she had it exactly right. this is an offer we have to take seriously. at the same time, we have to view the russians with skepticism. obviously the syrians with equal if not more keskepticism. if they are willing to communicate and cooperate to revolve this crisis, i think
11:39 am
what secretary clinton said is exactly right. and it is at least a small step towards a resolution where it will lead, we just don't know. >> i find this fascinating, dan. i mean, you know, what we're seeing, it would appear, you tell me if i'm wrong, is that vladimir putin is coming to the diplomatic rescue here or appearing to try to do that at least, to a president who told us when he ran for office that all you needed to do was sit down with everybody to work things out. >> well, it does -- look, to me, a little bit, martha, as though slat min putin has taken obama's measure and if he throws him the possibility of taking this issue and putting it on the back burner, sending it back to the security council, he expects obama to take it. now, martha, something very interesting happened today. about 90 minutes ago i watched national security adviser susan rice give a 30-minute address to an organization in washington. and she was unequivocal in saying that they had tried to do business with the russians.
11:40 am
she herself had tried to do business with her them in the security council and it came to nothing. she called their behavior shameless. it's difficult to see exactly how they can pull back from this because she made a very, very strong case in that speech. i recommend it to people for making a military strike against assad as being the only way we're going to get them to stand down from these chemical weapons. so there's nothing working very much across purposes in washington right now. >> fascinating p a. if you put on your glasses and look toward the next presidential election you have to wonder if hillary clinton is the person to step forward and talk about a diplomatic way out of this whole thing. boy, lisa, what's your take? >> you know, no one can really argue with the different points that she makes. but what the difficulty will be in presenting this to congress is everyone will, you know, hands down believe that this is an awful situation, use of chemical weapons should not be accepted, humanitarian crisis with syria for over 29 months, it's been a huge crisis that
11:41 am
should be stopped. where they're going to fail in con necking the points is where will the u.s. limited attacks then lead to stability in syria, one. two, the weapons not getting into the hands of the radicals. three, our allies and our assets in the area being safe. you know, four, there being no retaliation from russia, the iranian regime and the syrian regime. she brings up, you know, very interesting points that no one can argue with. but the means of getting there is what's going to be the problem. secondly, when we talk about putin's suggestion here, this is probably yet another way that we've seen from the russians and the regime as well playing out the clock. we have not had an easy time trusting the russians. and we know that assad, the same dictator who had to resort to using chemical weapons, how eager will he be to hand them over? >> yes, i mean, you know, it remains. i'm looking at this quote from hillary clinton, syria's move to
11:42 am
dump chemical weapons would be a, quote, important step, doug. this does provide, potentially, an out for a very, you know, intransent in congress and people on the issue and gives you time. have to verify that this is actually done. it provides a lot of convenience in many ways. >> it does. now, the real issue is, of course, verification on something like this. but it is a way out. dan is absolutely right. there appears to be two tracks doi going in washington which leads you who is making the decisions and b who is in control. bottom line, no reason the military option has to be taken off the table to pursue the diplomatic option as secretary clinton suggested. it just is a question of coming up with a credible system of verifying what the syrians may well undertake and what the russians floated. >> just putting this all together, you know, john kerry kind of went to this idea of, oh, it would never happen
11:43 am
though. well, if they were possibly going to launch their chemical weapon or dump them we would have to talk but we know that's not going to have. you have susan rice saying that it's not going to happen and hillary clinton walking out, well, maybe there's a possibility here. dan, are we looking at another susan rice incident where she is, you know, sort of been told to go out there and say "x" and it turns out that "y" is actually what's going on? >> we will probably find out tomorrow evening when the president gives his address to the nation and he is going to have to go in susan rice's direction or in hillary clinton's direction. >> right. >> i think it's entirely possible by then that barack obama who is in, you know, normally leaning from behind will take the sort of fig leaf that putin is handing them and saying that hey will have to explore that. it would kind of get him out of the congress arena where he's not fairing very well with this. and allow him to pitch the issue forward for a while.
11:44 am
as susan rice said in that talk, they are watching this very closely. if we didn't follow through on this, they're going to follow through on their wmd program. >> thank you so much. a lot happening in this sorry. we'll be right back. ... ... ... ... ...
11:45 am
11:46 am
11:47 am
now for something completely different. h is a growing debate in the swimming community today over whether 64-year-old distance swimmer diana nyad really did accomplish her decades long dream of completing the 110 mile swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. her crew says that, i mean, they were both all around her the whole time. she finished the swim in 53 hours. but now some of her fellow long distance swimmers are shedding some doubt on the evidence here. that's here moments after that historic swim was finished. >> i have three messages.
11:48 am
>> quiet! >> one is, we should never ever give up. two is, you're never too old to chase your dream. three is, it looks like a solitary sport but it's a team. >> team effort. there was a team with her all the way. and tomorrow she's going to meet some of her skeptics. joining me now is jim dryer, all a marathon athlete, made a swim towing a ton of bricks, making us lazy over the summer for swimming a few laps. what do you make of this whole thing? >> well, you know, it's unfortunate. there's always somebody that wants to rain on your parade. personally, it would take a lot to convince me that she cheated.
11:49 am
she had a huge crew. you know, 35 to 45 people, something like that. if you're going to cheat there's a lot of witnesses, you know. and, also, you know, with the crew that large, if she did cheat, somebody is going to come forward. and i guess, also, let's examine what cheating means. english channel rules don't apply anywhere in the world except for that 21 miles of water between england and france. and even within the english channel there's two different associations that have the different set of rules. so if you're out doing something different those rules don't apply. so really what you have to do when you do a swim is you just have to document everything you do for the record. if she did get on a boat or hold on to a boat for support and she admits that she did, it's not cheating. it's only cheating if she got on a boat and said she didn't. and then the next person that tries this swim, if she did hold on to the boat, they just to beat the record just need to do
11:50 am
it without holding on to the boat. that's really how it works. >> so you can hold on to the boat and be pulled by the boat and still hold the record? >> well, you know -- >> and still say you swam across, is more what i mean? >> no, that would be -- what i was was referring to was somebody who might hold on to a boat to take in nutrition. most marathon swimmers agree that they wouldn't look at that as being legitimate. however, if you're the first person to do something, and there's no governing body, all you have to do is document every detail for the record, and if she held on to a boat while she was feeding and that's documented, she still is the first to do it without a shark cage. but if somebody comes along and does it without a shark cage and dent hold on to the boat, they topped her record. so she just has to be forthcoming and document everything. >> we got to go. you say the english channel folks like to be the big marquee event and they don't like the fact she swam further than the
11:51 am
english channel. jim, thank you. we got to go. your mom could do anything. turn night into day. conquer the globe. stop floods. now she could use a hand, so she can keep living on her own. comfort keepers can help you help her. our professional caregivers are carefully chosen and highly trained to provide a variety of in-home services while truly engaging with
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so we have a fox news alert. breaking news on george zimmerman as police have been called to some sort of argument between the former defendant, his wife and his father-in-law. we know there's been some tension there, and you may remember that he was, of course, acquitted of charges in the shooting death of trayvon martin. trace gallagher has the breaking details for us. what do you know? >> this is on scene right now. police are in lake mary, 15 minutes from sanford, just outside of orlando. the police are actually on scene
11:55 am
right now investigating the whole thing. miami newsroom confirmed with the lake merit police department that apparently george zimmerman is accused of at least threatening hi wife and her father of some sort, and there was a gun involved in some capacity. we do not know that yet. on top of that we have wkmg orlando, a cbs affiliate, reporting that george zimmerman is now being investigated for making some type of threat involving his weapon. you'll recall when he was acquitted for killing trayvon martin, his gun was given back to him. his wife, shelly, filed for divorce three or four days ago. and the argument apparently was where she is living now, in lake mary. a lot of this unconfirmed because lake mary police are still on scene right now trying to assess the entire situation. zimmerman did apparently have his gun back, and his wife, strained relationship, and there was some type of argument.
11:56 am
we know that. the extent, that the threat was, we're still finding out. breaking news in lake mary, just outside of orlando. >> thank you very much. we're also closely monitoring the debate ongoing on capitol hill as lawmakers consider authorizing a strike on syria. coming up, live reports from capitol hill, from the white house, and the pentagon, as the administration moves closer to military action. we'll be right back. hey linda!
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12:00 pm
you can have jonathan's bull dogs smoking in your basement. thanks for watching. "studio b" with shepard starts right about now. >> shepard: thanks so much. the news begins anew. man, things seem to be changing quickly. some forecast-breaking developments concerning syria and the russian proposal for the regime to give up its chemical weapons to avoid any kind of strike by the united states. will any side agree? we have brand new developments. >> an nfl football fan is dead after a fall during one of yesterday's biggest games. how did it happen and could anybody have prevented? >> britain's prince andrew, reportedly ordered to put his hands -- they made him put his hands up at the palace. they adapt know who we was. fifth in line for the throne. after police mistook him for an


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