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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 9, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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and now you know the news for this monday, september the 9th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. back tomorrow for "studio b," 3:00 eastern, 2:00 central and right back here for "the fox report" tomorrow night. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i think it is important for us to not to let the pedal off the metal when it comes to making sure that they understand we mean what we say about these international bans oon chemical weapons. >> bill: almost midnight for president obama. his whole administration is an the line over syria. county president convince the american public to support military action? brit hume, juan williams, bernie goldberg and i will have analysis. >> are we back from the brink? is military strike on pause? >> would you set some kind of a deadline? >> does it seem like a stalling tactic? >> bill: the president submitting to interviews today, something he does not like to do. we will tell you who was toughest on him. >> do we want to be involved in another war?
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the answer is. no. >> bill: is the republican party sensing doom for president obama? karl rove on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the consequences of syria, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this man is a killer. and evidence shows he used poison gas on civilians last month. a violation of international law. but he may be the luckiest man on earth tonight. because it looks like the world will not act against the syrian tyrant assad. that's because the world is a chaotic place. lacking strong leadership in the democracies while human rights violaters like putin of russia run wild. remember, it is putin who is assad's patron, supplying him with arms, keeping him in power for
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more than a decade. today in an effort to try to save assad, the russians offered to broker a deal whereby assad gives up his chemical arsenal under international supervision. a ruse? most likely. but let's see the details anyway. that could be a way o mess. last week at the g-20 statement a statement was issued saying, quote: we condemn in the strongest terms a chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of damascus on august 21st, they claim the lives of so many men, women, and children. the evidence clearly points to the syrian government being responsible for the attack, which is part of a pattern of chemical weapons used by the regime. we call for a strong, international response to this grave violation of the world's rules, unquote. there was no mention of military action in that statement. none. yet, 10 members of the g-20 would not sign it let me repeat, 10 entities would not condemn syria at the summit. argentinena, brazil, china, european union, germany,
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india, indonesia, mexico, rush sharks of course, and south africa. so the world is divided on syria. another great win for the war criminals. if everyone, everyone united against assad, he would be gone. so would al qaeda and most terrorism. but the world is too cowardly to take a stand. thus the violence continues. you can forget about the united nations, russia and china would veto any strong action against the villains of the world. why? because those countries are villainous. and that's the truth. it is left to the united states and its allies to rye to pose some sense of justice on the planet. the sad truth is we cannot do it any longer. the u.s.a. is too weak and it pains me to say that it's too weak. to even take care of a cheap thug like assad. american public
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overwhelmingly against military action in syria. we the people simply do not want to do it. even though 82% of us, 82% believe assad did gas his own people according to a cnn poll. however, the same poll says 69% of americans say it's not in our national interest to get involved in syria. therefore, obama will likely fail in his quest to have congress authorize a military strike against assad. now for the consequences of doing nothing. terrorist also once genesee the world is not courageous enough to right grievous wrongs so terrorism will expand. that's consequence number 1. president obama's leadership in the world end in his own country pretty much done. he is staking his power on striking assad and the folks are not backing him up. the opposition against the syrian military strike is two fold. republics and conservative does not have enough confidence in the president to back him in a risky action. many point to the debacle
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in benghazi, libya, where after one full year no one has been punished for killing four americans. many liberals and democrats oppose bombing syria because they don't want any military action launched by the u.s.a. they even object to killing al qaeda and the taliban with drones. the antiwar movement is growing in america. so mr. oobama is getting it from both sides and the polls show it only about a third of the american public supports military action. maybe a miracle will happen and the president's speech tomorrow night will change public opinion '. but let's be clear, it would be a miracle. today the president interd. interviews with six tv news operations. this was the heart of his presentation. >> even a thud's allies recognize that he crossed the line in using chemical weapons. iran itself was subjected to chemical weapons use by saddam hussein. their populations remember what terrible weapons these
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are there is a reason why almost the entire international community has signed a ban on chemical weapons. even during hot wars. and it's because they are indiscriminate. so my narrow concern right now is making sure that assad does not use those chemical weapons again. >> bill: bernie goldberg will analyze the presidential interviews a bit later on. finally, if congress denies mr. obama cover, the consequence for the u.s.a. will be intense. we now have a president who has lost a tremendous amount of power. even if congress does save him. after five years in office, most americans do not trust mr. obama to effectively punish an obvious human rights violator. they don't like the mission. they don't like the strategy. they don't like the leadership. the president has three years left in office. but if congress denies his request to move against assad, that will seem like forever. mr. obama will be embarrassed throughout the world. the bad guys overseas will see him as weak and his
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opponents within the u.s.a. will step up their attacks on him. and so ironically, a vicious attack in syria now has extreme global implications. russia, iran, al qaeda, and every other subversive group gain power. america, britain, france, nato and those who are supposed to be the keepers of civilization lose power. this happened once before, in the 1930s, and now it's happening again. syria is much more than poison gas and bashar assad. it is about the struggle for decency and justice in this world. and that's the memo. tonight, we will devote the entire program to syria. first up brit hume. later on williams, goldberg and rove. the factor will be right back. ♪ ♪ we go, go, we don't have to go solo ♪
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>> bill: if the impact segment tonight, looks very bleak for president congress. just 26 members of the house are committed to military action. 24 in the senate. that's a disaster. at this point i think the president is going to lose if the vote in congress is even held. now harry reid says is he not going to put it in the senate. stuff going on behind the scenes, right? >> there is, bill, this russian proposal today picking up on something that john kerry said off handily and apparently with not much sincerity has changed the landscape. the voting was supposed to start in the senate on wednesday. that's now been put off i think it's been put off indefinitely complexities of feasibility and all of that basically to give the president what he said he was seeking bashar assad's
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chemical weapons program. this would do it placing opening a shot. certainly got get congress to vote up or down to use force to do something that may happen without the use of force. that's where we are president will probably declare vic at this as he said d. today this wouldn't be happen if i didn't threaten, here is the rub on this thing. putin is a security council drill, you would agree with that right? >> i wouldn't dispute that, no. >> so is he a sound drill. i is manipulating whole thing so america looks bad and he looks good. is he a baby killer, putin, he gives assad and iran all that cover to do whatever they want. supplies them with weapons we can't trust putin but, as you said, what putin is trying to do is tie it up. you know, he will do the little two step for weeks
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and weeks and weeks. obama knows he is not going to win in congress now. shockingly. so-bama will probably allow him to do it it? >> not allow it is he jumping at the opportunity. >> you saw the interview with chris wallace. he didn't jump. >> oh, yes he did. >> you think he jumped? io he did, take a look at it, he wasn't jumping. >> bill, trust me. president obama is thrilled tonight. john kerry said this. obama was even claiming in one the interviews he did tonight that this proposal from putin was a continuation of the discussions that he, obama had had with putin during that summit. obama is going to portray this as a victory for him and in some respects he can make it look like that. >> bill: that's right. that's what he will probably do so you say it will weaken the united states. and i don't disagree with you. but to all outward appearances the president can portray this as a victory. meanwhile members of
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congress who don't want to cast a tough vote are likely to be off the hook. at least for the time being and maybe forever. >> all the weasels win with all due respect. >> that's one way of putting it, yeah. >> bill: just go down the list of weasels starting with putin they all win, all right, hume and i are cynical about this ladies and gentlemen because we have been around and we know what the is taken a beating even in he declares victory, everybody know hes taking a beating over it no doubt about it, is there? no, i don't think there is, i think he painted himself into this corner, he did what he thought he had to do and then at the last minute, of course, when he was prepared to actually do something he decided to back away interest that and try throw the ball to congress' court and claim that congress' credibility was on the line, not his and so on. it looked like he was going to it lose in congress
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separate situation now looks like a political light line. now, i'm try to phrase this question so i don't get 7,000 emails. trying to phrase this so i don't get 7,000 emails in the next hour. all of this might turn out to be a good thing in the u.s.a. in the sense that we know president obama has been diminished in the eyes of the world and in inside the united states. there is no doubt about that. but if we don't have to go, and bomb anybody, all right, and we do get the gas away from assad, that's a good thing. maybe putin, the one time in his life that he has ever done something decent in it if you don't think i'm overstating putin is he an admireer of joseph stalin. might be a good thing that putin has jumped in. last word? >> problem is tremendous technical policies to the united nations or some
5:16 pm
other international body getting control of and verifying the control of those nuclear -- of those chemical and biological weapons. >> bill: assad won't use them again. >> for the time being obviously he won't. and in that sense that -- in the end he may still end up with with them unpunished that is undesirable outcome and the world with a will have seen the president backing down. so, you know, that's a loss the of credibility and that hurts the country and i think arguably the world. >> bill: all right, brit. right now the president's speech tomorrow night is being rewritten to put this -- >> -- i would think so. >> bill: this element in there it will be interesting to see how that pans out. directly ahead are republicans sensing blood in the water over the syria controversy? we will discuss it. then bernie goldberg on the tv news anchors interviewing president obama today. were they tough enough? we are coming right back. the humble back seat.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, one of the few republican congressman supporting military action against syria is adam kensinger from illinois. is he an iraq and afghanistan war vet. currently serves as pilot and national guard. initially when the emailed the white house to offer his help he was ignored. joins us now from washington. they just didn your email, right, congressman. >> yeah, there was no reply to the email. i'm one of the few republicans that are outspoken too. the fact that the white house really made no effort to reach out. look, i was sworn in january of 2011 since i have even been reelected i met my white house liaison probably that first week and i don't even know who it is anymore. this has been a real symptomatic problem with this white house for four and a half years they have no outreach to congress that includes democrats. now they are trying to build these bridges like within a week and they are finding that it's not so
5:21 pm
easy to do for the last four and a half years. >> bill: nobody has allegiance to the administration except zealots and people like reid and pelosi. >> right. >> bill: why do you in the face of opposition support punishing assad? >> america for decades has put down basically a red line on chemical weapons. we have never faced chemical weapons on the battlefield since world war i. we had a northern and southern no-fly zone over iraq 12 years under bipartisan administrations because we abhor the use of chemical weapons. i think it is imperative for the united states to send a strong message that the use of chemical weapons will have a cost that is far greater than any benefit you can gain. and i think, you know, what's been proposed. a strike on syria, look, we should have been involved two years ago. this has been a bumbling administration in the middle east. we are we are today it and tyrants like assad have got to know if you use chemical weapons to suffocate children to death while they are aware of the fact that it's happening there is going to be a strong price to pay. it's probably a small reaction, but it absolutely
5:22 pm
has to be done because not only is our credibility on the line in terms of what we have held for decades that we will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons. but this is going to send a strong signal to iran and our enemies frankly in the middle east that america means what it says and we are dead serious about this. >> bill: we really don't mean what we say anymore. >> it doesn't seem like it. >> bill: the current president has a muddled foreign policy. doesn't want to really take the lead. wants a world consensus about everything. the u.n. is totally impotent. i mean, there is not enough viagra in the world for that organization. [ laughter ] the american people have come to conclusion that at this point in history we don't have the leadership to carry out this kind of punitive strike. look, you might want to do it. kinzinger might
5:23 pm
be right but. >> he got reelected. is the commander and chief for the next three and a half years. if we basically emasculate ourselves to the rest of the world for three years, we are in a very bad position. it's going to take a republican president in 2016 four or eight years to even repair the damage done over the next three years. so at a time when we see something like, this and we see where the president can finally take stand, we have got to do it. i know there is questions about benghazi. i have a ton of questions about benghazi. questions about how he has handled egypt and everywhere in the middle east. early withdraw from afghanistan and iraq and everything. this is a situation, looking at this in a compartment today, we have to send a strong message that chemical weapons have no place, absolutely no place. >> bill: how much is it there and i'm going to ask karl rove this same question. is he coming up a little bit later. there are republicans who see blood in the water now. they go, you know what? if president obama gets embarrassed here and the house votes against him. you indeed you do vote because now that might not even happen. but say it happens you guys
5:24 pm
voted him. down. it's worth to see him in that position war than right the wrong in syria how do you respond to that. >> i'm old school believer when you go outside of the waters of the united states we are all americans. politics have to go aside. i would beg any of my colleagues that are looking at voting against this not on principal. people are principally opposed to this and i understand it if you are looking voting against this because you want to embarrass the president, this is not the time and place to do this. this has epic ramifications through the rest of the world and frankly through history. in 10 or 1220 years history books are going to talk about this hugely defining time in world history. where was america? was it too fatigued? was there politics being played? did it stand up even under a bad administration to the use of chemical weapons? this goes far beyond politics. i would implore anybody that just wants to
5:25 pm
embarrass the president this is not the time and place for that. >> bill: all right, congressman. we appreciate your point of view. thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. political america pretty much opposed except for the acolytes of president obama. juan williams weighs in on that. did the anchors give the president a pass? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. except when it's too cold. like the last three weekends. asthma doesn't affect my job... you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect mfamily. your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma.
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>> bill: factor follow insegment tonight, brand new fox news poll oppose military action in syria. 36% favor. according to pew 35% of democrats favor bombing assad, the question: is the left turning on president obama? joining us now from washington to answer the query in his own unique way warch williams, you and rove i thought you were going to punch each other yesterday on the sunday show? no we have differences but we are civil. >> bill: i thought that was vicious. you and rove, you guys were vicious if you didn't see it about benghazi, williams saying it is over. williams say it isn't over. when you get excited and passionate uncomfortable. >> you are such a calm. >> bill: i'm trying to be the dalai lama here of cable television. i don't know. so, look, the left, as i said in the talking points memo, a lot of them, they don't want any military action. it doesn't matter what
5:30 pm
happens. they just don't want it. but there is even more in play here. go ahead. >> well, i mean, when you look at the numbers right now. those polls you were talking about president obama has his highest rate of disapproval among democrats ever. and so now it's up -- it's about 25%. you know, these are from people who who just obama supreme court supporters. >> love him. >> independence, women and young people, again, democrat constituencies overwhelmingly don't want this intervention. see as it reckless. the only good news for obama in tall after the polls. i want you to look at that fox news poll is about high 50's say we don't know why he wants to do. this we have never heard from president obama on this. i guess they have open ears tomorrow night for the president's speech. if you were asking them right now, they say president obama has not made the case to them in any way that would be persuasive i think president obama should let
5:31 pm
me give the speech tomorrow night. >> why is that. >> did you hear the talking points memo. >> i think you are persuasive. because you change the frame, bill. instead of saying it's about the civil war in syria. you say it's america national's interest and we would prevent future wars by making a clear statement now. >> it's a change. look. this is what i want everybody who is watching tonight to understand. believe me, i respect people who don't want to go in and bomb assad i respect the opinion and i know you do. it changes everything. it changes the world's perception of who we are as the measure people. so now instead of being the only nation on earth with extend the blood and treasure to free people in afghanistan, women, give them a chance, women, in afghanistan. yet, youric, the liberals, they don't want to do that no, let those women -- let them just be enslaved by the taliban, that's what the liberals would do.
5:32 pm
they don't care. all right? iraq. we got rid of this horrible tyrant saddam in iraq. we gave him a shot. they will probably blow it. but we gave them a chance. all right? we freed all the people in eastern europe by bankrupting putin's soviet union while he was in the kgb that slimy explicative, all right? but now that's over. it's over so we are saying we are going to look out for us. and the rest of the people all over the planet you be damned. >> that's terrible. >> that's what's happening. >> remember, bill clinton went into kosovo. remember that. >> bill: it's over. that's a different time. it's not going to happen again. >> yeah, but i think what's happening now is a lot of these democrats are having a flashback. they are thinking oh my gosh, i should have voted against bush going into iraq back 10 years ago or whatever. >> bill: you are touching on a thread of a good point here is that we paid such a high price to save the people in afghanistan. and to give the people in iraq.
5:33 pm
we paid such a high price. and they are not grateful. it's probably not going to work out. so practical minded americans say blank you, we're not going to do it anymore. >> yeah. but this is -- this is what you had as a good point, what i should say is a thread of a good point as you said to me, in the talking points memo. this is a different situation. this is a situation where our inaction could invite worse consequences. >> bill: speculative though. it's speculative. >> i don't think so. >> i believe it and congressman from illinois who was just on believes it you believe it but, you know, it's hard to convince people of speculation. well, it might hurt us because it will embolden iran. certainly it will embolden iran. certainly it makes putin more powerful to cause more misdhif. certainly it does to. convince people that it's worth dropping bombs on this clown in damascus it's hard. i will give you the last word. >> not hard for my mind. i'm someone who for two years has said we should stay out of syria. we don't need to get into
5:34 pm
somebody else's mess. we have been in wars for too long. i have been persuaded over the last few days not just by obama who made a terrible mistake last week by saying he didn't set the red line. that invited derision. everybody else, you can listen to general petraeus and republicans and democrats who made it clear if we don't stand up now the world will say we are closing our eyes and not serious players on world affairs. you can't afford it, bill. >> bill: all right, juan, here are the rules of our bill o' question. we asked you if congress passes military action against syria. would you support it? >> about 40,000 of you voted. a huge number. 91% say no. just 9%. would amazing result. we come right back, six network news anchors interviewed president obama about syria. bernie goldberg has the score card. karl rove on whether the republican party sees syria as the democratic party's
5:35 pm
doom. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: thanks staying with us. granted six network anchors seven minutes each to talk about syria today. >> tremendous military capability syrian. children being gassed but don't have a military that matches up with ours in any kind of way. mr. assad doesn't have a
5:39 pm
lot of capability. he has capability relative to children. he has capability relative to a opposition still getting itself organized and not professional trained fighters. he doesn't have a credible means to clen the united states. i don't take it as a credible threat in the sense that mr. assad doesn't have the capacity to strike us in the significant way. three different interviews same answer. joining us from south carolina. you saw the transcripts i have them here of all the interviews. who impressed you the most, anybody? >> no, not really. look, i think some interviews may have been marginally better than others. but, look everybody asked the same questions and got the same answers. i hesitated to say this because i know how the liberal critics who are lying in wait will -- what they will make of this, but i did think that chris
5:40 pm
wallace's final question was -- to the president was especially good syria was not in our national interest and until it was. and said he wouldn't go to congress until he changed his mind on that. and i think in that sense, chris asked the best out of the ordinary type of question. nobody blew the interview. >> you couldn't below it, it was too easy. and was an wasn't an easy interview but the questions were easy. wallace said look, how much responsibility, mr. president, do you bear for this whole chaotic situation because you have been so inconsistent on your leadership? wallace asked it in a long way and obama said that was a long question and then he rephrased it and answered a different question.
5:41 pm
here is the difficulty that everybody should understand. number one seven minute interview with a guy like barack obama to can talk about his shoe laces for 15 minutes without you getting a word in, okay. is very difficult you have got to be right there. as soon as you cut off 00 president of the united states. all the flags go over, everybody is yelling at you. believe me i interviewed twice that's exactly what happens. what should have happened is that the interviewer should have zoned in on one or two points number one and i shouldn't say this because i'm trying to get the president on the factor he wouldn't come but we have invited him. i want to know why pomplet, why, he just won't lead. why he wouldn't lead in libya. why he didn't lead in egypt. you know, you are not looked upon as a strong leader. that's why most conservatives are not backing your play. they don't have any confidence that you are a quote, unquote, war time
5:42 pm
configulary godfatherly type. >> that's right is he not a war president. i have trouble being a monday morning quarterback for people doing a life interview with the president in a very confined amount of space. >> sure. >> if i'm talking to you for seven minutes, at some point and you are probably going to do it in the next five seconds. you are going to cut me off and say let me go on to the next question. but you can't do that to the president. >> bill: did i it? >> he is the president. >> bill: i did it in the super bowl interview and i caught hell for it i was disrespectful. i was this, i was that. >> that's right. >> bill: the president liked it because feisty and this and that you remember in one time i told him the muslim brotherhood was going to be a disaster. i told him right to his face. it's going to be a disaster. you don't get that kind of confrontational style from the anchors, which is why he chose the anchors because they have to be
5:43 pm
anchors they can't be feisty guys. >> it's not just feisty or not feisty. they are fundamentally -- they do something fundamentally different than what you do. you will agree with that. >> bill: yes. right. the folks don't get the information flow from the people who just ask the questions. and won't challenge. >> look. the anchor of the evening news isn't going to go up there and say mr. president. is it fair to say the american people really don't trust you? >> bill: why not? why wouldn't they say that? >> because that implies a certain bias. >> bill: no it doesn't. it's a legitimate question. every poll says the same thing. they don't trust him. >> well, here's the question that i would have asked. okay? tell me what you think of this. tell me if this meets the o'reilly stashed. i would have said, mr. president ', you set a red line and it was just words. it meant absolutely nothing. and then you said i didn't set a red line, the world
5:44 pm
set a red line. then you said you didn't have to go to congress, and you sent yourselves out to make a forceful case for military action 24 hours later. 24 hours later you said you are going to congress. and you didn't even know how congress would vote on the issue. a no volt would weaken you domestically, internationally and would weaken america. mr. president, do you think you took a bad situation and made it worse? now, i think that's a good question. you will tell me if you do. but it's not easy to ask the president 'something like that. >> bill: excellent question but it took seven minutes and the interview is over. bernie, thanks very much. good to see you. karl rove on deck. do republicans sense doom, doom for president obama over syria? that report moments away. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil.
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bill according to "u.s.a. today" poll 70% oppose strikes against america. 21% favor. many conservative commentators are openly scornful and perhaps gleeful about the president's foreign policy failures. joining us now from washington fox news analyst karl rove. so, in your opinion, mr. rove, how much of the republican opposition is political, all right? hoping the president just destroys himself? and how much is sincere about not punishing assad, he doesn't really deserve punishment? it's not worth it? >> well, i don't think it's either one of those bill, i think a lot of republicans particularly members of congress i talked to are seriousry grappling with this issue. what's driving ultimately their decision not to support the president is a belief that he has no strategy, that he can't be trusted with the execution of this policy, that he has
5:49 pm
done an inadequate job of defending it to the united states -- to people of the united states, and that are he and his people have laid out conflicting efforts. we want to stop assad from using these terrible weapons. yet, as secretary kerry said today while abroad, there is going to be, quote, an unbelievably small action. and so, you know, a lot of members are grappling with this seriously that i have talked to. they want to do the right thing, but at the end of the day what's coming up short is that they simply don't trust the president to execute the policy. >> bill: okay. but i believe that's true. there is a certain glee among some precincts that the president is destroying his administration, his credibility by getting hammered over syria. wouldn't you agree with that? >> i think there is. but, let's put it in a broader framework. what we ought to be concerned is w. it is the president of the united states who is going to be in office for 40 more months going to be on the international stage deeply damaged, lacking
5:50 pm
credibility. >> bill: bill the answer is yes no matter what happens from here on out the answer is yes. although, if putin and his thugs cooperate and there is, you know, a visible international presence going in there and the president's point i didn't threaten them this never would have happened, maybe he gets a strain of gets a strain of credibility back from that. that's a big if. >> he might get some domestically. i'm with brit hume on this. we are unlikely to see a vote in congress on action in syria. think about this. putin who is a sponsor of syria says to his ally, assad, give me control over the weapons. we'll guard the stockpiles for you. you don't need them to stay in power. we and the iranians supply everything you need. this allows you to put the united states out of the region. it takes a little bit of air out of the opposition to you. do this. i look bigger, you look bigger.
5:51 pm
you won't face the united states military. you won't have your forces degraded. you can go on killing with conventional weapons i'm happy to supply. >> and when the time comes i'll give you the chemical weapons back and we can have a big party. >> and look, on the international stage the president of the united states will be diminished and putin will be elevated. >> you read my talking points memo then. >> the enemies of the united states, the syrians, iranians, russians and hezbollah will be strengthened and our allies and the opposition inside syria will be weakened. look, there's always discussion about politics. happy to discuss politics, but most of the people i talked to either in congress or in the republican leadership are concerned less about the political fallout and more about what happens for the country. >> going forward in the 40 months, let's say this plays out the way putin has masterfully,
5:52 pm
by the way, constructed it. there is no bombing. there is some international coalition a couple of months put together, they go in, and that's that. >> no, no. putin says he'll take control. >> no, no. it's an international coalition. not putin himself. it's not unilateral. say that happens. okay? president obama going forward, does the he have any influence in the world in your opinion at all? >> well, he'll have some because he's president of the united states. the problems that brought us to this point -- the lack of strategic thinking, any strong relationship with foreign leaders. >> they remain. >> those problems remain and won't go away. >> does he learn a lesson? >> perhaps. we'll see. the question is where inside the administration -- is it secretary kerry? is it secretary hagel? who starts bringing strategic thinking to the administration and puts their act together? ironically enough, the one adult
5:53 pm
out of all of this appears to be secretary kerry. he's not doing a great job but he's doing a better job -- >> he's teed off. he's bringing emotion to it while the others are trying to move it around. we appreciate it. coming next, i will answer some questions about syria. and the tip of the day, controlling the internet. two minutes away. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutioning power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪
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it will be controversial. it will keep you up nights. now the mail. we answer your questions about syria as promised. larry, new york, thousands of people are killed by bullets and bombs. is that different from poison gas? it is. while brutal killing should be condemned you don't threaten the world with bullets. chemicals, nukes and biological weapons are indeed weapons of mass destruction. it's a difference. rodney arnold, sawyer, north dakota. does the usa possess chemical weapons, yes. in 1986 congress voted to destroy the arsenal. it is being done, at least the feds say it is. houston, texas, why are russia and china with syria? because they want to weaken america. turmoil means higher oil prices and anger at us for supporting israel. therefore cline and russia support enemies like iran. paul from staten island, where
5:57 pm
did syria get their wmds? they made the gas weapons, you can make those weapons. it's not hard to do. sony from briegton, massachusetts. why would assad use chemical weapons when he's winning the civil war? excellent question. it's been reported various intelligence agencies captured phone calls from damascus to the gas sites. yelling at them for using the gas. chaos in syria. rogue military people can do what they want to do. it looks like that's what happened. gail from las vegas. what are the american interests in syria. to downgrade hezbollah, send a message to iran that you are next if you continue the nuke thing. to remove assad to protect innocent children and others from mass death. kathy, new york city. i think your programs on syria
5:58 pm
have been thought provoking and balanced. what happens to israel if we attack assad? as the israeli ambassador to the usa said that country can handle what comes. syria would suffer if it moves against israel. terrorists target them every day already so nothing changes there. tomorrow we continue answering your questions in the mail segment. the tip of the day, now that school is in session many are having melt downs because they can't text or play dopey games on the machines. the kaiser family foundation did a study that says the average american child aged 8 to 18 spends more than 7 hours a day on the net. by far their main source of entertainment. the problem is it is addictive and desensitizing and is changing the way people behave. we now have an internet addiction clinic opening in pennsylvania. this is a tip for parents and grandpare
5:59 pm
grandparents, control the u uh rchins. put a time limit on cyberspace activities. look at texts, e-mails and facebook postings. keep a close eye on the situation every day and that is the factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' spout off about the factor. the word of the t day, spurious. e-mails tomorrow, questions about syria or about the reaction. inside america, overseas, why anybody did it. we'll give you our most honest answer to all of the questions. that's fun and instructive. that's what we'll do the rest of the week. tomorrow the president's speech is at 9:00 p.m. we'll be on at 8:00 with a preview of the speech. a lot of times we get it in
6:00 pm
advance. i hope you are here as well. it will be a big night for the country. remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." tonight the plan to take action in syria is facing push back from the international community and members of congress. welcome to this jam-packed edition of "hannity." in a moment i will be joined by utah senator mike lee for his take on why the commander in chief is in over his head when it comes to involvement in the syrian civil war. today russia offered to place them under international control in order to uh avert u.s. air strikes. this hours after secretary of state john kerry suggested that syria should turn over its wmds but he didn't think the war torn country would actually do


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