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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 10, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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i don't know why they want to come here and be -- >> who knows? >> that's it for us. thanks for watching. tomorrow night, special edition of "the five" at 11:00 p.m. of "the five" at 11:00 p.m. welcome to "red eye." it is like that's incredible if by incredible you mean a danger to small children and pets. due to andy levy's death in a bowling accident there is no pre game. let's welcome our guests. she is so sweet she gives cavities to cavities. i am here with fox business network reporter jolene kent. >> hey. >> hey back. and in for andy levy feck. he is the only to perform a nude double back flip in the adriatic sea. good job. and habe if we stop feeding him he will go away. pes bill schulz. and he is so sharp he is not allowed on planes or near
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balloon animals. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. wow. you really have grown, greg. only kidding. >> thank you, announcer. will we uh. late if they don't cooperate? syria says it is open to handing over chemical weapons to avert a u.s military strike. the foreign minister responded positively to an appeal from russia that syria places arsonal under international control and then destroy it. bill finds it funny. the minister's statement came hours after john kerry said assad could resolve the crisis by surrendering the weapons by the end of the week. and he said this about a potential u.s. attack. >> we are not talking about war. we are not going to war. we will not have people at risk in that way. that is exactly what we are talking about doing.
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>> meanwhile, activists have said they would be shields to block a strike. and the reason hollywood won't speak up against obama is they don't want to feel anti-black. they are about as brave as this penguin. >> it took a little time. and what was he speaking there, eric? the penguin? >> can i go to a lifeline? >> have i never been on the show before. i watched it in person. people are saying how is that possible?
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it is possible. >> what is your take on these peace activists helping a country that may have killed its own people? >> i hate to start off the program on a nonsnarky note. >> that's okay. >> as stupid as what they are doing is i have to give them credit by putting their lives -- their money where their mouth is. we would criticize for spending other people's money to live out their ideals. in this case and rather impressively we will put them in harm's way. you have to give kudos where they are due. that's at least significant. >> that's a fairly good point. he convinced me because i raged on them and now i feel bad. andy, are you looking weird. >> i feel like now i support strikes against syria. >> that's tear table. that's terrible. >> i am kidding of course.
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>> i agree with you. they have the moral courage to put their lives on the line for what they believe. the problem is going to be if we say shear what we will bomb in syria and then people say, oh we are going to go there. they can't complain if they get bombed. it is like, well we said we were going to do that. >> after they died they won't complain at all. >> true, but their relatives and friends can't -- >> their relatives and friends would be like, i told them to just get a normal job. human shield, not a good career move for a lot of people. by the way, does anyone know what is on our table right here? >> what is that? >> i don't know. >> it is a modifier it looks like. >> some cheap sci-fi show was here earlier in the day. >> i think it gave me radiation. >> i would throw it quick. >> my hair is falling out. >> try to pay attention. what do you make of the developments hollywood who
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used to mobilize so quickly to protest things is not around. do you agree that it is race related. >> i don't. i think people are really torn about it. if you ask any journalist that covers it full time and does the announcements, it is a really difficult decision and i think that is evidence by what is happening on capitol hill. >> iraq was difficult in that there were a lot of celebrities that were happily against it. >> that's true. i think you have a situation that is much more complicated and the president has come forward and it has put forth -- he is putting it through congress. >> i am dying to know at your age do you know who ed asner is? you have heard of mary tyler moore? >> of course. >> he is the cartoon grandpa in "up." that's all you need to know. and he is incornlgable in real life. >> that was my favorite roll he had in "up."
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it was just too long. >> he was great in "elf." >> i happen to think you should join the activists if we gave you paid leave. it has been a small dream of mine to see a cruise missal land on your head. >> so this would be the first time i get paid? i don't think celebrities have come out with a coherent thing for organs. it is like most of the americans who don't understand what is going on and they don't understand what side they want to be on. 10 out of 83 republicans who voted for the iraq war, now it is just 10 of them for the syrian war and they don't know where their heads are at unless they hate obama. perhaps that's it. further -- furthermore, what do we care what ed asner has to say? >> gavin mccloud, "the love boat" of course. >> it sounds like you are suggesting people in hollywood won't take a position unless they fully understand it. >> that's unbelieve
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unbelievable. >> he is just talking the talk. >> what do you mean he can die tomorrow. he is 40, right? he looks old. >> actually what he said was so cranky and i couldn't believe it. >> he was saying things where he was furious at the president, but it was nasty. he hates obama at this point. and i think a lot of the hard core liberals in hollywood, they are just -- their minds are blown because they were sure this guy would do everything they hoped. and now they are going to war like bush. >> but can i point out an irony here? i said it a million times that the liberals are guilty of using racist accusations against the right every time they disagree with obama it is because he is black. and now they are reacting out of that fear of that happening to them. >> i don't think they are. >> really? >> ed asner said they are.
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>> ed asner is a 9/11 truther. let's not everything he says as gospel jie. that makes him a genius. >> my guess is the susan saw ran dens of the world are keeping silent because they supported obama so heavily during the election and they are embarrassed and don't want to speak out against him. to get to your point, a lot of liberals are used to playing the race card here. he is just doing what he usually does. he is playing the race card. >> you know what is weird? this guy tweeted the point i totally missed. in the interview with assad he admitted -- they asked about chemical weapons. he said if the rebels have them, if they use them. he said if. that means he had them and not the rebels. do you follow me? >> they admitted that they made chemical weapons, but they said they would never use them. >> he didn't assume the rebels had them so he can't blame the
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rebels for the attack. >> you sliped up, assad, but he will never realize because he is an alcoholic. >> how can you call him an alcoholic? he is in healthier shape than you are. >> that's why i didn't get assad. i know i am half in the bag and i have the courage to admit it. >> a mommy blogger sparked controversy after warning teenagers no the -- not to post revealing pictures on-line. she said girls who put the pictures on facebook can't be pals with her adorable sons. she said, wow you took a bunch of selfies in your pj's this summer. it appears you are not wearing a bra and the extra arched back and the sultry pout. what's up? what's up indeed. we are hoping to raise men with a strong moral compass and they don't liquor over scantily clad high school girls. but she was called out for
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slut shaming which is what they are calling it. and she has no problem posting photos of her saintly sons flexing at the beach. and what about this video she recently made of her husband on vacation? >> where did you get that? >> bill, i hate it when you tell me that is part of a story. that is not her husband. that is the man you have been living with. >> we don't know what he did before he started living with me. that's what i'm sayingment. joe, i go to you first for no particular reason. do you think she is unfairly shaming these girls or does she have a good point? >> i think it is unfair to basically say that your issue at home is based on the fact of what other people are creating on the internet. you have full control of the internet at home.
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have you full control of what your sons see at home. it is the same logic. it is unfair and the girls who may or may not be posting these types of photos -- first of all they are free to do what they want and they will get in trouble with their parents if there is a thing. there will be consequences. if it is about control which is what i walked away with, she wants to have control, then actually exercise some control as a parent. i am not a parent so i don't know what the experience must be like, but i don't think displacing the blame especially because she is universally ascribing it to young girls is fair. it logically doesn't dance. >> i want to play the parent card here. are there any other parents? >> i find they take care of themselves. >> the mothers take care of them, right? >> i don't know where the moms are, are you kidding me? >> speaking as the only parent
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and not only the parent, but a parent of a teenager. are you the parent of a teenager? oh you are a teenager. you can vote? >> on "american idol." >> somebody sent me -- actually, wait a minute. my wife. what is her name? she won't watch this anyway. anyway, my wife said to me, eric, you have got to read this. she sent it to me and i read it. i as a parent swelled with pride and joy when i read -- what is this woman's name? kimberly haul is a hero. i thought that what she wrote and i read the whole thing was utterly not only appropriate, but there #r* millions of parents out there thinking this and she wrote it and not only did she write it well, but it was witty, articulate. >> i don't think she was shaming anybody. >> she wasn't shaming anybody. first she is not mentioning -- she is just mentioning this -- think about this.
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i have seen a lot of this stuff. i think young girls don't even know what they are doing. they don't understand. for her to go out there was really brave. and then the guff she has been taking because of these angry parents are saying you posted half nay -- naked pictures of your boys. let me po if -- point something out. guys in trunks are not really half naked. they are wearing bathing trunks and they are not racy. and anybody dare to say women are not as visual as guys? so it is not exctly -- >> they are if you are four nipples. >> i see what you are saying and i respect that she has the ability to exercise whatever thought she has on this as a paisht and all of that. as a parent and all of that. but i argue if you flip the gender roles there would be no argument. if a parent of a girl made the argument against a guy they would be laughed and rid -- ridiculed. >> and of course they should be. girls are not drooling over guys the way guys drool over
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girls. >> you have an issue with cat photos. you have suggested pictures of cats all over your facebook. it is kind of offensive to everybody else. >> are you done? >> yes. >> i have mixed feelings. i think teenage girls need to be careful what they post on-line and so do teenage boys and adults. i don't think hap -- i don't think she was slut shaming and i don't think her goal is for women to be treated more than physical objects. i think her headline "concerned mom" slutty girl selfies are tempting my sons and there is more than a whiff of truth. it had an eve tempting adam tone. stop doing this to my boys who won't be able to help themselves. >> and the boys are embarrassed. >> probably. >> they can't wait to go to school tomorrow. >> it is that tone that lead to the response from people who thought, well, hold on a
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minute. >> even for raising the issue, even the fact you raise the issue is tremendous. >> i agree. >> talking about this and there is a lot of tremendously trashy stuff. so for a many to raise this and even to say i want to raise noble sons, that's a cool thing to say. >> the last word to bill. the thing she did was she ran -- she runs the gauntlet of new york city feminist bloggers who don't read this stuff until it comes across the huffington post. this woman had no idea and she was writing it on facebook. or it was a blog. and then you cross the line. you have actually said something that goes against the modern feminine shaming. >> that's the point. the whole trend you can see is basically saying there is no difference between men and women which is insane. bill is living that. >> look at him.
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>> i am in earshot. i am within earshot. >> it is not like something you post and i will come over. i can hear it all. >> what you are doing is an incredible brave thing. >> thank you. i would say it is pre sum shoe us with because she says these polls don't reflict who you are. you take a selfie in front of the mirror and it reflects exactly who the girls were and they don't care. that's why the song called "i don't care" is an anthem because they don't care. >> they should care. >> but they shouldn't go into our yard either and it will not change anything. >> you know what, there should be some people that are always there to warn women that what guys do, and that is all she is probably doing. we have to take a break? how should you approach beautiful women? she discusses her new book, don't even think about it you stupid, ugly jerk. can dennis rodman lead them to
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olympic glory? no, but we will do the story anyway.
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she is still talking. with rodman's support, can they rule the court? dennis is back from his second trip to north korea, thank god. on monday he announced he will be hosting a basketball game and training the country's olympic team. he broke the news at a press conference hosted by an irish betting company that will be sponsoring the team that was trained by rodman. the worm bashed president obama for not talking to kim jong-un or to rodman himself. >> this guy just wants to do one thing. have a conversation with you. that's it. why obama are you afraid to
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talk to dennis rodman. you are not afraid to talk to beyonce and jay-z. why not me? why not me? i am pretty important now. let's go there, obama. talk to me. i am right here. >> he is right there. >> where is obama? in the other room? >> he is golfing. >> he showed some personal videos he shot on the trip. take a look. >> baby dogs having baby dogs. this is not going to end well, people. we will be paying for those dogs. eric, should rodman be allowed to train the north korean olympic team? there seems to be a law against aiding and abetting the enemy team. >> it is called treason. actually now that is like a joke, but actually in all seriousness, do we have enemies in the world? yes.
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what do enemies do? they want to kill us. they want to do bad stuff. if north korea is not the enemy of the united states, we basically don't have enemies. maybe iran is 1% more enemy. the idea he would go over and help them, it is not that different from jane fonda hanging out with the vee -- the viet congress. we know rodman is a clown and you laugh at it, but at some point you wonder when do you pay the price? the president has to ignore it because it is so stupid you don't even respond. >> when does the laughter stop. joe, rodman wants to get the nba former stars to play against north korean teams. do you think he will be successful? >> honestly he will have to feed them first. many of the people in north korea are star ofed. starved. i have seen north koreans and going in and out of the country. to see him do this part of me is like, yeah, i want more information on kim -- kim
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jong-un and the weird stuff. but then i it is not good because it is attaching already this cartoonish positive stigma to kim jong-un as he is killing people. >> it is like hanging out with stalin and hitler. it is a prison camp and people are being tortured and starved. >> it is like he is taking not being serious to the next level. it is disturbing. >> andy, could he think he is breaking the wall down? he could be the next gorbachev. >> are you talking rodman? >> rodman, yes. >> i think rodman absolutely does believe that he is there saving the world. as proof he says he wants to get former pro ballers like scottie pippen to play on the u.s. team against the north korean team. this is typical of crazy people, but crazy people never realize that other people aren't as crazy as them. in his mind he is like, oh
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yeah, i go to north korea so they kill come here too. he has no clue that what he is doing is completely and utterly wrong. >> he thinks this is the next level of ping-pong diplomacy which is absurd. joy bill, rodman -- >> bill, rodman, and bear with me on this one because it is long. rodman said the one thing that president obama and kim jong-un agree on. you should be buried alive with just your head sticking out of the ground and a bunch of poisonous vipers should be released while people watch and laugh as they rip your skin off with the little teeth. >> in hindsight i wish i would have interrupted that. i thought it would end positively, but how could it if i was ended buried. >> dennis rodman would help you. >> it will end badly for rodman no matter what. at best they will be better at rebounding, but covered in tattoo and half drunk at every
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game. at worst they will be in front of the firing squad. what if rodman is open sexually and will teachers and them the same ways and kim jong-un does not want that. >> rodman says he is the first westerner he let him hold the baby. i just hope the baby was tested afterwards. >> terrible. >> he has had some questionable tattoo artists. >> even if you don't like president obama it seems wrong to be criticizing him on behalf of north korea. that's bad too. >> people do stupid thingsment but everybody knows rodman is not playing with a full deck. i think it is ignored. but to do that it is not that different from jane fonda hanging out with the viet kong. it is not going to be the president, but somebody will have to contact him. i was wondering originally how
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did he get to go over there? >> if obama is going to meet them he has an air quote minimum. the security alone will let rodman no where near him. >> if rodman wanted to make a difference he would not go on tv. he would do it secretly and not uh trarkting press and try to be culvert off the record meeting. >> you are talking about a guy in the reality show not to contact the press. >> my point exactly. >> maybe he could prove us all wrong. that won't happen. i was lying. coming up, having fun? i ain't done. the best is yet to come. not a story. always quoting kid n play. and i smell a debatement bill schulz i think. sounds good.
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should you think before getting ink? the city health department in washington, d.c., aren't they all, has proposed a mandatory -- that didn't make sense. has proposed a 24-hour mandatory waiting period for tattoos and body piercings. got through that sentence. officials say the rule is meant to protect the public. said a spokeswoman, quote, they can't be responsible for
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themselves as well as the person doing the work on them. we are making sure when that decision is made you are in the right frame of mind. i guess sober. you won't wake up in the morning saying oh my god what happened? if i only had a nickel every time lou dobbs said that to me for breakfast. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning roooooouuunnndd. lightning round. >> eric, does this waiting period make a difference health wise, or is there something else going on they are not talking about? >> what you didn't point out is it is a 24-hour waiting period for tattoo except if it is a flaming skull it is 48 hours. somebody said tattoo are a permanent marker of a temporary feeling. i think it was walt whitman i'm sorry. i just think that it is a
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smart thing as a parent -- i will just keep bringing that up. it is the only thing i have over you guys. it is a smart thing, but how many people get these done when they are drunk. >> everybody. >> i always had a feeling the only people who should get tattoo are guys in the military and strippers and make long shore men. >> have i been all three. >> i think athletes shouldn't get tattoo. >> olympic rings if you have been to the olympics? >> you get that tattoo. >> i was in row 54. can i get one? >> of course you can. >> i was there on the couch watching a tape of it. >> i want to get a tattoo that just says tattoo. would that freak people out? >> the russian band tattoo? >> no, like "fantasy island." >> yow, isn't getting a tattoo while you are drinking how memories are made? >> it is what america is made of. i think the 24-hour waiting
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period is great. i have seen all kinds of hilarious thing. i see chinese and you get the chinese character and it is wrong. i am not even sure 24 hours would fix that. >> have you ever seen smig embarrassing? >> somebody was trying to get the word for ability which is a nice word. if you add four dots to the bottom it means bare. >> i have the ability to snare a bear. you don't see me on the weekend so don't question my tattoo. >> and of course as you know we are not talking about the animal bear. >> she didn't need that. the audience got that. should they extend this to those getting their ears pierced? >> you are making it tough on me. >> did you have an ear piercings? >> i do. in college. >> was it the top kind or bottom kind?
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>> no, no. >> do you have a tattoo? >> i was in the army. look, still i got it when i was in the army, bill. it is not the government's job to protect people their own decisions. i don't understand how they can do this. if the problem is the drunk issue put a breathalyzer in every tattoo parlor. don't penalize the people who are sober. >> who will enforce that? >> me. >> the trustworthy tattoo artist. >> the market will enforce it. >> i don't want to be a debbie downer, but i have a question. do we have any states with a 24-hour waiting period for abortions? >> i don't know. that is a debbie downer question. >> bill was thinking about that constantly. bill, you have a tattoo on your butt which you got after
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a night of saw sobriety. >> it was yoda, but the tattoo artist was drunk too. >> that was the last night of sobriety you ever had. >> bill suffers from the opposite. he makes sound decisions drunk. when he -- when it is over it is tough. >> it is tough to be me. >> i don't like people telling me what to do. god this sounds tempting, but not only keep it at tattoo, but piercings and infomercial. if you order anything after 1:00 a.m. you have a 24-hour period you have to say yes or no. >> i think you are seeing a lot -- okay, 2013 you are seeing a lot of the tattoo from the mid1990s looking really, really bad. the person that is 45 with the dolphin tattoo on her thigh. it is not looking -- cell you
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light does not make the tattoo look badment. >> soul asylum tattoo. >> there are ways to tattoo them. >> i don't someone had a tattoo of you. >> i am going to move on. the school's district -- a school district in little rock, arkansas has de creed that all teachers have to wear underwear every day. this is amazing. a letter lays out the 2014 dress code. foundational garments shall be warn and not visible. no see through or clear clothing. and no pants visible between pabts, trousers 1k3 skirts and blouses. this is why i don't teachers and. here is my theory. there is not much age difference between teachers and the kids they are teaching. this generation they have dressing like ids c. nobody is dressing like adults
12:37 am
anymore, right? >> i am so tuned out right now. i'm sorry. can you repeat that? we are taping, right? what you just said is was absolutely accurate and in fact, this is a new thing. think about this. this is the first -- since the 60s, i mean the 60s up ended everything and glorified adolescents to the point of absurd tee. this is the first time in ma 11 yaw they wanted to dress. suddenly parents are trying to dress like their kids. that's pathetic. to have blurred these boundaries and you won't learn to respect your teacher if your teacher is dressed like a beesy boy from 1991 du paul due teak era. the only nick that bugs -- dash the only thing that bugs me is they said no spandex.
12:38 am
>> i see you in the elevator. >> where do you get cold spandex? >> i make them at homement. >> homespun span diseks. >> -- spandex. >> teacher should wear what they want. teachers should have to wear something like some sort of standard. >> i am sure this is one big business ploy to get people to wear spanks. that woman is a genius and she has created a problem everyone should create. >> she created pan decks. i am surprised i haven't sued her yet. it -- she didn't even bother to change the name. >> and now she is a billionaire. >> she should be sued. >> you are hot and bothered because you wear them every day. >> i just created h2 and this is just as good. drink it before you do sports.
12:39 am
>> as somebody who refuses to wear under wear you have to sim that you thighs with the teacher's union. >> it sounds like the mormon underwear. >> i am not anti-union, but they are read through the guidelines. the basic principal is you have to look like an adult. i don't understand why that is an issue. it is sad they have to tell them that by the way you might want to look like an an adult. the only thing that blew my mind, coaches and physical education personnel can wear skirts no higher than three inches above the knee. if you are above a certain age, the shorts were probably 36 inch usa buff the knee. the knee high socks. >> the white socks and the shorts that came to like maybe the bottom of your butt. >> and they were tight. >> you can tell --
12:40 am
>> i'm surprised there is no website devoted to that. baseball coaches in tight gym shorts from the 70s .org. >> you put that, what do you call it? >> y'all. >> it makes it -- >> you can't have an uh possible trough fee. >> now you tell me. >> unless you spell out apostrophe. >> this is what we do at "red eye." we solve problems and i think we solved a lot today. or maybe we caused a few. i don't know anymore. frankly i am about to pass out. when we come back we will talk about something. in the meantime if you haven't bought my book what is wrong with you? autographed copy go to g order one anyway.
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is the cash abuse or just abuse? does giving kids an allowance help? a columnist addressed this this weekend. several studies they found. high school kids who received regular parental payment left skoal learning less about money than those who got nothing or were paid for specific chores. also, quote, other studies show the teams with allowances were less likely to get jobs which teachers and the value of money. this is interesting i believe or we will pretend to believe. allowance or no allowance or hate kids in general. >> he called it child abuse, right? i think having to talk about this guy in a study is adult abuse. can i say that? this is so dumb. it is patently ridiculous. let's just say that.
12:45 am
>> what is stupid? >> the idea that $going to affect a kid either way to the extent that we need to talk about it. of course it is going to be a good thing. you will teachers and your kid something positive. >> i think i disagree with you. >> you couldn't. >> i think you need to get -- if you are going to get money you have to work for it. i will go to joe. you are the business person here. forget what eric said. it is nonsense. now that i think it through, it is nonsense. >> did you have an allowance? >> i did. for a short time. it didn't last long. i started working when i was young, 14. i personalized piggy banks. it would be like greg's vacation money. it was air artistic and i
12:46 am
spill etd etd -- spailed all over myself. >> the government should have looked into this. incredible. i got an allowance up until that point and there was a period where my parents taxed us and we had to put 10% of our allowance into a pickle jar and that would be redistributed for various things we wanted to do. if we wanted to buy a troll poe lean which we never had enough money for because i never paid my taxes. we could do that. >> you have the strangest family. >> my team is amazing. >> did your family ever uh bit you? i never heard of this. >> it was picked up from another family in the school district. my mom said this would be a funny thing to tryout. it lasted two or three months. 10% of a $4 a week allowance is nothing. >> well it is 40 cents. >> you are so quick. >> did is it go to mom care
12:47 am
where we buy our own bandaids. >> all of a sudden you have state run health care in your house. you will have to pay for the other kids across the street who aren't working. >> my kids took away the allowance and then they helped me. i got a used car and i had to pay the insurance. that was the best knowing i had a deadline and had to pay. it made me learn the value of money. >> what have we concluded? >> i don't know. >> but if you are personalizing piggy banks try thought to spill the paint. >> bill, every time we -- we anded if we learn anything and we go to you. you get it wrong. >> and you are welcome. >> andy, do your cats get an allowance? >> i did not see that question coming at all. >> do you pay them in goldfish?
12:48 am
>> can we say an allowance is a good idea until a child wants to get a job. >> isn't this subjective? if your parents are good and teaching you good valuings -- good values and overseeing your life. it is not like welfare. >> i guess. i don't know. i don't understand an allowance. if you are old enough to spend money you are old enough to work. >> no, there are laws against that. >> a 5-year-old shouldn't be spending money. >> maybe where you grew up. >> when you say work do you mean chores. who is to say they are not doing chores? >> then it is not an allowance. >> they say scoop the kitty litter. >> do what you are supposed to do and you are a good kid and i will give you $2 a week. >> you have to tie the money to an actual ac bill, i am giving you last word and yen why. did you have an allowance?
12:49 am
>> yes. it was the only time i made the bed and i had it scoop the kitty litter and we didn't have a cat. i know those were too big, dad. >> he taught me a available lesson. he stot me you have to shovel through a little cat doo-doo. >> when will we learn a available lesson. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us as red eye at fox do you have video of your animal do something? go to our website and click on video. stay right there. we have one final store -- story to go.
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quick programming note before we get to our last story. there is no show tomorrow. thanks, president obama. we are bumped for fox newschannel's coverage of soon to be impeached president obama's address to the nation on syria. i'm kidding. >> i like when you shake your head. >> "red eye" returns on wednesday with jesse joyce and former miss america kirsten kirstenhagland and she was miss america. should no sight be no right? iowa is granting permits for
12:54 am
blind people to carry guns in public. they deny any resident the right to carry a weapon based on physical disability. but that doesn't mean they have to like it. if you see nothing but a blurry mass in front of you, you probably shouldn't be shooting something. but aren't we all blurry masses in this crazy world we call earth? think about it. i don't know. eric, blind people can be taught to shoot guns, so why not let them? >> i so don't understandment it is like saying a deaf person can carry a boom box. i don't understand. >> you think you are missing part of the story. >> i think i am missing part of the story. if a blind person -- the whole idea is we can't discriminate. but then if you can't discriminate, why can't a blind person drive a car or fly a plane or perform brain surgery on the person who came up with the law? >> none of those are constitutional rights. >> ladies and gentlemen, you just won libertarian jeopardy. >> can we go home now? >> that was owning a gun.
12:55 am
this is carrying a gun on your person. it is a permit to carry. joe, federal law prohibits different treatments based on disabilities. what if it hampers public safety? >> there is a lot more context to the story. it is interesting this particular town chose to even address the issue. it may be like a single person. it does president make it i will legitimate at all. >> there is probably a blind gun slinger in this town and they had to come up with a law for him. >> bill, part of the law allows for blind people to shoot at you if they can smell you coming. which i think i am totally for. >> are you sick of the cat questions? >> what's your point? >> nothing. forget about whether it is in the constitution. you are not allowed by law to do a lot of things if you are
12:56 am
impaired for a variety ofasons. your vision is, quote, unquote, impaired for the rest of your life. a gun shouldn't be in your hand? everyone knows what happens. they reproduce. if you shoot them with a little water four or five more happen. if you feed them after midnight and little lady you don't want to know what happens. you don't know what gremlins is. >> i should return the super soaker? >> why the not one. i wish i was. >> will you tell them what it is? >> it is what happens -- what a bremlin is before they become one -- a gremlin is before they become one. >> where is this coming from? >> from the movie "gremlins." don't they teachers and anyone? what college did you go to?
12:57 am
>> i would think my guests except we had greta's intro. eric, andy, bill, me. i did it without the tele prompter. incredible. amazing. bye-bye. ♪ [ male announcer ] ultra rugged phones from sprint. buy one, get four free, and $150 credit when you swih your business line to sprint. the pioneers in push-to-talk. trouble hearing on the phone? visit when she's happy, she writes about bunnies. when she's sad, she writes about goblins. [ balloon pops, goblin growling ] she wrote a lot about goblins after getting burned in the market. but she found someone to talk to and gained the confidence to start investing again.
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tomorrow night. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i think it is important for us to not to let the pedal off the metal when it comes to making sure that they understand we mean what we say about these international bans oon chemical weapons. >> bill: almost midnight for president obama. his whole administration is an the line over syria. county president convince the american public to support military action? brit hume, juan williams, bernie goldberg and i will have analysis. >> are we back from the brink? is military strike on pause? >> would you set some kind of a deadline? >> does it seem like a stalling tactic? >> bill: the president submitting to interviews today, something he does not like to do. we will tell you who was toughest on him. >> do we want to be involved in another war?


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