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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 10, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> busy day here. i will see you back here tomorrow. "studio b" win shepard smith gets started right about now. >> shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b." a huge day in the debate on syria. our president addressing the nation tonight but the russians seem to be taking charge. this story has changed dozens of times, and here comes the president now. these are live pictures. the president just met with leaders on capitol hill with lawmaker from both sides of the political fence. let's listen in. >> shepard: members of congress on one side and then the other side, and he is pushing his case that action is necessary. listen. there's john mccain. who was for a less controlled strike, if you will, giving more option to the president than he appeared to be seeking in these
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later days. now, is a mentioned -- actually go back -- now, as i mentioned so many things have changed today. again, the president will soon make this push to all of us on -- from washington, 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central. it's been a wild 4 -- 24 hours, and now after dives making -- at the white house is talking a new plan of diplomacy, one that would not require military action at all. aides say the president will still push congress to authorize military action but hopes it won't be necessary, after he agreed to united nations talks on a russian proposal that calls for syria to hand over all chemical weapons to international control. that u.n. meeting is an hour
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from now. syria's foreign minister today says his country has agreed to the plan, and also says syria will declare its huge chemical weapons -- never really admitted in public they have, though everyone knows they do, and syria will even sign the chemical weapons convention. in other words, promise never to use them and at the same time hand them over to international control. syria may have one of the biggest stockpiles the world. only one of three countries that have not signed the convention which states no one will use those chemical weapons. russia's president, vladimir putin, says his nation's plan would work only if the united states rejects the use of force outright. that's the change. before there were no conditions on the united states for this. certainly not that we would say, all options are not on the table. about that is now a condition, that we say, there will be no military strike. again, just about an hour from how to the u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting to discuss this. we see the president leaving
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from capitol hill. it's a long way from yesterday and started with what seemed like an off the cuff remark by secretary of state john kerry that syria could avoid a strike by giving up chemical weapons. but u.s. officials spent the day playing down the comments, auld them rhetorical. not a real proposal. then russia jumped. offered up a plan to turn over the chemical weapons to an international group, and by the time president obama sat down with reporter from the networks, it went from a rhetorical statement to a game-changer. the president told chris wallace he discussed the plan with russia's president last week. today, secretary kerry talked up the idea, claiming it came about only because of pressure from the united states. >> it is the threat of this force, and our determination to hold assad accountable, that has
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motivated others to even talk about a real and credible international action that might have an impact. >> shepard: here's a development for you. that's the president. he spent his day on capitol hill with lawmakers. i got word that the security council meeting scheduled for 4:00 this afternoon, 56 minutes from now, has just been cancelled. why was it cancelled? frankly, i don't know. i just know they cancelled it. here's a thought. the idea behind this russian proposal was initially syria will give up its arms, declare them, show the world where they are, allow the world in, if you will to give control of those chemical weapons to an international group. russia said that was the plan. the syrians signed off on it. then we learn that russia says, wait, there's a catch, and always is. are you have to disavow use of military force. in other words if he gives up
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control of the chemical weapons the united states would then have to say we will not strike under any circumstances. anybody who thought we were giving up that control was delusional or stupid. that wasn't happening. so is that the reason the security council's vote has been cancelled? i don't know. put we'll find out shortly. we're told the president talked about the new diplomatic path, but still pushed for authorization of the use of force when he talked to the members of capitol hill today. it's been such a tough sell that the senate majority leader harry reid called off a test vote set for tomorrow. in other words, hold the vote as if to see if they had enough votes. they weren't even sure. that was cab -- cancelled. now the security council meeting canceled. they house majority leader, john boehner, who says he supports military action but had not been whipping his members for this, has not been trading favors and ideas on capitol hill in an effort to get the vote -- he
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hasn't been doing this as we have been told. today the same john boehner said the president failed to make his case. >> members tend to reflect their constituents. the american people have not been supportive. he has not made the sale to the american people. that's why i think tonight is so important. >> shepard: do the polls back that up. the latest fox news poll, 68% of people say the united states should stay out of syria's civil war. the same poll finds the president's disapproval rating at an all-time high. 54%. his 40% approval rating has been that low only once before and that was in 2010. so as president obama prepares to address the nation we are left with a whole new set set of questions. is the president pushing for war or diplomacy? how long to -- it's though stockpile is spread out all over the country. can we trust that regime to declare its arsenal and give up all this information?
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and have the russian really become the problem, solvers, the ones pushing a peace deal, as the united states beats the drums of war? and why did they just cancel the security couple meet -- council meeting, the emergency meeting to work on this. wendell is live. the longest seven-minute intro to wendell goler that has ever been done because the facts changed twice during the statement. what is happening? >> i hope you don't expect me to answer these questions. they are tough questions. and the facts are changing, it seems to be, hourly. the president has always said he prefers a diplomatic settlement of the syrian crisis. in fact he says there is no military solution to the civil war there. but he and his aides feel the threat of force is what pushed the sir yaps to accept the russian proposal, to put their chemical weapons under international supervision, and while the chemical weapon
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proposal wasn't intended to end the civil war, some experts think, if it works, it will undermine the u.s. is cystance that assad must go. >> if we get into negotiations over the chemical it proceeds, one of the end results is going to be the maintenance of bashar assad in power, because the russians didn't go down this road in order to help this guy out of his current job. >> aaron david miller says there are no good options in syria, which he describes as a cross between a migraine headache and a root canal. >> shepard: two breaking news items. one about syria and the other is even bigger and it's from the president. here's the first. an emergency closed door meeting of the united nations security council on syria was just cancelled after russia withdrew it governor consultation.
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remember, it was the russians who had said we have this proposal. it was the russians who said we have an agreement from the syrians to identify and give up their control of their chemical weapon in exchange for the united states not launching. but now that request by the russians has been withdrawn. this is according to australia's united nations envoy, and saying following the request for consultation, the meeting will not proceed. the australian ambassador, president of the 15-nation council this month, announced on his twitter feed. the presidency of the u.n. security council rotates among all the members, and you get a one-month as president. the australian guy is the president right now and he says it's off. the meeting was expected to focus on the russian plan to place syrian chemical weapons under international control. now the meeting is off.
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here's item number two. and i'm going to read this to you directly from the reuters news agency because i can't confirm this yet but reuters can. here's what they're reporting. united states president -- rueter speaks in international terms -- united states president barack obama, on tuesday,congres authorizing military strikes against syria in order to give russia time to get syria to surrender any chemical weapons it possesses, according to u.s. senators. quoting, what he, obama, wants, is to check out the seriousness of the syrians and russian' willingness to get rid of the chemical weapons. continuing the quote, he wants time to check it out. that's from carl levin, the senate armed services committee chairman, has now reported the president is asking congress to delay the votes on authorization of strikes in syria. senator levin made his remarks
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after the lunch meeting on capitol hill that the president attended. yesterday the senate ban debating a resolution choo would back strikes on syria. so it was requested on august 31st. his numbers have gotten worth in worse in the public and congress. as of yesterday he was still asking for permission, but today, according to senator levin, less than an hour ago, in fact just minutes ago, the president asked for a delay. i can't confirm that. minutes after that, the russians withdrew their request for consultation to the united nations which would have ended in syria handing over their weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons, to international control. so the timeline looks as if president obama asked for a delay to consider the russian proposal. the russians have withdrawn their proposal, at least threw
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the united nations but the president still asked for a delay. is it possible we're all being played? we'll have representatives from both sides of the aisle, sheila jackson-lee, and a republican representative will follow immediately thereafter. each of them has inside information as the president has met with members on capitol hill today. what has just happened? the united nations emergency meeting withdrawn. the president asking congress to delay votes on action in syria. is there a compromise even now in play? was the demand to the united states to give up our right to strike when we want, too much? the news is breaking fast. we'll sort it out and be right back on "studio b." my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal
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>> shepard: continuing coverage breaking news. we now have multiple report this president officially asked for a delay on congressional vote on authorization to use force against syria. that happened in the last few minutes. senators with whom the president was speaking, got the word of this and carl levin put out the word the president wants a delay. seconds later, lift rally -- literally, we got word from the united nations meeting that was scheduled an hour from control was just cancelled, and the reason it was cancelled according to the acting president of the security council, is that the russians withdrew their request. so where are we? with us now the congresswoman from texas, sheila jackson-lee, a member of the house homeland security committee. a republican will join us shortly for the same amount of time. representative, what do you make of this? >> well, what i make of it is that what we're trying to bring about is peace.
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peace is not a pretty picture when you have to put it together by so many disparate positions and leaders. the other thing i would offer we should not ever step away from the fact that 1400 persons conspicuously and obviously were tragically gassed, many of them children and it was a violent scene. and so syria's resolution is more difficult than it might seem, and i think that where we try to give credit or try to suggest that russia has the only answer, we make a mistake. this has to be solved by the international family and what the president was doing, as he expressed phenomenon his heart, is respond to the tragedy and the killing of children -- >> shepard: i want to ask you specifically, what it ills you believe the illegal action under
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international law of troping united states missiles into the middle of a civil war in the middle east would accomplish? 0 our own leaders told us they do not believe this would accomplish the stopping of the slaughter of the syrian people. they do not believe it would stop president assad from using his chemical weapons in the future. so, why would we do and it why would you vote for it? >> shepard, thank you very much. it's a very complex question, and i never said i would vote for it. i said i was opening and listening to all the information. i have been in meetings today, yesterday, tomorrow, continue to be in classified meetings. what i am willing to say to interpret what i perceive the president's effort and response, and that is that the united states, and the world community, make a statement about the heinousous of using chemical weapons and using a strike that would dedegrade and deter.
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those are words been utilized in the international arena and, more importantly, military terms. my view is this. that a single evident -- single effort is not a complete effort. it has to be a diplomatic approach. what you see now is a recognition that maybe someone else, another country, can contribute. my iwith russia is that, let it be a world contribution, because russia knows that it has rejected three different times, four different times, a resolution before the united nations security council to condemn this violence. where we might have stopped the -- >> now russia is a peace make center you buy that? >> no. now russia steps up with an idea presented over two years ago by this administration. i'm not a going to throw stones but i'm going to be a very skeptical critic about russia's commitment. if they have a plan, let's
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review it and ultimately i hope the unites nations will set their meeting again and i hope the president and france and great britain leaders will have the opportunity to vet this proposal. it's not just about the chemical weapons. at it about bringing the resolution to the heinous killing of their people. i want peace, i'm ready to look at diplomacy. i have not closed the door on the strike and i'm not giving a yes vote yet. i have the responsibility to look carefully -- >> shepard: sounds to me like you're watching those polls. >> i'm watching my constituents and i'm watching the debate and the president's leadership, and i'm watching the international community, and i'm listening to the mid-east, and clearly a representative would not be a representative if they were not listening to their constituents but i have spoken to them over the times i have been at home and i have given them the lay of
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the land in both sides of the issue. i have told them both sides. for though be able to digest. i have encouraged them to listen to as much as they could and be engaged in this debate because in fact the american people will be impacted. if not for the ridiculousness of the iraq war, except for the bravery of our men and women, many who lost their lives, americans would not have lost the trust they should have when leaders ask the country to go to war, but iraq laid out unfortunately a large sore and wound in the american psyche and that's why there's so much questioning and i welcome that. i believe we should look at both the peace element, the tragedy of what happened, and give this suggestion that is really a modification of what we offered two or three years ago, fine, russia offered it, but they must allow vetting and accountability, and they must allow the detail of whether or not it is actually transpired, but more importantly, russia
12:22 pm
can't tell us how to run our foreign policy. and they can't dictate to the president whether he should pull off the table or not. >> shepard: i'm out of time. representative. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> shepard: from the democratic side, thank you. the republican side next. atlantic
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>> shepard: 35 minutes from now the security council the united nations was supposed to go into special meeting because the russians asked for. they wanted a statement bit the presidency, a presidentality statement from the president of the security council, saying the syrians would turn over their weapons to an international group. much less binding than a resolution. then, the russians withdrew their request for that meeting. and at the same time we learned that it was conditional upon the
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united states and its allies rule out force on syria, saying how can syria back down on weapons if everyone ills is training their arsenal on them. that's what they expected the united states of america to go along with. continuing coverage as the president gets ready to make his case to the nation. we heard from the democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee. now matt thornberry, welcome, sir, thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: security council meeting cancelled. the russians asking for us to give up our option to use force if the united states sees necessary? where do you think we are this afternoon, sir? >> oh, it's a mess, and everything associated with syria is a mess. really there's no reason to trust the russian motives, buttoned that, even if they had good intention, logistically, just doing this, trying to round up all the chemical weapons in syria, in the middle of a civil
12:27 pm
war, putting them in safe hands, et cetera, would be just about impossible. so, i think there's a great deal of skepticism about this. but the president may be looking for a way to back down if he hasn't convinced the country and the congress to go forward with this plan. >> shepard: you're against this idea. correct? >> i do not trust the russians, and i think there is no way that you could round up all these weapons in the middle of a civil war and put them under some sort of guard. >> shepard: would you vote for or against the president's authorization to use force? >> well, i'm going to listen to what he says tonight -- >> shepard: where are you leaning now, sir? >> i'm very skeptical. i'm not persuaded at this point. i owe it to the president to listen to what he says to the country tonight but i have a host of concerns about the administration's plan and about the consequences of a very limited strike, and what that would mean for our future and
12:28 pm
for the middle east. >> shepard: when we say limited strike, something the secretary of state called very, very small, is it your sense it should be limited to that? for instance, if hezbollah uses chemical weapons on syria, would the united states then need -- i mean on israel, would the united states then need to join our partners, israel, with boots on the ground? >> i think we well could and that's part of the point. what you think you start in a very limited way can quickly escalate because you don't know what iran or hezbollah or the russians might do. i think the other point is the administration says they want to use just enough force to deter further use of chemical weapons but not enough force to make a difference in the civil war. they want to use just enough force to degrade his ability to use chemical weapons. but not enough force to make it more likely that the security around those weapons would not stand so that the terrorists would get their hands on them.
12:29 pm
the point is they're trying to finely tune this use of force too precisely, and the world doesn't work that way. >> shepard: should the president have authorization to act as he pleases? he says he doesn't need it. but does he deserve it? s to the commander-in-chief, when he said here's a read -- red line, don't cross it, then what? >> there are clearly damaging consequences to the country if we do nothing, or if we repudiate the president. i'm even more concerned at this moment about the damage to the country if we give him that authorization and if they move ahead with those limited strikes. there are no good answers here. it is bad every way. so what you're trying to weigh and judge is the damage done from inaction versus the damage done from the kind of action they proposed, and it's not
12:30 pm
easy, but right now i'm more concerned about the results of their limited action. >> shepard: in the last 30 second is have gotten the following. the syrian foreign minister just said that damascus, meaning the syrian government, supports the russian initiative and wants to hand over all of its chemical weapons. of course, we already know that it would be incumbent upon the united states and allies to rule out the use of force. do you wonder, as i am wondering as this is developing, why we would ever entertain such a thing? i think it goes without saying we would not. >> i completely agree. and another one of my concerns about what the president has done is to take a lot of options off the table. to say we're not going to do that, not going to do this. that just tells tells the adver- simplifies his calculation so rule ought the use of force is always a buddied and we should
12:31 pm
never do it. >> shepard: representative mat thorneberry, vice-chairman of the house arms committee -- i'm a mess over here because i got a lot of stuff to spit out quick. we appreciate your time. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: yesterday morning we were at this point. the united states wants a strike on syria. the president needs the congressional approval. yesterday at this hour it was a whole new game. the russians have a plan. the president wants to hear it. and is for it. the syrians are talking about identifying and giving up their chemical weapons to stop a strike. fast forward to an hour ago. the united nations security council is about to meet to hear the russian proposal. they will come up with a presidential statement of the president of the security council, which would help us avert a military strike. and all of a sudden we learn, we have to promise not to use any force under any conditions no matter what.
12:32 pm
so where are we? seems to me we're at the same place we were yesterday morning, and that tonight the president is going to come ask for the use of force, but he has already told congress, you don't have to vote now. it's okay to delay. what a mess. [ male announcer ] what's important to you? at humana, our medicare agents sit down wh you and ask. being active. and being with this guy. [ male announcer ] getting to know you is how we help you choose the humana medicare plan that works best for you. mi familia. ♪ [ male announcer ] we want to help you achieve your best health,
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>> shepard: okay, commercial break and now we have more new stuff. now we know on capitol hill a group of senators from the right and left, hawks on the right and peace -- peace-niks on the left,
12:36 pm
lindsey graham, saxby chambliss, a group of them, including john mccain from the right, and another group from the left, robert menendez, bob casey of pennsylvania, and anyway, here's what they're plan is it. they want to come up with a new way for the syrians to avoid being struck by our military. the first thing that this group has come together -- they're working on a plan to move forward quickly, i'm now told. the very beginning of this plan would call for the unitees nations to pass not a presidential statement like they were asking for today with the russian meeting. not that. but a full on united nations security council resolution that says, the syrians admit they have chemical weapons, and now the united nations is cop -- condemning them. so the russians have to sign off on that.
12:37 pm
really? that's as big a fantasy as what we were talking about 30 minutes ago. mike emanuel on capitol hill. that's my understand ago of the broad framework. >> any understanding is they're essentially trying to have the russians put up or shut up, and i talked to some senators who were at lunch with the president of the united states earlier today, and they say the president told him he wants to give this russian proposal more time at the u.n. security council. so there will not be a vote on the use of force resolution, which was struggling here on capitol hill, anytime this week. the president does believe that the threat of the use of force makes a diplomatic solution more likely, but at this point, he wants to at least give that a little more time to see if it's legit or whether it's the russians playing games. bottom line, i've heard from some senators that the president believes if the use of force is necessary, he has great faith and confidence that the u.s.
12:38 pm
military can do it successfully. one democratic senator floating an alternative to the use of force immediately talked about the president's discussions after meeting with the democratic senators. >> i think the president's very receptive to that. he understands he wants to keep his finger on the pulse, if you will, and on the trigger if needed. >> bottom line, sounds like the president realizes he has a steep hill to climb in terms of winning over public opinion and doesn't think one speech is going to do that, so he is working for an alternative. wants to give the russian proposal some time. but you heard the mention, keeping his finger on the trigger, making sure the syrians feel that force could be an option at some point. >> shepard: she's senators with the new plan. they believe timing is off the essence and want to allow the syrians a matter of days, not weeks to prove they can go along with this proposal as the russians were laying it out. it's my understanding, mike,
12:39 pm
that part of this was that there would be not a u.n. security council resolution but a statement of the president that laid out all these things, college on the united states, we learn, that the united states forego the use of force. that's not a starting point for the united states. was that they reason potentially that the u.n. security council emergency meeting was cancelled for 20 minutes from now? >> maybe there is a big disagreement between what the u.s. wants and what the russians and some of the others are willing to do at this point. what i've heard from these senators who are working on this new gang of eight plan, if you will, is they want to make sure that those chemical weapons are removed from syria under a certain timetable, and they want to make sure there is a vote in the u.n. to say that the regime did use chemical weapons on its own people, hold them accountable at the u.n. if any of that doesn't happen, then they want the option, as the commander-in-chief has the
12:40 pm
possibility of using military force, and maybe that's a nonstarter with the russians or the chinese, but we're certainly working on that angle. the diplomatic angle, trying to figure that out. my understanding this gang of eight is still in discussions. it's not been written out in legislative language but that's what i heard from both republicans and democrats trying to work the issue. >> shepard: we just got played, think. let me lay out the facts so the viewers are along for the ride. the russians said we have a plan, and that plan involves all the things you have talked about. the u.n. security council is about to hold an emergency meeting in one hour, and one hour before that the russians went on national television in russia and said, oh, yeah, with the way, this plan will include the united states and all of its allies foregoing use of weapons -- foregoing the use of the military against syria. in the next paragraph the russian president vladimir putin says in addition to that, sure, the syrians never admitted they
12:41 pm
have weapons of mass destruction but they always considered their chemical weapons a balance, if you will, and an equalizer for the weapons that the israelis have. so the nuclear weapons that the israelis have. they never intended for this thing to go through without the united states foregoing the possibility of using military force. that's a nonstarter, mike. i think we have just wasted 24 solid hours and have not made one bit of progress. not one centimeter of progress. the russians just blew hard and blew us right off course. >> makes you wonder what the president of the united states is going to say to the american people tonight with this ever-changing situation. what do you tell the american people we're going to do? do you think the russians possibility is anything serious or is it a joke? vladimir putin saying, i've got syria's back and i'm not really serious about solving this issue, and so i'm sure the president's speech writers are not having a good time at the
12:42 pm
moment. >> shepard: i'm confident they are extremely busy. one thing we have gotten confirmed, the president has asked for a delay on the vote to authorize the use of force in syria, that has been confirmed by fox news, and the president is asking them for a delay. why was he doing that? we have this peace proposal. this possibility that all of saud, the russians who have gotten in the way of everything -- the russian was not even declare -- would not even ask for a resolution that declared that the syrian government should stop murdering its own people. the russians say it's not the russian-syrian government that has gassed its own people. it's the rebels who gassed themselves. that's been the russian proposal. and in the middle of that. amid the russian sentence, the russians say, wait, wait, we have a peace plan now. the sirrans are going to give up their chemical weapons and the sirrans go, yep, we're going to do that. and he goes, look, let's have a united nations security council vote. sure. the president delays the vote in
12:43 pm
congress. we're going to wait, peace plan, peace plan, an hour before the u.n. votes on such a matter, we get the word that president putin says but, united states, you have to forego the use of military force if this is going to work. that's where we are. in the united states of america, the most powerful country on earth. the russians just threw a head fake and we bit. and we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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♪ i'll stand by you yeaaaah! yeah. so that's our loyalty program. you're automatically enrolled, and the longer you stay, the more rewards you get. great! oh! ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive. continuing coach, absolute disaster that is the crisis in syria. niklas bushes a former state department undersecretary. harvard professor, and our guest on this matter. mr. bushes good, afternoon. >> thank you. >> shepard: you were listenies t happened. your thoughts? >> i think that president obama was right to consider this russian proposal because if we had any chance of resolving this peacefully the pratt had to look at that. but the president has to take a very tough stance with the
12:47 pm
russians and syrians, and i expect he will do that. as you were saying, if there's going to be any u.n. security council resolution on sirarch that demands syria give up chemical weapons, it has to include what we call an enforcement mechanism there has to be the right of the u.s. and france to use force in case assad reneges on the deal. this is going to be really tough in the middle of a war zone to find all the chemical weapons with a cynical and dishonest government to ship them out of the country that's going to require teeth and an enforcement mechanism make the syrians do it, and the syrians are so unu trustworthy, if we don't haven't the enforcement mechanism, they'll promise and not do it. nows it's up to the american diplomats to be tough as nails with the russians at the security council in new york. >> shepard: when the russians at the last minute demands that the
12:48 pm
u.s. and allies forego military force, that says you turn around. >> you say to russians -- and i'm sure the administration is saying this -- no deal. the only way we'll consider this is if we have some mechanism to force the syrians to do what they say they'll do. a syrian government that for decades denied it had chemical weapons and for today for the first time they acknowledged they do. so we can't trust them so to paraphrase ronald reagan we shouldn't trust the syrians. we have to verify in a very detailed way whatever agreement is put into place, and i assume that president obama is going to be very tough here and very focused and i'm sure he'll have to talk about this in his speech to the country tonight, that we'll walk down this road but only if the russians and syrians meet us halfway and this proposal doesn't do that. >> shepard: mr. burns, stay with us. breaks news now on fox news
12:49 pm
channel. this just in to the fox newsroom in new york. our secretary of state, john kerry, will meet with the russian foreign minister in geneva, switzerland, day after tomorrow, to discuss syria. nicholas burns back with us again. sounds like maybe there's more to this than we no. >> there's more than we can possibly know. i think it's a good move. we have to meet the russians face-to-face, to make a deal, and to understand that the deal has to be on our terms. we're the country that was going to enforce the chemical weapons prohibition and going to take force -- use force, and now the russians have to agree with our fundamental demands here. and so i think it's right for secretary kerry to have the meeting. it's going to delay action, obviously, but if we can resolve this peacefully it will be worth it. >> shepard: mr. burns, thank you. more breaking news.
12:50 pm
stave with us. this just into us from reuters. talk bat story that doesn't stop. the syrian foreign minister said today that damascus is committed to a russian initiative under which syria will hand over its chemical weapons and join a convention that prohibits their use. the final paragraph of this statement is, and i quote: we are ready to declare the location of chemical weapons, stop production of chemical weapons, and show these facilities to representatives of russia and the unitees nations member states. for the first time in history, the russian -- the syrian government has just admitted that it has chemical weapons. and now its foreign minister says that they will identify the location, give up those weapons, join a convention that saying you cannot use them, and accept the russian proposal. don't forget, the russian proposal requires the united
12:51 pm
states to forego the use of military on syria. so what do we have? we have an admission from sirat has chemical weapons and that's a start. it says it will do a lot of things. we'll get ourselves together and bring you more after this. block
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>> shepard: the russians have a proposals. the syrians are all about it. they never admitted they had which chemical winds until 45 minutes ago, and now we'll give them away the chemical weapons. now the secretary of state, john kerry, is off to geneva, switzerland to meet with the russian counterpart and they're going to talk about syria. and the syrian foreign minister says we're good to go. we don't think anyone should use chemical weapons. the day after their own president said they didn't use
12:55 pm
chemical weapons, the rebels used it on them. now it's wrapped up in a nice bow. long statements translated by these people. all fits together perfectly. things don't ever fit together perfectly. catherine herridge is live in washington. this is a bigger mess than any conspiracy theorists could have dreamed up. where are we now? >> well, based on this proposition by the russians, they're opening the door for u.n. inspections on the face of it, inside of syria. having been in iraq in the late '90s when the u.n. inspectors were there trying to confirm whether the iraqi government had chemical or biological weapons, there are problems of scale. syria said to have one of the largest chemical weapons stockpiles so securing that and being open or transparent about the location is problem number one.
12:56 pm
and number two these u.n. programs are always stodge delay. it's -- subject to delay. inspection by committee, and that seems to be what the proposal is opening the door to. >> shepard: and u.n. weapons inspectors in, from automatic over the place, and when things don't go well they're the perfect little human shields. >> one experiences in the late '90s in iraq you had the scenario the inspectors were at the front door and the back door the iraqis going out and this issue of human shields as a potential as well. >> shepard: tonight the president speaks. imagine how that might go and what might have changed between now and then? we'll wrap up a wild hour and lead you on to cavuto next. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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>> shepard: the russians have proposal. the syrians go ago with it, admit, yes, we have chemical weapons and, yes, we'll join a convention that says we won't use them, and, yes, we'll give
1:00 pm
them to you, but of course america has to agree not to use force. secretary kerry is off to meet his counterpart in russia. the russians are helping us make peace. awesome. have great day. >> neil: welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. you're looking at the unites nations where a very big pow-wow was ko'd and nobody knows why, just that a u.n. security council meeting on syria that was supposed to start is not happening because the country requesting it is now withdrawing that request. that country, russia, the same countries who president seemed to offer a way out of this mess by getting syria's chemical weapons out of president assad's haps. putin wants to take the stockpile and have international group monitor it. that's good for


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