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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 11, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> everybody send a picture of your dog to greg on twitter for his birthday tomorrow, he'll love it. >> are you going to be happy tomorrow? >> no. i'm old. special report is up next. on a date forever stained by terrorism, america remembers two attacks and tries to avoid another war. this is special report. good evening. bells tolled, bag pipes blared, names were read and americans we want. today is the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that ushered in a new era of terrorism and forever changed our country and world. r
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remembrances were held in the three sites where many died. >> joseph ross marxbank jr. >> it's a heartbreaking tradition repeated every september 11th in lower manhattan. >> amy elizabeth toyen. >> they read the names of the lost with a constant theme, never forget. >> and myself, glenn davis early. i know you're watching. you'd be very proud that your beautiful wife, joan, has raised two wonderful boys. >> at the white house, the morning began with a somber remembrance and moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. when the first plane hit the first tower. later, president obama spoke at a ceremony at the pentagon, where 125 people were killed in the building 12 years ago today. >> our hearts still ache for the futures snatched away. the lives that might have been.
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>> lives lost, but never forgotten like the passengers and crew members who died in shanksville, pennsylvania. their names announced at the memorial with 200 in attendance. for most new yorkers, 9/11 is forever seared in their souls. with a cost of almost 3,000 lives, but it was also a day of great heroism and strength and that strength can be found at the 16 acre site in lower manhattan. one world trade is nearly finished. four world trade will open this november and the memorial is one of the top tourist attractions in the city. the 9/11 museum is expected to open to visitors next spring, but the city's police commissioner warns the threat are greater than ever. >> in our recent experience tells us that new york remains squarely in the cross hairs of global terrorism. this is a time for vigilance not
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complacen complacency. >> of course, security has been a key concern at one world trade since workers first broke ground back in 2004. it's now touted as one of the strongest and safest buildings of its kind in the world. that and the views may be one of the key reasons it's already 60% leased, despite remaining a prime target for terror. >> rick, thank you. bikers from all over the country were in the washington area today. for a 9/11 memorial. here's an ariel shot from ft. washington, maryland. the group called 2 million bikers to d.c. organized the motorcycle ride to honor the victims of the terror attacks. riders are holds this despite the refusal of the national parks service to issue a permit allowing the use of the national mall. district law does permit such an event on city streets.
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9/11 now has a second terrorism tie in. last year's brutal and deadly assault on the u.s. diplomatic facility in benghazi, libya. tonight, chief intelligence correspondent updates us on efforts to find out what really happened and why. >> as the nation marked the worst terror attack on u.s. soil, eric holder publicly honored the heroism of four americans murdered in benghazi. >> and ambassador chris stevens. >> in this letter, the cia pledgeded to make the survivors available to congressional investigators. >> they all acted with great bravery and patriotism. >> and with these new images of the horror, the relatives voice frustration. >> i will not give up. my only child. >> a review of internal memos and testimony shows the policy
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edition to maintain the conflict was made at the highest levels at the state department by officials who escaped -- this memo signed by patrick kennedy nine months before the assault okayed the operation with the prompts of better security that was never fulfilled. >> it would not active in isolate. he needed cover on the department's seventh floor. >> i feel for a place as sensitive as libya, with secretary clinton directly, i don't think he would have made -- purely on grounds. >> the decision to keep the benghazi post open with congressional testimony, but the significance of a conversation between stevens and clinton was largely overlooked. >> according to secretary clinton wanted benghazi converted into a permanent constituent post. >> that september, hicks testified he was under pressure to pull together a list of
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upgrades needed to make clinton's goal possible. >> he needed to report before september 30th, before the end of the year. >> the goals to make benghazi permanent was a surprise to ambassador pickering. >> at the start of this investigation in june, fox news asked the state department media office where mrs. clinton as the evidence suggests and whether secretary kennedy consulted her. after trying to down play the significance, today, a spokeswoman told fox she would look into it. >> we will follow this story. so, what do you think? do you think anyone will ever be held accountable for benghazi? up next, a president trying to fight his way out of a political corner. but first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight across the country. kohn in honolulu about how -- is
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killingt ing tons of fish. tampa keeping an eye on the season's first hurricane forming in the atlantic. humberto is forecast to strengthen slightly. and this is a live look at boston. officials who run logan airport are apologizing for conducting a massive disaster drill on the 9/11 anniversary. two of the planes involved in the attacks 12 years ago took off from logan. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ you make me, make me, make me go crazy ♪ ♪ you make me, make me, make me go crazy. ♪
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now the latest on syria. a president backed into a corner about red lines is tonight cautiously embracing a deal
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brokered by a savvy rival. ed henry begins our coverage from washington. >> one day after president obama did another about face on syria by asking congress to delay the votes he had called for in the first place, "the washington post" lead editorial declared he's offered quote stumbling improvised and often inconsistent explanations for why military action is needed, yet jay carney insisted it was president assad who blinked because the military action forced the russians to intervene. >> in acknowledgment they hold chemical weapons. >> carney noted the administration is skeptical assad will turn those chemical weapons over, while john mccain said he's not so sure assad has backed down, especially after john kerry suggested any u.s. attack would be quote unbelievably small. >> and yet the president last night saying that any attack
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would have a very significant effect. you can't have it both ways. these are the kinds of intellectual gymnastics which c confuse the american people. >> it was just monday that susan rice, the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations said the russians cannot be trusted to support security council actions. >> let's be realistic. it's just not going to happen. >> now, the president is losing votes on capitol hill, so he's put stock in the russian proposal and dispatched kerry to geneva to meet sergey lavrov. >> it wasn't until lavrov put forward a proposal to act on the need to secure syria's chemical weapons and ultimately, destroy them, that that avenue was opened. >> while the president paused to reflect on the 9/11 anniversary,
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the debate over syria was not far away. a 15-year-old girl who lost her uncle on 9/11 used some of her time at a remembrance in new york city to make this plea. >> we love you and miss you very much and president obama, please do not bring us another war. >> in his old remarks at the pentagon, the president again repeated he understands the nation is war weary. >> let us have the wisdom to know that while force is at times necessary, force alone cannot build the world we seek. >> mccain told me he was saddened the president did not mention the free syrian army last night. carney insisted that's because the -- between white house support of the rebels and chemical weapons. which is what the president wanted to focus on in the address. >> thank you. the showdown in congress over whether to give president obama a green light to attack syria has been avoided. at least temperatuorarily. mike emanuel tells us that
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doesn't mean the criticism of the president's plan has gone away. >> on capitol hill, the full-court press to sell military action is on hold for now. critics of president obama says he has not offered a clear strategy or realistic objectives that can be obtained through a military strike. >> military force is like a hammer. and you can't thread the needle that president obama wants to thread. i cannot support an operation that is so poorly conceived, so foolishly telegraphed and virtually guaranteed to fail. >> with the president calling freshman for a pause, some are breathing a huge sigh of relief. >> what the russians have proposed may turn out to be a best thing to come out of russia since vodka. >> but they say congress must be on the record about military action. >> i think there should be a vote. i don't know how the president can come to congress and ask for
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our input and we have no input other than just our opinion and no vote. >> chris van hollen is proposing a plan to keep the pressure on the syrian regime. >> the resolution says after 30 days, the president be authorized to take action. number one, if assad has not assigned the chemical weapons convention or two, the president certifies there's no credible plan to put assad's chemical weapons stockpile under a -- >> republicans say a speech is not enough and it's time for the white house to lead. >> really is up to the president, the commander in chief, to tell us what is next. apparently, what's next is wait and see. what happens with these negotiations with the russians. >> while they wait for diplomacy, just when lawmakers will be asked to weigh in on syria is not clear. >> we're not there yet and that's going to take some time. >> this month was expected to be very busy on capitol hill with lawmakers discussing the debt
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limit and funding -- some members insisted on trying to defund obama care. now, lawmakers are feeling stress after feeling days talking about syria, then poof, nothing. >> we'll follow all that. there's a lot on the calendar. thank you. the president's top diplomat is scheduled to meet with his russian counterpart tomorrow in geneva. john kerry has become the president's point man on syria, but carl cameron tells us tonight there seems to be communication issues between them. >> when secretary of state john kerry mentioned that syrian president bashar al assad could avert a u.s. attack by relen quishing all weapons, kerry was utterly dismissive. >> can't be done, obviously. >> but president obama embraced the idea saying he had discussed it months earlier with putin, raising questions about whether the secretary of state knew about it or was out of the loop.
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>> he seems to be constantly caught by surprise and doesn't seem to be the one, the go-to guy when there's a tough decision that needs to be made. >> there was a disconnect on the size of the attack. kerry first indicated it would be swift and decisive, but when support in congress failed to emerge, the administration started down playing the scope and kerry got in line. >> that is what we're talking about doing. unbelievably, small limited kind of effort. >> but that backfired, undermine ing the threat of a strike and support for military action eroded further. what critics say has been a zigzagging presidential policy towards syria, has raised r ed concern in washington. >> when the secretary talks about an attack that is unbelievably small on the same day the president says the u.s. military doesn't do pinpricks, you wonder whether or not the messaging is correct. barack obama's the most controlling foreign policy
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president since richard nixon. he doesn't delegate. he dominates. diminishes in some ways, john ke kerry's stat chur because he knows a lot more about foreign policy than barack obama does, but that's the way the president has set it up and unfortunately, probably one of the reasons he makes so many mistakes. >> after mr. obama noted that drone strikes had been reduced in pakistan, his secretary of state appeared to up the ante. >> i think the program will end if the president has a very real timeline and we hope it's going to be very, very soon. >> kerry's had to acknowledge that on the job training with the obama administration has sometimes been a school of hard knocks. >> i've learned no decision is made until the president of the united states makes the decision. >> and now, kerry's off for a meeting with his russian counterpart on how syria says it will give up his chemical weapons even though kerry ejected that notion only days ago. >> thank you. the woman whose research on syria led to significant media
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expo shoour has been fired for lying about her resume. the institute for the study of war says she does not have a doctorate from georgetown universi university. last week, we reported she was the political director and aid coordinator for the syrian emergency task force with links to the free syrian army. we were only informed of that affiliation last week. despite the questions about her credentials and ties, isw says it's standing by her work prugt and the conclusions she's drawn. several officials have now openly questioned her. a research institute appears to show north korea is restarting a plutonium reactor that could produce weapons grade material. the reactor was shut down in
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2007 as part of the disarmament agreement, but last spring, north korea said it would restart the reactor during a litany of threats toward the u.s. and south korea. still ahead, sweet revenge for gun rights advocates in colorado. first, pakistan's ambassador to the united nations on the syria crisis. he's live here with me in new york.
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president obama is now promising to work through the u.n. security counsel and some breaking news the u.n. secretary general is saying that the u.n. weapons inspector's report on syria would be finished and ready to be distributed on monday the 16th. tonight, we talk to one of the members of the u.n. security
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counsel. pakistan's ambassador to the united nations. mr. ambassador, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> first off, what do you make of this effort by the russians and where it sits in the u.n. security counsel? >> a very good development. i think it's crucial that the united states and russia develop an agreement, bring it back to the counsel so a divide is bridged. the counsel has been in a state of impasse over the past year, so this development, this proposal by russia could act as a catalyst for us forging unity within the p 5 and then the larger -- >> is there a concern about the feasibility and difficulty in making this actually happen lodgistically? getting those inspectors on the
3:25 pm
ground, destroying chemical weapons? >> i think secretary kerry and prime minister lavrov are meeting in geneva tomorrow and the day after. first, they have to come to an agreement. once we have crosseded that threshold, then all other details will be worked out. for instance, what would be the composition of the monetary mechanism that is going secure chemical weapons and then which parties will agree to implement them. of course, pcw would be involved, we can anticipate that and there are other mechanism which can be, which can have russia and united states as its members, so, there are many possibilities. it is too early to speculate on the specific details. >> so, you believe it's real. >> yes, it's a tough proposal. i think it has been taken seriously by the united states.
3:26 pm
it has triggered a flurry, a diplomatic flurry in the security counsel and the -- it's a serious proposition. >> what do you make about how this has rolled out? we just had on the show susan rice saying that the president wants to do multilateral diplomacy, but quote, the security counsel and as i said right in the beginning,
3:27 pm
this might prove to be a catalyst because the counsel has been divided, so it will have an impact on the chemical weapons issue, but on other issues, which have kept the syrian government, syrian state at war for the past two years. >> i guess you surprised that the u.s. didn't come forward with a proposal first. >> yes, i mean, there have been diplomatic contacts. i do not want to go into the details, there were behind the scenes and this is what matured. this is the response that has come from russian federation, so i think that what is important right now is that the security counsel should be followed, so that all actions that are taken have the required legitimacy. >> i'd be remiss if i didn't ask you about this. the 12th anniversary of 9/11 and
3:28 pm
the fight against terrorism. what is your assessment of pakistan's role now and how that fight is going along especially that border area between pakistan and afghanistan? >> the situation is still volatile. after 12 years, we can't say. these forces are out there and we have to defeat terrorism, but we have to have a very comprehensive policy to fight terrorism. it should have three dimensions. it should have deterrents. we should have, develop the areas from these, from where these terrorists are coming, but we should also have some sort of political outreach and that's why the recent bust, our government, has offered negotiations to the taliban, so i think that the, it has been a long haul for the past 12 years and the task is unfinished. the challenge is there and while
3:29 pm
we in pakistan have mobilized all our resources to fight this menace, but we still need the support of the international community. >> mr. ambassador, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. good luck. >> stay tuned to see how people in colorado deal with politicians who ignore their wishes. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much.
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girls' weekend here! priceline savings without the bidding. gun rights advocates in
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colorado are saying tonight the system does work after all. two state ledge islators are out of their jobs because of their support of gun control against the wishes of the people who elected them. we have the story from denver. >> state senate president john moors and angela heron, both democrats, are the first ledge to be called back in colorado. >> the ousting came after the state legislature passed new gun control measures introduced in reaction to newtown and aurora massacres. colorado's democratic governor signed them into law. voters in their districts, passionate about the second amendment, revolted. >> a lot of politicians are playing close attention to it and they're seeing that gun
3:34 pm
rights advocates are capable of mounting a very serious campaign in a short amount of time that can threaten other politician's livelihoods. >> a statement was issued saying in part, the people of colorado springs sent a clear message to the senate leader that his primary job was to defend their rights and freedoms and that he is ultimately accountable to him, his constituents and not to the dollars or social engineering agendas of antigun billionaires. a dig at new york mayor michael bloomberg who donated to the anti really campaign. he issued a statement saying quote, the results do not change the fact that coloradoians are safer today because the rest of the colorado lawmakers who voted for this bill. >> they may have won the battle, but they're not going to win the war because people are dying for real, stop that.
3:35 pm
>> i'm a crier. i know what this is going to do is make us stronger. >> two republicans replaced the state senators, but democrats remain the majority. >> here in new york new york city, it is unclear tonight whether democrat bill de blasio received 40% of the vote to clench the mayoral nomination. he would face joe lhota in the general election. former congressman, anthony weiner, received a mere 5% of the vote and former governor, eliot spitzer, also lost his comeback attempt in the democratic primary for senate control. trader joe's reportedly is the latest company to cut back on health insurance coverage for its employees because of obama care. the "huffington post" reports that trader joe's will no longer offer insurance to workers who log fewer than 30 hours per
3:36 pm
week. they join a growing list of high profile companies such as ups, kroger, ibm and xerox that have cut or altered employee coverage because of the new health care law. another big day for the dow in new york. one date, two terror anniversaries now. we'll talk about the original 9/11 and the benghazi attack with the fox all-stars, next. i'm angela, and i didn't think i could quit smoking but chantix helped me do it.
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test test here, in such moments of grace, we are renewed and it is here we reaffirm the values and virtues that must guide us. let us have the strength to
3:40 pm
endure so that as long as there are those who would strike our citizens, we would stand village lent and defend our nation. let us have the wisdom to know that while force is sometimes necessary, force alone cannot build the world we seek. >> president obama at the pentagon today 12 years after the 9/11 attacks. now, there's another anniversary. the one year an veniversary of attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. jason riley, editorial board member at "the wall street journal." judith miller and ko host of the five. i'm actually the visitor. >> you're welcome. >> yes, thank you for having me. let's first talk about 12 years. you heard the president there about going after terrorists responsible. jason, it's a mixed bag on that. especially if you look in the
3:41 pm
context of going after the people responsible in benghazi, libya. >> sure, the question today is do people feel safer. after 12 years, we feel safer than we felt back then. the question is, to we feel safer since obama took office. i think we certainly are less -- to the extent this president wants to diminish the u.s. role in the world. i think we're a little less safer, maybe the world is a little less safer. >> i would kind of like to put ray kelly in charge of homeland security because we in new york do feel safer and welcome to our town. >> yes, thank you very much. >> because it is a $200 million annual effort and it takes the work of a thousand men and women in uniform, analysts, cyber people, to keep this city safe and with everyone in the mayoral election talking about cutting money, cutting budgets, making us safer, nobody's talking about
3:42 pm
commending kelly for the job he's done. we have thwarted 16 attacks. but you have to spend money. i'm not sure the tradeoff is really being put to the american people. >> that's a really good point. you've had the boston marathon attack, the ft. hood shooting, but a lot of thwarted attacks and overall, government officials, homeland security, has done a pretty good job. >> i think that that is an unwritten story that hopefully, historians in years to come will look back, yes, there were presidents, president bush and president obama that put together these programs and implemented them, but you have to go all the way down to the local level, where people educating their communities and then men and women in intelligence and also in the police, working together to make sure that we're safe. i'm for new york being safe. i live here now. but terrorists can strike anywhere at any time and it could be at ft. hood.
3:43 pm
you could be in libya. in wyoming. unwritten success story of the government is the ability to thwart these attacks. >> i think this debate over national security, privacy, that we've been having speaks to the safety issue. in other words, if people are w worried about privacy and civil liberties, they're clearly less worried ability being safe. >> the benghazi situation got a lot of attention today on capitol hill. >> a year after the attack, the terrorists who invaded the benghazi compound still have not been brought to justice, despite repeated promises and pledges by president obama to do so. >> one year has gone by. all the family members want to select the committee. ty woods' family, sean smith's
3:44 pm
mom. so, what happens here, judith? will there be a select commun y community? is there enough momentum for republicans to push this? >> well, it would have helped if the media had really gotten behind doing their jobs and finding out. the pickering panel said that four state department officials had not really done their job. they took a four-month vacation, taxpayer expense, they came back to slightly different jobs, but didn't take a pay cut. there was no accountability at the stapt department level for the people whose job it was to keep our people safe overseas. if there's no accountability at the state department middle level, there's not going to be any accountability at the top. >> the cia has now answered a letter, mike rodgers and chairman of the house intelligence committee, says they are looking at bringing in some of the cia people who were
3:45 pm
on the ground and there are efforts to bring in others to capitol hill to testify. do you think that this has legs, that this is going forward, dana? >> i would love to find out the timing, why now? why on the anniversary did they all of a sudden have a change of heart? was there new information or do they feel it's at a time now where a colleague of mine says benghazi is like a city you watch as you fly away from somewhere, where you take off and it gets smaller and smaller and you can't see it anymore. i have a feeling the white house has some sort of internal polling that they believe only the right wing cares about benghazi, so they're hoping it just goes away. mike rodgers should be commended. >> jason, it's not just the white house. there are some critics in republican circles who believe boehner is not doing all he can on this issue. he released a statement and said for the past year, this administration has failed to
3:46 pm
provide sufficient answers, making relevant individuals to provide testimony. in short, this administration hasn't been up front. we will press forward with our investigation until we have answers, full accountability and justice. but you talk privately to republicans on capitol hill and there's some frustration with the gop leadership on this issue. >> there is, but there's also frustration within the administration. these leaks to the press are not an accident. senior administration official, fbi officials, and i think that is where the real responsibility lies. with the president. we've identified these individuals. we've charged them, libya's talking about will we know what to do with them. i think this is really an issue in the intelligence community and the administration needs to take the wheel. boehner can only do so much. >> is there a select committee? >> i think so, yes. >> i think so, too. >> i don't. no, i think, i don't think it
3:47 pm
will happen. >> okay. >> two out of three. next up. syria. [ male announcer ] centrum has been a leader in multivitamins for over 30 years. and it's now the most doctor recommended, the most preferred and the most studied. so when it comes to getting the most out of your multivitamin, the choice is clear. centrum.
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>>y doubt that this would be a complex operation, which is why it has to it be variable and why russia, obviously, as the nation that proposed this avenue would have to engage directly in verifying it and making it happen. >> it seesms to me like putin put a hook and a line in the water and the president grabbed it, swallowed it and now putin is just going to kind of sit there and play with him and jerk it around and all of this is happening on the world stage and we're
3:51 pm
looking weaker and weaker. >> bret: that is the house armed services committee chairman with his assessment of this russia proposal on syria. we are back with the panel. dana, you heard pakistani ambassador saying things are moving forward in the u.n. security council. you heard the white house talking about the prospect of this. your take, i mean, is it real? >> i can't imagine. i mean, one month ago today, president obama was canceling his meeting with president putin at the summit that they were supposed to have. i mean, in one month. and right before that, president putin had done the one thing that president obama asked for him not to do which is to offer immunity to ed snow den in the nsa surveillance leak. i think russia has played this brilliantly. i want our american president -- presence and president to look strong and to be strong, i think this u.n. security council play is -- makes us look very weak. >> judith, do you think it
3:52 pm
has to have a deadline, that if has to have a date firm that this all comes together? >> i think it would help concentrate russia and syrian's minds. since today is bashar assad is today's 48th birthday the russians have given him a president and so has president obama that is the possibility of staying on to negotiate the transfer of his chemical weapons stockpile to the international community. this, the rebels are so unhappy and i don't blame them. but this is a -- this is a life support card for him. that's why i think he may grab it and it may work. and, if it doesn't, the president can go back to the hill and say, i tried. it didn't work. now back me in military action. >> bret: there is a lot of criticism on capitol hill. no doubt about it, jason. a lot of people breathe ago sigh of relief that they don't have to take this vote. that they don't have to go out on that limb on this unpopular vote. >> which is why we need a commander and chief and a president who will lead. i wish he hadn't given that speech last night because
3:53 pm
looked uncertain. he looked weak. it is the last thing you want your commander and chief projecting. this was a president who had suffered a foreign policy defeat. he was trying to spin it into a victory. the idea that success in syria runs through moscow is ridiculous on its face. moscow has been arming syria for the past 50 years. lead the way on disarmament is a joke. >> moscow does not want the jihadis in damascus. i'm sure that putin thought there was a chance of that. this is his guarantee that it's not going to happen. >> bret: dana, what you have been in the administration and sometimes the right hand doesn't talk to the left hand. there is a lot of hand, left hand separation it seems in how this has rolled out. >> it was quite remarkable over the past -- it's only been 10 days or so since president obama said that he was going to go to congress to ask for approval for a strike in syria.
3:54 pm
you had the state department, the united nations, and their own national security council team and the state department spokes people all undermining things that the president was saying. it's amazing to me at the end you have some reporters who sit there and go oh my gosh, that was brilliant. look at how they mapped this whole thing out and we just played along for a weak and we thought that america's credibility was on the line when the whole time president obama was saving the world. this is pretty incredible turn of events. >> let's just aterm that it was feckless and that american foreign policy is in free fall, sometimes you can have a good option come out of a really chaotic process. >> agreed. >> this may be a much better option than bombing syria, not knowing what we want to accomplish and who we want to win. >> we will leave it there jason, judith, dana, thank you very much. that is it for the panel. stay tuned for final thoughts and a look at 9/11, 2013. ♪
3:55 pm
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>> bret: 12 years ago today, america was hit hard by terrorists. most people can tell you where they were that day. a day no one can forget. a day that changed the world forever. victims' families are now one year further away from the pain and the shock of that day, but having talked to several of them about it, every year hearing those bells toll or othe names read at various ceremonies, it all comes back and they never forget. well, now we have to mark another 9/11 anniversary for another terrorist attack on newark, one year ago at the u.s. mission in weapon gaze, those families are looking for answers, another wakeup call that terrorists are not stopping. and neither is america. no online show tonight. thanks for inviting us into
3:59 pm
your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," from new york, fair, balanced and still unafraid. >> today we come together to honor the fallen. ♪ ♪ father i love you, i will always be daddy's little girl. >> survivors carry on today to carry on no matter how difficult the night or difficult the day. >> guys, we love and miss you every day. >> aisha paris. >> stewart d. harris. >> lead us all reaffirm that we are one nation indivisible. that america is still standing strong. >> we pray for all of those who have stepped forward in those years of war, diplomats who serve in dangerous posts as we saw this day last year in
4:00 pm
benghazi, as long as there are those who would strike our citizens, we will stand vigilant and defend our nation. >> that is why we will never forget. [bell tolls] >> shepard: and good evening from new york on this 9/11 2013. the war drums have quieted tonight. but he they are still beating in the background because our next steps with syria are still very much influx. we will lay it all out for you in this newscast. one day after the russians proposed putting syria's weapons in security control. meet with russian counterpart sergei and work out all the details. here in the new york city the ambassador to the united nations samantha power among those who attended a meeting at the russian mission today. we have no word of any progress there. last night the president asked the congress to delay