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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, please be renable when writing in. i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here. we are looking out for you. tonight the rebirth of the world trade center is finally taking shape as we look at the tribute of light over what was called ground zero. over the course of the next hour we'll mark the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that took the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent americans. we'll pause tonight to remember the four brave men who were brutally killed at the hands of terrorists in benghazi exactly one year ago today. first we turn our attention to another issue of oh national security, that of course syria. last night during a bizarre, confusing speech the commander in chief called on congress to delay a vote on whether or not to attack the assad regime. why? because he's now entertaining a russian proposal to require
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damascus to place chemical weapons under international control. >> it's too early to tell whether the offer will succeed. and any agreement must verify that the assad regime keeps its commitments. but this initiative has the potential to re move the threat of chemical weapons without the use of force. particularly because are you uh shah -- russia is one of assad's allies. >> it is the policy of the administration to trust these two men. we are all suppose ed to take their word on an issue as sensitive as chemical weapons? this is the new improve ohhed obama doctrine, but while the solution is considered the president is still weighing the military option. unfortunately for him he doesn't have the support of the american people. nor does he have the political capital to get the backing of congress. none of it is his fault. nope. guess whose fault it is. take a guess. >> i believe that america acts more effectively abroad when we
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stand together. this is especially true after a decade that put more war oh making power in the hands of the president and more burpds on the shoulders of troops while sidelining the people's representatives from the critical decisions about when we use force. now, i know that after the terrible toll of iraq and afghanistan the idea of any military action -- no matter how limited -- is not going to be popular. after all, i have spent four and a half years working to end wars, not start them. >> the dog bite, if the bee stings, if you're feeling sad, remember it's george bush's fault. no question the ordeal is embarrassing for the white house and the country. somehow with a straight face top obama aides are trying to claim this was their strategy from the beginning. i kid you not. >> there is no question that the
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credible threat of u.s. military force brought us this diplomat the tick op-- diplomatic openin. until two days ago syria didn't admit that it possessed chemical weapons. we have seen more cooperation and helpful activity on this from the russians in the last two days than in the last two years. >> so this was a political victory for team obama. that's a tough sell. joining me with reaction, chairman of the house oversight committee congressman issa. utah's congressman is with us as well. is that how you see it? >> no. the president knew he didn't have the votes on the hill. he thought he might have had support of the international body when he went to sweden and to russia. the time to make a deal with putin if he wanted to is when putin thought he had the votes.
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he took an olive branch from an untrustworthy man when we didn't have the votes or support of the american people. i have met with bashar assad. i was on the delegation that met with him when he was a new president. he is somebody who respects a threat to his regime and nothing else. >> congressman, your thoughts? >> the president of the united states didn't come to congress out of principle. he was politically being defeated. he didn't come to congress when he wanted to bomb libya and get rid of that dictator. to bring it up in the speech, i thought, was maybe a stretch to say the least. if the russians came to the table in the last 48 or 36 hours, i guess they weren't paying attention to president obama when he drew the red line and said if you cross the line -- >> that's your red line, the world's red line, not his red line. be fair here. >> roll the tape. we know that's not true. nobody took out seriously. that's the problem.
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we need a leader, a president, a commander in chief that's respected around the world. we don't have it today. >> beside it is statements on red lines and regime change which was flopping and flailing, the other thing that's funny is when kerry made the statement and said, if they give us weapons within a week we'll go along with that, but they're not going to do it. immediately the white house ran out in public and said, oh, no, no, he was speakinghetorically rhetorically. it was a goof, off script. then kerry said, i designed it from the beginning because vladimir putin jumped on it. it's the keystone cops here. >> they didn't have a plan and they are grasping at straws. the time to get vladimir putin on board was when he drew the red line in the sand.
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h knew he didn't have the support of the american people. he thought he would get congress's support. found out oh he didn't have half of his own people in his own party and certainly with his record and candidly with ambassador rice and the other people in front of us, they put in front of us the people who when they say high confidence give us no confidence. >> how do you think the world is seeing this? how are they viewing all these contradictory remarks? especially through the prism of vladimir putin's involvement now? >> the worry is that across the world there is not respect for the united states when the president puts a red line out there and then we don't act upon it immediately. i just see weakness. look, a lot of this goes back to the fact that president obama and secretary clinton, for two years, didn't deal with the problem effectively. they ran around the world saying al qaeda was on the run.
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look, the syria problem and the fact they have massive chemical weapons didn't sneak up on us. this has been a problem for years and they didn't deal with it. they were trying to con oh vince everybody is world is at peace, it's fine. it's a violent world and there are people that hate americans and want to kill americans. we have to deal with it. >> remember when the president said he was uniquely qualified, that was the sell to the american people, to unite the muslim world because he lived in a muslim country at one point and went to school there as a young man. he was going to hit the russian re set button. we have vladimir putin moving ships into syria. we have him threatening to shoot own american missiles and now threatening to arm iran. what do we make of oh that threat? this is a paper tiger. this is a president that can order unlimited drone strikes in
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countries all over the world including ones he has no authorization from congress to go into. when it comes to providing a no-fly zone, humanitarian relief, pushing back on the exodus, displacement of six and a half million syrians, one of ten syrians now are displaced and refugee status either in syria or a neighboring country. he's had two years to deal with that. he had a hundred thousand people murder ed with conventional weapons and came to us and said, i want a slap on the hand over 1400 more. for what purpose? so he could go kill another 100,000 with conventional weapons? he didn't have a plan. now he has reached out to putin for a plan. if that succeeds do they have a green light to continue killing another 100,000 people in syria with conventional weapons? what's the real goal if the president wants regime change he ought to talk about regime
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change instead of, if you will, purifying the regime. >> what i fear most is that the regime change will be a radical islamist government. probably the strings being pulled out of tehran. what will happen in congress? >> we have to watch it hour by hour. every 12 hours the president is taking a different direction and saying something in contradiction to secretary kerry. we need solutions, not just reaction. we need leadership, not just pandering. we are not getting it from this president. even on the democratic side, nobody believes him. >> all right, guys. we'll bring you both back. we'll have more on the hearings on benghazi in the days and weeks ahead. thank you both. still ahead, the father of one of the victims of the benghazi terror attack joins me in studio a year later. plus, colonel north, bob beckle and a special focus group
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finds himself in a predicament. he pushed for a military strike against syria and then decided to pursue the diplomatic approach. the president who was awarded the nobel peace prize had this to say about war when he was handed the high honor. >> part of our challenge is reconciling the two seemingly inreckon sielable truths. that war is sometimes necessary. and war at some level is an expression of human folly. >> joining me with reaction to obama's address and the syria crisis is author of the new york times bestseller "the price of politics." that comes out in paper back september 17. bob woodward, welcome back, sir. >> thank you. >> hypocrisy based on what he said then versus now? >> well, first of all, if you look at the speech, the center
6:15 pm
of it, the core of it is the moral outrage he feels about chemical attacks in syria, particularly about the children dying on the cold hospital floor. i think most people would share the outrage. part of the problem here is that he does not make -- his moral argument is not clean simply because he says, okay, there is this awful atrocity. what we are going to do are these military attacks that don't really connect to the chemical weapons operation or the leader of syria, mr. assad whom obama said several years ago needs to go. so the remedy is insufficient. it's as if there is a murder in a house, a stabbing and the
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police say, oh oh, we are going confiscate the knives. it isn't enough. i think people see the disconnect. >> i agree when you say it doesn't suffice. i think you're right. i have a lot of oh trouble with what they have telegraphed in terms of what they proposed here. john kerry saying it will be unbelievably small, no boots on the ground, days not weeks. and, no, this is not about the regime change we called for two years ago. i have problems with that. >> i i agree with that. >> do you think that could be effective? >> no. i think first of all, in fairness and you probably aren't going to agree with this, but i think this is a real tough case that obama has. there needs to be at least some sympathy in wrestling with it. they need to go to the drawing
6:17 pm
boards and think strategically which is what are our goals? did they want to get assad out, eliminate chemical weapons? do they just want to neutralize the situation so it is not in the news? then they need to look at what are the means that are available -- diplomacy, military action, covert action which might work in this case or assist them in some way. then how do you use those available means efficiently and coherently. that's what they haven't done. this doesn't add up. it doesn't make sense. >> it doesn't make sense and they keep stepping deeper into it, if you will. the president drew his red line. okay? did it a year ago. then he comes out and says, no, that was congress's red line. no, that was his red line. >> he said it was the world's
6:18 pm
red line. >> right. and the regime change -- >> to a certain extent that's true. it is the world's red line because there is this treaty. he's got to lead and define here -- you know, he's trying the diplomatic track. i think he found the russians less hostile than the u.s. congress. so he's playing that card now. you have to give him time to do that. it could work. but, as i say, back to the drawing boards here. really think it out and explain it in a way that somebody like you who is a real obama critic will say, okay, at least that makes sense on the surface. >> forget about me. i think the vast majority of the american people reading the polls don't think this is a coherent policy. you know, it reminds me a little bit of your book in as much as
6:19 pm
the handling of fiscal matters and it seems they are not really managing the white house very well on very important matters. i don't see this president leading. i'm concerned the most here, bob, about vladimir putin because he's been hostile. poke ing his finger in america's eye and sending ships there, threatening to put a shield up in syria. now he's offering defenses to iran and calling john kerry a liar. the russian reset didn't work out well either. >> that's true. you have to use all the options and try to take the paths. this is part of the price of politics. you pay politics with these things and you don't solve the problem. in the fiscal cliff negotiations i write about coming out in this
6:20 pm
paper back edition. it makes your head hurt and explode. >> it's painful. >> it is. >> they get so close. it's not just obama's fault. it's boehner and the republicans' fault, too. they don't know how to negotiate. >> bob, good points. i think it would be good advice if they adhere to it. i don't know if they will. thanks for being with us. >> thanks. >> up next as americans pause to remember those lost on september 11th, 2001, we must remember the terror attack that happened a year ago today. the father of a victim from the benghazi attack joins us next along with colonel oliver north. later frank luntz and his focus group for more on the president's address. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store.
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tension s are high in the middle east on the anniversary of 9/11. americans around the world are on high alert today. not far from anyone's mind is the horrific attack that took place a year ago this day in benghazi, libya. today the area was the scene of more violence as a powerful car bomb exploded at the libyan
6:25 pm
foreign ministry building. there were only minor injuries reported. one year ago on this day four americans were killed including sean smith, tyrone woods. colonel oliver north joins us. you wrote a letter to the president. >> yes, i did, sean. the reason i did is a while back you asked if the president reached out to our family. i was embarrassed that i had not initiated that. i wrote a letter to the president. i would like to -- >> when did you send it? >> just recently. with all that's happening he hasn't had time to respond. i'm sure he will. >> you're a generous man. >> dear president obama, i am the father of ty woods who was killed while defending the american consulate in benghazi. in order to bring closure for my family there are questions that need to be answered. number one, why did the president not give cross border
6:26 pm
authority to rescue the 30 americans that needed to be rescued? number two, who made the decision to stand down and when and why was that decision made? and the when is very important because immediately upon receiving the call for distress ty and, i believe it was five other individuals with them asked once to go. they were told to stand down. they asked twice to go and rescue. they were told to stand down. a third time -- >> they had order ers. >> ty and the other five men with him disobeyed the order. since it was so close to when it was happening it makes me wonder if that decision was made before it uh happened in anticipation. that's why. that's when. we also need to know why. third question was, is it true that general hamm was relieved from duty for the refusing to
6:27 pm
order the order from above not to rescue. we have never had general hamm testify under oath as to oh whether someone spear yor to him gave him the order to stand down and that he re fused to follow it. number four, this is probably the most important question. that's if the president's child were in benghazi, would the rescue have been more aggressive? sean, what do you think the answer would be to the final question? >> my honest answer? >> yes. >> there would be a difference. >> thank you. >> those are the same questions that members of congress have been asking for. frank wolf asked for a special committee. you had congressman issa on, sean. it is going to require a select committee to get the answers that not only charles woods but every single soldier, sailor, airmen, guardsman, marine, every
6:28 pm
citizen needs to know what happened a year ago tonight in benghazi. >> i still -- i mean , it's unfathomable to me that the witnesses still -- we are not allowed to talk to them. why? >> because it is a matter of trust. we know now that nothing was done to prepare for a terrorist anniversary. nothing was done during it. we don't know why as charles pointed out. we know cover-up was practiced extensively in the aftermath. that's why the reaction to the speech the president gave from the east room of the white house was ignored by the american people. they don't trust him. in answering these questions is of oh vital importance to the future of the country. >> do you expect an answer? >> i will trust that our president is a man of his word. since he did offer to reach out to the families, i trust that he'll answer. we want not just answers but also the truth.
6:29 pm
>> your family and all the families from one year ago and 12 years ago are in our prayers tonight. >> thank you. >> you and i were together on the weekend after 9/11/2001. >> thanks to you and the scholarship fun ty's son has a college scholarship. >> next, the focus group. um... where's mrs. davis? she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay.
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welcome back to "hannity." we watched last night as the president desperately tried to sell a serious strategy to oh the american people. so far it hasn't been working but we watched with a bipartisan focus group. they used dials to show which messages worked and which fell flat. did the desperate appeal to the people change minds? we go to washington with frank and the group. >> you just witnessed what could be the most important speech of the american president. the american people want to know what other americans felt. tell them. >> just because the president said assad used the weapons i'm
6:34 pm
not convinced he did. >> a public relations campaign to oh get the united states involved in syria. >> standard, well delivered speech, not a lot of content or oh convincing. >> i'm proud we are exploring peaceful options before taking military action. >> middle of the road speech that laid out the issues and why we needed to act. >> way too much reference on the children and calling us to make a decision that's more from an emotional standpoint rather than the facts. >> i will stop you right there. we were looki ining at the reacs on the dials. i want to show the people how you reacted when president obama spoke about the impact on children. >> terrible things happened across the globe. it is beyond our means to right every wrong. but when, with modest effort and risk, we can stop children from being gassed to death and thereby make our own children safer over the long run, i
6:35 pm
believe we should act. >> it is emotion, deciding whether or not to declare an air strike is emotional. what's wrong with the president using emotion? >> that's not how we should make decisions. we need to make decisions on the facts. we need to look at history. the mideast, as a whole, and where we have gone wrong in the past. doing this is not going to change anything. by referencing the children it really causes an emotional -- >> he goes to it every time. obama goes to the children in every speech he does trying to use emotion to get something across. >> i thought it was low. i did not like that at all. at all. >> it felt like we were being manipulated. >> go watch it again. watch the gassing. watch the children. that sucks. obviously we'll react to that. >> he said 100,000 people were killed in the war. >> that's not how to make a decision. >> why are the children a
6:36 pm
problem now? >> it's an atrocity. >> but that's not the reason why we need to bomb syria. >> the reason i was shaking my head is because i was kind of mad at the fact that he laid out this plan before saying, you know, if you use chemical weapons we're going to come in and get you. well, now we're going to think about it, try diplomacy. >> he said i didn't draw a red line. then we watched him say it on the video a year ago. he said draw a red line. >> you vote ed for him? i. >> i did. i didn't like the decision. >> i voted for him, too. that's not a reason to manipulate the public in making a decision on emotion . >> i was listening for what authority he would cite for going in making the attack. he said war crimes. he's not proposing to go in and take assad out as a war c. he wants to deliver a message. >> abstracting from the argument about children in syria, how often have we heard the argument it's always about the children.
6:37 pm
and how much of the way this country is driven is about the emotion, not the logical decision and smart decision? we talked about it tonight. >> he talked about making diplomacy work by making the military stick. now he wants to delay the vote. what stick is that? >> there is more behind this that we are not told the whole truth. what makes these children more special than the children in sudan with the massacres over there? completely ignore ed. >> at some point don't you say enough is enough? >> that's where i stand. i did support the strikes originally. for humanitarian reasons. that's why i'm not so angered by that argument. i don't think i was his target audience for the statement about the children as well. there have been a lot of atrocities other places where we should have step ed in and didn't. i'm happy perhaps this is an
6:38 pm
opportunity where we are drawing a bright line. >> i think president obama asked some good questions during the speech. the answers he gave himself were not believable. they were all over the map. >> it's interesting you say that. i want to show you one more clip. in fact, you all dialled the questions very high, but the moment he gave the answers you dialled them down. let's take a look. >> many of you have asked, won't this put us on a slippery slope to another war? one man wrote to me that we are still recovering from our involvement in iraq. a veteran put it bluntly. this nation is sick and tired of war. my answer is simple. i i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open-ended action like iraq or afghanistan. i will not pursue a prolonged air campaign like libya or kosovo. this would be a targeted strike
6:39 pm
to achieve a clear objective. deterring the use of chemical weapons and degrading assad's capabilities. >> okay. what is it? he's got the right question s. he doesn't have the right answers? >> no. we need to focus on no striking. i feel sad for the children, but we have a lot of things going on in the united states to focus on. >> doesn't america have responsibilities other countries don't have? >> we have responsibilities, but we have problems at at home. we need to stop trying to be the world's police and worry about pressing issues we have going on in this country. it's time for us to worry about ourselves. we can't always -- >> do you agree? [ simultaneous voices ] >> last time that happened i believe that is where the holocaust occurred. we were concerned about internal and not what was happening externally.
6:40 pm
the thought of being the police doesn't sound good but there needs to be more international -- >> we are in a world where everybody knows. in the holocaust, we didn't have cnn, fox news. what was stunning for me was i thought he was going along -- i didn't like the children reference and he did a nose dive. he dropped out. by the way, we're not doing anything. what the heck? the bottom dropped out. >> he lacks leadership. that's why i didn't vote for him. he lacks leadership. he doesn't know how to make decisions. >> he wants to commit an act of war in our name. i just don't understand this. there is no such thing as a limited -- he talks about syria being a small, insignificant country. they have treaties with other countrieses. what does he think will happen? >> i don't think he wants to commit the act. he's posturing and has been for a year. he doesn't want to act. >> we've got to go.
6:41 pm
four weeks from now, will we have done an air strike in syria -- yes or no? how many say no? almost all of you. we'll have the opportunity to see what happens over time. there are clearly elements of the speech that were impressive to our audience but more areas that seemed to have left them disappointed. uh you spoke. americans heard. coming up next on "hannity" -- >> when i first saw the president speak in 2008 in a youtube clip on my facebook page i knew he would be right all the time. so i support world war iii, and four and any moon war the president wants to start. >> the hilarious spoof that shows how ridiculous liberals are when it comes to supporting their man in the white house. the tape of obamamania coming up. progress isn't about where you've been.
6:42 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." the hypocrisy on the left is on full display as the left rushed to the side of the president eager to support whatever decision-may or may not make regarding syria. to show how ridiculous the support of the anointed one is
6:46 pm
second city put together a hilarious video, but bob isn't in it. look. >> our president can't launch into another war without you. when we voted for him in 2008 and 2012, we promised to support him -- no t matter what. >> together we can do it. >> that's why we at the americans for whatever barack obama wants -- did you know he's frind fren friends with jay-z -- have signed a petition to launch world war iii. >> that's where you come in. >> even a small donation makes the difference. >> world war iii is a very important, progressive war obama tells me is important. so it must be. >> when i first saw the president speak in 2008 in a youtube clip posted to my facebook page i knew-going to be right all the time. so i support world war iii, and four, and any moon war the president may want to start. >> i mean, there is no way he or
6:47 pm
the cabal of corporate interests, shadow bankers who tell him to do would mislead us. >> here, the co-host of the. welcome to you both. >> good to see you. >> two-thirds of americans now back putin's plan, bob, over the president. what does that tell you? >> it's as much the president's plan as putin's. look, he spoke last night and the first initial poll, people's support for the plan jumped 20, 25%. it's a good plan. you uh don't have to go to war. >> it's not the president's plan. >> john kerry put it on the table. >> i knew you would say that. immediately when john kerry said if they give back the weapons the white house ran out and said, oh, no, no, he didn't mean that. it was rhetorical. it was a major goof.
6:48 pm
he clearly had gone off script. >> he went off script but stumbled into a good idea and putin grabbed it. >> we're going to stumble into ideas and enhope when john kerry is floss thing it comes to him and he blurts it out. it's brain fart foreign policy. a moment of brilliance. you heard his spokeswoman. it's rhetorical. the week before he talked about boots on the ground. he said he was just thinking out loud. i guess we'll just do foreign policy by gaffe, hope it works out. >> the president mentions a red line but not his red line. >> don't you want the gas out without a problem? >> it's not an american plan. it is a russian plan. i don't know why vladimir putin is somebody that we can trust all of the sud snn he 's in the diplomatic driver's seat. he the did this to humiliate president obama. when vladimir putin seized on the idea the first thing it told me was at the g-20 meeting when
6:49 pm
they spent hours together, nothing came out of it. they said they have been disc s discussing it for years then why did vladimir putin jump on it? >> put down a hundred-page opposition proposal about why -- >> that's my point. >> i would be careful. >> that makes my point. vladimir putin up to this point was denying that assad had chemical weapons. >> right. >> all of the sudden now we trust he's being honest? >> here's the problem. putin and the russians were right on the boston bombers. >> they were. >> he's right when he called john kerry a liar it was putin who was right about who the rebels really are. not john kerry. when he offered to send ships and create a missile shield for syria and may provide weapons to iran, that tells me that he wants to poke america oos eyes. does he see a weak american
6:50 pm
president. >> there is a soef i do not military naval base in syria. that's where the boats are going. they usually go back to base. >> he threatened to shoot our missiles out of the sky. >> he's not going to do that. the u.n. -- >> oh, the u.n. the u.n. that president obama said a couple of days ago would not be getting the weapons out. now all of the sudden they have changed their minds again. >> if you know something about poison gas and chemical weapons there are detectors to find them. you guys last week were say uhhing, oh, the opposition did it to each other so they could blame assad. when we found out there was an intercept from the commander of the syrian army to the front sa masks, this stuff is coming. >> the germans have an intercept that assad said don't use chemical weapons. >> came from the syrian emil tear. >> was it the syrian free army?
6:51 pm
>> the syrian free army was bombed. >> why aren't we bombing al qaeda? we are not even talking about our enemy that's in syria. >> there are 1200 of them. >> you point to the right wingers. just last week. oh, what about just last administration when all you left wingers were screaming and wailing about going into iraq. now this is the moral high ground we must take? >> it was a mistake. it was a terrible mistake to go into iraq then. terrible mistake to be in iraq. we bring out rumsfeld for his view on intelligence? that dude has as much sben sbel jens as a donkey. >> how is one different from another? >> hitler and hussein. now you want to say, let him use his chemical weapons. it's a disaster. >> no one said that. >> what about the 100,000 that died -- >> they didn't die with chemical weapons. >> how about the four americans who died a year ago.
6:52 pm
>> it matters to the liberals how they die, not the numbers? >> we are not getting in the middle of a civil war in syria. >> i agree . >> we signed a treaty and covenant that said chemical warfare wasn't acceptable. >> where is the rest of the world? >> 162 countries signed it. >> where are they now? >> i think you will find -- >> where is the evidence that it was assad, not the rebels? >> where? >> where. >> there was an intercept from the command of the syrian army. assad's army to the front lines -- >> that contradicts the german intercept. >> i don't care. >> you don't? >> this was our intelligence. it said put your gas masks on. ten minutes later the bombs went over. if you don't believe that, you believe o.j. was innocent. >> i believe he's guilty. >> i don't know how this is anything but give assad free reign to be the devil and let putin control the renal, the air
6:53 pm
space. >> terrible danger. she's got it. >> the russians haven't controlled the region for 30 years. >> their biggest customers are iran, assad. >> they are filling the void. they will fill america's void. >> there is one way to do this. go to iran with israel and take out the nuclear acquisitions. >> very good idea. >> happens if assad uses other means to persecute and kill people? are we going in? >> no. it is a civil war. he used chemical weapons. anybody else who has them will use them as well. >> so did saddam hussein. i'm more confused. >> good to see you. up next, a special ending to remember and honor today's solemn anniversary as we continue.
6:54 pm
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6:58 pm
and women who get up every morning, put on a uniform in the fame name of keeping us safe here and abroad. let's look at the sights and sounds from earlier today. ♪ o say can you see >> even though it's been 12 years i will never forget all the amazing times we had together. you are more than just my daddy. you are my best friend. i love you more than anything. you will be in my heart always. >> no acts of terrorism can strike who we are. nothing can steal away that for which we stand. >> even more than memorials of stone and water your lives are the greatest tribute to those that we lost for their legacy shines on in you. a smile just like him, you toss your hair just like her.
6:59 pm
you joined the firehouse or put on the uniform or devote yourself to a cause greater than yourself, just like they did. that's a testimony to them. ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ >> although we remember them every single day, we encourage everyone today to take an extra few moments to remember and be thankful for our continued safety and freedom. >> we will always remember, honor, and ask god's blessing on them, their loved ones, and those who live, serve and defend this great city and nation we call home, the united states of america. ♪ >> our thoughts and prayers are
7:00 pm
with the families that lost loved ones 12 years ago this very day. and one year ago in benghazi. never forget. thanks for joining us. this is a fox news alert. vladimir putin directly addressing the american people on syria. just moments ago the new york times posted an op-ed by putin. he warns against u.s. military intervention saying, quote, the potential strike by the united states against syria, despite strong opposition from many countries and major political and religious leaders, including the pope, will result in more innocent victims and escalation, potentially spreading the conflict far beyond syria's borders. a strike would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism. president putin says it could throw the entire system of international law and order out of balance. putin also


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