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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 12, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight: >> sometimes resolutions and statements of condemnation are simply not enough. >> bill: did president obama change the minds of the american people last night about bombing syria? we'll give you the latest poll numbers and have analysis in the talking points memo. >> our credible threat of force has made these diplomatic discussions with syria possible. >> bill: is that true or blatant spin? we'll have the latest on russia trying to save the syrian tyrant assad. >> i was in yemen. >> yemen. >> >> yes. >> you know yemen is a hot bed of terrorism? >> um, i don't know. i never seen anything like that.
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[taps] >> on the anniversary of 9/11, jesse watters talks to some muslim americans gathered for a congress. >> you have a lot of explaining it to do bill o'reilly. you have got to step up your game. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. did president obama change american's opinion on syria last night. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. immediately after the president's speech, cnn conducted a phone poll of 361 americans who watched the address. the big question: what was your overall reaction to the speech? 35% very positive. 34% somewhat positive. 22% somewhat negative. 8% very negative. so the speech was a hit at least somewhat.
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second question in general do you favor or oppose the president's approach to syria. 61% favor. 37% oppose. 2% no opinion. now, that means, that means that the president's statement that he will delay military action also a congressional vote on the matter is being accepted by the public. they like the delay. question number 3: do you think barack obama has made a convincing case to take military action against syria? 47% yes. 50% no. 3% clueless. so the president did gain some ground last night with his speech, but not enough. perhaps the most telling question in the poll is this. do you think it is in the national interest of the u.s.a. to be involved in the conflict in syria? 39% say it is in the national interest. but, 60% say no. it is not. that number means the american public still will not support a military strike against syria. believe me, congress knows it. talking points had no beef with president obama's facts last night. but his presentation was
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kind of flat seen it on the factor. that means you have seen appropriate emotion when bad things happen. did the president do that? take a look. >> to my friends on the left i ask to you reconcile your belief in freedom and dignity for all people. with those images of children arriving in pain and going still on a cold hospital floor. for sometimes resolutions and statements of condemnation are simply not enough. >> bill: not enough passion, mr. president, with dead children on the floor. you got to get a little worked up about it. that's what the president needs to do. bring a sense of urgency, outrage and conviction to the table. gassing children is nazi stuff. do we all understand that? i don't believe president obama will succeed in convincing the american public to support military action against syria. even on the left, he is
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being mocked. >> our president can't launch into another war without you. and, remember, when we voted for him in 2008 and 2012, we promised to support him no matter what. >> together, we can do it. >> that's why we here at the americans for whatever barack obama's did you know is he friends with jay-z have launched a kick starter campaign to fund world war iii. >> the $1.6 trillion that we raise will help create a war that truly puts the liberals in neoliberal. there will be millions of troops. >> thousands of organic grass fed bombs, hybrid prius tanks, rockets, controlled by ipads, and drones that play the loom nears while they attack. >> once the president loses credibility on the life or death matter, the debate is pretty much over. so, summing up, the president's speech on paper pretty good. and he gained some ground, but not enough to turn the tide. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight, reaction, joining
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us from washington, republican strategist kate obenshain and democrat kirsten powers also a fox news analyst. where am i going wrong here, powers? >> well, the problem isn't how he delivered it, or a lack of passion, the problem is the policy and it's a bad policy which is why most americans don't support it so, yes, he certainly made the best case i guess you can make for a really bad policy, but he didn't say anything, i think that would move the needle because it's fundamentally a bad idea to be bombing syria. >> bill: okay. but he did move the needle. >> not really. >> bill: in the snap polls. >> no. >> bill: it was up more than it was. >> 60% 'of people saying it's not in our national interest when you have less than 50%. 47% basically saying they don't think he made a case for a military strike. i don't consider that really moving the needle in a serious way. >> bill: before the speech. what do you say, kate? >> well, i think 60% of people agreeing with the president's vision, what are they agreeing with? i think they were agreeing with his conclusion about
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not doing anything, delaying. >> bill: that's what i said. that's absolutely what they were agreeing with. >> right. so it didn't shift anything. the american people already didn't want to go to war. and so they were basically saying well, we avoided that. but, bill, i thought the speech was, frankly, an embarrassment. an embarrassment for the president and embarrassment for the world. this is the president who spent the entire speech contradicting himself saying what a huge threat this is but we're not really going to do anything. what a huge threat syria is and how we need to protect our allies but really syria is not a threat to the united states or israel, they are fine. it was contradiction after -- >> bill: you both know what the fundamental argument is. >> i don't think he know what is his fundamental argument is. >> bill: i disagree. i think the president knows what the fundamental argument is that if you let this go unpunished then it will be more common in the future. and. >> wouldn't he go and punish them. >> bill: let me articulate the argument, kate, that if
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you let this go unpunished that more people will do it throughout the world, and it will be easier to have weapons, chemical, biological, even nuclear, which is what iran is working on. it will be easier for those people to traffic in them and to use them. that is the fundamental. >> laura: it's a totally flawed argument. >> bill: what was that powers? >> it's a flawed argument. >> bill: what does that mean flat? >> flawed. >> saddam used chemical weapons in the late 1980s. >> bill: nobody really knew he was gassing the kurds and used them against iran it was in a war capacity. >> he wasn't punished for it it and it didn't lead to chemical weapons being used all the time. >> bill: so one tyrant isn't punished that means another one shouldn't be? >> it's not about whether or not he should be punished. of course we want assad to be punished for it the question is whether or not it is going to actually do anything. my point is you are making the positive case that if. >> bill: it's speculative -- powers. >> on them then they won't. you can't prove that.
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>> bill: you can't prove anything. >> evidence to the contrary. evidence is actually to the contrary to the argument that you are making. >> bill: no, it's not. >> yes, it is. >> bill: both are speculative arguments. if you hit them it might not deter. >> it's not speculative. >> bill: of course it is. it might not do any good. >> saddam used them and he wasn't punished. >> bill: it had nothing to do with saddam. >> war show that you just painted. >> bill: i think it's so intellectually dishonest. this has nothing to do with saddam hussein. kate. >> yes, bill. >> bill: you basically have two speculative arguments. one, if you hit them, it might not do any good for anybody. that's speculative because it might inhibit. and the other that i make is if you don't hit them then other people might do this with an easier campaign. that's speculative, too. based on history. based on history. whenever you appease and turn the other way, it comes back to haunt new a larger arena, kate. you say?
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>> bill, i'm 100% agreeing with you that we should not be appeasing and turning a blind eye. what i believe is that you didn't point out the third option. and that is that a strike right now, without having laid the groundwork, without knowing what's going to happen, and you have got an empowerment of forces that hate the united states of america, and i'm talking about the al qaeda and muslim brotherhood forces, which have been proven to be in existence and a part. i don't know how much of a part but they are a large part of the fighting force of the rebels in syria. you do not want to create a situation worse than there is now. i'm not saying we should do nothing. >> bill: there are a lot of speculative reasons not to take action. >> that's not speculation. >> bill: sure it is. you don't know what the unintended consequences of punishing assad are going to be. >> but we do know that these other forces exist and that what he they want to do is attack the united states of america. so it's a dangerous situation. that's all that i'm saying and it should be thought
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through. >> bill: of course it's dangerous. >> it hasn't been thought through though, bill. it should have been thought through barack obama laid down that red line. he should have known what the strategy would be. >> bill: that's the crux of the matter. >> created this huge problem. >> bill: wit. the crux of the matter is the american people do not have confidence in their commentator and chief that he knows what he is doing. that's it. ladies, thank you. next on the rundown, president obama now trying to spin the syrian issue stay saying his tough stance may lead to fruitful negotiations. k6(uh.sy0vrs on the --
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enough of a connection where the president had some saber rattling. to me, the significant thing is the syrians now admit they have the weapons. now, what's going to happen in these negotiations between the french and the russians and how this goes, i'm. >> bill: yeah, nobody really knows. i think it's going to be a mess for a long time. that's within the realm. >> bill: if you were still working for the democratic party on the national level. you are not working -- >> -- no. >> bill: would you advise that kind of spin? do you think that reid is doing the president any good by spinning it that way? >> i think that, look, i would say from the beginning that the
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president elegant in some of the ways that things were said. but i think right now we are are at a place that's not that bad considering where we could be. and i think that senator reid's claim is within the purview of politicians taking credit. i mean. >> bill: i don't know if anybody is going to say oh, yeah. he looks like a real rank partisan who doesn't really care about, you know, solving this very, very important issue. >> well, you know. >> bill: he just wants to reflect well on the president. >> i think -- i think is he democrat and he was saying something nice about a democratic president to. say he is a rank partisan. it seems to me. >> bill: would you deny that harry reid is a rank partisan? >> partisan. absolutely, yeah. >> bill: i want to be accurate here. >> yes of course is he a partisan guy. i would say right but he is a partisan. >> bill: another -- i have you captive in new york city.
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>> okay. >> bill: you understand the difference between the left and the far left, right? >> sure. >> bill: in the democratic party you have the left. and then you have the far left. >> just like in the republican party the right and far right. >> bill: absolutely. i want to play you an example of the far left because i think the far left damages the liberal cause in the democratic party. general petraeus is teaching at the city city university of new york this semester. is he walking down the street to go to class and this happens. roll it manslaughter right here. [several shouting] >> you are nothing but a disgusting. [chanting] >> >> is he a war criminal. >> bill: you are a war criminal. >> right. so when americans see this
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ran a clip, a far right loans, assaulting an petraeus in the street, i can't imagine. >> first of all, i will back up. people all the time saying obama is a muslim. >> bill: i don't see that kind of thing in the streets. >> i see that all the time. if he walks down the street he would get a lot of it let me say congratulations jen petraeus for teaching at city college in new york. it's a prestigious -- >> i want to say something nice about petraeus. they don't understand when he was there he was a military person. if you want to get mad at people and call war criminals call them civilians. >> bill: we all know that's a lunatic fringe, but, number one, petraeus is a patriot. all right? he tried to protect his country. you would agree with that wouldn't you? >> i agree. >> bill: so you have got a patriot. a guy who did unbelievable job in iraq turning the
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thing around. and then he was head of the cia. he is trying to protect americans. and then you have these vicious people trying to humiliate him on the street. >> i don't agree with what they did. seven people. >> bill: here is the larger question. >> okay. >> bill: we're north going to see the liberal media or liberals like you condemn that. >> he shouldn't do that. >> they are not like criminals what they are doing. free speech. they have the right to do it. i certainly wouldn't do it. i don't think it's helpful and i don't think they understand the distinction of what a civilian and a military person does. they have every -- i mean, i can't -- they are not criminals or anything like that. what they were doing isn't touching. they didn't do anything like that. >> bill: what kind of behavior would that be? describe it. >> i would not be happy if one of my children were treating somebody like that. >> why not? >> because i think it's rude and i think they don't understand the basic separation of power between what a military person does and what a civilian leader does. >> do you think that hurts
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the liberal cause? seven people in the street in new york is not going to swing an election. >> wall street movement, we're talking about the fringe. >> you know, yeah. we have -- one great thing about this country. we have fringe people and devol -- >> bill: it's great to have fringe people? i don't know if petraeus would see it that way. >> you know what? the only thing worse than having them would be not having them. >> do without the fringe people. carville, thanks for coming in here. nice to see you. >> all right. >> secretary of state kerry will meet with the russians tomorrow in switzerland. james rosen with the inside story on that. then miller on the president's speech last night. that should be interesting. upcoming.
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>> bill: washington beat segment tonight, big story, secretary of state kerry going to switzerland, talking with the russians about getting the chemical weapons away from assad. joining us from washington with the inside story fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen as well as fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron. a lot of chiefs going on here. but i'm the real chief. >> bill: okay. i understand that rosen. a lot of cynicism about this. commentators saying that putin is kicking the president's butt. this is all about manipulation. we're being used here. how does kerry see it it, rosen? >> well, he is heading to geneva later tonight. i will be part of the press party that accompanies the secretary on his plane. he will meet with the russian foreign minister sergei. it will be not just the two of them. side of technicians and exweapons inspectors and those sort of people who will basically present formally the russian proposal for disarming syria of chemical weapons
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arsenal and on the u.s. side -- proposal. [clearing throat] >> that he they are not -- they are going into this with their eyes in essence. >> bill: everybody's eyes will be open in an important meeting like that. here is the rub. is putin saying we are not going to do anything unless you swear, promise, all of that you will never take military action against syria or does he pull back on that? >> well, on the separate track at the u.n. security council, yes, the russians are still working feverishly behind the scenes to denude the u.n. security council resolution that is believed to be forthcoming of any reference to authorization for the use of force. they are still trying to get that stricken. but, you know, what's remarkable about this interaction with the russians, i stood in this very building just a few days ago and reported on how president putin, the head of russia, had called the american secretary of state john kerry on camera flatly a liar. says he tells lies and he knows he lies. it's sad putin says. it's interesting to see the turn about here and he we'll see how viable it is.
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>> bill: calling kerry a liar because kerry was saying number one that syria had chemical weapons and number two using them. we know they had them. >> bill, i must correct you. that is not why. i hate to correct the anchor. we are taught never to do that. but, in fact, the thing that putin was calling a lie on kerry's part was his testimony before the senate in which owe told senator ron johnson that the sway that al qaeda holds over the syrian rebel forces has diminished over time. not strengthened overtime. that's what putin was taking issue with. >> bill: okay. thank you for correcting me. i thought it was on the other end about the chemical weapons. all right, rosen. you will never be seen here again but i really appreciate you correcting me. [ laughter ] all right, cammeron, you are working on a story about all this syria business is obstructing the fact that the united states of america doesn't have any money. is that correct? >> well, basically, nothing is getting done. it's a total mess in washington. there are a whole series of things pressing and none of it is being attended to. government funding actually
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rupps out 20 days from now. instead of passing next year's spending bills, congress is again going to kick it down the road. just today, the bipartisan house and senate leadership has scheduled a crisis meeting for tomorrow. house republicans had wanted to stop gap measure this week past the end of this month. they postponed everything because the g.o.p. can't agree on how best to try to force the senate to consider defunding obama care is a total meltdown because the democratic majority of the senate isn't going to take any of that up. there is a lot more the debt hits the debt ceiling in october which means time for more borrowing or the nation's credit rating is going to take a hit. republicans don't want to go beyond the current $17 trillion worth of debt without some spending cuts but democrats in the white house say they are not going to negotiate and remember those $85 billion automatic across the board spending cuts this year? that's supposed to go up again next year. the so-called sequester is supposed to be over $100 billion next year and they haven't dealt with that. >> bill: you wonder. >> immigration was supposed. >> bill: watching all these
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singing and dancing shows and dopey shows. not paying attention your head will blow off. >> not just the budget. the president said immigration reform was going to come to his second term. almost to the end of it legislatively speaking. >> bill: i have been doing this now for 35, 36 years. this journalism deal. i have never seen chaos at the federal level like we have right now. >> meltdown. >> that includes jimmy carter. nixon and watergate. includes all of that. i have never seen so much chaos at the federal level. >> bill: gentlemen thanks very much. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller on the president's delay last night. bizarre display between bret mustberger and eminem. anniversary of 9/11. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, is there a rise of hate crimes in the u.s.a. in the wake of the trayvon martin verdict in all over the country police are arresting black men and some girls for assaulting ional media pretty much ignoring the story but two cases here in new york city have removed all doubt that serial hate attacks are going on. 62-year-old jeffrey back bought killed after being attacked by 40-year-old martin reddick who screamed i'm going to punch the first white man i see. also in new york city
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31-year-old white man was punched in the face and called a cracker allegedly by a black man being hunted by police. in pittsburgh 32-year-old ginger beaten by four black teenage girls who were calling her a white bitch. the girls have been arrested. she suffered a concussion and other injuries. in new orleans, four boys and a girl have been arrested in a hate crime on a man police say the black teens yelled homophobe bic and racial slurs at him. joining us from philadelphia dr. donald tibbs who teaches law at drexel university. so in the context of the trayvon martin verdict, which angered many in the african-american community, are these attacks pay back for that? i'm deeply saddened by the people who had experienced this type of racial violence. racial violence in any context is something that i think we want to eliminate from society. american society as a
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whole. it's no fun to be a victim of violence, whether racial or otherwise. i think though perhaps i might draw a little bit of a line between these attacks and what happened in the trayvon martin case and the causal connection that some ways they are being categorized. i'm not exactly sure that i see a causal connection here. i think racial violence is on the uprise. it's been on the uprise for a number of years. but if you look at the story lines that are pitched and i have already had had an opportunity to read all the stories, not at one time or at any moment was there any mention that this was pay back for trayvon martin. >> bill: that's true. >> i don't think i would extend it that far. >> bill: there were some incidents one in minnesota and another in arizona where mr. martin's name was mentioned. but you say there is a rise in racial violence. why? >> i think that part of it is that there is -- the racial animus has never gone away. it's something that is a part of our historiography. the plot explained it very well on his comments on
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trayvon martin. i don't think that we are eliminating racial violence. as a matter of fact, our refusal to talk about race and racism and the systemic aspects in which race is institutionalized in america is causing more animus between black and white and brown and others. >> bill: but all the polls say that both blacks and whites the racial climate improving here, even in the wake of controversial stories like trayvon martin, all the polls say that most of the folks in black and white see things getting better. why would racial violence be getting worse? >> i think what's happening and what you are starting to see is this is more along the lines of individualized acts. that's why i think we have to be a little bit more cautious about how we draw our connections. >> bill: as you probably know, that my theory is that young black men in particular and i think it stems over to girls as well, are becoming increasingly violent because of the dissolution of the traditional black
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home and that you see it in chicago and now you are seeing it spread out and it's mindless acts of violence, spokane, oklahoma city, you know, we are seeing all of this. so, are you tieing all of that in to these crimes? >> so i think if what i hear you saying correct are african-americans feeling more disenfranchised in a post civil rights era as a result of not receiving some of the benefits that are supposed to be a part of the civil rights movement, yes. >> bill: it's more personal than that young black men are angry they don't have a father around and they are angry and they act out in these violent ways. >> i don't think that that's a fair extrapolation, bill at all. >> bill: no? i do. >> absolutely not. >> bill: that's absolutely the root of all of this. all right, doctor. we have a respectful disagreement on that but i think -- >> -- i think we do. >> bill: distressing to that you think there is a rise in racial violence. as you said this should absolutely not be tolerated. thanks for weighing in. when we come right back,
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miller time, the president's speech eminem and pro-football all in play tonight. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm boiler in the miller time segment tonight, we begin with the president's speech last night joining us from santa barbara the sage of southern california, dennis miller. your assessment of the
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speech o sageful one. >> i knew i had to talk about it so i listened to some clips today. i didn't watch it last night. when he opens his mouth i think of the benny hill theme. lerch said earlier in the week lurch kerry. what are they going to do shut down tours at bashar assad's residence? what are they going to do? a wedgie? how much do we tell these people. nobody in the world other than half this country is scared of barack obama anymore. and i think what he is trying to do is knock us off the medal stand as world powers. you are going to have china and reputinized russia. we are not even the bronze anymore. we begin to assume the role of france where our weapons defense is our utter inconsequentialality. that's what he is moving us
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towards. having said that i think he wins this whole scenario because he dithers and he goes around like, you know, a derbish with a hamstring problem and kind of wanders around for a couple of weeks. putin trying to get back for bobby fisher against rekivic one ups him. everybody thinks he has got him pulled out except putin knows that he owns him. we sent out rove on our side. cartlooks like has write on a quay lewd. american people at this point barack obama could k. do no wrong. he wins again here. all i want from the president, all i'm asking. you have won, not my way anymore. just don't blow us up. don't blow us up. >> bill: you said send rove out. i think you meant send kerry out. >> no, no. they do anything they want want and then our guys are rove and i look at rove. it's blocker on a muscle relaxant or something. we're not making our case.
1:42 am
this guy wins. >> bill: listen, i agree. this isn't doing any good for anybody but i think president obama is losing a lot of credibility among those who like him guys like you are very skeptical. i have got two football stories miller and i always discuss football and we are football guys. this is notre dame, michigan. michigan beat them. all right. halftime, brent must berger. brent must berger is interviewing eminem. are you kidding me? roll the tape. marshall matters some of you may know him as eminem. he is going to join the saturday night crew with our music intro starting next saturday night. marshall, again it was a pleasure having with you us here tonight. >> absolutely. like they have fantasy football or whatever, i got you on my fantasy announcer team. it would be you and, of course, the late great pat
1:43 am
summer all. if you guys would get together and call the game. do we really. >> you know that face eminem was making at the beginning of that interview. >> i saw the tape. >> that's the ray. that's the way the rest of the world sees our country right now. [ laughter ] >> we look a little stunned. we look a little freaked out. they look at obama and they go what's up -- what's up with obama? that's what we look like to the rest of the world. here is how we can turn it into a win. let's send m and m over in geneva. forget about. lurch. he is so interesting and appearing to be a genius. he doesn't even know he is
1:44 am
being played. putin has exactly what they want. they warm warns hans up in the bullpen. they keep the rash cash. they periodically smoke somebody. he has still got his air field and his port that he needs on the mediterranean. putin is an absolute wizard and our guys don't even know they are getting played. did you see herbstreit there he looked like father karas sitting bedside with blair in the exor cyst. he was right. must berger after summer all is the quintessential pro. i dig must mustberger. >> this is speculation. do you think must berg knows who eminem is? >> no. he thought it was his bookie for a second. trust me. he was looking at the kid thinking can i get four and a half this week? >> all right. i thought must berger was going to say plain or peanut?
1:45 am
[ laughter ] >> all i know is that stunned look i was thinking who does eminem remind me of? i said it's barack obama. i don't know what's happening with football. trying to bring home university. accusations some of the pep squad made out with team members. and they cheated on tests and they had jobs they didn't show up at. i'm thinking while in the hell don't we investigate benghazi with the same degree of diligence that "sports illustrated" investigates the oklahoma state football? >> bill: huge, everything about it miller, thanks very much as always. watters world on deck on the 12th anniversary of 9/11. watters will talk with some muslim americans. right back with that
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, watters world on labor day weekend, thousands of muslims gathered in washington for the islamic society of north america convention. today, of course, the 12th anniversary of 9/11 so this edition of watters world is especially appropriate. ♪ ♪ >> what is the muslim convention? >> i'm here to gain more knowledge about my own religion. >> great to be with your fellow americans who happen to be also muslim. >> i'm not muslim. >> but you are here at the muslim convention. >> yes. >> president obama still has gitmo open. >> yes, he does. >> does that bother you? >> it does. >> so, gitmo? >> that's terrible. and they are being tortured. >> the u.s. is torturing people. >> they are force feeding them which is one form of torture. >> what are we looking athere. >> burkini. >> this is a burkini i
1:50 am
would like to see what a one piece looks like. >> it's cool. i like it. >> do you think muslims are getting a fair shake here in america. >> absolutely not. people don't know enough about us. we both believe in jesus. >> after 9/11, we looked at as terrorists. >> do you ever feel profiled when you go through airport security? >> i understand why they take more precautions. >> do you think islamic terror has really given the islamic faith a bad wrap. >> kills us. killing us. >> i waskilling us. >> i was in yemen. >> reporter: do you know yemen is a hot bed of terrorism? >> i don't know. i never seen anything like that. >> if it was a christian it would never say it was a christian terrorist. >> reporter: have there been a lot of christian terrorist attacks recent sfli. >> there have been some. >> reporter: which ones? >> i don't recall. >> reporter: what rights are muslims denied? >> if you look at the surveillance issue. if i wanted to be spied on, b i could have moved to another
1:51 am
country. >> reporter: they are spying on everybody , and the president doesn't call it islamic terror. he calls it extremist. >> i believe there are extremists. adolf hitler was a christian. he was extreme. >> reporter: you don't think the united states targets civilians on purpose. >> it will increase terrorism. >> reporter: if americans with drew al qaeda would throw down arms? >> it's lonl call. >> reporter: do you think the muslim community in the united states needs to protest more against jihadists? >> we are against terrorism. >> muslims are peace makers. we let them do their thing because if we fight back then we are at their level. >> reporter: do you think obama is a war criminal? >> he and most of the u.s. government could be war criminals. >> reporter: quick interview? >> no, thanks. >> reporter: you're out? what do you think the president should do? >> peace in the middle east. >> reporter: president obama -- >> he's a good guy.
1:52 am
>> reporter: do you like bush, too? >> oh, yes. why not? >> reporter: why not? do you ever watch bill o'reilly on fox news channel? >> i haven't. >> reporter: you have never seen the factor? >> no. >> if bill stands up for americans we should also stand up for muslims. >> you have a lot of explaining to do, bill o'reilly. step up your game. >> what do i have to ex plain? >> i don't know. step up your game. >> that's true. i've got you on here. >> right. >> i have to step it up. she didn't arctticulate it? >> she also couldn't give an example of a christian terrorist attack. >> there haven't been any. that's why she couldn't do it. it seemed everybody was polite. >> it looked like they were giving me a hard time because i was sweating. but it was hot. i should have worn the burkini. >> you would look good it in. better than the collar in the
1:53 am
back. >> everybody was nice to me. i think the main beef was when there is a terrorist attack in this country the media goes to was it a muslim. these people don't like that. >> but it's always a muslim. it's not always. i mean we had the unabomber. >> true. >> but recently it's jihadists. >> they said this. if there was a guy running around america calling himself a christian we wouldn't say this guy is christian. >> sure, they would. the liberal press would go wild. >> a real christian would say, that guy isn't a christian. it's not christian to kill people. that's their analogy. >> the woman said hitler was a christian. >> right. >> he wasn't. >> right. >> he tried everything he could to get christianity out. good. thank you very much. the tip of the day, a movie star doing something noble.
1:54 am
the tip, two minutes away. back to tip of the day. a celebrity doing something noble in a moment. first, killing jesus. two weeks from today the book will be in stores. first run from the publisher approaching 2 million copies because advanced sales are strong. last night it was number ten on order it in advance on that site, barnes and and
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books and bill order now and it will come to your house. if you are a premium number you get a copy of "killing jesus" free of charge. 60 minutes will have it on oh september 29, the debut edition for the season. bangkok, thailand, please take back your comment that america is too weak to handle a thug like assad. it is not america. it's the leadership that is too weak. who lechs the leadership? i stand by my analysis. patrick jensen in austin, texas. i admire you for taking the moral and ethical high road of syria with the exception of israel what countries in the middle east support the sanctity of life. would the message of punishing assad be as effective on iran as uh punishing saddam?
1:56 am
different time, different place. iran was concerned about embracing democracy and did what it could to prevent it. the bush administration didn't punish iran thereby emboldening them. from florida, why not arrest assad on international crimes and let the icc handle it? who is going to make the arrest? batman? aaron brandbury of ohio. the u.s. used chemical weapons in vietnam and it affected children. that's why we signed the chemical weapons ban. back then agent orange was used to kill foliage, not humans. you are correct that the unintended consequences did harm people. marilyn knight, selma, california. bill, urchin is not a suitable description for a child. you may have been an urchin, but my kids are not. you may need to re lax a little.
1:57 am
denise from walton hills read killing lincoln, killing kennedy and now i have renewed my premium member to get killing jesus. thanks for making the books best sellers. finally tonight the tip of the day, a salute to gary sinise. he became famous in "forrest gump" followed it up with "csi new york." all along he's raised money for veterans, especially those wounded in iraq and afghanistan. september, this friday, september 13 he and his band will play at the festival park in fayetteville, north carolina. the proceeds will be donated to a home building program called building for america's bravest. the next night, saturday, september 14, he will be in charleston, south carolina, at the johnson hagood stadium to
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raise money for the which is buying high tech wheelchairs, track chairs for severely wounded veterans. we would like you to go to his site. tip of the day. check it out. that's it. check out the fax news factor website. also spout off about the factor. o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, please be renable when writing in. i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here. we are looking out for you. >> today is thursday, you. september 12th. a fox news alert. secretary of state john kerry reaching out to russia this morning flying across the globe hoping to strike a deal that
1:59 am
would stop the attack against syria. first vladimir putin has a message for the american people. >> just more proof americans never forget. major backlash for using the twin towers to sell cell phones on 9-11. will a simple apology be enough? >> that glass of milk you are about to pour could soon cost a whole lot more. why it could be 6 bucks a gallon. fox and friends starts right now. >> hope you are dancing and shouting as you wake up this morning. good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. i am patti ann browne. >> ill heather childers.
2:00 am
thank you for starting your day with us. we begin with a fox news alert. secretary of state john kerry is on hid way to geneva reaching out to russian counterparts to suggest the seriousness of syria to hand over chemical weapons. this as vladmir putin chides the u.s. in an op ed piece published in the new york times. >> elizabeth pran n is here wit us. >> he is on his way to a meeting with the russian to look at the proposal to hand over chemical weapons stockpiled in syria to the international community so they can never be used again. the u.s. is crediting the administration for the opportunity to get the weapons


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