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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 12, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the "hannity" viewer got it. that should tell you everything. >> thanks. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta standing by to go live on the record. take it away. tonight a major escalation in u.s. involvement in the war in syria. it involves our cia. first -- >> vladimir putin has just asserted that he has a moral superiority to the president of the united states. >> i was insulted. >> i almost wanted to vomit. >> i have seen chutzpah before but not anything like this. >> i totally disagree with him when he disagrees with the president. america is an exceptional country. >> it is also scary because vladimir putin basically echoes our own president on the concept of american exceptionalism.
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>> you've got now an awe authoritarian ruler who is as anti-democratic as virtually anybody in the western world. in effect enabling a dictator who is slaughtering his own people having the platform to lecture the united states. >> probably nothing good will come of this. they are playing him like nobody has ever played him before. it's quite embarrassing to watch it unfold. >> we've got the communist leader of russia more proudly quoting the declaration of independence than our own president does. >> in the last week vladimir putin has looked like a statesman. >> i have real doubts about the motives of the russians and president assad in offering this path. >> president obama made clear that should diplomacy fail force might be necessary to deter and degrade assad's capacity to deliver these weapons. >> now we are sitting back and
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hoping he can be bailed out by russia. >> and the world will note whether russia can follow through on the commitments it's made. >> this is not a game. >> i can hear reagan rolling over in his grave. >> is russia helping us, playing us or even leading us? former new york city mayor rudy giuliani joins us. nice to see you. >> this is what happens when you lead by following. somebody else leads and putin is now the one that's leading. we are in a situation where we have lost control of this situati situation. they have us in a useless negotiation. the idea that they are going to expose all of their chemical weapons and the chemical weapons they claim they didn't have until two days ago and we'll be able to destroy them which would take 10, 12 years to do while war is going on in syria, i can't imagine how the president doesn't laugh at that and say
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putin, stop making a fool of me. >> in light of that, in light of where we are, not even looking back to say how we got here and whatever was done wrong or poorly, today, looking at what we have, what would you do? how do you fix it? how do you get us out of this? >> there isn't a good option. there is a totally un acceptable option, the one the president was going to entertain which was a modest -- how did secretary kerry describe it? extremely small strike? i can't imagine how anyone would support an extremely small strike. there are two options. do nothing and let them fight it out. or do something significant and affect the balance of power in syria and see what we can do beyond assad. at least that gets us a victory over iran that controls syria, controls now iraq as well.
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it pushes putin back. putin put his eggs in the basket of keeping assad there. with the way putin arranged this how we leave assad in power and expect america to be safe, i don't get it. >> here is how i see one of the realistic options or something likely to happen. secretary kerry who is in je me the eva tonight with foreign minister lavrov saying we are not going to take off military strikes at all. we'll leave that hanging there. even if we took it off, syria didn't do it, we could put it right back on. there will be no attempt at a deal in with syria but they won't surrender control. it comes back to washington. he says he needs permission from congress. he backed off and said he
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doesn't but he put himself in a position where congress will likely vote. the senate won't support it. the house certainly won't support it. now the president has a situation where he has no authority to do it. the world is against him. and there is no deal on the table we can grab. >> this has to be probably the most bungled, mishandled area of foreign policy. i don't know if it's in the history of our country but in the modern age. it would be impossible for us to go over all the changes in position that president obama had from the time it started. it's impossible to follow him. he doesn't know what he's doing. that created the vacuum for putin to move in and create what on the surface seems like a facile solution. the reality is when you examine it, it's no solution at all. the simple fact is if we were to agree and syria was to agree to allow us to inspect all of their chemical weapons and destroy
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them, i don't know. i'm not an expert. i read what i read. it says it could take five to ten years and that it couldn't possibly be done in a situation where a massive civil war is going on. >> i read the same article. five to ten years at enormous cost saying the u.s. is the expert on it t. last night i was told there were experts in other parts of the world. so we'll go there during a civil war and try to dismantle them or move them in the middle of a civil war with anywhere from 26 to 30 groups fighting against the syrian government. >> you can negotiate a lot of times as a lawyer, greta. doesn't it tell you that you are being jerked around? can't you figure out somebody is making a fool of you? >> i think the alternative is bad, too. look happens if we send 150 cruise missiles into syria and we can't get under ground bunkers where people hide, where assad would i hide.
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we can't get moving targets and they launched chemical weapons by the moving launchers, so we are going to knock down buildings and the next day when the dust settles and they parade pictures of dead babies and children whether it's true or phony through the streets we have now inflamed the middle east and given iran all the more reason to say, see the horrible americans? look what they do. >> without assad there they are in a different position. if assad is so dangerous he uses chemical weapons on his own people, he's been lying about having chemical weapons for a decade, that he killed 100,000 people the fact is we really can't leave him in power. this is a resolution of the situation that leaves assad in power for the indefinite power is a victory for putin. putin makes the argument about the no bell peace prize. we are forgetting iran. iran is creating a shiite axis
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right in the area of the middle east that includes obviously iran, iraq where they have total control over mallaki and now syria. >> let me ask you. there is no question about assad is a monster. he's a horrible human being. i believe hehe's done horrible things. when mubarak was in charge in egypt he also did lousy things. we owned him, gave him money, knew who he was. if wemove assad what in the world will we get and who will control the chemical weapons and what about israel sitting there? i don't know. would it be better with the monster we know ? >> in the case of mubarak, the argument for the monster we know was i think a good argument. in this particular case, the monster we know is under the control of oh probably our biggest enemy in the world --
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iran. mubarak wasn't. he was an ally against iran. he's under the control of russia which, although i may not consider them an enemy, they are certainly a geopolitical adversary in the sense that they don't seem to support anything we need to keep us secure. the reality is we do gain a victoriy over them. we get a chance to reshape what's going on. is it a pe perfect solution? no. that would have been two years ago intervening and shaping the rebel force so we weren't at risk of arming dang the rous forces. what's better? leave them there or do something that helps to unseat them. >> it reminds me of do i want to die by hanging or electrocution. bad choices. >> thank you.
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>> vladimir putin wanted to get attention with the op-ed. everyone is talking about it. donald trump saying it is a master piece for russia and a disaster for the u.s. he's lecturing to our president. never has our country looked so weak. we spoke with donald trump tonight. >> last night there was an op-ed in the new york times right before on b the record started. the news broke. i'm curious. do you think president obama knew it was coming or was this an end run on the president? >> i don't think he knew it was coming. it was amazingly well crafted. i have read it a number of times. there are a lot of oh different ideas in there. it was very good for russia. makes us feel almost like we are being talked down to. but certainly a well written letter or on ed from the standpoint of russia. >> russia wants diplomacy, not military intervention. what did putin gain by slapping the president in the face a little bit, insulting the u.s.
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about exceptionalism and saying it was not assad who had the chemical weapons but the rebels. what does putin get out of this? he makes even angry, not willing to talk. >> it makes putin look diplomatic. they talk about his dog mattic ways and toughness. it makes him sound reasoned and reasoning. fra frankly i don't know that he wrote the letter. they were his ideas. the way it was crafted was interesting. it is really talking down to the president. no question about that. >> speaker boehner said he was insulted by remarks. i assume the part where we talked about exceptionalism. he was insulted by that. what i thought was extraordinary is how president putin wanted to speak directly to the american people and bypass is president in addition to the slaps he made. >> absolutely amazing that he did that. certainly is getting play all over the world.
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it makes him look like a great leader. when he criticize it is president for using the term american exceptionalism. if you're in europe you don't want to hear that america is exceptional. whether it's germany or other places you don't want to hear about american exceptionalism. you think you are exceptionalism. i can see it being insulting to the world. that's what putin said. you use a term like american exceptionalism and the way our country is being treated now by russia, syria and other places and
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he talks about libya. he talks about the disaster of iraq. iraq is in a horrible civil war. it's blowing up all around with us spending $1.5 trillion and thousands of lives. iraq is a mess. we left with nothing including we didn't leave with the oil. afghanistan obviously is a disast disaster. he talks about it and people can't dispute it easily. >> i see a dynamic to the part of what's going on in syria and how to resolve it. i see it as a power play by president putin and russia to try to diminish the president of the united states and diminish the united states. they are trying to the look like great diplomats and they jab us
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about iraq, exceptionalism, afghanistan. there was nothing in there to make our president look like a leader. i thought it was putin trying to pay us back for something in a p.r. setting. >> that's why it was well crafted from their standpoint. it made him sound calm and reasoned. at the same time it's a tough letter. if you read it, you have to read it a couple of times to realize what's going on. it sounds calm and reasoned but that was a tough letter to the united states. >> he did say at one point and i don't think many americans will agree. he said it was the rebels that gassed and not assad. i don't understand why he put it in there if he's seeking to get a diplomatic resolution. he h he's making us wrong for siding with the rebels against
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assad. >> he said it and that's what he's been saying for weeks. it was the poison gas and the rebels that set it off. they did it in order to get sympathy and get help. because they are obviously failing. he also talks about the rebels as not being good people. as being people that fought us and lots of oh other -- that fought the good. he he makes h them sound bad. a lot of people agree with him. he makes syria sound reasoned and good. it's tough for the united states. i will say this, tough for the president to go out and get congress to go along when you read a letter like this. i think it had a very positive impact on putin. it's very negative for the president and certainly for the united states. >> one last question. what should the president do now? in light of where we are in this mess including secretary kerry and foreign minister lavrov
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meeting in switzerland and what's going on at the u.n. what would you do? >> play it out and see what happens. probably nothing good will come of this. they are playing him like nobody's ever played him before. it's actually quite embarrassing to watch it unfold. he has to play it out, see what happens. i said it long before this happened, he definitely should not go into syria. we don't know who we are fighting for. we have enough problems in this country. we have problems like we have never had before. we have to straighten out our ship and fast because our country is suffering. when you see an embarrassment like this it is sad. they have problems. let them fight out their problems. we have our own problems in the united states. we should straighten out those problems first. >> as always, thank you, sir. >> thank you very much, greta. >> right now secretary of state john kerry is in je me the va in intense discussions with russian's foreign minister.
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meanwhile back in washington the white house calling freshman gop lawmakers to a special meeting. so why the sudden interest in freshman republican lawmakers? doug collins was at the meeting and joins us. >> good to be here. >> you were invited to the white house today. how many of you? >> probably 15 to 20. >> why were you invited? >> it shows how desperate the president is to reach out to anyone he can find help with in a disastrous plan in syria. he has no support on capitol hill. he lost the support of the american people. it's just isolating himself more. he's lost trust. when you have this many gop freshman who are against an air strike it makes you wonder why they want to bring you there. >> who was at the meeting? i mean from the white house. >> chief of staff. >> not the president. >> not the president. >> if i were trying to hustle, persuade or convince you, i would show up if i were the president. >> you would expect maybe a
7:18 pm
minute drop by. if you are trying to make a hard sell which is what you would expect if this president, the speech, he made a hard sell for war, pivoted, you would expect more. what happened was we got there, shared our feelings and the chief of staff shared their position, gave us nothing new. it's a breakdown of trust. you think back to a year ago on this night in this country we were talking about benghazi. we were talking about a situation overseas and now trust has been erodeded by this administration. now he wants us to trust him on a limited strike. it's amazing. >> i'm struck by the fact that if i thought something was really important and i really needed you, i would do it myself. if i were the chief of staff going to address a number of congressmen, the chief of staff, i would go to capitol hill and visit you. i realize they like the trappings of the white house. but i would show the courtesy of
7:19 pm
visiting you. maybe it's me . >> at this point in time when you have -- you are lectured on world events by the leader in russia. being lectured by others in the world saying we won't participate in your plan. the american people are losing faith. capitol hill, you can't find the votes to bring it together it would be something you would take personally. >> did any freshman member of congress leave and say, i'm changing my mind? >> no. none that i could see. we were disappointed because nothing new was given to us. this was a check the box mechanism for the administration on a failed plan. i think the american people are seeing through it. >> thank you. now to the hot button issue. who is the more powerful leader -- president obama or president putin? vote in the poll right now. straight ahead, while your
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attention is on secretary kerry and today's activity at the united nations it turns out what you may not be watching, our involvement in syria's civil war is escalating. the latest is next. and stunning new evidence in the irs scandal, the one the president called phony. e-mails surfaced. lois lerner from the united states didn't want anyone to see. find out what's in them coming up. and why is he showing off the legs? his kids won't be happy. tell us the most embarrassing thing your parents did to you. use # greta and you may see your tweet or oh post live on the record later this hour. ♪ we dare wear short-shorts if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is.
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this is a fox news alert. breaking news from afghanistan. the associated press reporting that according to an official a car bomb has gone off outside a u.s. consulate in western afghanistan. seven civilians are wounded. we'll bring you information as soon as we get it. and the obama administration promising to send weapons to the syrian rebels. now months later the cia continuing to deliver the weapons. what took so long? will it help? is this a major es calation of h our involvement? nice to see you. >> happy to be here. >> i read your article. what caught my attention said the cia has begun delivering weapons and this marks a major escalation of the u.s. role in syr syria's civil war. >> we knew the u.s. had decided to do it. but it's surprising it took this long. the u.s. said it would provide
7:25 pm
nonlethal aid to rebels. stuff like food, medical supplies, potentially vehicles, things along those lines n. june after they learned there were chemical weapons used they decided to take it a step further and deliver weapons to the rebels. nothing has happened until now. until this week. that was when the cia delivered weapons and the state department started delivering pickup trucks and advanced communications gear and other stuff that would boost the profile of moderate rebels. >> there is a wider range of what a weapon is. are we supplying the heavy duty weapons that the rebels are asking for or lighter weapons? >> been a big controversy. what would be useful on the battlefield would be surface to air missiles, stuff that would get assad's planes out of the sky and anti-tank missiles. the u.s. is reluctant to give them that. six months from now it's anybody es guess.
7:26 pm
there are a lot of jihadis on the battlefield f. the cia is delivering small arms and ammunition which the rebels want and probably can use. >> why the cia and not the pentagon? >> that's a good question. the cia has greater authority to do these things without rupping into a lot of bureaucrat tick red tape. >> less rules. >> correct. for example, if the pentagon were to train the rebels they would run into congressional and legal bureaucrat tick tape such as the vetting process whereby the u.s. must have established that it's not supporting people who have dodgy human rights records. committed human right ace bewss. >> interesting you say that. congress b is upset that it i's hadal control over decisions having to do with and happy the president did come to them. with the president using the cia he bypasses congress because if he went to the pentagon there
7:27 pm
would be more oversight and control. >> historically most of the time when the u.s. aided rebel forces in a covert way it's through cia. this is the agency equipped to do it. there is a desire to do it in a low profile way. >> but we know about it. >> true. >> russia knows, syria, the rebels. >> burr there is a desire to keep american troops out of the conflict. if they were providing weapons that would be a provocative escalation at a time when the administration has been reluctant to inject itself into this war. >> it's a little bit like a myth. we put the cia on the border so we don't have to say boots on the ground and we don't let them in. we are doing as much as we can training and weapons although some would like more. >> this has been a skits 1st and
7:28 pm
10ic plan from the start. it will mitigate risk to the best of their ability. >> great article. i hope you come back. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up, irs e-mails that lois lerner hoped no one would find. also what is this father doing is this we're pretty sure his kids will call the fashion police. find out his story and tell us yours. # greta. share the most embarrassing thing your parents did to you and see your post coming up. flu . my name is mike and i quit smoking.
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♪ the irs's lois lerner didn't plan on this one. e-mails between lerner and her staff that blast a giant hole in the official story about the targeting scandal, the one the
7:33 pm
president called phony. byron york joins us. nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> first of all where are the e-mails from? who got them? >> the house committee investigating it has them. they have given some to the press. we don't know if it is all of them. they show communications between lois lerner and other people at the irs. the original story was it wasn't people in washington who did this targeting of conservative groups. it was the rogue employees in cincinnati. clearly by these e-mails she was involved in it. not only was she involved there were cases involving tea party organizations she thought were so sensitive that the people in cincinnati should not be told about it. not only was it not people in cincinnati but people in washington were keep ing cincinnati in the dark. >> one of the e-mails makes reference to the tea party saying the tea party matter is, quote, very dangerous. it strikes me as here is a woman who works at the irs with an
7:34 pm
enormous amount of power. people are terrified of the irs and she's calling the tea party dangerous and not reflecting on her own conduct as being dangerous. >> in that e-mail she wanted to get the counsel involved. there was a legal aspect. another e-mail in which a sbrord gn subordinate sent her a report from npr about dplants democrats made about a couple of groups, crossroads gps and americans for prosperity. themp saying they should be like political action committees and the fec needs to be involved. lois lerner said perhaps the fec will save the day. it gave the idea she was on one side and look h at tea party groups and making sure their actions were not known all around inside the irs. >> do you know what slays me ? when i see her e-mails and she
7:35 pm
see es targeting or saying horrible things about the tea party being dangerous, americans who object to big government. think, you know, you don't waung through the office and not say that to your colleagues. whe is her supervisor? this couldn't just be lois lerner hiding things in e-mails. it doesn't work like that in an office environment. >> first of all, this time in the last few weeks we haven't been hearing a lot about the irs scandal. there is a lot of other news. investigators have been interviewing people at the irs. so we may learn more from them. of course the problem with lois lerner is she's taken the 5th. >> she should. if i were her lawyer i would have told her to take the 5th, too. >> first bit of advice. it means we can't find out what's going on. >> if the president would go back to the thing before he called it phony in the beginning he said there would be an investigation. if he would get behind it and
7:36 pm
let me say transparency. instead of making it pulling teeth to get information out because americans deserve to have the irs act re responsibly. >> republicans chuckled about the phony scandal thing. they knew they were finding stuff out in their investigation. they knew it was continuing. they knew it would come out at some point. >> he knew it was going on. that's one choice. he knew the information wasn't out but that everyone listened to what he had to say. he should have waited for the information. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you. just this week congress returning from the five-week summer vacation. as they call it, recess. get this, the house of representatives was scheduled to recess again for a week beginning september 23. tonight news at the house has cancelled that week re sesz. republicans say they need time to work on avoiding government shut down.
7:37 pm
reince priebus joins us. >> good evening. >> is your job harder when they are talking about recesses. came off a five week. another cancelled and we have unfinished business like a resolution of the debt limits mid october. >> i think they will get their work. the calendars, i'm sure you know where are set far in advance. district recesses in the middle of september are things that can be moved. you have reported correctly that kevin mccarthy, the house whip sent a notice to the members tonight saying be ready to be here in september to get the work done. on the government shut down, on the obama care issue. on a number of things like cutting spend ing. it doesn't ep help that the president is floundering on syria, going back and forth on his plan. the work will get done.
7:38 pm
>> i have a fundamental objection. we have continuing resolutions because they never did the job with the budget. >> thank the democrats. paul ryan passed eight of them. >> if the government is shut down republicans will say the democrats did it. democrats will say the republicans did it. how do you as chair of the gop convince voters that it's not your party that's responsible? >> you have to be careful. you have to make the case of the american people. all the shut down stuff is bunk. even on the issues that cruz and lee were talking about. they are talking about funding almost 100% of everything except nuggets in obamacare that are a debacle. it would be up to the president to shut down the government. the government shut down talk is nothing the republicans are talking about. we visited this in the 90s and
7:39 pm
one party does pay the piper in a case of a shut down. >> this is polling 80% in our favor. no one advocates cutting the government but they are unified in obama care. no question about it. >> it is a realistic possibility that the government would be shut down. people are passionate and have strong views on both sides. >> there are no republicans looking, plotting and planning to shut the government down. >> i don't think there are democrats plotting. there is a deep divide. >> i'm sure democrats would love the government to be shut down. they can try to blame us. there is nobody on the republican side of the aisle that wants to shut down the government. we want to save the country from obama care, cut spending, get debt under control. there are a lot of things we'll work hard to do. we presented budget after budget that cut the ten-year debt window to the democrats. they are the ones that haven't passed a budget since obama has
7:40 pm
been president. >> this is washington, d.c., home of the redskins. they are playing in lambeau field sunday. who wins? >> after last week the packers have to win. we're looking good. >> thank you. >> thanks. this is a fox news alert. an attack on the u.s. consulate in herat, afghanistan. enemy forces conducted an attack. it is not clear if there are injuries or if it is on going. but the a.p. is reporting seven deaths. we'll bring -- seven injuries. we'll have more information as we get it. coming up, republican lawmakers fighting an obamacare resolution that could cost you billions. and in two minutes, terrifying
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this is a fox news alert. alarming video of a fire on a jersey shore boardwalk. you can see an historic building at the funtown pier collapsing. the wind-driven flames destroying businesses in an area recovering after super storm andy. the ten alarm fire broke out and quickly spread to seaside heights. hundreds of firefighters are still battling to control the flames. they battled low water pressure caused by damage from super storm sandy. the flames devastated a boardwalk rebuilt after the storm just in time for this summer season. damage now estimated in the millions and millions of dollars. the fire started in a frozen custard stand but no word on the
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see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? tonight republican lawmakers telling the obama administration not so fast. you will remember over the july 1 holiday weekend hhs released 600 pages of obamacare regulations and slipped in i a among them a rule that the government wouldn't have to verify if all applicants qualified for taxpayer funded subsidies. the gop taking aim at the obamacare rule now. diane black joins us. good evening. >> good evening, greta. great to be with you. >> nice to have you here. there was a vote 295 to 191. peeled off five democrats to stop insurance subsidies. what is the bill to stop insurance subsidies? >> the bill simply requires to do what the original law
7:47 pm
required. you must verify someone's income eligibility before they receive the obama care subsidy for the health care program. it simply holds the administration accountable so that the american taxpayer is not defrauded with people getting on the system and getting a subsidy they don't deserve. >> the obama administration said the rule has been misinterpreted. it applies to a small subset of people and the eligibility checks for people will not be under mine. that's the white house response. >> we are supposed to trust this administration when they just willy-nilly deside to abide by the law. this was their law, one of the salient features of the patient affordability act. now oh, by the way in this clandestine rule that came out july 4 they are not abiding by the law. after we did a lot of research
7:48 pm
on this and found out what they were doing they came to our committee three weeks later and said, oh, by the way we are going to do an audit of 100% of the people. no. we need a program that verifies the income so we don't have fraud and abuse costing american taxpayer dollars. >> every time there is a subsidy somebody epees for it. if the person isn't eligible they get a free subsidy and taxpayers pay the subsidy that comes out of taxpayer money. >> that's correct. >> the idea was that everyone pay into the pot to lower the price so if some are getting subsidies who shouldn't that skews the whole point of the financial way we were going to run it to begin with. >> it does. as chairman kevin brady said today, what are we just going to have a pinky promise on this? we continue have written rules. we have an administration that says we are doing it this way one day, this way the next day.
7:49 pm
back in april we were told by secretary sebelius we weren't going to have more delays. this is one they should have delayed when they found out, as they said in the rule back in july that they were unable to do this because the systems were not ready. they should have delayed it until the systems were ready. we cannot afford to have this much fraud and abuse out there. some estimates up to $25 billion, over $250 billion in a ten-year period. we can't do it to the american taxpayers. >> thank you very much for joining us. we'll be watching. >> you're welcome. thank you. straight ahead, fashion statement or just embarrassing? you have to hear this father's story. your mom has a mom cave! today i have new campbell's chuy spicy chicken quesadilla soup. she gives me chunky before every game. i'm very souperstitious. haha, that's a good one! haha! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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>> greta: okay everyone it's time to hash it out. an airline nightmare is a traveler's dream. united airlines glitch briefly allows passengers to buy tickets for a few dollars. united shutting down booking promptly, and for those speedy customers the airline says it's considering honoring tickis. -- tickets. note to united, it is called a contract.
7:54 pm
>> okay, who wears short shorts? one daring father tweeting dad wears micro shorts to prove modest is hottest. scott skimming over his daughter's refusal to change out of short shorts. so wearing a pair of denim cuttoffs at a family outing. now that is how to make a point. sheer how to make a point. jersey girl tweeting my dad came to his high school in pajamas and bathrobe to give me home work accidentally left at home and one tweeting mom spilled gravy on her top on thanksgiving and sat next to my hubby with only dish towel tucked in during dinner and took my mom to a fancy res straunlt and she removed her dentures and placed them in the water glass.
7:55 pm
okay that, is really bad. don't forget to follow me on twitter, coming up, new information coming into fox by the second on that attack in a u.s. consulate in afghanistan. the very latest, next. vo: two years of grad school.
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engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year. >> greta: this is a fox news alert more information on breaking news out of afghanistan. fox news confirming an attack on the u.s. consulate in afghanistan. the ap reporting militants staged a suicide car bombing then engaged in a gun fight with security forces near the american kons slit. an afghan translator was reportedly killed and several other people, including police and civilians have been wounded. ap reporting the taliban is claiming responsibility for attacks. a local police chief says the situation has been brought under control but security forces are searching for militants who might have escaped a spokesperson in kabul declined to comment.
8:00 pm
stay with us for the latest on this breaking news. thank you for wk us tonight. stay with us for latest on breaking news and check in on good night from washington. good night. see you soon. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> i am hopeful the discussions secretary kerry has with the foreign minister can yield a concrete result. >> hope is in the air again just as it was when president obama first took office. what exactly has the president accomplished in the past five years? we will only liz with laura ingram. >> fox news? tell the truth. tell the truth about poor people. tell the truth about working people jie. okay, brother west, we will tell you the truth. and it might stun you. wait until you hear what the poorest among us have in their homes. >> it looks like assad has used chemical weapons


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