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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 12, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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if you know what that means you are a certifiable genius. again, thanks for joining us tonight. remember the spin stops right here. we are defi tonight on "hannity" we are monitoring a devastating fire that destroyed a new jersey boardwalk, hit hard already by hurricane sandy. first tonight one of the most untrustworthy, ruthless awe authoritarian dictators in the world has a message for the american people. helping him deliver the message the leftists at the "new york times" in a brazen op-ed penned by vladimir putin. he warns, quote, the potential strike by the united states against syria despite strong opposition from many countries and major political and religious leaders, including the pope will result in more innocent victims and escalation potentially spreading the conflict far beyond syria's borders. he goes on to write, quote, it
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is alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become common place for the u.s. is it in america's long-term interest? i doubt it. later in the column comrade putin b dismisses our belief that america is the greatest country on earth by writing, quote, it is dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. throughout much of the day a number of lawmakers were asked to the react to the lecture. house speaker john boehner said he was insulted. the democratic chairman of the senate relations committee said it made him want to vomit and while the white house wasn't complimentary, jay carney's reaction left many people scratching their heads. watch this. >> both in his op-ed and in the statements and actions we have seen from president putin and his foreign minister it is clear he has invested credibility in transferring assad's chemical weapons to international control. ultimately destroying them.
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this is significant. russia is assad's patron and paramedic t protector. the world will follow through. >> russia helped arm syria with chemical weapons in first place. carney made it clear they are syria's protector which is why it is laughable we would believe anything putin says. the embarrassment for team obama continues. here with us, rand paul. welcome back. what is your reaction? >> i heard the new york times loved the anti-american read so much they have offered putin a position on the editorial board. >> maybe the new frank rich, the new writer. >> russia is struggling economically. maybe he'll work for them. >> i hate to admit it. but there is truth. when he called out kerr erie on
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being wrong about who the rebels are, even the free syrian army's brigadier general said israel is the enemy. a lot of the rebels are al qaeda-linked. al nusra and other groups. isn't the administration wrong? i hate the to admit it, but he's right. >> it is a messy situation and why a military solution doesn't exist. if we bomb assad he becomes so unstable then the chemical weapons become maybe loose within the country. maybe al qaeda, maybe el nusra. maybe extremists get possession of chemical weapons which may well be worse than assad. if we bomb assad, the receive gee problem in jordan becomes worse. if we bomb assad, he may unleash chemical weapons on israel. there are a lot of things that come from bombing assad. none are good. it emboldens the rebels who kidnapped two bishops. either beheading people and
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putting it on video. one of the rebels was eating the internal organs of one of the syrian soldiers. i don't see any good party to the war. >> i think he's right. also in as much as it could spread and be a broader conflict. looking at his actions in this, the editorial, calling kerry a liar, moving his ships into the region, threatening to protect syria with missile defense, threatening to arm iran, what do you make of this -- almost saber-rattling by him against the usa. what do you think the purpose is? >> like president obama, to save face. both sides want to save face, rattle their saber and show how strong they are. if you want a diplomatic solution, neither side has been saying a word about this publically. we shouldn't be tweaking each other and digging at each other like 7th graders. we should be quiet, diplomatic and understand that really there is a self-interest to both
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russia and the united states to getting those chemical weapons out of syria. >> there is only one guy doing the tweaking here. that's putin. that's russia. >> you may be right. if there were a tennis match it would be advantage putin. he's running circles around the administration. >> what do you make of the fact that he was right about the boston bombers and warned us and we didn't listen. he's right about the rebels being al qaeda-linked and more extreme than the characterizing by john kerry and by barack obama? >> the truth is what the truth is. i'm disappointed we didn't do more to heed their warnings on the boston marathon bombers when that young man went back to chechnya, the young boston bomber. i'm disappointed we didn't know about it and renew our surveillance of him. i am disappointed of that. i'm also concerned that the syrian civil involves evil people on both sides and there
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is no good purpose for americans on that. >> do you make of eric cantor's show vote where in one vote it would have had house members fund and defund obama care so they could say they voted to defund it but they were really funding it? >> i think they have the message from the house members, the house republicans. i think they shot the idea down. i really think what we need to do and what the people want us to do is republicans control the house. people know we can't win every battle. we should use the leverage to try to make obamacare less bad. all the news reports today are talking about low income people having to provide insurance for their families and being penalized. even bill clinton is talking about this now. there are so many unintended consequences of the bill, it will be a disaster for the country. the president, though it is his baby should delay the whole thing for a year. we should study what's going to happen if the bill is
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implemented. >> to buy off big labor they are now going to carve out exemptions to buy their silence while america is caught up in the system. what do you think of that? >> without question it is unconstitutional to amend legislation without congressional authority. >> he's done it 19 times. >> this is a constitutional law professor who needs to go back to square one and redo his course. the constitution says the legislature writes the law, the president executes it. he doesn't get to execute only the things he likes or thinks may work. >> are you headed to new jersey tomorrow? >> i will be endorsing steve lanigan. we'll talk about people out of work in newark instead of cory booker's imaginary friend t bone. we'll look for him. my understanding is he's a composite, not a real person. we want to talk about real
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unemployment. he wants to talk about his imaginary friend. >> are you disappointed gov chris christie won't be there? >> we'll have a beer stein of beer for him. i want to break bread and have a beer with him. >> you're there to support steve lan gan in his race. will you endorse chris christie? you guys have had a little back and forth. >> you know, i hadn't thought about that. he hadn't asked me yet. i'm going to stay up late and see if he calls and asks me for my endorsement. >> what would your answer be? >> we vet all candidates, sean. i have to wait. we have to get a request. there is a process here. it doesn't happen on live tv. >> why not? no better time than me, you and a couple million people. that's not a problem. >> i wish the governor luck in his election. he's the republican nominee. i wish him luck. the polls look good for him. i hope he wins. >> is that your endorsement? >> that's as good as you can
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get, sean. what else can i say? >> all right. just pressing you. that's my job. still ahead, karl rove will be here. also ted cruz, michelle malkin. exactly who are the syrian rebels? tonight, new evidence that extremists are gaining ground while the moderates are fading away. we'll check in with juan debating michelle malkin. also later what caused senator ted cruz to praise president obama? he'll tell us about that and more straight ahead. at coca-cola we believe in giving people choices. especially today, as people are looking for more low, and no calorie options. that's why on vending machines, we're making it easy for people to know how many calories are in their favorite beverages, before they choose. and we're offering more low calorie options, including over 70 in our innovative coca-cola free-style dispensers. working with our beverage industry and restaurant partners,
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we are monitoring a massive fire that's destroyed nearly all of the famous boardwalk in seaside park, new jersey. 400 firefighters are starting to contain the blaze that took out more than 30 businesses along the town's boardwalk which was just repaired after heavy damage from super storm sandy. there have been no serious injuries reported. we'll bring you the latest developments as we get them. meanwhile there is new evidence tonight that jihadists are gaining ground in syria. nbc news reports the moderate rebels have nowhere to turn and will soon join al qaeda out of desperation. it pains me to say i told you so but since the chemical attack i have been saying radical
9:14 pm
islamists are is it strong best opposition at this time. if there is regime change the jih jihadis may be the likely successor. >> either assad stays in power and will continue doing what he's doing with no fear of re percussions or isn't the more likely successor to him the radical islamist with al qaeda ties? aren't they the strongest opposition force now? >> as it is now, yes. >> you talk about moderates as though they would be the likely successor if there was regime change. i probably would have agreed with you 30 months ago, the more secular pro american forces there. many of the forces now have disbanded and have been killed off. it seems the more likely successor would be razz call islamist jihadists with al qaeda ties. this news comes as sources tell fox news following president obama's order er s the cia has been oh delivering weapons to
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syrian rebels for weeks. not comforting. here with reaction to the disturbing news, juan williams and author, columnist michelle malkin. before we get started here, i know we have had 100,000 dead. over a million refugees here. we've got a lot of video including video i will show of the horrific assassination going on widespread throughout the country. it is only the chemical attack, 1400 people that got this country's attention. look at this, for example. [ speaking in a foreign language ] line .
9:16 pm
[ gunshots ] >> juan williams, does it concern you that we don't really know the people we are giving arms to now? we might be helping them get into power. >> of course. that's why people like me were reluctant to get involved in syria until now. i think it's not clear who exactly the rebels were. i know there have been lots of people who say, in fact, that the so-called moderates where the majority of the opposition force, but we don't know. how do you measure such a thing? it's impossible. if that's the point, yes. what you showed struck me as awful. but that's war. >> 100,000 dead. >> it doesn't prove anything.
9:17 pm
>> it actually does. michelle. even the free syrian army their brigadier general in may declared israel the enemy. they are people they say are moderate. >> yes. >> what does that tell you? >> i wish you had a red line the into the white house, sean. never apologize for saying "i told you so." hopefully this time people will listen. it's not just videos like that you just showed that are chilling. it's the stories and begging we are hearing from victims of these jihadi-backed syrian rebels who are pleading for the west to pay attention. the same way we should have paid attention before the so-called arab spring in egypt which emboldened and enabled the people who perpetrated the september 11 attack which we just marked the 12th anniversary of. so to aid people who juan and
9:18 pm
the democrats all agree and now admit may be worse than what we are trying to defeat is just mind boggling. we are hearing stories from christians in syria who have been talking about the desecrations, torture, rape, chaining of children. so when we talk about doing things for the children, what about those children? >> did you see the drudge report tonight? >> yes. >> who are we helping, juan? you can't say with certainty yet we are helping, pushing for regime change and action. we have done nothing with 100,000 dead people in assassinations. why now? who are we helping? >> there is a vital american interest at stake. we want to make sure the use of chemical weapons stops here. more importantly we want to signal clearly to the iranians that their advance on chemical weapons, nuclear weapon s got to
9:19 pm
stop. same thing to north korea. same thing to the terrorists, the al qaeda accolytes. that is unacceptable. >> i'm concerned about the free syrian army. the video is from a year ago. 30 months ago we could have helped them. there were more secular pro americans. in may he's saying israel is the enemy and that's the moderate group we are supporting here? >> you don't want to support enemies of israel. you had an arab awakening, arab spring. we can't control who people elect. >> then stay out of it. >> you're an isolationist now? america has no role in the world? >> it's called patriotism, putting american interests first and not emboldening and empowering and enabling the
9:20 pm
people who threaten american children, american soldiers, american lives. i mean, the problem is that when you talk about vital american interests, there are a majority of americans in this country who doubt that the rodeo clown in the white house and his clown car of humanitarian interventionists, the left wing idealogues like samantha power, susan rice, john kerry and valerie jarrett have no idea what the hell they are doing. >> you know, michelle. >> americans -- treasure on it. they are incompetent and it uh costs more american lives. >> listening to someone like you, the far right that backed president bush going into iraq saying our strength, our voice should support democratic efforts in the middle east. now because of oh your hatred of obama you are turning your back on americans in the larger world.
9:21 pm
>> excuse me. >> wait a minute. this is going to be a small attack, no boots on the ground, not about regime change, days not weeks. that is ineffective. it is not a strategy. >> we don't -- >> we are arming the enemies of our allies. >> we are talking about the greatest military on the globe. the greatest military is not going to have a -- >> a pinprick. incredibly small? >> that was john kerry. one line. >> that was your secretary of state, yes. your president saying days, not weeks, no boots on the ground. michelle? >> the american people don't want an extended boots on the ground evident in syria. >> you can't accomplish it in days. michelle. >> if you don't want to listen to a right wing nut job like me, listen to all the democrat people in the emil tear who oppose this because they have no confidences in this president and his ability to determine how
9:22 pm
to provide for the common defense and what our vital american interests are. >> if you were the new tea party you would have run away from the boats in boston. patrick henry would have run for it. >> if you want to call us isolationists i will tell you how much i i'm forward-thinking in terms of using cruise missiles in syria. join me in israel and why don't we take out iran's nukes before the modern day nazis -- >> oh! >> before these guys get ahold of a nuclear weapon. >> now. the real hasnnnity comes out. you want to start world war iii. >> answer that. join me. >> i was trying to say the hannity hawk is out tonight. you want world war iii rather than dealing with the problem which is specific. >> i don't want the modern day nazis that want a holocaust to get a nuclear weapon. >> nobody does. >> you have to stop them.
9:23 pm
they're not going to stop themselves. >> all right. >> michelle, last word. >> you know, can i just send a shoutout to the 2 million bikers who just showed up in d.c. >> they were awesome. >> they know and sacrificed and paid the price. you don't want to listen to me? listen to them, juan. these are true patriots. they have been through american history. for you to say that i wouldn't know what a true american revolutionary was, how dare you? how dare you. . >> we'll leave it there. still ahead, karl rove joins me in studio. he's one of the most vocal critics. what caused ted cruz to praise the president? ted cruz live after the break to understand. we want to hear from you. log onto hasn to
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conservative had complimentary words for the commander in chief on the issue of syria. he said, i want to commend president obama for listening to the bipartisan calls to submit to the constitutional authority of congress. that was significant. it was the right thing to do. i'm glad he did it. let not your heart be troubled. this tea party favorite has a mountain of serious and substantive disagreements with the approach to obamacare, syria and more. the man himself, texas senator ted cruz. good to see you. how are you? >> doing great. good to be with you, sean. >> all right. so you commend him for upholding the constitutional authority of congress. he still held out that he feels regardless of what congress does, he still thinks he has the authority to go ahead with the use of force. what do you make of that? >> i'm always happy to give the president credit any time he turns back from a mistake and does the right thing. on syria, the military attack he proposed, i think, was a mistake
9:29 pm
for this country. he did two things right. number one, h heard the bipartisan calls and submitted to the constitutional authority of congress. number two, even more importantly, once that happened, the american people spoke out in overwhelming numbers. in our office we got over 5,000 calls from texans opposing military intervention in syria. about 50 calls supporting it. it was 100 to 1. to give the president credit he heard the voices of congress, of the people and postponed the vote because he was going to lose. i think that was the right thing to do. i'm happy to credit him for seeing the red light and pulling back from the brink. >> what do you make of putin's aggressiveness in this, especially a shield for syria, arms to iran? what do you make of that? >> well, putin and russia have been bad actors throughout the proceeding. you know, he's offered to convince syria to hand over
9:30 pm
wepwep chemical weapons. if that happened that would be a tremendous outcome, but the likelihood is slim. we have reasons to be deeply skeptical about putin's motives, that they are basically for delay or propaganda. much as reagan with the soviet union i'm happy to trust but verify. i don't know if you saw what putin wrote in "the new york times" today. >> we were talking about it. >> the final paragraph was the most striking. he castigated the president and americans for believing in american exceptionalism. i think he was right. autocrats have reason to fear when americans focus on exceptionalism and principles. it is american exceptionalism that stood up to the nazis and stopped the murder and american exceptionalism that freed hundreds of millions from behind the iron curtain. putin is right to be concerned
9:31 pm
about american exceptionalists. >> the best response i have heard to that article. let me ask you in terms of our perception in the world, this is not an area where russia had much influence over the past four decades. now they have a foothold there and we seem to be given a back seat here. what are the long-term prospects of democracy in the middle east? i don't see a good prognosis here. >> it is a dangerous time. one of the principles that's been true from time immemorial is bullies and tyrant bs don't respect weakness. the administration's policy consistently has been not to further u.s. national security interests. at the end of the day that was most problematic with the syria proposal. it was according to the president he wanted the u.s. military to, quote, defend
9:32 pm
international norms and make a statement. it's not the job of the military to make statements or defend international norms. our sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines signed up to defend the united states of america f. the president succeeded in weakening the assad administration, look, assad is a monster. if they weakened him and the result had been al qaeda or al nusra terrorists taking control, seizing chemical weapons, that would have under mined u.s. national security rather than advancing it. >> what do you make of oh research that 70% of tea party conservatives aren't happy with the leadership in congress and i think this probably got worse when eric cantor proposed the one vote that would fund and defund obamacare and the funding one would go forward. people are are angry about that. >> well, people are frustrated with politicians in washington who frankly aren't listening to
9:33 pm
the american people. we are in the middle of the most important domestic fight in years. that is the fight to defund obamacare between now and september 30th. last time i was on the show, sean, i talked about the national website don' within 24 hours of going on "hannity" we had over 100,000 additional people go to sign the national petition. we are nearly at 1.3 million now. listen, if we are counting on politicians in washington, it ain't gonna happen. this train wreck, the biggest -- yeah? >> to those critics that say this isn't the way to do it that if there is a shut down in the government the republicans will be blamed. i don't have a problem with that. i think it would be a benefit for the country to have the debate especially with the poll numbers against it. >> well, there are a lot of republicans that are advocating we give up before we start. one thing is true. you lose 100% of the battles where you surrender at the outet
9:34 pm
se . if we stand up together we can defund obamacare. >> we need over a hundred thousand people to sign. i'm with you. >> excellent. >> all right, got it. thank you. still ahead, the architect karl rove is live in studio to president can turn public opinion on syria in the end. first tonight -- [ shouting ] >> he's a war criminal! war criminal! [ honking ] >> left wing punks confront one of america's most decorated military vet on the streets of new york. also taking to the streets to see if anyone can pick out syria
9:35 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." while any self-respecting american would welcome the opportunity to greet someone who
9:39 pm
dedicated 37 years of their life serving our great nation in tarmed services that's not how a graet group of left wing lunatics greeted general david petraeus teaching at new york university. this should make your stomach churn. take a look. >> all over you. i can smell it. >> you scumbag. [ bleep ]. >> why are you teaching? what do you have to say? [ laughter ] [ shouting ] >> david! david! >> he's a war criminal. he's a war criminal! [ honking ] >> here in studio with reaction to that disgusting scene, radio tv talk show host billy cunni cunningham and alexis johnson.
9:40 pm
>> or -- >> i just read it. i'm sorry. >> alexis is a friend. very good friend. >> hello. who's in there? i wasn't thinking. >> now you have to be nice to me the whole segment. >> i will be. he won't be. >> you have to be nice. make up for sean. >> first of all, if you disagree you can do that but don't be disrespectful particularly to someone who served the country. >> they mate the military? >> not true. >> that is hatred toward the man who put his ass on the line 37 years in war zones so these punks could say that. >> the left doesn't hate the military. >> these leftist dos. >> you can't paint the whole group based on three people yelling. >> these left is mate tists hat
9:41 pm
military. >> my father served in the military. he's on the left. >> you may be too young to remember this. in 1981 when it was announced that ronald reagan was shot there was a class at columbia university that broke into applause hoping he was dead. ronald reagan shot. i can re call in the 60s and 70s those on your side of the political spectrum would spit on soldiers, burn down rotc buildings. >> a lot of people wish president obama was dead. >> nobody, nobody. >> yes. >> i oppose him with every bit of my heart. i wish him a long life. >> go to any comment section on a right wing website and look at the comments directed at people like michelle and president obama . >> it's not -- >> oh, my. it's vicious. >> not by prominent
9:42 pm
conservatives. >> his children on vacation, knowing it's not safe. >> not by prominent conservatives. bill cunningham, sean hannity. everyone want it is president safe. >> no. >> if they don't, they are not welcome on this program. >> this is typical of many on your side of the political spectrum. >> oh, please. >> this is the way you think about ft. hood, sexual assault, work place violence. >> many of us on the left wanted an intervention in rwanda. >> your guy was there and didn't do it. >> that's correct. >> that was clinton. >> many people on the left including -- >> that viewpoint is the viewpoint of many on your side of the political spectrum. spit on soldiers. >> i have heard you say things. >> not like that. >> about the president. >> not me. don't say that. i have never said that about obama. >> we'll play the tape. >> play the tape. >> i will. >> what did bill cunningham. >> never. >> on this show, all kinds of
9:43 pm
names. welfare thug, irs -- >> no, i didn't. >> you were leveling insults at the president and government workers. >> no, i don't. you're making it up to justify a lie. not true. >> bill -- >> i'm a great american. i disagree. no, no. i was not. >> well, i'm -- >> those guys represent your viewpoint. they are storm troopers. get the tape. >> i'm going to get the tape. i will let the evidence speak for itself. >> the truth will set you free. >> the truth shall set me free. >> i will say this, that represents viewpoints of many on your side. >> people on both sides of the aisle have strident inappropriate views that are disrespectful. >> he fights like crazy every day. he h would never involve personal -- >> people engage in behavior -- >> do you condemn that behavior? >> yes. i said it earlier. >> condemn the behavior. >> got to go. i want to say this. tara is a friend. i blame my producer who wrote
9:44 pm
this stupid thing. i was reading it blindly like an idiot. >> write him up. >> i will. we apologize. we love you. >> i do, too. >> then why are you yelling? >> i'm not yelling at you. >> oh oh! >> do that again. >> isn't it nice? you're lucky. >> breaking news! >> up next, taking you inside the president's major polling problem. we eel check in with karl rove to explain why this white house is incapable of oh moving the needle of public opinion for syria. and tonight -- >> in order to address the issues we have to know where countries like syria are in the world. can you show us on a map where syria is? >> we sent our own katie pavlic in search ever of syria. can the average american find the nation on a map? and speaking of great americans our own frank lunz joins us tomorrow for the entire hour.
9:45 pm
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welcome back. the president's address to the nation regarding syria was a disaster. so why is our commander in chief
9:49 pm
incapable of moving the needle of public opinion on syria? we asked karl rove. the numbers aren't good. >> and they are not going to be good. look, if you do what he did which is allow your secretary of state to go out and say moral obscenity and look ready to go and you fly off for ten days, change your mind and go to congress and spend ten days making laps around sweden and russia it doesn't work. the numbers moved a little bit. i saw data that indicated it went from the low 30s to the high 30s. that's ephemeral. it was an odd speech. you know, i'm making the case for war and then i'm making the case to postpone the vote. assad is a really bad guy. i'm not willing to remove him from power. also weird was the run-up to it. i talked to people in his meeting with republican senators. he said, don't expect the polls to jump big. he said, i'm good but not that
9:50 pm
big. they chuckled and he said, but i am pretty good. then he took a slap at colin powell, his republican ally saying i'm still having to deal with the problems colin left as a result of his presentation at the u.n. security council. he also said something that was incredible. bill cli bill clinton's four day 1998 bombing of iraq was so effective it destroyed all the wmd of iraq we didn't find it. i wish bill clinton told senator clinton and she didn't need to vote. >> this is a side note. why do i believe iraq's wmd was transported to syria in the lead-up to the war. >> you know who thought that might be the case? >> there was a book written about it. >> also an interview given by the "new york times" by the director of the intelligence agency now director of intelligence, james clapper saying in the days leading up to the iraq invasion in charge of
9:51 pm
the geo-spatial age. >> they had convoys. >> nobody wants to discuss where he got his wmds, do they? >> german intelligence interestingly, they say they have intercepts where assad himself is saying no to the use of these weapons. >> we know the assad government used them. i loved it. >> why do we know they used them versus the rebels that could have used them? i think it's likely it's assad. >> we have intelligence, intercepts of the intelligence of military commanders and know they were delivered on systems rebels don't have and government does have. the government rather than allowing quick and easy access to the area, continued to bomb it to allow the chemical residue to degrade and make it more difficult to find. putin today, i loved it. assad said, i don't have any gas. now, he's saying i'm willing to
9:52 pm
give it up. in today's editorial op-ed in the "new york times," it's putin saying we have every reason to believe opposition forces used it. we don't have any concrete evidence the opposition forces have any kind of artillery systems and chemical weapons shells and delivered them, none at all. one of five or six major points. >> what do you make of his aggressive nature by moving ships into syria and threatening to arm iran?putin says we're no protecting syria. they've been threatening for two days. this is a client state they are making billions off weapons sales to. he also understands, the money aside, he understands if assad remains in power, this elevates russia's prestige and iran and hezbollah's and assad at the
9:53 pm
expense of our allies. >> we're being pushed out of influence and they're filling that void by leading from behind? >> exactly. look. back to the putin editorial, you know, we have to save the united nation nations. you can only use force if the u.n. justice it. he says the law is the law. really? did the u.n. authorize the russian military to invade the independent nation of georgia and occupy to this day two provinces -- >> no. >> of it? don't do this, america, because of the al qaeda terrorists part of the opposition. he's funding hezbollah! >> karl rove, good to see you. up next, katie takes on the search for syria around the globe. anted atch him when he was there 118 days.
9:54 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." we talked a lot over the past hour about the crisis in syria, how it will impact this country and our allies. while everybody has an opinion on this subject we couldn't help but wonder if the average
9:58 pm
american knows that the troubled country, where it is located on the globe. we sent katie pavlic to times square to find out. >> reporter: we are in times square asking where in the world is syria. some of the answers might surprise you. do you have any opinions about president obama's ideas to maybe issue a military strike on syria? >> that's an intense question. putting me on the spot. >> if that's what it calls for, do it. >> is this an issue you trust the u.n. on? >> the u.n., i took my class. i taught for 40 years. i took my class to the u.n. the security council is not something i really trust. >> it's just about as illegal for the united states unilateral ily to i attack a country as assad to commit genocide on his own people. >> reporter: have you been paying attention to his plans for syria, possible military intervention? >> i have heard something about
9:59 pm
it. i saw signs last weekend. there were people holding signs. >> reporter: you said you're a teacher. can you show us where syria is on the globe? >> i certainly could. there's turkey. there's greece. >> this is a little country. >> there's bulgaria. [ crickets ] >> is this a new map? >> might take time. >> there's iran. >> in europe, right? >> no, no. >> we don't know. >> there's -- >> um -- >> i feel embarrassed. i'm half in the bag because i have had a couple of martinis. there it is. >> she got it. do you watch "hannity"? >> of course. >> shout out to sean. >> hi, sean! >> yeah, she got it. everyone clap! [ applause ] >> what was she wearing? what was that? one of the angels from victoria's secret? i don't know. the "hannity" viewer got it.
10:00 pm
that should tell you everything. >> thanks. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta standing by to go live on the record. take it away. tonight a major escalation in u.s. involvement in the war in syria. it involves our cia. first -- >> vladimir putin has just asserted that he has a moral superiority to the president of the united states. >> i was insulted. >> i almost wanted to vomit. >> i have seen chutzpah before but not anything like this. >> i totally disagree with him when he disagrees with the president. america is an exceptional country. >> it is also scary because vladimir putin basically echoes our own president on the concept of american


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