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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 15, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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swelling of the lips, tonguer throat, or diffilty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. welcome to this special edition of "hannity." we have heard >> the american people do not want the u.s. intervening in syria. so font ftonight for the full o are giving the show up to you the american people to hear what the average citizen has to say. frank luntz made a bipartisan focus group to debate the issue of syria and much much more. >> i have been doing testing on world leaders about two decades. in that time i don't think i have had a story quite as bad as this. >> the chemical weapons even though you have seen the videotape and you have seen the
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bodies. >> i haven't finished. our soldiers in another area were attacked. our soldiers. they went to the hospital as casualties because of chemical weapons in the area where they say the government used chemical weapons we only had video and we only have pictures and we are not there. our forces, our institutions. how can you talk about what's happening if you don't have evidence? >> do any of you trust him? >> no. >> what should we do with him? >> treat him like the dictator that he is. he killed 100,000 of his own people. you have to somehow get a plan to get him out of there. >> you want to kill him? who wants to kill him. raise your hand if you want to kill him. >> you want to see him executed? >> he killed 100,000 people. why should it be the u.s.'s decision who lives and who dies?
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>> we are doing that now. >> who is replacing him? who is taking his place? it could be worse. >> we are a constitutional government not constitutional democracy. it is a part of a constitutional republic. he doesn't matter. he still controls the sovereign country. we don't have the right to go in and alter that sofrn country. >> you agree with that? >> we can't trust him. >> if he is using chemicals of mass destruction against his own people i suspect that he is a bit crazy. but if you -- we can't just go and annihilate a dictator. there has to be some diplomatic approach to it prior to -- yes, treating him with dignity and respect. we are never going to go anywhere if we try to strong arm every dictator. i don't think we have an op towni -- opportunity of diplomay
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in this area of the country with these types of -- >> how do you treat somebody with respect if you lie to their face. he talked to the reporter and said i can't confirm we have weapons and oh then just so what a couple days ago he said i will give them all up. >> if people think he is crazy and a dictator why don't we bomb him? why is everyone disagreeing about force? >> we have to worry about our own in -- >> what does that mean? >> we have so many issues in this country. we are talking about taking vengeance. vengeance does not deal with our military. >> after the fact it is a moral obligation -- it is a moral obligation when people are lying after the fact. this is after the fact. (talking over one another) >> there is no conclusive evidence. he didn't give any conclusive evidence. >> there has never been
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leadership here. if he had started off we would have understood it if he went in there and did what he was supposed to do or didn't go in there and say it his leadership would have helped a heck of a lot. he needed to make a commitment not to wobble back and forth and back and forth. >> to do what? >> whatever he wanted to do. >> that's what bush did. >> it's the same as the rest of the middle east. there are no better options. if you are not better off for having gone into iraq the fact that we stabilized it and made iran the power of that region afghanistan might be marginally better off. >> therefore? >> we need to stay out of it. if we don't have a better result than what they had. >> let it play out we should not be involved at all? >> don't interfere with the revolution but you have to take the chemical weapons off the table. >> how do you do that if you don't get tough with him.
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>> we are saying we need to have an agreement that we can verify president obama said it. >> if you cannot trust assad and he is using chemical weapons, we play on a world stage. the united states is part of a big global conglomerate. we are not alone. we have to act. >> i think killing your own people, killing your own people and gassing them is a war crime. if we believe that let's build a real coal luition of internatio partners and go in and over throw him. >> i feel like we are the lone ranger we are out here all by ourselves. there's nobody else coming to aid and assist us. >> can i ask you a direct question that's one of the reasons people voted for barack obama in 2008 he would improve america coming across the globe. what does it say that this president who is elected to reestablish relations has no global support? >> he is being put on the world
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stage right now. >> he is being what? >> punked. >> he said global support before. >> from other countries thinking there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq. so now people are tired of crying wolf. i think at this point we are very war weary but something needs to be done. >> that's a good point. that's the point. we are trying to figure out. you watched it. you watched how assad responded. need to wrap up. >> we also know he's working with iran trying to de stabilize iraq. somebody down here earlier said we don't know if we will get a democracy if he goes. we know if he stays we will have a dictatorship. he is working against the americans in afghanistan and the middle east and need to stable liedz. >> who agrees with that? who disagrees with that? even on something so clear-cut we don't have consinecticut --.
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the president will have to decide whether or not to support after congress reacts. >> coming up the group tackles congress's role in all of this and how the commander-in-chief is doing with that role. check out the companion site. hannity live dot we will continue. and we'll continue. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage.
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>> will come back to this special edition of "hannity" with a focused groups of americans. frank luntz is standing by. >> the question for american people is not just what is the role of the president but what should congress be doing? should it voice test will? does it represent the people who put them in office? do you do some sort of comparison between the two? the president spoke about the role of congress. let's take a look at how our group responded. >> even though i possess the authority to prepare military strikes i believed it was right in the absence of a director eminent threat of our security to take this debate to congress. i believe our democracy is stronger when the president acts
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with the support of congress. and i believe that america acts more effectively abroad when we stand together. this is especially true after a decade that put more and more war making power in the hands of the president and more and more burdens on the shoulders of our troops while side lining the people about critical decisions about when we use force. >> tell me, what is the role of congress? what should congress do? >> congress should evaluate what the president wants to do ask questions have hearings>> i think they should. the world of ity. but i don't think they have to support enough. >> i don't think the congressional representatives have the bill vote exactly how they want to all of the time. i don't have all of the information they do. >> for once i am glad to see congress having a debate the debate that don't fall off because they want to wake up in
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the morning. i think that's refreshing. >> ee freshing everyone should be voting. >> i wish i could remember his name he was being interviewed on the radio my constituents believe we shouldn't go into this bombing but that being said i am going to vote for it. that's ridiculous. >> we have congress for a reason to tloins the people. we have the senate to listen to the president. congress is supposed to listen to the people. let him listen to the people. let us give advice. >> whaings exciting is we are getting information from all different sources that you have leb berles agreeing with super conservatives you have the tea parties working with the aclu. what is going on now because we are getting more and more information from various sources and we are not just listening to the one official that is me is what is exciting with all different types of dependents
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republicans and democrats are agreeing. >> so help me here, we have john boehner and nancy pelosi on the same side. the last time that happened was never. then you have seems like majority of both political reporters on the other side. >> what is going on? >> the problem is i think there is more re bust discussion that is less robust in congress because they are mostly still driven by a party or they are driven by key constituents who really don't represent most voters. >> until that changes they are going to be steering clear. >> why didn't they all say this is so important obama thinks this is really crazy important why don't we get back there in>> why did you think they did it? >> yp didn't they come back because they didn't want to have to vote on it.
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>> they don't want to have to go on record on what they do or don't want to do on this issue. reelection. >> isn't that their job? >> in this case congress is less trust worthy because there's so much politicking involved because they are not so much concerned about getting re-elected. the president this is his last term he is a bit of a lame duck. i trust his decision making more than congress. >> who do you trust more, congress, the president? you trust them both or do you trust none of them. who trusts the president more than congress? who trusts congress more than the president raise your hand. not too many. who trusts both of them? two of you. who trusts neither of them? >> okay. well, we got a problem. we have our crisis and the american people have spoken.
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>> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." the decision of what to do in syria could be the most important moment of his second term. how is he handling it? let's see what the bipartisan focus group thinks about the commander-in-chief? >> the president's speech continues to solicit divided opinion across america. when he talked about his role as commander-in-chief we saw the division right here with our voters. let's see how they dialled that. >> this is not a world we should accept. this is what is at stake. that is why after careful deliberate brakes i determined that it is in the national security interest of the united states to respond to the assad regimes use of chemical weapons through a targeted military strike. the purpose of this strike would be to deter assad from using chemical weapons to degrade his regime's ability to use them and make clear to the world that we will not tolerate their use.
6:21 pm
that is my judgment as commander-in-chief. >> he was clear about his role. tell me as an average american how would you describe in a word or phrase barack obama as commander-in-chief. >> right now weak. >> indecisive. >> i would say indecisive. >> embarrassing. >> i would say average. >> middle of the road to average to better. >> he demonstrated restraint and le leadership. >> tempered with caution. >> no leadership if as lating and weak. >> i am going to start with your reaction why. that is pretty positive. now how the rest of the group responded. >> he has demonstrated a lot of restraint and leadership. i think he has done a terrific job under the circumstances. >> your reaction? >> embarrassing. >> why? >> there was a time when america was the leader of the world and
6:22 pm
when our president spoke he had the leader behind him. >> he started talking a red line he drew hasn't backed away from it now it is time to react and he is not acting. >> he never put a plan in place to back it up. now he is scrambling that is not a commander-in-chief. that is not a forward thinker. >> the president governs by committee instead of making a die significance. >> i think he is saying this to the american people. he was very clear he wanted to vau their strikes. i was a business convinced for a while that that what we were going to do. >> iron cic he got the noble pee prize now he's sitting there talking about bombing people. he said there was a rode line crossed two or three times now he pushes it on congress.
6:23 pm
it is em parbarrassinembarrassi. >> diplomacy takes strength. there have been many times in the history of this country when there has been like civil war between countries and we have rushed in and not understood all of the issues at stake. all of the people are saying he's vacillating is where he is trying to understand the situation. now he's determined to deal with the human rights issue. >> i want to address your point. you said he was so strong on strikes then why didn't he strike? >> he told us that syria shot off six rockets and then there's evidence that chemical weapons were disbursed. what if if the chemicals are not dispersed from our strike. >> i think it's clear he wanted to garner support. >> clear? >> he does not need congress's permission to go in. >> because he says he is going
6:24 pm
to be clear don't make him clear. >> i feel like congress stomped their feet. we wanth a stay ay in this. what he did is through them a bone. he didn't have to. >> now he wants to throw them a tomahawk. it is ridiculous. >> he is trying to get he said the support of congress makes it for a more unified front. i believe that. >> now liberals are being like war hawks conservative also restraining themselves not wanting to go in. >> i don't understand why left of center is calling for military action and not world peace. >> as a registered independent it is very exciting for me. i love what i am watching. the element of surprise is over. >> as commander-in-chief we got somebody we elected idealistic
6:25 pm
doesn't have managerial skills. >> you can't fault him for going to congress and asking for support. it sets a good stage for his predecessor and to be able to have congress and the president work hand in hand. >> why is this the one time he wants to go to congress. >> congress turns down clean air act he does it by executive order. somehow that's the will of the people. the will of the people said no and he did it anyway. >> we are the world and we are t he is the leader of the world police the united states and i vacillates on everything. there is no leader. >> we believe he has the power to do this without congress he should have done it. if he believes they should have he shouldn't have said anything. >> you are saying he should have ignored congress? >> if he truly believes and some people do that he has a
6:26 pm
unilateral right to go and bomb some other country without the approval of congress he probably should have done it rather than make the comments first. >> i wanted to get everybody's feedback into this decision that involves lives we are going to put on the line. >> and our lives. >> the president didn't vacillate osama bin laden. he was criticized for threatening to go after obama in spanni pakistan. he did that which demonstrates a lot. >> if you voted for obama and you have been one of the most critical people of him. >> i am disappoint. however i do see he is in a tough spot. he is trying to make it work. obviously we are not all going to hug it out, but some of these processes and the steps in order to get advisors, people that are going to be on the committee to
6:27 pm
voice and share their opinion share data whatever it is. i hear you it is frustrating. >> the president wants limited air strikes. what he wants is permission to do an act of war, we need to st kidding okid stop kidding ourselves. syria had treatys with other countries that's what we should be thinking about right now. >> i want the american people to know this is reflective of the country. 15 of you voted for bash rack obamwe bam -- barack obama. only 11 for mitt romney. the numbers are close to what we have seen in the polling data almost every day. the division you reflect are the divisions we see in america every day. >> plenty more coming up tonight, frank, and the focus group will be right back. first we want to hear from you. log on to our special companion site hannity
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number stores nationwide. >> i am harris falkner. fox news retained a draft on the house report on the terror attack on the consulate in benghazi, libya. it is a scathing report on how the original investigative panel may have failed in the attempts to find out how the ambassador and others were killed. the reports from the house over site committee for the chairman ch california republican darrel issa a vocal critic of the 911 handling of that. it played down policy decisions that came from top officials and never fully investigated secretary of state's hillary clinton's role in the decisions. the final report is due out in
6:33 pm
stages. i am harris falkner. now back to "hannity." >> the president handling the situation in syria has been described as confused and embarrassing. leaving many to wonder whether or not it is acting rationally. frank luntz and bipartisan lead group. >> the question is where do we go from here? the best way to look at it i want to ask you an important question. is america going to be more safe or less safe over the next ten years than it is today. who thinks america will be more safe. raise your hand. six of you. why are you so optimistic? >> well, i am so optimistic because of the fact that i know we are a super power. i think we don't manage power in
6:34 pm
a manner that will allow us to remain a super power. >> why are you optimistic? >> i think people in my demographic and age range are becoming more involved. >> how old are you? >> 28. i think we are paying more attention and being more informed voters the better decisions we are making the better people we are putting in office the better our national security will be. >> i disagree i think the american people are more together than we have been. aclu is working with the tea party and liberals are not wanting tock to work conservatives don't want to go to war. a lot of the groups are coming together and we are more informed and waking up to what's going on with the leadership. we need better leaders on both sides of the aisle. >> i think the country's last leadership the president will leave in three years and i think the country is going to turn the corner and we are going to elect a leader. >> we keep saying he lax
6:35 pm
leadership. a leader reflects on what happened in the past and analyzes it and prize to make the best decision. he looks at the country and doesn't want to go to another war. he knows when one of those wars by false information and what he has done is he is reflecting saying okay i have to balance all of these issues. >> we have learned from the past. we have learned from the mistakes in the past. >> he leads from behind and when he wants to keep deferring to the united that i gos nations that's not leadership. >> as long as conservatives turn a blind eye wihen their own pary is not conservative the president said he is not going to engage in nation building he does it twice but says he's going to be a compassionate conservative and did not demonstrate that we have learning things just as liberals were jumping on the let's go fight band wagon because it is their suggestion more than anything rather than super strong conviction to do things to help in syria. >> if we continue down the path as the president said we are
6:36 pm
constitutional democracy when that is not what we were yesterday according to what i believe we are in serious trouble if the congress does not give back their constitutional authority they have willingly and readily suggested to the executive branch we are in trouble. >> but congress says 11 percent job approval rate. khaddafy had a 15 percent job approval rate. >> they start taking back constitutional authority and start representing the people again i believe their approval raiding will go up. >> we need a strong congress that's how our governmental system was designed we need checks and balances. everyone talks about lack of leadership everybody who stands in front is not a leader. everybody who leads you over a cliff doesn't lead you where you need to go. i think someone who takes the time to understand the myriad of complex issues that we never know we were getting into is not somebody to be looked at as not a leader. >> she was talking about how it was a good thing for obama to
6:37 pm
take back and measure the vote why didn't he do that in the first place. why wasn't the first thing he did if that doesn't work he wants to go to war if congress doesn't act then he acts. he has done it completely backwar backwards. saying let's do diplomacy. >> even though i want to look at the future i have to ask you i have been thinking about this, when he talked about drawing a clear red line, was that a mistake? oo the mistake was -- he made a mistake and it was acknowledgeed by his staff. then he didn't choose to back away from it. he stuck to it and ramped it up. if he hadn't made that statement we wouldn't be talking going into syria. he made a mistake he went off the rails he said i draw the red line when he was asked by the reporter and he couldn't back from that. >> how many believe because he was trying to protect his own
6:38 pm
credibility we are in the situation we are in now. half of you. you say he would risk bomb ago country to protect his own habits all of the time. >> he's a politician. only reason boehner came on board is because he got an invitation by the president to give approval for the war. that's what this is all about. >> you understand how radical this sounds? >> yes. the more they talk about it the more divisive it becomes the more they learn about what americans really think about this. the president, his country and their future. >> coming up next it was something many of us asked this week do you feel safer today than you did rears ago. frank luntz will pose the question to the group. stay with us after this. @??
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welcome back to this special edition of >> welcome back to a special edition of "hannity." time to go back to dc and check in with frank luntz with important questions for the voters. >> conversations about budget,
6:43 pm
very often national security is not discussed. we have been asking americans like you, do you feel safer or less safe now than you did ten years ago? why don't you answer that question for me as a way to begin this conversation. how many of you feel safer than you did back 10 years ago raise your hand? who feels less safe. tell me why. >> whether it's republicans or democrats it's hard to trust. the question of less spending how do you trust who will spend it properly. spend more spend less i don't trust who is in charge. >> you feel safer or less safe? >> less. i don't believe they look at the interests of what the country are what is important. the countries that are threats to us today, it hasn't gotten less. the respect of the countries around us the allies and enemies has reduced.
6:44 pm
our allies can't defend upon us and enemies are afraid of us. >> they are chopping the budget we can't do as much. we can't protect ourselves on as many fronts. it is a sris rating military. >> we are living in a different time. the enemy is gaining mauj technological advancements. >> who is the enemy? >> our enemies. >> who? >> the terrorists. >> that's kind of a general thing. >> i am specifically talking about the islamic regime. >> it is hard to know who the enemy is. >> a lot of it is stuff where the -- that's where it is coming from. >> it's syria so if we support the rebels we are supporting al qaeda. the rebels against the government i have heard 60 percent. >> it is difficult to know who the enemy is. the reason i don't feel less
6:45 pm
safe than i did before is ingles was discussed, less was talked about. this issue of terrorism has been with us even before the 70s. i don't think the situation has changed that much. our spending and military is so much more than anywhere else in the world i am not threatened. >> the real issue is elected officials is not only trust but of their own special interests. they can't make rational decisions. it is not only based on a budget but what is best for the country. >> who is they? >> elected officials members of congress. >> you blame congress for this? >> yes, i do. the president is the commander-in-chief. >> why do you blame congress? >> i didn't vote for him so i should put him in that field as well. but i look more specifically at the elected officials. because they have the power to make the decisions it impacts.
6:46 pm
>> somebody before said our enemy now are terrorists. we need more high-tech stuff to go after them and monitor them. every time we have a budget we have a peace dividend. they never cut the military they raise it back up. >> you believe they are not spending enough? >> i believe they need to spend more money in the military. >> i don't. it's not the idea of how much they are spending it's how they are appropriating the funds and where it is going. >> you guys agree with that? >> yes. >> is this government today investing in technology. >> you need to put 500,000 in afghanistan instead of 35,000 rel trained troops? i think you can be more effective doing it that way. >> i see way too much like we are still using world war ii era base mentality where we put ourselves we are not taking advantage of the full -- >> jason, go ahead.
6:47 pm
>> the technology is the lie. the technology is protecting you the man power and the money sent to department of defense is going to worthless weapons like v 22 off strpray and other technology they are supporting. >> using it against us. nsa there was no denial about what they said. they didn't deny what he said. >> go ahead in the back. >> you can get more poll lit sided than 9-11. >> hold on. go ahead. >> they are fighting against each other but not pulling together as americans. >> my question to you is is congress making the right investment to provide you. >> no. >> why not? >> they doesn't know how to make rational decisions. they don't. they don't. >> they are froegsnal politic-- professional politicians. they don't know how to make rational decisions. we have all of this money and we
6:48 pm
have a budget why are we in a deficit? >> where people are supporting the politicians instead of spending money where it can be effective. >> it all starts with obama. >> i am so tired of walking backwards trying to follow his resume. i can only image how the military must feel. there's a reason why leaders lead from the front. if we don't know where we are going how the hell are we going to get there. >> we cannot afford to make any mistakes. if something goes wrong with national security it's not a republican or democratic tragedy it's an american tragedy. the debate over national security will be waged in the months to follow. let's hope they have good common sense of good americans. >> when we come back the group turns a national security issue that being immigration reform as "hannity" continues. i love having a free checked bag
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one issue >> one that has not gotten media attention is immigration. just because the debate has been pushed out of the headlines does not mean we ait is going away. we checked back in with american luntz and the focused group of american voters. >> there is not a more pretentious debate today than the debate over immigration. the battle between those who want small reforms those who want significant over hall and some who don't want any change at all. the people's tempers are flaring across the country. i want to begin with an ad. i want you to grab your dials. you are going to react second to second then i am going to ask you whether this ad truly connects to you in the discussion about immigration. let's take a look. >> a border threatening our security while millions live in de facto amnesty because washington does not think our borders are fully texted and
6:54 pm
american america is losing the race. doing nothing isn't working. congress must act now to build an immigration system that benefits america. because if they won't act, guess who is the only one who gets to decide? >> raise your hands if you thought that was effective. most of you. most people don't agree on anything. why was that so effective? it didn't point fingers at any one. it was the general concept of we need to come together and look at leaders in congress to solve the problem. >> the question, what is wrong with pointing fingers and holding people accountable? >> because whatever you do you say it's not my fault we want to fight, fight, fight. rather that's more of an easy way to present a problem. >> we should point fingers. obviously there's a problem that needs to be fixed. >> i think we are past pointing
6:55 pm
fingers and we should be looking for solutions. >> if it went to that. that very issue. it went to that very issue. it said we are trying to fix this issue not trying po put cla blame on it. everybody knows the situation here. >> we point fingers on everything and not get anywhere. >> they are using the word illegal like it's a cuss word these days. it's got to stop. >> i think we need to use the word illegal. because they are illegal. >> i am saying they are saying you shouldn't even use it. >> we are not going to handle this problem by soft stepping this issue. these people need to get to the back of the line and speak english and do the things that are necessary. >> personal opinion, they don't need to get in line at all. i grant you you can't have any where from 10-12 million people to leave give them some kind of legal status citizenship, never. >> there's a will ylaw in the b. the law is employers have to check. if you have the employer, if you actually arrested an employer
6:56 pm
who is hiring illegals you have an answer. >> there are two separate issues. until we fix the first issue once you are securing the border there's no sense in doing goinge second issue. >> most of the illegal immigrants over state the visas and we never prtrack them down d we arrest them say come back to court in six months and nobody goes after them. you don't have enforcement regime there are no deterrents. >> they came here illegally and over stadz. what about those people. >> don't understand about the word illegal. you can't go to any other country and say that and you don't have citizenship status. that is one reason why we are over budget have a lot of problems and these people don't bring any economic help. americans need job. >> are you going to deport them?
6:57 pm
>> yes, they should be. >> does this woman sound compassionate to you? >> why sdu get so angry? >> it's not being angry. it's a sense of using our common sense. i mean, i go across the country and i am sick and tired of americans talking about taking care of everybody else but americans. we pay the taxes. >> we pay the tax bills. >> it's the leadership that allowed them in. these people many of them. >> we talk about the numbers like they are not human being in this country and part of our society. >> though are human beings. i can't wrap my arms around the fact when someone is here illegally that's a crime. these people came here illegal ahead of other folks who are in
6:58 pm
li line>> you do illegal things all of the time. i sped on the way here. >> i want everyone to notice, holly, holly said idoes illegals every day. >> also there's the issue of the children of these people. these people have families. they are escaping really horrific situations. there are americans milking the system worse than some of the illegal immigrants are>> but we can't be responsible for what's happening in their countries. >> what does the statue of liberty represent? >> if they are here legally i don't have a problem with that. it's the fact that they are here illegally. >> my grandparents came here to get away from discrimination in europe. they came here legally. they came over they got a job and learned english so their children, my parent could be good americans and now i am an
6:59 pm
american. >> it's the standard of getting into this country was consistent, no matter what country you came from, i can buy that. how is it that some people get into this country easier the time period the waiting time period is shorter for some countries than others. >> when you hear this conversation, when you hear this conversation how does it make you feel? >> it is horrifying to me that people would behave and treat people like this. getting immigration status in the united states is very difficult and it costs a lot of money. absolutely. and the questions -- >> okay, okay. we are not going to solve it here. but you have proven my point that holly breaks the law and that it is probably, immigration is probably the most contentious issue. we will be debating it over the coming weeks and months all we are going to ask for is one
7:00 pm
thing civility as we debate this issue and others. >> and that is all of the time we have left this evening. as always thank you for being with us. hope you have a great weekend. >> when we see people dying from them c chemical weapons we want to do something. we can stop children from being put to death. >> this is not a time to be silent spectators to slaughter. >> the danger is clear. the world has said this aggression would not stand. >> there is evidence now we must act. >> other politicians push back. >> they shoot back and what do we do? >> we do not know yet who the good guys are. >> now most americans oppose intervention. >> should we bomb


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