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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 16, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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pow, pow, pow. a few seconds, it stopped and then, pow, pow, pow, pow. >> there was a man in full fatigues with a long gun running from this sidewalk that way. >> we can confirm that the deceased shooter from this morning has been identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis of ft. worth, texas. >> we saw him raise the rifle and aim in it our direction. >> we were pushing, shoving. people were falling down. it was crazy. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington.
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about a mile from where i am right now, what began as just another monday quickly turned into a day of terror. before it was over, a dozen victims lay dead, victims of a mass shooting within the shadow of the nation's capitol. one gunman is dead, 34-year-old aaron alexis of ft. worth, texas. he is a former naval reservist. a search for possible accompl e accomplices has turned up nothing so far. jennifer griffin is live at the navy yard tonight and begins our coverage. hello, jennifer. >> reporter: hi, bret. u.s. navy officials say the suspect in this shooting never deployed, never served in combat, never deployed to a war zone. he was an aviation electrician until 2011 in ft. worth, texas. his friends say he left the navy because he didn't like getting out of bed so early.
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the first shots were heard shortly after 8:00 a.m., an initial burst of three gunshots, a gunman described by eyewitnesses at a six-foot tall bald african-american, wearing dark clothes and carrying an ar-15 semiautomatic eiffel. shot his way through the building 197 at the navy yard in southeast washington, d.c. he was later identified by federal authorities as aaron alexis of ft. worth, texas. >> pow, pow, pow. a few seconds, it stopped and then it was pow, pow, pow, pow. so we just ran. terrified now. i don't even know if i want to come back into the building again. i don't feel safe. >> okay, i love you. can you meet me there? >> s.w.a.t. teams roped their way onto the building as rescue helicopters evacuated the wounded. the gunman was eventually cornered on the fourth floor where he did most of his killing. he died of an apparent gunshot wound.
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d.c. police immediately began a suspe manhunt for two other suspects. >> one was a white male in a khaki/tan military uniform, short sleeve with a beret hat. >> reporter: the man in the khaki uniform and beret was eventually identified and cleared by the police. the president weighed in from the white house. >> we are confronting yet another mass shooting. and today it happened on a military installation in our nation's capital. >> reporter: the senate just a mile away adjourned out of an abundance of caution. mayor vincent gray would not speculate about a motive. >> there were people who asked earlier if this was a terrorist event. we don't have any reason to think that at this stage. >> reporter: the navy yard is the oldest navy base in the country. admiral jonathan greenert was home at the time and was swiftly evacuated from the base by his protective detail. security at the base is always
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high and armed guards monitor each gate and require d.o.d. security badges for all who entered. most of the shooting occurred at the naval sea headquarters. naval sea command is responsible for a quarter of the navy's budget. aaron alexis was charged in 2010, bret, with unlawfully discharging his weapon into a neighbor's living room. his friends say that he recently traveled to thailand, that he was a buddhist, a buddhist with apparent anger issues. bret? >> jennifer, the d.c. police chief, cathy lanier, said there was two suspects originally or people of interest at first. now is there still one? are they looking for someone else? >> reporter: right now, they are still looking for one african-american male who was in military garb. he is between the age of 40 and
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50. they saw him on a video camera at an entrance to the navy yard. still looking for him. they cleared the other suspect. they found him and questioned him. this is from eyewitness accounts just after the shooting. that's why they were looking for two suspects. one of which was seen on a videotape. >> jennifer griffin at the scene, thank you. we are awaiting a news conference from the mayor, the d.c. police chief and an fbi official. when we get that, we'll bring it to you live here on fox news channel. let's talk more about what happened with dustin monies, a defense consultant who was outside the building where the attacks took place. thank you for coming in. >> happy to be here. >> tell me what you saw, what you heard. you've worked there for seven years. >> well, it was really kind of surreal experience. i was getting to the office about the time i normally do, around 8:00, 8:30.
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and i saw a large commotion up around the front gate of the yard. there's sort of a gate and then a hill that descends down towards building 197 where they attacked. it's a five-story-tall building. you can see the top of it from the parking lot where a lot of us park. and all of a sudden, police cruisers started showing up, fire trucks, ambulances, the whole thing. and it was -- the response was incredibly fast in locking down the base. a lot of us that were standing there, including some of my co-workers, we were remarkably impressed by how fast the d.c. police were able to organize, figure out what they wanted to do, how they were going to do it and then go in and start working their way through the building and getting people out of there. >> it was seven minutes,
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according to the d.c. police chief. you don't know this suspect, the killed shooter as the police call him? >> no. >> do you know any of the victims? >> i haven't seen a list of the victims yet. i'm praying it's not anyone -- but it's just such an awful situation. >> it's amazing, a horrible situation. what is the security -- one of the big questions is how someone gets on the base. what is the security onto the navy yard? >> the navy yard is a little bit a unique installation in that there's the naval sea systems command where this happened. an that's one big organization. and it's actually surrounded by a naval base. commander, naval installations command. when you come onto the base, you show your common access card, or your id card, to the guards, who
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look at it, look at the date, look at the picture, look at you, make sure you don't look unusual or something strange happening. and that you're supposed to be there. and wave you on through. and then when you get to your building, what they do is they -- there are turnstiles, if you have privileges -- base privileges as granted by the security office, you can swipe your card. it will green light you and you can walk on through. >> and there's not a -- >> and there's a guard there who monitors it and makes sure that nobody's jumping a turnstile or kind of ghosting behind anybody. >> but there's not a metal detector as you walk in -- >> no, there are not. >> last thing, i can't imagine something like this happening. have you digested this whole thing today? >> no. it kind of goes beyond the pale.
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last week, a very prestigious award was won for their hard work over the last two years. having come out of the sequestration intact, keeping a lot of their programs on track, on performance, schedule, and all these other things. coming on the tails of that, this is just awful. >> dustin, thank you very much for coming in. i know it's a tough day for everyone. but especially for people who work there and were showing up for work. so thank you. we are awaiting this news conference as you take a live look, an empty room right now. but once we get word, we'll take you there. as we told you earlier, president obama saluted the courage of the victims and decried the violence today. but then it was really back to politics as usual. here's chief white house respond ed henry.
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>> reporter: it was supposed to be yet another pivot to the obama, this time trying to shift away from syria. although with the mass shooting at the navy yard delaying his remarks briefly, the event with middle class families became a tribute to the victims with a pivot to a series of attacks on republicans. >> we'll do everything in our power to make sure whoever carried out this cowardly act is held responsible. in the meantime, we send our thoughts and prayers to all at the navy yard who have been touched by this tragedy. >> reporter: then after a brief mention of syria, the president marked the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis by unleashing a series of attacks, alleging republicans are not focused on growing the economy at this moment. >> i say at the moment because i'm still hoping that a lightbulb goes off here. some of these folks really so beholden to one extreme wing of their party that they're willing to tank the entire economy just because they can't get their way on this issue?
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>> reporter: the president even managed to work in an attack on mitt romney over health care. >> it was an issue in last year's election and the candidate who called for repeal lost. >> reporter: asked today about the tone of those remarks in the middle of an active manhunt, spokesman jay carney said the white house did not consider calling off the speech and he said it was appropriate to keep the pressure on republicans over the looming budget crisis. >> they insisted on a process whereby budgets were passed in the senate and the house and now republicans have blocked the process of reconciliation. >> reporter: the bigger challenge for the president right now is heat from his own party from a huge bloc of house democrats who defied him over his push to get military approval for action against syria, to senate democrats intent on blocking the potential nomination of larry summers, prompting him to abruptly pull out of consideration sunday. moments ago, speaker boehner lashed out saying he should have risen above partisanship today.
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a celebration was canceled tonight and they lowered the flag over the residence to half staff out of respect for the victims. >> when you questioned about the timing of those remarks, they felt it was important to get on the record before this budget battle here in washington? >> reporter: clearly they believe they've already lost time because of the syria debate that's been dragging on for days and weeks. we have these two budget crises coming up, the debt ceiling as well as a potential government shutdown. >> ed henry on the north lawn. we're just getting word now that mayor gray is speaking about today's shooting. >> take this opportunity to brief you as much as we can. we really don't have a lot of new information as this investigation continues to unfold. we're still seeking the identity of the person who is identified as having been in a drab,
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olive-colored uniform, a man about 50. and you heard the description earlier of that person. again, i want to extend on behalf of the entire city, those who are with us, our heartfelt condolences to the family of those who were killed in this horrific tragedy. we know that there are 13 fatalities at this stage, 12 of which occurred at the site, including the shooter, and one of whom died at the hospital. again, we don't have any known motive at this juncture. there are those who have asked us about where terror was involved. we have no information to suggest that that's the case at this point. and we will continue through the night continuing this investigation and obviously in the days and weeks ahead. i want to call upon, first of all, we'll do it in the same order as we did before.
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first of all, our chief of the metropolitan police department, chief cathy lanier. then we'll have our fbi representative, we'll have our chief of the park police and then our congressman eleanor holmes norton. >> the only thing additional we can add right now is we are still continuing to ask our community to remain out of the area and shelter in place. we still are working diligently to either verify or clear whether we have that last additional person of interest out, whether they're going to be involved or not. that process is not complete. so this is still an active investigation. we still have a lot of law enforcement activity in the area. so please bear with us and we ask that people stay out of the area until we give the all-clear. i will also add that our officer from mpd is recovering. he does have serious injuries. but we know he's going to be okay. and i wanted to thank all of our
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community members who have shown an outpouring of support for our mpd family. so we do have the officer now who is stable, out of surgery and stable. he's going to be okay. traffic closures remain the same as before. they probably will remain closures across "m" street throughout the night. this is going to be a little bit longer-term investigation. i think once we clear that last suspect, whether that is going to be a person we are looking for or not, we'll have some additional closures lifted. but for right now, everything remains closed that was closed earlier and this is still active. we're asking the shelter in place do remain. the moment we have additional information, we'll push it out to the community and make sure that the press is updated. thank you. >> good afternoon. we do not have any further detail to share at this time about the deceased shooter. we, again, ask the public to look at the photos of aaron
3:16 pm
alexis and contact the fbi with any and all information. the photos are available on fbi.gof and all information can be reported to 1-800-call-fbi. this investigation is still very active and we will continue to work with our partners to track down every bit of information that we learn. the assistance of the public is vital in investigations of this type as we try to piece together the recent movements and contacts of the subject. no piece of information is too small. please call to report any and all information to 1-800-call-fbi. thank you. >> one thing. for all f of our local folks that are following the news coverage here, there is misinformation that is getting out through a variety of different sources. i will say to our friends in the media, if you have sources inside of the law enforcement agencies that are reporting,
3:17 pm
they're not official reports unless they come through this body or from the fbi. what unfortunately happens is law enforcement sources will hear something. as that gets passed around, it changes, it oftentimes is not completely accurate and then is getting reported in the press. please, if it is not coming from this official body from the fbi, it is not confirmed. there is a lot of misinformation getting out. we are trying to make sure factual information is being pushed out through all of our mpd sources and through city sources on our twitter and d.c. alert and all of our contacts. we make sure the press gets any updates as they go out. please, if you have sources reporting something, if you can try and verify through us before you put it out, it would be helpful with some of the misinformation. please, if i could just ask for everybody's patience there, thank you. >> and a personal at this point, we're now in a support role as the united states park police.
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we were among the first responders this morning. but i wanted to thank the community who puts up with some disruption in the day when a tragedy like this happens and we have to reroute traffic or we don't have a lot of information initially. but as the day has gone on, our officers have been stopped on the street and said "thank you" to over an over again. thank you for recognizing the heroics of officers who run towards danger and the aviators who pluck people off the roof. it makes it very meaningful to them when they've had a day like this. so thank you. >> thank you, chief. and let me thank the mayor and all who have gathered here several times because by coming forward to give our residents of the region information, you've done something very important. you've kept the fear level down. the fear rises when people don't have information and don't feel safe. this happens to be a thriving community of residents. this is not a place just for the
3:19 pm
large federal facilities you see here. when i go on the floor tomorrow evening, i'll remind the congress that this shooting occurred in their neighborhood. this is the neighborhood of the capital of the united states, very close to congress. and yet i just want to say to residents who are coming home today that the response of the police, the taking down of the shooter so quickly, convinces me yet again that this is the safest city in the united states. not safer from attack, but safe. today the police and the responders saved many lives. perhaps when this investigation is over, we'll have some sense of just how many. much of that has to do with the
3:20 pm
close working relationship between mpd and federal police, of which there are several. and it showed up very well. when i say this is the safest city in the united states, i want also to reinforce the safety that the security of the naval systems command has always generated. we know that because of the difficulty of getting there butles the because it was open to the community in the evenings. even built a facility so it could accommodate the community. we want to maintain that balance and tonight we want to say the residents that we don't think there's anything to fear in this city. i think you saw by the way in which multiple police forces who work so closely together achieved a closure here that this is a safe city and we can go about our business in the usual way. thank you very much.
3:21 pm
>> questions? >> [ inaudible question ]. what was his dress? what was his demeanor as best you know? >> we're not going to comment on any of that. all of that's still under investigation. none of that will be commented on, not at this time. >> was your officer part of the active shooter team or on patrol? >> we had both respond. we had initial responding officer who entered the base and, again, as i reported earlier, we had official active shooter teams assembled -- >> the one who was wounded, was he active -- >> i'm not going to comment on that at this point. >> can you talk about -- >> the mayor mentioned [ inaudible ] -- was there a reason why -- >> there's been -- obviously there's no place you can go in
3:22 pm
any city and not have multiple videos that are available. there is multiple videos that is being reviewed. we have no review to release to the public at this point. right now the video we're reviewing is part of the investigative process. if we have something we can release to the public, we will do that. >> the video to which i was referring was the one that identified the person in the other uniform who we thought was a suspect initially and we were able to confirm that he was not a suspect, that he actually was on the scene when someone else was shot and he moved out of the way for obvious reasons when the shooting occurred. and he was then interviewed and he's been absolved of any responsibility in this crime. >> can you talk about your helicopter unit? you said something that sounded like you were saying you were taking people out besides the wounded. can you expand on that? >> no, i was talking about people that were wounded or being evacuated who had fled to
3:23 pm
the roof of some of the buildings. at the same time they served as eyes on the sky. it was just a well-coordinated effort. >> do you know how many people were medivac'd? >> i don't. >> you will get the last question. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> no. they have not. we're still in the process of identifying who the victims are. there is no information that's been fully confirmed at this stage. the process continues. so we will identify the families first once we know fully who's been involved. yes, sir? >> [ inaudible question ]. >> there are people still coming out of the navy yard. how many remain there, i do not know at this stage. but as we were coming over, there were still some uniformed officers of the navy coming out and getting on the bus. there are people still there. thank you all very much.
3:24 pm
>> washington, d.c. mayor vincent gray along with the d.c. police chief, cathy lanier, and fbi chief there. they didn't have much more information. still looking for one more person, saying it's a person of interest. but judging by their tone and how they're not answering a lot of questions about that, it is possible you're just dealing with one shooter here who is now deceased, identified by them as aaron alexis. we'll continue to cover this as we look live at the white house. the white house and capitol hill now flying flags at half staff after this mass shooting in washington, d.c. we'll be right back. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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able to turn my home into the home of my dreams. for over 18 years, we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. united nations inspectors say there is clear and convincing evidence that chemical weapons were used on a relatively large scale during an attack last month in syria. the u.n. report does not say which side launched the attack. the finding comes after a broad agreement was reached over the weekend to ostensibly end syria's chemical weapons program. we have two reports. james rosen is traveling with secretary of state john kerry. >> reporter: standing alongside his british and french counterparts at the french foreign ministry in paris, secretary of state john kerry pledged to seek a strong u.n.
3:29 pm
security council resolution that binds syrian president bashar al assad to give up his arsenal of chemical weapons and metes out justice to those responsible. >> nothing can be accepted at face value or in words alone. and that is why our meeting and the efforts of the international community to go to the united nations in these next days is so critical. >> reporter: however, kerry and his counterparts denied that the nine-month timetable for the destruction of the syrian stockpiles serves in effect to preserve assad's grip on power for at least that long. >> nothing in what we've done is meant to offer any notion to assad that there's some legitimacy to his process, that he has some extended period as a leader, so-called. >> reporter: french foreign
3:30 pm
minister and the british foreign secretary agreed there is no, quote, incompatibility between the goal of dismantling syria's chemical weapons arsenal and pushing assad towards a decision to step down. >> far from it. we're also pursuing our goal of a political solution to end the conflict and indeed our other goal is to alleviate humanitarian suffering. >> it's part and parcel of the same process. >> reporter: kerry was meeting with the saudis and turks separately before returning to the united states. traveling with the secretary of state in paris, james rosen, fox news. >> reporter: in damascus, on the surface, everything seems normal. but look a little closer and the signs of war are everywhere, literally. billboards try to boost morale for the syrian military. at countless checkpoints, there is the search for the enemy. listen a little closer and you hear the sounds of war.
3:31 pm
day and night, there's the constant thunder of outgoing artillery blasts. regime forces are targeting the outlying neighborhoods of damascus where rebels are still holding sway and firing back. fearful of reprisals, these government soldiers want their identities concealed. we're told the pace of the fight has increased now that the syrian government is worrying less about american military strikes. the bashar al assad regime is claiming victory, some of its supporters emboldened as well. >> we will face death even. but we still are here. this is our country. >> reporter: the war is affecting everyone, though. supply lines are disrupted, causing shortages in essentials like fuel, plus long lines and
3:32 pm
high prices at the gas pump. prices for food and other essentials are soaring. we are afraid of war, this baker says. for that, many people came in here to buy bread. and there are worries and prayers for minorities here. skirmishing still continues in this historic predominantly christian down north of damascus. people are concerned christians will be targeted. >> we have now a fight, like war between religions, between muslims and christians. >> reporter: it has been 14 months since we were last here and the numbers tell the ugly, deadly tale. in july, 2011, 19,000 people had been killed in fighting. now, 110,000 are dead. despite all the talking, this brutal war grinds on. >> thank you. here at home, stocks were mixed today. the dow gained 119.
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this is a fox news alert. you're looking live at the white house. we are just getting a report of some kind of commotion. we are getting a report from our own ed henry who's now running to the camera position that someone pulled a weapon of some type and gunmen have engaged this person. we don't know exactly what this is. there is some kind of incident
3:37 pm
occurring at the white house right now. we wanted to bring it to you as this day has been very tense here in washington, d.c. as security is stepped up not only at the white house but at the u.s. capitol and all around. can't get a good vantage point from this camera which is on top of the u.s. chamber of commerce building, looking at the white house. but, again, some incident at the white house. we don't have any other word, do we? not yet. we will monitor this and see if we can bring you any information as we get in touch with ed henry who just called this in. it's been a tense day here in washington. as you know, the shooting earlier, take a listen. >> we know that there are 13 fatalities at this stage. >> we still are working diligently to either verify or clear whether we have that last additional person of interest out, whether they're going to be involved or not. >> i heard three gunshots, pow, pow, pow, straight in a row.
3:38 pm
about three seconds later, there were four more gunshots and the people in the cafeteria -- we all panicked. >> everybody was going down the stairs, people were pushing, shoving, falling down. as we came outside, people were climbing the walls, trying to get over the wall. >> we didn't see a face but we saw him raise the rifle and point it in our direction. >> some of the sights and sounds today as police say that the suspect, the shooter was killed in a firefight with police. aaron alexis, 34 years old, believed to be from ft. worth, texas. we don't have a motive for this as of yet. let's bring in an expanded panel tonight. brit hume, stephen hayes, mara liasson and charles krauthammer.
3:39 pm
brit, your thoughts on this day? >> 13 people are dead, counting the shooter. we think we know who was responsible. we don't know why. we think we know what, in terms of the nature of the crime, basically a mass shooting of a kind we've become all too familiar with. but we don't know how exactly. how did he get? how did he manage to come inside this security military base with these weapons or weapon? we don't know. we have a lot to learn. and i think it's too early to draw conclusions. all the suspects have gone to battle stations as they do about lack of gun control. it's hard to believe that after what happened in newtown, an issue is going to come of this. >> steve? >> an incredibly difficult day, particularly for people working down at the navy yard. it will be very interesting to see where this goes moving forward. the president gave a speech today that for some struck people as somewhat tone deaf,
3:40 pm
the fact that he gave a speech that was certainly a bitter partisan attack on republican, particularly on these budget issues. as this situation was unfolding, the fact that cathy lanier, head of the washington, d.c. metro police department had come out and said, we don't know a lot of this, had alerted people to the fact that there could be two additional gunmen, the white house went against it and ed henry reports there wasn't even discussion about whether or not to postpone the speech. if the white house were inclined and his colleagues wanted to resurrect the campaign on gun control, the way the president did today would make it a more difficult challenge. >> take a listen to "the ft. worth telegram."
3:41 pm
alexis worked at a place in ft. worth. listen to them talk about this guy. >> very sweet, not a guy that talked about guns or talked about anything violent. as a matter of fact, my best memories of him was sitting at our tables trying to teach himself thai. he'd traveled to thailand about six months ago, i know not a year ago. spent more than a month there. we kept saying, when's aaron coming back? and he had just stayed in thailand for a long time. >> mara? >> it's almost a cliche now, he was a very quiet man, he kept to himself. but we don't know much about him. we have absolutely no clue about a motive. but picking up on what steve was talking about, my prediction is this will not spark a new round of high-level debate about gun control. sure, some people are going to talk about it. but i don't think you're going
3:42 pm
to see the president pick this up. as you saw today, he's eager to get back to the big epic battle with congress over the budget battle. i think he would have better to save the remarks for another time because nobody listened to them. and if they did, they probably heard a tone that was not appropriate for today. but i don't think we're going to be back where we were after newtown. >> this is ed henry saying he heard at least two gunshots outside the northwest gate, saw secret service officers engage, others running around. they just locked down the lawn. and i think we have new video of secret service agents taking down someone who had a gun. those are uniformed officers, the capitol police and secret service. and there you see the officers taking someone down. this has happened before. people firing weapons at the
3:43 pm
white house. on this day, obviously everything is heightened. but on most days, security is very tight around the white house. it seems lightbulb they have it locked down at this point. again, two shots fired and this person in custody. charles? >> this new incident could either be kocopycat, random or associated. it seems unlikely that it's associated because the white house and the naval yard is rather far away and this town has been guarded for the last 12, 15 hours unlike any other city in the world. so that's unlikely. but if it is an associate, we have a large issue. generally when you have a shooting, it's either someone with a grievance or someone with an ideology, or somebody who doesn't have anything because he's deranged, like a jared loughner in tucson.
3:44 pm
it doesn't look like he had an ideology. he may have had a grievance. apparently he had some trouble with the navy. so he strikes in a navy yard, which would fit that pattern. there isn't any evidence of an ideology. so it could be one of these terrible tragic events where someone has a motive which is a personal one, has no larger political meaning. and a lot of people end up dying tragically for nothing. >> but as d.c. police is still looking with the fbi for someone else -- and we spent most of the day wondering if there were other shooters. it really changes the dynamic if there really were two shooters or three shooters. >> of course it does. because they eliminated the possibility of a third. we're down to the possibility that there was a second shooter and they haven't eliminated that. my sense from this from listening the comments is they doubt it but they haven't been able to completely establish that there was no second shooter. people see things, a number of experts have said, people see
3:45 pm
things all the time at the scene of these incidents and they interpret them in a certain way. by the time they reach the authorities, people end up not really having seen what they thought they saw. and the police have to run all that down and check it out and make sure that it's not incorrect. but if there was a -- they believe there was a gunman on the loose in the city and they couldn't place him, there would have been a bigger lockdown around this town. only one house was shut down, although the house was not in session. my sense is this looks for the time being as if there were probably only one. >> like boston, the whole city? >> right. >> let me wrap up this incident at the white house. it looks like the uniformed officers took down that man, ed henry standing by on the lawn. ed? >> reporter: i've now moved into the white house briefing room because i was standing outside and i heard what sounded like at least two gunshots. at first, i thought it were fireworks or something because
3:46 pm
it's very extraordinary to hear that obviously on the north lawn of the white house. but i knew there was something more than just that when i saw at least one secret service officer take out a rather large weapon and start engaging. then we saw at least one suspect thrown down to the ground. it appeared officers were on top of him. then we heard all kinds of shouting from secret service officers telling tourists to get back. and they told any white house staff, any reporters on the north lawn to get inside here to the white house briefing room so that clear the lawn and make it safe. we've seen more officers engaging out there, circling around the lawn, obviously making sure that the residents, the west wing, et cetera, is safe right now. >> when you say engaging, what do you mean? >> reporter: i saw one officer with a large weapon. and i didn't see him actually fire it. i saw him put it up. then i heard another shot closer to where the suspect was. i didn't actually see the officer shoot. but he was moving closer with a large weapon like he was about to fire. and then i heard a pop.
3:47 pm
and it sounded like someone else closer had more directly engaged with the suspect. i heard at least two or three pops, not more than that. and then the yelling, the screaming, the clearing-out. and i could not tell because i was close here to the briefing room, to these various officers. i was not close enough to the gate to see whether or not the suspect had actually been hit. but he was certainly on the ground and they had officers around him. >> ed henry with the breaking news there. you can see all the people there in the park, obviously clearing outful we'll head back for any details from the briefing room, ed, thank you very much. on the other side of the break, the president weighs in on a host of issues, as steve mentioned. keep it here. ♪ [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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this is a very active, ongoing, unified investigation at this point. this not confirmed. we potentially may have two additional shooters out there. >> he would confronting yet another mass shooting. we will do everything in our power to make sure whoever carried out this cowardly act is held responsible. much of our attention has been focused on the events in syria. and we're not there yet. but if properly implemented this agreement could end the threat these weapons pose not only to syrian people but to the world. we continue to focus on my number one priority since the day i took office. making sure we recover from the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. yet some republicans in the house of representatives, who are promising to shut down the government at the end of this month, if they can't shut down the affordable care act. it was an issue in last year's election. and the candidate who called for repeal lost.
3:52 pm
>> bret: president obama today delivering a speech as the whole shooting and the investigation was unfolding. we just want to wrap up one thing. u.s. secret service now saying that male -- a male through over fire crackers on the north fence line. there were not shots fired. so ed henry was right the first time. we are back with the panel. charles, the president's speech, syria, the shooting, and the economy. >> the president in that speech was back to hyper partisan mode, slashing attack on republicans. at one point he is speaking of the republicans. he said and some of them are decent, quite remarkable thing for a president to say if you expect any cooperation. and to do this within minutes of 13 naval employees, brave americans lying dead i thought was in extremely bad taste. he could have waited until tomorrow. it isn't as if this is a
3:53 pm
holy anniversary. he could have spoken later in the week which is the week that marks the fifth year of the crisis. and on syria, he said, having dealt with the syrian issue, which is another farce. he has opened up a can of worms. there is no way we are going to disarm syria. this is a fig leaf. it's nothing more. >> bret: white house press secretary jay carney, mara, said that basically they didn't think about pushing off the speech. >> they didn't think about pushing up the speech. i wonder if they are having second thoughts about. this first of all, i thought the tone was a little off for a day like today. and also nobody was listening. and nobody is paying attention. they are rifted to the news about the shooting. and the president gave a very lengthy speech laying out what he think has happened in the last five years. the position republicans. there is going to be epic battle on capitol hill this fall. some republicans saying they won't raise the debt ceiling and keep the government open unless
3:54 pm
something happens to obama care or mandate put off for ear year. the president is going to be talking about this for a long time. today his words were kind of lost. >> times like this that the president looks to the president for a leader. regardless of political party ideology. for leadership. for the president to launch this partisan bitter attack recycle lick old charges he is making against republicans suggests to me that he holds himself obviously in very high regard. that in the midst of this attack as this is unfolding with this breaking news, that the country is going to actually care what the president says about this upcoming fight with house republicans. it just seems so small and so petty and so beneath the office of the president. >> bret, i think a lot more people saw the criticism of republicans just now on your program than saw it it live. >> three cable networks, straight news cable networks as opposed to
3:55 pm
networks dumped out. he was talking to c-span and people online. and so not that many people heard it, which i think is probably good for him. this president tends to engage in partisan attacks from the platform more than any other. those who this or some who say. is he talking about the party and he attacks the republican party with regulator. i don't think it's it particularly attractive but i do think this: he wants this fight. he wants this fight, and he wants shutdown in the middle of it and he will talk about it and attribute to talking about it to everybody else. republicans are talking about we want to keep the government open but shut down obama care. they are not saying they want to shut the government down, those who are. he wants this fight because he think it's a loser for republicans. on that count i think he is right. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a final word about today's shooting.
3:56 pm
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>> bret: here some highlights from your bing poll tonight. shooting today. highest intensity the shooter motivation could be anything. we had 12336 votes per minute. the highest intensity of the show on charles' opinion that the president's speech was highly partisan viewers across the spectrum all strongly agreed with that there you go, charles. we will leave you tonight with more sights and sounds of horrific day here in washington. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid? so have this happen, i'm terrified now. >> seeing somebody die in front of you here where you work at is more of a relationship of you talking to god or you realizing just how fragile life is i will hug my kids the next time i see them. >> i want to find him safely now and give him a hug and tell him i love him and take him home. >> it's a god-awful reminder that we have to stay village lent. >> as we learn more about
4:00 pm
the courageous americans -- dyed today we will died today we will honor their service to the nation. >> harris: breaking news. an incident at the white house. everyone on edge. we are getting word from secret service as we also learn more about the deadly rampage from earlier this morning. that happened just miles away. [sirens] >> i heard three gunshots. >> he raised and aimed at us and fired and he hit high on the wall. >> [inaudible] >> the washington navy yard under attack. >> these are men and women who were going to work, doing their job, protecting all of us. they are patriots. >> harris: and dramatic roof top rescues in the