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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 17, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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who took the head off? we still don't know. >> brian: wow. controversy. i'm saying hannity. >> steve: call matlock. bill: good morning. we have a fox news alert. it was on this program yesterday when we first learned about the early details at the naval yard shooting rampage. sources telling associated press the gunman who allegedly killed 12 was being treated for serious mental illness including hearing voices in his head. we are working through this information and it's changing by the hour as you can expect. here we go again. martha: i'm martha maccallum. police are saying 34-year-old
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aaron alexis act alone. we are hearing the radio chatter of the first responders as all this began 24 hours ago. >> we have on the 4th floor a male with a shotgun. multiple shots fired, multiple people down. we'll give you an update on the building location. >> we have an officer down building 187 on the third floor. martha: people walking out of the building with their hand over their head afraid they will get shot if they appear to be anybody but themselves. alexis was a former navy h reservist. and no word on what the motive could have been for the shooting spree.
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but he had thee weapons at his disposal including an ar-15 assault rifle which we have seen in several of these tragedies recently. we also know some of the names of the victims. all civilian employees at the navy yard. some of these people were in the navy for many years before becoming civilians. bill: this is how it went down. 8:37, metro police confirm an active shooting at the yaifty yard. yaifty -- at the navy yard. 9:45 a.m., signs of rescue. a helicopter lowering a basket on the roof and taking a away. we learned a triage was being
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set up outside the navy yard. reports of 10 people shot. 10-15, a -- an official says the short is contained. 11:38, they say the short is dead. >> reporter: the associated press is reporting aaron alexis had been treated for paranoia, sleep disorder and had been hearing voices in his head. he responded to the 9/11 terror attacks and is said to be mentally scared from that experience. he shot out the tires after car in 2004 belong a construction
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worker. he told police he had an anger-induced blackout. in 2010 he shot into the ceiling of his fort worth texas. he complained she had made too much noise. he applied for a discharge from the navy. he got an honorable discharge. and he used a valid i.d. to gain access to the base yesterday morning. police obtained search warrants for his rental car and hotel room. they are also scanning his online profile and computer searching for clues as to what would have sparked the shooting spree. >> the navy yard reopened. other streets and highways reopened. schools and government buildings back in business. but building 197 is still a
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crime scene. they may be there for the next couple days. >> there is quite a bit processing the scene. i would expect them to be there the next couple days finishing up. it took a while to clear the building with our tact cal teams. i would say, you know, 48 hours wouldn't be unreasonable. >> reporter: there are now questions about security lapses at the navy yard. a government audit said the navy in an attempt to reduce costs let down its guard to risks posed by outside contractors in an attempt to reduce access control costs. the report shows numerous felons gained access to military installations across the country
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because of insufficient background checks. bill: it was thought for a long time there could be two accomplices. both of those men have now been ruled out. martha: we are learning more about the people who lost their lives and the 12 families who are mourning them this morning. they must be in so much shock as they face this day. let's take a look at some of the names that we have learned at this point. michael arnold was 59 years old. he served in the navy for 29 years. he was bean annapolis graduate. he retired as a captain. kathy guard just started plan for retirement with her husband and partner of 42 years. they were married for 38 of those years and he is devastated this morning as you would expect. john roger johnston was 73 years old. and gunned down yesterday.
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authorities also releasing the names of 50-year-old frank kholer. and kenneth proctor sadly sleeves behind two teenaged sons and his ex-wife to whom he is still very close. they were just recently divorced and she and the family are defend stated. among the names we know so far, we'll have more of these people and their stories. we'll bring you those as soon as we get more. bill: here is the lay of the land here in central washington, d.c. with our nation's capital. about a mile, mile and a half is the navy yard down here in southeastern washington. we'll show you the overview as we fly in here. keep an eye on the left side of your screen here. this would be building 197 as it comes into view. about it appears relative to
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building 197. there is an entranceway here. this would be a gate and we don't know this, we haven't confirmed this, but that's where the shooter could have entered yesterday morning. another gate over here on the visitor center on the far eastern side of the navy yard. but this is building 197. the huge sprawling building fewer stories in height but it covers a large area. you see the navy yard based on the history and the contribution. also you have a museum here that is frequently visited right in the center part of the navy yard that gives you a bit of the lay of the land. you mentioned the victims. this is usually the day we start to hear from family members. they talk about their loss and how they are going to be able to go forward. and unfortunately that's another part of this story today.
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martha: it's a shock to wake up one morning and watch your spouse go off to work and you wake up the next morning and they are not there. we'll tell you their stories throughout the day. we are learning more about the gunman as well. and what turns out to be -- here we go again, a violent past for this man. 34 years old. aaron alexis. texas native. navy reserve it. rage issues after 9/11 is what we learned so far from his family and a couple of friend who have spoken out. he was arrested twice for shooting. his roommate says he was a great guy. >> we lived together on three different occasions. i moved out. he was my big brother. he teached me a lot. i admire him.
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he speak my language. we could talk to each other in thai. so he would hang out with my people. he don't have a lot of american friend. we plan to have a trip back to thailand. he was very excited. martha: his last known address was in texas. >> reporter: you said it, it seems like here we go again. we look back and start looking at the red flags as we dig into these people's past. and it seems like that is the case here. he enlisted in the u.s. navy reserves back in may of 2011. he did his training in illinois but wound up at the naval air station joint reserve base from 2008 to 2011 before receiving a general discharge from the navy
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in 2011 after what military officials call a pattern of misconduct. people at that restaurant knew hip well, said he was a quite and nice guy. but he even became a buddhist, a religion of love and peace. he joined this temple in fort worth. and it's the people he worshipped with there who are perhaps most stunned. >> even shocked more because i don't believe he's that kind of guy. to me i know him, he's a really nice and gentle. he told me he was in the service'. he came here on the weekend. >> reporter: here we go again with the criminal record stuff.
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he was arrested in 2010 by fort worth police for i legally discharging a weapon. the d.a. says the case was never pursued bates was determined it was an extent. then you have that 2004 arrest in seattle after that police report shows he shot out to tires of a car. and of course martha a lot of people are wondering with these previous arrests and a rap sheet how would you possibly gain security clearance to get on that base yesterday. martha: we are going to put some of these questions to dr. keith ablow. you have the con fliewfns arrest. you have the mental yit illness. then you have the ability to purchase the gun. you asked a question about that as well. all of these things, bill, come together. and you say to yourself, how do you get a clearance and a pass
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to go into this building when you have got all of that in your background. >> we call on keith ablow a lot in these times unfortunately. plenty other news going on. the president's healthcare law days away from a critical deadline as we get new numbers from americans on the law. martha: hundreds still unaccounted for in the massive floating in colorado. this is a large-scale tragedy. we'll show you some of the video coming out that was shot to an unmanned drone. bill: a new report on benghazi find senior state department officials were given a free pass. will we ever learn the truth about what happened the night americans were killed? jason chaffetz the american congressman is up next.
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>> we flew for months off libya. we worked with the italians. it's stunning, our government, the power of the united states of america couldn't get a tanker in the air?
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at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. martha: president obama ordering the flags to be at half staff at the white house paying tribute to the victims of what he called senseless acts of violence. house speaker john boehner releasing a statement saying this has been a dark day and we know more of them lie ahead for the families of these victims, hoping they find comfort and answers is at the too of our mind. more coming up on the tragedy in washington. bill: there are newa new -- thee new allegations on benghazi.
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it says the report let senior state department officials off the hook, blaming subordinates. good morning to you. your report concluded what about senior state department officials? >> shortly after the attack at secretary of state convened an independent review board which was supposed to take a look at what happened or didn't happen in benghazi. the administration hid behind them for a long period time. bill: people were put on leave who apparently were not fired. they still have their jobs. was that discipline not of any? >> we have terrorists who committed this attack that have never been captured or killed. we have four dead americans. nobody has been fired to date. we find that an atrocious
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approach to the death and tragedy. bill: the report suggested the lead for these four officials was designed to give the impression discipline had been taken. it also points to hillary clinton's views in how they played a role in the decision making. >> we have a hearing thursday, more of this will come out. there was not this openness and transparency. there was not independence. hillary clinton's own chief of staff with us aloud to see drafts of the report before the report came out. bill: why is that important if she sees it before others see it? >> she made a substantive change that was included in the report. we heard from admiral mullen who suggested add he interviewed the accountability review board they called the hillary clinton's chief of staff to tell her about it. that hardly sound independent
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and conclusive. >> this has been going on for more than a year. many people wonder whether you will get the answers you want. >> it's not happening fast enough. we have loved ones who want to hear from their families. we'll get to the truth. it will happen. but it's one step closer. it's taken a lot of time but we'll get there. bill: you say there is obstruction. from whom? >> the white house will not allow to us interview the accountability review board. we are given the same documents they are given in this process. we have not been able to interview those people that were on the ground during the night of the attack. we have to hear from the survivors on the ground. as a nation we are self-critical. bill: hearing on thursday, here
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we go again. 20 past. here is martha. martha: we are about to hear from the people who arrived on the scene. the fir responders will tell us in their own word what happened as that chaos erupted. plus dr. keith ablow joins us with a look inside the mind of a killer. bill: this is being called a 500-year flood. the race is on to save those from the rushing water. we are live on the ground from colorado because this story is far from over. >> in all my life i have never seen anything like this before. all the roads ... >> the things on the verge of going will probably go if we get much more rain. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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bill: fox news alert. we are hearing more from the response teams from 24 hours sea go. >> a shot on the roof of building. a female on the roof shot in the shoulder. >> we have three distinct groups. the mass casualty division will be going doing triage and. we have main gate and 11th street reception. we have plenty of people doing triage. they are assigned in teams and ready to go. bill: those people saved lives, the navy, the police, fbi, doctors, nurses, countless others acting quickly, confronting a gunman carrying three weapons who killed a dozen
6:26 am
people inside and injured many more. martha: extreme weather to say the least. nearly 2 dozen helicopter crews fanned out across colorado. they are airlifting those who are trapped. these kids are being airlifted out of their communities. there is no other ware. this is the biggest air rescue since katrina. hundreds are reported missing, 12 people are dead. this comes as we get a fresh look at how amaiding this situation is. this video shows the scope of this flooding. look at these pictures. authorities say it could take years to recover from this. here is the colorado governor. >> when you fly off your stomach twists in knots.
6:27 am
you see miles of road just got. bridges washed away. you can see connans where all these isolated house. you think of what can happen to all these folks that are so separated. but then you come back down and see the community centers where we are getting the evacuees settled and everyone is coming together. it is consider there are a lot of broken bridges and road but there are no broken spirits. martha: that's the silver lining in so many of these tragedies sow people pull together to clear them. >> reporter: certainly blue skies breaking overhead shortly after dawn in boulder. you can see a couple of blackhawks as they prepare to rescue more people today. 200 people rescued yesterday.
6:28 am
there are about 3 or 4 chinooks going out today. they are hoping to find people who put sheets on the roof of their house or their houses stick out so they know people are there. and they are going over saying come out now. they have such a big area. if they don't pick them up on this run, it could be days before they are saved. the national guard say they have a win defense a couple days. martha: i'm so taken aback by these images. i understand you made quite the trek in the mountains yesterday. what kid you see? >> we saw extensive damage in the resort town of estes park. it took us over 100 miles and 5 1/2 hours to get in there.
6:29 am
a-foot wall of water came to the town that normally never sees flooding. it tore down houses and wrecked property. some people on the outskirts of the city got caught and this and they required ziplines to get to safety. >> they were ma loaned and we ferried them across the river to safety. i would estimate we got 40 people across and 8-10 dogs and some cats. >> reporter: the authorities in the town saying it's going to take a month before they can allow visitors to come back in with so much damage in estes park. martha: these things take months and years in this case. bill: two weeks from today is the launch day for obama-care. how will your healthcare chang? we'll debate that fair and
6:30 am
balanced. martha: we have new developments on the gunman being treated the for serious mental illness. dr. keith ablow will join us as we search for answers. >> a popping noise and you know somebody probably lost their life at that point in time. >> i guarantee you when i was running i was not looking back. i jumped a fence on the back side of the building to get to where i thought was a safer area. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups.
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serious allergic reactions such as body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat, or sweating. flpen® is insulin delivery my way. t insurance plans, including medicare. ask your health care provider about levemir® flexpen today. to pull it over. it crashed in 2012. 32 people los their lives in that crash. amy all come joins us to talk:now they did this. high, amy. >> reporter: hi, martha.
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the mood has lifted considerably with the costa concordia. this was a huge tragedy and heartbreak for italy it was also an embarrassment. many i tall janans are spinning this successful hoisting of the massive ship from its watery grave is that italy too as a country can pull itself out of its currents crisis. for the people of the island of giglio, the costa concordia at the angle it had been this morning had been a constant reminder of the 32 lives that were lost off their coast. so there were great celebrations at 4:00 a.m. when the costa concordia was finally righted. >> the rotation happened the way we thought it would happen, and the way we hoped it would happen. it was a perfect operation i
6:35 am
would say, and from the environmental point of view, i have to say there are no evidence so far of any impact to the environment. >> the environment in this case particularly relevant because giglio is a wildlife sanctuary. what happens next is the hull will have to be repaired so there will be no further leakage. they want to make sure when this ship is finally towed to the chopped up into scrap sometime next spring, there won't be any environmental damage along the path. martha: thank you very much. we all remember the story of the captain of that ship. there are allegations he abandoned the ship before.
6:36 am
he happens been dubbed captain coward. he claims the reef was not on the charts when they ran agrou aground. bill: this is just extraordinary what these engineers did and the way they designed it to move it inch by inch to get it upright again. well done. the massacre at the navy yard. what we are learning today about possible motive and the killer's history that's certain to raise many, many questions. >> it was like pow pow pow, then it stopped, then it was pow pow pow. we just ran. and investing accounts on one page... before he could easily transfer funds between the two in real time... before he could even think about planning for his daughters' future... mike opened a merrill edge investment account and linked it to his bank of america bank account to help free up plenty of time
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so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at martha: secretary of defense chuck hagel is expected at the naval yard to honor the victims
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of the shootings yesterday. it will represent all who have served or all who will ever serve in the united states navy. meanwhile, we are learning startling new details in the not yet released government report that suggests that budget concerns may have caused the navy to let their guard down. we know that aaron alexis went on a one-man killing street and killed 12 people before dying in a gun battle with police. this is th -- this is the deadlt shooting since the fort hood massacre. we start a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. alexis got inside the
6:41 am
installation likely using his own i.d. as a government contractor. some witnesses say security was always a con search for them. >> it didn't seem like it was very safe. they would show an i.d. but they wouldn't check it careful live. i always thought it was an unsecure place for as secure as it's supposed to be. martha: jennifer griffin joins us live from the pentagon. what is in this new report we referred to. >> reporter: the inspector general's office has not released this report. congressman mike turner asked for more details about this report in which they were looking into how security at naval installations may have been hurt by current budget cuts. we don't have a copy of the inspector general's report before it's raising a lot of questions about whether these budget cuts may have led to more lax security at the navy yard. but what i would like to say, given the fact that aaron alexis
6:42 am
likely used his own i.d. and d.c. police chief captain landier said of did and he had been clears as recently as july. it was not difficult for him to get on to that base. there are spot checks of vehicles, anyone with a valid i.d. and if he had clearance, it would not have been that difficult for him to get onto the base. but the question from capitol hill about this inspector general's report about possible lax security at navy installations as a result of budget cuts. martha: we'll look to see the details from that report as they come through. we are hearing the reports about alexis seeking treatment from the va for mental health issues. how was he able to get that
6:43 am
clearance? >> reporter: the va is not confirming he was a patient. but there are reports out there and his father has certainly been talking about some of his mental health issues that go back he says to 9/11. the reports out there are he was seeking mental health treatment for issues of anger, of sleep deprivation, of various psychological issues. there are even some reports suggesting he was hearing voices in his head. we do not have could be fir nation of that at this time. but what is clear is that law enforcement officials are scouring this medical records and they are subpoenaing those documents so that they can see if there was a pattern. what's interesting, i spoke to a u.s. defense official who clarified how aaron alexis was released from the military in 2011. there were reports that he was discharged with a general
6:44 am
discharge which would have suggested some degree of misconduct and may have been a red flag to a potential employer. he was not. i'm told he was released with -- he was honorably discharged in 2011 as part of an expedited discharge program in order to bring down the manpower and labor force. no red flags as he left the navy even though he had a history of misconduct in the navy. bill: this is a lesson that could help improve some of these systems going forward. jennifer, thank you very much. we wait now for the defense secretary chuck hagel who is going to step into that area, that circle of the lone sailor and lay a wreath at the u.s. navy memorial to honor those victims of yesterday's brutal attack. bill: we'll get back to her when she has more. but more on the investigation with the fbi pouring over the
6:45 am
navy crime yard. interviewing witnesses. peter doocy was with us at this hour yesterday. one of the first reporters on the scene. peter, good morning to you. do we know how aaron alexis got those guns inside the navy yard? >> reporter: the fbi is trying to figure that out. what we do know is mr. alexis had multiple guns on him as he committed mass murder about this time yesterday. the authorities say at least one of those weapons was taken by mr. alexis from a law enforcement officer on the yard. >> apparently he used the handgun of one of the law enforcement officials in the navy yard after he got there. so that investigation is continuing to unfold to see what weapons he had, how many weapons
6:46 am
he had and how he used them. >> reporter: aaron alexis entered the navy yard without any issues because he had a valid pass as an hourly i.t. contractor. they don't need to pass through metal detectors or have their bags searched. bill: the naval memorial, with defense secretary chuck hail. washington, d.c.
6:47 am
bill: 12 dead, 14 wounded. we are just starting to hear the stories of the victims as they emerge. we did not see chuck haig until that lineup but we assume he's there at the navy memorial. martha: as we watch those gathered to remember those lost yesterday, this process is just beginning at this point. imagine what it's like for these families. there is no way this has gun to sink in. for the workers who work in these buildings, this will be a very, very rough day. we begin the process of remembering those who were lost as the defense secretary lay as wreath at the u.s. navy memorial to honor those victims. bill: details about mental
6:48 am
illness is something we'll continue to report on throughout the day and the access inside the navy yard peter doocy was touching on. these are wide open questions. the motive itself, too, has not been discussed about what set this man after. ["taps"]
6:49 am
>> yesterday we were told police were look for two other accomplices but last night both of those men were ruled out. as they look for that answer chuck hail will visit to of the wounded in hospitals in washington, d.c. martha: we never learn the motive in these shootings because in so many cases the shooter is dead along with those who were his victims.
6:50 am
we are learning more about those victims. some of the people who lost their lives in that tragedy yesterday. authorities released 7 of the names out of the 1 so far. and david lee miller is live in our new york city newsroom. >> 7 now have been identified by authorities. none were active military. among them catherine guard within she worked pass an analyst. her husband of 3 5eu9 years said we were just starting to plan or retirement activities. it hasn't sunk in yet but i know i already dearly miss her. michael arnold 0 worked on designs ships. he leaves behind a mother, wife and two sons. his uncle said it's tragic. how can you get up in the
6:51 am
morning and have that happen. how do bad things like that happen to good people. another victim of the rampage, sylvia fraser worked at a naval sea system command. her responsibilities includings establishing and i implementing procedures to investigate security violations. other victims identified by authorities, 73-year-old john roger johnson, 50-year-old frank kholer. 56-year-old kenneth bernard proctor. authorities are now still in the process of notifying five other families that their loved ones were killed. in addition to the fatalities, 8 people were injured, including washington police officer scott williams who suffered gunshot wound to his leg. williams is described as a great police officer with a stellar record. martha? martha: we remember them all a and wait for more forinformation
6:52 am
on the others. bill: this is the 8th deadliest mass killing in recent u.s. history. we remember the shooting at virginia tech in blacksburg, virginia. april 1999, columbine, high school, littleton *, colorado. hopped fire on their fellow students and teachers. death toll that day, 13. also 13 killed in fort hood, texas when former army psychiatrist nadal hassan opened fire. he was sentenced to death for that crime only weeks ago. 12 is the count for the shooting at the navy yard. that does not include the gunman aaron alexis. 9 people were injured including
6:53 am
a woman who took a bullet to the skull. martha: it's a tense day in washington that got so much worse after an incident right in front of the white house that had the secret service rushing in a panic. we are going to tell you what happened there. bill: despite multiple arrests and his checkered service. aaron alexis got an honorable discharge from the u.s. navy. >> i'm sad because i can't believe he would do something like this. we all get mad and upset but we don't do this. with simple, real, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars.
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by this was a tense evening at the white house. a man caught tossing firecrackers over the northwest gate. a uniformed security service agents quickly taking care of
6:57 am
him. he's expected to be charged today. chuck hagel visiting some of those wounded in the shooting rampage after laying a wreath at at u.s. memorial. the wife of one of the victims explained how she found out about her husband getting caught in the crossfire. >> i called his supervisor and left a message. when i left a message on his phone he called me back and he said [inaudible]. martha: that poor woman. your heart breaks for her and all these families. there are real people and families behind all of this. it's just so heartbreaking to think about them and to listen to them. i'm joined by captain chuck nash
6:58 am
a retired u.s. navy captain and moks news military analyst and mike barrett a former navy intelligence officer. i'm sure for both of you it's heartbreaking to see that folks in the larger military family are going through this today. captain nash, how do we prevent this from happening? >> i was watching that lady on the monitor before we went on air. it truly is sad. it's that way all over the capital region today because there are so many people who go to work in morning believing they are in protected environments when in fact you can't offer that kind of protection without shutting down the system. it would be so laborious. 3,000 people work in that building. if you took one minute per person to screen people in it would take five hours to get in
6:59 am
the building. you have to assume the people on the team are good people and you have to take reasonable security precautions but you can't protect against a madman. it's impossible. martha: 20-20 everything is clearer in hindsight. but he had two arrests. he had a history of mental health issues. so you don't have to scan everybody for a minute as they come through. but you have to have some sort of list, some sort of way to say, hold on. who are you again? something that trips some wire that helps us to stop this kind of stuff. >> i think ideally we would be able to have that but you can't just read people's mind. what you have to do is go to a system of random inspections. you have some random eyed security measures so people don't feel they can just bring in anything they want on any
7:00 am
given day. that cuts down on an event happening at that particular location. one important point, in the last four or five years we reduced the stigma of the members of the military getting therapy. we have soldiers and sailors and airmen with ptsd. we have made loot of progress in understanding people need help when they are in that kind of situation. i would hate to see a knee jerk reaction that went through and cut all those people out. we wouldn't be able to field the forces we need to protect this nation if we said everybody getting therapy for ptsd was unfit for duty. martha: what do you think about that, captain nash? >> according to an "associated press" release he was hearing voices and there was bizarre behavior going on. the system unfortunately is not near responsive enough.
7:01 am
it lags. so as much as we would like to think that things are johnny on the spot and information is flowing freely and it's running like a small business, it's not a small business. it's a huge massive bureaucracy with links and protocols for passing information. things have to be hippa compliant and the privacy act so then things really slow down. we have to back up and reassess how we view security. if security is an outer ring that once penetrated you have a bunch of unarmed defenseless people, that's not a good plan. martha: it's not. we have to have enough room in these situations for common sense to prevail as much as possible. thank you, gentlemen. we'll see you next time. bill: so the president is taking a pit of heat to make a partisan economic speech while police art
7:02 am
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economy and build the middle class. i say at the moment because i am still hoping that a lightbulb goes off. bill: that was about 12:30 eastern time. bret baier with us now. good morning to you. the situation was far from resolved. how did the white house explain why it considered to take that approach at that time, or didn't even consider rescheduling or canceling altogether? >> the short answer is no. jay carney was asked specifically if they considered rescheduling this speech and he said no. he said yes, events were unfolding and the president addressed it at the top of the speech, but he said time is
7:07 am
short and it is entirely appropriate for the president to address what he did in the way he did, so that was the defense. basically the defense walking and chewing gum at the same time but a lot of criticism across the board about how that set yesterday. bill: people writing about that today. watching your panel last night this is how charles handled it. >> the president in that speech was back to hyper partisan mode, at one point he was speaking of the republicans and said some of them are decent. quite a remarkable thing for president to say. and to do this within minutes of 13 naval employees, brave americans lying dead i thought was extremely bad taste. it could have waited until tomorrow. >> these battles are going to go on for a while now.
7:08 am
>> it was just an interesting choice, it really was. 12:16 p.m. the d.c. police chief gets out there and says there may be two additional shooters and a manhunt is underway looking for these people. 17 minutes later the president speaks, he addresses it at the top but then goes into this attack on the g.o.p. 11 times directly referencing republicans. only 2.2 miles away from where the d.c. police chief had just said this manhunt was ongoing and in those 2.2 miles there were schools on lockdown, day care centers locks down, government buildings increasing security. it just seemed to lose sense of everything around washington as the president was speaking. the white house think this is a moment to have to get on the board. not a lot of people i don't think were listening.
7:09 am
bill: i heard you make that comment last night they wanted to be on the record. today is as good as yesterday you could argue. these were government workers who were victims. ultimately the president has the say on if he wants to postpone this. either that or he is getting bad advice. >> you look at the last two big events. the new town shooting, the boston bombing, the remarks had to do with coming together as a country in unity. he has played the role as consoler in chief very well after speeches after these horrific events and tragedies. he did not choose to do that yesterday. bill: we will see you at 6:00. more to come with bret baier. thank you. martha: president obama's health care law, now racing against the clock to put it to a stop before a key deadline is coming we had
7:10 am
>> it was an issue in last year's election the president called for repeal lost. martha: all that from the speech as well. we will tell you what happens october 1 and how the strategy is now on the table to defund the law. bill: where learning more about the troubled past and mental capabilities. my asthma's under control.
7:11 am
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7:14 am
martha: we are just now getting idea of how chaotic it was at yesterday's deadly shooting. at the washington navy yard officials releasing this scanner audio. ems crews risking their lives trying to get to the victims while the gunman was still in the building and on the loose. >> they just told me park police have an official inside, they have confirmation of at least five people shot. so right now please confirm five people shot, could be others. >> all units in the main triage group to move west. the ambulances in line had to move west out of the line of fire. the shooter in the main gate area. >> a shot on the roof of
7:15 am
building 1333. female on the roof shot. >> come on back. martha: cannot imagine what happened with them. those bug off the roof with the choppers coming through. a horrific effort. you can see it and hear it in their voices. bill: to see the helicopters overhead. it probably saved their life, no doubt. two weeks before american start sending out for obamacare. a race for opponents to put a stop to it before the exchanges open october 1. one strategy on the table is to fund the law on the year and spending bill. chairman of the senate republic, good morning to you and welcome, senator.
7:16 am
i am looking at a "wall street journal" poll 70% of the people so they don't understand the health care law. how concerned are you about the new health care law? 68% when you add very concerned and somewhat concerned. that is a reflection of the unknown. how do you see it? >> i agree with the american people. what we do know is we have seen higher taxes, higher premiums and fewer jobs as a result of obamacare. the american people are reacting in a very negative way to the evidence so far about the impact of that law. the reason they are concerned about their personal health care in the future under obamacare. the support repeal, what about this defund effort? >> i am for anything we can do to end the impact is going to have in the american people.
7:17 am
if we can find the votes in the house and the senate to do that, i am for that. one thing that unites republicans and the senate, the harmful impact on the american people. we will work out the tactics and the strategy for the best way to try and achieve the implementation. that process is underway right now. the discussion in the house and the senate. the unequivocal opposition of this because it is so hard for the economy, the jobs and the take-home pay of middle income families who are seeing more and more part-time jobs created because more and more employers are moving to part-time. bill: what do you think happens after the first of october or maybe the better question is what do you expect to happen over the first six months of implementation? >> it is really hard to say. you are going to see 20,000 plus pages of regulations which is
7:18 am
going to be difficult for a lot of people to interpret. i hear from my people across the state and across the country who worry about how this thing is going to be implement it which is why the president has requested a delay in the employer mandate. his biggest supporters of this legislation the labor union saying that can't be fixed it has to be repealed. it is a big unknown. like i said before, it has already led to higher taxes, higher premiums and fewer jobs. that is why they are reacting so negatively. bill: you know you don't have the numbers. is this something you wait and see how the augmentation goes? and is it as bad as you and others believe there will be a price to pay? >> i think we do everything we can to delay its implementation. put it off before october the first, the reality is if we
7:19 am
don't have the votes, and we may not in the senate, i am hopeful democrats may be gettable on this. if we don't have the votes we will make this an issue for sure coming into this election because it will be a issue for the american people. bill: so many parts of this law have already been delayed. employer mandate, subsidy verification, 2000 businesses and unions have gotten a waiver. for you or your age, you can get subsidies to pay for your health care. that ain't right. >> members of congress and their staff as all americans not subject to its subjects of this law may be. i am suggesting is the president intent on granting many of these waivers and assumptions as he has, let's delay it for everybody. why should be subject to some to this and not other americans?
7:20 am
he is picking winners and losers and selecting people who he is going to decide our constituencies of his to get exemptions and waivers and favorable treatment. we believe all americans ought to receive that. bill: thank you. into the great unknown. appreciate your time. martha: coming up we went to speak to someone who was inside the building when the shots first rang out plus the trauma doctor speaks out on violence after victims showed up at her hospital. will this fire up the gun debate again? we will be right back. >> others something evil in our society we as americans have to work to try and eradicate.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
martha: today of course we're continuing to hear stories from those who were inside the navy yard building during the shooting yesterday. my next guest was on the second floor when he started hearing the shots being fired. we now know the gunman was on the fourth floor at that point. joining me now by phone. thank you for speaking with us this morning. i know this must be a very rough day for you, so thank you for doing this. tell me a little bit about what's remember about what happened yesterday. >> i was in my office, suddenly i heard a fire alarm went off and naturally i thought it was a practice. i took my card from the computer
7:25 am
and then i saw all of my colleagues and bosses and everything. they were talking about a shooting. they said don't go anywhere, stay here. and then i came in, i could not get in. i heard a lot of commotion in the stairway. i went there and asked what was going on. we went outside the emergency door on the north side and police were there with guns drawn. we ran as fast as we could.
7:26 am
we went there and the loudspeaker saying everybody to take cover, take shelter. inside the construction building. an opening in front of the construction site so we could go out through the wall and escorted us outside. they told us stand against the wall, take it to a safe place.
7:27 am
the fire marshal came in and talked to everybody. getting our names and as much information as they can. at this time i heard from the police scanners shooting, yelling and they have three shooters. that is when we were really scared. three shooters running around, scary. martha: you said you don't know the names of all the victims but you probably know somebody among
7:28 am
that group because you said we are all very close and work together like a family. my heart goes out to you. >> i have sent everybody an e-mail. i don't want to read today anything. i just want to forget everything because i'm getting ready for my son's wedding. i'm trying to prepare myself with that. my son is also a wounded war veteran. anyway. martha: we thank your son for his service and we know your family will be together for his wedding and that will be a positive day for all of you. i know you have been through a lot. we truly thank you for being with us today, we're so glad you could not get back in and you got out. we thank you very much for talking with us, all the best to
7:29 am
you. goodbye. bill: you can hear it in his voice, that is a grateful man to be alive today. that will be a joyous weekend. martha: wish him well. bill: yes, we do. what is going on? jenna: we will continue to fold up breaking news from the navy yard shooting with so many unanswered origins of the motives and a man with an arrest record and history of mental health problems according to reports got security clearance to military base. we will look at your answers today. and why americans are losing the war agains. and controversial new bill could prevent police from resting thousands of illegals coming up on "happening now" be at bill: the shooting in d.c. sparking the debate of gun control from an emergency room doctor
7:30 am
treating the wounded. coming up. [ male announcer ] house rule number 33. coffee should come in one size: mug. stay grounded with the rich, bold taste of maxwell house coffee. always good to the last drop. of maxwell house coffee. backflips and cartwheels.mile? love, warmth. of maxwell house coffee. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s.mile? ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats.
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i hear you crunching.
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7:33 am
martha: and emotional plea from a washington, d.c., trauma surgeon yesterday. here is what the doctor had to say after treating many of the navy yard shooting victims. >> we see a lot of trauma and sometimes it is just accidents that occur that we can help people with because they are accidents. and then you see what i call senseless trauma. there is something evil in our
7:34 am
society that we as americans have to work to try and eradicate. martha: strong words. joined now by the news director. and radio talkshow host. thank you both for being here. i am curious what your response is to what the doctor had to say there. >> she is correct. there is an evil in our society causing the mass shootings. but evil is going to prevail. we saw it in boston, columbine, use guns to create their crimes. two things that all these mass shootings have in common. they happen in gun free zones and with people who have a history of mental illness and that is exactly what we need to be looking at. instead of pointing fingers at people who want to protect the second amendment right. martha: what do you think?
7:35 am
>> i think every american is moved by this tragedy. they were moved to a new town, aurora, columbine. i can go on and on the mass shootings we have seen in this country that draws the question what are we doing to protect our children and our community and our neighbors. are we asking the right questions? talking to the gun manufacturers and the people you can buy guns from. that is the question we have to ask ourselves. it is not about confiscating all the guns on the street. martha: i remember there was all this discussion about three elements that needed to be discussed, mental health system, the videogame connection that all these people have. he would sit for 16 hours mindlessly playing video games. i might point out and i will say again we have to do something
7:36 am
about that. not all kids will do something because they play violent video games but you have to put these things together. those same people should not be having guns in their hands. it is a bad combination and we have to address it. martha: we have some breaking news, we will have you back again. thank you very much for being here today. bill: back with new information right after this. quick break here. hmmm. can you dance? ♪ bum ba bum ba bum ♪ bum ba bum ba bum no. no? can you make campbell's chicken noodle soup? yes! [ wisest kid ] every can has 32 feet of slurpable noodles. now that's fun. mom, you're awesome. oh yeah! ♪ bum ba bum ba bum gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good! before mike could see his banking and investing accounts on one page...
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7:39 am
bill: a few more details now. gaining access and the facility by making a constant access card most likely used out of needed to be subjected as any kind of metal detector and senior military official telling fox most likely shot his way in the building 197 and confirming one of the weapons used with a pistol they retrieved off of the body of a security officer he shot and killed on his way inside. we will hear a lot more about
7:40 am
this throughout the day. martha: i will see you at 1:00 this afternoon. "happening now" starts right now. jenna: motive in the rampage at the navy yard still very much a mystery today. we're learning disturbing new details as investigators are trying to build a profile of this now known lone gunman. great to see you on tuesday. gregg: the deadly attack carried out by an insider, navy reserves veteran working for a defense contractor with a history of mental illness. jenna: that is what reports are saying at the time. when it was over 12 innocent people and the gunman were shot


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