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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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disconnect. great word, thank you for joining us tonight, i am bill o'reilly, please always remember that the spin stops here, so we are definitely looking out for yo you. and welcome to hannity, remember, it was former white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel, who once said you should never let a serious crisis go to waste. it appears that a number of top democrats in washington are taking his advice and choosing to play politics in the way of yesterday's shooting. including the mayor of columbia who went on tv last night and actually blamed the sequester for the tragedy, take a look at this. >> for example, as i look at sequestration, and skimping money, money that would be available to projects like this
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and then we put people at risk. you know, obviously, 12 people have paid the ultimate price for whatever you know, whatever we've done to have his hand on the base. >> the mayor was not alone, he was merely following the lead of president obama, before yesterday and the manhunt for the suspects was called off, he released this rant against republicans, watch this. >> the problem is, at the moment, republicans in congress don't seem to be focused on how to grow the economy and build the middle class. instead of making necessary changes with a scalpel, so far, at least, republicans have chosen to leave in place the so-called sequester cuts that have cost jobs, harmed growth, are hurting our military readiness. >> now keep in mind the remarks you just heard were delivered only a handful of miles from where the massacre took place, and they were given even as first responders were trying to
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save lives on the ground. now, charles krauthammerer had this to say about the president's incredible insensitive speech. >> the president, at one point, slashing out at the republicans, saying and some of them are decent, which is quite a remarkable thing for a president to say if he expects any cooperation, and to do this within moments of many brave naval americans lying dead was in extremely bad taste, he could have said this tomorrow. >> and joining me, juan williams, and former bush adviser in studio tonight, a rare appearance, the one and only karl rove. the sequester was obama's idea, number one, number two, the sequester had nothing to do with this, nor was it an ar-15 daily
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news as dianne feinstein and others said. so why is there always this race to politicalize an agenda? >> you know, i don't think there is a race except coming from the right. and the race from the right is oh, don't bring up guns, guns have nothing to do with it. this is all about the fact the guy was a nut job, he was crazy, that is the problem. and so let's talk about mental instability and the greater need for health care for people who are under mental treatment. but let's not talk about guns. >> the guy was mentally ill, number one, number two, the guy had a history, no business having a security clearance that he had, based on his history, and the sequester had nothing to do with it. >> and nothing to do with buying a gun in the country, right? >> karl? >> first of all, the mayor of washington, d.c. ought to be counted on to attack the sequester, because the
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washington, d.c. economy depends on an ever-bigger federal government, i thought it had nothing to do with the security status at the base. he had an id, he displayed his id, he got access. second of all, i want to correct juan on one thing, it was not the national rifle association that was heard from yesterday. it was the advocates of gun control. the national rifle association has a policy of days like this, respecting the association, not turning it into politics. senator feinstein was really over the top in her comments. >> let me just say something -- >> i didn't interrupt you. >> i was going to join the conversation. >> well, join the conversation, i'll finish my point, raise your hand if you want to talk in the future and i'll respond, go ahead, 30 seconds to you. and then i'll come back and finish my thought. >> yeah, yeah, sure, i just wanted it to be a conversation,
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but my point to you, the reason the nra didn't say anything yesterday is they knew they would be on the defensive in the face of 12 people being dead. and every day, they speak loud and clear, so loud that the congress can't hear the american people. what about reasonable gun control? >> first of all, juan, it is nice of you to suggest that only people who don't listen, only members of congress who don't listen to the american people oppose gun control. maybe they're opposing gun control because that is what their constituents want them to do. and i noticed yesterday, this is the point i wanted to make belatedly -- >> raise your hand. >> had people step forward and said you know what this is another instance where somebody with a record of being mentally ill was able to purchase a gun, so maybe we ought to find common ground in society. we have hippa, the health
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insurance privacy act that keep people from -- who have mental illness illnesses who are tagged and kept from purchasing weapons. but we have to stop having ar-15 when an ar-15 was not involved. and once again it happened in an area, a part of the country with very serious gun laws in place. >> all right, karl, i'm raising my hand, let me quickly say here, what you have is a situation here where they don't say anything, the nra, because they understand that reasonable, thoughtful americans, a clear majority in all the polls believe that you can do things that are just common sense like expand background checks to on-line purchases and gun shows. you can do this. >> you know -- >> handling psychiatric treatment is part of a larger agenda but not by itself. >> look, i am glad you sit in the leadership circles, the
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board of directors of the national rifle association and can explain to us why they do the things they do. i take them at their word that on a day like today, not to politicalize it, and they made inappropriate comments, and by senator feinstein without knowing the information at hand, and rattling on, and also the mayor of washington, d.c., we're not going to agree with it, you think it is fine and dandy to do this, and most of the american people don't think it is right either. >> what about all of this -- making political hay, and attacking republicans, juan, is there not any inappropriateness there? and we have him using executive orders, what he can't get done legislatively, he will take it on himself, that is problematic for the constitution, you know. >> it is not a matter of doing anything in defiance of the
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constitution, i'm sure you, shawn, would be all over the president. and everybody would, that is just not american. anything like republican obstructionism, and the nra with all of their big money, shutting people up, intimidating people, having recalls like they did in colorado where people can't get reasonable steps to protect themselves. >> if people disagree with you it is because they are bought off and been pressured. not that they can have a legitimate disagreement with you. jay carney said the president was going to take executive action. but tonight in an interview, the president said i have no more executive action than i could take. you may want him to take executive action, but he had to come to his limits as president, and rely on the people. their representatives will make a decision on this based on their informed opinion, not on the basis of supposed pressure. >> let me talk about the nra's money -- >> juan, last question, there are real solutions about being able to -- first of all, our
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background check system is not working. we have 4 million people with stop security clearance, let's deal with that problem. what about karl mentioned? the mentally ill. should we have an ability -- >> well, let's make it a priority. let's not have all of the rest of this stuff, which is not central to the issue here that is going to take away the right of americans to keep and bear arms. >> nobody is trying to take away your guns, don't try to feed paranoia, and raise your hand when you want to speak. i want to finish on this point. an overwhelming majority of the american people think background checks are a reasonable step to take. >> that is not accurate, juan, you can write -- i have looked at them, juan, and if you write them in a certain way, which didn't reflect the legislation that dianne feinstein and harry reid were pushing at all. you're spinning so fast you can't even keep straight. >> he had two hands up, all right, we got to go.
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>> all right, i'll give him that, but he is spinning -- >> i'm actually in agreement with him. thank you. >> all right. >> coming up next, we have brand-new evidence that the backlash over obama care is now growing, dana perrino, they will break down the data. also tonight, while tours of the people's house remain closed, to you, the american people, the revolving door at 1600 pennsylvania avenue is still spinning for washington's top lobbyists. whatever happened to that not happening? straight ahead. any last requests mr. baldwin?
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. and welcome back to "hannity" tonight, the outrage over obama care is growing louder and louder, it is not just some that want it de-funded, it is the american people, as well. many are concerned about health care under the new law. only 31% say they are not concerned. here with reaction, stewart varney, and co-host of "the five." dana perino, both of you disagree with me about de-funding, you don't like my strategy, why? >> he comes right out with it. >> if i thought we could actually get the votes and make it happen, then that would make sense, but with only having one part of congress, you're not going to get it done. >> but here is the deal, why not?
6:15 pm
when it is so unpopular, and we have had 19 delays, they will fund the rest of the government, why is the fear? >> he won't fund the rest of the government. i think it is based on experience, here is something that the leadership could do on the republican side. we should just turn it over to the de-fund people and say knock yourself out. >> let's say we have a got shutdown, you were worried about it last week when we talked about it. let's assume we have it? when it happened in '95, the republicans held on to the congress for two terms. >> i am just thinking about the politics about this. do you really want to play into the president's hand? he wants republicans to shut the government down so he can say look at the wicked republicans, denying health care. >> why are you saying it is the republicans shutting it down -- >> i'm a realist, shawn, why do this? you're winning anyway, you will win the delay idea. that is a winning idea.
6:16 pm
why go overboard and play into the president's hands and do what he wants you to do? why do you do that? >> i do not buy the narrative. call me naive, but i think america is now ready for a radically different agenda. >> by 2-1 margin, voters say do not shut down the government, if you do it, they blame the government. >> who shuts it down, really -- >> i wish it were true. i wish it were suicidal mission to do it. i -- here a year ago, president obama never would have thought about even signing a delay. he is so weakened at this moment, and the obama care is so unpopular that i think that because the unions are now very much opposed and they thought they were going to get their fix and they didn't get it. i think that senator reid will listen to his democrats and be
6:17 pm
able to go to the president and say at least get us back to neutral ground and give us the delay. which then actually plays into the republicans' favor, as well, and then they can run on that a until the cows come home in 2014. >> listen, i think if that happens it is better than nothi nothing. but i also think it is time to distinguish themselves from the democrats -- >> why not carry your victory ball across the yard -- >> does it not run the risk this is the law of the land forever? >> yes, it does run the risk, if it goes into effect, then the democrats have to carry it until 2014, and it is around their neck. >> he would never carve out people on social security checks. if he was forced into that position, the government is shut down, he would make it -- it would be so terrible. and then the republicans will be back in a hole, trying to crawl themselves out of it.
6:18 pm
i would love to de-fund obama care, i just don't like the unrealistic -- >> when reagan gaveñfi his 1974 speech before c-pac, and he retorically asked the question, is it a third party we need? >>, it is a vital second party -- isn't obama care the bold, colorful opportunity -- >> 1974 he said that? >> yes. >> i'm not prepared to wait six years for the return of a conservative in the white house, we can't have that. >> did you see the numbers today that it would put america into a path of financial ruin? you're the money guy. >> yes, yes, the deficit starts to go way up. the national debt starts to swampers around 2017, and it is down hill from there on out. you have to change things before it gets to that point.
6:19 pm
we can't wait five, six, seven years. win now, it is an older proposition. >> it is an older debate we had, dana, the tea party conservatives, versus the moderate republicans, how do they pull their differences together? >> i think they hit on something they could talk -- the delay -- to people individually. the national debt and the deficit and cbo, that is interesting to about .1% of the people. what really matters to people if they think their own personal health care is going to be affected, they can't choose their doctor, their coverage changes, all of this is happening because of obama care. and i think that republicans could get together on this and fight. >> all right, how hard do they fight on the debt ceiling and the continuing resolution, stewart? >> they fight hard but do not shut the government down. don't do it. i just think it is a flat-out
6:20 pm
political mistake. don't do it. >> i hate the fact they're not shutting it down, but you're assuming they get blamed for it. >> would you take the gamble of shutting the government down and then hoping that the republicans get the credit for this? >> if they don't fight here on this, when will they fight? it is a defining issue. >> you have to take the longer view, we win in 2014, yes, i think that the senate is winnable in 2014. i think we can actually keep the house in 2014. you have to have the strategy, the chess and syria, the republicans have to be smarter, thinking if we win in 2014 then we have the state house and you're just fighting on firmer ground. >> i assume it will play out the way you two are advocating. i hope you're both right that it would work out that way. but there is a hunger out there for bold differences, very bold. and i don't think half measures
6:21 pm
are going to save the country. there is an extreme dislike of obama care right now. all right, guys, good to see you both. coming up next, the people's house may still be closed to the public, but the doors to the white house are popped right open to the nation's top lobbyist. we have ang investigation into one of the most troubling situations in the white house. coming up next. run, go, go! did he just fumble? "i" formation! "i" formation! we have got to get the three-technique block! i'm not angry. i'm not yellin'. nobody's tackling anybody! we got absolutely... i don't think this was such a good idea. i'm on it. if we can't secure the quarterback center exchange... you're doing a great job, coach. well they're coming along better than i anticipated. very pleased. who told you to take a break? [ male announcer ] want to win yourwn football ntasy? just tell us. then use your visa card for a chanceo win it. [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs.
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now, back to the white house, they hung a closed sign and said due to sequestration, they had to close the doors, now according to the washington examiners analysis of the white house logs indicate that hundreds of wall street lobbyists, and advocates who are paid to influence the lobbyists on behalf of fortune 500 giants found that no access was denied. they found 4500 times with either the president or senior aides between march and may. how nice. and fox news contributor, guy benson, and penny lee. penny, i'm sure there is reasonable, rational white house talking points that explain all of this to the american people. what is it? >> well, and i think it is
6:26 pm
important to remember what a lobbyist is. and what it is is somebody that is representing either the interests of businesses or civic matters or cities, counsel, states -- >> didn't obama say no lobbyists in his white house? i think he said that. i have a tape. >> as someone who has been a registered lobbyist, i think it was foolish. i think there was a campaign promise that had absolutely no practicality as far as -- >> so you're admitting he lied? >> i'm saying it was a campaign promise that was never going to be fulfilled. the reason -- you do know that there are lobbyists in there, they are opening up the logs and showing the transparency of it. it was foolhardy to think there was never going to be a lobbyist going into the white house. it is in their constitutional right to be -- >> so the president said they wouldn't go in, but it is their constitutional right, i understand.
6:27 pm
>> that is a clause of the constitution i must have missed during college. but two things here, first of all, i think it is so interesting, we're talking about visits from lobbyists to the white house. let's not forget the 119 lobbyists hired by the president to work in his administration. he says he was not going to hire one, he hired 119 according to the most recent survey that i have seen, that was comprehensive. and to the point about transparency, this is visits we know about. the 2010 expo shows that the white house meeting off campus at coffee houses near the white house off the books, so it was not on the visitor log. so we don't know about it. penny? >> well, i think that again, i think that it is in the best interest of them to hear all sides of the argument, whether it is somebody representing google or facebook or whether they represent the american cancer society. i think it is a good thing for
6:28 pm
them to hear all sides. oftentimes the lobbyists -- many times they have the information there so they can avoid unintended consequences. so i think it is important for them, too. >> you mean the favoritism, corporate welfare, loopholes for corporations -- >> or how about the u.s. chamber on behalf of advocating -- >> number one, the president broke his promise, which you said he never intended to keep. the second point is that the people of this country do not have access to the white house. but people with the money, people that are literally buying influence, buying their way in, and getting rewarded for it -- >> shawn, i was just on capitol hill today and i saw hundreds of everyday citizens out there, hundreds, advocating -- but if you look at the press conference behind them the president yesterday, those were everyday citizens, sharing their concerns
6:29 pm
of what -- legislation was going forward. >> i -- >> yeah, there is a couple of points to make in response to that, there is a difference between capitol hill and the white house, capitol hill has managed to keep their tours continuing, despite the big nasty sequestration. the white house shut them down to make a political point to blame the republicans, i know it was the president's idea and hard to keep it all straight. but the thing that gets to me, the left is always complaining about money and politics and influence and buying, and other things that are terrible. the other way you can get in the white house, you don't have to be a lobbyist. you can also be a $500,000 or more donor to barack obama's independent organization. >> by yearly meetings with the president? >> yes r, you get for show up quarterly, you get to meet with the president for just 500 grand, isn't that a great deal? >> i wonder if i donated 500
6:30 pm
grand, would i be allowed i wouldn't waste my money. would it be penny? >> absolutely, you may be invited to the white house christmas party. >> you know, i'm the only one on this channel who has not been invited to the white house christmas party. >> hope springs eternal. >> all right, coming up, a disturbing report about obama, his ally, vladimir putin accepting an invitation from iran to talk about the rogue nuclear program. >> also, the new access, we'll debate that. and more on, to share your thoughts, hannity live, it is that simple. [ male announcer ] some things arsigned to draw crowds.
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sean hann welcome back to "hannity." there is a disturbing news report from the news agency that russian president vladimir putin has accepted an invitation to visit tehran to discuss the nuclear program. that is right, the same commander-in-chief that our president just made a deal with regarding syria, is heading to iran to talk about the development of nuclear weapons. pretty unbelievable, so how is the white house going to respond to this one? here with reaction to this, disturbing report, dana lash and ebony williams. dana, so the same syria vladimir putin, that guy, that threatened to shoot our missiles down if we in fact fired them in syria, that is offering protection to tehran for their nuclear facilities, the same guy that called kerry a liar. and enjoys embarrassing obama on a national stage, now they're going to tehran, and no problem
6:36 pm
with that? >> apparently so sean, that seems to be the case, especially with -- what i find interesting, too, is in the president's interview on sunday morning he indicated that he has already been having some sort of informal discussions with the new iranian president. and they were at least kind of making a little bit of headway on this whole discussion of the nuclear program in iranian. now here you have vladimir putin who is just going to ride in and either save the day, or forming an alliance with the president, ahead of the president's work. it is troubling, indeed, because we have work ahead and putin put himself in a position of power as a force to be reckoned with. >> do you think as they fire cruise missiles, he will take them out of the air? and by the way, he will fire a defense system to take out the
6:37 pm
nuclear abilities. you don't think going into business with him is a good idea? >> no, i don't think going into business with him is a good idea, and i don't like his approach with syria at all. i think everybody involved has an interest in diplomacy, if it is possible. but as the president said to dana's point on his sunday morning interviews, let's not take the wrong message here, not going with those missiles in syria. the message is not that we were being weak. the message is that we had a credible threat and it was responded to by the diplomatic negotiations, that is the message. >> dana? >> yeah, i think i would disagree with it. because if we were so interested in diplomacy we would have spent the past two years focusing on diplomacy, instead of just the last week focusing on chemical weapon attacks. >> why is that the case, if he is allowing mid-2014 to be crossed again and again, and the
6:38 pm
regime change that he called for, that is pushed to the wayside? >> well, i think the red line was again, in order to have a successful diplomatic negotiation, guys, we all know you have to have a real viable credible threat in the first place. otherwise, there is no vested interest in the negotiation in the first place. so that is what our president did. >> you really believe it was planned or did they get backed into a corner and vladimir came to the rescue with his hammer and sycle. >> i think i heard there was no credible threat, which i would agree with. there was no immediate threat to the united states. >> i don't know that i would disagree with that, dana. but i do believe that both putin and syria believed that the u.s. did pose a incredible threat to both of them and that is why they were both interested in the negotiations in the first place. without the president taking us to the point guys, i don't think
6:39 pm
the president would have been in a position to negotiate and would have had a position to negotiate. >> was it the president or kerry? does it matter whose idea it was? well, apparently he does to putin. he is just going to go ahead and claim all the credit. there was a vacuum left, because we fumbled the ball. >> i don't think we fumbled the ball. but i do agree, among the three of us we don't want to be crediting vladimir putin. i hate to say -- >> ebony, let me just say something. vladimir putin, when he called kerry a liar, when kerry was saying that the rebels were more moderate, that is not true. we learned this week that the vast majority of those rebels are al-qaeda-linked -- al-qaeda-linked terrorists. and even the more "moderate free syrian army," still, their general talked about israel being their enemy. why would we arm them? why would we arm the muslim brotherhood?
6:40 pm
do those things disturb you? >> yes, they do disturb me, sean, i am very concerned with the intent behind putin's meeting with the iranian president. now, i get it is a new administration in iran. perhaps there is a more vested interest in doing something more diplomatic, that is why maybe the president opened roads there, as well, trying to open the dialogue there, as well. this is not a time to be naive. >> how does the world view this? do they see the president as backing down to putin and capitulating with putin? >> they think we're all bark and no bite. we seem to pick the wrong side in every conflict there is. i remember when the president was backing the dictator in
6:41 pm
honduras. we ended up stumbling into libya, now it is the same thing with iran. if this keeps happening in syria, and over and over again i just wish we for one second did a little bit laying ground work, sean, it seems like we're toddlers stomping into everything. >> all right, thank you both. my interview with my good friend, elizabeth hasselbeck. but first, a tennessee teacher landing in hot water after taking a group of students on a field trip. where? we'll tell you next. straight ahead. [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla.
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now, a tennessee high school has revised its field trip policy after some parents complained about a recent trip to a mosque and a hindu temple. now some of the students there were doing a three-week course on world religions but apparently didn't have time to visit houses of worship from other religions, now after the parents complained, the district released a statement saying they have decided to review the vi t visit. this decision was made due to
6:46 pm
the fact that equal representation in regard to field trips for all religions studied in the course is not feasible. now the school also pointed out the trips were not mandatory, but students who did opt out would have to write a paper comparing the religions, instead. todd stearns has been reporting on the story. i don't blame the parents for being mad, tell us about it. >> they're very upset, they decided their child was not going to go on the field trip. they were going to go to the islamic center of nashville and also were going to a hindu temple, where they had the children medicine at a titate. and at the visit, they were given copies of the quran, but i think more disturbing is the assignment left behind. this is the assignment right here, i have a copy of it. they call it fair and balanced, a study of the religions, they had a page about christianity, two thirds of a page about
6:47 pm
gandhi, and a third of a page about mohammed, the prophet. it was called religious tolerance. >> why is there a discrepancy? >> well, the parents believe it is indoctrination, and i have had parents reach out to me, saying it is in their textbooks, that they are shoving christianity out of the public school system and inviting islam in. >> what is the motive? because i know there is a fear to take on radical islamists. i argue, todd, we'll look back at this era in history and will refer to it as the rise of radical islamists. you can see it in egypt and everywhere. we'll look back and see it that way. there is a reluctance to talk about radical islamists, but there is a desire to talk about israel, saying if it is a
6:48 pm
peaceful religion -- why not both? >> well, the study said that muslims treated their conquered people better than the united states treats minorities. this is in the document. this is in the document. >> who is teaching this? >> look, this is being taught in world history classes all across the but there is another component to this, sean, in 2011, the aclu got involved in a very big battle over religion in sumner county schools. and they specifically said, i have a copy of this from the press release, they say the aclu cannot take field trips to religious venues. >> what would have happened if they went to a catholic school, or -- >> i bet you a jug of sweet tea it won't happen -- >> where did you grow up? >> i'm a memphis, tennessee boy. >> this is happening right in your back yard in memphis,
6:49 pm
tennessee, will this stop now, or will it use this test -- >> i suspect they will revise the field trips, they're done, but the bigger issue is what are the students being taught and what do the textbooks say? >> all right, good to see you, my friend, appreciate it. and coming up next on "hannity," my newest member of the fox news family. elizabeth hasselbeck, and she will join us coming up next. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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6:53 pm
and welcome back to "hannity," my friend, elizabeth hasselbeck, made her debut as the new host of "fox and friends," so i invaded her to welcome her to the set. glad to have you, how are you? >> oh, my goodness, i'm doing well. >> you had a great experience at "the view," but you were kind of a voice in the wilderness over
6:54 pm
there. >> yeah, which i didn't mind. you know, i grew up, most of my friends never thought exactly like i did. and certainly there, no one was thinking like i did. and after a while, it becomes a train. you know, not feeling so absolutely on guard all the time -- and even today we had great discussions. not everyone was saying the same thing, but the environment was a tad different. but sherry did show up today, which was a bonus. >> how did you become a conservative? i remember how i did. how did you become one? >> well, you know, my parents always allowed us just to think for ourselves. i remember being with my dad going into a voting booth and him not telling me who he was going to vote for. and it was still something that was open. and our political discussions were varied. and so they really have such independent minds themselves. and wanted to develop -- i think
6:55 pm
just a system around our kitchen table that worked for developing thought. and i think it really happened coming out of college for me. working. i really think getting into the work force. >> yeah. >> opened my eyes to what that means. to really be a conservative. i always joke, though, i don't have to define myself as one because everyone always puts that label before conservatives, where you have a bunch of people out there who may think quite differently. but the word liberal never comes before their name. you know, the adjective for me is almost unfairly thrown into -- >> life. >> yeah, thrown into articles or descriptive. it is only one side they put that title there, and we know which one that is. >> what were some of the fun experiences, i remember watching you when you interviewed president obama? what did you think of that?
6:56 pm
did you get any insight from that? >> you know it is funny. because the secret service comes and combs the office beforehand. and i actually wrote and produced the questions myself. and i had them on blue cards, anybody who knows me, i have the highlighter, and blue cards. >> they're hidden. >> and i went for a six-mile run. they said you have three hours, i thought i'll run, come back, get ready. left, went out, ran central park six miles. turns out the security check took two hours longer. so there i am, sweaty. but thankfully i had all of my notes i needed for the interview. and they said the president wants to see you in 15 minutes. i said well, there goes show prep. but we went in, and in person, i actually think -- when you peel back the politics and you are able to see the person, the father, the husband, the man who really in his mind is trying to serve this country the best way he knows how, i was able to have some good conversation with him just about parenting.
6:57 pm
and i think that that is a privilege. >> it is a privilege. >> bottom line, it is the president of our nation. so there is a great deal of respect in any way. and i had some questions for him. he was trying to read my cards, yeah, like what is next. >> was he kidding you? i remember -- he seemed -- it was a respectful dialogue, which i liked. i would like to see him do more of that, though. let me ask you a question about politics and demographics. you're young and female. the image that some people have, i'm a conservative. i'm not a registered republican. you can register as a conservative in new york. is that republicans are somehow anti-woman. and the demographics are women tend to vote democrat. young women, in particular. you're a young woman. why do you think your generation or younger women tend to vote that way in large numbers? >> i mean, many women i know, my age bracket probably voted the other way. you know, enough didn't. i think that there is a
6:58 pm
misconception out there that you cannot possibly be conservative and for a woman's voice and women's rights. and it makes me angry, you know this from the past when there have been issues where conservative women are attacked either verbally or in print. and nothing is said, but the women organizations out there, you know, you look at n.o.w. and wonder where they are for conservative women. you have to be able to support women of all thoughts if you truly support women. and the irony is, you're actually not. you just want women to think the way you think coming from the other side of the aisle. and i like the dialogue. and i think that conservative women understand that. they see the checkbook in the home. okay, they're dealing with bills. they understand that their taxes are actually going somewhere. they see them going away. they understand that their children's education is now
6:59 pm
something they have to question at the llegiate level, i'm paying tuition for some indoctrinati indoctrination? these questions come up, i worked my entire life for it. my husband worked his entire life for it. how can somebody not have a job? how is that possible? >> a lot of kids moving back home with mom and dad. >> a lot of ideas -- people thinking that women can't be conservative, they're not, looking at the bills. >> we have been friends a long time. it has been fun we have been out on the road together. i just want to say congratulations, it is really great to have you here at fox. >> sean, thank you, first of all, thank you for coming by. i am just thrilled to be a part of the leadership team, from top down is special here. thank you. >> all right, good to see you. we'll hope for a good second day here. did i pass the test? >> you will be here for many
7:00 pm
years to come. elizabeth, welcome. don't forget "fox and friends" starting every morning, really all 5, on the fox news channel. that is all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being here, let not your heart be troubled. greta, standing by, take it away. >> you can't talk about increasing the debt limit unless you're willing to make changes and reforms that begin to solve the spending problem that washington has. >> what i have not been willing to negotiate and i will not negotiate is on the debt ceiling. >> the budget is on an unsustainable path. >> when you want to borrow more money, we're going to have some government. >> we think that the treasury will probably run out of cash sometime between the end of october and mid-november. >> we can't negotiate it over the debt ceiling. and we can't be irresponsible in shutting down the government. >> the president is the individual that is talking about shutting down the government. the democrats in the house and


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