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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 19, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> greg. greg. >> i have 20 seconds left. here's what i'm going to do for 20 seconds. i've got 8 seconds. >> that's it for us on the fooichlt thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow. special report is up next. >> with foreign policy, president barack obama turns focus back to the economy. this is special report. good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret bauer. there's one constant to the obama presidency that never goes away, the economy. president barack obama is steering the public's attention back in that direction despite indicators that the news is problematic at best. henry has the top story tonight. >> across the fronts there's
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positive pieces news. >> president barack obama used the fifth anniversary collapse ot leeman brothers as an economy rebound hoping to fuel an economic recovery. >> i'm expecting a gold watch at the end of my presidency. i know that i'm on the list of top salesmen at boeing. >> a tough sale one day after the federal reserve declared the economy is too sluggish to stop pumping in easy money. >> the fact is that the state of middle and lower income americans is worsening on virtually every front. >> wall street insiders on the president's export council today touted how far the economy has come since the 2008 crisis.
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>> we're light yours better today than five years ago. we've had 42 straight months of private sector job growth. >> wall street mostly loved the idea the fed will keep buying bonds per month. the harder question is why the recovery hasn't picked up after five years in offers. bernanke does not want to pull back on stimulus. >> it's just not growing. >> has the economy been growing? yes, it is. >> those are facts. he said it's not growing quick enough. >> republicans have put forward ideas to bring us back to policies that caused the worst job loss of our lives. >> the president is on backfire that never has one part of the country tried debt items drawing
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four from the washington post today that found examples where it hasn't. >> it is absolutely correct that prior to to 2011, no party to the budget agreements of the past had ever threatened to fault if hit did not get the way. >> republicans say they've found more than 20 examples where other legislations attached to the debt ceiling dating back to the eisenhower administration. >> ed henry from the white house, thanks for that. the heavy weight fight on capitol hill is the show down between democrats and republicans on the budget and debt limit. the undercard is republicans against other republicans. conservatives and moderates are fighting each other over just how hard to push the president on a number of issues including health care laws. chief congressional
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correspondent mike emmanuel explains. >> this would keep the government running october 1 through mid december. it would fight the item conservatives are fighting for defunding obama care. >> hit will move to the senate where it belongs. i expect my senate colleagues to be up for the battle. >> last night ted crews angered how has conservatives saying harry reed would try to strip the defund language and likely has the rights to do so. today mike lee said they're willing to fill buster to stop reed and call for gop unity. >> this is a call for republicans to stand should tore shoulder here with the gentleman and republicans in the house who have been courageous doing the right 24i7k. >> as for reed, he tried to eliminate hopes of pulling money from the president's health care law. >> any bill that defunds obama
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care is dead. >> other democrats insist they're united on that and willing to wait out the republicans. >> we're sending a strong message to the house. we will not blink. don't get it into your heads that we will. we won't. don't make it part of your strategy that eventually will cave. we won't. we're unified together. you're not. >> today the speaker's office released this video noting the president seems willing to negotiate with the president in syria but not congress. >> i've been discussing this with president putin some time now. >> the video demonstrated putin envy on behalf of the speaker. maybe he can explain that. >> it is not clear that conversations between mr. obama and boehner would do any good. many conservatives feel this is the last opportunity to stop obama care adding to the drama the white house has threatened to veto. >> i commend you on capitol
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hill. thanks. one day after record setting closes built the dow and s&p were down today. nasdaq gained six. capitol hill republicans are still going after the irs for targeting conservative groups for enhanced screening. we are here now with molly to tell us if they're getting answers. >> a group of conservative organizations approved fbi irs for tax exempt status in 2012 were singled out for another round of irs surveillance. >> of all groups selected for surveillance, 94% were right leaning. all groups subjected to surveillance were selected for a full blown audit, 100% right leaning. >> the irs says those cases came out of dallas office and audits
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were stopped or never started. >> there were 60 cases that were spent back to dallas and no longer on a path towards exam. >> that whole process is on hold? >> the whole process is on hold. >> louis werner is on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues. gop lawmakers want to know if she was urged to step down. >> did you ask miss lerner to resign? >> i don't want to answer the question. >> you have an obligation to answer the question else you will face criminal sanctions as a result. >> did you ask her to resign? >> i've been told by my attorneys i can't answer that question. >> why is that a privacy act what you did? how is that a privacy act? i want your attorney to be put under oath and explain why you're not answering my question as to what you did. >> democrats on the panel pointed out during questions
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that he also cannot fire someone without going through a complicated legal process meant to protect federal employees. >> thank you. another issue that has moderate republicans feuding and conservatives is what to do about the food program. it has doubled under president barack obama . doug mcelway says the issue is not whether to cut but how much. >> stunned by earlier criticism by house conservatives, $20 billion cuts didn't go far enough. a confident speaker boehner brought a bill that doubles the cuts to $39 billion over the next ten years. >> we'll send it over to the senate. >> food stamp usage has ballooned in years. 17 million americans received food stamps. now it's rocketed. >> this bill will put people on the path to independence.
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>> eligibility requirements have been eased. if the applicant receives other forms of government welfare, they now get the food stamps. the bill changes that. it provoked democratic protests. >> a cancer survivor and single mother from texas a face of hunger in america. >> the republican bill stores the traditional requirement for able body adults to have or seek a job leading to this criticism. >> there are three unemployed workers for every job out there in our country now. >> republicans shot back at democrats that bear respon responsibility for that. >> the business world is changing rules of employment from 40 hour workweeks to 30 or even 20. this is happening as a result directly of the policies of the people who complain most about the middle class not having
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jobs. >> and just moments ago, quite literally moments ago, the bill pasd in the house by the nier row margin seven votes. the senate has passed its own version with $4 million cuts in the food program. that's a huge gap. >> we'll follow the back and forth on capitol hill. doug, thank you. up next, the human toll of benghazi. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 23 in tulsa following pup on this huge fire at a chemical plant in western oklahoma that set off small explosions and forced the evacuation of nearby homes. amazingly no one was hurt. fox 25 in boston a wildfire at the home of a professional football player. a mob of teens broke into the home of holloway. damage was in the tens of thousands of.
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here's a look from kdfw. an employee at a famous bakery chain accused of embezzling $17 million. that's a lot of cupcakes. that's a look outside the belt way from special report. we'll be right back. p>nño@ç-ñ⌞ñ
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republicans say the first official report on the benghazi terror attacks was something of a sham. they took shots at the man in charge of that republican. politics took a back seat to the human element. katherine herage was there. >> every time i see this on tv i see bloody fingerprints. i keep asking, do those belong to my son? the testimony of officer and the mother of the navy shooter was
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the hearing. >> if the president's child been in ben garksz would the rescue attempt been more aggressive. >> they promised including obama he would get back to me and it was fought of video. i don't trust the government anymore. >> earlier republicans sharpened focus on the accountability review board or arb led by ambassador pickering and mull lins. >> it looks like an inside job of investigation. the department of state looking at the department of state. >> the co chairs acknowledged mrs. clinton's role selecting investigators. >> she appointed four out of five members. is that correct? she did. >>. it began with low level employees and found middle managers to blame so lawmakers were told there's no need to go high her. >> as told with tech tear
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clinton, we had full evidence full and complete to our information that the accountability rested with the people we identified. >> the close contact between mull lins and chief of staff mills over the testimony of the employee -- >> mills called you up and said i want you to serve on the board. a week into the formation of the board you call her back up and say hey, cheryl mills, the lady about to go in front of the committee is a terrible witness. you need a heads up. >> the republican chairman is now taking legal actions. >> i'm in the process of issuing subpoenaing. the state department has not made those people available, has played hide and go sooirk, now hiding behind the thinly veiled statement there's a criminal investigation. >> the ranking democrat on the committee, e lie jury cummings released a statement.
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he said it was the opposite of a whitewash. >> katherine, thank you. president vladimir putin is sticking with the statement that rebels were behind the deadly attacks in damascus. putin feels the attacks were a sly and generous act. this afternoon, the secretary of state john kerry dismissed putin's claims. >> time is short. let's not spend time debating what we already know. instead we have to recognize that the world is watching to see whether we can avert military action and achieve through peaceful means even more than what those military strikes promise. >> of course iran is a factor in the syrian e occasion. that country's new president appears to reach out to president barack obama . the new york times reported the
3:18 pm
two exchanged letters. tonight james rosen explains the change at or near the top in iran. >> in his first interview with the western journalist, new iran yoon president, rouhani told curry of the news he does not have a bomb and will not. >>translator: in the nuclear program, discovering enters with full power and complete authority. i have given the nuclear negotiations portfolio to the foreign ministry. >> exiting his own briefing room, secretary of state john kerry gave the remarks a cautious welcome. >> everything needs to be put to the test. >> european diplomats tell fox news they don't believe rouhani has the authority to cut the deal. they also don't believe rouhani has no thompt french and british are reportedly pushing the white
3:19 pm
house action by action steps on granting u.n. inspectors to key sites there in exchange for easing of economic sanctions that have hobbled iran's economy in the last two years. >> the new president made clear he wants to or says he wants to adistress that problem. to do that he needs to demonstrate he's serious about resolving the conflict with the international community. >> one veteran urged access sors not to be taken in by the charm of rouhani. >> people say we have to give row you happenny a chance. he's a cool guy. we tried that before. iranians have moved forward on plans and policy in the region. >> in his new book, unthinkable, iran and the bomb, poll luck argues containment of nuclear iran is better than intervention to keep iran from going nuclear.
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>> they interpret our moves and signals in ways we never imagined and intended. >> the first round of new talks with the iranians when the former meets with iranian counter parts. >> thank you. still ahead, how republicans are trying to cut obama care at the knees. cutting the cost both human -- counting the lives both human coming up. oh! perfect. [ wisest kid ] campbell's has the recipes kids love. like easy chicken and cheese enchiladas. so good! can i keep this? you already have it at nice. [ blows ] [ gong ] m'm! m'm! good! it's been that way ysince e day you met..
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the washington navy yard is back open for business. most of the facility conducted normal operations just three days after a dozen people were killed by a former navy reservist. authorities are searching for a
3:24 pm
motive on the attack by alexis killed. >> a man is sentenced to 25 years in prison. 29-year-old floid cork ins shot a security guard at the family research center last year the washington before his capture. he planned to kill as many people as possible and then rub sandwiches from the chick-fil-a chain into their faces. survivors of the massive flooding in colorado are returning to their homes tonight or what is left of them. correspondent is now giving us updates from long mont, colorado. >> reporter: travis's story is all too common here in colorado. the loss his family suffered has no price tag. >> all pictures, three generations of colorado
3:25 pm
residents gone. >> reporter: 19,000 homes were destroyed or damage in the flood waters. more than 10,000 people have applied for fema assistance. so far, $4 million in grants have been approved. >> all of our children are safe and healthy. that's the most important thing. >> reporter: early estimates put the overall cost of this event at $2 billion. the area's infrastructure is crippled. roadways and bridges need repairs or to be replaced. the search for people unaccounted for is still in the eighth day. >> we're going to homes. we have satellite imagery of each home so we have an understanding if it was there previously. >> reporter: rescuers believe many people evacuated on their own and haven't notified the county.
3:26 pm
others meanwhile decided to sty put despite warnings of the long winter ahead with no way in or out unless by zblampt strongly encourage them to leave however some simply aren't. that's part of the colorado spirit. >> reporter: once the clean up is complete, it's a matter of rebuilding like this railroad track behind me here, something officials say could go well into 2014 and beyond. a lot of clean up work. thanks so much. a former employee with energy giant halle burton is charged with destroying evidence following the oil spill three years ago. the director of cementing technology is accused of instructing other workers to delete data during the postspill review. also today a judge accepted a plea agreement calling for the company to pay a $200,000 fine ahead of the charge. the postal service says the
3:27 pm
agency may need an emergency increase to stay afloat. don ho told senators the service has enough cash for five days next month. independent commission must approve any emergency rate increase. how one broken fax machine can keep us from something we have a right to see. you will not believe the bill for illegal immigrants in one american county. the grapevine is next. [curly fry] i know, right. [fuzz pile] movies,music,space as far as the fry can see. [bubble wand] ha.good one. [jelly animal] a great storm comes. we're all doomed. [bubble wand] that guy isn't all there. [fuzz pile] come on,it's a honda,they're built to last... [announcer] we understand life in a minivan. introducing the first minivan with an available built-in vacuum. start something special in the redesigned odyssey from honda. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool,
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. more proof the economic impact of the immigration debate. los angeles county officials report a projected $650 million in welfare benefits will be distributed to illegal immigrant parent this is year. local media reports more than $276 million in benefits and food stamps have been paid through july. 100,000 and 60,000 undocumented children receive aid in la county. they do not receive the hundreds of millions of spent each year on education. if you have an outstanding freedom of information act request in, you might have to wait a bit longer. mike huckabee rock reports the pentagon fax machine that handles these requests stopped working two weeks ago and won't be back up any time soon. a spokesman tells the website the machine might be working in
3:32 pm
october but could be november. currently about 1,000 freedom of information requests await processing. finally georgia republican congressman greenly said depending on your perspective is either spot on or out of touch. national review online reports during a closed door meeting wednesday, greenry complained aids can get rich as lobbyist while he's stuck here making $172,000. many framed it as a callus statement going after low paid staffers. several websites have him placing the quote in a different context saying he wants congressional staffers under obama care like everybody else and not eligible for a special extension. his net work is $3 million. his $172,000 salary is more than three times the median household
3:33 pm
income in his district. the opponents of obama care health care plan are determined. with two weeks to go, activists are stepping up efforts to torpedo the sign up drive. mike toegn has that story tonight from milwaukee. >> reporter: if this looks like america is back in the throws of another campaign, that's because it is. the launch date for enrolling in health care exchanges is october 1st. these activists with the conservatives with americans for prosperity is proving this breaks the back of the affordable bill act. >> we want to do what we can to get hit delayed and repealed. >> reporter: like the election they're taking to air ways and internet with ad campaigns. supporters of obama care are also in the ad fight.
3:34 pm
their target is also the exchange and encourage enrollment to fund obama care. >> there's little understanding about the personal impacts of this legislation. we want to try to get around the political information and help people and families understand what they should choose that's best for them. >> reporter: much like the campaign, organizations that support or oppose the act have identified battlegrounds, parts of the nation they feelg ad wars can have the greatest impact. obama care supporters targets chicago land, illinois, los angeles and miami dade in florida based on the estimate of greatest number of uninsured people. americans for prosperity targets
3:35 pm
michigan, wisconsin, florida, virginia, texas, arkansas and nevada based on estimate of uninsured and potential of future political impact. grass roots operations for activists on both sides are still in place since the last election. they have never been used before to directly influence the implementation of the law. the money laundering kix of former house tom delay, court ruled two to one in his favor. he was found guilty of helping funnel corporate money illegally to gop candidates back in 2002. possibility of a government shut down and fed's surprise move to keep pumping up the economy. we'll talk all things financial with the panel when we come right back. 7k
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the economic data do not provide sufficient confirmation to the outlook of reduction. the committee has concern the tightening of financial conditioning in recent months could have a slowing to federal growth. >> bernanke in clear fashion shifting plans to slow down stimulus efforts to support the recovery. rich lowery of the review, marra from the radio and charles to try to translate chairman bernanke. the chairman was saying we were planning to stop this $85 billion a month quantitative easing pouring money into our economy. we're going to keep up the flowing. >> it's a dramatic side it's
3:40 pm
underperforming. everyone thought the fed would taper off here. inflation is below expectations and unemployment is below expectations. classic monetary policy in that instance, stay loose. there are a lot of people critical of this policy and have predicted there's terrible inflation. it's nowhere to be seen. the fed is not the problem with the economy. it's the fiscal and regulatory policy. >> it's interesting marra, chairman bernanke said the fed had been overoptimistic. that was his word about the idea the idea is growing faster and they'd be able to ease off the stimulus puddle. they also lowered projections for growth the rest of this year. of course all this comes just at a time when congress and the president seem headed for another possible train wreck over the government budget and also the debt limit. >> bernanke also mentioned the uncertainty about that also a
3:41 pm
reason to keep his foot on the gas pedal. there doesn't seem to be a way out of this. republicans are pursuing the strategy to shut down the government is obama care is not defunded or delayed. same with the debt sealing. the president is saying i'm not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling and not stand for changes in the obama care. that's where we're at. it's unclear how the republicans get out of this unless they get out of the system and pass a clean cr are funding democrats. >> potentially how bad could this uncertainty and even the possibility of a government shut down or a default be for an economy which is clearly still struggling along? >> i think the threat that the shutdowns might have on the economy are grossly exaggerated. they were exaggerated in 2011 and every time we have come up
3:42 pm
against this administration. >> this wasn't the administration. this is bernanke talking. >> he is covering steps. he's given the wrong signal. he told everybody to prepare for a tightening of the loose money policy. he had the stock market was adjusting. he was slipping and started to change gears mr. the reason he e did isn't the shutdown at all. that was the way to cover up his zigzag. it's the astonishing low recovery that's happened on this administration. this is the worst recovery. this is a cliche already. a year after the reagan recession, we had a growth rate of 7%. here we are five years out. obama emphasizes the anniversary. this is the fifth year. we're growing 1 1/2%, historically low and with no
3:43 pm
process pelspec prospect. there's nothing to show we're accelerating. obama passed the stimulus, biggest in the history of the world that he said would jump start the economy. it didn't. as a result the fed had to keep it on life support. this is a trillion dollars a year he is pumping in. multiply by twelve, that's a trillion dollars a year for several years. the economy is stuck and not going anywhere. >> let's talk about the situation on capitol hill. rich, it was interesting because house speaker boehner was trying to do something to keep funding the government short term end of december, add a rider to defund obama care, something to be easily plucked off by the senate
3:44 pm
and everybody would agree to pass the short term continuing resolution. conservative faction, tea party faction for lack of a better phrase wouldn't go along. they said if you're going to defund obama care, wept it we want it linked. boehner goes along with it. >> the most amazing event in the last 24 hours is the backlash of senator ted crews in the house among conservatives. the house said we're going to endorse this measure tomorrow to link to obama care which is what crews has wanted all along. then ted says great guy, we don't have the votes in the senate. critics have said that all along, you're not going to have the votes in the senate. you have you have house aids
3:45 pm
quoting on backgrounds saying nancy pelosi is more popular now than ted cruise. heir reed will strip the funding from cr. it will go back to the house and probably passed in a clean version. >> let's talk aboutthat. that's the way i think some people in this town hope it's going to work out. that would depend on a certain number of republicans and also a certain number of democrats coming. you wouldn't get 218 republican votes the for that. >> couple of questions. will boehner get half the republicans? he needs majority of the majority. that's the first question. if he doesn't, second question, what does he do to change that bill to get democrats to vote for him? they're not going to vote for something with more funding cuts. watching this speaker struggling to leave his caucus rather
3:46 pm
than -- >> we have 30 seconds left in this segment. i'm going to ask you to be c conci concise. does the government shut down or not? >> no. >> you've got 20 seconds. >> i understand that. >> it should be a short one. >> are we going to default on debt? >> absolutely not. >> very well done, sir. >> you have 10 seconds. anything you want to talk about. >> that's con situation in action. >> that could be a bumper sticker. next up, tooirm to breime t break the ice with iran. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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we are solely seeking peaceful technology. >> there have been a lot of interesting things said out of teheran and the new government, encouraging >> new iranian president rowhani and white house specificsman jay carney signaling at least the possibility of a lessening of tensions between the two countries. we're back now with a panel. well, the iranians have been on something of a charm offensive the last couple of weeks. sending rosh hashanah greetings to israel via twitter, releasing some political prisoners, something more serious, and now a series of statements by iran's new president, hassan rowhani and even the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei. rich, how seriously do you take all this? >> well, he's a major pr upgrade over ahmadinejad because he speaks like a reasonable person. but he's a khomeini loyalist going way back. there's no reason to believe he's not a faithful son of his
3:51 pm
regime or he wouldn't be in the position he is now. and i would take this to be a play to kind of string us along, perhaps, to ease the sanctions, perhaps. and also perhaps because our red lines are now obliterated, to get into negotiations that would forestall an attack by israel, a country whose red line still means something in the world. >> now, this gets interesting, because president obama and president rowhani are both going to be in new york next week, they're both speaking to the u.n. general assembly, in fact, next tuesday, and the question, maura, is should president obama agree, if president rowhani suggested through some intermediary to sit down and talk for a few minutes? >> well, you know, the first reaction is there's no harm in talking. but i think they'd have to know that it's really worth it. because the only reason that the iranians are really wanting to do this is because the sanctions are really hurting. it tells me that sanctions need to stay on and be stiffened. it is really working. this has been the most serious,
3:52 pm
intense set of sanctions that the international community has ever tried. so i think that if president obama sits down with the iranians and looks like he's being played that's pretty bad. >> you know, it's interesting talking about sanctions, iranian oil sales are less than half what they were two years ago and the value of the iranian currency is less than half what it was. so these sanctions really have begun to hurt the economy, to hurt the average iranian on the street. which is one of the reasons rowhani got elected in the first place. what's the problem with sitting down and talking? because they are just stringing us along. any negotiation that starts with a lie is larger than one you just heard. rowhani saying we are not seeking a bomb, and we never have, is not doshs doesn't have good prospects. it is, of course, obvious that iran is seeking the bomb. and here's a fact that underlines all the speculation.
3:53 pm
the iaea reported in august that iran has 186 kilograms of 20% enriched uranium. you need 250 to make a bomb. they are on the horizon. they are within reach. this is a goal iran has had for decades. it will give it the dominant region over the gulf arabs, over everybody that the persians have sought for about 2,000 years. they have shown not an iota of response in the nuclear arena to any sanctions. yes, it's hurt them economically. but our director of dni has said in congress there hasn't been any stoppage, any change in the nuclear pursuit. and the last part i think is this, the iranians can see the finish line. what they're worried about now is not economic sanctions which they have sustained and suffered for a few years. what they're worried about is an israeli strike at the last minute. they have doubled the number of
3:54 pm
machines spinning uranium. they have been discovered to have a second program of plutonium. any country that isn't seeking the bomb is not going to have a plutonium program parallel there within a horizon of reaching it. they have maybe half a year, a year to get there. they can forestall the americans, engage in negotiations, the israelis cannot strike, and they go nuclear. >> so, would you say we've got less than two minutes left, would you say just ignore them, don't even test them, don't even say well if you're really serious about this, president rowhani, then do this? >> but your assumption is that we haven't negotiated or tested or proposed or made offers, we've been doing that for six years. >> i understand that. but this is a new guy and a new foreign minister. >> right. but he doesn't determine how the nukes are handled. that's all in the hands of khamenei who is a constant. he's been in power the whole time. rowhani is a front man. he is not going to be the one who decides. you want to test him?
3:55 pm
give him a proposal, and give him two weeks to respond. and then you say you draw a red line but who's going to believe a red line obama's going to draw. >> rowhani is actually on the record on the iranian strategy on this because he is the chief negotiator for some time, and he said what we did was brilliant. we talked and we talked and we strung them along and the entire time we were going through those negotiations our program was progressing. and if you just look at u.s. policy, the incentive is for them to get a nuclear because north koreas aa nuke, that regime survives, iraq didn't, and it didn't survive. so if you don't have a nuclear weapon you're naked unto the world is the lesson they'll take away from it. >> in ten seconds are you as pessimistic as these two guys? >> yes. he needs to say something like syria, within one week show us what you got and give it up, then we can go forward. >> that's it for the panel but stay tuned to see an unforgettable sports highlight. well, really more of a low light. [ tires screech ]
3:56 pm
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finally tonight as we approach the end of the regular baseball season, there's always a debate about which is better, the slide in to a base feet first, or head first. well, tonight we offer conclusive evidence to settle the argument. >> his nine game hitting streak ended last night. he's going to try to go for a triple. >> well, i was right. as we close this evening we have saved the best news for last. paul bear the 6-year-old son of bret baier is doing well tonight following his second open heart surgery. he tells us his son's surgeon is
4:00 pm
pleased and looks solid so far. bret sends his thanks to all of you who have sent your good wishes to his family. i'm chris wallace in washington. feel better pauley. this is the fox report. tonight thousands of american tourists stranded inside mexico. and getting the truth about a terrorist attack on our consulate in benghazi, libya. powerful testimony from loved ones of the victims and fiery words from some of our elected leaders. lawmakers demanding answers. it's been more than a year since the killing of four americans. >> the state department has not made those people available, has played hide and go seek. i've seen no evidence to support these reckless accusations. >> tonight, showdown on capitol hill.