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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 19, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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that is our "fox reports" on this thursday, isn't 19. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. for now give me six seconds to factor. "the factor" is on. tonight. >> i think the guns are right there next to their bottles. i'm not sure which they find more important to them. >> once again, the far left demonizing republicans as fundamentalists who cannot think clearly. this is part of some warfare in washington is getting almost hysterical. we'll tell you what's going on. take a look at this cartoon by another far left guy who tries to push an agenda off the navy yard massacre. we'll have thoughts on that. also tonight, laura ingram on cyber bullying. adam corolla on a 9/11 desecration in vermont. and an amazing situation in l.a.
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that county spending $650 million on welfare for illegal aliens. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilley. guns and religion. that is the subject of this evenings' talking points. the far left in america misreported the navy yard massacre story, trying to gin up anti-gun sentiment in america. in case you missed it, that talking points memo is post on bill o' this cartoon shows the navy yard emblem in front of the capitol building with a semiautomatic rifle dominating the cartoon. a number of liberal democrats embraced that image, including tennessee congressman steve
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kohen. >> i got the vitriol on the twitter from all these people that oppose that cartoon. they are hard core republicans who this means more to them i think their guns are right there next to their bibles. i'm not sure which they find more important to them. >> mr. cohen who declined to appear on "the factor" this evening tries to cloud the real issue that an assault rifle was not used in the navy yard killings and the left tried to exploit the mass murder for political reasons. that is despicable. now let's deal with the accusation against republicans made by cohen. talking points calculates about 20% of the republican party are fundamentalists. that is they do not believe in compromise and want a very conservative nation. by contrast, about 15% of americans are rabidly left, leaving the usa is basically not a noble country and that socialism should be imposed to make it better. so there are extremists on both sides. but most, most conservative republicans do not base their political belief system on the
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bible. and they are not putting guns above all the other issues. traditional americans will understand that spirituality is a good thing, because it can provide a vivid guideline for just behavior. that is why the founding fathers used judeo-christian philosophy to forge the constitution. on the gun front, the founders clearly believe that every american has a right to defend him or herself from tyrannical government or people who would harm the person. that's why the second amendment was put into the constitution. there is a logic to responsible religion and to gun possession. but not to congressman cohen and others who seek to demean people who are religious and believe in gun rights. you remember president obama got into trouble doing that during his first campaign. this country faces very tough problems. and these diversions are stupid. simply put, congressman cohen would badly lose a debate with
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me. you know it and he knows it. he would be reduced to pudding on "the factor." that is why cohen will not appear. that being said, fan nat ittism on the right also harming the country. responsible lawmakers have to find a way to deal with their opponents in congress. there's no way obamacare is going to be defunded. it is not going to happen. so why bother alienating independent americans by embracing a futile exercise? karl rove has an interesting column on that in the "wall street journal" today. and that's the memo. now to the top story tonight, reaction joining us from washington, brad blakeman, former senior adviser to president bush the younger and from atlanta amy cramer chairman of the tea party express organization. where am i going wrong here, ms. cramer? >> i mean, i think you're right on congressman cohen. and we see it time and time again that the liberals can't debate the issues so what do
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they do? they resort to personal attacks. thankfully the constitution allows him to speak his mind but also allows us freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the second amendment, the right to own guns. so i think you're dead on there. on the congress issue and defunding obamacare, bill, i have to disagree with you. because this is a law, it's a bad law that continues to get worse every day. as we're seeing with more and more people taking away benefits from their employees, cutting their hours back, that sort of thing. the president himself has already delayed portions of this law for big business, for congress, special interests. why not do the same for the middle class average american? why not delay it. >> i will tell you, ms. cramer, what you are trying to do, the tea party is trying to do, is impossible. so do you not know that? the senate is not going to go along, even if the house were to vote to defund obamacare, which
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it will not. and it will not for political tactical reasons. the republican leadership speaker boehner and the others well know that in the government were shut down by some kind of defunding that independents that the republican party needs to gain in the 2014 elections would be angry. so it's not going to happen. you must know it's not going to happen. you must know the senate wouldn't go along with it. but you still want to do it. and i'm saying to you, i just think it's destructive to your cause. do you see my point? >> i don't -- the thing is, i don't want to shut down the government. i want to defund obamacare. >> i don't know why you don't understand me. the senate is not going to do it. it isn't going to be there. >> everybody said the house wasn't going to do it, too. now we're bringing it for a vote. >>y amy cramer believes the senate as it is comprised talked would vote to defund obamacare? >> i believe it we fight we can
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get those democrats that are in those red states up for re-election to listen to their constituents. >> mr. blakeman, do you believe that the senate can be convinced as ms. cramerer does to defund obamacare? >> no. and here's why, bill. i deal with things not as i wish them to be but as they are. you correctly point out we have divided government. yes, the republicans control the house and they can vote 80 times to defund obamacare. the senate will stop them. do you think the president is going to give up? just wave the white flag on his seg tur legislation? >> even fit did pass. >> you got to think strategic lively. what republicans better do they must understand we must live to fight another day. that day is 2014 in the mid-term elections. fe field good candidates, have good policies. let's take back the senate, increase our odds in the house of getting a better majority. then we put the president in a box for three years. but we have to deal with the hand that we're dealt and not the hand that we wish we had. because we don't have it. >> does it make sense, ms.
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cramer, for the republican party to get candidates who believe the way you do that are obamacare is a pernicious law and should be defunded and basically thrown out? have them run on that ticket, all right? and then win as mr. blakeman suggests. and then accumulate power so that you might do something. but again, president obama will veto. he's in there for three years. going to veto anything. wouldn't that make more strategy cal sense, ms. cramer? >> i think we are fighting on that front, too, we're just not talking about that. what we're talking about right now is defunding obamacare. everybody talks like the republicans want to say we want to shut down the government. no, the president and harry reid have both said they're going to shut down the government if we don't roll back the sequester. bill, we're willing to compromise. we're giving him a c.r. that totally funds the government and continues his deficit spending. and in return, we want to delay obamacare for a year. i don't think that's unreasonable. >> i don't know what i have to
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do or karl rove has to do or brad blakeman has to do to tell you not going to happen. so it would be like -- and you'll identify with this, amy. it would be like msnbc saying at 8:00 we're going to beat the "the o'reilly factor" next week. it's not going to happen. it's never going to happen. they can try to make it happen. in that case it wouldn't harm them. but in this case, if the republican party is deemed by independents and conservative democrats to be fanatical and unreasonable you do hurt your cause. mr. blakeman, a guy like cohen and the liberal press, if they were together, that gives the propaganda a tremendous value. a lot of people don't -- i would assume if you did a poll now that maybe 40% of the american people would think an assault rifle was used in the navy yard massacre. they would think that it was used. >> this what is the liberal media does. this is why cohen will not face you is because they'll throw up
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all this propaganda and lies and then hide behind their lies. the american people are getting wise now, bill. look at every poll. if it wasn't for bad news obama doesn't make news. the american people are finally understanding whether it's the economy, whether it's foreign affairs, this president is absolutely incompetent to have the hope and change that he promised them. and who's hurting the most as we speak today in 2013? the obama supporters the minorities people who supported him the most. >> they're not going to change unless the republican party offers them a secure way to change. for those who want to yell at me and send e-mail mails read rove's column. our pal dennis kucinich interviewed bashar al assad this weekend. later how the media covered the navy yard massacre. ♪
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in the impact segment tonight talking with the devil. as you may know fox news contributor dennis kucinich and fox news senior affairs correspondent greg palka interviewed the asyrian tyrant assad in damascus. he has zero credibility with me. he said his government did not gas civilians, the opposition did. he said he has chemical weapons but we'll get rid of them or something. here now is dennis kucinich. first i want your assessment of assad as a person. you've known him for some years, right? >> my first trip to the region was in 2006. the reason i went to the region in the first place was was to look at what happened after south lebanon was bombed heavily. my wife and i went out there, first ones connected with the u.s. to go and see the war. after that we went to syria.
5:15 pm
and this is my fourth trip to syria. >> did you meet assad before? >> yes. >> how do you assess him as a human being? >> thoughtful, someone who is an intellectual. he's been very consistent in any discussions that i've ever had with him. >> consistent about what? >> about his commitment to a secular syria. he's someone who believes for example that christians have rights, that women have rights, and that's in the constitution that was passed in 2012. >> you kind of paint him as a good guy. >> well, this whole discussion isn't about good guys or bad guys it's about people. in extraordinary circumstances. tremendous tragedy in syria right now, affecting people from one end of the country to the other. and so he happens to be the president right now. >> and he's doing bad things, right? >> you know what? the army, i pressed him on this. greg pelka did a terrific job. we both pressed him on the fact that the syrian people are suffering and that people are
5:16 pm
suffering as a result of the actions of his army as well as the jihadists who have come from all over the world. >> let's assume there are no good guys in syria. let's assume they're all bad. rebels are bad, assad is bad. >> war is bad. >> war is bad. i agree. but you're talking with a guy who basically is killing civilians. i believpeople. >> but the u.n. report didn't conclude that. >> mr. moon in charge of the u.n. said so. >> he didn't have any proof. you have to have proof. >> all right, look. you have to have proof. i don't have to have proof because i know the region and i know the other people didn't have the delivery system to do it. only he has the delivery system. but i don't want to argue that now. i want to argue the fact that this guy is a killer. and i believe he will be charged with war crimes somewhere down the line or wind up like gadhafi in a ditch with a bullet in his head. he's done. however, you seem to see some good in him. or am i reading you wrong? >> i think that you have to look
5:17 pm
at the situation in syria being an extremely complex situation where people who are in power and people vying for power each have different goals. what i've learned in the interview that i did with greg palkott is that pred assad is someone who is fighting not a civil war but protecting his country against a sectarian war that is being visited through the money of saudi arabia and qatar. >> sunni versus shia. fundamentalists versus secularists. who's his primary backer? iran. >> no, actually you have to look at the war. >> wait wait wait. iran is his primary backer and people keeping him alive are iranian revolutionary guards who are actually in syria fighting on his behalf. and then putin is arming him. so these are bad guys. >> let me take my fox contributor hat off for a second, okay? >> sure. go ahead. >> i'm about american interests.
5:18 pm
what's in the best interests of america? it wasn't in america's interest to attack syria. >> and certainly most of the people agree with you on that. >> i looked at damascus. 1.7 million people densely populated. a missile strike there would kill tens of thousands of people. and spread war across the region. >> the people can make up their own mind, facts are the facts on gas. but let's get back to assad and you. you got the interview because assad likes you i assume. he didn't call up and say send o'reilly over there although i would love it. >> i believe it would have been a better interview. >> it would have been different. but i am very concerned about iran villainous country, putin, clear villain, supporting this guy. and that tells me he's not a good guy. i'll give you the last word. >> you have to talk to people. >> i'm glad you went over. you and palkot. >> he did a great job. we have to talk to people even
5:19 pm
if we disagree with them. we must talk to them. we have to talk to syria, iran, and be in touch with russia. >> i agree 100%. next time i want you to take me. i'll wear a greg palkot mask. >> deal. >> so they'll think -- he's a lot smarter than i am but i'm so much more obnoxious than you guys. directly ahead, another young girl commits suicide because of cyber bullying. should there be a law against that in every state? and later a desecration of a 9/11 memorial in vermont. those reports after these messages. my customers can shop around.
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review from the ingram angle. another young girl committing
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suicide in florida. september 9th rebekah sedgwick jumped off a tower at a concrete plant to her death. the mother says the suicide was caused by cyber bullying. >> i don't know what i'm supposed to do next. i just lost my world. and i'm trying to stay strong to do these interviews so i can get the message out there to other parents. don't ignore your kids even if they seem fine. still check up on them. because you never know what's going on. >> florida does have an anti-sign cyber bullying law but 32 states do not. with us now laura ingram. what was bothering rebecca? >> it's hard to tell, bill. looks like she was bull yesterday in her previous school. she was pulled out from that school. her mother home schooled her for a time and switched schools. she was in a completely different school. but the cyber bullying as it can do it followed her. they haven't released kind of all the details of the postings.
5:24 pm
it wasn't done on facebook. this was done on the photo apps and also other social media but not on facebook which is kind of interesting element to this. she was hospitalized several months ago after trying to cut herself. so this had been clearly the young woman was under deep anxiety and distress. and police at least so far believe that these postings about her -- and there are about 15 people they think were involved -- had some effect on the girl's psychiatric state and mental state at that time. >> pretty girl. >> yes. >> we don't know what the bullying center the around. i ask that question because you've been following the story of the idiot judge in montana. >> oh, my god, unbelievable. >> who sentenced a child rapist, statutoc statutory rape for 30 days even knowing afterwards the 14-year-old girl committed
5:25 pm
suicide. everybody in her school knew she was involved with this teacher and she killed herself. here -- >> her weight. they looked at searches she had done. she had searched about what a 12 or 13-year-old girl, what would be considered fat. >> so rebecca was worried about her body image. >> >> that was at least one detail has that has emerged from this case. her mother you saw the heart-breaking video of her mother. her mother didn't know this time around that she was undergoing more cyber bullying. she didn't know. but she had helped her daughter previously, took her out of the school. but she didn't know. >> now, is it -- you have little girls. >> yes. a little 8-year-old and two boys. >> okay. in your opinion, are the children meaner and crueller now because of the internet, because they can hide behind it? see, kids are always mean. >> kids are mean. >> when i grew up it was a school yard. if you were mean in the school yard there was somebody on the other end of that that was going to take care of you sooner or later. but now you hide behind
5:26 pm
machines. is that elevating the meanness of the children? >> i think you're keying in on the right point here. because of the anonymity because you can be in your room with the door closed and you can be writing all these falsehoods, malicious comments, defamatory comments or mean comments you feel protected. kids who maybe are small feel big on the internet. >> that's right. >> and they feel empowered. >> pumps them up. >> they feel like even if they're not the coolest they can bring someone else down so fast with just a few photo app messages. a few other postings on another social networking site. and suddenly they're inflicting pain on someone else. i find it so disgusting and reprehensible. >> it is. >> i think schools do have a responsibility to do something. >> another good point you made, that once this stuff starts, even if it's false, no truth to it, it's always there. >> you can't take it down really. >> you can transfer one school to the other, one state to the other, but if somebody does a search they can find it. now, those of news the public
5:27 pm
eye like miss laura and myself we have to live with that. >> we get it all the time. the stuff you and i deal with. >> we have trash written about us all the time. we're professional people and in the arena by our own accord. these are children. >> a little girl who probably had some vulnerability already to start with. >> that's right. >> and especially smaller kids or kids who might not fit in or they're different in different ways. >> sure. >> those are the ones who are especially vulnerable. if you're a big kid -- >> big kid or overweight or gay. >> or maybe your parents don'ts have that much money. maybe grour a broken family. >> final point, i believe all 50 states should have anti-cyber bullying laws. >> absolutely. >> so therefore, if a parent sees it they can go to the authorities, not the wimpy school authorities, who say well you know if it's not on campus i really can't do that. >> or worried about the aclu freedom of speech versus -- >> don't you think every state should have this? >> i think so. it's a trend more and more are
5:28 pm
getting on board. including the montana challenge. new york remember last year passed a stricter cyber bullying. >> 18 states. so maybe we name this rebecca's law after this pool little girl in florida like jessica's law. maybe we try to urge all the lawmakers, the good people across the country, to introduce this in their state legislatures. and write to me if you will and i will publicize this. let's get rebecca's law on the books. all right, laura, thanks very much. we appreciate it. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. incredible story in los angeles county. taxpayers being billed $650 million a year to provide welfare benefits to illegal alien families. then bernie goldberg analyzing how the media covered the navy yard massacre this week. we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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welfare payments to illegal alien families. los angeles county officials say they project the county will spend $650 million this year alone to provide welfare benefits to those families. that's an amazing stat. money will go for food stamps, cash for housing, cash for clothing among other things. joining us for san diego, executive director of border angels which helps undocumented aliens. you can understand that i'm sure many taxpayers are upset about this particularly in l.a. county where it's broke. don't have any money, services being cut back for everybody.
5:33 pm
this is a colossal amount of money, 650 million. go. >> right. it's for u.s. citizen children, of course. children born in this country to undocumented people that are undocumented because they have no way to become documented. they contribute tremendously to the economy of this country with the work that they're doing. this is only a fraction of the cost of their being here contributing to the greatness of this country. >> all right. but you make two mistakes in your opening remarks with all due respect. number one, it's true that kids are american citizens because we have a law that says anyone born in the united states is an american citizen. however their parents took them here illegally. so the parents are responsible for an illegal act. that's number one. and number two, you're saying that illegal alien labor, all right, is a benefit to the united states. and in some cases that's true. migrant workers picking the food keeps food prices down. okay. but $650 million a year in one american county? that overrides any economic
5:34 pm
benefit. and that's the concern. >> not at all. and they're undocumented people. california is the most powerful economy in the united states by far. [ overlapping speakers ] >> california is going off the cliff. >> eighth most powerful economy in the world. the number one industry in california, agriculture. 80% of the people that work in the field are undocumented. they're contributing billions of dollars to the economy. and l.a. county is the biggest county of los angeles. the second largest city in the country. made up in large part of people from all over the world that are documented people.her people woo become documented. that's why we're praying and marching for humane immigration. >> look, here's the rub. there's a humanitarian side to it. and i think that's noble. and that's what you do with your organization. we wouldn't have you on here if we thought you were a sharl tan. you do good work. >> thank you.
5:35 pm
>> there's a humanitarian side. we're a generous compassion at country. can't let these kids go hungry. okay i got it. but we're rewarding chaos. what should have happened was the borders should have been sealed in all the states down there, united states to mexico, and then the workers that they needed to work in the fields of california should have come in legally and in an orderly fashion. but the government didn't do that, and now the folks, the american people, are picking up the tab. it's wrong. that's as morally wrong as anything else. >> they have no legal way of coming into this country, unlike their forefathers. >> they could have and should have. >> but they don't. they can't. there is no line for them to get into. their economic level does not allow them to get a visa. unlike your forefathers when they came because of the fact they wanted to feed their families. there was no legal versus illegal back then. and that's why we want humane immigration reform. not the bill that's being proposed now. >> they've said i'm going to
5:36 pm
break the law and go to the united states, i don't really care about the consequences. and now the consequences fall on the folks. i'll give you the last word. >> they're not saying they want to break the law. they want the same thing your forefathers did. i want to feed my family. >> they came legally. >> there was no illegal way to come back then. >> that's true. >> so they want to come legally today. they want to be in a line to get into. we need humane immigration reform. >> what you want to do is not always the right thing to do. and the people who came here illegally did break our laws. >> there's no legal way to come in. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on how the media is covering the navy yard massacre. bernie is next.
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and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ thanks for staying with us. bill o'reilley. we reported last night with howard kurtz many in the national media erroneously reported the navy yard killer used an ar 15. bernie goldberg joins us now from north carolina. how do you see . >> it? >> i'll get to the ideology in a
5:41 pm
tad. let me talk about the mistake part first. the only thing i'm sure, bill, if god forbid there's another mass shooting like the one in washington this week, the mainstream media or the media whatever you want to call it will get it wrong again. and i say that because they always get it wrong in stories like that. they got it wrong in connecticut where they said the shooter was the guy's brother and the mother was a teacher at the school. that was all wrong. they got it wrong in boston when they said the suspects were in custody, and they even had the wrong suspects. they got it wrong this week in washington when they said that it was an ar 15. and one cable network said a reporter was out in the field and he said, we have confirmed that there were two shooters. he didn't confirm anything. and here's where the bernie rule comes in, okay? here's the bernie rule. unless you've seen it with your own two eyes in a breaking story, do not say "we can
5:42 pm
confirm." because you can't. you're going to get it wrong too many too often. and by the way, the reason -- the reason it's wrong as often as it is is for the exact same reason each time. and that is, so-called reliable law enforcement sources aren't reliable at all. they're unreliable. so here's the bernie rule. do not say that "we confirm" do not even say "we've learned." here's how you say it. we have been told. we have been told. now, that may sound like a subtle distinction and not much of a difference. >> no, no. then you can lay it off on somebody who told you a fib or whatever. >> right. >> but on the ideology part? >> let me frame the question. some people might not have seen the interview last night. howard kurtz has worked many many years for the "washington post." he's deeply engrained in the national liberal media. not to say he's that. i don't know him that well. but he's in that world.
5:43 pm
>> exactly. >> he just said, it was a foul up in the heat of battle. it was within an hour, less than an hour of the initial erroneous reporting that the tsunami of oh, here we go again, assault rifles. front page of the newspapers, all over the internet, on the liberal cable networks, all over the place. it couldn't have been an accident. they couldn't have all made the same mistake. it's just like sheep. >> no. no. no. they did all make the same mistake because they all got it from either the same person or the same kind of people. >> no, they wanted it to be that way, bernie. >> that's the point. >> they wanted it to be that way. >> i wanted to establish first how they made the mistake. i totally agree with you that there is a liberal narrative, a liberal story line on certain kinds of stories. if it's about race, the story
5:44 pm
line, the most interesting one is a white person attacking a black victim. that's the story line that they like the most. if it's about guns, the simplification is guns are bad. if it happens to be the guns they hate the most, aka ar 15 assault weapons they're pretty much in the same category at bashar al assad's chemical weapons. what happens is they get this information from the unreliable sources, and i want to make sure they're not happy that people are dead, but i'm going to use the word you used last night. they do celebrate. they do celebrate the fact that oh, here's another ar 15. >> absolutely they're celebrating. >> you know another analogy. whenever there is a terrorist attack, many in the liberal media root that it's not a muslim doing it. they would much rather have -- >> that's exactly right. >> from a hillbilly living in
5:45 pm
the mountains of idaho, that's much better than some muslim guy. >> exactly. and i think what howard kurtz did not -- a road he didn't want to go down probably because of what you per acceceptively said said he lives in a liberal media world. that's a very perceptive comment. so whether it was a road he didn't want to go down, muslim story or race story or gun story, there is a liberal take on it. and they want it to be a certain way. and when they get information, even if it's incorrect about an assault weapon, an ar 15, they jump on it. they're going to run with it. >> it's journalistic wishful fillment is what it is. bernie goldberg, everybody. corolla's on deck. terrible desecration of a 9/11 memorial in vermont. little being done about it. and then we want you to get
5:46 pm
money. and we'll do that in the tip of the day. be right back.
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back in the book segment tonight, rolling with corolla. outrage in vermont. on september 11th, the 12th anniversary of the al qaeda attack that killed 3,000 americans, five vandals ripped off a 9/11 memorials on a college campus. i spoke with adam corolla about this a few days ago. >> so what's the latest on this thing? >> well, first i have a question. because i feel like my house is probably on sacred indian burial
5:50 pm
ground and that's why they tore up all the american flags. but is there any nonsacred indian burial ground? like not for indians who died in battle but like indians who fell asleep while fell asleep while they were smoke ing for something? and we are not building a car wash or a bowling alley or a strip club on sacred grounds we're memorializing other people who died in north america. >> okay. but this story changes all the time. first it was on an indian burial ground. okay? second was they want to get attention so ebb everybody would know all human life was sacred, not just americans. the fact remains this was on the middlebury college campus. >> yes. >> good people put up the memorial to remind everyone in middlebury, vermont, that 9/11 is an important day and should
5:51 pm
be thought about. here are the people ripping it up because of their selfish and the college president said they were selfish. but doesn't have the cajones to suspend the student. the other four, we don't know who they are. there's the president. they're working around. one for sure is a student. that person should have been suspended immediately. you don't vandalize stuff, no matter what. you don't do it. >> listen, i would like him k e caned with one uh of the sticks they plant the american flags in the ground with, number one. number two, it was four women and one dude. so the one dude, he doesn't care about the movement, man. he's just trying to get up the skirts of the four chicks. he's along for the ride. >> that's speculation. >> believe me.
5:52 pm
i know how guys' minds work. i used to be a guy before i got married. he's along for the ride. same with the extreme environmental guys, the extreme anything movement. they're not in love with the movement. they hate this country and more importantly, they hate their dads. now the country is their father. >> the colleges are out of control. let me run this stuff -- this is a dopey stuff. i will run a commercial and give carolla 30 seconds to wail on it. go. >> is your honking out of control? you may be showing signs of honk aholism. you can put an end to the beeping honking with the 76 honk suppressor. the safe honking alternativegne beeping honkers off their beeping honking. [ squeaking ] >> it's honkism. we have to get rid of the honking of the horn.
5:53 pm
>> i honked twice today to get to this studio. i live l.a. we have the worst traffic in south america. we have soccer moms high on prescription meds that are tweeting and they don't know it's legal to turn right on red. i honk and they turn right on a red. we spend our money with all the awareness campaigns in this horrible state we live in like california like click it or ticket. okay. report drunk drivers. no one here knows out's legal to turn right uh on a red. the honk is a useful tool. we need it. it will move traffic along. i suggest we boycott the idiots that union 76 suggest we stop using the only tool we have against the brain dead zombies that clutter our highways. i'm the caesar chavez of commuters. i'm organizinging a boycott. >> adam carolla, everybody. right on. coming next, tip of the day.
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forged the government couldn't protect american s from a variety of threats. thus the right to bear arms. santa fe, new mexico. o'reilly, you are concerned about the frequency of mass shootings. are you concerned? are you at least interested in thinking about how to prosecute event them ? of course i am which is why i put forth that all gun crimes should be federalized with prison terms including illegal possession. that will dent the problem. nothing will solve it. many australia. glad you cleared up that an assault rifle wasn't used in the naval yard shootings, victims were mowed down with a shotgun. i feel better now. the killer mowed them down, clinton. not the shotgun. the killer mowed them down. americans are granted a lot of freedom. there is a price we pay. joe from smithtown, new york. kirsten powers say men are more aggressive on the road because
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they flash their high beams just to be mean. i think women would do that, too, if they knew where the high beam was. pretty mean, jo . i think you just made her point. christina from el paso, texas. i'm guilty. i once used a word that rhymes with castle in front of my 10-year-old son b who then re pete ed the bad word very clearly. i replied mom si said castle. he bought it. the word begins with an a. just when i thought bill oh i reilly premium membership couldn't get better you post the first chapter of "killing jesus." loved it. listen to it i because the audio is there as well until friday. then everybody gets it. tonight the factor tip of the day. a few months ago we told you b about a website called the site has since then received
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remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. . welcome to "hannity." tonight the stand-off over obamacare between congressional republicans and democrats has been escalated. i'll get rand paul's take. first in d.c. the obama administration announced the president will veto a bill that defunds his health care law. that was issued 24 hours before the house plans to vote on a measure to defund obamacare and bankroll the federal government through december. we could see the legislation pass at high noon tomorrow. when it arrives in the senate next week, democrats say they are ready for a fight. >> in case there is doubt in the


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