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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 21, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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september 120th, 2013. i'm in for shepard smith. the tore -- factor is next. >> tonight. >> never happened before. >> why don't we look at what republicans have second why won't you answer? >> as president obama fights to regain credibility. questions are being raised about america's decline in power we have a factor investigation about that. >> this legislation is preying. preying on people. on children, on veterans, on seniors. >> bill: republicans want to cut back on obama care and food stamp. is the g.o.p. harming the poor? lou dobbs. >> miley harnessed into
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something very special that she is just miley. she san artist. she is real. >> bill: the father of miley cyrus defending his daughter's controversial performance. is that the right thing to do people that are too nice are secretly a psycho. >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the nanny state. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. over the past few years, the obama administration has greatly increased the government's role in your life. today, republicans in the house tried to block funding for the huge obama care entitlement in a showdown over that will come in the next 10 days. it's complicated but opponents of obama care want to shut down funding for the entire government, if money for obama care is not denied by congress. and as we reported last night, the senate and
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president will never go along so obama care will kick in on october 1st. no matter what. but republicans aren't going down easily. on another front, the g.o.p. wants to cut the record spending on food stamps. 5% over the next 10 years. yesterday, the vote in the house was 217 to 210 to do that even though the cut is small, the senate and the president will not go along. when president obama took office, 40 million americans were living in poverty. four years later, 46 million are poor according to the u.s. census. this year, 2013, the feds will receive the most tax money in history. about $2.5 trillion. even with all that cash. feds are are running a deficit of almost $650 billion a year. you can see how much money the obama administration is spending. much of it on social programs. but despite all the entitlement spending, the poverty rate continues to rise. and it's not only the poor who are suffering.
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the past four years american workers have not gained anything in salary. as the median income remains stagnant. so while price goes up, your salary does not. but rich people, they are in good shape because their stock investments are rising. the cold truth is president obama's vision of income equality is a failure. obama care will make it harder for small business to hire regular folks. if you raise the minimum wage as the president wants it do. fewer teenagers and young people will be hired. here is an interesting fact. just 3%. 3% of americans over the age of 25 make minimum wage. so if you raise it, fewer young people will get into the job market. talking points believes president obama has to understand the stats i just gave you. he has to know his policies aren't working. yet, liberal ideology is so invested, parton the pun, in taking money away from successful americans, and giving it to those that don't have very much, that
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they can't stop. even when liberal policies are hammering the poor and working classes. do we all understand what's going on here? the democratic party will never admit that. it can't it needs to tell americans who are struggling that handouts will help them to get their votes. and while that may be true in the short-term, in the long-term, the nanny state is harmful. cradle to grave entitlements weaken people and the nation. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction from fox business anchor lou dobbs and here he is. are you okay with the republicans attempting to shut down the government? >> i'm okay with the republicans, bill, trying to shut down obama care. 70% of americans oppose it. the fact is that the offers, some of the authors, democratic authors of obama care consider it to be a train wreck as does obviously the speaker of the house. what they are trying to do is fund obama care to stop the damage before it.
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>> i don't know. if i may. the fact is what they have done is try to defund obama care, but, at the same time, fund the government which is precisely what their legislation does. >> never going to get through the senate never in a million years. >> that's the senate wants judgment. that's the democratic leader's judgment. not that of the republicans. their choice, if they decide to deny what the house has sent them will be to put and give prime is i to obama care by the way most of whom are opposed to it themselves and, in fact, defund the government, not obama care. >> bill: that's not the way it's going to be portrayed to the american people. >> that's a different story. >> are you going to go door to door to 150 million american homes and tell them that? because it's going to be spuns, as you know. >> we have got a head start right here tonight. >> look, because this is a serious issue. it's going to be spun by the media and the president. >> sure. >> and those with the bully pulpits is here are the republicans again wanting to throw the whole country off the cliff and wanting
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to punish you. the independents, many of them will buy it so that's my thinking. don't do it because in the long run it's going to hurt the republican party. i'm not rooting for the republican party here. i'm rooting for the country. because i happen to agree with you that obama care is not a good thing. it is going to hurt the country in. >> devastate it. >> bill: only way to get rid of it is for the republicans to regain power. they will not regain power if they are seen as being the party of, quote: disarray, unquote. >> i think you are siligism. >> word of the day. do you want to explain that to me. >> you are making great sense here, partner. >> bill: thank you. >> we don't have to go door-to-door. the american people are a hell of a lot smarter. >> bill: no they are not. they elected barack obama last year. don't give me that. >> do you want to go back and revisit that choice that was before the american people? >> bill: i am telling you it's a different country than it used to be. people are voting their self-interest now.
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>> if they are voting their self-interest then they will support the republican efforts to defund obama care. >> bill: i think you are living in the land of oz here. the republican party continues to be perceived as the party of anarchy and chaos. not going to get anywhere. >> you listen to senator harry reid call them anarchists. you listen to nancy pelosi call them arsonists. how can anyone rational, and well-red think that they are anything about bizarre. >> bill: if you are rational and well-read, i agree. most voters, unfortunately, are lacking one or the other. lack, we -- i just laid out and in vivid terms, all right? what is the term you used. >> i said very sensible. very rational. >> bill: give me the word what was the word? >> syligish. >> i laid out with siligsm and i didn't each know i
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was doing it getting hammered by the president and getting killed by his policies. the policies don't work, all right? but they still voted for him because the republican party couldn't crystallize the syligism are all right, that they needed to. >> if the republican party -- by the way i think they made great strides. if the republican party cannot communicate its efforts, its values and the results then that is a different matter. the truth is that they have the correct idea and the correct policy. if they can't communicate it then as you suggest it will be a difficult 14 for them. >> bill: ed henry has a shootout with jay carney. very entertaining. >> herald on whether billie ray cyrus being a good father to his daughter
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight. very entertaining exchange yesterday at the white house between fox news channel ed henry and obama spokesman jay carney. >> yesterday; you and the president talked about never in the history of america has the debt ceiling been used to extort a president. probably saw the "the washington post" looked at that, looked at the facts and gave you four pinocchios so are you going to correct that today? >> there is no question that prior to 2011 there has never been a case where one party with one ideological agenda has threatened to default on the united states obligation for the first time in the history. >> four pinocchios. >> you can ask the "the washington post." >> continue to say this has never happened before of? >> ed, why don't -- why don't we look at what republicans have said. >> no. this is the "the washington post" you still haven't answered that "the washington post" says. >> does anybody else want to. >> why won't you answer? >> debate?
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>> bill: joining us from the white house is ed henry. the pinocchios is four is the biggest lie ever in the world? >> that's the biggest, yep. wasill: what exactly what the "the washington post" accusing the president of misleading the american public about? >> he basically had said that on this debt ceiling fight nobody had ever tied a non-budget bill to raising the nation's debt ceiling. the "the washington post" looked at it, found several examples, including one where nixon was held up by ted kennedy and other democrats who attached a campaign finance bill after watergate. >> bill: this is a little historical back and forth. >> the republicans have found more than 20 examples going back to eisenhower. the bottom line is they are gerding for this major debate. and the rhetoric on each side is flying around and they are having their facts checked and they don't like that. >> it all comes back to obama care defunding because they put -- the republicans put the defunding of obama care on the back of the budget bill. saying are not going to pass any money. you are not going to get any money. shut everything down unless
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you throw obama care under the bus which of course will not happen. >> which he won't do. >> bill: as i told lou dobbs. lou fight is worth having the american people will rally to the republican's cause, i don't think so. what dues. >> there are a certain number of republicans in this country last two nominees didn't stand up for the principles they want to espouse. this might be a fight to pick. stand up against the president's health care bill. >> bill: even if they lose it might be worth the fight. >> even if they lose it might be worth the principled fight. the white house is sort of rubbing their hands collectively at the thought that republican also do this. because if you think about the last two or three weeks, the president has been completely on defense from syria, to having to pull a larry summers nomination for the fed. he didn't officially didn't do it. not because of republican but democratic opposition. the fed decides they are not going to stop buying the bonds because they feel like they can't take the training wheels off the economy after almost five years in office the president still hasn't turned that around. so he has been on defense
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for weeks. if all of a sudden the republicans move forward with, this there are a lot of people in this build hog believe that they will allow the president to go on offense and this is going to blow up in the republican's face. >> make it all about the republicans won't cooperate with anything. >> now, on that note, how bad is it in the white house? how bad is president obama's credibility been damaged by syria and the bad economy? >> he is struggling. if you think about where we were just, you know, 9, 10 months ago, riding high at the inaugural address. laid out all these things he was going to do. immigration reform. grand bargain budget deal. it's been a rough year because he hasn't gotten virtually any of those accomplishments. that's largely because of republican opposition. but now as he goes in, closing the first year, he was hoping to turn the page and get some of his other ayen da items done. but as i noted on syria, as you say, again, it was not just -- you know, some conservatives like rand paul standing up against him. >> no some house democrats saying no we're not giving
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you that. >> do you think president obama in his heart knows that he got his butt kicked on syria? >> he does deep down. they are not going to admit that publicly. >> bill: i know that why do you believe he knows that? >> because if you -- because he pulled back on the vote. he is the one who went forward and said. >> he knew he was going to lose. but he cut pulled his chestnuts out. do you think that the president thinks jeesh i got hammered on that does he know that. >> he knows deep down the signal from the hill he doesn't have a lot of juice left. on the other hand what he has got to worry about is while he has gotten good news from the syria situation like look, everybody pulled back. diplomacy moving forward. there is not a lot of people around the world think this deal in gentleman new year's geneva is going it stick. >> bill: not living in this bubble world where he think hes he is insensible final thing president may negotiate with iran nuclear
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deal here that would restore some of his foreign policy power, correct? >> it could. got beat up on in the 2008 campaign. other rogue nations. sit down next week at the u.n. general assembly. if that opened the door to shutting down nuclear program and getting allies like israel on board and saying boy you really moved the ball forward that would be a measure publicment for the president. >> working hard behind the scenes to make that happen. >> played by the iranians by the syrians and by the russians. >> bring putin over. >> bring putin help out. the other thing to watch is they want to make the u.n. thing all about this iranian initiative because then that pushes syria in the negativity there much less focus. that also helps him. >> all right, ed, thank you very much for taking the
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time. appreciate it my newspaper column this week is on american weakness throughout the world. can you check it out on bill o' directly ahead, nancy pelosi says president obama is a genius. we will take a look at that assertion. later gutfeld and mcguirk on starbucks say nothing coffee if you have a gun. those reports after these
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. even president obama's approval rating is falling one of his acolytes remains committed to him. nancy pelosi explained why republicans don't really like the president. >> you know why it is, is he brilliant. he has a vision for our country. is he brilliant. has knowledge of the issues and judgment about what the right path would be. look at me i'm effective i'm a target but i'm not
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the president so it doesn't matter. but in my small way i became a target because i was getting a job done. >> here now to react cathy ru contributing editor from "the washington post magazine. leslie marshall fox news analyst. leslie, is mr. obama indeed brilliant? i think think he is he went to law school at your alma mater. women are brilliant aren't they. >> bill: what college marist college. >> harvard. didn't you go to harvard? >> bill: yeah. >> president obama is a brilliant man for many reasons i don't want to get into policy we are looking at education and background now. not only did he graduate from harvard law school. the only other president to do that was hayes. he was a republican. this is not a democrat, republican thing. there is a perception that those harvard types look down their noses a bit and are a bit i don't want to say blue blood but are a bit too intellectual that
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was john kerry's problem when he ran against bush. >> if is he brilliant, leslie, then why hasn't anything worked? particularly the economy now as i laid out in the talking points memo. pretty vividly, there really isn't an argument because of the working class in america has not improved the circumstances. if you are going to blame it all on bush and throw it back into that -- if you are going to do the alan colmes rope adope, whatever that is i'm going to blame it on bush. if you are going to do that, tell me now and i goal to cathy. if you are that brilliant. why can't you improve the economy and why are your policies actually harming the economy? >> well, i don't think his policies are harming the economy. there is no question that the rich is middle class in the country how can i say it's not harming the economy. >> decisions the president made bailing out the auto industry which has done very well look as what's happened in the state of missouri. >> bill: cathy, go. >> just talking economy
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though. >> is he brilliant. >> looking at numbers all the wrong way. unemployment 7.3%. so the numbers aren't as bad as you are saying they are. look at it across the board. >> bill: unemployment 7.3. more people have given up looking for work than in the history of the nation. >> if you look at unemployment. unemployment has really gone down. different sector. >> look at different sectors. >> looking at real estate, you are are looking at retail looking at education and health. across the board doing much better. >> you believe it's booming? you believe it's doing good. >> i believe it's better brilliant economic economies have made it better. that's what you believe? >> stabilize, recover, then grow, this is what the man had to do. >> stabilize recover and grow. >> that is the policy of the geithner team. >> five years? median salaries for the folks. >> it's not overnight. >> bill: overnight. >> if i make you the coach of the new york jets and in
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five years, okay, you have the same one -- won loss record you are not a genius. >> i don't have freddie mac and fannie mae to deal with. >> you have a lot. >> clean up. >> bill: you both say that president obama is brilliant. you say the economy is good or getting better. i don't know what you say, leslie. i even forgot already. >> i said the economy is improving. >> bill: i don't think the folks are going to agree with you there. i could be wrong. we go overseas. i have got the domestic with the economy. more important thing. stats back me up as they always do. so now we are in syria. all right? and in syria you know how chaotic that was and how chaotic it continues to be. so if he is brilliant, the president, why didn't he think it out and not get into so much trouble, leslie? >> well,.
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>> when he saw that congress wasn't going to back him. he didn't have the u.n. behind him. one of our major allies great britain and the international community behind him, i think that john kerry was not throwing that line away. i think it was bait for putin. i don't think putin was brilliant. i think putin and assad were frightened. they showed the world they were both liars and i think it was orchestrated by the president and ourselves. >> bill: he knew that putin was going to come to his rescue and that assad was going to give up when he saber rattled? >> he threw out bait and allowed russia. >> bill: he threw base out tossed bait out and they took it? >> yes. >> bill: you say. >> i say he did nothing wrong with syria. >> bill: was it a big win for him? did he look strong all over the world. >> what was he supposed to do. according to the constitution he did exactly what he he was supposed to do. >> bill: maybe he didn't throw down the gauntlet and used in a back channel way rather than congress saying we are not going to do it. great britain saying we are not going to do it. the world seeing the president weak. do you think the world he sees president obama as a strong leader? >> absolutely.
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>> bill: do you? >> if you listen to the bbc they absolutely do. >> bill: if you listen to the bbc? >> yes. >> bill: the bbc. >> al jazeera and bbc and other world outlets. >> bill: al jazeera thinks is he strong. >> absolutely. i listen to all these world outlets. >> bill: i don't get a lot of al jazeera in here. >> i read the dutch newspaper. >> bill: we will go with the dutch. i like the dutch. i love cheese. >> i get around. >> bill: plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. what is the role of a good father. billie ray cyrus sticking up for mile little after her worldwide exposition. gutfeld and mcguirk weighing in on that. miss america the victim of racist tweets.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight. you may remember the sad show that singer miley cyrus put on at the ntv awards of the 21-year-old miley riffed around with older singer ethic. scorched in the court of public opinion but not by her father. speaking last night on cnn. billie ray sirus cyrus. >> miley mored into something special. she is an artist, she is real. i think what's happened over the years miley has been he reinventing her sound and evolving as an
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artist herself. i think it's all of what everyone is calling controversy now, still, that's still my miley. >> bill: here now to react geraldo rivera who has five children. all right. i think. >> three daughters. >> bill: billie ray cyrus doing his daughter a tremendous disservice. how would you handle that. >> one junior nyu and 18 freshman at northwestern. they were told by their mother early on they only had one reputation. you can only spend it once. depends on you if you are going to be regarded as a good girl, a person of strong character. an honest person. person 'of good heart and compassion or do you want to be considered a shute, wild crazy thing? and they understood that. and i think they both comported themselves appropriately. did you have any participation in that discourse? >> sure. i was always there and
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fiercely protective also. >> bill: it's the role of the father that the segment is about. let me tell you how i would have handled this. there is no question that what miley cyrus did is helping her commercially, all right, her record is selling. she got a lot of attention. so, in a commercial arena, the woman accomplished what she wanted. she got a lot of attention, some of it negative. we live in a world where this stuff goes on all the time. her father comes out and says oh, you he know, she is an artist. that's my miley, this and that. i would have said if i had to say anything, i would have said this is a private matter between my daughter and myself. as the father, i'm giving my daughter advice but i'm not going to share that with the public. i'm proud of my daughter. i think she is a good person, but maybe that wasn't the best thing for her to do but i'm going to keep the rest of it dwight. that's what i would have done there is two different forces at work here miley
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cyrus form are child star. i'm not hypersexualizing herself. >> bill: which she has. >> she wanted to shed hannah montana the disney star and embrace a new world. the way she did it as flamboyant as she did it doesn't trouble me nearly as much as brittany spears when she shaved her head and going off the rails. lindsay lohan or who became a drug addict. compared to those i think miley cyrus is relatively tame the dad is in a much more difficult place. i i appreciate the sincerity. he imembraced that countryeth those awe shucks mom pie and u.s.a. because he is stuck in that corner where he is more more is demanded of him than the ordinary dad. because of the corner of show biz that he has carved for himself, he is forced to say something. >> bill: why? >> miley is vigilant about what he -- many people say
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he has been riding her coat tails for the last several years. she is very lidge lent she knows his real story. she knows about his own problems with her mother. she knows about some of the other, you know, she wrote a tweet not so long ago if you don't tell the truth, i'm going to tell the truth it seems very ominous and threatening. so, he is stuck. he is stuck between the whole mom and apple pie and one hand and his reality on the other. >> bill: if he doesn't have enough courage to overcome a circumstance, he should just not say anything. but, i'm disturbed because i think the fathers of daughters in newark are under siege in a lot of different ways. okay? i think fathers have to stand up and say we believe this whatever it is we believe. this we hope our daughters and our sons follow this belief and then keep the rest of it private. private i see my role with
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my girls is i never want them to have to depend on any man but me. if they want to embrace a guy or go with a guy they are not doing public displays. >> you are right. i think one of the reasons they don't is they understand that i'm there for them afraid of you. >> the boys are definitely afraid. >> bill: i'm afraid of you. i don't want you coming after he. all right, geraldo. gutfeld and mcguirk on starbucks saying no to guns and miss america being smeared on the net. the boys in a moment.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the what the heck just happened tonight. two hot topics beginning with starbucks. schultz wrote a public letter asking customers not to carry weapons into starbucks stores. that's created controversy. starbucks is holding us up with the coffee prices. >> oh. they have a latte learn. [ laughter ] >> bill: shouldn't we have a self-defense component here? >> a, i hate people who write open letters, it's symbolic gesture and
1:41 am
symbolic fight that he didn't finish. so all of a sudden he is self-promoting. he not talking about safety. and then he gets the attention that he doesn't want. if he had real guts, he would say please, police officers do not bring your guns. in in your military do not bring your guns in coffee shops which by the way are nothing more than restrooms that serve coffee because they have a locked door that replace the other library flood a toilet. >> bill: i don't understand the last 30 seconds of that. >> do militias actually show up there? no. >> do you think this is public stunt to get starbucks into the news? look, people don't walk into starbucks with a bazooka. if you have a conceal weapon it's concealed, all right? >> it's not the place a tough guy with a glock or. >> two guys going into a biker bar. it just doesn't fit in. it doesn't work. >> this guy is indecisive wienie. he doesn't ban guns.
1:42 am
he asked people not to bring them. he said they will serve these people with a smile. >> bill: i disagree with you. i think this guy did this to get publicity, number one, for himself because now all the left loves him and invited into little parties and pal boo and georgetown. and number two, get starbucks all over the place. great advertising for the guy. right? >> he just told his staff and the customers that they are in a gun free zone. that's what he did. >> i only go to places that say this establishment is harmed. when i get my pedicure. >> bill: the bottom line is there anyone who is going to rob the starbucks with a gun will now say i'm not allowed in there with a gun so i can't rob them. >> old school instant coffee guy. spending nine bucks. >> bill: instant coffee? >> spending 9 bucks. >> bill: that is old school. >> snooty some thousand calorie cup of coffee, please. >> bill: when you do the instant coffee, do you use bottled water or tap? >> i put it in a microwave. >> all right. miss america, gutfeld, i know you were impressed with that and were watching the program start to
1:43 am
finish. >> you know it. >> bill: nice woman from new york state. indian dissent. all kinds of bad tweets that she shouldn't win because she is not american or something. >> nonstory. nonstory. there are 500 million users on twitter. there is handful of tweets. phony lesson by the media trying to portray america yet again is how racist we are. this is the media searching for desperately for racial conflict. there are more racists at msnbc than there are on twitter. >> bill: i don't know about that but, i do agree with gutfeld and it hurts me to do that. that we shouldn't be publicizing these tweeting idiots because, you know, they are cowards. they don't put their name on it this stuff is stupid. we shouldn't everyone publicize it. >> not muslim.
1:44 am
this is another reason to hate twitter and facebook. it's a manifestation of ugliness and ignorance in this society. if she was a little bit thick fat jokes, black, racist. redheaded ginger jokes. >> bill: i think the media should just ignore this tweeting stuff. let's stop it now. doesn't deserve exposure. >> i would have nothing to talk about on red eye. by the way. all twitter is a giant bathroom wall. that's all it. >> got a little obsession with the bathrooms, gutfeld. >> have a medical issue. >> we are going to hold
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>> bill: back of the book
1:48 am
segment tonight, pinheads of the week. here once again, greg gutfeld and bernard mcguirk. gutfeld has chosen the parents of teenagers who trashed a home owned by a former pro-football player. explain the story to us, gutfeld. >> this football player is named brad holloway. goes on vacation and comes back his house is trashed. people doing bodily function on his carpet. trashing things and terrible. take pictures of it and they tweet it. they put it on facebook. so he starts a web site asking people to identify these guys. and i think he has gotten 50 of them so far. is he not going to do anything he claims. however, the parents are now deeply offended that he is publicizing their bratty, ♪y, stupid kid. they should be publicized. >> bill: these kids and i think this is up in cat skills new york. >> western massachusetts. and eastern new york state. >> so on the border there he has got a nice house. these kids break into the house have. a party that lasted more than a few days.
1:49 am
crashed the house. post all this crazy stuff on the net as idiot kids do. he gets in there and says all right. i want to know who did it he use us social media they find out who did it the kids are going to be, i don't know, prosecuted, whatever. and now the parents of the kids are threatening to sue holloway the football player to try to find out who did what. that's insane. they are pinheads, they are. >> exactly right. >> bill: you know the show wheel of fortune you watch the show. there was a big-million-dollar pot up on the wheel of fortune. and roll the tape. >> i'm going to solve. corner curo cabinet. [ buzzer ] >> lewis, your turn. >> i will solve. >> corner curio cabinet. >> yeah. that's it. >> well, it's one of those, it just didn't come out the
1:50 am
way you intended it to. >> bill: so he said curo instead of curio. and he loses a million bucks. >> listen, those are the rules. you have got to play by the rules. >> you have to play exactly aree rules. you have got to solve the puzzle rules of kwo"wheel of fortune"? >> they have penalized people in the past for the same thing. you're a rules guy. >> i'm a rules guy. i didn't know -- cur-o, curio. >> it's wrong. pat sajak is a greedy horrible man. he's running a betting pool on the side. he didn't want him to win. rumor says there are bodies bury there had. >> you're making it up. >> one man disappeared because he violated the rules. >> he was in line to win a million h bucks if he said it properly. >> there were other hurdles to jump over. >> how much did he h win the --
1:51 am
anything? >> a thousand bucks or something. you would think pat would have said, can you repeat it? >> chuck woolery never would have let it happen. >> i have a serious pinhead. a baby in chicago is fighting for life. he was shot in a drive-by. we have been reporting here for years, every weekend in chicago there is a free fire zone in the poor south districts where americans are being gunned down in the streets. this has been going on for years, ladies and gentlemen. the mayor of the town, rahm emanuel cannot stop it. he is a pinhead. there h he is in the middle. mr. uh mayor, you can curse, say bad words about me all day long. you should resign. you can't solve the problems. this is on you. you have had years to solve this problem. put the state police and the
1:52 am
national guard in those neighborhoods. stop the mass murder. you're a pinhead. you don't know what you're doing. this continues to go on. it disgraces america. that's that. any dissent? >> he's a coward. he's afraid to go after gangs because he's afraid of being labeled a racist. easier to blame a phantom rifle or chick-fil-a. >> sounds like racism. h he's spos ed to be tough. get tough. >> results are results, right? >> exactly. >> can the guy control the violence in his town? the answer is no, he can't. >> if it was happening in his white neighborhood i guarantee you he would take care of oh it. >> pinhead, yes. gut
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factor tip of the day. jesus and you in a moment.
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first, a few things. my children's book kennedy's last days has been selected by the junior lit uh rare guild as one of the best books of the fall. since the 50th anniversary of jfk's assassination is just two months away the book is important for kids 9 to 13. we hope you will get it for them. the kids deserve to know what happened here. also on another plane, tickets going fast in orlando where miller and i will be. the show will sell out. finally we posted the first chapter of "killing jesus" on the website. we hope you read it over the weekend or listen to it. now the mail. alan johnson, hong kong. you claim to be a historian. i was surprised to hear you say the foundi ining fathers based constitution on judeo-christian
1:56 am
philosophy. there were few jews around in america at the time. >> there is a reason they are hanging there. keith michaels, florida. i i understand your attitude that defunding obamacare isn't going to happen. we should never give up fighting for what we think is right. i i agree, but in order to overturn obamacare republicans need to regain the senate and the white house. it must be part of the strategy. kenneth from woodbridge, virginia. let the damn thing kick in and let everybody see what a train wreck it is. then the vote in 2014 will go against the democrats. from idaho, you re fered to the hillbillys in idaho. i found your statement offensive. if you want to be part of the grievance industry, that's up to you. i was clearly referring to a certain kind of person when i made that analogy. not the folks in general who
1:57 am
live i in idaho. i was in your town in july. that's a beautiful place. gary kelly in maryland. thanks for the tip regarding missing i am receiving $166. excellent, gary. i hope you give some to charity. randall jones of north carolina. the website charges $50 to search. give uh full details. they only charge you if they find money for you, randall. but okay, all right. there it is. nancy from california. my irish mother betty, a huge fan, o'reilly. she'd read your books, likes your irish temper. she 's 95 today. happy birthday to you, betty. glad you're with us. my mother is 90 1/2. wow. finally tonight the factor tip of the day. thousands of you preorder erred "killing jesus" which will be in stores tuesday. i'm signing a lot of christmas
1:58 am
copies. you guys are smart. signed copies will be in demand. moving now guarantees your gift. there is dissent on the book. i refuse to read your new book "killing jesus" because you go too far. i am a baptist christian and don't want to hear that jesus's death was like lincolns. you shouldn't give your opinion on religion. you're smart not to read it. out's not for you. there is no religion in the book. it is about history h. jesus of nazareth was a man. his life and death is incredible. we tell the story with details that may surprise you, but probably not since you won't read it. if you are very emotional about the subject of jesus you may not want to read the book. we respect that.
1:59 am
tip of the day. know yourself and you will know what's worthy to read. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be nebulous. next week we'll do a watching the factor from an exotic place segment. if you are somewhere in the world that's off the beaten path and you're watching us, we want to know what you think ant the show, the seg mnt s by bu pineapplely your destination. the most unusual letter i got so far was from antarctica. they have a science station down there and all the gizmos to pull in a satellite. they're big factor fans. the penguins, not so much. it uh frightens them. a little too intense here. we appreciate you watching down
2:00 am
there. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. [ sirens ] nothing h the plan are require uh you or your employer to change coverage from the doctor you have. >> our goal is to protect the american people from obamacare. >> we need to re peel and replace obamacare with a better system. >> i want to be absolutely crystal clear. any bill that defends obamacare is dead, dead. >> we will start by reducing premiums by as much as 2500 per family. >> this is playing with fire. legislative arsonists at work. >> obamacare is a law that will harm people. >> we can never balance the budget if you keep obamacare going. it is a fiscal train


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