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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 21, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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i believe we can bin this fight. i don't think anyone can look at what i said and have done, what mike lee has said and done and have any doubt we are going to fight with every ounce of breath in our body to defund obamacare. >> uma: texas senator ted cruz puts himself at the senator of the battle between republicans and the president. now that the house passed a bill to keep the government open while defunding obamacare, the senate is poised to vote next week on what it will do. is the measure dead on arrival in the senate? we'll talk to republican congressman steve saliz who says this isn't a waste of time. it's been more than a year since the benghazi attack that killed four americans. yet, we still have no arrests, and to one has been fired for decisions that led to the
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security lapse. some say clinton is let off the hook. we'll ask a congressman why he and others are outraged. a few good men and women on a mission to help out in a big way. you meet them fresh from tourism in afghanistan and iraq now deploying themselves to flood-ravaged regions of the country. we'll have a live report on steve rubican. hello, i'm uma pemmaraju. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> uma: well, america is heading for a budget mess with a government shutdown looming ten days away. house republicans passed a budget but it defunds obamacare. today, president obama says that won't happen. he is not the only one making that prediction. some republicans in the senate disagree with the colleagues in the house. here we go again. fox news molly henneberg joins us in washington with the latest on the political
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showdown. molly? >> reporter: we love this thing, don't we? watching the political drama unfold. president obama says the republicans know they aren't going to win on this one. they are not going to stop obamacare or the affordable care act. even though the republican controlled house passed the bill yesterday. to fund the government, as long as there was no money for obamacare. now it's the senate's turn to weigh in. the president indicated that he is pretty certain the democratically controlled senate will have his back. he chided house republicans for steering the government toward a shut down. >> there is also a faction on the far right, of the republican party who convinced the leadership threat an government shutdown if they can't shut off the affordable care act. some are willing to plunge america in to default if they can't defund the affordable care act. think about that. they would plunge this country back in recession.
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to deny basic healthcare to americans. >> harry reid says he has vote to strip the language from the house version of the bill and send it to the house. likely at the last minute to force the republicans to act quickly. some republicans say it's in the a done deal. rand paul says it's a dumb idea to shut down the government. texas senator ted cruz says he r filibustering senator reid efforts to take the obamacare language out of the house bill. >> rest assuredly use any and all procedural means we have in front of us. >> there is an issue of raising the nation debt ceiling. the republicans say they are opposed to another increase in the debt limit. but they called john boehner last night and said the limit
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needs to go up and he, obama, will not negotiate over it. uma? >> uma: thank you. one of the lawmakers celebrating friday's victory in the house representative steve saliz. he says yesterday g.o.p. win help pros text the economy and american families and joins with us more on what is next. welcome. great to have you here today. this sets the stage for democratic led senate and challenge for the houd to pass this as straightforward funding bill the president will sign. but they say this is a waste of time. what gives you the confidence that you can be successful in the effort to defund the healthcare measure? >> we heard the same hollow threats before. the president's threatened vetoes on many of the bills we passed to either repeal or defund or delay parts of his law. he talk about the 41 votes we
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have taken and he fails to mention president obama himself signed seven of those bills in to law. to either defund, repeal or delay parts of his healthcare law. he admits that the law is unworkable. he wants to give delays only to privilege class who can get access to white house. employer mandate or the gifts he gave to insurance companie companies we are willing to fund government properly and protect families against the devastation of the president healthcare law and take the fault off the table as an option. >> uma: i know you are concern about the impact on jobs and economy. you a plan for tax break for those buying their health insurance. an alternative that you hope will gain more traction. tell us about it. >> the house republican study committee i chair 175 members
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of the house, that are membe members. we have a bill alternative to healthcare law that is a better way to fix problems to lower cost in healthcare. we make sure that people have tax equalization. if you want to buy insurance on your own, not the same from buying it through the employe employer. the employer can detucket the expenses. but every american ought to have a same ability. you as a family should deduct health cost if you buy a better plan on your own. buy across state lines. the reel buying power to pool together to get buying power as the corporation. there are a number of reforms in the bill. to lower cost and access, in contrast to the president healthcare law. in louisiana, family face 50%
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increase of healthcare law. >> uma: back to the politics of what is at play. are you worried that the g.o.p. will play a stiff price to be received as the ones responsible for the partial shutdown of the government? >> no, in fact that's why we passed a bill yesterday with a very large majority including bipartisan support to continue funding the government and address the president's healthcare law is unworkable. he is admitting it himself but he doesn't want to provide relief to families we're fighting for. so we will continue to fight to yude every legislative tool we have -- use every sliver tool we have to make sure we pay debts and i dress the problems that the president healthcare law creates to the economy which is devastating, but the uion bosses like james hoffa point out how the president's healthcare law destroys the middle class work week. these are problems and the president wants to ignore it and trudge forward regardless of the daniel and the devastation causing to families all over the country. >> uma: what about the effort to delay obamacare for
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a year for everyone? do you see it as a viable option if the defunding efforts don't succeed? >> i think all of these are really good options. you will see us in the house, when we come back next week, actually take up a bill to increase the debt ceiling, barring limit. while putting a one-year delay of obamacare in place. and addressing a number of other reforms that need to be made to get economy on track and balance budget path, something we knead to do. approving the keystone pipeline what has the massive bipartisan support. just because extremist on the president's left don't want to do this, the president has said no to 25,000 new american jobs. in energy security for america. we'll continue fighting for american families to get our economy moving again. to get our country back on a path to balance so that we don't have to keep borrowing money, spending money we don't have in washington. moving our country forward to get the economy moving again. >> uma: congressman, thank you very much for joining with us your insight. appreciate it.
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>> thanks. great to be with you. >> uma: overseas now. news of horrific shooting a day at the mall turns to terror in nairobi, kenya, as the gunmen open fire on shoppers there. kenya's red cross is saying at least 22 pem are now dead. the gunman reportedly are holding hostages inside that mall. authorities there are treating this as a terrorist attack. connor powell is joining us now live with the latest on the developing story from our mideast bureau. conorn? >> well, uma, reports we're getting out of kenya now is the ongoing, this is an ongoing attack that police are inside the building. as you said, there are hostages. now the violence began hours ago. when an unknown number of gunmen stormed the popular sort of upscale western shopping mall in nairobi. kenya's capital. early report suggest it was a robbery gone bad but now it looks like it's a terrorist attack. it's still a chaotic scene there, witnesses saying that
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the gunmen were carrying ak-47 rifles and throwing grenades. they appear to be targeting the non-muslims and the westerners, ordering the muslims to leave a food court area before they opened fire. the death toll stands right now at 22 people, but we expect the number to rise. this is ongoing. it's such a chaotic scene down there. no one has claimed responsibility for attack but east africa is home to several al-qaeda-linked groups that operate in the region. the group al-shabab vowed to attack nairobi. they have a history with militant violence. nay row bee was attacked in 1998. so this is not uncommon there but this is a fairly brazen attack from what we see storming a large shopping mall. is it still ongoing. as efind out more we bring you more information. but it looks like the violence we have seen across the middle east and north africa in recent years is back in
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nairobi. >> thank you for the update. appreciate it. >> uma: pakistan released highest ranking taliban prisoner it has been holding that comes from afghanistan. baradar was a founding member of the taliban as top military leader. the top officials said they are hope that the release will allow them to play an important role in the peace-making process with afghanistan. arrested in a cia raid of karachn 2010. he will be free to meet with anyone he chooses and will be provided with tight security. syria has handed over a list of what it says is its chemical weapons stockpile to the united nations. that means syria met the deadline set in a deal between the united states and russia for the country the begin destroying the chemical arsenal. but can president bashar assad be trusted? joining us now to talk more about the ongoing situation in syria, chairman of the board for the institute of the study of war and fox news contributor, retired four-star
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general jack keen. welcome. great to have you here as always. >> good to see you. >> uma: let's talk about the fact it did turn over the list, the inventory of the chemical weapons. that surprised a lot of people. >> it did. it surprised our government. surprised most observers. it remains to be seen how accurate and how complete that list. i have take a while to do that. in november, supposed to be on site to verify what is on that list. >> can this government be trusted to follow through in a way that really makes a difference in the long haul? >> i think not. that is obvious to all of our viewers. this is a government that killed over 100,000 people. the 6 million people displaced in the country and 3 million people refugees as a result of his actions. he certainly used chemical weapons on his own people. we have to have a pretty healthy skepticism dealing with this process. as it goes forward. i think we vo to keep in the back of our minds it's highly doubt that he would turn over all of the chemical weapons source.
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>> that is the question. even though it is turned over a list, inventory to the united nations, seriously, people are wondering can he be serious about turning over everything? he is a shrewd operator. >> he is. we have intel, c.i.a. tracking this. but he has been moving the weapons around recently. we may in fact not know where every single chemical weapons site is presently. but we're going to know where most of them are. so we will be able to tell with the on-site visits that eventually be l be conduct whether we get our hands on the chemical weapons to the degree we want to. >> what do you think the ulterior motesive at this point, syria, knowing that the eyes of the world are on that nation? at the same time it's playing a cat-and-mouse game with the united states and the world for that matter for years. >> that is a great question. assad's singular motivation is to stay in power. that is why russia is propping them up, iranian is propping
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them up. in their national interest. our policy now is more toward chemical weapons disarmament than it is to a strategic view of what is happening in syria. i think what we have, uma, is a near-term diplomatic gain with the potential of a long-term strategic loss. i mean that the opportunity to adjust the strategic balance with iran is probably lost. assad will be able to consolidate power. we are not going to do u.s. military intervention. opposition portions will be weaken and we will lose the opportunity to alter iran's influence in the region. this is an anchor point for them. a huge victory for them if two or three years from now assad is solidified in power. >> uma: what if anything does it do at the moment to the ongoing civil war that is taking place? certainly dismantling this arsenal is going to take time and it will be difficult to do
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so while the war is going on. >> there are moderate opposition forces that the central intelligence agency embedded. that are the forces that the got wants to assist. we are just beginning them some weapons. they want more of them. more sophisticated weapons. other equipment as well. they also need training for their forces. we have some going on right now. in jordan but it's modest. we can increase that dramatically. the jihadist see this who are also part of the rebel forces as a huge advantage for them. they have always maintained that the united nations and the west is interested more in keeping assad in power as opposed to the opposition forces winning because of the uncertainty of who would take over. so they are using this as a huge propaganda victory for themselves. it will embolden them to a certain degree. >> uma: quickly, quick response and reaction to the fact that pakistan released the leader from the taliban. >> yeah. this hasn't made any sense for
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a long time. afghanistan has been releasing taliban leaders for over a year. pakistan has released 30 plus other afghan taliban leaders prior to this one. we are releasing leaders before negotiation. usually as a as a result of the settlement, p.o.w.s and detainee are released based on how good the settlement is. this doesn't make sense. many leaders who have been released in the past not surprising are back in the fight. >> uma: unbelievable. the stakes are high. thank you. great to see you. >> good talking to you. >> uma: appreciate it. did the air force almost nuke north carolina? that is what a newly published book written by the supervisor of the nuclear weapons safety department is saying. recently declassified document reports in that book, it says
9:17 am
two atomic bombs fell over the town of goesborough in 1961. it happened when a b-52 broke up in mid-air over the town. the report says only one safety switch stopped the bombs from going off. unbelievable. well, iraqi authorities are saying suicide bomber driving a car pack with explosives have attacked a funeral. in a shiite part of baghdad. at least 30 people have been killed but some reports put the number higher. that is part of the deadly violence in country today. several other attacks in the nation are thought to have killed at least a dozen more. iraq is denying they are holding seven members of dissident group and now reports that the u.s. is stepping in to help free the hostages. very latest on the efforts. as the floodwaters in colorado recede, the clean-up begins and now a group of america's finest are stepping in to help out in a very big way. find out how the veterans fresh from the front lines are
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>> uma: welcome back, everybody. well, more than 200 miles of colorado highways and 50 bridges have been damaged or destroyed in that state deadly flooding. now, a group of military veterans are lending a hand in a very big way. we're joined live with more on team rubican. will? >> reporter: hi, uma. this is an area that needs as much help as it can get right now. we have learned overnight there were four new oil spills. the floodwaters hit several oil fields in the area. spilled thousands of gallons of oil. at the same time, seven people have died in the floods. and still 80 people are unaccounted for. now a up from of former members of the military shown up. since 2010, hundreds of veterans member of team rubican go in disasters and ify the areas that need the most help. they go to work. it makes sense. the condition they run in to, at natural disaster ares
9:23 am
similar to those you find in a war zone and afghanistan and iraq. a lot of chaos. limited resources. then, of course, there is death and destruction. the members of team rubican take the traits they train for and learn on the battlefield. they use those to save live and rebuild communities. for the veterans that spend career serving the country they tell us it's an easy transition. >> very relevant. the mentality is serve. of everything. serve your country. so being here is easy to come home and serve your people, which is our community. it's nice to come home and help people out that are close to home. >> uma: the member of team rubicon responded to earthquakes, that i have gone to tornadoes and now floods like the where you knows in colorado. in all, they have conducted 14 missions. they say they are not shy to say that with all of their experience that they have from battlefield they may be even more effective than some of the other organizations that respond to natural disasters
9:24 am
and have boots on the ground. >> uma: great to see they are making a big difference in a significant way. thank you very much. well, gulf coast and the eastern seaboard are bracing for a wet weekend with several inches of rain on the way. there is also possibility of floods hitting that area. meteorologist janice dean is at the fox weather center with more on today's forecast. janice? >> quite powerful and it will bring cooler air and the threat for showers and thunderstorming pushing in the northeast down toward the gulf coast. i want to make mention we have a little bit of rain in the forecast for the areas suffering in colorado. heading to sunday. the potential for showers and thunderstorms, then the rest of the workweek will look good. as we head to monday, tuesday, wednesday. but just want to point the attention to the fact we could see thunderstorms moving through that area on sunday. the rest of the work week looks good. potential of flooding across the gulf coast we could see
9:25 am
additional 1 to 3 inches. flash flood watches and warnings were posted for all the folks. they do need moisture, but too much of a good thing can lead to flooding. that's why we have the flash flood watching and warnings posted for citious see shaded in green stretching from the louisiana to the florida panhandle. we are also watching this big weather story. this is typhoon sagi. it's a category three storm. 135-mile-per-hour sustained winds. they have red alerts right now. severe threat as the typhoon is poised to make landfall the next 48 hours. we'll track this as well. typhoon osagi. back to you, um ab, in studios. >> uma: thank you for keeping us posted on that storm that is coming our way. well, a new dangerous trend in those highly popular e-cigarettes. how a growing number of teens are using e-cigarettes not to quit smoking but to get high. pope francis pushes for change in the catholic church doctrine. what one previous has to say
9:26 am
about the pope's new focus. congressman trey gowdy posed tough questions for men in charge of the first official report on the benghazi attack. find out if he thinks they gave him any answers. next. >> how could you look at everything if you don't even bother to interview the person who is ultimately responsible for what happens at the state department? [ sneezes, coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more sinus symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh, what a relief it is. we need a new recipe. hmmm. let us consult the scroll of infinite deliciousness. ♪ oh! perfect.
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>> uma: okay. let's take a quick look at the stories making news right now. the countdown to a possible government shutdown is now underway. monday, the senate will take up a house budget bill that funds the government through mid-december, but only if congress defunds obamacare. today, president obama is fighting back and warning republicans, "that is not happening."
9:31 am
syria is apparently making good on demands to release inventory of the chemical weapons program. technical experts a in the u.n. poring over the findings. the woman once known as the so-called hiccup girl. remember her? she is now going to serve life sentence without parole in a florida prison. jennifer was found guilty of first degree murder for botched robbery that led to a man's death. she anded up on tv a few year ago when she got a case of the hiccups that wouldn't go away. players in the california prop 8 fight are engaged in another battle. the national organization for marriage and the capital resource institute say they are working together to repeal a new law that allows transgender students to decide which restrooms to use. quick look at the stories making news right now. ♪ ♪ >> uma: strong words this week as the house oversight
9:32 am
committee questioned key members of the board that reviewed the obama administration's handling of the benghazi attack. one of the key questions, our next guest has. why wasn't secretary of state hillary clinton questioned in the first place? joining us now with thoughts on all of this, republican congressman trey gowdy. welcome. great to have you here today. thank you for joining us. >> yes, ma'am. good to see you. >> uma: i know that you and others have been raising big concerns about why former secretary of state clinton wasn't interviewed by the accountability review board. have you come to any conclusions that point as to why she wasn't questioned about the attack on our consulate in benghazi? >> have i come to any conclusions as to why she was not interviewed? yeah. because there is no objectivity on the accountability review board. she picked people who will serve on it. and we're not usually very objective when it comes to judging ourselves. we don't grade our test papers in school. we don't get to give an
9:33 am
accounting of our good and bad characteristics. we're not objective when it comes to judging our own conduct. they didn't interview her because the accountability review board wasn't independent. i think it's important for you viewers to keep that in mind because we were told they would look at everything. we were told that the recommendations that came out of the accountability review board would be enough to sustain us and make sure there is never another benghazi. if you go back to 1998, a previous accountability review board gave her a specific requirement. review every facility we have and close those that are not safe. they didn't bother to ask her whether she did that. so lack of objectivity. and i think it was designed to insulate her. but i need to talk to her before i can finalize that conclusion. >> uma: all right. where do things stand with interviewing the eyewitnesses there in benghazi, yet to come forward with their account of what happened on that day? do you believe you will get
9:34 am
them to come forward at a time when we keep hearing reports that they are ordered to stay silent? >> well, chairman issa subpoenaed two survivors. there are estimates of 30. i want to talk to all of them and i want to talk to secretary clinton and susan ricism want somebody to ask the president whether or not he called any of the allies. as a former prosecutor i have to talk to the eyewitnesses. it has been over 12 months. the best time to talk to an eyewitness is contemporaneous with whatever happens because memory fades. 12 months is better than neve never. issa will issue subpoenas. it's tragic and sad that he has to. they should have made witnesses available to us. and again, you have to ask yourself, why do you withhold information? why do you keep us from accessing witnesses? the only conclusion i can reach is because they don't like the information that the witnesses have.
9:35 am
>> uma: we heard this week from the relatives who offered emotional testimony about the losses they were feeling, about death of their loved ones. yet, what do you say to those who say the scandal has become so politicized, that at this point it's very difficult to get an objective overview of how the events unfolded? >> unfortunately, everything is politicized in washington, uma. it's frustrating. it's sad. it doesn't have to be that way. you would think when you have four murdered americans that the republicans and the democrats and the independents would all lock arms and say they were there at our place. i don't know the politics of any of the four who died. you would think we would say they were there at our place. we owe it to them and the memory and the families to find out the answers. i don't know why washington has to politicize everything. i know this. that grieving parents and spouses and children don't care about politics.
9:36 am
they don't care about who is getting promoted and who is getting demoted. they want to know the facts and the truth and just analysis so they can begin process of healing. it has been 12 months. mr. wood and miss smith have just as many questions if not more after 12 months than they did the day after their sons were died. i do think it's important, it happened again this morning actually, uma at the grocery store. people in my district still ask me about benghazi. i think the four, the family members of the four murdered americans need to know in terms of everyday americans, not politics but everyday americans they don't view this as political. they view this as telling us what we are as a country. so for no other reason other than that we need to find out what happens to tell the family members. >> uma: absolutely. congressman, thank you for joining us today. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> uma: moving on the other news now. iraq continues to deny they are holding seven missing
9:37 am
members of iranian dissident group at a prison near baghdad. that is despite word from the national council of resistance of iran that an american delegation has met and talked with the hostages three times. fox news david lee miller has more on the story. >> massacre that much of the world greeted with silence. controversy raged about the chemical weapons in syria, neighboring airaq 5. 2 irainiance living in exile camp were killed. relative of the victim say the amateur video recorded on september 1 shows iraqi backed forces committing the slaughter. iraq denies the allegation. among the dead, amadi 56-year-old father. >> they were there to execute. they were not there to just scare people off. they had targets. they shot every single one of my friends and my father's friends and my father. in the head. >> those killed were members of iranian on six group called the mek. the people's army that sided with saddam hussein in
9:38 am
iraq-iran war. one is considered a terrorist organization by the u.s., many security experts now see the m.e.k. in a positive light. >> a group in favor of the democratic iran. iran with gender equality and iran that is nonnuclear. they are on our side on all key issues. over the last ten years they have been the best source of information we get out of iran. >> the september attack targeting m.e.k. members took place despite 2003 commitment from the u.s. that the group would be given protected status under the geneva convention. when the u.s. ended its occupation, iraq took responsibility for keeping the group safe. rack ranges under nouri al-maliki might have pulled the trigger some say the blame rests with tehran. people >> people in united states should know no iraq has become client state of iran. the person running iraq right now is not mali al-maliki.
9:39 am
it's ayatollah. >> they believe the u.s. should do more to protect the 3,000 m.e.k. members in iraq. amir who lost his father says the best solution, allowing them to relocate. >> they are in a country, europe or the united states that can ensure they get medical supplies, proper food, properly taken care of and they have the freedom to live a normal life. >> in addition to those killed, m.e.k. supports claim seven people were kidnapped. allegation iraqi officials deny. the m.e.k. fears the missing members he will be transferred to iran where they will be executed. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> uma: david, thank you. coming up, some view e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to regular tobacco. but now more teens have found a way to use them to get high. we take closer look at the list involved next. [ male announcer ] progress isn't about where you've been.
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>> uma: a followup now. the authorities say death toll from the bombing in nigh re bow is 5 --baghdad. they drove it near a funeral and a second blast called by a suicide bomber on foot. 70 errs were injured in the blast. more welcoming catholic church? that is what appears that pope francis is proposing after exclusive interview with published in america. the national catholic review magazine. pope francis specifically discussing the church's stance on gays, abortion and contraception, urging the church to focus less on doctrine and more on being more merciful. >> i had tears in my eyes
9:45 am
reading this. this is a remarkable interview. he is talking to people on the periphery and the fringes. people who are hanging on for a lifeline. and he is saying no, this is not a small restricted church for elite group. but the net throne wide. come, come closer and see. >> uma: coming up tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., the discussion continues on the fox show, media buzz. the editor in chief of america magazine will be joining howard live. now we take a time out to give you a chance to select a story you want to hear more about in the show, the viewer's choice showcase. here we go. the first, nasa is hiring. you won't get to go to space, but you can get paid for sleeping on the job. or how about a world warii letter? touching story of a soldier reaching out the his new baby daughter and how she found out about it decades later. finally, a lippy life lesson.
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a huge one direction fan loses out because of her bad behavior. find out how her mom showed her who is really the boss. to vote log on to the show page we are going to read the one that you at home pick at the end of the show. most adults probably wouldn't think of doing this. more and more teens are using e-cigarettes to get high. i sit down with an exfort talk more about the dangers of this new trend. coming your way next. fighting constipation by eating healthier,
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well, less than a week after the deadly navy yard shooting, the ceo of an i.t. consulting company is offering his services to help the military improve security. first, that seems like a nice gesture except that he is a ceo of the same company that hired the gunman aaron alexis.
9:51 am
according to the "associated press," an e-mail from the consulting company stunned navy leaders. navy officials confirmed the e-mail was sent to the secretary of the navy but did not discuss the content of that letter. the company is declining to comment. electronic cigarettes have become $1 billion industry that was promoted as a safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but now many teens are finding this synthetic cigarette can be used to get high. the clinical director and primary therapist at morning side recovering california said parents should be aware of this alarming new trend. welcome, doctor, great to have you here today. >> it's great to be here. thank you for having me. >> let's talk for a moment about the concerns that are at play right now. why are more and more teens getting access to these electronic cigarettes? >> well, it's ease of access. . there's this misperception that
9:52 am
somehow if there's not the carcinogens of a regular cigarette, makes them safe to use. >> what happens if they're misused or mishandled? >> well, what's happening is they're getting substances liquid intoxicants they can put in there and they're able to ingest these substances with -- without the ramifications of someone saying you shouldn't be using these things and they're dangerous. >> how can they affect the body in a way that really harms an individual? >> well, the one we're talking about is called blue blossom, they sell it as inscents, marked as not for human consumption. and these kids are using this. we don't really know the impact, but it's basically synthetic thc which is the active ingredient in marijuana. but, again, there's a lot of different stuff in there we don't know and it can have dramatic effects. >> is any of this being regulated at this time? >> well, the hard part is every time drug enforcement can
9:53 am
identify what the substance is and make it illegal, they will alter it a little bit to make it legal. >> are you -- >> when i say legal, legal to sell -- >> i was going to say, are you finding, though, when used in a way that is supposed to be safe that ecigarettes are beneficial to people addicted to tobacco? >> well, and again, this is the misperception. because you can kind of look at regular cigarettes and say they're harmful. you can say, well, an electronic cigarette is not the same. it depends what you put in it. and this is what makes it dangerous. >> what's the word for parents right now if they are really concerned about the use of e-cigarettes. and what can they do to get ahead of this problem? >> well, let's first look at the fact they're actually using e-cigarettes. that would be an indication there's an issue. but look for signs of intoxication. there could be impaired
9:54 am
judgment, loss of coordination, poor memory. these would be the kind of things parents need to look for to see if the ingredients that are in that e-cigarette are intoxicating. >> doctor, thank you very much for joining us today. >> okay. thank you for having me. well, it's the last call for votes. we're going to share the viewer choice story that you at home picked next. and it was a dream come true for one little girl battling a life-threatening disease. this touching story coming your way next. goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french)
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so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. [ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ♪ [ agent smith ] ge software connects patients to nurses to the right machines while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ]
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fox news has confirmed that an insider attack has killed three international troops in afghanistan. nato and afghan officials are saying a man wearing an afghan national security forces uniform turned his weapon on foreign troops at an afghan base. nato has not revealed the nationality of those killed. however, today's attack occurred in a part of eastern afghanistan where all foreign troops are believed to be american. shifting gears in a big way now, it's our viewers' choice story. world war ii soldier about to deploy wrote a letter to his newborn daughter peggy. john told his daughter how much
9:59 am
he loved her but sadly he never got the chance to meet his daughter. he died four months later and his daughter never got the letter that is until today. someone found it in their home and after 14 years of searching for peggy found her on face bock. today her letter will be given to her. and that, don't worry, if the story you chose wasn't selected, we'll post them all on our show page landing in orlando, being escorted by police, traveling in a white limousine, the trip fit for a princess. the 4-year-old who suffers from a neurological condition is being granted a magical moment. she's going to a 70-acre compound outfitted with a movie theater, beauty parlor and candy land. it's all thank to the something magic foundation. good for her, we wish her all the best. that's going to do it for me in washington.
10:00 am
thanks so much for watching. make it a great day, everybody. hello, everyone, welcome to "america's news headquarters." >> and topping the news at this hour, there is new outrage today over a string of shootings in chicago. we will take an in-depth look at that explosion of gun violence in president obama's hometown. what's being done to try and finally get it under control. plus, the terror attack blocking the heart of a major capital city. the chaotic scene after a group of gunmen storm a busy shopping center. they tell all the muslims to leave and then fire into the remaining crowd. >> andhe


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