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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 21, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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while truly engaging with your aging loved ones so they can stay happy at home. comfort keepers. keeping the comforts of home. ll comfort keepers now to arn more. as fox reports live tonight. terrorist attacked a soft target, a shopping mall in a volatile part of the world. witnesses say nonmuslims were singled out and killed. 39 people killed and 150 wounded and at this hour, the state department said americans were caught in it. this is the inside of a shopping mall that was hosting a children's day event. the images out of nairobi, kenya the same city whereñi terrorist
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attacked our ambassador. police are going store to store hunting for the attackers. investigate ares are looking at the murderous ambush. >> also did a disaster in the sky almostñ atomic explosion over the home land? in minutes, the new report which said millions of americans barely escaped a nuclear holocaust. >> where is the accountability? a swarm of destructive teenager broke in and trashed a former nfl house. >> that is a question to have right now. if you don't have a conversation and find out what is going on, they are coming to your house next. >> americans are injured in the
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terrorist attack targeting nonmuslums in a mall. one of the worst attacks kenya has seen in years. the somalia group a l sha bab threatens more to come. the attackers are still inside of that mall and they have hostages. kenyan special forces are now inside of the building trying to hunt them down and put an end to the stand off. we are ten hours in n. gun men opened four and threw hand grenades at shoppers. one witness said they told all muslims to leave to escape the dangers. >> people are killed there and we are here to rescue muslims. if you are muslim stand up and
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go. >> they escorted them out of harm's way and started killing people. mall guards using shopping carts to bring out the wounded children. the mall was hosting a children's event when all of this happen. 39 people are dead. at least that is according to the president there and the number is expected to rise he said. one of the shop owners is describing the attack and you can hear him trying to catch his breath. they are going up and up. (inaudible) >> across the border is somalia. you can see it on the map there. that is why it is key. kenyan military forces went in that government to help somalia government to fightñrñi off the
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group a l sha bab. they are warning kenya to go home. they said on the internet and twitter, it is time it take the war to kenia. the official u.s. response reads in part. the united states condemns in strongest terms the despicable0 terroristxdñi attacks inçóçó th ñiei killed and injuredçóñr includine americansñi that were injured a theñr staff of our embassy. >> one of the attackers were killed but it appears that several of the gunmen are cornered by the kenyan police. they have hostages although we don't know how many and what
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sort of hold they are right now. according to eyewitnesss, there were five attackers and one female government. a l shabab is vowing to launchç other attacks andñrñr refusing negotiate for theçó release of y of the hostages they are holding right now. they vow to attack nairobiñr afi the kenyançó government sent troops to çósomalia. and witnesses say that a l- sha bab gun men stormed the shopping mall and carrying ak- 47s and throwing againades. they were targeting nonmuslims. and we are getting reports about casulties and injuries right now. we are not getting reports about what is happen negligent mall and how many hostages there are and what type of help they are
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in and how long the authorities think the stand off will last. a lot of confusion in the kenyan government right now. it is a black hold of information, harris. >> thank you very much. wally ferris is a fox news analyst. and this is one of the groups, walid, i understand you have been watching. i want to more about a l sha bab. the president of kenya had close family members injured or killed in this. why that mall? >> it is assuming they are them and that is the claim made to bbc. they are part of al-qaeda. they have threatening kenyan forces and the government and president not to send soldiers in the peace forces that are trying to stabilize somalia. this is evidence that al-qaeda organizes itself
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internationally. it is not just the local problem. it is al-qaedañi striking dope kenya and force them to get out of the somalia. remember a year and half ago there was a bombing in uganda and there is more evidence that al-qaeda is really international at this point in time. >> you are echoing something that former un ambassador john bolton told me as the story was starting to break. this is what ambassador bolton i want you to watch and then get the response. >> theçó most significant thing l- sha bab is a somalia terrorist organization and that is a escalation of the conflict in nairobi, cantital of kenya. it could portend out break of violence in africa. it is very troubling. >> you are saying some of the
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same things and caught up in the middle of this are americans and nonmuslim as they were calling out in the shopping mall and killing them. is the hate for nonmuslims growing? >> it is it an ideology. i warned if we don't counterñi e ideology, it will create extreme sxichl create things that we heard, that the christians let the muslims go outer and in pakistan and iraq shiite go out and sewny stay. it is radeccalization. one of the problems in washington, we have ignored the fact of an ideology. this is what happened when they produce that kind of extremism. >> we remembered wa lid, the video of the man hacking to death a british soldier and then learned that one was kenyan and
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arrested for trying to join a l sha bab. >> could itçó come here? those who allegedly, and theyñi declared they are responsible perpetrated this and have elements in the united states. remember years ñrago, the government and other media entitties were looking afterçó somalia americans whoñi travell from the united states to somalia and some of them american citizens blew up themselves and killed themselves. when i look atñi somalia ñijihat going toñi kenya, i would be concerned about here in the home land. >> i want to get your response to this. reports that five hostages have been released from nairobi's west gate mall. the kenyan national disaster center said this. this is a positive sign a they are calling a çósiege continues. ñiñi earlier said they wouldçó not
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negotiate. who did they have as hostages. we don't know americans were with them. at this point, a positive development. what do they want that they are getting inñi kenya? >> any release of a ñrhostage i a life we are saving. this is a positive development. i am certain of the local authorities are negotiating with them. we don't know if they have other hostages. remember in russia's school of bes lan. they released a few and kept a few and killed them. they don't act rational in the end of the day. wa lid phares is helping us break it down. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll go to washington and the national debt, the consequences are ñrhuge. no deal by october 1st and just
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ten days from now and parts of the government could shut down. that's the same day that the affordable care act kicks in. and that's when they are supposed to roll out. battle lines are drawn with house republicans passes a bill to keep the government running except for obama care. the senate saidñi that is dead a arrival. and president obama promised to veto the bill and some in the gop don't wantñr a shutdown on obama care. but others on the hill said it is a fight they can win. >> the president threatened vetoes to a pole or follow-upped parts of his law. ñi @&hc% he talks about the 41 votes, he failed to mention, president obama signed seven of those bills to defund or repeal. >> and president obama in the
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meantime is not budging and insisting that defollow-upping it is not going anywhere. >> they are plunging america in default if they can't fund the affordable care act. >> they would plunge this country back in recession to deny health care to millions of americans. that's not happening. and they know it is not happening. >> here is what happens next in the senate. >> the senate is set to take up the house's bill next week. ted cruz supports the stripping of obama care. he will do a filibuster and whatever it takes. this is one of two crucial fights a head. congress has to vote to increase the debt ceiling or face another government shutdown. we are watching all of it for you. >> right now, the verdict came down in a case of involving a girl involving non- stop
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hicups. she faced murder charges and possibility of life in prison. he made a living protecting quarterbacks and now he wants to protect children who are ill. the same teenagers that broke into and smashed his home in a party are on the list of those he would like to protect. i am harris faulkner. you are watching the fox report. i'm kind of seeing a... some kind of... this is... an alien species. reality check: a lot of 4g lte coverage maps don't really look like much at all. i see the aleutian islands. looks like a duck. it looks like... america... ish. that's a map. that's a map of the united states. check the map. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable, and in more places than any other 4g network. trade in your old device and trade up to america's most reliable network. i've got the good one! i got verizon!
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>> a jury said she is get of murder. that's the verdict for a young florida woman whhiccupping unco months. she broke down when the verdict was read. they talked about it four hours. she invited an a man and her friends robbed him at gun point
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and he struggled. mee set it all up but pull the trigger. the victim's family is grateful for the verdict. we are still grieving and we wanted it to be about him. no one expressed their concern about him because heñr is the victim and we always wanted it to be about him. this guilty verdict is good for us at a pam fam. >> mee made headlines when she was 15 years old and developed a case of hiccups that wouldn't go away. that earned her the name the hiccup girl. now sheçó is known as a murdere >> and outsourcing background checks? one firm is in the spotlight for theñi connection to two lapses that led to deadlyñr consequenc.
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elizabeth has more from washington. >> hi, harris, the private company that is the biggest private contractor handling back grouped check system u.s. investigation services. the same company was on defense after a report surfaced it was responsible for granting clearance to eric snowden. at that time, they said the fault lies in the federal government specifically the office of personalñi management andçó that agency signed withou asking for more investigation. contractors are overwhelmed with request for federal ñicontracto. those reports are like the complaints in june when employees said they were flooded with cases and critics say the numberñr continues to grow. >> i think we have gotten so big we are not sure what we are doing. of course stuff falls through the cracks. >> they are investigating the
4:19 pm
work. and how clearance was granted to navy yard shooter aaron ñkóalex jack king explains the investigation. >> how wellçis the background check and security accomplished? they will have plenty of evidence to determine that quality of work and s+uqsrh that problem is. they should be able to fix it. >> law makers saidñr therñ need to be a ñithorough review while hiring federal contractors, harris, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you and 12 people were murdered on the washington navy yard and tomorrow, a programming note for you. there is a ceremony honoring those victims. the first family president obama and his wife are scheduled to visit the barracks there and the president is scheduled to speak. watch our coverage beginning at 4:30 p.m. oastern.
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>> a nuclearñr device nearly exploded over u.s. soil and it was not a test. what we are learning about ajor disaster and how we avoided it and our military veterans never shy away from a challenge. we know that. how they are helping people in colorado rebuild after that devastating flooding, remember this, it was just a few days ago. ♪ [voice] hu-rry up, is cold in here. [jelly bear] relax. we're checking the manual. [jelly animal] whoa,this minivan is loaded! ailable forward collision warning,pandora compatibility, available lane departure warning and what!?! [jelly animal] this sucks. [announcer] we understand life in a minivan.g the firn with an available built-in vacuum. starsomething special in the redesigned odyssey from honda.
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>> we've learned a bit of history that would have no doubt changed america in untold bays. a nuclear explosion that was some how avoided. it happen in 1961 over
4:24 pm
goldsboro, north carolina. the secret document reveals two hydro gen bombs were dropped after a b-52 bomber broke up in midair. they each had 4 milrv' tons of tnt. and that is larger than the equipment that landed in hiroshimma. a single low voltage sgi%! prevented the bombñr from exploding. in colorado, roads are reopening a week after being forced to shut down by epic flooding. fema and the american red cross is providing assistance to thousands of people struggling to put their lives together. ñr they are getting help from a nonprofit founded by two u.s. marines and made up of veterans who served in iraqñi andñr afghanistan. ñi
4:25 pm
they are on a çónew mission to clean up colorado. will has more on this. >> members of team rubiggon are getting down and nasty in colorado. that is a good thing, this area needs help. overnight four newñr oil spills because flood waters hit several mjdty far seven people diedçó in the flood and 6póúñ people unaccou for and more than a thousand people are evacuated still from their home. these group of the military are in colorado and came to help out with the earthquake that was in heighty and since thing they haveñiñi 12,000 vo ñi they goñi in disaster areas and find the areas thatñi need the most help and tells us natural 8pprápáuq)sñi r thatñi theyymçóñçóñiñrçó wouldi zones in afghanistan and iraq.
4:26 pm
>> they have trained and experience in a usteer environments and in a naturalçó disaster there isñiñy1%q÷ixd resources andçóçóñi ÷a-ñrñiñi information ball parks everyone is overwhelmed including the local federal governments that there is a complete shut down ofñi services. >> when that happens, members of team rubbicon use traits theyñi learned on theñiñrñrñiçó battle rebuildñiokñi lives. they have been in earthquakeñr d tornado and floods, andñiñiçó ñ they prideñi themselvesçó with getting down and dirty and seems colorado. >> just the spir the ofñr being all over the world. no one has the fighting like ouá thank you.
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staying on top of a developing story. americans were caught up and injured in a terror attack. this is kenia, a popular shopping mall. terrorist were screaming out for nonmuslims and then killing them. we'll get to thexd bottom of th group that potentially carriedç itçó çóout. i will ask a terrorist expert and former attorney general what the united states could do in response to this attack. stay close. ote, with more technology, to get you into, and out of, tight spots. and more space so that you always have your favite stuff. and just for good measure, an incredibly efficient 40 mpg highway. so that when you're dog more, you're spending less. the all-new nissan versa note. your door to more. ♪
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>> i am harris faulkner. this is the fox report. if you are just joining us. we are following a situation where americans wereçó under is going on ten hours and they are still looking for the attackers. here's what we know. some of our citizen&ñ were hurt in this. ñi terrorist hit a shopping mall in nairobi, kenya. 39 people were killed by armed gun men who threw grenades and shot at shoppers. they are said to be going store to store looking for them and we are getting word that five hostages that they are holding have been released. that is considered a positive sign. this group would not negotiate. we don't know who they had. if westerners or americansçó we
4:32 pm
in the group. al-shabaab claimed responsibility all over the internet, particularly twitter. more response from the united states. our secretary of state john kerry released a statement and it reads in part and i will read it as it said. today's terrorist massacre of innocence is heart breaking reminder that there is unspeakable even in the world. i want to express my condolences of our nation to the family and friends of the victims in nairobi today. for perspective and context is a formerçó attorney general und president bush. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> having been in the highest level security meeting, what type of conversation would be going in the white house? >> this al-qaeda- linked group
4:33 pm
has been looked at before. it was looked at in the bush administration. it was knocked down occasionally. by the kenyans and why they were in the mall today. it is a group linked to al-qaeda, and i think one of the things being talked about how to knock it down for good again. >> your experience in fighting terrorism, what would you say the united states can do in response to this? >> i think we can find their stronghold. they are vulnerability and air powerçó can knock out a good de of it. we are not in the mood to put boots on the ground and you recall that mogadishu was sight of black hawk down. >> and we hear about hostages and getting your perspective. i want to talk to you about something else that is
4:34 pm
happening. you are keeping a look and studying groups that potentially can do this sort of thing. you look at groups that we had connections to all over theñr years. one in particular that operates in iraq, you say it is a good reasonçó why we needñi to prote thatxd group. why is it different and why should we protect them? >> this is a grouch iranians that fled iran and they are violently anti- mulla. they want to get rid of them and want a democratic and secullar and nonnuclear regime in iran and the mullasçóñi are doing everything they can to press the iraqis to wipe them out. when we invaded iraq in 2003. we guaranteed they disarm. we guaranteed that they would be treated as protected persons. but we have since pulled out and
4:35 pm
they are attacked by the iraqis at the behest of iran. they provided essential information on the nuclear program in iran, and theñi iranians want to stamp them out. >> for people who heard. they are mek. wait a minute weren't they aligned with saddam hussein and what changed about the group? >> they were aligned by saddam hussein because the enemy of my enemy is my friend and they aligned for that reason and they have been taken off the terrorist list in the united states. they were forced off by a court because there was no evidence that they are a terrorist group. and they have got the support from howard dean on the left and john bolton on the right and you can't span it much further than. that i worked with them and for them and tried to help them out.
4:36 pm
>> it is interesting when we look at americans caught up in the attacks, judge, you say it is important to be friend to the people we call friends. mek group is what we call friends. ñi there is a massacre on them. 52 iranians exiles killed in a ñicamp. they had id badges we gave them. >> at the time we disarmed them in 200 throw. they were helping us and our troops in iraq and providing us with information and still provide us with information based on contacts in iran about what is going on in that country and we left them regrettably high and çódry. >> that was on september 1st. i want to talk to you about the timing of where we are in history. president obama exchanged letters with the new president of irap. what cautionary tale do you
4:37 pm
think we can take of those men potentially meeting when the united nation's general assembly. no doubt the killing of iranian exiles, should that come up in the conversation? >> i think that that is related to the sort of smiling offensive that the iranians have taken. they want toçó tamp down this group and prevent them from providing us information that might disclose that they are cheating on any agreement they make with the united states. rouhani doesn't control the nuclear program. he doesn't have that portfolio. the supreme leader has the port feelo. admagypa dad was scary face. but it is the same. it is the guy who is calling the
4:38 pm
shots. regardless of who is talking. whether it is rouhani. s face is the same. >> what is accomplished with our president meeting with their president then? >> what is accomplished to test and try them and see how far we can push them. it has to be verified and be aware of the progress they are making. rouhani boasted he was able to sweet talk the europeans while iowa ran completed the enrichment facility. he boasted about that. he likes to talk one thing and doanother. mek has been able to help with the intelligence. what should we do in response to the killing of the members that have u.s. badges given to them as protection. >> we ought to get them out of there. there is no need to settle them in the united states. i would welcome
4:39 pm
neighbors. but at least get them out of harm's way. we owe them that. >> people who helped us in the past. the pakistani doctor who hopped to get osama bin laden. we have to make sure we take care of them. thank you for coming in. >> a former nfl stars wants to save 300 children, the same teenagers that broke in the vacation home and virtually destroyed it. with all of one night of party. fox news talked about that nfl star. >> and a frantic fight as it breaks out in a long island courtroom. what sparked this? . [ tires screech ]
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>> just in. confirmation three special forces killed in an attack in afghanistan are american. and we are told it was an inside job. an afghan wearing a security forces uniform opened fire on our people. the attackerñ;was shot deadñi immediately. it was the first apparent insider attack in the country in several months. the u.s. forces provide the bulk of troops in the east. it is a volatile province that shares a border with pakistan. and now to a former nfl star whose home was trashed by hundreds of teen aujers and broken into so they could throw a party. all- pro lineman brian holway reached out through social media three types to the teenager that caused damage. shattering windows and drugs and
4:44 pm
rugs and graffiti everywhere. he was contacted by parents that are threatening to sue him after he posted photographs and sending out twits. that is not threatening him from throwing back. hosting a picnic today. he said today was one more chance for redemption for the teenagers. governor mike huckabee spoke with holway earlier today. >> this is an opportunity today, we are having a party with military personnel and veterans and we are serving them and you can be around real heros and around people that are great models to all of you. (applause) and i found out a couple of them shed up. >> i want to make it clear. they posted pictures of themselves during the party and those are the pictures that the former nfl star is sharing that
4:45 pm
the parents are upset about. they took their own pictures and they were already out. there catch the entire interview with brian hollowa y. >> chicago is in trouble. four people are dead after new violence broke out in the city that has seen so much blood shed. new shootings that killed four people and four others are hurt. the attack in the upscale neighborhood to the far south side. it is widespread and all of this coming on the heels of an incident in chicago park where a three-year-old little boywas injured. >> that is a high, high count. the shootings are reigniting outrage and the inability of a stepped up police force to stop any of it. brian is in the new york newsroom. brian, don't gloss over the
4:46 pm
miracle. 13 people shot they survived. >> it is a great part of a tragic story. one chicago police officer said the four murders is another normal night in chicago. it is america's murder capitol. but thursday night shooting has violence weary resident shocked and fed up. >> to come in and shoot a playground up, i mean, that is like the end of humanity. this world is actually coming to an end. >> police made no arrest in the mass shooting in the park where one gunman opened fire on resident enjoying a basketball game. all 13 victims are expected to survive. police believe that the shooting is gang related. it is highlighting the continuous war over gangs and guns. police add foot patrols in
4:47 pm
impact zones responsible for the violent crime over the last three years. unfortunately cornel square park is three blocks outside of one of those zones. the chicago mayor calling for strictñi are gun laws. ci not allow children in the city of chicagoñi toñi have their youthfulnessñr andxd ñioptimism their hopei taken from them. that's what#wá9 violence does. >> children like this three-year-old boy. deanta howard junior is in intensive care but off of the ventilator. chicago's murder rate is down 21 percent from this time last year. >> boy, it is hard to believe that this is representitation of
4:48 pm
a decrease. brian thank you very much. >> boston red sox all harpitcher knows about winning when the odds are against you. he survived cancer and dedicateed to helping the youngest among us thrive. some kind of... this is... an alien species. reality check: a lot of 4g lte coverage maps don't really look like much at all. i see the aleutian islands. looks like a duck. it looks like... america... ish. that's a map. that's a map of the united states. check the map. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable, and in more places than any other 4g network. trade in your old device and trade up to america's most reliable network. i've got the good one! i got verizon! that's powerful. verizon. ♪ don't tell mom. don't tell mom.
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>> in case you missed it, the boston red sox pulled the worst of the first after an awful season. they cliched the american league east for the first time since 2007 and the man on the mound was john lester. he is not striking out opponents
4:52 pm
he visits children with cancer. lester is a cancer survivor and as the nation observes, national childhood cancer awareness month we before the defense lester is making. >> there is a lot of attention to the prostate and breast cancer awareness and all of that for adults. there is not a lot for kids. we wanted something out there that had a punch in the end and get our point across and try to raise the awareness of pediatric cancer. >> he partnered up with them and last year we launched the never quit platform in the country. >> i fought and beat cancer and now time to fight for the kids. each ball represents a child with cancer. >> we travel across the country
4:53 pm
to the parks where john is playing. and when he is not pitching. we bring them down on the field and give them never quit balls and reminding them never quit. >> teams are great hosting us. and getting them out to the game and getting tickets. and so it has been a good thing for us. it is to build and fun. was it hard? yeah, it was hard. but you know, it was i think it helps you later, you know. and once it is over, there is nothing else to hold you down, you know? hard for you it is not easy for you. be strong, yeah. good. i like it man. you want to take a picture? >> it is beyond encouraging and it is definitely giving him
4:54 pm
strength and giving him that momentum and push he needs to actually beat cancer it is a fight of our life and he knows it is it a big fight and he sees other adults that have gone through this. gone through and beat it and they are looking healthy and strong and got muscles and doing fun things. it is beyond motivational. and it doesn't get better than that. >> meeting a kid like that and the stuff he would say, like i said, it may my month to meet him. you know, and he gave me a bracelet for him, and you know, i wrote his name on my gloechlt he's one of those kids you meet and he sticks with you. and you know, it was definitely a pleasure to meet him. >> everybody is different. some guys that want to be a role model and others that want to be
4:55 pm
a basketball player or basketball player. they don't want that responsibility. you know, i think in the position we are in. i feel like you don't have that choice. everything gets better with age. you figure things out. you start to understand yourself, settling down and being a husband first and a father next and kind of figuring out where priorities are in your life and understanding what people expect of you and want of you and accepting that and then doing what you can from there. >> such great wise words. this season alone. lester took time to visit children with cancer in eight major cities. for more information on how you can help. log on to pcrf- >> if you are tuning in now, we'll catch you up. we are following the breaking developments of where americans are targets in a terrorist
4:56 pm
attack. gun men hunted. nonmuslims in kenya. and the latest there on the hostage situation. this is for you. ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies. just like yours. huh. [ male announcer ] and roasted white meat chicken. just like yours. [ male announcer ] you'll think it's homemade. i love this show. [ male announcer ] try campbell's homestyle soup.
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on my spicy buffalo wheat thins. who's gonna take your wheat thins? i don't know. an intruder, the dog, bigfoot. could you get the light? [ loud crash ] what is going on?! honey, i was close! it's a yeti! [ male announcer ] must! have! wheat thins! >> it was a brawl inside of a sxourm an arraignment of a murder suspect in new york city. the fight involved relatives of the victim and suspect. punches started in the courtroom. spilled in the hallway as you can see and follow the action from there. they ended up in the parking lot. police arrested six people. and an update on a top story. five hostages in a terrorist attack in a shopping mall in kenya was released. they are trying to get the terrorist suspects out of that mall. americans are among the injured. they were ambushed and hunting and calling out to kill nonmuslims.
5:00 pm
a mostly western popular shopping mall. we'll follow it and we'll have the update on huckabee which starts in three seconds. >> tonight on huckabee, >> the american people don't want the government to shut down and don't want obama care. >> house republicans push to te fund obama care. the exchange program hires novis navigators. do you want them handling your private information on the internet. >> it is people in the house throwing a party. nthrow hundred teenagers trashed his house. he might get sued now. brian holloway gives a look in the damaged home. >> plus.


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