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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 23, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> well, i had an advantage. he didn't come and i came. [ laughter ] that does help. >> brian: but are you guys talking? answer that question in the after the show show. >> i think i'm going to see him tonight. >> steve: really? >> elisabeth: we'd like to know where. -- terror at an updale shopping mall in nairobi. 160 dead an unknown number injured. there is an unknown number
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trapped inside. martha: we are getting an idea of the first moments of the attack when terrorists told all the muslims to get out and they started shooting the non-muslims. here is cell phone video that shows how this played out in the first moments. [gunshots]
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martha: just other day the shooting at washington navy yard. we have never seen video from inside. you get a sense of how frightening it is for these people. you don't know where the shooters are. it's absolutely chilling. bill: multiple explosions reported earlier today. that black smoke seen rising from the mall after security forces launched another offensive. they say they have killed at least two of the terrorists but we don't know how many terrorists there are. james reinl is with us from nairobi. >> what we are seeing are large plumes of black and gray smoke coming out of the westgate shopping center. we have the kenyan officious giving a press conference.
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the fire they say was started by the terrorists as part of the operation to retake control of the situation. we don't know how many remaining hostages there are inside. over the past few hours you heard explosions, you have got helicopters flying overhead and gun battles going on. journalists aren't able to get so close to the building so we know what's going on inside. but the kenyan officials say there is an ongoing operation. they sustained injuries. they released most of the hostages. they got control over most of the building it's an ongoing situation and has not been brought to an end yet. bill: how big is this shopping center? >> it's pretty big. four stories, large car park. it's got lots of stuff inside.
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a cinema, 80 stores. restaurants. you can have frozen yogurt and eat japanese food. it's an up-market store. recently they said they chose this particular store bates was requested about it higher ups in kenya and by foreigners and also because it contains shops owned by israeli and american companies. bill: it's a substantial place. do kenyan officials believe they know where the terrorists are or on which floor or which store or not? >> we can't say what's going on inside this building. we can hear the stuff that's happening from outside. the rest of the information is coming frommal hah baccome -- im
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al-shabab. the kenyan forces say they have control over every floor of the building. there are areas where the terrorists are able to move around. exactly what's going on inside we can't say. bill: what about the reports if you were a muslim you were allowed to leave the mall. if you were not a muslim you were shot and killed. >> we heard stories from some of the people inside the mall to begin with and were able to escape. don't forget this did happen saturday afternoon. the mall was packed. thousands of people -- more than a thousand people were able to get away. some had been hit and a number taken hostage. we understand the gunmen were demanding that people reveal information about whether or in the they are muslim. if they said they were they with have to pass a test.
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they might be asked what is the name of the prophet's mother. if you didn't know, you could be killed execution style. there were people actually tweeting and texting each other messages. in that message it would have a phrase in arabic, a prayer or line from the koran. if you were able to memorize that, you were questioned at gun points. you were able to respond in arabic and that might be a way to get out of getting killed. bill: we are told there were anywhere between 10-15 terrorists. i don't know if you confirmed that number or not. is there any sense on behalf of the authorities that this is about to be brought to a conclusion or could it go on for a fourth day? >> they have released the information between 10-15. they also said two of them have
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been killed as well. that would leave the number being around a dozen. whether or not it could be brought to a close, last night the kenyan security forces said sit would end tonight. if you when everybody woke up this morning it was still going on. it's been 52 hours since they took the building. the officials said it's taking longer than anticipated. could it go into a fourth day? your guess is as good as mine. bill: james reinl, good reporting from nairobi, thank you, james. martha: there is a live shot in nairobi over the mall. you see the results of the explosions we heard about. the thinking is the terrorists have set those explosions.
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though the word is most of the hostages are gone, if you are the family of one of those in the mall, this is a have much ongoing live situation. we also received some of these reports that say that the terrorists are ready to fight this out to the end. so that is the live shot we are showing right now at 4:08 p.m. in kenya. one of the american victims is speak out about her ordeal. elaine dange is from san diego and she was shot in the leg, anded chest. >> i just got out of surgery. i'm very grateful to be alive. and i'm thankful for the kenyan people. i'm very prideful for the country and i love kenyans even though i'm american. martha: she moved to nairobi last year. she has been working with a
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number of humanitarian agencies there. bill: despite all this, many got out. many escaped by running and diving for cover including a woman from australia. she hid inside of a yogurt shop in the food court of the mall. >> it was clear that it was coming from more than a rotary. a few families said run for it. then we saw a whole lot of people after the first grenade we saw a whole lot of people run count side and they got out fine. we looked everywhere for somewhere to hide. there was nowhere to side so we decided to run for it as well. bill: she says she is shaken but meals lucky to have survived her experience. martha: al-shabab's primary
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basis in somalia, it formed in the union of the islamic courts. it officially joined al qaeda last year but it's been associated with them for many years. its name means "the youth" in arabic. they are said to have 7,000-9,000 fighters. bill: the mall is a war zone. it was packed with shoppers on the weekend. what's to say what happened there could not happen here. these are soft targets every country has, including ours. what can be done to make the soft targets more secure. peter king says al-shabab is the on group he knows of who
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actually joined americans to join in their cause. there are reports americans were involved in this. keep an ear to see what peter king says about this. the smoke coming up behind that building. you just heard reporters say it's a four-story building. it's extensive. it's large. to get this area contained is not an easy thing. it's day three and as he suggested it could move towards day four tomorrow. a countdown to a very different deadline at home. a showdown not every republic can in the senate has jumped on depending the band wagon yet. we'll talk about that. martha: look at incredible pick usin -- dr --incredible picturee
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captain in the costa concordia on trial in court. plus this. bill: that is a traffic stop that went bad. ending with three people on the ground. taser gun pointed to their heads. but did the police officer do anything wrong? we'll show you more on this and let you decide.
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♪ save your coffee from the artificial stuff. ♪ switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness... ...from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness™ martha: we have brand-new video from nairobi, kenya and the
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westgate mall attack. let's just listen to this for a moment. [gunfire] martha: there is a massive amount of gunfire as the remaining terrorists are holed up inside the building as are an unspecified number of hostages still in the building. we know more of what it was like when all of this began. it started, according to the latest information we are getting, near the roof car park on the third story of the building. there cause a cooking
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competition going on for 50 preschool age children in that building. the militants who are still there are briefed to be barricaded inside the supermarket which we showed you in the video we had at the top of the show where a lot of this appears to be gotten. we'll go back to that in a couple of moments. >> we have businesses all over the country who are not hiring because of the impact of this law. you have other businesses reducing the hours of their employees because of this law. our message to the united states senate is simple. the american people don't want the government shut down and they don't want obama-care. bill were house speaker john boehner urging the congress to
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defund obama-care. >> any vote to allow harry reid to add funding for obama-care with a 51 vote, i think republicans are stand side by side with speaker boehner and the american people stopping obama-care. bill: key republicans in the senate don't appear to be jumping on the bandwagon. back home in austin, carl, good morning to you. cruz thinks he can pick off one politician at a time here. and he' he'sned to $stay on that track. can he ultimate hi do that? >> this has an an ad hoc process. july 9 senator mike lee says we need to pass a continuing resolution to fund the
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government but that removes the funning for obama-care. he did this as i understand it without having ever broached the subject at the regular thursday meeting of republican senators. they have a lunch every thursday. if you want to convince your colleagues to come with you that's where you do it. that didn't happen. people said wait a minute the continuing resolution on affects discretionary spending and 89% of the funding for obama-care is mandatory. so senator lee and cruz said we'll defund the mandatory part of it. bill: this stuff takes time. this is a big deal. here is the problem they have. if you look at the bill in its current form it's been gut. medicare cuts have been delayed, out of pocket caps delayed. you have got 2,000 businesses
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and unions with a waiver. you have got congress given subsidies to pay for the healthcare law. they are the ones who passed it into law in the first place. if you are going to delay for all these organizations and people across the country you should delay it for individuals as well. >> you are con plating two strategies. cruz-lee is defund obama-care. i think the delay strategy is the better way to go. the president missed deadlines. he delayed obama-care for corporations, not individuals. no democrat is going to vote to defund obama-care. there are 30 democrats in the house that voted to delay parts of obama-care exactly because of the problems you pointed out. so there are a lot of republicans who say there is no democrat who's going to vote for it.
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you can't pass it through the senate. senator cruz said congratulations to the house. i hope they stand firm because i can't get it through the senate and all heck broke loose with a lot of republicans saying wait a minute, you led us into this. the delay strategy is one that could conceivably -- and it will win the argument. we'll now have the argument will be democrats and republicans together believe this law ought to be delayed because it's got so many problems. bill: in 10 seconds or less how does this end? >> we don't know. u.s. senator who called me yesterday morning said i'll be watching senator cruz on "fox news sunday" because i don't know what his next step is. i don't know what the end game is. if it's to have republicans filibuster the law, the bill that passed through the republican house until they get a promise from senator reid that he's going to require 60 votes
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for any amendment, that he will never give him that agreement. bill: back to breaking news. martha: terrorists are holed up inside an upscale shopping mall.
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>> how many dead are there. >> i don't know, one i'm aware of. one i head. >> you need to be telling me this. martha: that was the port
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authority scolding the man at the helm of the costa concordia minutes it ran aground. today francesco schettino who comes from a long line of captains in italy. now he's accused of manslaughter. other charges are evident in the accident that left 32 people dead in january. gregg palkot is back in london after his trip to syria and he joins us with the latest. what can you tell us. >> we were hearing the latest from the courthouse. the trial resuming after a summer pause involving the captain of that "ill-fated ship, costa concordia. francesco schettino's lawyer team is claiming there was a 13-second delay between the time edhold the helmsman to move to avoid the reef off the island of giglio off the coast of italy
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and the time the ship actually moved. quoting from black box data backing that. officials say it wouldn't have matter. even if there was a 13-second delay the ship was still on course to hit that reef. now that the massive ship has been put upright just last week, now they want a team of investigators to go back in to look at various items on the ship including some technical flaws they claim the captain schettino's legal team said instead of falling over it should have just gone straight down. because it's shallow water. if it would have gone straight down there would have been less damage. the ship's owners disputed that charge. bill: nancy pelosi says there is
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nothing left to cut because the cupboard is bare. martha: a world war ii's letter to the infant daughter he never met finally reached her 70 years later. >> i did not know he was honored so much. like i said i knew about the purple heart. but the other ones, i have no pictures of him in his uniform or anything. [ male announcer ] what?! investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees on their 401(k)s?! go to e-trade and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. none of them charge annual fees and all of them offer low cost investments. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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bill: alerting to our top story again. listen to this cell phone camera inside the shopping mall. [gunshots] bill: where do you run, where do you hide? where is the next shot -- word of multiple explosions were inside that shopping mall a short time ago. this is nairobi, kenya. security forces battling terrorists inside. the shahab terror group based out of neighboring somalia taking responsibility for the terrorist hit. they winnowed through the crowd asking if you were a muslim. if you were you were allowed to walk free. if you weren't, you were shot and killed.
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that's an image from a few blocks away. the terrorists vowing revenge as the kenya government fought somalia fighters. keep it right here for the developing story on this story from nairobi, kenya. martha: it's just three weeks until the country hits the debt ceiling. the budget dispute is the end of this month. all of this is happening all over again because president obama says the house republicans can forget any spending cuts as a result of this deal. he called john boehner to say he will not negotiate on this at all. democratic leader nancy pelosi says there is nothing to cut anyway. >> there is no more cuts to make. it's really important people understand that.
6:34 am
martha: really? is that the case? kirsten powers joins us now and tony is a fox news con bring butter to. i want to start by pulling up a couple full screens. in terms of how much we spend every year. this number has been consistently climbing. it's $3.5 trillion in federal spending. let's show the chart that shows the rise since 2008 and it gives you a sense where we are now in terms of federal government spending. the cupboard is completely bare. no cutting can be done as part of this deal? >> i'm not sure exactly what she was talking about. i'm going to get what she is saying she thinks we need to be stimulating, not cutting in has been enough cuts in the fragile
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economy, so we need to not be cutting more so we can continue to stimulate the economy. i don't necessarily agree with that. i agree we need to be stimulating the economy but there are long-term cuts that can be made to the budget in the areas where the bulk of that number comes from. which is defense budget and entitlements. that would be my best interpretation of what she is saying. martha: we heard so as much about medicare and social security. how much we started to get serious about real reform in the tax system. these conversations seem to disappear and that may be why so many people lose faith in the process that happens on capitol hill. now we are told no negotiations, forget it. >> that's an untenable tactic for the president to take because we are in such bad shape. we also saw economic indicators that show we have come into
6:36 am
meager recovery for the last five years. we tried stimulus. it has not worked. the when president obama was a senator in 2006 he railed against george bush raising the debt ceiling to $9 trillion. today he wants to raise it to over $16.7 trillion. that's adding 60% to our date since he was president. he has had a total change of mind because he realizeds it's hard -- he realized it's hard to make these decisions and he punts them constantly. martha: we all remember the brand bargaining which came down to a conversation between john boehner and president obama in which ithey were going to reach some sort of deal and it ended up falling apart at
6:37 am
the last minute. what good is it if you are in a government where there is no negotiation on something like this? >> i'm not sure who you are laying the blame thank. martha: i'm not. people look at this and say how can it be there is no room for negotiation. >> there is a fundamental disagreement about government in this country and i disagree with what tony just said. i think the stimulus did make a difference and i think most economists have come to that conclusion as well. we go back and forth on this claim that we need to cut the government and that's not what president obama needs to do. that's why we keep clark, right? on the debt limit this is not the right way to handle it. the fact that we had a credit downgrade because of the brinksmanship that we had before over the limit. i think that's why the president
6:38 am
says we are not going to yoashate over the debt limit. it sends a terrible message to the world. that's different than trying look at long-term changes which he proposed himself. >> he started the administration with the i am some bowls commission. he put things out like changing -- >> what did the democrats in the congress say about that? they abandoned him on it. >> i thought just said president obama wouldn't do anything. i'm responding to what you said. >> he had a profile in courage moment where he stood up for entitlement and budget reform and tax code in no. he talked about it, that's the difference. he's not doing. martha: the rating agency said if we didn't start to take serious moves to take control of the date in this country they will downgrade again.
6:39 am
that's the reality. we'll see if we are going to get another downgrade. bill: what do you think at home? will the republicans force the defunding of obama-care or will the government shut down? send us a tweet @billhemmer. 140 characters or less. no is two letters and yes is three. you have room to file a comment there, too, if you like, too. lines are open. martha: how about this story. he never made it home from the battlefield in italy decade ago in world war ii. but see how this hero managed to reach the daughter he never met, 70 years later. bill: a routine traffic stop spinning out of control. the officer is placed on administrative leave, but did the officer do anything wrong?
6:40 am
you will see it.
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bill: a police officer on paid leave after a routine traffic stop takes a nasty turn. the police department say they investigated how the incident escalated after the man confronted the officer after a man just pulled over the man's daughter-in-law. it ends with the man, his girlfriend, a 14-year-old son on the ground cuffed and the officer aiming his stun gun at him. [shouting] bleep.
6:44 am
>> aaron, shut up! >> we need police here. bill washington township. there is a lot to consider. what you don't see on the clip is the actual stop. the officer said the man got out of the truck and started yelling obscenities at the officer saying i'm sick of you people
6:45 am
pulling people over for no reason. what you don't see is the officer tossing the cell phone as he called 911. >> do you have video on that? >> they have two babies in that truck. there are two babies. >> they are already on their way. hang up the phone. go, get out. i don't need you people. go! bill: time for arthur aidala, criminal analyst. whoa! this is a township.
6:46 am
small. not even a city in toledo. >> this officer did not do the right thing. they are trained not to violate our federal rights. bill: where is the violation of federal rights. >> this officer said he pulled them over because of an unregistered or expired regional straition for a motor vehicle. you can't just take people out of the car and place them under arrest. we see them picking them up flowing them against the car. taking that witness' cell phone and throwing it to the ground. that's a consciousness of guilt. bill: you saw someone thrown up against a car? i didn't see that. i saw no one thrown up against the car. >> if you watch the video you will see him pick the woman up and put her on to the car and she is screaming in pain. bill: we don't know what
6:47 am
happened before the cameras started to roll. >> if i'm the criminal defense attorney representing this police officer i'm saying ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you walk into the movie theater and the movie is 2/3 of the way off and you are looking at the last 1/3. according to the cops he didn't pull them out. according to the cops the guy jumped out and said i'm tired of you cops doing this all the time. you are one police officer in a little township. you have got a grown man, a grown woman, a 14-year-old. >> did he behave appropriately, the officer. yes or no. >> according to that it seems like he may have used excessive force. he then grabs the woman. he throws her against the back of the car and she is screaming you are hurting me, you are hurting me. that's a problem. >> a this an excellent defense
6:48 am
attorney and i know he knows his stuff. the fourth amendment does not allow the police to just grab you and take you and throw you. the fact that this officer tried to get rid of the witnesses. bill: one officer tried to secure a scene all by himself waiting for backup. this is a taser gun now. it does not have bullets inside of it. he was use weighing had, i'm certain we argue to this boss. i did what i needed to do to control the situation. >> that is his defense. you just gave his defense. what is upsetting is that there are backup there more quickly and we wanted to criticize him you would say leave everyone on the floor until backup comes. bill: he stopped a woman for having an altered license registration sticker. >> that's minor traffic violation. bill: that's how they find
6:49 am
stolen cars. what the officer said was this man then drove up in another car and confronted me, i had -- >> there is no report this was a stolen car or they committed any crime. bill: but they don't know that until they have the number. you know how this works. >> they don't get to put you in cuffs and throw you on the ground until they find out you are a criminal. they have to have probable cause. >> that guy did jump out and confronted the police officer. bill: we have a good debate here. it was fair and balanced. we are waiting to hear in the police officer. i have got some breaking news. back to martha. martha: back to nairobi where they stored an upscale shopping mall and started shooting anyone who could not prove that they followed islam. police are now at this hour
6:50 am
locked in a bloody standoff with these terrorists. peewee have been hearing automatic gunfire. explosion on the scene. we'll bring you a live report next. s for her wedding. i want peacocks. peacocks? walking the grounds. in tuscany. [ man ] her parents didn't expect her dreams to be so ambitious. italy? oh, that's not good. [ man ] by exploring their options, they learned that instead of going to italy, they could use a home equity loan to renovate their yard and have a beautiful wedding right here while possibly increasing the value of their home. you and roger could get married in our backyard. it's robert, dad. [ female announcer ] come in to find the right credit options for your needs. because when people talk,
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martha: a world war ii soldier that never made it home and the daughter he never met connected 70 years later. the medal and the letter he wrote to his newborn daughter had been lost until now. laura ingle joins with us this heartwarming story. >> reporter: peggy smith says
6:54 am
she was in shock when she learned her father had written her a special letter in 1944 before he was sent overseas in world war ii. he died that year in italy. she says her mother never told her much about her dad and says she never had anything the remember her father by. when she got the letter saying his medals and letters were recovered in an attic in missouri, she was surprised. >> my mother was closed about it because she was very distraught. it was 69 years of knowing nothing. he wrote, my darling daughter, you have never seen me or may never see me for some time. i'm sending you this so you will always know you have a very proud daddy somewhere in this world fighting for you and our country. martha: do we know how they connected this box of memorabilia with this family?
6:55 am
>> reporter: that is a big mystery. a part of the puzzle we don't know about yet. the woman who recovered the items. her father was 75 myles southwest of st. louis. she was on hand over the weekend at the ceremony where she was hand her father's things for the first time. i never knew whether she was the one who had this stuff, if she had ever seen this stuff. >> reporter: she has been waiting for this journey to conclude over a decade. martha: we saw her on fox and friend. and she read some of the letters. bill: are we heading for a government shutdown? you can look at the calendar, not many days left now. the fight over obama-care
6:56 am
continues. the latest details. senator lindsey graham joins. martha: explosions and gunfire spin to rock a shopping mall in nairobi, kenya.
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too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. martha: islamic terrorists storming an upscale shopping mall and telling all of the muslims in the crowd to get out and shooting at anyone who was not a muslim. [gunfire] [inaudible conversations] [gunfire] >> george?
7:00 am
[gunfire] martha: see the person with the cell phone runs in to barricade themselves inside that store. people calling out for people shopping with, figuring out where they were. at least 68 people were killed in this. ones more hurt and unknown number of people are still being held hostage at this hour and that's where we start this morning. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home. smoke continues to pour out of the shopping center, a place where kenyans, werners, tourists they all shop there. as the military conduct as raid the operation continues. we talked to a reporter on the ground in nairobi last hour. people inside were asked questions before the attack happened. >> we understand that the gunmen were demanding that people reveal information about whether or not they are muslim and if they said they were muslim, they
7:01 am
would maybe have to pass a test. for example they might be asked a question what is the name of the prophet's mother. could be killed execution-style. martha: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us live from washington. catherine, analyzing this, what make this is attack different? >> reporter: martha, good morning. there are two elements that stand out. eyewitness reports that terrorists were targeting non-muslims. the one way they apparently differentiated victims who could not cite a islamic prayer or arabic were shot dead. according to forces it is a complex attack with dozens of assailants who attacked the maul in several ways. the attacks appears into retaliation for the kenyan government's recent deployment of troops to somalia. >> they are particularly annoyed at the kenyan government because they have been cooperating with the west, cooperating with
7:02 am
anti-terrorism efforts and part after peacekeeping force from somalia from the african union. this is a way obviously to get act at them, pure terror, pure and simple. and they won't succeed. >> reporter: this attack is outside the normal scope of operations by the al qaeda affiliate al-shabaab which claimed responsibility for the attack though it has not been independently confirmed. this group al-shabaab is more known for suicide bombings at the border of somalia. martha. martha: the questions who is involved and where do attackers come from and potentially from the united states. >> reporter: federal law enforcement sources that the fbi and intelligence community are aggressive drilling down on alleged shabaab members and whether they are american citizens this includes a scrubbing of travel records. the group released on the twitter page a list of alleged attackers. half came from western countries including the u.s., canada and
7:03 am
great britain. fbi confirming that the bureau has a open investigation into the minneapolis area to see if the names are authentic. we don't know if the names are true or whether that twitter feed is authentic. shebaa's site immediately went off-line after the names were posted the attack bears strikingly similar to the 2008 terrorist attack in mumbai, india, that relied on heavily-armed assailants with cell phones for coordination. martha: thank you, catherine. >> reporter: you're welcome. bill: this has been a growing hotbed for terror. 2010, al-shabaab claiming responsibility for multiple blasts watching a u.s. soccer match. 76 people were killed as a result in kamapala. they bomb ad luxury hotel near mom bass sachs kenya.
7:04 am
they set off explosives. 224 killed including 12 americans then in 1998. fox news alert closer to home. there is a shutdown on the count down. lawmakers have one week to hammer out a budget deal that risks shutting the government's door for the first time in 20 years. will that happen now? the house passing a bill on friday that defunds obamacare but it funds the government and keeps it running. now it goes to the senate. ted cruz believes now is the time for republicans to stand their ground. for him and others it is now or never. >> i think the house should hold its browned and -- ground and begin passing smaller continuing resolution one department at a time. start with continuing resolution focused on military. send it over. see if harry reid is willing to shut doesn't military just because he wants to force obamacare on the american people. bill: for ted cruz it is now or never. chief congressional
7:05 am
correspondent mike emanuel is on the heel. what are other key conservative voices saying as we go, eight, nine days left, mike? good morning? >> reporter: that's right, bill. they know the odds are tough. they can delay things a bit but actually defunding obamacare will be a challenge. here is senator rand paul this morning. >> i think really we fight it out and we'll see in the end the democrats have the senate and presidency. it is going to be difficult ultimately to overcome them. we should leverage of controlling the house. the republicans were elected in the house. we were elected to do something. people want us to stand up and fight obamacare. >> reporter: of course you heard senator cruz's suggestion, passing individual bills to fund individual agencies. no reaction from the house so far. but, remember a lot of the house leaders wanted to fight over the debt ceiling. they wanted to move on with this funding. so it is unclear what the next play may be if this effort fails bill. bill: we heard from rand paul. what are other come like in the senate saying now?
7:06 am
>> reporter: there are plenty of folks on capitol hill who do not like obamacare but with president obama in the white house and democrat controlling the senate they don't sound overly optimistic. >> i think it's a great attempt to raise the issue of some of the weaknesses and the problems with obamacare but, it's not a, it's not a tactic that we can actually carry out and be successful and i am sure that the senate is going to move that bill forward. >> reporter: others are expressing the frustration that the only options are yes or no. here's democrat joe manchin. >> since i've been here not one of my colleagues have come up and said, joe, here is a better way to do it. here is how we can fix this part. let's repeal this and fix this part of it. nobody has done that. they say, vote up or down. let's fix things. >> reporter: we do expect to hear from some key lawmakers later in the day as they return from their home states and we'll see how this drama plays out.
7:07 am
as you mentioned time is running out, bill. bill: mike emanuel on the hill. martha has more. martha: let's bring in brit hume, fox news senior political analyst who joins us from washington. good morning to you. >> good morning, martha. martha: we heard mike's setup there. what do you think will happen in the senate? >> what i imagine the bill will come over from the house with the obamacare funding stripped out of it and senators will all likelihood after delaying tactics, ted cruz and others may try to stall, try to force the senate to use 60 votes with anything on the bill. in order to do that they will be filibustering the very bill they would like to be passed which is peculiar position to be in. i think it's a fair assumption the senate will pass a bill with obamacare funding restored and send it back to the house. that ask when the speaker and team over there face a choice. if they bring the bill up on the house floor in that condition with obamacare funding restored and combination of some
7:08 am
republicans and some democrats it would pass the senate and go to the president but there would be hello to pay among some factions within the republican party that this would amount to betrayal which is what ted cruz and his house allies are counting on. my guess is this effort will fail. one way boehner may do what he wants to do here, shutdowns, republicans get blamed for shutdowns in washington always, he will say later on we fight the debt limit. martha, we're in for many weeks of melodrama on this issue. martha: you listen to joe manchin on the sunday shows say, why can't we break this down into pieces? ted cruz suggested that as well. why not put something forth that funds the military, for example and work your way through the budget? >> you could do that. the time is short and the government is low on funds. one way to do that you pass a temporary measure to keep everything going basically, status quote to give the two body as little more time.
7:09 am
but to go now and pass each of those preparations bills, that is the way it is supposed to be done. it hasn't been done that way very often for many years. you have to do it step by step. it would be very time-consuming. it is not clear that would play out. this is stratgym that has been thought of for this situation by members kind of making things up as they go along. here we go again, right. martha: always have to do these things in such a scramble, you're right, it would have taken work months ago to lay the foundation for this process. >> exactly why. martha: why that never seems to happen anymore. if it works out way you're saying they will negotiate and pass something and house republicans and ted cruises of the senate will be very disappointed what happens later? >> what happens, martha, we have another round of this with the debt ceiling being in play. martha: right. >> president said he won't negotiate over that. they will try again on that. and i, i, it remains to be seen
7:10 am
what kind after strategy they have. how they will try to frame the issue. the problem for republicans in these fights, where, government shutdown, running out of money of one kind or another is in play republicans have the reputation, not under deserved of being the party less favorable toward government than the democrats. democrats are known as the party of government. when people think somebody is shutting the government down they don't automatically suspect the democrats. they suspect the republicans. time after time in these fights over the years when there has a been a shutdown prospect or partial shutdown, republicans got all the blame. people really, people who are terribly disappointed in the government do not want to see it shut down. the government does many things. businesses and individuals all across the country interact with government every day. what they want is better functioning government at less expense. what they don't want is the government services to stop or government agencies to stop. martha: right. >> think of poultry and meat
7:11 am
inspections and air traffic controllers all these things which the functioning of our country depend day by day. this is what is in play here. this is why shutdown is a very dangerous game to play. martha: people don't want to see it as you say. brit, thank you so much. we'll see you later. >> you bet. bill: while senator ted cruz is calling for republicans to stand together to defund obamacare, some in the party think that tactic is a mistake. where does south carolina republican lindsey graham stand on that? he will join us in a couple minutes to talk about this a few minutes later. we want to snow what you think about this bark and forth. @billhemmer and at martha @marthamaccallum. that is our handle on twitter. in addition to what is going on machinations on the hill, with senator graham's extensive foreign affairs experience there are reports that this terrorist group has several americans inside the mall fighting on behalf of terrorists, if that is true where are they from in this country and what will we do
7:12 am
about it? we'll talk to him about that. martha: frightening what may come here at home as well. shocking images out of kenya, who is this group al-shabaab? we'll talk about them as we move forward this morning. as bill is suggesting and many americans as reports have shown join this group. plus? >> and the reason is this, that the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them, which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this administration is ridiculous. bill: so that was barack obama 2007, answering a question whether or not he would meet with leaders who are not american-friendly. so iran's new president is here tomorrow in new york city. will the president live up to that campaign pledge and should he? martha: a big surprise for people driving along one the businesssy roads in chicago, how this plane ended up on the side
7:13 am
of the road. >> i still have control. that's good. maybe i still have control. maybe i lost my rudder and that would be a disaster. but i still had control, and i put it down, aggressively put it down.
7:14 am
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martha: fox news alert on new concerns what happened in kenya could happen here at home potentially,. at least 68 civilians are now dead in a shopping mall as a stand off continues now into the third day, republican congressman pete king said this should serve as a remindtory stay vigilant. >> al qaeda and its affiliates are still extremely powerful and still able to really strike terror into the hearts of people, attacking at a shopping mall, that has no military significance at all. this is clearly an attack to terrorize and murder innocent civilians. martha: peter brookes, joins me now, former cia officer and senior fellow for national security affairs at the heritage
7:17 am
foundation and steven yates is former deputy assistant for vice president of national security affairs and ceo of national security visor. both have a lot of background in terrorism and concerns we now have here at home. gentlemen, we have never seen video like the video we've seen coming out of this shooting. we covered all the school shootings. we covered the washington naval yard. the sense of panic as they're darting behind supermarket shelves here. they have no idea where gunfire is coming from. they don't know if they're safe to hunger down or try to make a run for it. it is truly chilling. this is western environment we're looking at here. no reason why this couldn't happen here at home, peter brookes. >> absolutely, martha, and we need to be very concerned about that. complacency is a killer. the al qaeda threat still exists. this group al-shabaab recruited here in the united states. there may be americans among the militants we're seeing in this.
7:18 am
this is a soft target. we've been talking about soft targets since 9/11, martha. that is something we need to be concerned about. intelligence and law enforcement and military action will be critical to maintaining national security on these issues. martha: steven, we're heading into the christmas shopping season, of course. it will make a lot of people to think twice. yet you don't want them to win as we say and stop americans going about what they would normally be doing. >> absolutely not but i think that the only way we're going to begin to turn the tide is begin to have honest conversation and real operational objectives where we target who are the people that are coming after us on these attacks? what is driving them? too often we focus how they do it or the tools that they use, like in this case guns. as we learned on 9/11, terrorists without guns can have an enormous impact upon us and since 9/11 put a priority on smaller soft targets because a great deal of terror is created by these relatively smaller
7:19 am
incidents. martha: the president has said that al qaeda has been decimated. that they're on the run. there has been a lot of suggestions that the war on terror is over. it feels like anything but. in fact it feels like the war on terror in all the hot spots around the globe is getting worse, peter? >> you know, martha, when the president said on the run he may have meant they were on the run to africa and syria, away from pakistan and afghanistan. martha: that's exactly right. >> this was a misleading statement. of course he wasn't clear he was talking about afghanistan and pakistan. we have tremendous challenges today in africa with al qaeda in the islamic ma greg. -- maghreb. al qaeda in the levant and syria and iraq. significant challenges. they go places where law enforcement is weak, where there's chaos, where there are ungoverned places and we can not let our guard done. martha: i want to get a quick answer before we run out of time. we're looking at the scenes in the mall. there is no protection in a
7:20 am
mall. there are no scanners on the way into the mall. as people look at this scene, what is the number one thing you think should be done to keep people safe here at home? peter then stephen please. >> that's very difficult because you have to think about your civil liberties, your ability to move around. your desire to be defiant to these sort of threats but american citizenry, when they see something that doesn't look quite right they need to let somebody know. obviously intelligence is critically important to getting rid of these plots before they get underway. martha: stephen. >> peter is right about that point being intelligence very critical. even so long after 9/11, we have relatively weak coordination between intelligence and law enforcement. we have people around the world who are highly motivated to conduct these types of attacks. we have to get stop political correctness and give local law enforcement to be ready to defend against these kind of groups. >> the chilling reports that
7:21 am
some of these people could have come from minneapolis, makes us turn our attention here at home into a much bigger way. gentlemen, thank you very much. stephen yates, peter brookes. thank you. bill: we'll talk to senator lindsey graham about the terror attack in nairobi and al-shabaab what threat they pose to us here at home. >> don't want to make this minister mad. find out what prompted the minute stir at the wedding to go after the photographer. >> please, sirs, leave. please -- >> [inaudible] >> anywhere other than here.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
martha: some incredible video of a pilot of a small plane forced to make an emergency landing on chicago's lakeshore drive. it started after the plane began
7:25 am
having mechanical problems. the pilot said he had to make a split-second decision where to land it. here is what he did. >> when the aircraft is shaking like that, it can fall apart in midair. i called o'hare tower. i did a may-day call. he responded and he knew my position. i called back and i said i will put it on lakeshore drive. martha: wow. the pilot landed it, timing his landing with the traffic signals on the road of the that is a pretty good trick. he did that so nobody would get hurt and he succeeded. bill: he is good. i want that pilot. martha: exactly. bill: fox news alert. critical hearing underway inside of a boston courtroom. lawyers for the boston bombing suspect now debating the death penalty in his case. molly line is there in boston. she joins us for a look what is happening inside. molly, what is up? good morning. >> reporter: this is one of the key things moving forward in the prosecution of dzhokhar tsarnaev today. a status conference focusing on
7:26 am
the death penalty and whether or not the government will actually seek the death penalty and what sort of a schedule that will occur in going forward. sar nye yes is not in court. but they are seeking a schedule in simplest terms. federal prosecutors pushing for a late october deadline to make a recommendation to the u.s. department of justice. they argued in the court papers that a death penalty schedule request from the defense is improper but the government is likely to issue their decision whether or not to apply the death penalty by october 31st. then it goes on to the attorney general. there is 90 days to consider that submission. it is possible we could have a decision on this matter as early as january 31st, 2014. there respectfully requesting if the court is inclined to set a deadline think set it no earlier than that. bill? bill: molly, he faces numerous counts that carry the death penalty though, correct?
7:27 am
>> reporter: absolutely. he is facing, yes, absolutely. 30 charges, 17 of which carry the death penalty. he pled not guilty to all of these charges regarding the accusations about the boston bombing which killed three people as well as the alleged murder of mit police officer sean collier. bill? >> thank you, molly. molly line in boston with the latest details on what's happening there. thanks. martha, what's next? martha: we've been talking about this all morning in. we're only a week away from a possible government shutdown. the senate could begin debate to stop the looming budget crisis. about time they got to it, right? senator lindsey graham is with us coming up. he will talk about where he stands. bill: the latest on a mall shootings in nairobi, kenya. there are getting reports from the reporters on the scene. we'll see about the terrorists involved and whether the kenyan police now have the gunmen
7:28 am
surrounded. that is up next. [gunfire] ♪
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dozens of protesters turning out to condemn a deadly attack against christians in pakistan. it happened over the weekend. two homicide bombers blew themselves up during sunday services. 81 people were killed in this attack. the government has announced three days of mourning but the families of the victims say that the country isn't taking any real steps to protect the
7:32 am
christian community there. christians make up less than 2% of the population in pakistan. david: another fox news alert now. close to home now. what is going to happen in the senate? republican senators like ted cruz and others are asking everyone to stand with them to do two things, fund the government but not fund obamacare. so what now? republican senator out of south carolina lindsey graham is with me in studio. nice to see you in person. >> nice to be here in person. bill: you actually have legs. you see in the monitor a guy with just a head. >> taller on television than i am in person. bill: nice to see you. what in the world does happen? >> i think we'll take up the house bill because it's a good bill. i can't imagine filibustering a bill i like from the house. there will be a vote to take out the defunding of obamacare. it able majority vote. and i'm hoping some democrats will side with all republican pubs to keep the defunding in
7:33 am
place but i doubt it. but here's the good news. we'll have a vote where every republican votes to defund obamacare and practically every democrat will keep it in place. that will be the defining issue in 2014. this is an albatross around their neck. obamacare is going over like a lead balloon in the economy. the only way we can screw it up is make it about us. bill: okay. you said a lot there. how many democratic votes do you expect in the senate? >> i think -- bill: if any. >> i think all will rally around keeping obamacare fully funded. we -- bill: is that a zero then? >> searzero. because we spent no money. i think there are five votes we could have gotten if we had a strategy to bake our democratic friends to give us opportunity to join on stopping obamacare. all the money and energy is spent on republicans. we haven't spent any money trying to pick up five democratic votes. this time next year i think there will be a more than a few
7:34 am
democrats, looking to republicans finding a way to take the monkey off their backs. bill: pressure on democrats living in red states. >> that's a good strategy. bill: november 2014. >> it's a good strategy, in the near term this will come out of the senate. >> right. bill: it will go back to the house. >> right. bill: the clock is ticking. >> right. bill: does the government shut down or not? >> i don't think so. i think the house colleagues along with senate democrats and republicans and white house can find a way to delay parts of obamacare, maybe repeal the medical device tax that is hurting that part of the economy. i think we can take a shift, obamacare will take a hit but it won't be defunded. i don't think the government is going to shut down. i think there will be a deal doing something to delay the individual mandate maybe a year might be a good compromise. bill: medicare cuts, employer mandates delayed, out-of-pocket caps delayed. >> this bill sucks. bill: sorry? >> this bill sucks, it really does. it is really an albatross around our democratic friends.
7:35 am
they will slowly but surely if we don't screw this thing up it is more than they can carry in the election cycle in 2014 and 2016. bill: you think pressure will be that much? >> yes. it is beginning to collapse economically. people are getting part-time employment. it is not playing well in the real world. eventually it will hit washington. we need to be patient. keep fighting but fight smart. bill: you sent a tweet friday afternoon. quote, i support the house-passed bill to defund obamacare, #senate must act. is that about face for you? >> no, i always supported. i thought it was smart to defund obamacare in the house and send it to the senate to pick five democrats off. i didn't think it would be smart to send the house bill to the senate and we filibuster our own bill. i want to get our democratic colleague on record. i think over time they will start joining with republicans because this is such a burden to bear politically.
7:36 am
bill: senator, quickly we have to talk about the breaking news happening in nairobi, kenya. it is awful as you watch it. your heart goes out to people strugging through this. there is report out over the weekend possibly americans live egg here joined the al-shabaab movement in somalia. they are fighting clearly as if they're al qaeda terrorists. they're allowing muslims to walk out of the mall. if you can not prove you're a muslim you are shot and killed on sight. >> right. bill: this american connection, how reallies it that americans could have gone to somalia and joined the fight that we're watching unfold in nairobi? >> they're two things in our backyard, radical islamic groups. they are trying to recruit people, fifth column movements, radical islamic terrorists american citizens to join the cause to hit us here at home and recruiting people to go overseas to join the fight. they're doing both in our backyard. there is perfect storm. we have a weak president.
7:37 am
war-weary public. emboldened enemies, dysfunctional congress. we're reducing the intelligence capabilities to pick up these attacks. we're sending all the wrong signals to our enemies an friends alike. they're recruiting in our own backyard. what you saw in boston could be our future. what you saw in kenya could come back to us. we're letting our guard down when it comes to dealing with the radical islamic threat in our own backyard. bill: to be a little more specific over the weekend peter king said al-shabaab is only known active terrorist group recruiting americans. is that the case? >> no i think there are other al qaeda affiliates. the times square bomber? he was recruited by pakistani taliban. he went to pakistan, received training and came back here and tried to blow times square up. thanks god the car didn't exflowed. that was pakistani taliban. the detroit guy was done by another group. there are more than one group trying to turn americans against
7:38 am
us to go home and overseas and fight. we're letting our defenses down at a time we need them the most. david: we're geting a report from our bureau in jerusalem, suggesting that most of the gunman hiding on the top floor, it was a four-story shopping mall. big, expansive area there in nairobi, kenya. they believe the last gunman has been cornered. they thought that last hour too. we'll see how this. >> soft target whats we're talking about. bill: thank you for your time senator. lindsey graham from south carolina. >> thank you. martha: another big question on our minds this morning. will president obama and the new iranian president meet face-to-face at the u.n. tomorrow? the president arrives this afternoon for those meetings. this would be the first time, first sit-down between our two countries in 30 years, since before the revolution. so will it happen? bill: and should it happen, right? also the angels getting buzz. wheel show you what happened when a swarm of bees invaded the stadium last night.
7:39 am
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bill: back to the breaking news in nairobi, kenya. this is what we're learning from our bureau in jerusalem. kenyan security forces have been exchanging gunfire with the gunmen, neutralizing most of them that's critical. most of the gun were hiding on the top floor of the four-floor shopping mall. according to the source they were almost done with the operation. they got into another fire exchange with yet another gunman. officials believe and hope, in parentheses, that it is the last one and the situation could and should be resolved soon. the fire is more sporadic than
7:43 am
earlier today. this is day three and perhaps it is coming to a close but not before there has been act absolute murder and mayhem after this terrorist attack on a shopping mall in nairobi. this is place where west earners and kenyans would there on daily basis. it is crowded and large and a soft target. muslims were allowed to leave the shopping mall. non-muslims were shot on sight. back to the story in nairobi in a matter of moments. martha: back to that in a moment. meantime another very important story to talk about today. there are growing questions whether president obama should meet with iranian president hassan rue juan any at the -- rouhani at the general assembly set to get underway this afternoon. but some lawmakers say that that would be a mistake. empowering iran before it has made any real concessions.
7:44 am
kt mcfarland, fox news national security analyst. it is good good to have you here, kt. like ahmadinejad who, right? we have moved on. rouhani is a very different character in the terms of way he talks. he seems like he is interested in having a better relationship with the united states. what do you say? >> maybe, maybe not. but why should the president meet with him? that is real reward to meet with the president of the united states especially after 35 years of no meetings between iranians and americans. so we should expect to get something for it, not just a gesture, here we would like to meet with you. the fact of the matter is iran hasn't change ad hoot about its nuclear weapons policy they're still continuing to enrich uranium. they're talking about trying to get a plutonium bomb. they're testing their miss sells. they haven't change anything except the rhetoric. old wine in new bottles. martha: you look at foreign policy, because you have, well we might sit down and talk to
7:45 am
iran. assad in interview with greg palkot, no i have never spoken to him. we have never spoken. it lays down and we looked a little while ago at the president during the campaign why shouldn't we speak with foreign leaders, criticizing people who have not. as rule what do you think. >> here's the thing. the president really wants to deal with iran and foreign policy community is talking about that deal and how might look. with unof the things would be we give up the sanctions. in other words, no sanctions and iran is welcome back to the world economy. in exchange iran gives up the nuclear weapons. but that is the key. we know what giving up sanctions looks like but will they really give up their nuclear weapons. president can say trust but verify. maybe iran is serious. maybe rouhani is not. what are they doing? playing for time. buying for time. at a certain point within the next 18 months, 24 months, iranians have nuclear weapons.
7:46 am
or they get so close then it is a couple turns of the screwdriver getting nuclear weapons. what kind of negotiations do you have. you give up sanctions and they're happy but do you see them giving up their nuclear weapons or just pretending? martha: i keep ling-ling back to the syria issue. we know they are hand in hand in many ways in terms of who is arming the syrians. iran is connected to that. how can you leave that out of the conversation? we went up to this precipice and now it seems the administration, maybe this is a cynical few view, wants to pull attention away from the entire episode and say, let's sit down and chat with rouhani? >> there is a third leg to the stool. it is not just syria, not just iran but it is russia. put is in the drivers seat. do they give up their chemical weapons? only if putin is the guy that delivers on it. where is russia in all?
7:47 am
for the last 60 years we in the united states have been worried about iranian-russian alliance. we have done a lot of things to stop it. what we're seeing now, i think the more important meeting at u.n. is not between putin and obama, i mean obama and rouhani, but rouhani and putin. they shade they will give them the 300-s system which will make it invulnerable to israeli attack. is there something going on between those two. is putin in the drivers seed on syria, is it in the drivers seat on iran? between russia and iran they control majority of the world's exported oil. what is their goal going to be? get america out of the middle east. martha: russia is intent on continuing to sell arms to these countrys. >> yes. martha: perhaps the more important conversation would be a meaningful discussion between president obama and president putin. >> yes. or even putin and rouhani and
7:48 am
the iranians. what is the expression, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. i think that is where we are with the three countries. martha: you said it. thank you very much, kt. >> thanks. bill: jon scott back from vacation. "happening now" rolls your way. good to have you back. we missed you. >> good to be here, bill. breaking news out of kenya. military action underway to free hostages taken over the weekend by al qaeda-related terrorists. we'll look at the resurgence of terror in africa. plus "the new york times" warning consumers today they may have fewer choices of doctors and hospitals under obamacare. yes, that "new york times." we'll explain. and president obama heads to the u.n. could we hear news on iran's nuke program? what about syria's use of chemical weapons? stay tuned for that, coming up. bill: a lot to talk about. thank you, jon. busy monday already. see you at the top of the hour. so it is your wedding day
7:49 am
and the priest turns around yelling at your photographer. that photographer is here next. if looks could kill here. >> this is a solemn assembly, not a photography session. please move. or i will stop. >> you want me to leave? >> i will stop the ceremony if you do not get out of the way. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? he was a matted messiley in a small cage. ng day. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness.
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martha: well the cleanup work continues as colorado dries out following that deadly flooding. help pouring in from all over the world at this point as people return to their homes to find out what, if anything is left. look at this mess. these poor people. despite all the hardship people seem to be somehow staying positive. >> been working hard. i everyone has a smile on their
7:53 am
face. really inspiring to us. gives us energy to keep working. martha: see it time and again. so far 15,000 people signed up for federal assistance. while the recovery will take time, townspeople and volunteers alike say they are in it for the long haul. bill: hank in there too, right? awkward wedding day moment caught on camera after a minister interrupts the service and starts scolding the photographer behind him. watch here. >> and in accordance with god's will you do now confess it. we're still good. >> please, sirs, leave. please. >> [inaudible] >> anywhere other than here. >> okay. >> this is a solemn assembly, not a photography session. please move. or i will stop. bill: well the guy behind the camera is this man right here. that is mr. hasan. how are you sir. >> good morning. bill: in full disclosure i saw. i thought you guys were acting.
7:54 am
>> it actually happened. bill: it was real deal. >> it was real deal. bill: that really happened? >> that really happened. bill: the priest stop the ceremony to turn around and scold you? >> exactly. bill: what were you thinking? >> at that moment i was shocked because i asked him before, hey do you have any restrictionses regulations where i should be and shouldn't be. don't come in the aisle and be anywhere else. i don't care. at that moment i really didn't have a spot to shoot the bride and groom because there were nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen. bill: it was a big weding. >> it was a big wedding. only spot i had was in back of the priest. that is where i was shooting from. when he said, please stop, and, i just didn't know what to do. i was shocked. i looked at bride. she was shocked. bill: when the bride and groom look at each other, that is an iconic moment. >> they were just looking at each other. i just moved, the way he said it he cast damn serious he was going to stop. i moved out of the way and let the ceremony continue. bill: there were two other
7:55 am
photographers, right? >> one a photographer and second shooter. bill: two cameras. >> correct. bill: at the ceremony you said before the ceremony started and you thought you knew where the ground rules were. >> exactly. bill: did you speak to the priest after ceremony. >> you guys always do this to me. what do you mean by you guys? you photographers always do this. this is the first time i'm working with you. he is like, well in general you guys do this. then he didn't even apologize to me. but he went to the bride and groom and apologized to them. bill: he did? >> yeah. bill: yeah i guess -- >> bride didn't take it that seriously. she wanted to get married. i'm glad i got married. let's just enjoy it. bill: did you get paid? >> absolutely. bill: no problem there. >> no problem there. bill: the bride and groom are living happily ever after? >> they're in their honeymoon in greece. bill: this moment lives on forever. >> it will last forever, absolutely. bill: what was his demeanor? was he, i assume he was ticked off. >> for some reason. bill: did you sense some anger? >> absolutely not.
7:56 am
just doing my job. getting shots of the bride, that is about it. bill: but the priest, did you sense he was angry, absolutely not? >> in the beginning of morning don't be in the aisle. i don't care where you could be anywhere else this was a little bit of rude. that happens. they do that -- just snapped in the mid nowhere, how many weddings have you shot? >> 300 plus weddings. bill: you will remember that one. >> that is the one memorable i've done. bill: thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. bill: looking forward to the next ceremony. >> looking forward to it. >> don't stand behind the priest. martha: no way. when we come back we'll go to the very serious story. the raid on the mall in kenya is ongoing. the latest on who the terrorists are and what security forces are doing to take them down and save people who are still inside that mall. we will be right back in "america's newsroom."
7:57 am
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7:59 am
bill: that guy will never forget that wedding.
8:00 am
martha: no, he got scolded by the priest. that terrifies me. doesn't that terrify you? bill: unfortunately, it is all on film forever. busy monday. we'll see you later everybody. martha: thanks for being with us, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. jon: we begin with a fox news alert on what looks like a war zone at a shopping mall. at this moment military forces are conducting an intensive rescue operation in nairobi, kenya. their mission? free an unknown number of hostages taken by al qaeda-linked group over the weekend. the terrorists ambushed this so-called soft target from kenya and really all around the world. they killed more than 60 people. we know the injured include americans. there are questions whether americans might be among the attackers. we have a live report on breaking developments just moments away. but first, brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: front and center on


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