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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 23, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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underwent third open heart surgery on thursday. baiers are thankful for the outpouring of your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes. thanks so much. that's "special report" for tonight. i'm john roberts. good night from washington. >> this is "the fox report." tonight, murder at the mall, dozens are dead as terrorists claim victory. and now there is word that some of the vicious killers might be americans. americans among the wounded. >> this terrible occurred. >> what you saw in kenya could come back to us. >> tonight, the hunt for possible terrorists. [gunfire] >> from the u.s. plus, president obama could come face-to-face with iran's new leader at the
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united nations. >> that's a real reward to meet with the united states. we should expect to get something for it. >> now lawmakers from both parties are telling the president do not back down. and. [cheers] >> only days after it hits stores. >> this sem bare wassing, somebody's head is going to roll over. this hackers claim they have already outsmarted the iphone's new fingerprint security scanner. i'm bill hemmer in tonight for' shepard smith. americans in nairobi, kenya, may also be american themselves. [gunfire] that is amateur video showing the scene inside one of those bullets fly and shoppers run for cover and frankly run for their lives. the rampage started saturday afternoon when the
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upscale shopping center was literally packed with people inside. we saw dramatic scenes of shoppers running for their lives and tonight kenyan security forces telling us they have control of the entire mall. that's what they say. and they believe all the hostages have escaped today president obama offering condolences to the people of kenya. >> we stand with them against the terrible operation that occurred. we will provide them with whatever law enforcement support that is necessary. >> u.s. officials say the terror group claiming responsibility has recruited measures in the past from -- americans in the past from here at home. catherine, what are you hearing about the possibility of americans taking part in this attack? >> well, thank you, bill. after al think bob the shah bob posted an alleged list of terrorists to his twitter feed. aggressively vetting the names for americans citizens against the watch list and databases so far
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no matches. before the twitter feed was taken down it claimed the operatives came from minneapolis, kansas city, the state of maine and illinois. in addition to syria, great britain, canada and the former soviet union. eyewitnesses describing the assailants starting anyone that could not talk arabic or recite the islamic prayer nationalities involved or authenticity of the twitter feed itself. homeland committee tells fox news the attack is a watershed. they are on the world stage now and with that comes the opportunity for them to it recruit and train and become a larger threat to not only that region butlights to the united states as well. >> several law enforcement sources confirm the fbi is on the ground in nairobi and americans are focusing on individuals missing or recently fled the u.s., bill. >> what are you hearing about the number of years of and length of time that they have been catherine.
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>> al shibob showcasing what it calls american martyrs. >> if you guys only knew how much phone -- fun we have over here. this is the real disney land be. >> about 50 somalis disappeared from africa in 2006. most from the indianapolis area. about half are believed to be dead with recent military gains in somalia, leading expert on al qaeda says it was a mistake to write off al shi bob. >> a number of us were concerned this triumphism was a little premature. shifting from' true terrorist organization. eyes of the authorities were really off othe ball. >> fox news has told the terrorists were caught on surveillance video at the mall moving from room to room inseparately one dressed as women to disguise themselves. another twitter feed popped
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up is several tastes managed to escape. tell fox news they are place nothing credibility on that new twitter feed, bill. >> catherine, thank you. catherine herridge reporting in washington tonight. much more on this coming in a moment here. more dramatic images from inside that mall on the scene outside as well. that's coming up tonight inside "the fox report" now here at home president obama and leaders around the world have gathered in new york city for the annual united nations general assembly. congress today urging the president to stand firm with iran when and if he speaks this week with the iranian president restating the u.s. position that it will not allow that country to develop a nuclear weapon iran's new president rouhani making his first appearance at the assembly. exprebletioned openness to easing tensions between his country and the west and reportedly even exchanging letters with president obama just recently now, the two leaders are not scheduled to formally meet, it is not on the schedule but the white house says it has not ruled out something
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more informal what could that mean. ed henry in the studio in new york. manhattan. what would it mean for the president if he is to have these quote, unquote informal talks? >> it could potentially be a major diplomatic break through. relations have been frozen since the hostage crisis in 1979. a president very much under fire on range national security issues. pinned down on syria. if he can turn the page and focus on something positive. that could obviously be good for him. good for the country, potentially good for our allies like israel. there is a lot of skepticism around the world whether or not this is real. whether or not if there is a meeting between these two presidents it will really lead to something. lead to iran stopping its nuclear program. today, at least, there were some baby steps. lady ashton from the european union, the chief of security policy. she met with the iranian foreign minister for the first time. here is what she had to say we talked about a number of issues but focused on the
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nuclear issues. we had a good and constructive discussion. >> now, the bottom line though, constructive discussion, there was no real action. what the hope is from the white house. if you look at this op. ed that rouhani wrote in the "the washington post" on friday he said to us mastering the atomic fuel cycle and generating nuclear power is about as much diversifying energy sources as it is who for nation. dignity and respect and place in the world. that is suggesting, look, the nuclear program is for energy, it's about our image in the world. it's not about nuclear weapons. they there is still a lot of people around the world sceptic call. >> pen pals recently. there are skeptics in many of them on capitol hill about iran's intentions. >> absolutely. have you allies lye like benjamin netanyahu indicating today look, this is bawl stalling, using the old north korean playbook. tell the u.n. and others you are willing to talk but all the while you are getting closer and closer to getting nuclear weapons. problem for the president
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today, it wasn't just republican critics on the hill. a democrat bob menendez, a senate foreign relations chairman. joined lindsey graham in writing a letter to the pment. like you we viewed rouhani discontent. we have taken note of overtures by iran. whatever words we made here it is iranian action that matters. we would welcome a credible and available agreement with iran. the president has a chance to address the world on this at the u.n. general assembly. speaks after 10:00 a.m. eastern time, bill. >> do you expect this to happen. some sort of informal. >> probably informal. i think it's unlikely the president is going to do a formal one-on-one with a spray of reporters and all of that i think on the slips like he did with vladimir putin a couple weeks ago when they had their differences that was an opening there remember, that helped lead in part to the diplomatic opening with sire syria in the chemical weapons. maybe something on the sideline. >> bill: it will be an interesting picture if that happens. ed henly good to see you in new york. good luck with the traffic out there. it is brutal as you have
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seen already. >> okay. >> a bipartisan group of more than 60 members of congress calling on iran's new president to free a former marine who has been sitting behind bars there since 2011. 29-year-old amir hekmati was visiting his grandmother in iran when authorities arrested him accused him of spying for the cia. a court initially sentenced him to die. iran supreme court overturned that sentence but hekmati has remained in prison with no access to a lawyer or diplomatic officials and family members have said that the charges against him are fake. hekmati is from the michigan congressional district that the democrat dan kildee represents and that congressman has been leading the effort to get him free. we spoke with the congressman a bit earlier today on "studio b." >> our goal is to make sure that as iran says it wants to rejoined global community, that we can offer a tangible step that they could take to prove their seriousness, that is to allow amir hekmati to
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come home to his family. >> as part of his campaign, the congressman has posted picture of his house colleagues online holding free amir signs. new clues in the search for a toddler who vanished two years ago. tonight, her mother, rather, is telling us about the little girl's whereabouts and some blood that was found. and she is asking the public for some help on that. plus, a dramatic showdown in the senate over the healthcare overhaul. a freshman republican taking on the democratic leader with a potential government shutdown that is hanging in the balance only seven days from now. that's next inside "the fox report" tonight. [ male announcer ] house rule number 33. coffee should come in one size: mug. stay grounded with the rich, bold taste of maxwell house coffee. always good to the last drop.
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that everyone really understands personal finance." we're like, "well, we're already doing that." and so it was kind of a perfect match. >> bill: so one week to go to a possible government shut june. the white house saying president obama will likely meet with congressional
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leaders before that deadline. no word on when that might happen. if you look at the calendar, that's a week away. last week the house passed a bill to keep the government running, but it also cuts funding for the president's healthcare overhaul. the white house threatening a veto on that if it ever comes to that point. but, senate democrats say the bill will never even get to the president's desk. and senate republicans are divided about what to do next. there is drama on the hill and that's where mike emanuel reports live tonight. good evening to you. >> good evening. >> harry reid tried convincing senators there is a certain inevitability here. what does that mean. >> that's right, bill. senate majority leader harry reid says the senate will act as quickly as tea party republican also allow. reid says the bottom line is obama care is the law. we will thought but to tea party anarchists who refuse to accept the supreme court ruled obama care constitutional. we will not bow to tea party anarchists president obama was overwhelmingly
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reelected. >> the senate will pass a bill later this week, that funds the government, including obama care and they will send it back to the house then it's up to the house how to decide to act. >> senate conservative leaders are trying to stop money from going to healthcare and they tried to help their cause what's happening there. >> senator ted cruz taking a leading role in all of this. earlier today there should be a 60 vote threshold for amendments trying to make it harder for reid and company to put money for obama care back in the bill. here is cruz making his case. >> we have an obligation to the people of our states and obama care isn't working. we are going to step forward and recognize the simple reality. it's the biggest job killer in this country. we should not affirmatively fund it. >> now, late today a problem for cruz, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell's office says he
4:16 pm
backs the house bill which funds the government without new spending, takes away money from obama care so bottom line, mcconnell will not join in the effort to block this bill. bill? >> bill: big picture now, mike. what's the thinking about what is realistic here and what will happen? >> well, with president president obama in the white house and senate democrats, the majority in the united states senate, a lot of conservatives are saying the best bet for them is trying for an obama care delay. >> what i'm hoping we can do, peel off some of the most damaging parts, peel off what we can, delay what we can't, also, hold the line on spending, democrats want to increase spending above the statutory limits that were set. so those are a few of the things that i think we ought to insist on. >> so, reid took an initial technical stipulate today, setting up an initial procedural vote in the senate on wednesday for showdown in the senate, bill. >> going to be a busy week, mike, talk to you tomorrow.
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mike emanuel tonight. the navy saying it's temporarily called off the search for two airmen missing after a helicopter crashed in the red sea. the night hawk helicopter like the one you see here went down in the central red sea yesterday while operating with the navy destroyer. the navy reports it has rescued three crew members but that it's quote, extremely unlikely those other two crew members survived that crash. investigators found the blood of a missing toddler in the state of maine throughout the home of her father. that's the word today from the mother of little ayla reynolds to put more effort on pressure to find the girl. she was 20 months old when she was last seen at that home in december of 2011. investigators had previously corn firmed that -- confirmed they did find some blood there the mother however claims that the blood was in several rooms and on the girl's car seat inside the father's vehicle. authorities searching foray la reynolds for months but never found the body or even made an arrest, even
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though they said they believed the girl was dead and a victim of foul play. police have said they believe the father, and two others who were at the home, know more about the girl's disappearance than they have admitted to date. it's been called the cutting edge in high phone security. that new fingerprint scanner, but only days after it hit stores. some hackers claim they figured out how to beat it already. are they right? plus, we very heard the feds may finally allow airline passengers do use electronic devices during the takeoff and landing. why that is important. we have an update tonight when the fox report continues after this. any way you like. try classic garlic shrimp scampi and more. only $15.99, offer ends soon. so come in and sea food differently. now, try seven lunch choices for $7.99. sandwiches, salads and more starts with freshly-made pasta,
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>> a record 9 million new iphones went flying off
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the store shelves over the weekend topping wall street expectations. according to apple, the demand for the latest iphone, the -- sorry, the 5 s and 5 c, well, they well-exceeded initial supply. but the company's ceo says stores are getting new shipments on a regular basis. the news sent the company stocks soaring up 5% today. meanwhile a group in germany claiming that it's hacked the iphone's latest security device. that's the fingerprint id scanner on the high end 5 s. that was one the cool new features that apple fans had expected and they were excited about that too. if the hackers claims are true. it could be very bad news for the tech giant. from the fox business network gerri willis with me on that story tonight in our newsroom here in new york. what more do we know about this hacker group, gerri? >> hey there, bill. they are from berlin. it's a little like csi. basically they copied a fingerprint of the user. they transferred it to a transparent sheet, and then they used that to make
4:23 pm
essentially a fake fingerprint. a latex fingerprint that could then open the phone. these folks in berlin say the worst thing you can do to lock a phone is to use a fingerprint because, bill, people leave their fingerprints everywhere they go. there is a venture capitol firm that says they will give $10,000 to the first group that hacks this. these folks could be the ones who make the dough, bill? >> wow. he we understand apple's competitors blackberry made a big announcement today on a company that's been frankly sliding for years now. >> blackberry in trouble. they have a deal that values them at $4.7 billion. the company at one time was valued at $80 billion. think about that. in recent days they v.a. announced 40,000 layoffs and here is a fact that puts this all into perspective. apple over the last three days has sold more iphones than blackberry sold in three months. that gives you an idea of the size of the biz, what's happened to those two businesses and how blackberry has truly fallen from grace.
4:24 pm
bill? >> bill: gerri, thanks. we will see you at 6:00 at fbn. gerri willis with us. thank you. the days of shutting down smart phones on flight may soon come to an end. the feds are considering easing restrictions of electronics during takeoff and landing. faa committee has been meeting about this for a while. it's expected to do so again this week and recommend changes to the faa by the end of this month. starting next year fliers may finally be able to use the device for reading and listening to music or the pod cast and even watching videos. but they say calls and emails and texts would likely still be banned. more details in a moment on that deadly terror attack at a mall until nairobi, kenya. you will hear from a reporter i spoke with earlier today who said the gunman gave hostages a quiz and that the answers to that quiz could mean life or death for all of them. plus a major legal development in the case
4:25 pm
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china, it happened in a southern province. first alert forecasters have called this typhoon a monster super storm. the storm surge knocked over trees, left a main road under 3 feet of water and cased major flooding in the region. mexico, at least 65 people are missing after a mudslide buried a village 40 miles northeast of acapulco. mexico's president says there is little hope those people survived. torrential rains across the country have already killed more than 100 after hurricane ingrid and tropical storm manuel both made landfall last week. india protests at an eastern city after a protest closed a school. some tore down black boards to protest conditions there the school caretaker says badly in need of repair. government seizing control
4:30 pm
of a factory major producer of toilet paper napkins and paper towels. the country has been dealing with shortages of paper products and other items due to problems. venezuela's president says the takeover is temporary to study the factory's production process and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. and this is the fox report. [gunfire. >> kenyan security forces saying they are in control of that shopping mall where terrorists killed more than 600 people over a three day period. the state department reporting four americans among the wounded, the rampage started on saturday and some witnesses say the attackers chose their victims carefully allowing
4:31 pm
muslims to go free today in america's newsroom i spoke with a reporter at the scene who has been hearing dramatic stories from survivors. inside that -- >> -- gunman demanding that people reveal information about whether or not they are muslim and if they said they were muslim they would have to pass a test for example they might be asked what ho what is the name of the prophet's mother then if you didn't know that you could be killed execution style. i even heard people who were hiding in parts of the mall actually tweeting and texting each other messages. in that message it would have a phrase in arabic a prayer or a line from the koran and if you are able to memorize that, if you were yesterday at gunpoint whether or not you were muslim. phrase in arabic which you may not be able to understand the language of and that might be a way of get out of being killed. >> the upscale home is home to nike adidas and other major retailers.
4:32 pm
jonathan hunt live in our newsroom tonight live in new york. what is the situation that we can report on the ground at the moment? >> well, bill, at this moment, it's not entirely clear as you mentioned. kenyan officials saying they are, quote: in control of that shopping mall in nairobi, having sent a huge numbers of military forces in to the building over the last 48 hours the operation itself has not been declared over interior ministry reliable sources of information tweeted a couple of hours ago, quote. our forces are combing the mall floor by floor looking for anyone left behind we believe all the hostages have been released. just an hour ago they tweet again that the kenyan defense forces continue to try to secure the building. they say a statement on the official status of this operation will be issued later.
4:33 pm
meantime secretary john kerry has been among those expressing solidarity with the people of kenya, listen ruthless and valueless terrorists remain a serious challenge everywhere in the world as we all know. whether it's in downtown manhattan or at a mall in nairobi or anywhere else in the world all ofs have you a responsibility to remain vigilant. >> certainly that has been the message from kenyan officials that the people of kenya have to be very vigilant in the coming days and weeks. bill. >> bill: what in the world could have been the motivation for such murder, jonathan? >> remember the al shabaab group base based in somalia. they have said publicly that this attack was revenge for kenyan troop incursions into somalia that were designed to crack down on the islamists but others have pointed out as that reporter who you played some sound from in your introduction said, that they were asking
4:34 pm
people as they went into the mall are you muslim? and they were executing people on the basis it appeared of their religious beliefs. that, a lot of experts say is really behind this kind of terrorist attack. i spoke to former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton earlier today and he told me this should be a wakeup call for everyone. listen. so this has been a problem has that's been evident for quite some time. now we are seeing the price of not paying adequate attention to it the price of assuming that somalia is a long way away. >> and tonight, of course, bill, we know that americans were among the injured. we wait to hear whether americans were also among the attackers. bill? >> bill: thank you jonathan hunt in our newsroom tonight here in new york. federal prosecutors say by the end of next month they plan to recommend whether or not to seek the death penalty against the surviving bombing suspect. during today's hearing in
4:35 pm
boston defense attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev also did some talking and they asked the judge for more time to argue against the death penalty. those twin bombings near the boston marathon's finish line back in early april killed three and injured more than 260 others molly line on that story tonight in boston and what else happened in court today, molly? >> bill, today's status conference really did focus on the death penalty as you mentioned and also on discovery. the death penalty in regards to whether or not the government would seek the death penalty in the case against dzhokhar tsarnaev and what the time line is on that. tsarnaev himself was not in court today but his attorneys actually argued that they wanted some sort of schedule on this matter. federal prosecutors say they actually plan to have a decision by october 31st. the u.s. attorney's office would file that decision with the attorney general's office. attorney general eric holder would get about 90 days to determine whether the government will move forward and pursue the death penalty, as a
4:36 pm
courtesy also asked the defense to file any arguments it might have against the death penalty by october 24th. though the a.g. does not need defense input, necessarily to render his decision. the prosecution alleges that the defense request to establish a death penalty schedule at all is improper. but, the government requested that if the court is going to do this set some sort of deadline that it be no earlier than january 31st. judge owe tool decided not to set a date, bill? >> many of the counts tsarnaev facing. >> 30 counts facing. 17 of which carry the death penalty. also an interesting government that came later in the evening, this regards the decision the judge made about a motion filed by defense attorneys earlier in the summer requesting yet another attorney, an experienced defense attorney in death penalty cases, actually added to tsarnaev's defense team. according to an electronic order that was filed later
4:37 pm
this afternoon. he denied that motion. the judge denied that motion without prejudice, the next status hearing is slated for november 12910 in the morning. bill? molly line in boston tonight. the ongoing crisis in syria top of the agenda this year's u.s. officials saying washington and moscow had agreed that syria had roughly 1100 tons of chemical weapons, including the nerve agent saran. a u.n. report claims that sarin was used in the attack last month near damascus. an attack the u.s. and western allies say killed some 1400 people. the syrian president assad announcing today that his government will allow international experts to access all the chemical weapon sites. but in an interview with chinese state media he also warned that the rebels may block the experts from reaching those sites.
4:38 pm
remember, the syrian government, the rebels blame each other for using chemical weapons. on that story tonight, eric shawn post at the u.n. right now. exclusive interview with the top rebel commander in is syria and again live from new york good evening to you. geographic his name was aseem. he one of the top generals big deer general until he defected last summer. now is he comearched the free syrian army. now fighting his former colleagues, the islamist and demanding that the united nations act i interviewed him via skype. warning the international community in his words not to trust bashar al assad even though assad has claimed that he will cooperate with the united nations chemical weapons inspectors as for the united nations security council resolutions still beyond going relations here. russia continues its defiance demanding that the u.n. resolution does not include the threat of force
4:39 pm
about that he had in this message for the security council diplomats. if the resolution does not include the threat of force, the russians are fighting that as you know, is that acceptable to you or must it have the threat of force? >> it must have the threat of force. and this regime don't understand any other language. >> well, that may not happen the french foreign minister says the united nations expects the security council resolution to be approved potentially without the immediate threat of force, bill. >> that general, he blames the world for not doing enough right, eric? >> yeah, you have to understand this has been going on for more than two and a half years. he thinks the worlds has stood silently by for too long and that the syrian people really need help and those tragic horrible numbers tells the story 100,000 people killed and climbing. 1,000 a week. 2 million refugees in syria
4:40 pm
so far have fled. 4 million displaced syrians in that country alone like the nazis after world war 2 the general says assad should face crimes against humanity. >> very important not only to put the chemical weapons and materials international council but to bring the criminal president and his very first owe-to justice. >> well, it's uncertain if that would happen. there was requirement to refer the aatrocities to the international criminal court. dropped in the previously because of russia. >> here at the u.n. tonight. captain is who facing manslaughter charges after prosecutors say he ran a cruise ship aground off of italy a year ago. now pointing the finger at somebody tolls blame. we will tell how that is tonight. the death toll is still rising after historic
4:41 pm
floods in colorado. the vice president got a first-hand look at the damage just today. his reaction to the disaster. is he up next here inside "the fox report." ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology.
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>> the captain accused of sinking a giant cruise ship in which 32 people died is blaming one of his crew members for that deadly dlition collision the captain on trial for manslaughter and abandoning the ship. today he testified that he ordered the crewmen who steer the ship one way and the guy reacted slowly and went the wrong way. otherwise the captain said the costa concordia would have stopped and not crashed into a reef. teams last week righted the ship and sitting under water platform. before engineers can try getting it to float again. crews lawyers are examining crews to examine it for evidence. what are defense attorneys looking for here i have to
4:45 pm
remember the captain man takens the mechanical problems aggravated the entire situation. the defense attorneys might send crews back on that ship, maybe dive teams to go to the very bottom to see if water tight doors were actually working and if those auto mate pumps were purposing water out. the ship tipped on its side because it took on too much water. if it had sunk straight down the way it was supposed to because it was only in a few feet of water that would have dramatically lowered the danger level. defense attorneys might also go to the commander's bridge and recreate the entire night of the crash why should note the 200 passengers suing the crews line also want that ship totally re-examined. bill? today in court they argue dollars about the second big mistake. what was that? >> first big mistake was indisputable that where was where the captain veered the ship four miles. he said the reason did he
4:46 pm
that because those rocks were not listed on any of the ship's navigational charts. it's the second mistake when the ship got close enough to the rocks the captain points to what the ship's black box recorder said. here is he in court. >> i asked the -- to move the tiller left. 20 to the left. in that moment the ship had an angle leaning towards the right and the error of not putting it to the left, lateness of this movement caused the mistake. >> the lateness was 13 seconds. investigators say language problems might have been the problem between the end doneisha born helmsman and the italian captain. prosecutors say those 13 seconds didn't matter. that ship was going on to the rocks regardless we also also note that the captain is charged with abandoning ship before all the passengers got off board. >> that trial continues in italy. thank you, trace gallagher from our west coast
4:47 pm
newsroom tonight. another person turns up dead after colorado's deadly flooding. a powerful surge water swept away a home killing the 79-year-old woman living inside. that brings the death toll to 8 people now two others missing and presumed dead. today the vice president joe biden got a firsthand look at the damage. he was in a helicopter touring that area with colorado governor john hickenlooper. the vp saying he was struck by how the floodwaters are still cutting so many small communities off from others. not raging in incomparable sense but a lot deeper and a lot more rapid than it usually is. those folks can't even make it across on to a road. though need a lot of help too. colorado has made remarkable progress so far the floods have damaged or destroyed nearly 2,000 homes in that state. a big surprise today from the irs. lois lerner, the official
4:48 pm
who first revealed how the agency targeted tea party and other conservative groups has just stepped down mucks say they are not closing the book on their investigation. far from it, in fact. that's still ahead in a moment here. live from washington tonight on "the fox report." don't really look like much at all. i see the aleutian islands. looks like a duck. it looks like... america... ish. that's a map. that's a map of the united states. check the map. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable, and in more places than any other 4g network. trade in your old device and trade up to america's most reliable network. i've got the good one! i got verizon! that's powerful. verizon.
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>> >> the suspect in last week's massacre the washington navy yard did not disclose a 2004 arrest. when he filled out his application for a security clearance. that's according to navy officials today. aaron alexis background check also revealed he shot out some the tires in the dispute. instead the report shows that he deflated those tires. it did not mention any gun. of course, government
4:52 pm
officials already acknowledging lots of red flags were missed allowing him to gain security clearance in the first place. be included when doing a background check. the irs official who first revealed the agency improperly targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny, she has now retired. the irs announced just a few lois lerner is out. she appeared at a hearing on capitol hill less than two weeks after the controversy went public. some republican lawmakers say that lerner gave up her right to plead the fifth that day because she delivered a statement and then refused to take questions when she did. >> i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules and regulations i have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee. i have decided to follow my counsel's advice and not testify or answer any of the questions today.
4:53 pm
>> she waived her right to fifth amendment privilege by issuing an opening statement. she ought to stay in here and answer our questions. >> so far she has not returned to the hill to testify again. the irs removing lerner from her position as head of the tax exempt groups back in may. until her retirement after taking the summer off, she was on administrative leave and she was getting paid in that leave. washington, d.c. with more. carl, good evening to you. >> hi, bill. not a lot of surprise in her detar departure. she was becoming the poster woman irs alleged abuse in the obama election. starting in the 2010 election. 2012 election. even to this day some tea party and conservative types say they have had their applications for tax exempt status delayed or in some cases denied in what they claim was a blatant attempt by the irs to silence them in the last two elections. lerner's initial claim of innocence was followed by her taking a fifth by congress as you saw to avoid self-incrimination.
4:54 pm
but she initially claimed that all that targeting was done by a pair of rogue agents in cincinnati. well, congress, with its investigation, has since found emails and evidence that irs bosses here in washington knew about the targeting and took a role in it. in some cases a lead role. darryl ice sat g.o.p. chairman of the lead congressional investigating committee is not going to let up on lerner. he wrote today we still don't know why lerner as a senior irs official had such a personal interest in directing scrutiny and why she denied improper conduct to congress. her departure does not answer these questions or diminish the committee's interest in hearing her testimony. the irs has now sent sent somewhere half a million documents congressional investigators to look in this. they have infer denied that conservative groups were mistreated. five managers replaced in leadership roles. no one fired and lerner was only on a leave of absence. if lerner thinks that congress is going to leave her alone now that she is in retirement. she probably hasner another thing coming in the form of
4:55 pm
a subpoena. >> more on this tomorrow morning. carl cameron in washington tonight. if you blink, you miss the moment that may have won actress the surprise star of last night's emmy awards. next, she will explain her somewhat bizarre speech. i'm angela, and i didn't think i could quit smoking but chantix helped me do it. i told my doctor i think i'm... i'm ready. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. i knew that i could smoke for the first 7 days. i knew that i wasn't putting nicotine back into my body to try to quit. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, sp chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms.
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last night wants emmy award he go 17 million watched according to nielsen. the shortest acceptance speech we have ever heard. mary weaver from nurse jackie won best supporting actress in a comedy series. here is her speech in its entirety. [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much. thanks so much. um, thank you so much. [ laughter ] um. i got to go. bye. [ laughter ] >> breft is brevity made quick exit i was about to
4:59 pm
cry. hard to do. i was scared and unexpected. i don't know how to feel yet until i see my therapist tomorrow. end quote. updating some of our top stories now. the white house says there was no meeting scheduled this week between the president and iran's new leader here in new york. the white house said it has not ruled out something more informal. kenyan security forces say they are in control of that shopping mall where terrorists killed more than 60 people this weekend. on this day 1944, f.d.r. took a stand against a republican attack on his dog. at the time, president roosevelt was delivering a campaign speech. f.d.r. accusation spent as much as $20 million to pick up his scottish terror in alaska. the story went he left the dog there accidently. sent a warship to retrieve it f.d.r. half jokingly explained sullied the reputation of his defenseless pooch. he went on to win unprecedented fourth term in office. politics went to the dog 69
5:00 pm
years ago today. that does it for this fox report. see new america's newsroom this morning. i'm bill hemner for shepard smith. make it a great evening, everybody. we'll be back tomorrow. time for the other bill. the factor is next. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i don't think harry reid and barack obama should shut down the federal government. if harry reid kills that harry reid is responsible. >> bill: conservative republican senator ted cruz under fire from his own party and things are getting pretty vinchts analysis with karl rove. [gunfire. >> horrifying terror attack in cane i can't, once again fanatical muslims killing innocent civilians. why are they doing that? we will tell you. >> you organize a protest against a general that was disgusting and despicable and


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