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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 24, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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but i was cut off from the control room and we'll save it for tomorrow and we'll explain that mannaia. >> this picture, who is it? tomorrow. >> that is a good tease. thank you for that. >> and america live starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the terrorist attack inside of the mall in kenya is over. that word from the president of that country. welcome to america live. i am shannon broem in for megyn kelliy. the president of kenya said five terrorist were killed and 11 others taken into custody after a four- day stand off. the forces made a final push to takedown the remaining fathers. it was a fierce four fight and stewart ramsey experienced it
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firsthand, watch. >> more firing again. you can probably hear it behind me, it is very heavy. they are firing and some of the rounds are coming a bit closer to our location. people are taking cover. and quite clearly it is not over. >> reports from inside of the mall indicate three floors have collapsed. at least 72 people are reported dead. but the morgue in nairobi has been warned to prepare for more victims. connorhas the latest. >> hello, shannon. there are several declarations in twitter that it would be over. but today's announcement a few minutes ago from the president
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that it is over is greeted as welcome news and sort of in the official statement that people have waited for, two or throw days. security forces not only controlled the entire mall, but confirm that five attackers are dead. 11 of them are in custody. he said right now security services cannot identify the attackers. they are working and trying to locate all of them. he called the past few days as a nightmare and thanked president obama and other countries that aid ad and supported his security forces. there were reports of gunfire. stewart ramsey showed how violent it has been. reports we are getting that the kenyan officials and security forces were going through the mall looking for bombs and trying to disable them. there are reports that there are
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more bodies inside of the mall. the death toll is at 72 and the red cross in kenya is saying to prepare for more. there are potential many, many more bodies in the building right now. but the good news, there should not be more deaths because it is over according to kenyan officials, shannon. >> thank you for the update. and the context of the frequency of terrorist attack. last year, more than 6700 attacks worldwide and len thousand people died. half of those attacks originated in pakistan, iraq and afghanistan. pakistan saw the most attacks, one out of every five occurred right there. in washington, a new report on the shooting in the washington navy yard. the shooter lied to get the security clearance he had. aaron alexis failed to tell them he was thousands of dollars in
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debt and had two prior gun arrest. federal investigators took out any reference to guns in his application. and those gaps eventually let him work in the secower navy yard where he killed 12 people last week. >> just one week before obama care is set to take hold in the form of exchanges, the president will roll out's new sales pitch to the american people this thursday. that speech comes on how the administration will limit options and leaves big gaps and how millions of americans will not get to keep their coverage as the president repeatedly promised. we have host of power play on fox, live. chris, great to see you here today. the new york times and politicalo and usa today not known as super right- wing
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outlets and they all have heavy criticism for the obama care, reality of it versus what the president promised. >> the president's promise if you like your blank you can cope your blank was an evolving promise and turned out first he said that and then this law will not make you lose your coverage or doctor, and the translation being that other people may take away your doctor or coverage. there is a consequence but this law will not directly take it from you. it is indicative of a long a rc and a complicated sales pitch that is a law that is unpopular today than it was in march 2010. the reality of the president. he is enlisting president clinton and going six months of tax and entitlement and taxes. and on january 1st that's when the gates swing open for people
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to enroll in the subsidized health insurance programs. but on january 1st, that's when it swings in act and the benefits come out and the employers and individuals start dealing with the new regulations and taxes under the law. >> here's my question. it is the law of the land as a number of democrats reminded us with the battle of capitol hill and funding and defunding related to the health care law. why is the president selling it and why another speech. people have to go along with it whether they want to or not? that's not the way you get people involved in an entitlement program who is depended on the people who opted not to purchase insurance to purchase insurance. the government is spending tens of millions and trying to get young first to purchase insurance that they have in the
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past will not buy. it is cool and running ads with paul bunya n statutes and tripe music and going to get young people in the dor. unless they have enough enrollees is a budget difficult law becomes budget impossible. that's the reality for the president as he tries to drag it across the finish line. it looked like it is taking place on a college campus. young people are critical. the fine versus getting an expensive policy. they are -- their participation is needed to get. this how is it going to be to young people. a $90 fee versus buying a health insurance policy and i am young and healthy and 20. why would i do this? >> the president did it as
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a deal with the largest insurance companies in america. i will make it harder for you to make money, but in exchange, i will force people who didn't want to buy your products before to buy them now. that includes the electoral voters on college campuses that they are using everything they can at their disposal and social media and networks to try to get the obama supporters signed up and deliver on his promise. they said they would do it by force and compel people. that did not work with a $95 penalty and now they are enticing so the president can make good on the promise to the insurance industry. >> former president clinton along also. chris, thank you very much. 11:30 on the internet. see you there tomorrow. >> you bet. >> you can follow all of the latest from capitol hill and the
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fight of obama care and the possible government shutdown go to fox entering your e-mail and click on the sign up. fox don't miss. it >> vandals toppled a stone monument of the ten commandments over the weekend. this is just steps behind the supreme court. trace has the latest. >> the granite tablets were purchased by faith and action. they were taken down from ohio suit and faith in action fought their battle to get the battle put up on their own property directly behind the supreme court. and in 2006. they were angled so the justices
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arriving in the supreme court could see them. now they are vandalizing. and the steel rod was bend all the way down and the words face the ground. here is reverend rob shank from faith in action. >> we consider this a serious crime because it is not just a crime against our property, it is a crime against the sense of identity that comes from an association with the ten commandments. they will fix the monument and then put in security cameras to make sure it doesn't happen again and faith and action are amazed that they could pull it off directly across from the security of the supreme court. and faith and action will hold a news conference later on. they have a special message for the prerp traitors here and they will not tell us what that message is. we have an inkling that maybe
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they will forgive these people for vandalizing their property. >> that is probably the line of thinking. and security in that area, it is literally across the street from the supreme court and capitol hill and so heavily policed. they had it planned out certainly. we'll see what happens with the investigation, trace. thank you. >> a new beginning for the woman accused in targeting corsicana groups. lois lerner decided to retire. we'll talk with the attorney targeting the groups. new concerns today that the continued attacks on christians are ignored by washington. former republican presidential candidate rick sanatorium shows the scope of the problem. kirk cameron unveils a film unstoppable. he will talk about the media outlets that seems determined to
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prevent that movie from happening. >> i want you to come on the journey to discover the answer to the age- old question. if god is good, why is there is so much pain? why does he allow evil in a world when he could stop it? diagram [ sneezes ]
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but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. -- >> gas prices are on the move again. we have good news for you for once. they're heading down for a change and experts suggest that just maybe, prices will drop below the $3 mark for the first time in three years. it dropped little more than $0.06 in the two weeks. it is $0.30 cheaper than last year. cheapest gas in the country, charleston, south carolina, 3.14 a gallon. and the woman in the heart of the irs scandal targeting te
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party group system retiring and sitting pretty on your dime. lois lerner admitted that the irs scout out conservative groups and thee plead the fifth after it was revealed she not only lied to the american people but ininstrumental in overseeing the policy and she was placed on paid leave and not fired and now retiring, she will live off your tax dollars. jay sekelow. i know you represent dozens of groups that were targeted by the irs. what did you make of the news when you heard mrs. lerner is retiring. look. i will get my retirement benefits and been in government service for a long type.
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we havelet one of the main masterminds. not the only one. but the main people behind the unconstitutional illegal targeting. and rather than having her terminated which is what they should have done, they put her on paid administrative leave. the american people are paying for her, tax dollars are paying her sal row. they had letters with her signature of august of this year. ine though she was on administrative leave for two and half months. we have the reality move. she should have been terminated for cause period. >> we know you have lawsuit pending. we have members of congress. congressman issa and hatch stepping up and saying this does
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not end our inquiry and questions to lois lerner. there is a fbi criminal investigation as well. can you tell us about the lawsuits that you have pending and the progress of any of the group moving toward tax exempt status and do the lawsuits name lois lerner herself. >> no it does name lois lerner herself and the internal rev now service. the lawsuit is 41 plaintiffs in the case. and so it is a large lawsuit and about to amend it in light of the new evident that came out last week with new e-mails showing what was going on with the irs and targeting. the government granted two of our clients, they are granted tax exempt status since it was passed and filed. none of the c4s yet. we understand that as it sits right now, the fbi is making an investigation and i know that from the pleadings that the
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government filed and the lawsuit responses they say there is an ongoing fbi investigation. not one of our clients have been contacted. not one contacted by the fbi. don't you think there is a serious investigation by the fbi they would be contacting the victims of the discrimination. and the government can fix this. it is a horrible situation and not only acknowledge the wrongdoing. but put in a program that is not done again and over seen by the court if necessary. and give the clients tax exempt status that are pending for three years and give appropriate damages for their acknowledged and admitted illegal activity. the government has the authority to do that. i am sure we'll get motions to desmiss and we'll be responding. we have a team of lawyers at this on the aclj. if i were in congress, grant her immunity based on a proffer it
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may be worth giving her immunity. i think it is pointing higher up than lois lerner. >> and to recap. it was a few weeks to contact. the house ways and means committee. the groups that were targeted. 104 out of 111 were conservative organization and 46 percent of them were approved. we have a 50 percent still waiting. and the progressive groups were asked five questions and 100 percent of them were approved. how key was lois lerner to that. >> she was in charge. tax exempt organization and we know that the application came up in front of her and i posted an article on fox and the reality is it is coming from lois lerner. she was in charge of the division. it originated higher up. but she was the primary
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implementer of the policy and none of the liberal groups were denied status. and some of them had 10-15 subparts for the groups and how do you explain that lois lerner and letters with her stamped signature on it were coming out of the irs in late august, a month ago and she was on leave. none of it is explained. congress is working on this. this is a huge scandal. the government targeting people like they did and content of prayer activity is outrageous. the president said he would get to the bottom of it and the fbi said there may be criminal allegations. i understand why she took the fifth amendment based on the testimony and e-mails. i question if it was a valid taking of the fifth amendment. but right now we need evidence and answers. they are pending and lawsuits
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are filed for months. the irs can grant the status. they can do that now. >> thank you, jay. americans are concerned about the control of the federal government. coming up. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play athis game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. and everybody wins. (announcer) at scottrade, our cexactly how they want.t with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade.
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>> abber krom bow and fich is having to payout. connie con, the judge rowelled they discrim nailed her and saying it was against their look policy and refused to hire a muslim woman that was wearing one. they shelled out cent thousand to the woman and promised to
10:26 am
make religious accommodations for staff that wear the head coverings. >> a new film on faith and tragedy hits tonight. written by former growing pains actor and backed by the university. it was almost derailed with a road block. trace? >> by the way, shannon, one night only will sent via soilths to 600 theaters in the country and then in churches and dvd. it is called unstoppable. it is a story about faith, love and redemption, he said people why god allows bad things to happen to good people. here is a trailer, watch. >> i went on a journey to examine my faith. to be honest. my faith and my doubts it is the
10:27 am
most personal project i had made rarding my faith. >> trying to get the word out about the movie hit road blocks. facebook said it was abusive and unsafe and youtube blocked it because it was spam and scam and said it was deceptive. cameron called on his fans and facebook fans to fight back. facebook said it didn't block it because of philosophical but technical difficulties it was mistaken for spam. kurt cameron said it turned out good. >> that served to put more fuel on the fire. it didn't stop unstoppable. it pushed it even harder and theaters are selling out. it is record ticket sales because of these folks who wanted to shut it down. youtube did not explain but it
10:28 am
is back up on youtube. tickets are selling like hot cakes, one night only in conjunction with liberty university and 600 places around the country, it should be a money maker for him. they may add another night next week. we'll ask him when he joins us live in a bit. thank you, trace. >> okay. >> deciding on health care and taxes. and polls are showing that many americans are concerned about the growth of our federal government and new research is showing that washington is earning a heck of a lot more than the rest of us. has our government become too big or greedy. and the white house is staying silent on church bombings like. this is it open season for attacks on christians. what more could we be doing in the u.s. and arrested for asking questioning in a public forum. we'll have the latest on the case coming up. you like to keep your family healthy and fit.
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this is a fox news alert. we wanted to show you pictures live coming back from the un. the president greeting world leaders after giving his speech this morning. we'll have more on his remarks and special look at what he said about iran's nuclear program. stay tuned for that.
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a record number of americans now think that the federal government is too big and too powerful. new numbers in a gall upon poll that is just out. 60 percent think that the government has too much influence in our lives. those numbers coming in the same time weekly standard published interesting research. not beverly the suburbs of our nation's capitol that are wealthiest in the land. we have a fox news contract chris plant. and good to so you both. >> good to see you, shannon. leslie are you surprised by the numbers that people think that the government has too much influence in what the government is doing. >> no, i am not surprised in the numbers. i think people croiing out against big government are louder than people who are giving facts about what the government is. i always finding it something
10:34 am
that uncle sam is the 666 with evail cape and horns and when there is a natural disaster and attacked and need our military to act and our bridges collapsed and our roads are not paved on the interstate they are first to croi out. and chris christie is a perfect example. >> chris plant; of course the federal government has obligations and certain things they are supposed to do and provide for. but you know, the numbers are going up across the board and not just republicans who think that the government has too much control. it is up ten percent of the democrats that think that the feds have too much control, too. >> independents and republicans in particular. the democrats according to the latest poll, also, the numbers have gone up certainly and that was down at 25 percent after
10:35 am
president obama tock office, because president obama was preaching big government and they were singing from the sheet music. it is not national security or coping the roads paved but horning in on every decision we make. and the federal government and all levels of government. county and state and city government and michael bloomberg banning cokes and barak obama tells us what insurance to have and smart meters and set the temperatures in the living rom and the school system that is a calamity and the government is to big for the britches and horned in on too many decisions and too much of our business and honestly it shouldn't be a republican/democrat thing. i understand that it is. there is too dam much government and i am surprised it is only 60 percent that can so. that >> lesly, there are things that people want the government to be
10:36 am
involved in and others that they shouldn't and that is within republicans and democrats. they don't grooe agree yes and no. there is a growing across the board sense that all of it is just too much. >> there is quite frankly a misunderstanding of how much the federal government does and doesn't do and is and is not involved personal life. if it was not the federal dpft it would be the state. i am in california from the federal government. that is not just blue state and chris knows that. don'tous the d word. i use a bar of soap next time. >> he's on probation. just a fact check. i like to keep an eye on the federal regulations and it is more than 6,000 newly proposed federal regulations and that kind of stuff tips people off
10:37 am
and regulations.gochlt i have it book marked. and the other part of this. not only do folks think washington is too powerful, but the stats show it is rich, to. four wealthiest cooperates around dc and counties with 100 or more in median family income. nine of them around washington d.c. and then new york. andatoid for third is baltimore. two counties that commute to dc as well. chris, you are pulling down the big bucks and live in the dc region. >> it is appalling. there is a visible difference since president obama assumed the president so. >> oh, come on. >> it has. look in washington d.c. everything is under construction and an economic boom going o. cut granite curves. and if the economy is depressed.
10:38 am
we are like moscow and roll nothing other people's money and baltimore, 30 or 40 miles away. they are getting rich off of washington's table scraps. it is overthrow from the throw hadn't 8 trillion a year that washington is taking in and we bring it here and redistribute it out of here. i got to tell you, it is like a rolling feast in washington d.c. all thanks to your money. >> luckily a lot of it cycles through. they are straight to k- street and where they are out of the box and lobbyist. and goes way up from there. it is clear that there is a lot of money in washington. >> no question. be a realist. they can make more money and hiring more lobbyist. like the health insurance companies trying to fight obama
10:39 am
care. six lobbyist in the health care industry per senator, all living in dc and don't forget democrats and republicans in the house and in the senate who live in the washington area. most of the year, they are not making chump change, those people and i don't see the republicans giving the money back either, chris. >> i mean, it is the throe.8 trillion. and it is all coming in washington d.c. and parcelled out in washington. we are the richest zone in the country. and it is visible. there is no sign of recession here. we are roll nothing other people's money. it is a one company town and we don't make anything but debt from what i can tell and instead nancy pelosi said there is no place to cut.
10:40 am
the cup board is bare she said. >> that is a another conversation. i wish it would roll over in the streets where pot holes that swallow children. chris and lesly. good to see you both. >> good to see you. >> thanks. >> editorians asked if attacks on christians are ignored in washington. rick sanatorium is next on that. >> and the irs now retiring. is that mean she is beyond criminal prosecutions. >> meet patrick, sexist gorilla about to get his own bachelor pad. [ bottle ] okay, listen up!
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two articles ranging questions about questions around the world. it is attacks in kenya and nonmuslim were targeted and church bombings where 85 christians were killed when they left service on sunday. politicians here at home are silent on the issue and a pores to be a lack of anxiety or action on the part of western christians. joining us now is rick sanatorium. >> good to see you. >> the president made mention of the attack on the church in pakistan that is welcome. our president has a bully pulpit. >> he doesn't talk about them very much and the problem is it
10:45 am
is getting worse and worse. the reason he doesn't talk about it. it goes against the narrative of radical islam is not the problem. and what are they doing? killing coptic christians evipt and killing priests and driving christians out of egypt and doing the same thing in iraq and in pakistan, and there is no christians in afghanistan to speak of. anywhere there is a traditional christian community, they are being persecuted in unprecedented fashion and this president made it a nonissue because it goes against the idea that there is anything idea logical or thelogical or religious about the conflict in the middle east. that is when rick sanatorium said we have to define the enemy and explain who they are. it is in a context of a lot of things going on in the region
10:46 am
and the president refuses to do that. >> how helpful is it that we saw groups in minneapolis in that region when word came out that possible that some of the attackers in the kenyan mall could be americans and our authorities have not confirmed that. we saw people from the muslim community say we condemn this and this is not part of our religion. how helpful is it when they make the difference? >> the greatest enemy of radical islam are muslims who are not radicals. they are the ones who have more violence perpetrated against them than christians or jews or anyone else. you can see it all of the time in the middle east, the strug lel between moderation to the radical jihaddist. it is helpful and imperative for the muslim community to speak
10:47 am
out and condemn the community and the thelolling behind it. >> there are some on capitol hill and folks like i think of chris smith out of new jersey who is raising the red flag about these things. is there more than washington could be doing and is this a u.s. issue? >> again. it is an exmrnation to the american public of what the war is about. we ignore this. we miss a teaching moment if you will. to make america stand up for religious liberty around the world, and not persecuting christians. no other country in the world is frankly concerned about it and will not do much about it. it really is the united states that has to stand on this. >> i promised the folks on twitter that you come with good news. and a ratified just in time for
10:48 am
christmas. it doesn't roll out that early but can you tell us about it? >> we have a ceo of a company echo light studio. a inspirational company and coming out with the first release on november 22nd. we'll have a movie based on a bock by max luca d o who is a big inspirational writer. it is a christmas movie at christmas time. that may seem aud. not about santa claus or reindeers and what goes on in christmas time from the stand point of what christmas is all about. we are the only christmas movie in the theaters this season. we are excited about it. it starts susan boyle and sings a beautiful song and samantha barks from les miserables and hans mathis and great cast and
10:49 am
filmed in england and beautiful story about miracles and versus science and it is a fun film and great family fair. >> i think we have a clip. we'll hope folks can get a taste. >> welcome it is the christmas candle. >> forgive my ignorancy. >> it is no different than the old wives tales and bible stories. >> it is in this bucket. >> we'll look forward to it. >> it is a different christmas movie and about the issues. >> it is angels and miracles and we look, pg- rated film and one to take the family to. and people complain to me, i do as a father not able to take your family to movies. it is christmas time and it is perfect. >> i look forward to. >> a now twist in a tale of a concerned parent who was
10:50 am
arrested after asking questions in a public forum. trace is next with what has happen since we aired that story and could be the final chapter in a story from a young girl who was stripped after her biologi decided he wanteded to be a parent after all. we have the latest on her custody battle. >> it is a bad day for the cherokee nation and native children every where. but, more importantly, this is a bad by for the brown family and for veronica. a tasty, wholesomk that has eight grams of whole grain... and is now made with real strawberries and bananas. honey maid teddy grahams. two new flavors now made with real fruit. what are you guys doing? having some fiber!
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a passive aggressive primate named patrick is getting therapy for his sexist attitude. the dallas zoo says he is not nice to the lady gorillas and bit one of them. he grew up without a mother to teach him manners so until he learns to play nice, he is going to move to a zoo in soouth carolina. an update on a story we brought you yesterday. prosecutors there have announced that charges have been dropped against a parent who was arrested for questioning the common core crim yurriculum. details in the newsroom are. >> you have to keep in mind.
10:55 am
it is one of 45 states getting a big push back calling it a federal government intrusion in schools. robert small works for the federal government and went to a maryland state of board of education meeting and afterwards the board members asked for questions in writing. he asked his verbally. complaining that they were preparing kids for community college. >> how do the standards that prepare kids for community college. that is what it is all about. the emphasis is, i have some stuff here -- >> okay. >> parents are paying for this. this is not a cnn play book. >> let him ask his question!
10:56 am
>> this is a public meeting. >> we do have some -- >> let him ask his question! >> so this is a -- >> don't stand for this. you are sitting here like co wards. >> robert small has been invited on numerous talkshows and he has declined. >> he violated the rules of the meeting and the security officer was right to drag him out of the meeting but he will not be prosecuted. the other school district board meeting tonight will draw quite a crowd. we do not know if he will be attending the meeting or not. >> thank you. any of our viewers who are going tonight, please send us your updates. >> kirk cameron's new movie is being blocked.
10:57 am
it has been more than 30 years since the scene outside our embassy in tehron. but said it could end. we've got details coming up. you know "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... hey daddy, what's your job? daddy's a uhh florist. are you really a florist? dad, why are there shovels in the trunk? there's no shovels in my trunk. i see shovels... you don't see no shovels. just am. well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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this is a fox news alert. president obama seeks to set a diplomatic resolution is iran. while he explores a dialogue with tehtehran. it is a brand new hour. earlier the president addressed the united nation's general assembly. he directed secretary of state john kerry to pursue a new round of talks. that would set up the highest
11:01 am
official level meetings between the two arch enemies in nearly 30 years. if we can resolve the issue of iran's nuclear program that can serve as a major step down a long road towards a good rope one based on mutual interested and mutual respect. >> he is set to address the un general assembly this afternoon. >> yep, we are making a habit of this every day now. the bottom line is the president sees the opening here but sceptics do abound. iran is changing rhetoric not action. the president did note that this is going to be an uphill climb. their thirst for nuclear weapons.
11:02 am
he is pressing ect ining secret to pursue this. they see iran taking a page out of iran's play book stalling for more time. take a listen. >> i'm directing john kerry to pursue this effort with the iranian government. the united kingdom, france, germany, russia and china. the roadblocks may prove to be too great. but i firmly believe the diplomatic path must be tested. north korea was able to get those lifted. that is what iran wants to do. you can see president ruwani
11:03 am
there. all eyes around the world on what he is going to say and whether he is going to back up these new words of openness of actual action news and specific promise of giving up nuclear weapons in the meantime. there was a tweet that gave you a flavor inside the mind right now. he said quote quote :when all iran has come up in terms of adjusting it's rhetoric. hey, we are saying a lot of nice
11:04 am
things. that is not going to sit well with them. >> no, and he too saying that the u.s. shouldn't be taken in by soothing words. and he said that, but he didn't say it before the un. he is speaking next tuesday. they get to frame this, but you can bet that he is going to have a different view of all of this. there was speculation that our president and iran's president is not even going to be at this lunch today. there might be a drive day hand shake and they realize inside the white house they are pursuing this. but if there is a picture of hugging and shaking hands, that could be a bad picture. i think that was something that
11:05 am
did not go over very well. >> here is more background on iran's notorious past. since 1984 the u.s. state department has deggisnated it as a state sponsor of terrorism. they have demanded the country freeze it's nuclearen itchment program. let's bring in fox news contrib you tore. rick, good to see you today. your reaction to the president's remarks today. >> this whole speech today to the un was silly theaters when it came to iran. people are acting like we don't know what the red line is. i find it puzzling that
11:06 am
president obama is pretending like we need to have additional talks with them. the red line is clear that iran must stop enrich iing uranium. if they say hey, we have six resolutions that say you should stop enriching anything less than that. i'm not sure what this theater is about shaking hands we need to comply with what the community including russia has said. i mean that is not something that he has been able to resolve. i me, he says we need to give diplomacy a chance.
11:07 am
the u.s. was working to give it a chance with iran. what has changed with anything. nothing has changed diplomacy has been going on without military action and without a push from the community. it has been going on for six un resolutions. it is always puzzling when they arrive to the issues so late. i mean, he's out there today in front of the un saying we need to give diplomacy a chance. where does he think that they have wrestled before these issues? we have russia joining six resolutions on iran while the president of the united states is still trying to get russia to join the line on syria.
11:08 am
we shouldn't try to reopen that we should try to stop trying to join syria. the secretary of the united states and john kerry are weaker. >> he said we shouldn't be talking about america being exception al. president obama said today, i believe america is exceptional. i think it was a great line to say in front of the un community. it was clearly a swipe at russia. it is puzzling to see them picking this fight. right when they are trying to convince russia when we are trying to get them to make clear the red line and syria. it goes back to samantha power who threw up her hands saying
11:09 am
diplomacy was dead and they don't know how to act strategically when it comes to russia. secretary of state hillary clinton thought the best thing was to revamp the relationship. it has turned out to be the wrong thing to do. we'll see how they digest that remark. >> thank you. >> thanks, shannon. >> 4-year-old native american baby has been returned to her adoptive parents. trace gallagher has this story. >> and a very big surprise because the oklahoma supreme court has ruled that the
11:10 am
transfer would not happen. that is the family that raised her for the first 27 months of her life and without explanation the court bowed out. that left in place the court order that validates the adoption. she is part cherokee and her biological father claimed that under the indian welfare act that he should have her. he did get her for the better part of 21 months. the supreme court ruled that the law did not apply. a cherokee nation authority said it was emotional and very sad. >> it is a bad day for the cherokee nation and children
11:11 am
everywhere. but this is a bad day for the brown family and for veronica. >> they hope that he will be allowed to remain an important pard of her life. >> she remembers they are reunited and are whole again and we have gotten word that they will issue a statement about this reunion some time later this evening. >> thank you. >> her name sounds like a super villain. now there is a debate about the woman involved in that massacre in kenya. also residents in one state ask their governor to sign a plan to ask local police to honor
11:12 am
deportation orders. plus news that -- will retire from her post from the irs. but does that mean she is beyond criminal penalties. we will have a legal break down. >> she has been on paid leave. my guess is that she gets full p benefits and will be paid # $100,000 a year. [ male announcer ] julia child became a famous chef at age 51.
11:13 am
11:14 am
picasso painted one of his master works at 56. doris taerbaum finished her first marathon at 50. not everyone peaks in their twenties. throughout their lives. passion keeps them realizing possibilities. an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and support at
11:15 am
powerful republican congressman reacting to news
11:16 am
that -- is leaving after paid leave. steve has more. >> reporter: hi, lois lerner may be gone from the irs but the probe is far from over. lerner was head of the unit that decided which groups would get tax exempt status. report found her actions were not politically motivated but many dispute that. >> we have the numbers. the vast majority were c conservative groups. it is not true and doesn't stand up to the facts. >> oren hatch said in part
11:17 am
because lerner is retiring does not mean the investigation is over. there are many unanswered questions that must be addressed so that we can get to the truth. her departure does not answer these questions. the irs has admit thad there was a problem. but the behavior has the result of poor behavior. the irs having no direct comment on personnel matters. shannon? >> look forward to continuing and cooperating. we shall see. now thatlerner is retiring. is she behind other criminal issues? good to see you judge.
11:18 am
her retiring doesn't make this go a way. and i think a lot of americans share the anxiety of congressman and senator hatch. what could be in the middle of a crim inal investigation first said she was innocent and then claimed the 5th amendment and now she is retiring. once you start claim your pension, it can't be taken away. once convicted, she still gets the pension. can she be subpeonaed? yes. can she be prosecuted? yes. here is what could also happen to her. she could also be the recipient of in voluntary immunity. the house of representatives
11:19 am
could vote to imnize her and she could have no 5th amendment right. >> speaking of the 5th, let's play out how this could happen. she made a statement and then took the 5th. >> i have not broken any laws, i have not violated any irs rules or regulations and have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee. i have decided to follow my counsel's advice and not answer any questions today. >> she out to stand here and answer our questions. >> under the law, in most of the country, congressman gouty is correct once you say something you have opened the door.
11:20 am
the witness must refuse to say anything or answer all relevant questions. when ever you make a statement like that, her lawyer a prominent defense guy, she knew what they were doing. the house of representatives could go to a federal judge not far from where the house is and compel her to testify. so she has created a mess for herself. but she is by no means immune by being sued civilly. that is my question. who is going to pay for her legal defense? >> if the core go to her behavior as an irs official, then the government will probably defend her as long as they have the money against her.
11:21 am
so far as her work related activities, they will send her legal bill to the feds and we pay for it. >> either way she has a pretty good deal and she knows a lot about what happened. and how they targeted groups and won't divilth it. >> to testify again before the house there are these separate lawsuits that are on going and i can't imagine that she would say anything knowing that she will face those. she is in a tough spot. judge, always good to see you. thank you. >> a growing battle over common core. why there is growing alarm over the education standards after the feds battled over billions of dollars. a former sitcom star finds
11:22 am
himself in the battle over faith. we are going to talk to kirk cameron. >> i want to come on this journey with me. i want to settle once and for all that life is stronger than death.
11:23 am
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11:25 am
a growing backlash against voluntary education standards called common core. it is raising alarms in schools and homes across the country.
11:26 am
well the president's race to the top education program was part of that. he said if states wants to get some of those taxpayor dollars they could adopt common core and standards and now parents are worried that their kids are being judged that undermines quality and control of their children's education. you have the threat of the government takeing over education. schools and teachers set their own cru curriculum. >> i think the critics have done a good job at confusing a lot of
11:27 am
parents. if you see something you don't like read the standards. they are cut and dry. they wanted that stimulus money. the states that started it are now trying to get it. >> her name sounds like a super villain. there is growing debate whether this woman was involved in the massacre in kenya. and it is coming down to the wire as we are six days away
11:28 am
from a make or break deadline. would reducingservices be as ba saying claim? >> 228 republican ares responded to the will of the american people. and overwhelmingly passed a bill that would fund government and protect the government from obamacare. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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11:32 am
now we are learning it remains unclear if that deadly four day siege at a shopping mall is completely over or whether any militants could still be at large. five terrorists were reported. we are looking into reports that one of the attackers could be a british woman known at the white widow. she was married to a deady suicide bomber who took part in the deadly london attacks in 2005. >> also a short while ago authorities there would be doing
11:33 am
forensic tests on those killed in the deadly kenyan attack. he went onto say that intelligence reports are suggesting that a british woman were involved and that woman is suspected of being a 29-year-old mother of three with a=fap dama russ history they think it could be possible. >> a team of british experts are going there to try to identify her. the terror group which is claiming responsibility for the attacks say they did not have a woman in their ranks. she is dubbed the white widow because her husband was one of the vindividuals in the terror attacks that left 52 people
11:34 am
dead. she was not charged with that but shortly after that she fled the uk and went into east africa. since then, she has been linked to the group and is said to have been in somalia training in attacks on and the hitting of western targets in the region. some of her close associates in the links. to show you how wide ranging the attacks were, they say that she was using a fake passport to travel and a source says she was there tofor religious training. fbi, cia on the ground and they will be looking at the american connection in the attack as well. two to three americans possibly
11:35 am
involved. back to you. >> all right greg, thank you very much. we are six days away from a possible government shut down and there has been a lot of talk about differences when it comes to the spending of your tax dollars. but a new report says even if the fight leads to a touchdown most employees are going to work through it. fox news senior analyst joins us now to separate fact from fiction. >> good to see you today. many government workers are going to stay on the job. there are laws in place that people emergency personnel on the books and in place. for several weeks back in 1996
11:36 am
the dpo government had bills passed covering much of the dpo government's function. a hot of agencies will be closed. a lot of sourist sites will be closed. the public does notice and they don't like it even a little bit. they don't like it shut down. >> you have probably gotten the same e-mails that i have. another round of cuts go to the white house for a tour and some museums have abbreviated hours. it does affect people in real ways. this would be a larger slice of government functions that would halt. in the end it would be
11:37 am
temporary. but during the delay there are so many things that the dpomt does that people don't notice. when we don't think that there are meat and poultry inspect tors on the job. many would probably stay at work. but not all. these things affect people around the country. many are interacting around the country. when things close down it shuts down their activities. this will be bigger than s sequestrati sequestration. the reason would republicans have reason to be worrieworried matter who gets blamed for it. i was looking at one of my old
11:38 am
reports. >> the democrats are good at messaging. we have seen that. but they say all kinds of people are going to be on the job maintaining westbou ining websi considered a good function. receptionists. meteorologists who work at the national weather service. >> the world is not going to come to an end. that is right. >> but believe me, shannon. people will notice this. unless we are living in a different age than the one we were back then. >> do you think that is why there is so much friction within the gop itself?
11:39 am
those who do know as you said the gop consistently shows that they take the blame. >> there is a reason for that. the republican party has been the party less impressed with government and they have a deeper belie deeper belief that government is a good thing. good the government is essent l essentialessential ly shut down, they naturally blame the republican ares. and to some extent they are the ones that are using the break manship on obamacare. that is another reason why republicans might get the blame
11:40 am
even though you can see there is plenty of blame to go around. the highest numbers on record of the number of americans who think the federal government is too big and too controlling. we will see what you think about it. >> thank you. >> growing debate over the fate of people in this country as folks in one state push to stop local police from honoring deportation orders and a fight over faith centering on this film. the fall out when we talk live to former sitcom star next. >> this is a movie about faith hope and love. there is nothing abusive about that. and that served to put more fuel on the fire it didn't stop unstoppable. it pushed it even harder.
11:41 am
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11:44 am
oo. home prices rising. that is the sharpest rise since february 2006. limited supplies on the market are driving those prices. >> we told you last hour about former sitcom start kirk cameron and the movie's launch. here is a look at the trailer. >> i'm on a journey to examine my faith and be honest and face my questions and doubts. this is the most personal project i have made regarding my faith. >> as i prepares to host a live
11:45 am
event of the one night showing of "unstoppable". good to see you today. >> thank you good morning great to talk with you. >> you were trying to get the word out. >> that is right. i simply put a photo up on my facebook and it reached 20 million people. it had blue tape with the facebook logo that was covering my mouth. they shared it and they reinstated it quickly. it served as great fuel for the fire. >> tonight is the night it is airing. >> it is airing tonight as a one
11:46 am
night live event broadcasting from liberty university. this is the most personal project i've made regarding my faith. my friend 15 years old he died this year of cancer. i found myself wr the question why does god let bad things happen to good people. i'm hoping to give an answer that will thrill people and make things better. >> do you think there is sort of a bias against christian messages against movies like this? >> well 30 years ago i was ten years old and i wasn't interested in things of faith at that time. but there is an increased
11:47 am
hostility of things toward people of faith. we have seen things over the last ten or fifteen years and there has been a spike of agitate tors coming out. so i think this is an important time for us to not stay silent but to speak of things we believe in like faith, hope and love and i'm excited to see the support that has come out for unstoppable and films like it. when life coming flying at us and challenges us we want it to make us stronger. >> you came out stronger after asking those questions on the back end of your journey here. do you fear too many times christians in our modern society are pegged with having your
11:48 am
faith and only nothing else. did you fear that they whose hope and love and compassion? >> that has always been a concern. no matter what your faith is. people understand that truth must be accompanied by love and faith. jesus was always a perfect combination of truth and grace of the right answers communicated with love and compassion. we need to be modeling that. even when you do there are so many people that don't like what you have to say. so what we need to do is understand that god is in control good overcomes evil life
11:49 am
swallows up death in the end and we need to stay the course. >> i will check out the movie tonight as i no others across the country will. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> take care. >> you too. >> fox news alerts senator cruise has been leading the charge and taking to the senate floor. let's less isten in. >> you can ask republicans democrats and independents and they say we need jobs and economic growth back. and yet i will tell you madam president, you and i have served in this institution not very long. but in the time we have been here, we have spent virtually zero time talking about jobs in the economy. it is not important enough for
11:50 am
this body's time. we have spent six weeks and we t virtually no time talking aboutt tax reform, regulatory reform, getting the economy going. and politicians wonder, why is it that congress is held to such low esteem? well -- this is unfortunately a bipartisan issue on both sides. weed in to do a better job of listening to the people. if the top priority of the american people is jobs and the economy, madam president, i suggest the top priority of congress should be jobs and the economy. you and i should be both scratching our head trying to think of a time we weren't talking about jobs and the economy. we certainly haven't gotten it take care of yet. the american people are frustrated because elected officials don't listen. when wore home on the campaign trail, we say we listen, and yet something about this senate floor, something about washington, dc -- i don't know if it's the water --
11:51 am
>> listening to senator ted cruz as he takes the floor to talk about the fight to tie the government funding for defunding obamacare. long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do. face time and think time make a difference. at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing. are
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11:54 am
fox news alert. back to the senate floor where texas senator ted cruz, heading up the effort in the senate to tie government funding to defunding obamacare, has taken to the noor. he is starting his speech. we thought you might want to listen in. >> will occur on friday or saturday. and it will be what is called cloture on the bill. madam president, that is the vote that matters. cloture on the bill, the vote friday or saturday, is the vote that matters. why is that? because that vote is subject to
11:55 am
a 60-vote threshold. if republicans vote with democrats, then this body will cut off debate on the bill. cloture is simply caughting off debate, saying we're not going to talk about it anymore. we're silencing the voices of the senate. we are silencing the voice of the people. and we are cutting off debate. why does that matter? because opposite you invoke cloture, the rules of the senate allow the majority leader to introduce the amendment to fund obamacare and then have it pass with just 51 votes. not 60. 51. madam president, as you are well aware, there are more than 51 democrats in this body. post cloture, after this body volted to cut off debate, the democrats can vote on a straight partyline vote to fund obamacare, and madam president, i'm going to let you in on a
11:56 am
dirty little secret. when that happens, every republican will vote against it, and every republican will then go home to his or her state and say, look, i voted against obamacare. that's actually the preferred outcome, to have a vote, but yet to have the result be business as usual continues in washington. it's a little bit like the world wrestling federation. wrestling matches where it's all rigged. the outcome is predetermined. they know in advance who is going to win and lose, and it's all for show. there's some members of this body that, if we could have 100 show votes, saying, here what we're for, but mind you, none of them are going to change the law, none of them are going to occur -- >> you're listening to run republic senator ted cruz, make as the continue the discussion over funding the government.
11:57 am
the funding shuts down in a matter of days, and the effort to defund obamacare. we'll be right back. the american dream is of a better future,
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♪ thanks for watching. "studio b" with trace gallagher starts right now. >> trace: we begin with breaking news on "studio b." take a live look at the noor of the u.s. senate where the texas republican senator ted cruz has vowed to peek at the podium for as long as he can. remember, we are less than a week away from a possible government shutdown. last week, the g.o.p.-led house passed a bill that would keep our government running but wouldles pull the plug on president obama's healthcare overhaul. now the fight has moved to the democrat-led senate, where senator cruz and other tea-party backed lawmakers threaten to stall the process. otherwise senator majority leader harry reid would remove the part of the bill that defunds the


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