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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 24, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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down 61. yikes, not good for your 401k or iras, that's it for "studio b." john scott in later for fox report. "your world" starts right now. >> as president i intend to speak in on sayings to obama obamacare. i will speak until i am no longer able to stand. >> neil: let's get ready to rumble. 90 minutes into a filibuster that is technically not a filibuster, and he is mustering. texas republican senator ted cruz vowing to take his stand against the president's healthcare law until he can no longer stand. his relief, senator mike lee, will be joining us. first, the former vice-presidential nominee sarah palushajin on what he thinks. governor, moving sooner than you
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thought. >> what senator cruz is doing is waving this flag, and he is sag, hey, what is the alternative here in fighting for our economic liberty in the united states of america? what his colleagues are doing, they're waving this flag and they're saying, let's surrender until we win. that is their tactic? this is nonsense. more power to senator ted cruz, mike lee, others who are standing up for what they campaigned upon, and that was to do whatever they can do, seize whatever tool they have, in this case the tools are in the legislative branch, the purse strings, getting rid of the socialized healthcare coverage policy of president barack obama. >> neil: john mccain said it will be a cold day in arizona when we defund obamacare. in fact it may be a snow storm. almost culling it a waste of time by saying, know how the movie ends. and we don't defund obamacare.
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what did you think of that? >> well, i think anyone who wants to wave that white flag right now, and in this battle for economic liberty in america, is forgetting what america was built upon. america was built upon those willing to say politically speaking, i'm going to do what is right for freedom, for liberty, and if i die, i die. that's what senator ted cruz is doing. do you think he, standing up there in his quasi-filibuster, he is going to see as a result of this all of the big-named contributions coming -- pouring into his coffers and the big political architects who screwed so many things up lately, like karl rove and rick morrison, these guys who have tried to change the republican party into one that would just go along to get along, as a bunch of sheep in order to appease president obama and some of these who want
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to transform america. senator cruz is not going to see that, but what he will see, whether he dies politically speaking upon this mountaintop or not of his is -- the heart and soul of americans who care about this country and the future of our economic liberty, we will be standing there, having his back, doing all we can to support him and thanking him for being willing to fulfill his campaign promises. >> neil: are you surprised, governor, the resistance he is encountering within his own port. reports november much mcconnell was trying to black -- block this, and that they're dragging the party to an inevitable defeat? >> aim suprised those when the g.o.p. establishment would turn on one of their own? who has a record and previously at least a reputation for stang up strong on the planks and the
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platform, that being freedom and capitalism and economic equality and -- gosh, work ethic, the planks of the republican platform. aim surprised that rhinos would turn on one who would stand strong? no, because many of us have lived through that. we have come out stronger, i think, and being able to hold our head up higher, even though perhaps we're in a different place politically speaking because that machine does control so much, of course, and the political arena in america. but, no, neil, i'm not surprised. >> neil: so when steve schmitt, john mccain's 2008 campaign strategist, republicans have to be careful of this insanity. and do county the think he was taking a shot at you? >> i don't know what steve schmidt and his crew have been saying lately. i don't like anonymous sources
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and i think it really allows degrade addition of the journalist-in end thicks. >> neil: the said it on msnbc. >> i'll make the point about anonymous sources being used. and journalists need to quit using anonymous sources. so i won't be anonymous in making a statement about the john mccain and the campaign that i participated in with him. john mccain disrespected those who, at the end of the game, running the campaign, started turning on republicans who were standing up for the right things. i know john mccain. we have spoken about this. and i don't think that he will be hurt or harmed that i am speaking publicly what he told me. he difference respects those
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people who use anonymous sources to attack their own. he told me that. so sheave schmidt and his crew, and granted, steve schmidt allowed his name toyyw be attad to on besmirching comment about another republican but those using anonymous sources are elevated and cited as sources, join john mccain in dismissing them and saying, journalists, quit using them. >> neil: you and the senator are not on the same page regarding this and i wonder if it taxed your relationship. >> we're not on the same issue when it comes to ted cruz is doing in trying to defun obamacare. there are certainly things that john mccain and i do agree on, though and that is that been, dog gonity, barack obama is our president and we have been better off to not be in our position now with the doubling of our debt and the deficits that reach about a trillion dollars a year ask all those
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things that barack obama and his mignons are continuing to lead us towards bankruptcy. so john mccain and i agree on that. >> neil: you've been very vocal about this and risking a great deal of prestige with the mod rats within the paster, by saying -- moderates within the party, by speaking out. some would read into that maybe you're running for president. are you? >> that maybe i'm running for president? >> neil: yes. >> i'm up here in alaska, raising a family, run something businesses, rap wrapping up moose, hunting, things on a personal level and not think about 2016 in terms of who is going to be the next g.o.p. candidate. you talk about moderates in the party. here we go about the party. people talk about maybe a need for a third party. dare say we already have a third party. the liberal democrats, the gone
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-- the g.o.p. machine and then the good guys. that it the third apart. ted cruz, mike lee, rand paul, working extremely hard for, again, standing strong on what used to be the plank office the republican platform. those are the players in the party whom i will support. >> neil: sounds like you're inching away from the republican party, at least as we knew it -- >> i've always been very, very independent. up here in alaska, it's why i'm not in the good graces of the alaskan political party when it comes to republican machinery up here. i had to fight them. i've taken on city republican governors, mayors, others who were not serving for the right reason, and the right reason, it's simple. it is so simple. you listen to the people, you do the will of the people, you stay strong and committed to what it is that you promised to do for the people, and then you -- don't be surprised if people
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turn on you and say nasty things about you. you thicken up your skin and stand strong and carry on. exactly like ted cruz is doing. >> neil: i talked to former texas senator phil graham, and one of the things he has been echoing to me is, i like what ted cruz is doing, what sarah palin is saying. there are better ways to gets the same result. that is, if you're going nowhere with the math, as he sees it, trying to defun obamacare. you might have a far better shot at delaying it. that's why be puts more credence in attaching a delay in obamacare to raising the debt ceiling. >> tell the soldiers that who had to storm the beaches. on omaha beach. those who have fought physically and in a political arena for the sovereignty of america and for
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our economic liberty, and our national security, tell them, oh, wait another day and perhaps the battle will get easier tomorrow. no. again, that's waving the white flag, and time is short before our country is fundamentally transformed. exactly as barack obama had promised. he also promises things like energy costs necessarily skyrocketing under him. promises there we be bankrupt coal plants if they dare start up. all those things he promised we see, not to change the subject, but epa regs coming down that will result in that. time is very, very short. we must stop these things now. one of the things we must stop in order to halt this transformation of america for those who love america and what it is that we were built upon and have made it so exceptional, one of those things is this socialist healthcare coverage policy of barack obama,
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unpopular, unaffordable, it's impossible, really, to be implemented and it would be implemented by the irs? implemented by an agency -- she who ran it until just recently, having told americans basically, fu. i'm going to take the fifth. i'm not a going to answer your question. she who has been in charge of this monstrous bureaucracy that will be taking over the implementation of obamacare. >> neil: talking about lois lerner. >> one thing we do too stop this transformation is stop obama obamacare now. not wait until there's perhaps a smaller hilltop on which to climb and plan our flag and say no more steps to socialization of this country. >> neil: governor palin, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> neil: the man of which she association ted cruz is still speaking on the floor of the senate. that's where we head tomorrow, washington, dc, where the family
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squabble is turning nasty. senator john mccain says the defun movement is all but dead. democrat senator warner is looking for middle ground. forearm senate jim demint says everybody keep an eye on that debt, and investor foster freeze how he sees -- foster freese is seeing this. if there's one thing these marks heat is uncertainty and right now there's plenty of uncertainty. that's why we are in the capitol, caping an eye on your capital. senator ted cruz not alone on the floor because this guy's got hit back, but not before he joins us here. mike lee is next. >> i am particularly honored to be standing side-by-side with my friend and colleague, senator mike lee from utah.
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senator lee has shown visionary leadership in standing up and taking the mantle of leading the effort to defun obamacare and to challenge this train wreck of a law. aw this is tragic man, investors just like you
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♪ or just go to e-trade and save it. boom. ♪ >> neil: you're looking live on the senate floor where ted cruz is still at it and actually just warming up. almost an hour and a half into a filibuster-like talk-a-thon that could drag into the night and beyond. should he stumble this identify is ready to take his play and continue to rumble, senator mike lee. senator, very good to have you. is this technically a fill bust center because you don't have something before you on the floor. what is it? >> well, it's technically, at noon tomorrow, we're time limited by an agreement to go to a vote. but it's hard to convince anyone that this isn't a form of filibuster nonetheless. he has the opportunity to speak. possibly 20, 21, 22 hours,
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something like that. i don't doubt his capacity or his resolve to do it. >> neil: so in other words -- i'm sorry. i want to be clear. you have a bunch of rule is don't understand. that means he can't take a potty break, can't two to the bathroom, or can he? do the same rules exist for a typical filibuster than as they too here? >> yes. he cannot go to the bathroom. he can't down. and so he has to state right there where he is, and that takes a lot of strength, resolve, and determination, and he has that. he is doing this for the same reasons that a lot of us are involved in this effort, because we care deeply about the american people, what their experiencing and facing in connection with this law, and we want very much to make sure that the voice of the american people is heard here in washington, and that the people are represented well. the people don't want this law because they know it will make families' healthcare situations
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worse. >> neil: reports are that there were evidents made by republican party leadership in the senate to squelch this moment that senator cruz is using, and potentially you. now, we contacted mitch mcconnell's office a number of times. they don't get back to us. i don't think it's me. they're just busy. do you know if that is the case? whether the leadership has encouraged other republicans, stay away from these guys, they're kip to night. >> -- kryptonite. >> there's been no secret there's disagreement month republicans how to deal with this issue. i speak for myself and my cop sit opportunities, and i speak for what i believe is the right thing to -- which is to do everything we possibly can to stand hen the house of representatives, who has in turn stood with the american people and saying, we want to keep
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government funded. we want to fund government. but we want to defund obamacare in the process. >> neil: no one is denying your passion, senator. always gets back to a game of numbers. john mccain and others referred to the math saying it's pro -- prohibitive in the senate, and the president will certainly veto it and there's more than enough protection for him to prevent an override. so you're fighting a losing battle you. say what? >> to those people who are saying that, predict that. there have been a lot of causes wees a americans have fought and eventually won, even though the odds were stacked against us and even though at times we had to fight when with were in the minority or the minority within the minority. that doesn't mean we tone make the voice of the american people heard when they're crying out for relief. the only thing we know for certain if we don't try, nothing will help. we have no guarantees that this will work. but we do have a guarantee that it won't work if we don't try.
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but we have a guarantee this law will take effect. even though the president said he is not going to follow it the president himself acknowledged that the laugh is not ready for prime time. >> neil: i take it that mitch mccome has not talked to you about this. >> private conversation wes have among and between members generally remain private, but i will say that publicly we have had conversations about this and there have been disagreements within the republican conference how to best proceed. i believe what we need to focus on is the fact we can't be complicit in making it easier for a harry reid too insert one amendment, just one single amendment, allowing only that amendment to come up in connection with this house-passed continuing resolutionment one amendment that would gut the house continuing resolution, stripping out the defunding language from the house resolution, while
1:21 pm
allow nothing other amendments to be brought. if he wants to bring this up for up or down vote so we can vote on the house continuing resolution, fine. if he wants an open amendment process where different members can bring forward amendments, republicans and democrats that's correct finds. but harry reid can't have his cake and eat it, too, and our effort is an effort to block that, to not make it so easy for harry reid to gut the house continuing resolution. >> neil: senator mike lee, we're watching. remember this guy -- certainly got the attention of this guy, who is convinced he is a far cry from this guy. in-is he? [ man ] this isn't my first career.
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>> neil: lots of stuff going on today. a live look at the united nations. within minutes the iranian president about to speak. and president obama speaking today, and despite the white house being responsive to a meeting with rouhani. >> there was no handshake today. the white house says the president was willing to shake his hand, but the iranians, it seems, did not. they cited logistics they said were too complicated, and as possibly both presidents meeting at the secretary generals lunch for heads of state, that didn't happen because we're told that roseanne -- row roe v. rouhani a no-show because they didn't rsvp. and if you don't respond, no lurch. the lunch followed the address by the president the general
1:26 pm
assembly which he told them he is instructing secretary of state john kerry to meet regarding the nuclear program. >> the road blocks may prove to be too great about i firmly believe the diplomatic path must be tested. while the status quo will only deepen iran's isolation -- >> the u.s. and our allies want iran to stop the uranium enrichment above 5%, cooperate fully with inspectors, stop underground facilities and stop a reactor that could produce plutonium for a bomb, and three and then secretary of state will meet with an iranian diplomat
1:27 pm
and he -- but protesters have been gathered across the street. they're angry rouhani is even here. >> probe rouhani belongs in prison. he has so much blood on his hands. he is guilty of so many crimes in iran, of executing so many people, of torturing so many people. in fact he ensaid himself he duped the west with nuclear attacks. >> and despite all the talk, iran is violating six security council resolutions, including the demand to stop uranium enrichment. we'll see you when the iranian president takes the podium for his speech. whether or not he will offer any olive branches or new concession wes have not yet heard. >> neil: the secretary of state does want to meet with iran's foreign minister, slated for thursday, but middle east
1:28 pm
analyst says, like a presidential power, this is a bad idea. why. >> any meeting with the iranian regime will only prove to legitimize -- >> you don't believe -- >> that do we have to go by in the political and economic isolation that exists between the u.s. and iran is because of their behavior, and what we don't even need to remind to go past the 34 years of history we had with them. look at this moment. their involvement, both militarily and financially in syria, human rights abuses with all the prisoners and two americans being held in the prisons in iran, and most importantly, they are -- they already said that it they will that stop enrichment0. uranium. so the focus with the media and the american legislatorses is to just focus on a handshake, a meeting. what will that do for us?
1:29 pm
>> neil: a lot of people are focusing on the new president's words, seems more conciliatory. >> actually took that back and said that was fake twitter account. >> he didn't wish them well,. >> he didn't put out the message. even if he had, his record -- >> neil: people stood by it but you know more. you don't find even the language or the tone warrants a change in how we treat them? because the other guy was a nut case, mahmoud ahmadinejad. right? you argue that the power is not in these guys' hands. >> it is not. the nuclear portfolio is in the hand offed oof the religious leader and the president is the face of the regime, bus at the same time look at what ahmadinejad was saying about the nuclear program, it was peaceful. and this guy is saying the same thing. so we're not seeing a huge change in terms of what is being
1:30 pm
put out. actions will speak louder than words and at the current moment we can't deal with the iranam regime as two separate entities. what they're doing at home, supporting global terrorism and then dealing with him, they're now conciliatory because they have come to new york and want to offer something completely different. >> neil: back to the senate floor. senator ted cruz continuing his speech against health care. more like a rant too hear a lot of folks say. but is this crash about to upset the cash? we're on it. my name is mike and i quit smoking.
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and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. >> neil: we're told that the rules of the filibuster are intact even to the it is not technically a filibuster. senator ted cruz has stand there and keep talking for as long as it takes. he its protesting the senate effort to separate the defunding of obama kaz -- obamacare. the republican fundraiser who says, all well and good but for republicans-this could get nasty and bad and fast. >> you know what, neil? as a fundraiser, we have the 2014 elections or our heels, showing that we can't get along,
1:35 pm
showing there's not unity. it's bad not only for rebranding, we had a huge effort among the rnc to try to rebrand. but it's potentially bad for recruiting other people, recruiting new members and potentially bad for fundraisers. we need to come together, and a lot of people -- i actually had a donor, i made a call on behalf of one candidate, and he said he was very disgusted. he got off on another trail and said he was disgusted with people like ted cruz, who he felt like were trying to dismantle the establishment and instead of and pushing new policy, that he was more determined to just lock up the establishment -- the g.o.p. -- >> neil: a lot of these ted cruzs and others have been on here and said, we're not the problem. it's the establishment that is the problem. go long, get along, and
1:36 pm
everytime we nominated someone who arrests that establishment -- represented that establishment whether it was mitt romney or john mccain, they've gone down to defeat. >> there's too much division. too fragmented as a party. and all it does is unidentify the other -- ewan nye the -- unify the other side. so even to the there's personalities good not everybody gets along, look at the liberals. blue-dog democrats and liberals about they seem to have an appearance of being unified and the republicans are scrapping it out, name-calling. >> neil: what if iran did something and -- they're actually speaking to all this rage about the healthcare law and the mainstream republicans don't appreciate that, or get that. >> well, number one, i'm a big fan of ted cruz. i think that what he is doing is
1:37 pm
being a leader. he is are articulate. he is educated. and he is a real rock star within the g.o.p. i think we're lucky to have him. and do other house members, other republican senators have a right to criticize what he is doing? yes, they do. i just wish other people wouldn't get on the band wagon and further the disruption between the g.o.p. and have it so public, to where we look like we do nothing but bickering. do you really want -- do you think this is going to attract new donors and people that want to be g.o.p. members with all this inner bickering? i don't. >> neil: the democrats survived hillary clinton and barack obama going for each other's throats. right? >> thanks, neil. i can always count on you for bringing up that point. you're right. >> neil: noel, thank you very much. '. you think it's no big deal if these capitol hill guys are
1:38 pm
late on a deal? taking stock of the country and investors who might be losing stock. then you have something to worry about.
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>> neil: as lawmakers are fighting and talking and debating and filibustering, the market just could be girating. 'm here's more on that. what do you think? >> we're looking at the yield and the ten-year now at 2.66%. the stock market off a couple percent from the record highs from last week. many inessors saying they're ready to sell, and some analysts predicting a thousand-point selloff in the dow and economists warning it could cut economic growth in the fourth
1:42 pm
quarter bay full percentage point. so the dire warnings are out there right now. the investors are return and benazir bhutto -- ben bernanke cited the 'problem. one bank decided not to pull back on monastery stimulus. so far -- monetary stimulus. the markets have not been shaken too much. now. >> the -- standard & poors lowered the credit rating and stocks were rattled. the stock market index fell 17%, the first trading day after the government's aaa debt rating was
1:43 pm
downgraded. every single stock in the s&p fell that day. and it did bounce back just a bit, but while the stock market has been having these record highs we have been talking about, a risk in the form of a government shutdown does exist and just around the corner. just last week we saw the yield on the ten-year top 3%. we're back down to 2.66. so the markets are -- they are whip sawing and there's a lot of volatility heading into this. >> neil: normally when there is concern and they run to bonds and that burns -- pushes down the interest rates and if there's a fear that our credit would be downgraded in the middle of all this, we lose our safe haven. stocks suffer. everything suffers. don't know where that money goes but the prevailing are argument
1:44 pm
is it doesn't good here. is that a legitimate fear? >> yes. just as we saw last time and you're seeing in the charts we saw most global investors fled from anything u.s.-related. any u.s.-related assets they got out of it. did we see markets rebound and bounce back? yes, but in the short term, it is a very scary proposition for the markets. >> neil: show that chart from before. i looked confusing but there was a consistent pattern i want to show in that. it's not -- there's going to be a quiz on this. everytime it looks like a deal wasn't happening we went down. everytime it looked like a deal was happening we went up. almost to the dime. everytime. so, when a deal looks unlikely, all of a sudden this could fall. that's the fear. we shall see. >> back to ted cruz on the floor. two hours into talking. this guy might have a future as a tv anchor.
1:45 pm
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>> neil: lois has left the building. the irs official at the center of the targeting scandal retiring from the agency every an investigation found her guilty of neglect of duty. a report saying she is walking away with a full pension worth $50,000. she has refused to talk but could she pipe up once she haspñ left? >> she is probably not going to talk. i think she should. i don't know why she would right now because she is not in any kind of trouble. she pled the fifth, so why? but she should.
1:49 pm
if you have done something wrong, talk about it, come clean. we were just here last week talking about the teenagers who did this horrible thing and we're trying to figure out who they and are nobody wants to talk about it. >> neil: did she have anything to do with the teenagers. >> probably not but she tide something wrong, and she into lead by example and say what she did wrong. nell neil is it easier to, let's say, have her strike a deal, get a deal, a bar -- bargain with the prosecutors when she is out of office? >> i would think it's easier because then she doesn't have the pressure of the ramifications within her job. so that would make sense to me if she were given immunity from being prosecuted, it would make sense she would make that deal and then spill the beans, and i think that's probably going to happen, and i think she i dying to free herself from the main point of blame.
1:50 pm
>> neil: do you think she was forced out? >> yes. >> neil: so if you're forced out, you kind of have a vendetta? >> i can't speck from experie fe myself. >> of course not. >> but i would imagine so, yeah. absolutely. >> any of the republicans on the committees, a couple of democrats, you're kind of salivating at this development. >> absolutely, sure. i would imagine they can't wait to hear what she has to say. i don't know why she would. i don't know why she wouldn't just take her money and go away. >> you aid that's easier said than done. >> it is. she may have done a deal to take one for the team to have the public blame put on her and pleading the gift and not prosecutorial blame on her and may be a decision in what to do from here on in and may want to stay in that position but at the same time at some point i think she would be best to think about
1:51 pm
covering her own butt because, you know, what knows what will happen with the folks she took the fall for. >> this doesn't go any further unless she talks, right? a lot of people digging into this says it resolves around her and if she doesn't talk it's kind of hard to keep this alive. isn't it? >> yeah. as a result, there probably is a lot of pressure on her to say something. >> everyone wants to keep this alive because it's a juicy story and a major difference between one person in the office taking advantage of the office's power versus having it be kind of like a more global mandate to do so. so, you know, no one wants to let the story go. >> where do you think all of this is going? >> first of all, i don't think there's any interest on her part to speak, so, you know, hopefully for her sake, she goes away and doesn't say anything. but i would love to hear what she has to say. i really would. not only shed light on what's
1:52 pm
going on but an example of somebody who did something wrong and is going to own it. i would like to hear what she has to say before there's a deal on the table so what he does say is honest and at least what we have seen -- >> do you think the e-mails are revealing enough of her involvement that it was beyond some rogue officers in cincinnati? >> i think enough to pique an interest in what she has to say. >> thank you both very, very much. as we were listening to the ladies, we are keeping track of ted cruz. we are told that this guy is two hours into this filibuster. that isn't a filibuster. he's ready for this. he is not wearing the typical cowboy or debating boots but black cushion shoes and almost cowboy boots when seen at the capitol but these are not boots. i'm told fancy cowboy boots that look great but if you're standing for hours at a time they have been very, very uncomfortable.
1:53 pm
we'll tell you how comfortable he is up there. again and again and again. throughout the night. after this. >> that dropped to two. that means six a year in the last four years. that's 24 white castle restaurants. now, number one, just as a consumer, i'm a big fan of eating white castle burgers. that's 24 places you can't go to get them. but that's not the real hardship from it. the real hardship, i want you to think of all those jobs at those 24 restaurants. every one of which would have multiple shifts, would have managers, have cashiers. would have had kids just mopping the floor. and those jobs would all be on the ladder to success. on the economic ladder towards the amerdream. even within a fast food restaurant, there has been tremendous opportunity for investment. maybe you get hired mopping a floor because you don't have any
1:54 pm
other skills or like my dad washing dishes because you don't have any other skills but if you work a little while maybe you can move over to the fries, move over to the griddle. you can move to the cashier desk, learn to count change. a lot of kids don't know how to count change. sadly, the educational challenges we have and kids don't necessarily have the skill to count change and yet you can learn that. and then if you demonstrate hard work, perseverance, customer service, maybe you get promoted to assistant manager. and then one day manager and then who knows? you know, just a few weeks ago had dinner -- hey, let me get it. ah, uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent. nice!
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so not ready for prime time. now i am not talking about that guy, ted cruz right now. i'm talking another bull in the republican china shop back then. way back then. his name, ronald reagan. he, too, was the target of remarkably mainstream republican attacks back in 1976 when the rising conservative star came within a whisker of beating an incumbent president for the party's nomination. didn't happen in 1976 but it did in 1980 by which a party soul and direction was clear. i know that mystery teaches us parties do sort this stuff out. clumsily and painfully losing elections along the way but eventually getting themselves out of the political wilderness and finding their way. sometimes the answer's right before them. be who you are. not who you think others say you should be. or the mainstream media insists you should be. you know, there's nothing wrong
1:59 pm
with a party fighting for its soul. there's everything wrong with the party emerging from the battle with no soul. because as reagan proves, accommodating the times we're in is one thing. surrendering to those times is quite another. reagan believed that the republicans forgotten their core. they shouldn't accommodate government. they should afly late the government. he said it much better. i'm not taking to ted cruz with the reagan thing down. i'm saying a party that tries to alienate ted cruz and others like him risk going down to defeat because the other side doesn't turn the tide of history unless its opponents are trapped in a dinghy and getting swamped and becoming history. so fight to good. as long as they don't get too out of control. as senator cruz keeps speaking, i'm heading down to washington, d.c. to get to the bottom of this tomorrow with john mccain who said this defund plan won't work. rand paul with a completely
2:00 pm
different plan. he says will work. democratic senator mark warner who's afraid that the senate now looks like just a piece of work. former senator, current prestige president of the heritage foundation jim demint on what he thinks eventually will work. so many more tomorrow. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city but what else is new? the islamist terrorist threat is a cancer on the globe. i think i just insulted cancer. it's everywhere. the argument to ab solve terror is historical. islamists say there's nothing unique about terror. every religion has had aggressors. true. in the spanish inquisition. but now in this point of history, it's all islams.


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