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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 24, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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yeah. >> all right. >> that was very clever. >> you know, you're supposed to be out of here. >> i know. >> all right, see you tomorrow. you know what's next, something we like to call "special report." you might want to watch it. it's pretty good. ♪ we shall overcome ♪ counting heads in the senate. republicans and democrats do the math over defunding obama care. with the possible government shutdown looming. this is "special report." ♪ >> good evening, i'm bret baier. it's all about the numbers here in washington. house republicans want to strip billions from the president's health care overhaul. but over in the senate the most important numbers are the ones you can count on one hand. we have fox team coverage. jim engle on the surprising fact behind the health care exchanges that are supposed to go online. brit hume has analysis of the budget and mike emanuel we start
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with on capitol hill. good evening, mike. >> we're just hour as way from the senate taking an initial vote on a slightly adjusted version of a house passed bill to avoid a government shutdown. though democrats plan to strip a key component defunding obama care. >> give our senators the wisdom to know what is right and the courage to do it. >> with washington facing a possible government shutdown next week, the senate chaplain made an appeal for divine governance. they will be tested soon said harry reid. >> we'll vote tomorrow regardless of what anyone says or does today. >> still texas conservative ted cruz took to the floor to make his case against moving forward with the bill. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care until i am no longer able to stand. >> reporter: cruz handled off to senator mike lee after an hour for a ten-minute break then resumed.
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the vote will be procedural on a bill that would keep it running through november 15th at an annual rate of $986 billion while cutting implementation and enforcement for the he's's health care law. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell supports the bill and says when reid tries to restore it with an amendment that will put the pressure on vulnerable democrats seeking re-election. >> you can only afford to lose four democrats, just four. if he wants to restore funding, for obama care so if five senate democrats vote$ei0x against the senate majority leader obama care will be defunded. that, mr. president, is a vote we should have. >> reporter: gop whip john cornyn put at risk democrats on the spot "i call on all my democrat colleagues especially those from arkansas, louisiana, alaska and north carolina to join republicans in defunding
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obama care." senators were elected to take tough votes, says senator flake. >> we procrastinated and put off hard decisions like a bunch of teenagers putting off the pain of a term paper. >> reporter: democrat senator pat tri leahy says hollywood cannot compete with the drama lawmakers create. >> nowhere near as the groundhog day we have once again in congress. >> reporter: if republicans are able to defund obama care many would like to delay it a year. today senate majority leader harry reid said the senate will not pass any bills that delay or defund the health care law. now, taking a look at the senate floor with ted cruz still talking some interesting 2016 politics we've seen kentucky senator rand paul join them to ask a question. we're expecting florida senator marco rubio to do the same all considered possible presidential hopefuls in 2016. bret. >> he can talk for as long as he wants to but eventually there
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will be a vote here. >> reporter: that's right. harry reid set the process in motion that there will be a vote sometime probably around noon tomorrow. bret. >> all right, more with brit hume in a moment. october 1st is the target date for what is arguably the most critical argument of the president's plan, public health insurance exchanges. jim engle with new details about how it's coming together. >> reporter: though the administration has kept it quiet one reason it expresses optimism the federal exchanges will open on time is that they've outsourced them to several private conditions in the health insurance business for years. >> they wanted it to be completely government run. but what they learned is they went along they weren't confident to do it and so they're now relying on private companies to effectively bail them outh;f/q and help them wite the technology. >> reporter: the administration signed contracts with seven private companies so whatever doubts about washington's capabilities, those companies stand ready to crank up the
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exchanges on october 1st whether the federal government is ready or not. >> to help people find out whether they qualify for a subsidy or not, yes, we're ready right now. there is no ifs, and the or buts about it. >> he'd's like to say we're the first option but, yes, anything they can't handle we will be able to handle. >> reporter: these companies will offer the same range of choices, maybe more, than the federal government. and at exactly the same price. >> think of us as the of health insurance. that there is a much larger -- a number of companies that tried to do it but have not been successful. e-commerce is not easy and that's what we're talking about. >> reporter: if these companies offer the same products at the same price and even save the government money why build a separate exchange at all? >> i can't decide why the government needed to build this platform themself. there are several companies especially ours that operate a very effective marketplace already. >> makes you wonder why we needed a law in the first place, doesn't it?
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it seems like we could have built a reform around many of the activities that have already occurred in the private sector. >> reporter: meanwhile, president obama appearing with former president clinton who has occasionally been critical of the health care law said today health care had to be a priority even with a struggling economy. >> a mom should not have to go bankrupt if her son or daughter gets sick. that, you know, a family who's dealing with a layoff and is already struggling to pay the bills shouldn't also be wondering whether they're one illness way from losing their home. >> reporter: saying it and doing it are different things. it appears private companies are ready to bail out the federal government saving the federal exchanges even if the administration c. bret. >> all right, jim, we'll follow it. let's get thoughts on the budget and obama care and what's happening at this moment. senior political analyst brit hume is here.
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under jeff session, questioning senator cruz as he holds the floor here. how did we get here, and what's going on? >> this has all the outward appearances of a tilly buster but it's not. a vote will be held tomorrow whether fed cruz goes home now or not but he's's been talking all day and says he'll talk until his last breath or whatever. what had happened shall da what's happening here i think this is a case of a guy who got painted into i acorner. he challenged the house to passion this bill with the money for the government but defunding obama care. i kind of think he didn't believe the house would do it. the house republicans would do it. they did it which kicks it over to him and his small band of loyal followers in the senate. they don't have the votes to stop the bill from being amended. so now the senator is in the position of conducting a kind of a fake filibuster against a bill which he actually supports against action on the bill. it is kind of, you know,
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theater -- political theater of the absurd because this talk-a-thon unless of course it fires up his supporters can't accomplish anything. >> it can accomplish that. it can fire up his supporters and make sure that every conservative out there says, ted cruz has got our back. >> exactly. if the response is i've gotten to my comments about this are any indication, he has a large and growing following among hard-core conservatives in this country who believe that this is an important stand he's taking and that it does mean something. and legislative terps it's utterly meaningless but in terms of building his brand as the conservative flavor of the month, this may be just the ticket. >> for senator mitch mcconnell who is in his own re-election fight next year, he's able to say, i support this effort to defund. >> he and the others who are often accused of being rhinos and weak on this are coming out and saying, look, i support the bill to defund obama care and i'm going to vote for it and i'm not going to vote to block action on it which is sort of
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the opposition cruz is in where he's trying to stop action on a bill he supports. so that's where we are. it's a limb puzzling and but i suppose it's fun to watch. >> the sausage is made in d.c. all right, brit, thank you. the government shutdown or not? let me know on twitter. up next is iran's new president sincere about moderation? first here's some of our fox affiliates and what they're covering. live look at chicago from our fox affiliate from wfld. the court appearance of four men charged with a shooting at a local park that injured a 3-year-old boy and 12 other people. the judge denied bail for the suspects there. fox 11 in los angeles reports on a 190-acre wildfire in the san gabriel mountains and fox 4 in dallas looks at a gorilla sent to therapy because he's sexist. that's right, sexist. we'll try to find out more information tonight's look outside the beltway from
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hot spots that could have been the focus of president obama's address at the united nations today. but it was iran and the possibility of major changes in how it relates to the rest of the world that grabbed the headlines. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the story tonight from new york. >> reporter: after days of vague statements, white house officials made clear today president obama was willing to have a handshake or informal meeting with new iranian president rowhani. >> i believe the diplomatic path must be tested. >> reporter: while the president would have faced more charges of showing weakness on the world stages if the photo of a handshake emerged late today white house officials said it was rowhani that begged off a meeting because of the
3:14 pm
complexity of his own domestic politics. though he continued to say all the right things. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: yes to peace and no to war. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry will meet later with the iranian foreign minister, the highest level of contact in 34 years and today the president directed kerry to work toward a diplomatic solution even as he showed skepticism. >> i don't believe this difficult history can be overcome overnight. the suspicions run too deep. but i do believe that if we can resolve the issue of iran's nuclear program, that can serve as a major step down a long road towards a different relationship. >> reporter: it could be an extremely long road of drawn-out talks that allow iran to stall for time. according to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who will meet with mr. obama at the white house next monday. >> iran thinks that soothing words and token actions will
3:15 pm
enable it to continue on its path to the bomb. >> reporter: even though netanyahu is not speaking at the u.n. until next tuesday, he made sure his voice was heard today from israel. >> so we will not be fooled by half measures that merely provide a smoke screen. >> reporter: the president sent somewhat conflicting signals by flat out declaring his goal this iran is not regime change while also incisioning he's willing to take military action in the mideast. >> the united states of america is prepared to use all elements of our power including military force to secure our core interests in the region. >> reporter: it was the president's initial willingness to use force in syria but reluctance to follow through on it that put him on defense ahead of these meetings though administration officials insist it was the stick of potential force that got bashar al assad to the negotiating table to admit he has chemical weapons. >> now, there must be a strong security council resolution to verify that the assad regime is
3:16 pm
keeping its commitments. and there must be consequences if they fail to do so. >> reporter: but there are already signs tonight that russia will block the threat of military force from being included in any u.n. security- council resolution raising question about whether there will be any teeth to make sure assad actually turns over those chemical weapons. bret. >> ed henry in new york, thank you. brazil's president told the general assembly today the u.s. has violated human rights and international law by spying on her country. a state visit was canceled in profession and calltes protest. she wanted the u.s. to stop being used as the battlefield of espionage. the wife after a pastor has hand delivered air plea for release from tehran. the american center for law and justice occurred monday at a new york hotel. he has been in an iranian prison
3:17 pm
for a year arrested as a threat to national security. his lawyers say he was jailed for his faith. kenya's president went on national tv today to proclaim victory over the terrorists who took over a shopping mall in nairobi for four days. no one is sure just how many people were killed there. chief intelligence correspondent katherine harrah has the latest on the connection. >> reporter: as kenyan authorities declared the standoff over, new evidence standoff over, new evide about h included guns and small explosives. >> hostage taking, different stages of the attack. they had very, very good intelligence mining they had cased out this location for some time probably and knew how it operated. >> reporter: sources tell fox news investigators are waiting for fingerprints from inside the mall to verify reports of american involvement. >> it's to you i turn for strength. >> reporter: today kenya's president insisted to reporters there is no evidence
3:18 pm
somalian-americans took part or the white widow. in addition to the fbi the cia is on the ground in nairobi but without immediate access to the mall, the progress is described by law enforcement sources as slow. one lawmaker says the fbi must get access to the surviving terrorists and the bureau must intensify efforts to question them at home. >> to prevent casualties at all is stop the attack before it happens and only do that by getting intelligence and not by being afraid and backing off politically correct reasons from getting at intelligence. >> reporter: after an shabaal sb leader was captured, they suggested the trading of resources between them was shuttle down. not so according though rogers. >> i believe it's the fruits of that cooperation and shows the growing level of danger of thaf.
3:19 pm
>> reporter: and fox news confirms that a joint homeland security fbi bulletin was sen out to federal, state and law enforcement. fox news told the bulletin emphasizes the continuing threat from al shabaab and its american fighters but not advise changes to security at u.s. malls. >> catherine, thank you. still ahead bickering over immigration law. first bickering over national education standards all over the country. ♪
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prices were up 12 1/2% in july compared to a year ago on homes, most since february of 2006. the dow lost 67. the s&p 500 dropped four. the nasdaq gained three. the navy says the man who
3:23 pm
killed 12 people last week at its washington navy yard lied about a previous arrest and investigators deleted references to the use of a gun during the incident. a navy report says aaron alexis was able to maintain a secret level security clearance and access to the navy yard facility. the navy is exploring changes in its security clearance system. there is a new front in the battle over public education. it's called common core. and though it was designed to as a voluntary initiative for states to develop uniform education standards, worried parents are showing up at school board meetings across the country to complain that these national standards undermine quality and their local control over their kids' education. chief political correspondent carl cameron has more. >> reporter: just asking tough questions about common core at a public hearing at the maryland state board of education got this father of two grade schoolers yanked out and arrested. >> parents, you need to stop.
3:24 pm
>> okay. >> reporter: common core's voluntary state standards were developed a decade ago. a few states signed up but will little controversy then in 2009 president obama started a stampede by offering states economic stimulus funds under his race to the top education program if they adopted common core's standards. 45 states now have them. but some fear the feds are taking over local control of education with a one size fits all standard that could dumb things down and hold kids back. >> the idea you should have one national standard that moves everybody at the same place at the same time is nonsensical. you have a big threat of the federal government taking over education. >> reporter: common core supporters argue schools and teachers still set the skur la and it ensures quality. >> standards are one thing, curricula are a separate issue. so should a student know fractions in third grade? that shouldn't change from stat
3:25 pm
>> reporter: president obama defended them recently. >> common core that ensures that every young person in america has the opportunity to get prepared. for the kinds of jobs that are going to exist in the 21st rent. >> reporter: supporters include former republican governor jeb bush and former indiana governor mitchell daniels on hands for the president's remarks. a number of others backed common core all of whom once looked or may soon eye the white house. >> we're doing common core in new jersey. >> reporter: it's not going over well with worried parent as cross the country, at least nine states have efforts under way to repeal adoption of it and more are considering it. bret? >> carl, thank you. the retiring irs official at the center of the targeting scandal reportedly is eligible for a pension that could pay up to $50,000 a year. the daily mail says lois lernor quali qualifies for the biggest one.
3:26 pm
meantime, the group that sued the irs has been granted its tax-exempt status. true the vote is a texas-based organization that monitors elections. the self-proclaimed most transparent administration in history holds an invisible visibility day event. how far is too far for zero tolerance? the grapevine is next. where would you go? woman: 'greece.' woman 2: 'i want to go to bora bora.' man: 'i'd always like to go to china.' anncr: download the expedia app and your next trip could be on us. expedia, find yours. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that.
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine.
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two seventh graders in virginia could possibly be expelled from school for playing with a pellet gun. they were not at school. they were not on a school bus. they reportedly were in one of the boy's frond yards. private property. a tv station in virginia beach talked with one of the boys. >> we were in our yard and this had nothing to do with school. i didn't have any of this at the school at any time. >> neighbor called 911. the tv station confirmed with her that the boys were taking target practice using a zombie hunter air soft gun. there was a net behind the c target. the mom was uncomfortable seeing the boy point a gun. they shot at people near a bus stop it was claimed. the school official tells fox one of the boys will be sent to an alternative school. he may be allowed to return to his regular school in the second
3:31 pm
semester with good behavior, we're told. house minority leader nancy pelosi has her history mixed up. she said in part, quote, to paraphrase what our founders said in the constitution of the united states, they said the truths that are self-evident that every man and woman -- that men and women were created equal and that we must go forward in recognition of that." as you may have noticed that is in the declaration of end peps, not the constitution. monday, the white house marked bisexual visibility day with an event that was not visible to the media or the public. about two dozen activists from across the country came to a round table discussion about issues facing the bisexual community. the official event was closed meaning we and you are not allowed to know what went on at the celebration of visibility. we asked white house about that but have not heard back. who gets to call the shots
3:32 pm
regarding immigration law? is at the center of a dispute in california. we look at both sides from los angeles. >> reporter: if you come to the united states and get convicted of a crime, we're going to find you and we're going to remove you. >> reporter: not necessarily in california. >> we're asking governor jerry brown to sign the trust act that will allow local police agencies to not honor the immigration detainer. >> reporter: that means while a suspect's fingerprints will still go through the database. the trust act would prohibit california police from detaining and helping deport illegal immigrants that commit certain crimes. >> if you or i were victimized by someone stealing our identity or burglarizing our homes, that's okay. that's a minor crime. >> reporter: the state prosecutor and sheriff's association believe the trust act violates federal law, which says in part, states may not
3:33 pm
prohibit or in any way restrict police from communicating the immigration status of any individual. >> if this law paces that we will not be able to put holds on people previously deported so someone could have been deported one, two, three, four, five, ten times and that would not be cause for us to put a hold on them. >> california, via the trust act is trying to take away discretion and replace it with its own judgment on crimes it thinks are important. >> reporter: nearly a dozen california cities boycotted arizona in 20 is it for interfering with federal immigration law though arizona favored a stricter approach. >> this is exactly the same kind of thing that frustrated the obama administration when arizona passed its law sb-1070. >> governor brown vetoed it but amended to focus on holding felons. it will allow danger oous suspes to go free.
3:34 pm
they have until october 13 to act. bret. >> thank you. they will gradually restore scholarships to penn state's football program, the ncaa imposed penalties after former coach jerry sandusky convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse. the organization says penn state has made significant changes to its athletics programs. emeritus pope benedict xvi public blushed a letter to one of"( italy's most well-known atheists and defends his record. excerpts are featured in the same newspaper that two weeks ago ran a similar letter from pope francis through its own atheist publisher. will the government still be running a week from today? we'll ask the fox all-stars when we come back. seeing a... some kind of... this is... an alien species. reality check: a lot of 4g lte coverage maps don't really look like much at all. i see the aleutian islands. looks like a duck.
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i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care until i am no longer able to stand. >> once you invoke cloture, the rules of the senate allow the majority leader to introduce the amendment to fund obama care and then 0 have it pass with just 51 votes. when that happens every republican when we get to that point will vote against it and every republican will then go home to his or her states and say, look, i voted against obama care. that's actually the preferred outcome. & the result be business as usual continues in washington. >> senator ted cruz still talking on the senate floor says he will continue to do so as we take a look live at the senate floor is joined bur others including now senator marco rubio from florida, other senators have helped senator cruz in this what looks like a filibuster and feels like a filibuster but is not a filibuster.
3:39 pm
take a listen to the senate majority leader. >> filibusters stop people from voting and we are going to vote tomorrow under the rules no one can stop that. we'll vote tomorrow regardless of what anyone says or does today unless it's a consent agreement to collapse the time. >> so what about all of this and the machinations of washington. steve hayes, senior writer for weekly standard. steve lyons for "the washington post" and charles krauthammer. steve, what do you think? >> well, listen, listening to ted cruz make his argument for the good chunk of the afternoon and i think he makes a compelling case and pushed back very strongly against president obama's claim that this isn't affecting job growth. no one believes it is. citing statistic after statistic after statistic. he read letters from constituencies, anecdotal evidence but clear evidence
3:40 pm
naming the -- his constituents who said this is affecting me. i'll have to lay off people. i think made a very compelling case and i agree with him that it is an important stand to take against obama care. it's a good thing that republicans are talking about obama care. unfortunately, is not going to work. it's not going anywhere. this isn't going to lead to the defunding of obama care. and so you have to start if you're republicans on the hill, you have to start thinking about another alternative. i believe they're going to shift the debate and move beyond the cr and -- >> continuing resolution. >> continuing resolution and try to shift the debate to one in which it would include a one-year delay of the individual mandate is where they end up and it will be attached to the debt ceiling probably with a bunch of other things that house republicans want to prioritize like keystone tax reform, some entitlement reform, what have you. it could be painful getting there. >> understand, chuck, this is
3:41 pm
causing a lot of heartburn for many republicans in washington. because the numbers are not there at least as of yet. from senator cruz's perspective, principled tan is a plus for senator cruz, is it not. >> he seems to relish the hostility and animosity or the criticism of his fellow republicans in the senate that i saw part of his speech, and he sort of wagging his finger at the rest of the body chastising them for not having the gumpt n gumption. it's up the more senior people that recognize which steve well described. the votes are not there, the procedure isn't there. this is not going to happen. >> somebody in the country could say, chuck, this is the problem. >> yes. >> we agree with senator cruz. >> that's what he said but you know what, it may be that a lot of people in the country don't like obama care, but it's a far different question as to whether
3:42 pm
they want to stop the government over that issue and/or defund it right now which is, cruz's position that, let's over -- the issue of defunding, let's, you know, put at risk the government shutdown and that is precisely the problem that he is prioritizing obama care over everything else and i don't think that's what[u the country want. >> take a listen to president obama. he had a q&a with former president clinton about obama care talking about the opponents. >> part of what i think the resistance that we've seen ramp up particularly over the last couple of months is all about is the opponents of health care reform know they'll sign up. in fact, one of the major opponents when asked why is it you'd potentially shut down the government at this point just to block obama care, he basically fessed up and said once
3:43 pm
consumers get hooked on having health insurance and subsidies then they won't want to give it up. >> thoughts? >> this is the classic liberal approach which is to createsubs then you create constituencies and once you have that you can't repeal them. i think obama care is such a mess that it probably will not have that effect in the end. because they will affect so many people adversely that it'll end up creating animosity against it. there was one entitlement that passed in 1988. it was a catastrophic care attached to medicare which everybody assumed would be unrepealable. it was so unpopular it was repealed the next year in 1989 so i think this will probably happen to obama care. look, the idea that only ted cruz is speaking out against obama care is not exactly true. the head of the ainsley earhardt afl-cio is speaking out against it. as you reported a couple of weeks ago, the unions in the
3:44 pm
meeting of the afl-cio were railing against it and wanted it repe repealed. it's more effective that the labor unions are railing against obama care. this, what we're seeing tonight, is pure theater. it will have no effect. what might have an effect. if you want to attach something on to the resolution you got to have something that the country entirely agrees with. attach on to this a provision that no one in congress and no staffer in congress is going to be exempt from all of the provisions of obama care and they will not be eligible for any subsidies and that will advertise to the country -- because this is all theater anyway. the utter hypocrisy who passed it for everybody else but exempt themselves. that i think would be an effective point but defunding it is not going to happen. >> the point i was making with
3:45 pm
chuck, it is a signal to all conservatives out there that senator cruz as much as he talks about this and this vote is going to happen anyway, that he's representing them. >> sure. >> and so the bottom line is even if the votes aren't there he's making a stand potentially for his future. >> look, and if you're going about living your life in green bay, wisconsin, and you're not paying attention to this every single twist and turn is what you'll remember. ted cruz fought obama care. the history of this matter, i think, where we are today where republicans are today. if you go back to late spring, early summer, you have conservatives in both the house and the senate pushing leadership in both bodies to embrace making obama care at least part of the debate this fall, the budget and that debate. there was resistance among some members of leadership, not everybody. it wasn't clear at all that would be part of the debate as we were approaching the october
3:46 pm
1st sign-up dates as obama care was about to be implemented it was entirely possible that republicans were going to not be talking about obama care at all and what you had from senator cruz and senator lee and others were attempts to make it part of the debate. i think they've chosen the wrong vehicle or vehicle not likely to work now but at least it's part of the debate did a few seconds. one-year delay, is that the off-ramp? >> well, you know, they can try that. that will not fly either. i think it's to tie this to the cr. >> i agree. it won't fly. i think and this a sense why do you want to rescue obama care? let it be enacted as is. completely ill logically with one exemption if you're a business, no exemption if you're an individual and let's see it collapse on its own. >> next up, president obama, the u.n. and iran. [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle. mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft!
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the roadblocks may prove to be too great but i firmly believe the diplomatic path must be tested. rowhani. rowhani. rowhani. president rowhani. rest
3:51 pm
the country that our own state department says is the largest spreader of terror on the planet, the country that obama himself and his own speech said is conducting terrorism and killing americans in afghanistan and elsewhere, iran turns us
3:52 pm
down, i mean, talk about the ham handed diplomacy that he conducted over there. it's not a big issue but a symbol of how unplanned and sort of desperate as obama's attempt to appear to be the statesman so his handshake is offered. a handshake is refused but on substance nothing in the speech that rowhani gave that gave any indication of willingness to compromise on the nuclear program and he once again said in a bald-faced lie that everyone knows is a lie that iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons and never has. how do you start a negotiation from that point? >> here's a piece from the speech from iranian president rhu hani. >> translator: i listen carefully to the statement made by president obama at the general assembly. with the political will of the
3:53 pm
leadership leadership in the united states and hoping that they will refrain from following the short-sighted interest. we can arrive at -- >> yeah. and ends with ews, i think. you know, that was one of many points in rowhani's speech where i thought about sort of how little has changed, really, in iran. of course, i think it's wise to pursue diplomatic openings, but this one, let's make a quick test of this but not let it go on beyond the point where there's any real progress. you know, this is a guy -- rowhani stood there and described iran as an anchor of stability in the region which i think will come as a surprise to iraq, the saudis, the sunnis in
3:54 pm
lebanon, pretty much everybody. so there was a kind of orwellian quality to what he was putting forward there. and again, the tone has changed. the sort of softer, more moderate tone which is worth testing. but there's plenty of evidence right there in his own words that not that much has changed p. >> yeah, i mean, you've got the foreign policy establishment and official washington practically giddy because rowhani's on twitter and he says nice things about women. that's in the enough. it doesn't signal any kind of change in the nature of the regime. and as we've said countless times, what matters is the nature of the regime. what struck me is president obama's language today was remarkably similar to the language that he used this his first inaugural address and in the opening months of his presidency. it's as if nothing has changed. the past five years haven't happened. and while charles is right, he made a passing mention of terrorism, there was no discussion of the state
3:55 pm
department report harboring al qaeda, targeting americans. >> meanwhile, the centrifuges continue to spin. and that's exactly the point. if you want to talk, and i'd be in favor, let them show their willingness by stopping enrichment today. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for different efforts. and you love her for it. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical hel
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finally tonight, the official start of fall was sunday. and while it may have happened earlier than that, some warm spots are just now closing down and cleaning up swimming pools after the summer. one show determined that mom and dads may have different approaches to that duty. ♪ >> now, there's mom and her son. the mom is using the skimmer. she's cleaning the pool. he's feti inggetting all the ju
3:59 pm
out. here's dad draining the pool. okay. all right. there you go. there you are. there you are. all right. all right. >> well, that one looks more fun. one final word from this dad. a thank-you for all the good wishes and prayers from our colleagues here and from viewers across the country. my 6-year-old son, paul, is back home after his third open-heart surgery just five days ago. hard to believe. paul's doing great. he is all smiles. his not-so-little 3-year-old brother, daniel, on the right is psyched to have his brother home, as are we. we're blessed. so once again, a big thank-you to the doctor is and nurses at children's national medical center. there are more challenges ahead, but really the biggest challenge is trying to get paul to take it easy for a few weeks. a more detailed thank-you and update on my blog, the daily
4:00 pm
bret. that is it for this special report. fair, balanced, relieved. this is "the fox report." tonight, kenya's president says the standoff at the mall is finally over. and one u.s. congressman warms the rampage should be a wake-up call for the united states. a warning ining about the threa at home. >> our malls are soft targets. >> the latest on possible american terrorists. and a woman known as the white widow. plus -- >> like a bunch of teenagers putting off the pain of a term paper. >> congress moves closer to a


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