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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 24, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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2013. i'm john scott in for shepard smith tonight. we'll be back tomorrow. and "the factor" is up next. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> it's an insult to reason and to the legitimacy of this institution to suggest that anyone other than the regime carried out this attack. >> president obama challenging the u.n. to acknowledge the human rights violations of syria. >> we cannot agree even on this, then it will show that the united nations is incapable of enforcing the most basic of international laws. >> the president trying to talk tough today. did he succeed? charles krauthammer and i will analyze. my point is that he should not be playing golf with men and women in uniform are still getting killed in afghanistan. >> i know the pressures of the job, and to be able to get outside and play golf with some
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of your pals is important for the president. >> former president bush disagreeing with monica crowley and sticking up for barack obama. monica will be here to respond. also tonight, is america a and controversy over may brand-new book, "killing jesus." you are about to enter the no-spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama, the tough guy. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. speaking at the united nations today, the president was very clear that he believes the u.n. has been wimpy when it come to confronting situations like syria. mr. obama saying to the world that the tyrant assad is a child killer who violated human rights laws. >> u.n. inspector s gave a clea accounting that advanced rockets fired large quantities of sarin
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gas at civilians. these rockets were fired from a regime-controlled neighborhood and landed in opposition neighborhoods. it's an insult to human reason and to the legitimacy of this institution to suggest that anyone other than the regime carried out this attack. >> talking points agrees with mr. obama on that point, but also well understands that the u.n. doesn't care whether assad killed children with gas. most countries simply don't want to take any military action at any time for any reason. now, whether president obama understands what he's up against the u.n., i don't know. nevertheless, he warned the united nations that there would be consequences if syria does not give up its chemical weapons, and he urged the u.n. to back him if assad defies the world. >> if we cannot agree even on this, then it will show that the
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united nations is incapable of enforcing the most basic of international laws. i've made it clear that even when america's core interests are not directly threatened, we stand ready to do our part to prevent mass atrocities and protect basic human rights. but we cannot and should not bear that burden alone. >> and that's true. the usa should not have to be the world's policeman. then mr. obama went on to warn the u.n. that americans are getting fed up with having to do all the heavy lifting. over the past 12 years we have spent trillions of dollars and thousands of our brave military men and women have been killed or injured trying to bring some sense of justice to the world. now, i know you left-wing kooks don't believe that, but you know what? i don't care. if you people want to think your country is villainous, you go right ahead. but history backs me up.
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and if you know anything about the u.s. military, you know how much good those people have done in protecting innocent civilians from villains like saddam and the taliban. talking points believes the united nations is a largely cowardly body, a bunch of pencil pushers who couldn't care less what happens in the world, as long as they get their big expense accounts. so after laying down the obama doctrine that america will twend o defend our allies, keep the flow of oil going in the middle east and confront weapons of mass destruction, the president turned to iran. here he said that secretary of state john kerry will negotiate with iran in the hope they'll stop their nuke weapon program. but mr. obama will not meet with the new iranian leader. obviously, iran is not to be trusted, and any deal that lifts sanctions against that country would have to be verifiable to the world media, not only to the politicians. bottom line, the president's speech was too long, but there
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were some good moments. will anything get done at the u.n.? probably not, especially with russia and putin holding veto power. and that's the memo. now to the stop story, reaction, joining us from washington, fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. so what say you about the speech today? >> i think you're wrong on this, bill. it was not a strong speech. it was a very weak speech, a flaccid speech. it doesn't take any courage to denounce the u.n. for an action it takes 9 years old and having your eyes open. so i don't give him any credit for that. let's take the part that you highlighted that's part of obama's toughness. he said we've got to have this deal come through with syria. he said, and we've got to make sure that assad is keeping his commitments. and he said, quote, there have to be consequences if he doesn't, and that's the point at which you expect the president who threatened an air strike to say that if he doesn't live up to his commitments, the united
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states will threaten the aus of force. instead what he says is, if we can't get a resolution that's tough and that threatens consequences, quote, if we cannot agree on this, then it will show that the u.n. is incapable of enforcing the most basic of international laws. that is meaningless. everyone knows the u.n. does not enforce international laws. it never did. it never will. it never does. >> let me -- >> just one second. what he's saying is, if he doesn't do it and there's no resolution, it's the fault of the u.n. and not of the u.s. >> i understand that. i get it, but isn't he putting the u.n. in a corner now to try to get the authority that he feels he needs on the world stage? so he's thrown down the gauntlet and said, look. are you going to do something or not? now, i agree with you that this wasn't, you know, a patent speech.
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this wasn't george patton, but i don't think that works at the u.n., charles. and you've been around long enough to know that threatening the u.n. or threatening this or threatening arms, it never works there. >> to get the -- he backed the u.n. into a corner. >> yeah. >> he's challenging the u.n. he's thrown down the gauntlet. i predict he will pick up the gauntlet. the u.n. isn't going to do a damn thing. >> you can't threaten these people pause that doesnbecause work. >> he just threatened them three weeks ago. he said we're going to do an air strike. >> no, i meant the u.n., not syria. i meant the u.n. >> but the u.n. doesn't exist. it's a fiction. it's a meeting ram. there's nothing there. >> so you would not have gone if you were the president, you would not have even shown up over there and tried to once again to compel them to do anything? you wouldn't even have bothered? >> of course not because the reason you go there is to give a speech that everybody will cover. you don't go there expecting that the u.n., which hasn't
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lifted a finger on any struggle, any war, any conflict in 50 years is going to act. i mean, that's a childish expectation. i can predict to you with 100% accuracy that no resolution will pass the security council threatening the use of force on syria. >> yeah, because of russia and china. >> it won't. >> right. >> so what is it to say if this doesn't happen that will show the u.n. once again has failed? of course, it fails. the only question is, will the u.s., which is the entity that holds up international stability, will it fail? everybody aniy knows the u.n. w fail. >> all right. i didn't think it was a bad speech. i didn't think it was, as i said, patton going in there, but i don't think that works. >> it wasn't jfk either. it wasn't even -- you any, it wasn't eisenhower. forget about patton, you know. it wasn't macarthur. it was no one. >> but it was in that forum, you know. he's trying -- he's desperately
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trying it convince -- and i agree with you, he's not going to be successful. but i don't think the effort was meaningless. now, the one thing that caught my attention was, he did threaten them one time by saying the american people have had enough of this, and if you guys aren't going to help this out, you're going to have an isolationist america that's going to lead to disaster, and that's absolutely true. >> it is true, and the fact is, if you go to the u.n., you don't want people to imagine that america's going to withdraw. what he's saying is, unless you join my coalition, we're going to go home. what he has to say is i'm willing to lead the united states in places where it has to go when it's essential. he's the one who said that the use of chemical weapons is a moral atrocity is and has to be responded to. i didn't say it. he said it. and then he says, oh, but if the world won't come with me, i'ming if home. that's a contradiction, and that's weakness. >> all right. now, we're going to hold charles over.
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he's charging us a lot, by the way, for overtime here. to talk about senator ted cruz. he's become the most controversial politician in the country. and later on, talking about controversy, my new book "killing jesus" has hit the marketplace, and some people say i am going to hell for writing it. "the factor" will be right back. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrft. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro.
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spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there? don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double miles. [ all ] whoa. yeah. [ male announcer ] get away fast with unlimited double miles from the capital one venture card. you're the world's best teacher. this is so unexpected. what's in your wallet? tonight senator ted cruz of texas is leading the charge to defund obamacare. that's a very controversial move, and even some republicans say it's impossible and self-defeating to do that. but mr. cruz says the noble even if he loses. there's an interesting editorial about this in "the wall street journal" today. rejoining us is charles krauthammer. i was wrong in the beginning of this analyzing cruz business. i said to myself, you know, why is he doing this? he's going to create chaos and division in the republican
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party, but now -- and i'm not as quick in the uptick as you are, charles -- i have changed my mind. this is a brilliant move by cruz because he's trying it take over the republican party. he's trying it take over the conservative wing. he wants it income out rand paul who kind of had that territory. he wants to become the standard bearer and to what he thinks it should be. and this is his vehicle. he know he's going it lose, but now it's ted cruz, i'm the hman element so it's kind of brilliant. >> can we start with addressing the you going to hell part that you ended the first one with? >> you've got to wait for that. >> well, i have a mild dissent on that. i think there's going to be a trial first. >> right. purgatory. >> i'll be a character witness if you like, but i'm not sure on which side. ted cruz, you're right on both counts. he's going to lose, and he's helping himself. and that's what all this is about. >> yep. >> it will be remembered as a
5:15 pm
diversion, that its only effect is going to be. it's going to have no effect on obamacare. it's not going to shut down the government. its only effect is to split the republicans in the senate needlessly over a diversion that is not going to happen. but you're absolutely right. it was rand paul who stole the thunder by that brilliant piece of theater when he did the filibuster 11 hours on his feet, and he captured the imagination of the constituency on the right. >> remind everybody what it was about. >> it was about the drone strikes. he wanted assurance there the attorney general that they would never strike an american sitting in a coffee shop in omaha. i'm not sure that was a big problem in our country, put he got 11 hours -- >> right. >> -- and he became a star. so cruz says says, well, if he can do that, i can do this. except that it's slightly more destructive for the politics of the republicans. and look, it's playing into democratic hands. right now the republicans own the obamacare issue.
5:16 pm
it's unpopular. it's about to go into effect. for god's sake, even the labor unions are opposed to it. the afl-cio, which is the biggest supporter of the democrats, came within a whisker of calling for its repeal. so everybody is on our side on this issue. and what are we talking about instead of obamacare? implementation of the train wreck. we're talking about ted cruz, shutdown of the government, people who are not going to get their medicare, soldiers who aren't going to get their a. why? because cruz is pulling this stunt had will have no effect at all in the end. >> all right. but i'm getting letters -- and you will get nasty mail -- >> i fet thget them all the tim. >> right. we both get nasty mail because the far right in this country say we don't like the moderate republican. we don't want them. we want ted cruz. so whatever ted cruz can do to bring attention to himself and build up his power base, in the long run, is good because we want to destroy the other part of the republicans, the romneys,
5:17 pm
the mccains because they're losers. we want to take back the country in a conservative image, and he is our man. and you'd better not mess with ted cruz because he's our guy. so cruz basically is saying, all right. i know obamacare's going to be instituted. but now i'm a powerful guy, and i'm going to change this country. i'm going to run for president. and he will. >> and i would ask him, what have you changed? >> oh, he'll change everything. are you kidding me? he's not rand paul who's a libertarian. cruz is a conservative down the line. >> he's been there eight months. he thinks he should be the president and not a senator. in that sense he's like obama, by the way. but i ask you, what's he achieved in eight months? what will he achieve with this? nothing. no, he's promising -- look, i'll give you a better kparm. i'll tell you a guy we'd all agree on was a hardcore conservative, ronald reagan. and he never said i'm out to destroy the moderates in the party. he grew the party. he brought in the moderates.
5:18 pm
he was able to expect principles that everybody could rally around, and heññ[5÷ succeeded a did change america. if you want to be somebody who destroy, that's okay, but you are not going to win the presidency, and you are not going to help the conservative cause. and that's what i'm concerned about. everybody i know on our side of the aisle is against obamacare. it's destroying itself in trnt front of our eyes. the axiom in politics is if the other guy's committing suicide, get out of the room. get out of the way. stay off camera. cruz ought to as well. >> charles krauthammer, everybody. directly ahead, is american a country? a new poll says yes. and then alleged discrimination. this could get very ugly very quickly. is it legal? upcoming. i love having a free checked bag
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a new study called civility in america conductpy a number of pr firms has this headline. we are a mean country. 95% of americans believe we have a civility prb. 71% believe civility is worse than it was just a few years ago, and 70% believe the internet encourages mean behavior. they put the survey to the folks. >> reporter: what's the definition of incivility according to you? >> not being other individuals. >> being disrespectful to people, not treating people, inhuman may have. >> when people are invasive of your space. >> reporter: what is incivility in your opinion? >> incivility would be -- no idea. >> walking around your neighborhood, going to the store, going to your job. >> i feel a lot of incivility towards celebrities. not letting them live their lives. >> i think uncivil behavior is all over our world right now. the media, congress, everywhere. i don't think it's one party. i think it's both parties. >> parents have a lot to do with
5:23 pm
the children. they raise them without respect. >> i think it's filled with a lot of garbage. that's why all this bullying stuff is going on, too. you know, we didn't have that. you had to say it face to face. >> people are condescending it& others. i think it makes me feel better p superior. >> bill, you're the man. staying balanced all day long. >> thank you. >> stossel, i love you, too, stossel. >> there's something wrong with that guy. here now to analyze -- no, he's a good guy, john stossel. this basically is about high tech. that's what i think. that the people in the survey have noticed a change because we're addicted to high-tech. and let me give you a couple examples. 87% think it's uncivil if you're having a conversation with someone in person like i'm talking to you, you're not listening, put i'm talking to you. and then you pick up a phone call when the phone ring. that's uncivil. >> okay. >> would you say that's incivility?
5:24 pm
>> if the phone ring, you have it answer it. >> if you say, excuse me -- this is what i do. let me see if my house is burning down. say look, i'll have to call you back because i'm having a conversation with stossel whereupon the other person would laugh and say, on you rkidding me? 86% say it's uncivil and you're eating a meal and the phone rings and you interrupt the meal to get the phone. >> i agree. >> okay. but this is what's happening all over the place. and this is what's happening to the country. >> give me a break. i mean, you're a crotchety old man complaining p things. >> throw the kids off the lawn again? is that what you're going to do to me again? >> i watch your show because you're not civil to people. the first thing i was on the show, you said, tell the truth for once in your life. you called me a pinhead. >> you are a pinhead. i never said this was a civil show, and nobody forces anybody to watch it, okay? >> okay. >> so you are choosing to watch in civility. >> because -- >> it's different than when it's imposed on you. >> to get in someone's space, as
5:25 pm
that woman said, i agree. when you say politicians should be more civil and obama says that, that's republicans and democrats agreeing to take all our money and our freedom. we have differences. it's good we argue about them. >> i don't disagree with that. i think robust debate makes this country stronger. but i'm talking about individual behavior. here's another one. 72% of americans consider cursing to be uncivil. all right? now, everybody curses. not everybody. sister doesn't, but most people do. i do. you do. but we don't go to arenas and sit next to 8-year-olds and yell obscenities likeny america now all the time. it's awful. >> it's not all the time. >> the. every game i've been to in new york in the past ten year, there's some jerk yelling the "f" word in front of little kid. >> they see you. >> you blame it on me. you know what i'm talking about. >> you were screaming at alan colmes on this show calling him a liar. >> anybody would.
5:26 pm
and again, who's dragging people in to watch "the factor"? this is an option. >> this is not -- you knew. thomas jefferson called supporters a blind, bald, toothless, crippled man. there's always been incivility and discourse. good. i live in oregon where people would say, oh, isn't it a beautiful day all the time? i was bored. >> it was raining. >> i had to come to new york to get some edge. >> here's the difference. i agree edge is good, it's stimulating, and people should be effervescent in their conversations. not rude. and not trying to hurt other people's feelings. and that is more -- do you ever go to these chat rooms on the internet? have you seen this vile stuff? >> it's anonymous. >> no excuse to this, and this is getting into the kids, and this is where we're going wrong. >> and violence is going down in america, so i don't see the problem. >> that's because you're a pinhead. on me.
5:27 pm
the survey asks specifically about fox news, stossel brought it up. we're going to have the results and the tip of the day later on. some controversy erupting over my brand-new book "killing jesus." we'll deal with that in a civil way. and then "american idol" being sued. taking a hard look at the case. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners,
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arrived in the marketplace today. heralded by a full-page ad in "the new york times." already i'm getting mail telling me i'm going to hell which i thought was apparent. why bother to tell me? anyway, we anticipate much reaction to the book. with us now, two men who have read "killing jesus," father john and pastor robert jeffers, a baptist minister and author of the book. how can i know, answers to life's most seven important questions. i'm getting heat from evangelicals. their basic thesis is i'm going to hell because i don't proclaim jesus to be the messiah in the page. i don't say it. and you say? >> people have to understand, this is not a theological book. it's an historical book. but what you do and what's going to drive the secularists crazy, bill, is you let jesus tell the truth about himself, and you don't sugar-coat the fact that he claimed to be god and that he wasn't just running around telling people to turn the other cheek. the reason he got himself crucified was because he claim to be god.
5:32 pm
and that was treasonous. >> and he was confrontational about it, particularly at the end. >> you let them decide and evangelicals must love the book because you don't follow the secular myth. that's just not historically accurate. >> and as far as the secularists are concerned, what we're seeing now is not an attack on jesus. there may be. i mean, the anti-christian forces in america may start that, but they haven't it's snarky stuff. because they don't want people to read the book. the anti-christian people don't want people to read "killing jesus." i think that's quite apparent. >> it's just bow beginning. what's going to happen is there are going to be people, mostly academics, who are going to be speaking from basically reiterating a 19th century late 18th century viewpoint about a reconsideration of the historical jesus in which they
5:33 pm
took out any -- any source that actually believed in jesus as messiah and son of god and not trustworthy and then began to look at jesus of nazareth without any possibility that he was actually who he was. and so you're going to have people writing in very major publications saying, you know what? bill got it totally wrong. why? because he actually believed that matthew, mark, luke and john were written by either the apostles or people very close to the apostles, people who actually had an experience of jesus. >> but they weren't. i mean, john, for example, was written by the apostle on the island of patmos. and that's an historic fact. that's documented. >> 1800 years after the fact. >> right. >> people got very smart and said, actually, these gospels were not written by anybody who even knew him. >> yeah, but we don't even bother with that because martin dugard and i, an author, unlike other books, there are footnotes, and you see what we
5:34 pm
write and where it come from. go ahead, pastor. >> bill, your book sets a bigger narrative you've been telling for a long time, and that is that secularists are out to destroy christianity because it's the last barrier between them and the secular immoral society they want to create. now, how do you destroy christianity? you go after the credibility of the founder, jesus christ. they have to be careful, though, because jesus so well liked, is so well liked. so what they do, it's this insidious attack, well, jesus was a good man, but he never claimed to be god. that was something that was added on many years afterwards. you blow that secular myth in two in this book. >> and we did it by using roman history. >> yes. >> because the discourse between p pilate and jesus was well!nñ documented. and jesus said to pilate, are you the son of god? you say it. and saying yes. that's where we use it. but we never, pastor, use the word "christ" in the book. did you note that is a? >> we noticed that. >> because christ connotes
5:35 pm
messiah. we use "the nazarene." >> when i was reading it, quite honestly, i like to ar dgue wit you. >> yeah, i know. you're like stossel. >> on and off the air, i like to argue with you. and quite honestly, i was thinking, how can i get this guy? how can i fight back? you know, it's not exactly as i was write it, but it's as if you would write it. >> did you learn anything? >> i learned a lot. >> and you're a jesus guy. >> i'm a jesus guy. >> you learned a lot. >> i learned a lot. there was heavy focus on the roman elements. >> because that comes right in. >> absolutely. i think that's something new and different, not something i would have focused on but new and different. i learned from that. you did a good job and a good service to the people of god and to the society. >> did you learn anything, pastor in. >> i did. and i want to say something to make my evangelical friends who are watching this program feel great about this book. in the very last chapter, you
5:36 pm
cite c.s. lewis. and lewis said given the fact that jesus claimed to be god means he was either a liar, a lunatic or lord. and after reading "killing jesus," readers can decide -- >> they can decide. >> they can accept christ's claim, they can reject christ's claim, but no intelligent person can afford to ignore his claim. >> and the dialogue is there. i've got to run. i appreciate you guys reading the book. >> look who you brought together anyway. >> i know. we're trying. all right, guys. thank you. when we come right back, "american idol" being sued for alleged racial discrimination. and a new york city teacher being reinstated after being busted foroy is it legal? moments away.
5:37 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] build anything with the new toyota tundra toyota. let's go places. "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 13 years running. >> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. three hot topics beginning with the discrimination lawsuit against the program "american idol." ten former "idol" contestants, all african-american, have filed a federal suit. now the equal employment opportunity commissions they have the right to go forward. with us, attorneys and fox news legal analyst kimberly guilfoyle. >> when you have a lawsuit against a company, you're an employee, you suffer discrimination, you have to go through the eeoc.
5:41 pm
they can say we'll file the lawsuit for you, you don't have a claim or they can give you a right to sue which happened here. >> the government's not getting involved but saying these guys can go ahead. >> right. >> x they claim what? >> they came discrimination. they claim these ten contest ents, they're african-american, not white, and they never -- they were always booed out by the producers, tht the -- >> wasn't it, guilfoyle, they had a record or something? >> yeah. basically they're saying fraud and interference of economic prize winning and the whole deal that this was a corrupt thing that "american idol" used that's men, put them forward and this kind of mongering against them to create a scandal to bos ratings. therefore they each want $25 million in damages. >> do all of them have records? >> eight out of ten of them have records. and the other two lied on their applications. >> okay. so they're claiming that they were used and abused. >> right. >> this doesn't sound credible to me at all. >> here's the legal stand point, though. they will not go forward because they are not going to be
5:42 pm
considered employees by a judge. >> so you think it's going to get thrown out, summary judgment? >> exactly. >> on those grounds. >> and the sleazy lawyers who pick up cases like this are just hoping that fox wants to get rid of it and so on. >> right. they're making money on it. >> and they get a third. >> they're not employees of "american idol." >> i don't want to try the case on tv, but there's so many of these bogus cases. now corporate america is under siege by these case. >> right. it's terrible. >> now we have closing arguments in the jackson case versus this concert promoter. >> aeg. >> okay. jackson, michael jackson died from this gas that was administered by a doctor hired by this concert promoter. >> and that's the attorney, brian panish. >> potentially $1 billion. >> with a "b." >> correct. at the time of jackson's death, they presented experts to say that he would have a long and lucrative -- >> what are the odds? >> i think they are going to prevail in this lawsuit, that it
5:43 pm
was negligent hiring by aeg. >> so aeg hired a bad doctor, and that's why they lose. you concur? >> i concur except the contract was never signed. >> signed by dr. murray. >> there's a problem with aeg not signing the contract. i agree with kimberly. they will get something, the family will get something. they're not going to get $1 billion. >> the jury gives the award and then the judge has to confirm it. >> whatever you give, you've got to break it down a little bit. >> so we should know within the next week or ten days? >> you know what's so important aboutm½/ñ this? only 9 poout of the 12 juror ha to agree. it's more likely than not. >> same deal with the o.j. simpson civil verdict. >> right. >> in new york city which is falling apart very quickly, a teacher, 34-year-old damian esteban was arrested with 20 bags of heroin. that's a lot of heroin. so he's either a hardcore addict
5:44 pm
or a dealer or both, all right? you would expect that a high school teacher would be fired after that, but a judge has reinstated him. >> exactly. >> on the grounds of what? >> oh, you know, you couldn't show that those 20 bags of heroin really had anything to do with his ability to function in the classroom. >> oh, i see. i see. so after school, he can shoot up, but that's okay. >> that's the judge. >> you didn't say -- >> manuel mendez. >> when he was on jury duty. >> for a murder trial. >> he went in for a murder trial. >> see, this is symptomatic of what's going on in new york city. anything goes, even in the classroom. they don't care. can you imagine you're a high school kid, you're walking in and your teacher with 20 bags? this isn't pot. >> it's very serious. and the judge said, this shocks the conscience of the court that this man -- >> it shocked my conscience. >> you know what his defense was? you're 100%. this is all my heroin. i only use heroin on the weekends. >> on the weekends, everyone!
5:45 pm
>> i'm a weekend heroin addict. >> or holidays. holidays, too. >> when school is out. that's the only time. no, it's crazy. and then he says you can't fire me because you didn't fire the crack addict teacher. >> and the union said no! no, no, no. >> he doesn't even want to teach. >> of course! he wants it use heroin. it's cutting into his heroin time. >> nothing makes me angrier than a lazy heroin addict. he doesn't want to work. >> this is new york city. this is it. this is where we live. >> it's not just new york city, though. it's everywhere. >> no, but this is worse. it's getting worse here. >> everybody listen up. new thriller "fatal tide" in the bookstores. a very, very strefrightening bo. great halloween gift. next, george w. bush versus monica crowley. they're opposing one another. miss monica will be here moments away.
5:46 pm
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"back of the book" segment. as you know, most conservatives do not like barack obama and nearly everything he does gets criticized. one of the targets is the president's golf game. >> as the story reports here, we could have had 341 federal employees could have kept their job and not been furloughed if the president had not taken his last golf outing. >> and if you're just talking about down time, yeah, it does look like a little unseemly to see him out on the golf course. >> my point is that he should not be playing golf had men and women in uniform are still getting killed in afghanistan. >> but in a recent interview with the golf channel, president bu bush, the younger, stuck up for president obama. >> why is golf such a hot-button issue? >> you know, i see our president criticized for playing golf. i don't. i think he ought to play golf. >> why's that? >> because i know what it's like to be in the bubble.
5:50 pm
and i know the pressures of the job and to be able to get outside and play golf with some of your pals is important for the president. >> here now monica crowley and the birthday boy, alan colmes. >> i was just going to say. crod the birthday boy -- 73 years old today. only charged me half price for your book and i appreciate that. >> so bush going after you? >> he called me and said it was you, the other two pin heads, no, he is not a pin head, he didn't care about that. it was you. >> that is okay, president bush, i still love you. that clip you played of me was from october of 2009 when president obama was in the process of announcing the surge in afghanistan. okay? so he committing more troops to harm's way in this war. president bush actually did play golf in the early stages of his presidency. after 9/11, when he committed
5:51 pm
troops to harm's way, it was totally inappropriate for the president to be seen doing that. >> why was he disagreeing with you? and this is the point i made in the interview. they need a little release and relaxing. i mean, if you went bowling would you be criticized? if he goes bowling would you be on him? >> no, listen, presidents deserve a vacation and break like any other person. that is what i do not have a problem with. what i do is having the rank hypocrisy against other presidents -- >> all right, now, i sided with you -- oh, my god. and said that the president -- the president should play golf, and if you know, because it is a good thing for them mentally. however, however, colmes -- >> look at that -- >> the serious thing when he makes the announcement, you know, they're going to go bomb syria. and they go you know what?
5:52 pm
i'll be right back, i'm going to play golf. inappropriate! >> and the sound tape of president bush saying -- >> you keep talking about -- a double standard. >> i'm not talking about it. this is me, focus on me. syria, biden, obama, to the golf course after -- >> but they should have just watched the game or something, not gone out in dopey short pants -- look, colmes, who is going to be terrified by somebody in short pants? >> look, george w. bush, to his credit, has always been respectful -- there is a small circle of people, unlike dick cheney who can't stop. this former president bush has tremendous respect to the office of the presidency, and to his credit has not gone after the president on anything. >> here is the point, it is not
5:53 pm
about the golf game, per se, it is the fact that when republicans go to do these behaviors, the elite press goes after them, sometimes they stop the criticism, sometimes they don't. and obama is in another category because he gets away with bloody murder. >> you don't really have a beef with any president playing golf -- >> as long as it is not excessive and the life of the nation is at stake. >> but colmes, it has to be at an appropriate time, not after you threaten to bomb somebody to putty, and then go out on the golf course. tip of the day, two minutes away. [ taps baton ]
5:54 pm
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civil news channel, in a moment. first, chicago, o'reilly, another excellent talking point, i agree, that most muslims ignore the jihad, and there is no unified voice against it. and i don't care what president obama says or does or does not say, i should say. he has been most aggressive in hitting the jihadis with drones. barack obama will not confront the muslim terrorists because he is a muslim, i doubt you will read this e-mail. there you go, marvin, you're on the record. and in your conversation with lou dobbs, you were clearly calling him a communist ingest, good question, it goes to the media allowing him to do it.
5:57 pm
it is not about reisch, it is about the viv vivid example of not being honest. you allow karl rove, a rino in chief? sidney, australia, o'reilly, did you hear you say you were not a republican? obviously, you don't want to be associated with your friends of yours on capitol hill or threatening to shut down the government. been a registered independent for years now, damon, don't have friends that i know of. and mary, sanabel island, florida, i downloaded "killing jesus" on my ipad, thanks for another great book. reqhvdey west lake, heading down to orlando, florida, to see you
5:58 pm
and miller on saturday. january 18th. and orlando will be a lot warmer than kokomo, no doubt. ron wickline, thank you for exposing that looney professor in new york city, the disgusting hecklingm of petraeus remindede of the lowest days. and watters demonstrated the bias that fox news is accused of. he should have taken greater care. sorry, jake, this is an opinion program. and we believe shouting down a patriot like petraeus is disgraceful, period. but watters did his job, taking a point of view he holds sinc e sincerely. watters has freedom to do whatever he wants to. and of course we can fire him. but he was as outraged as i was
5:59 pm
about the attacks. and making a $10,000 donation to to get the high tech wheelchairs for the wounded vets. linda, you are a patriot. and finally, the tip of the day as we mentioned in the stossel segment, most believe that the usa has become a mean country, and they specifically asked about fox news. 52% said it is civil, 32% said it was not. now if you take me out of the equation, 75% would get civil. i am the problem as stossel pointed out. next time they should ask the question with o'reilly out of there, and back to the tip of the day, that is it for us. please check out the fox news website, which is different than o'reilly. and check out o' word of the day, drop that word on the urchins when they give
6:00 pm
you a hard time. no codswallop. again, thank you for joining us, i'm bill o'reilly, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. and this is a fox news alert, he began speaking at 2:41 p.m. eastern time this afternoon not stopped. texas senator ted cruz is a man true to his word. and today he proved that and is proving it right now. let's watch. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care until i am no longer able to stand. to do everything that i can to help americans stand together and recognize this grand experiment, three and a half years ago is quite simply not working. >> now, senator cruz has


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