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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 24, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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you a hard time. no codswallop. again, thank you for joining us, i'mo'reilly, t t
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i kind of did everything i was quote, unquote supposed to be doing he says. the cost of a lost generation from the "wall street journal". upon the impact on young people themselves in 2012 analysis commission bid corporation for national and community service and fraegts. >> we're going to keep an eye on the speech throughout the skmour dip in and out. you can see it for the hour at the bottom of the screen. joining us now with reaction, someone who has within in senator ted cruz's corner from the beginning and also endorsed him, fox news
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contributor, former alaska governor, sara palin, welcome back. >> thank you, sean. if ted cruz runs out of material to speak of he can just read the obama care bill itself. i think no one else there on the senate floor actually read it. >> sean: no one could survive reading it that long, gofr that. would be too long for -- god help him, he'd be there forest of his life. >> if he would read it perhaps nancy pelosi could be watching c-span skpb able to say oh that is what it said. 20,000 pages including the degree regulations and only going to grow this, bible and only 1600 pages. can you imagine, 20,000 pages? the next bureaucracy that nobody ever read? >> sean: no. not really.
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do you know what is sad? as of this hour, i've been appealing to people all day this, is the tipping point, governor. a moment of truth this, is going to be a revitalized republican party with bold differences they don't want obama care. didn't they run and vow they'd repeal and replace? as of this hour, ted cruz, mike lee, marco rubio, rand paul, senator viter are the ones supporting and standing with cruz. what is your reaction to that? where are the other 39 republicans? >> well, sean, many democrats had come out against obama care saying they understood now about the death panels and other things and that obama care as support said is a tax that they had in the been aware of previously. and the democrats opposed it, where are they? what you're suggesting is this is something much greater than just this boot on the neck
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jammed down your throat america, socialize health care coverage program of obama's going to be run by the irs. it's greater than that. ted cruz loves his countrymen. he does not want to see us destroyed by bad public policy. he fights for what is right. nay sayers telling thus is a lost cause fighting for what is right. fighting against a program so bad congress exempted itself out of. >> sean: let's step in. apparently a democrat jumped on the floor i'm sure to kind of interrupt ted cruz. >> i'm getting to the answer to the question but it's a detailed answer so if you'll excuse me i'll take moments to lay it out. first step in my view, for this problem... >> governor the question that was just asked is does he -- does ted cruz want to shut down the government? does he have enough votes? governor, we know the answer to that is no. i keep hearing now senator
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mitch mcconnell said today, he took a shot at vuz kruz and says his strategies to defund obama care that cruz accused of wanting to defund obama care and shutting the governor down. if republicans vote foreclosure that allows harry reid to strip defunding provision and allows a simple majority to pass it. what ted cruz is saying that the real vote, only vote that matters that if they vote against republicans -- if republicans vote against it will prevent the amendment to strip defunding. it's complicated but i support what cruz is doing. why aren't these other republicans what do you think are other, quote, tactical differences? >> they're expecting american people will not be keeping up with the political lead that is a part of the arcane senator yil rules that are
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kind of tough to follow. you get glassy eyed in trying to follow what is going on. cruz is right. he explined a vote to cutoff the base and just to tick a vote on this and allow senator reid to take out the defunding mechanism that is part of the cr now. a vote will be a vote for obama care. let me go back to those calling this a lost cause. and i don't know if you saw mr. smith goes to washington. >> sean: i have. >> in that movie when jimmy stewart's character said a lost cause during his own filibuster, a lost cause is the only one worth fighting for because a lost cause is the only reason you fight for such a thing is for one reason, one plain, simple reason that, is, love thy neighbor n a world full of hatred that one politician who understands that virtue love thy neighbor
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is going fight tooth and tail until his political death, if you will in order to dot right thing n that, he has a great trust so. are people going to trust that virtue? love thy neighbor, in this case, loving the country so we won't be insolvent under obama care or are you going love this deceptive program they passed not knowing what it was entailing oos thoos reminds me a little bit, do you remember when reagan challenged gerald ford in 1976 and a lot of republicans were angry and came very close, very close in that battle againstford this seems to be a real showdown in the republican party between conservatives, and more establishment tapes -- types my feeling is if every republican in the senate food stood with cruz, if they stand with him, here, they can effectively stop obama.
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they can fund the rest of the government and stop obama care. then it's going to be the president's choice and senate democrat's choice if they want to shut down the government. why won't they do that? >> well, you're right. states can do what happened that is during our year, 76 i was going into junior high. world's eyes and ears were on what is going to happen what. reagan allowed then by standing tall and strong on what was right was opening the door for success of a real conservative agenda that the nation needed at the time four years later that. is what we're going to need, once the president is gone, our country will be so close to having been fundamentally trance formed as promise that had we're going to have a heck of a lot of work to do to get back on solid footing producing a nation we once were. we're going to have a
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statement to do their jobs and fulfilling their campaign promises and implementing the will of the people. we'll see another reagan uprising if you fwhil a couple years that is what we need. >> republicans now praise reagan but at the time they didn't like his boldness. it seems to me i keep getting my forces on the ground if you will that has been a contentious lunch took place today among senate republicans and contentious little battles including senator mccain whourks ran with. and -- who you ran w it seems to me there is a little bit of jealously and anger this freshman is daring to take on the establishment but almost like he's calling them to task because they ran on this promise. do you see any other way they can accomplish repealing obama care? i don't. >> no. of course not. have you to take whatever tool
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you have in the tool box in order to get rid of obama care. the only tool we have at this point is unfunding it. that is the role of the legislative branch holding purse strings. as for ted cruz he's a tough texan, he can handle this, remember, people throw rocks at thing that's shine and ted cruz is shining. it's not just him personally, individually what it is he as a person represents, it's his beliefs and ideals his love of country, and again, not want wanting to ease see us destroyed under something like obama care the irs is going to continue to cram down our throats. >> sean: governor, great to hear from you again, we've missed you, thank you for being here. >> thank you, keep up the great work. >> sean: there is a poll out today americans believe government is too powerful at a record level. tick a listen what is going on on the senator floor let's
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take a quick look at what's happening and what is coming up. >> best way for judy or anyone to have health insurance is to have an econo people can get jobs and have opportunities. let me respond with two things, number one, before the senator from illinois came to the floor of the senate i read a number of letters coming from people around the country. the next one happens to actually be counter part to your story about judy. this is a constituent from texas wrote this year... >> sean: we're going to be dipping in throughout the hour, also coming up next on this breaking news edition of the show we'll continue to monitor of speech on the floor, coming up next utah senator mike lee joins me live to weigh in on ted cruz's valent effort to defund obama care. first go choose the video of
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>> the point i'd like to make is the senator is just plain wrong. health insurance you enjoy and the senator from alabama and i enjoy is a federal employee health benefit program. it covers eight million federal employees and families including members of congress and our staff for the premium
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that's we pay for the health insurance we choose. the federal government as our employer plays 72% of the premiums this is not an unusual situation. 150 million americans... >> all right. dick durbin challenging ted kuz. -- cruz. joining us now senator mike lee from utah. it's interesting durbin shows up in prime time to challenge ted cruz and ted does not have to acknowledge him? he can keep go something. >> he can keep going but this is one of the great things about senator cruz he's willing to engage with people and answer questions and he doesn't shy away, as you've noticed, sean from controversy or difficult questions. >> sean: i just, 72% that is a give back, was it not? they didn't want exchange, is that not correct? >> well, senator durbin just describing what is the status
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quo. but, i was waiting to hear where he was going to go next. i'm not sure what point he's about to make. >> there is a point, many different instances you know there is a big carve out. individuals have to comply with their mandate but big businesses don't that. is not fair, there are unfai unfairnesses built into this law. we don't want our federal government pilting one group of americans against another, it's one of the many pit falls of big government and this law is why we're fighting against it. why standing with the american people with, the house leadership to fund government and defund obama care. >> let me give you or allow an opportunity tochl plain the process. quote, you're being needs 60 votes there are 46 republicans,
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in the united states senate. and you're saying it was ted cruz has been saying you should vote against culture to prevent harry reid because one briefed woe need a simple majority after stripping out defunding and continuing resolution that was sent to the senate by the house. explain why you -- what sit first then where you're fellow republicans stand. >> voting on the bill is something that will be accomplished somewhat to end debate on this bill. now, in this circumstance, we intend to oppose closure on the bill for the reason hairy reid doesn't want to give us an up or down vote on the bill he doesn't want to allow us the option of the voting down on this bill. nor does he want us to be able to have a full open amendment process.
9:20 pm
in which republicans and democrats could bring forward amendment that's have been considered and voted upon. and each senator sees fit. not willing to have that, either. he wants middle ground to have his cake and eat it, too. he wants to have one amendment that will strip out and gut the house-passed resolution of the defunding language. we're saying that -- we're not willing to go along with. >> harry reid will have 53 democrats. vote with him to strip out to, gut the house will of that language, and i don't want to help him. a number of our cluing-colleagues unwilling. >> it seems to me your colleagues that are going to vote foreclosure are missing the point here. the vote then allows a simple majority to strip out the language of the house put in there to defund ob yaum ka
9:21 pm
care. you're saying if you vote against it, they won't have the opportunity. am i understanding that correctly? >> they will be able to strip ut "out with a simple majority vote that. one of the many reasons why we oppose it and why we're inviting viewers out there. anyone who agree was to us make views known. if he's willing to give us a vote on house bill as is, great. we can't let him try to have his cake and eat it. too. he doesn't need us as republicans joining him. >> sean: why is it, we keep hearing only differences between the seven of you and i count seven as of now, committed and that is, you know, cruz, you, rubio, paul, viter, robert sorn. i don't know if anyone joined since i last checked.
9:22 pm
they haven't come out publicly yelt. and what tactics are they using and when will we get rid of obama care? >> some people are saying this is a done deal. that we know somehow, i'm not sure how, but we know that harry reid going to be able to get 06 votes foreclosure. my response is that we don't know until that happens. you know? a couple weeks ago people were saying it's physically impossible. to push through a bill like this for the house of representatives. leadership would never go forth. you can never get 218 votes. and it happened. it happened because the house of representatives, republican leadership over there boldly acted and bravely acted pursuant to what american people were asking them to do. it's time for the senate now to do the same thing. i'm not willing just to say
9:23 pm
look, i know that this is going to happen anyway. i'm going do everything i can ask use every tool at my disposeal to defund obama care to see to it what the house of representatives passed is the best possible chance of succeeding. >> sean: walk us through the rest of the week. this will land probably tonight or tomorrow morning i see senator sessions is gone. i assume he's supporting senator cruz bringing it up to eight. what happens from here? >> okay. so, sometimes, tomorrow, probably around noon, will by a previously arranged time agreement move on to a vote, a vote on closure on the motion to vod. that is a vote to get us on to the bill so we're debating the bill. once that happens and another 30 hours will elapse. at the end of that 30 hours we'll have another vote.
9:24 pm
that is the one that matters. so that could occur sometime thursday, possibly friday. and there are a lot of variables here that can control when that 30 hours runs whit stops, whether or not cut short. >> all right. i had a friend very familiar with process saying if the goal is the getting it into confrechbls i don't have any confidence in conference. do you? >> in this circumstance i think we're going to be much better with legislation that great concern to the american people to have it debated out in the open and on the floor of the senate and house of representatives. and so we can do it that way. a major debate is they tend to operate in secret. where as when you considering c.something on the floor it's an open process televised and much more transparent to the american people. that is an important thing
9:25 pm
when debating something as impactful as this legislation attempting to protect the american people keeping the government funded. while defunding obama care. >> senator, appreciate it. they promised to do it but nowhere to be found whit what matters, thank you for being here. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: coming up we'll continue to monitor the senate floor senator ted cruz has been laying out reasons why obama care needs to be defunded and you can select the video of the day. look at this, a tiny football star could inspire some of the nfl pros. want to see the rest of the video? log on and vote. [ taps baton ] [ dings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every thought... every movement... ♪ ...carefully planned, coordinated and synchronized. ♪
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>> charlie cook has something is that the 2014 mid terms look better for rirns than they did in 2010 as inds are tilting republicans by 18 points this is coming out the same week this is going on with health care. you're a democrat what. do you make of that? >> well, i love how you say a few follow pols mpl very polls four. the american people though not in favor of obama care said they're not in favor of holding it up in as a threat to defund the government. the american people did not send democrats or republicans to washington to do this and to go back to undo legislation. the american people, i think tomorrow might vote ted cruz to be the most unpopular person opposed to hairy read. >> now, i'm probably polarizing. >> yes..
9:31 pm
>> i have polls, too. it shows that the unpopularity of obama care has never dropped below 51%, it's still considered to be at an all-time high. the only time it's dropped low was when it was out of the spotlight. but no, it's always been unpopular crammed down everyone's throat. i understand why harry reid is unpopular, he's a negative guy. he's a negative nansy. look you're in the going to be able to fund what is someone's paycheck, people know how much money they have to spend they're getting notices and seeing how it's affecting them. just next month, the vice president is coming into town with negative impacts. you can't fake people out of that. that is the truth.
9:32 pm
they're reyachting to it. >> walgreens dropping health insurance. sea world, if you work part time you can't work more than 28 hours. cleveland clinic cutting their work force, citing obama care. i'm, so awful these companies are saying the same thing. this is hurting skus stp stopping us and taking aday coverage y not stop and look at negative impacts? >> this is legislation passed years ago. >> okay. that doesn't answer my question. >> they landed down our throat. >> because, saerng you do not just stop and say when the majority voted for the
9:33 pm
president not once, but twice... you may say majority still want ob yaum qa care that. is one of the reasons that they voted for the president. just because that was his platform to have universal health coverage. they wanted this -- . >> no. they don't. >> those on the left, absolutely. >> it does if it breaks down. >> something that leslie said about a poll this, is from the national journal. everybody is spinning it wrong. when you talk about the majority of americans you don't want to talk about they look at this poll. they employ the comprehension. you will see people want to talk about a budget first,
9:34 pm
they won't be having this conversation if democrats in the senate had passed a budget so we didn't have to do continuing resolutions. but that is another discussion i'm sure they do not want to approach tonight considering the polls but if you talk to people they want to deal with government shut down and they don't want it together. >> we have to take a break. we'll continue to monitor, taking a look at what is going in on the senate floor, take a look. >> if we're standing and fighting as we're walking the walk, our beliefs should be self evident. washington, d.c. responds anyone tries to tell the truth, look, i promise you my
9:35 pm
observations there are some republican woz like us for a symbolic skprot would like to lose so they zront a risk of being did he funded i promise you those comments are not getting me invited to cocktail parties in washington any time soon. >> sean: we're going to continue. we want to hear from you, hannity do you stand with cruz? you get to pick tonight's video of the day, option three. a vito -- video about obama care. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national.
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if you ask american people how many senators should be here in the debate biggest job killer in this country. american people top priority is jobs and the economy. what possibly do you have more important to do? i suspect some colleagues are a fund raising dinner, some at home with their families. you want to know why congress is held in lowest yeem? not that we don't pass enough laws it's that priorities of men and women are not priorities of the men and women of america. we're not listening to america. >> powerful moment live on the senate floor, ted cruz continues now, now, officially into his seventh hour on the floor of the u.s. senate. we continue with radio talk
9:41 pm
show lost dana lash and leslie marshal. a number says we're going to pass bankruptcy with this. $641 kbrinl in new taxes and "forbes" magazine came out we're going to spend $7450 more than spending now. does this have any impact on you? are you just a rigid i'd log with blinders on? well, i'm asking because -- . >> you know i'm not a rigid -- you know i own a medical center. you know my husband is a physician. >> sean: what about -- i don't need your -- why -- . >> i want to speak about the job. >> sean: leslie. i didn't ask you that question. >> this is not a job killer. >> sean: give me talking points you want.
9:42 pm
$7450 more. the president said we'd save $2500 a year, does that not -- that is a $10,000 swing, help me out. why doesn't have have an impression on you?. >> well, certainly it doesn't mean you throw out the baby with the bath water you that stand there and that you copy wendy davis trying to top 10 hours. >> you had years ago, years ago a plan. this reminds me of -- toddlers lying on the floor kicking and screaming because they can't get their way ask crying over spilled milk. this is about the tea party and not being a republican. the republican party not on that one. >> i think it's really funny she mentioned baby and bath water talking about wend yes davis talking about killing babies instead of throwing them out with the bath water.
9:43 pm
i don't know why it doesn't have an impact on these individuals. i've been storying these tweets from people who have been talking about how obama care is having a negative impact on them, talking about premiums increasing. i've heard from cancer survivors and women talking about whether or not they want to have children because they're worried about the costs associated with labor and deliver rism i'm one of those women because i have no idea what affordibility of health care is going to be. >> sean: $10,000 i remember years in construction, i remember years in restaurant business, i remember struggling years as a local radio host making 19 grand a year that, would be half of my salary if i had a family of four. "new york times", i know liberals love they say will have limited doctor choices. yet mayo clinic ceo talking about the negatives. all of this data and the fact that there are exclusive
9:44 pm
exemptions for the right people like big business and members of congress. none of it impacts the thought process of the left. i don't understand that leslie because in real life you're a reasonable person. $10,000 for an average family of sfour a lot of money. >> yes. there is. there is no question about it. that is why i'm not in favor of the way it was passed or current form. i said that before on your program. >> sean: you're not supporting stopping it. >> no. it shouldn't be stopped we need to go further. one of the huge problems, my husband can tell you people come to him when, they're bones are sticking out as opposed to when they had a pain it and could have been prevented this costs a lot of money. not talking about money in his pocket but money to the american taxpayer. the emergency room. that was part of the problem. they already admitted it
9:45 pm
failed because of the waivers. 1200 plus waivers they admitted it failed. they admitted it failed. [ speaking over one another ]. >> talk about topics. >> being honest, lessly. you were there for just a moment. >> bring this tough vote to shore. >> sean: let's go back to ted cruz. take a look at ted cruz, please. >> i respect that degree of kand yoir. boy be happy if this body had 10 more bernie sander skpiz think that would be far more truth in advertising then week have real debates about what should the role of government about in our lives. >> sean: coming up next, we're going to keep following this throughout the hour, now been going over seven hours, when
9:46 pm
ke come back, live with reaction to this, look at that picture. that is an awesome picture. they're coming up next, live in studio. ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900. "i" formation! "i" formation! we have got to get the three-technique block! i'm not angry. i'm not yellin'. nobody's tackling anybody! we got absolutely... i don't think this was such a good idea. i'm on it. if we can't secure the quarterback center exchange... you're doing a great job, coach. well they're coming along better than i anticipated. very pleased.
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this is a fox news alert, the co-host of "the five" q see you. >> interesting analysis. >> okay. >> any point number one for all of this going on now, end point one, no the d.c. are in a corner. >> look at the polls about the
9:51 pm
size and scope and influence of government gallup bigger than it's ever been. the people don't like it. >> i think one of the things is people don't like the push for delay. debbie wasserman-schultz says not everything about obamacare is sacred. maybe that showed the crack in the dam. maybe the delay was possible. a for effort. where do we go from here? if all the outcomes are true, you have obamacare in the position you don't have the delay feed. one of the biggest things i think they could do, i think i had this wrong a couple months ago the congressional exemption for obamacare is something the republicans could deal with, and david vitter and a few others. they're so worried about it they don't allow it to have a vote and start to use personal attacks about the past.
9:52 pm
>> this is what i don't understand. the house was sort of shamed into doing this because they tried their parliamentary trick. i think you're right, the party is divided. if the republican party doesn't stand up here and unite on this as a bold different alternative to democrats, as far as i'm concerned, there's not a dime's worth of difference. this is the biggest entitlement boondoggle in the country's history. >> i gave you a hard edged argument two weeks ago and you went straight up fighting me. i now think there is something good about what we're seeing tonight. i know you disagree with that. >> a lot of people like that. >> all of them were elected. >> i don't care. that's the point. >> he's making his stand,
9:53 pm
getting a lot of publicity. there's a lot of camera attention on this guy. i spoke to a lot of young voters on my program, fox business. they like this. they think he's falling in rand paul's example. he's standing up. he's there. he's not a phony. he's there saying what he thinks. he split the party and he's not going to succeed, obamacare is going to go ahead. i think that's a good thing because the democrats have their answer for that. i'm thinking politically. >> you think politically. >> but then the country is stuck with it, stewart. it's bad for the country. >> i think you can trim it and undermine it as the years go forward. >> i think once it becomes law what you had in your old country, rationing america's health is the future and will lead us to bankruptcy. >> if you don't make big political changes in 14 and 16
9:54 pm
and reverse course, yes, you're right. >> he tries to use power the constitution provides congress, the power of the purse. >> right now, they will fail. >> we've been doing this segment every tuesday for five years, every tuesday i have come up with better arguments about why his national health care plan is not a good one for america. all of a sudden tonight, i am with the democrats? that's the implication. if you don't stand for this, you stand for nothing? >> i'm not implying it. >> it is not just you two. if that's your goal -- >> that is not our goal. >> this is what's happened here. the republican party is split. ted cruz is emerging as some leadership within the republican party. the democrats are stuck with obamacare. there will be no shut down and no de-funding and delay. >> it's a win-win.
9:55 pm
>> i'm not sure you have it down that way. interesting how it plays out. thank you for being here. up next, your choice for video of the day. straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] build anything with the new toyota tundra. toyota. let's go places. [ dings ] ♪ ♪ ♪
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more calendars. aww. polish it. punish it. and you're done. wt. one more. now you're done. ♪ and welcome back to "hannity," time to reveal what you viewers selected as the video of the day. he says he quit smoking because he fears michelle obama. take a look. >> no, no, i -- because i'm scared of my wife. >> well, michelle is in charge of smoking and eating. wonder if she told him to put the bike helmet on as he rode the bike in martha's vineyard.
10:00 pm
i don't know, let not your heart be troubled. greta van sustern is standing by. take it away. greta. >> this is a fox news alert, senator ted cruz has been speaking for seven hours and 19 minutes, vowing to speak until he can no longer stand. and you are looking live at the u.s. senate floor where senator cruz and his supporters are talking in favor of de-funding obama care. now they're trying to block a bill. in just hours, the u.s. senate will vote on the bill. senator david vitters joins us, good evening. >> good evening, greta. >> so are you against this? >> yeah, i'm voting on the cloture vote


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