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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 24, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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i don't know, let not your heart be troubled. greta van sustern is standing by. take it away. greta. >> this is a fox news alert, senator ted cruz has been speaking for seven hours and 19 minutes, vowing to speak until he can no longer stand. and you are looking live at the u.s. senate floor where senator cruz and his supporters are talking in favor of de-funding obama care. now they're trying to block a bill. in just hours, the u.s. senate will vote on the bill. senator david vitters joins us, good evening. >> good evening, greta. >> so are you against this? >> yeah, i'm voting on the cloture vote --
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>> so how many votes do you have? do you have enough to make a it happen? >> probably not, i don't have a vote count right now. so i'll see. i do think the vote matters and it can make a difference, but i don't know exactly what the vote count is. >> let's explain this whole thing, it is not technically a filibuster, there -- it is not going to prevent a vote, right? >> probably the most significant is the cloture on the bill in a few days. >> and i guess one it to keep a promise, the other is to make a statement because others are obviously watching us. >> yes, obama care is a big deal, october first is when it kicks in, a lot of folks are watching and thinks that once it gets into law and puts down roots it will be more difficult to disrupt. >> what are your colleagues saying across the floor? >> there is a huge spectrum
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across the debate. >> and saying what? >> you have heard the debate, saying it is good or bad, we have had these discussion. >> but essentially is it seen as the republicans are going to lose this one, because your team is not going to win what you're trying to do tomorrow and this bill will be stripped and go back to the house? >> it is hard to win anything in the harry reid senate, that is just a fundamental of life where we work. now, i've been trying to add something, and that is to emphasize that washington, of all places, shouldn't be getting a special exemption and a special subsidy. i know the washington exemption language, i think that needs to be an important part of the debate. because if we put that in the mix, i think that would create significant leverage for at least a one-year delay. because that is how the establishment would put off their personal pain. >> i think -- you know, i just don't quite understand this, is that capitol hill, those who
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voted for obama care, because they say it is so -- first of all, nobody read it. which is a whole other story. and they tell america that this is so good for america, yet exemption themselves from it. you know, what is that? >> that is exactly right, plus it is against the statute, because the statute is very clear that every member of congress and all congressional staff are supposed to go to the exchange. and there is no mention of this subsidy following us to the exchange. that is not the statute, just made up out of thin air by the obama administration at the behest of harry reid and others. >> this exemption capitol hill covers democrats and republicans and their staff. are republicans and their staff -- i assume they're going to take advantage of the exemption anyway, even though it is something they may not agree with? >> well, that is as it stands now. that is why i think we need clear legislation to undo all of this. this rule that the obama administration came up with about six weeks ago, again, at the behest of a lot of folks on
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capitol hill, led by harry reid. >> and the day before they went on vacation, so it got buried. >> correct, and president obama was personally involved in that decision, in that rule-making, personally involved, which is highly unusual. >> that should outrage americans, that is just stunning. i don't know what is up with senate majority leader harry reid, because when anybody disagrees with him, he calls them an a anarchist, he didn't like what you said, so he goes for your throat. >> he is constantly changing the subject. i think it says a lot about what he fears and how americans feel about this decision. i think that is why americans need to rally around this principle, to me, we should be treated exactly the same, what is good for us should be good
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for washington. >> and do you think that president obama should be exempted? call your senators, if it is so good for everybody it ought to be good for them. anyway, thank you, sir. thank you. >> and for hours and hours and hours, supporting senator cruz, taking the floor and taking a stand. >> i intend to speak in support of de-funding obama care until i am no longer able to stand. i am happy to yield for a question without yielding the floor. >> how long will it be before congress acts? >> congress and washington get an exemption. socialized medicine is and has been everywhere in the world it has been implemented, a disaster. >> i could grab 100 people at random, and i guarantee you they would say get a fix. >> i want the opportunity to read two bedtime stories to my girls. i do not like green eggs and
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ham. i do not believe we should shut down the federal government. the only reason we might shut down the federal government is if president obama and majority leader reid decide they want to force a government>t#8 shutdow >> not everybody agrees with senator cruz's strategy, senator borasso, also a doctor, thank you for joining us. >> why don't you join senator cruz' strategy? >> i was on the floor this morning talking about the problems with the health care law, and i'll be on the floor tomorrow talking about the problems with the health care law. there are a number of different tactics involved, de-funding is important, but it doesn't go far enough. you actually need to de-fund the entire law because there are actually taxes that need to be collected under the entire law. we need to repeal the entire law, some said if we don't get it done now in the next couple of days that it is over. we have surrendered. i am never going to stop until
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this health care law is repealed. and that could be next year, could be in another administration. it will be when we take back the senate. and we have to win back the senate to actually repeal the law. >> so i mean, i understand that this -- for lack of a better word, filibuster, really is not a filibuster, but what others are doing, senator rubio and mike lee, that it is not going to stop the vote. that is what they would like, but it is just not going to happen because of the way the rule s are. are you opposed to the strategy, more people will likely be talking about the health care bill tonight than if this were not happening? >> that is why i encourage the discussion -- >> why don't you go help them? >> i was there earlier today, i will be there tomorrow. every republican voted against the health care law in the house and senate. this health care law is a disaster for america, not just in terms of health care but also for their jobs and paychecks.
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today, barack obama had to call in bill clinton to try to bail him out on the health care law. they were in new york together because the law is so unpopular. it is taking one hit after another. the more we talk about it, the more the american people are disgusted because the more they learn about it. now, one of the things is you said no one read the law. you know, i actually read the entire bill before it was voted on which is why i was so much of an opponent -- >> i read the bill, i read statutes my whole life before i came to tv. and a i thought it was incomprehensible. >> because so many times it says the secretary of health and human services will come up with rules and regulations. >> now if anyone actually saw it o -- they took the bill and shipped it to hhs, which has 120,000 pages of rules and regulations, which is another problem. all of these people wrote these
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laws, we didn't even elect them, and don't know their names. we didn't get them anyway. >> in the debates with mitt romney, president obama pointed to the cleveland clinic as a place for great care and lower costs. the cleveland clinic announced this week they are laying off many employees. they're cutting $300 million of expenses because of the health care law. >> i don't know if toby costco was the ceo and if he backpedals or not, but he sort of thought we were taking out of context what he meant. i don't know if he is sort of backtracking or not. certainly the health care bill is having an impact on his hospital and across the country. but at least he was trying to back pedal a little bit. >> and the other thing, the exchanges which open on tuesday, and other u.s. teams, which tend to like it, say hey, expect
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trouble. the exchanges, if you join in california, which the president highlights as a place that is working, you remember that exchange? you can't go to the university of california hospitals. you can't go to cedar sinai medical. in new hampshire, over a third of hospitals are wiped out by the exchanges. people are not getting good insurance. >> the idea that everybody pools his money, puts money in the pot. we're going to spread the risk and lower the cost. the next thing i know, i turn around, everybody is getting exemptions. big business, union getting an exemption, capitol hill is getting an exemption? who is left to pay? if people are getting special deals we're right back to the special interests where special interest gets special deals. >> which is why i support david vitters, and even the union representatives are coming out, they're going to be paying a lot more than they should be paying
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for their insurance. there is incredible sticker shock. >> and senator ted cruz did read a story to his two young children because he was not home to put them in bed. actually, there is a tweet of the two little girls as they watched him on tv getting the bedtime story. so at least one sort of sweet little thing happened tonight. >> heidi is there to put them to bed. >> thank you, senator. >> thank you. and despite the vicious fight over de-funding obama care, the health exchange is still set to start october 1. but now a former obama care administrator is saying we may see a re-definition of what start means. the director of the office health insurance exchanges until september 2011. he now represents hospitals and insurance companies, nice to see you, sir. >> good to be here, greta. >> all right, so are we all set to go? everything is ready, perfect, october 1, or are we in for a
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different kind of ride? >> we're set to go in october one, it won't be a completely smooth launch, none of these big programs ever are. one thing i will agree with senator vitter, and once it takes place it will take root. senator cruz, i have respect for his stamina, but i believe it will move forward. >> senator cruz, i actually think he made a promise to his constituents. he is keeping it. and he is also putting the spotlight on health care tonight so as people are about to make important decisions on october first, their mind is put back on health care. i actually think that what he is doing is effective. >> it would be better if he was a little more accurate in his statements. it is going to be a heck of a fact check on his speech when it is done. but just to give you one simple example, and both of your senators repeated it this evening is that it will drive
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costs way up. one thing we know, factually is that health care is at its lowest rate in 15 years. you can't say obama care solved it. but you can argue whether obama care contributed to it, it is hard to say when inflation is at its lowest in 15 years -- >> explain to me, sir, why i got an e-mail today, a woman said she is in her 70s, both she and her husband's supplemental insurance is going up each month. >> when you have a company with 300 million people, there are going to be winners and losers, the opponents, they single out individual people rather than looking at what is happening overall. and overall, health care inflation is at its lowest rate in 15 years. >> but if we can talk numbers in health care inflation, but if there are going to be less doctors who are going to go into providing medicare services, i mean, this is not by any means sort of the end-all answer. i mean, there are a lot of problems, a lot of people have
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legitimate complaints about this. if their prices are going up. they can't get their doctors. everyone agrees our health care needed something. everybody agrees, what they don't agree on is whether this is a smart and effective way to do this. beginning october one, you say they're going to take off and run smoothly. i hope you're right. but there are a lot of people who are not quite as optimistic as you are. >> well, again, there are going to be bumps in the road. >> what are bumps in the road? >> some aspects are not fully operati operational. i like what my former state of oregon did, they want to make sure it is ready for consumers. the first two weeks, we'll have the agents and brokers use it, beta test it, make sure all the glitches come out. if a person really wants to go early in october and shop, they can. they would have to do it through an agent. in the middle of october, people
10:15 pm
can go directly to the site -- >> every time we add another person to the layer, i am always suspicious if there is an agent involved, is it more costs? who pays the agents? >> many of the agents think they're going to get cut out of this law, there are challenges for the agents in the law. but if there is an agent, the price doesn't change in terms of whether you have an agent or not. the price has changed, bronze and silver for many people, which is amazing given the projections only a year ago of 3 and $400 rates. >> you know, you're the first person who is optimistic. as life would have it, my family has had medical challenges this year. so i spent a lot of time around hospitals, and i can tell you you're the most optimistic person, i talked to nurses, doctors, technicians. everybody is terrified. you are by far the first person
10:16 pm
i have met who is actually feeling quite optimistic, at least that a is how it appears me. >> maybe because as an insurance organizer, and the director of the regional office i know how bad the current system is. this is not perfect. people are still going to have health care issues. we have a long way to go to have a health care system in america, but it will be substantially better than the current system. >> and@eç i think that is proba where this is a big divide. everybody agrees that the system was really bad. but a lot of people disagree with the way it ended, what we're getting. i guess we'll see in october if you're right. i so hope you're right. the problem is, unfortunately, i see what has been made. i actually tried to read the statute and i know if you can't understand the statute and the rules then when you have the big fight with the hospital and you're trying to get medical care, you're going to end up in court and with litigation. it will be a nightmare.
10:17 pm
so i am a little concerned about the way it unfolded. i hope i'm dead wrong, i hope you're absolutely right that this is smooth, it will lower costs and i hope it will make more doctors and health care available to people, because i don't want to see people suffer. >> that is exactly what is going to happen. greta, a lot of criticism reminds me of a trade agreement, which is people go searching for a few people who will be made worse off under a trade agreement and will ignore people who are going to be made better off. i think if we could look at who is going to be made better off, people getting insurance who don't have it today. everybody will have more security. yes, some will pay a little more. there will be bumps in the road. some people will be dislocated. any major change in a society like ours will have disruption to it. overall, people will be made better off.
10:18 pm
in a year, we'll sing a much different tune. >> you reminded me, i have given you a last word, that is the fair thing to do. in a year, we'll compare notes and i hope i'm dead wrong about a lot of these things. because i want to see people to make sure they get good medical care. anyway, thank you very much. i'll see you in a year. that is 7 p.m., i might add. that will be fine with me. >> now, to tonight's hot button issue, do you admire senator ted cruz more or less after his speech? go to gretawire poll. and this could not have come at a better time for her. also, president obama getting caught by a hot mike. what did the president say this time and is he in trouble? you will hear for yourself. and up next, the latest live from the senate floor where senator ted cruz is pulling out all the stops to stop a senate
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this is fox news alert just hours ago before the senate takes an initial vote on a house passed bill to avoid a government shut down, which contains the provision to de-fund obama care, but which senator reid is expected to strip from the bill. right now, senator ted cruz urging his colleagues to block that bill. and you are looking live at the senate floor with senator cruz where he and his supporters have been speaking, for seven hours and 41 minutes. he says he will speak in support of de-funding obama care until
10:23 pm
he is no longer able to stand. and a record 60% believes the federal government is too powerful. senator lindsey graham joins us. >> hello, nice to see you, greta, i can't wait until you get 7:00, i can go to bed early. i cannot wait. >> anyway, all right, what do you think of this ted cruz talking/filibuster? >> any time you talk about obama care and how bad the bill is for america. the question is can we convince democrats to de-fund obama care? maybe five democrats will listen to what ted has to say and we'll win the day. but one thing i disagree with is the idea of shutting down the government to try to de-fund obama care will not succeed in de-funding obama care. but i think it will hurt our ability as a party to grow and eventually defeat this bill. >> all right, let's talk about shutting down the government. let me do it to complain as a
10:24 pm
citizen. the reason we're talking about shutting down the government is because the government has not done its job. >> you're dead right, absolutely. >> is it about continuing resolutig resolution is a lazy person's way of running the country. if you put us in charge of the u.s. senate and keep the house in charge, republicans controlled by the house -- republican-controlled senate, i'm going to make a prediction and a promise that we'll pass every appropriation bill and not do cr's anymore, and if we don't, kick us out. >> if i did my job like that i wouldn't last five minutes. >> we haven't had the appropriations process work. no business could surprise. i appreciate ted focusing on obama care's flaws because there are many. but at the end of the day it needs to be about democrats being held accountable for this bill. to the democrats that created this, you need to change it. you need to work with me and others to fix this bill before
10:25 pm
it destroys the economy. >> tomorrow will be a vote, what will happen is senator reid will strip from the senate bill, the de-funding -- >> this is the key, the house de-funded the obama care. it is in the continuing resolution to de-fund the government. every republican will vote against taking out the provision to de-fund obama care. i think most democrats will vote to strip it out. that will be the issue of 2014. here is the news nobody is talking about today. ted cruz is on the senate floor. good for ted. we had a u.n. speech by everybody today. the one story that people are not talking about is that bill and hillary clinton, particularly hillary clinton fully embraced obama care today. they're selling this bill as hard as they can sell it. i will never call it obama care anymore. i'm going to call it clinton care. hillary clinton decided today to own obama care, so in 2016 when
10:26 pm
this thing falls apart and the economy is in shambles, i am going to hereafter call it clinton-care. >> then let's say if it is a success? >> then she will win, if it is a failure, then she needs to own the result of embracing this bill. >> all right, how do we define if it is a success, or not. >> the american people will tell you if you lose your job or go to 20 hours instead of 40, and you don't have private health care, and your companies drops then you will know it is a failure. >> you know what the missing element is? i would like to see who understands it? >> you know who understands it, the employers, the unions understand it. >> i mean the intricate parts of
10:27 pm
it -- >> nobody understands how it works. but here is what -- i want to vote. delay the individual mandate for a year. give me that vote. the medical device tax is destroying jobs -- let's vote. >> you know what the problem is, everyone takes the bill, now you want to strip out what you don't like for the special interests, because the medical people don't like -- >> i want to start over. sit down with democrats and write a better bill. >> and i want special people to stop getting special deals. >> there you go. i don't want congress -- david vitter is right. that ought to be in any bill the republicans pass making sure washington doesn't get a special bill. >> i want to know which u.s. staff gets -- >> smoke us out, absolutely. >> and the iranians are lying about their nuclear program. >> anyway, thank you. coming up, israel's prime minister is warning the world it should not be fooled by iran's new president. president obama calling for
10:28 pm
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. in the irs scandal, turns out, embattled irs official lois lerner was a step in front of the axe. the review board was just about the fire her, but she announced her retirement. because she beat them to it, she will get her full retirement. nice to see you again, larry. >> hi, greta, good to be back. >> so tell me your thoughts on lois lerner getting her pension, what are your thoughts? >> i'm disgusted, back in may, i had a vision of lois lerner
10:33 pm
making license plates in a federal prison. now i'm kind of picturing her in an island drinking a drink with an umbrella on it. and now i picture her using our tax 5by9money, this is just cr >> this is the thing about it, she had spent the summer on administrative leave, which she has a right to do. and you actually -- i don't know what to say. i mean, it is sort of the gall of it. she won't testify or tell us what happened. >> exactly. >> the thing that -- ordinarily i would say she has not been proven guilty of anything. and of course, she has not. and there has been no criminal proceeding. but there is an e-mail that was attributed to her, in which she said the tea party was dangerous. that shows right there. the irs said they didn't find any political bias wanting to fire her or get rid of her, but found basically she was inept.
10:34 pm
>> well, i'm not sure we can trust what the irs says right now. so in-house critique of lois lerner means nothing to me. she did call is very dangerous. actually, we received letters with her signature on it. we have two of them with her signature on it. i actually have one right here. and you can see lois lerner's signature. the time lines she put out didn't match up. really what happened is, she knew about it all along. it has become very clear. and she took away our first amendment rights of freedom of association and speech. she wants to hide behind it. >> what else she did is not giving you a decision on your tax exemption, she didn't allow you to take your denial and appeal it. she put it in limbo. it is just disgraceful.
10:35 pm
i don't understand why the irs doesn't get more subpoenas thrown its way. and why eric holder doesn't do more investigating, there are a lot of stories -- >> and we're looking for justice, we want to see justice come out of it. and right now, people are just leaving the irs, resigning with full pay. >> one step ahead of the axe. >> i mean, i guess i'm in the wrong end of this business, but i have principles and honor, so i can't do that. >> all right, larry, thank you very much. i'm sorry you are disgusted. thank you for joining us. >> okay, thank you, greta. and tonight, high drama over the chance that president obama would be meeting with iran's president rouhani. it would have been the first encounter between the u.s. and iranian leaders in 36 years. now, it turns out president obama didn't even meet with the iranian president, not even a hand shake, but the president insists the united states try diplomacy with iran.
10:36 pm
>> riran has been responsible fr the murder of thousands. >> the so-called threat of iran. a threat against international peace and security themselves, or promote such a threat. >> america prefers to resolve our concerns over iran's nuclear program peacefully, although we are determined to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> we will not be fooled by half measures that merely provide a smoke screen for iran's continual pursuit of nuclear weapons. >> they're using the first days in office of hassan rouhani to try to convince others that he is a moderate. >> absolutely no threat to the world. >> the world is more stable than it was five years ago. >> so is the world more stable than it was five years ago? former u.n. ambassador john
10:37 pm
bolton joins us, nice to see you, despite the fact that 81 christians were blown up, and what happened in kenya, as well. that doesn't seem particularly stable to me, but what are your thoughts? >> well, it is ridiculous, this speech by president obama is a long rehash of his foreign policy. for me, it has been divided in the last four years of his administration and then history. when he focused on iran, he really showed he has no clue what the nature of that regime is, the threat that they pose to the united states and its allies. and i think we're about to go down a very dangerous road for the united states and our friends in the middle east. >> in terms of the gesture between the united states and iran today, how does it look? does it look like the president
10:38 pm
was reaching out showing diplomacy, and would always rather be talking than fighting? or does it look like iran sort of dissed us? that the president was reaching out and the iranian president said he just couldn't do it? it was too complicated to make it work? >> yeah, there is a french diplomatic word the french people use, the demander, when you're the demander, you're in a weaker position, coming off the syrian debacle, he now looks weak, desperate for a deal, which he is. and if you contrast the president's speech with rouhani's speech, they're talking about two very different things. and i think central to rouhani's speech, if i had to pick out one phrase out of all the blather, he talked about economic sanctions being pure and simple against iran. that is what they clear about. they made it very clear today they're never going to give up
10:39 pm
their nuclear weapons program. that has been their position consistently for 20 years, and anybody who thinks they can be talked out of that nuclear weapons program is delusional. >> well, i had a translation from president netanyahu in response to the situation today. president netanyahu said in part as predicted it was a cynical speech, full of hypocrisy, he spoke about human rights while the iranian forces are taking part in the massacre of civilian forces in syria. so it doesn't seem as if netanyahu was particularly moved by rouhani's speech. >> no, nor should he be. i think they are in much for dangerous positions after he talked about secretary kerry negotiating. i think now we're going to be launched in a protracted period of meaningless negotiations.
10:40 pm
the iranians will make it difficult, they will do nothing to slow down their nuclear weapons program. hassan rouhani has played this game before, ten years ago, he knows how to 'sw6zgull the west they're going to take us for a ride and the world will be a much more dangerous place as iran gets closer to that nuclear weapons threshold. >> in the two instances i mentioned, beginning the bombing of the pakistani -- suicide bomber, the pakistan pack church over the weekend. i think there were 81 people killed over the weekend, christians, and then the mall in kenya, the massacre there. has there been any sort of universal condemnation? are the leaders -- did even rouhani speak to this, and did he condemn these attacks? >> no, only in the most general terms. you know, rouhani began his speech today by saying yes to
10:41 pm
peace. no to war. well, you know, game over. what could go wrong after that kind of statement? that is the kind of false diplomacy that the iranians have proven themselves very adept at. but the threats of terrorism that iran supports, the world central bank of international terrorism you can see spreading. when the u.s. withdraws from afghanistan, taliban and al-qaeda will take back over there. it will support pakistani taliban, the groups that attacked this christian church. the government of pakistan will be -- you can see all across africa, the seam of terrorism from the north to the south growing. it is definitely getting more dangerous. >> ambassador, thank you, outside the united nations. thank you, sir. >> coming up, an american christian pastor is being held in prison in iran. but now his wife found a new way
10:42 pm
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we'll be right back in two minutes. nica had big@?? my name is lee kaufman. married to morty kauan. [ lee ] now that i'm getting older some things are harder to do. this is not a safe thing to do. be careful babe. there should be some way to make it easier [ doorbell rings ] let's open it up and see what's cookin'. oh i like that. look at this it's got a handle on it. i don't have to climb up. this yellow part up here really catches a lot of the dust. did you notice how ean it looks? morty are you listening? morty?
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[ morty ] i'm listening! i want you to know
10:47 pm
the american christian pastor still in the worst prison, today, his wife managed to slip a note to the iranian delegation pleading for her husband's release. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> before asking you what happened today, do you have an update on your husband's condition? when is the last time you had any contact with him? >> the iranian government has not allowed phone calls since january of this year, but i get updates from his parents when they visit him in prison every monday. so that is how i know how he is doing. >> how is he? >> he is doing better physically, even though he has been tortured and has been dealing with internal bleeding. but he is very emotional. our daughter just had our seventh birthday, and it has been two years, he has missed
10:48 pm
her birthday for two years. and it has been very emotional realizing that now we're going on second birthdays and second christma christmases, and he missed out. he wrote a letter to her, saying i see your hair has grown out, and you look tall, and it has been difficult. rebecca asked me on her birthday, she asked me mom, how many more birthdays without daddy, and i didn't know what to tell her. >> all right, what happened today when you brought a letter for president rouhani? >> actually, it was yesterday afternoon, i happened to be in the same hotel as the iranian delegation. and i was doing an interview in the lobby. and i saw a big group of iranians, which i -- in the middle seemed to be the president passed by -- and i ran after them and was able to get to one of the guards or security, and i get a letter to him and ask him to deliver it to
10:49 pm
the president. and i also was able to talk to one of the delegations, and respectfully asked them to get this letter to president rouhani. and explained to my husband that my husband is american and in prison in iran for his christian faith. and it was my attempt to bring saed back home to our family. >> and reverend billy graham has also written a letter to the president. and many letters following, we want your husband to come home soon. did the delegation even act like they knew who your husband was? >> yes, initially it was a big surprise and shock for them that somehow i was able to be in the same vicinity and get to them. but they seemed to recognize me, and as soon as i said my name and said saed's name, they recognized him and shook their head. and when i asked that this letter be delivered to the president, they seemed to want
10:50 pm
to comply. and they said okay. but they were shocked. they were in a state of shock that i had gone to them and i was speaking to them. the wife of a pastor they had imprisoned in iran. ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla.
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>> greta: okay, everyone time to hash it out. president ob yaum looks like still he hasn't learned his lesson. microphone picks up president obama's candid comments about cigarettes. here is what the president said at the united nations general assembly. be. >> is there a war on women at the dallas zoo? the 430 pound male gorilla
10:55 pm
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10:56 pm
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11:00 pm
part out before a full vote n just hours the u.s. senate will vote on the bill. the lucky number is eight. eight. tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. good night. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> it's an insult to reason and to the legitimacy of this institution to suggest that anyone other than the regime carried out this attack. >> president obama challenging the u.n. to acknowledge the f syria. >> we cannot agree even on this, then it will show that the united nations is incapable of enforcing the most basic of international laws. >> the president trying to talk tough today. did he succeed? charles krauthammer and i will analyze. my point is that he should not be playing golf with men and women in uniform are still getting killed in afghanistan. >> i know the pressures of the job, and to be able to get outside and play golfi


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