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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 25, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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wars story has a different news hook with senator cruz reference to darting vader. >> luke, i am your father. >> delivers every time. thank you so much. namerica lives starts right now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. dramatic tension diagramming to an end in the senate as the upper chamber prepares a procedural vote to defollow-upped obama care and fund the government. the senate vote on a motion to proceed and if they do expect it to happen. debate can begin on the bill itself. it follows a marathon floor speech from texas senator ted cruz who came to an end by noon. cruz railed against obama care that is a liberal train wreck and took shots at fellow
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republicans and did his best da rth impression though i thought it sounded loy yoda. here's the latest. hello, mike. >> that procedural vote is under way to get the process moving forward to fund the government for a short period of time and defund obama care. senate democrats want to take out the defunding part and want the process to move. after 21 hours on the senate floor, ted cruz, the texas senator left the floor an hour ago and clearly tried to rally the american public and made a last a pole to the colleagues. >> if we listen to the constituents the answer is defund the bill that is not working and that is hurting people in part- time work and driving up health insurance premiums and causing millions to fear they will lose their health insurance! i will close at the
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time is wrapping up. at noon we'll have a prayer and i think it is fitting that this debate conclude with a prayer. >> cruz had to stop and left the floor an hour ago for the senate to start a new legislative session. he tried to get washington to listen to the american people and frame the debate for the american public. after the marathon session. leading democrats suggested it was a waste of time. >> for lack of a better way of describing this. it is a big waste of time. the government is set to shut down in a matter of hours, just a few days. >> we need to create jobs and build a strong economy. this kind of desperation doomsday from tea party and septemberor cruz is going to hurt us. >> bottom line, all republicans want to te fund obama care. there was a difference of
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opinion over tactics and some republicans want to get it passed to give the house led by john boehner time to respond with another bill. if they don't have much time they may be forceed to wallow what the senate democrats passed. >> the procedural vote is beginning in the senate. keep us updated. >> the cruz speeches is over and now the attention goes to democrats. they have to step up and vote for a increasingly unpopular health care law. all right. chris, next move in the chess match where are we? >> we have a irpt mediate move as mike pointed out. house republicans get a headache and try to figure out how to get through this. once they have threaded the needle on it in the senate you
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will end up with a vote where harry reid needs to get 51 democrats in his conference on poored to say yes, we want not only do we like president obama's health care law but we will block efforts to defollow-upped it. that is not i good feeling if you are a democrat from alaska or arkansas or louisiana or north carolina places where the people have a republican lean and the law is more unpopular than it is in the rest of the country. >> republicans have named those septemberors and democrats in the red states but any chance any of them vote with republicans, in a way that is convoluted and side with the republicans in the fight over the funding issue. >> harry reid doesn't have an unlimited number of tickets.
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he can let go some. but he needs 51. and that means, somebody is going to draw the short straw. there will be democrats, it is not inconcievable that there would be democrats that vote with the republicans on. this but harry reid can't have a stampede but he will allow a certain number. he has the opportunity to let a now people go, but how many will want to if you are a senator from las list? or mark pryor from arkansas and maryland rue and kay haggen in north carolina. you want to make sure you have your ticket and so you don't have to face the voters and who say you had a chance to stop and you wouldn't do it. >> we saw senate majority leader harry reid and said you wasted a lot of time and we need to get it back to the house.
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it will ping-pong back and forth. we are final lowlands that is the body responsible for taking the heat if the government doesn't get funded. there are republicans that suggested what cruz did robbed them of the time and get something palatable out of the house. what happens in the house? what are republicans planning for as they may get a bite at the apple? >> i don't think that senator reid is agonizing over the difficulties of the republican house. the intention of the senate would give it to them with little time and the house couldn't monkey with it. and what we are getting close to speaker of the house will bring forth a short term and matter of days continuing resolution to cover the gap so that the government doesn't shut down and buy more time for the house to have more negotiations on what to put in. there we have two shut down clocks running in the same time.
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you missed being in washington. we are counting down to tuesday, sure. and then on the 17th, jack l. ew, the treasure secretary said by the way, the debt ceiling will breach that day, on or before that day and the republicans don't increase the debt limit we have to shut the government down anyway. and it is plenty of tension and what the republicans do kick one in front of the other. >> i am counting on you to cope thin things ticking while i am not there. good to so you. >> you bet. >> and you can follow the latest on obama care and funding and possible government shutdowns. go to fox first. and simply enter in your e-mail.
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fox don't miss it. if congress fails to prevent a government shutdown our troops could pay the price. our men and women serving in the armed services may not get paid. the impact on families living paycheck to paycheck would be devastating and troop moral would likely suffer and on the heels of that disturbing news, the pentagon in afghanistan and nearly 9,000 soldiers will be sent from afghanistan from six major army units. their tours are being extended. world leaders speaking for the second day in the united nations general assem blow and on the agenda, a controversial firearms treaty signed by secretary of
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state john kerry. it could have a chilling affect on our gun rights in our own country. >> supporters say the measure will stop the illegal tracking in weapons. critics call it global gun control and here in the united nations, secretary of state john kerry signed the united nations armed trades treaty. it is a controversial measure and the obama administration signed on to. aimed at trying to stop the small illegal weapons that flood hot spots in the globe spectacularly in africa and called for imposing controls on the trade of small arms and weapons and signing the treaty secretary of state kerry addressed american concerns that it would violate the second amendment and sovereigntyon grun rights. it would not affect u.s. law and
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affect gun possession, but it imposed standards on the world to make it safer. >> this is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorist and rogue actors. this is about reducing the riffing of international transfers, of conventional arms and used to carry out the world's worst crimes. >> opponents blast and the nra said the obama administration is once again demonstrating its contemptor our right to keep and bear arms. it is an invasive registration scheme and others say it will not work. >> it will influence only the law- a boyding because only they will uphold the treaty. places like the united states will be affected far more by it than syria or iran.
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it will likely not ratified by the senate. majority of the members of the senate oppose it. >> what it really means, we'll debate. thank you for the report. a setback for the man who did more to get bin laden. pakistan man may have to wait longer for a second chance at freedom. and countdown of obama care, the period is enlisting the help of bill clinton to turn public opinion around and what that could mean for another clinton. >> if it is a success hillary clinton will win. and if it is a failure i think it is going to be, she needs to own the results of embracing the bill. canned close ask me what it's like
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>> president obama facing new
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criticism over his tha w over iran. there is a lot of anticipation and build up from the white house a head of the un general assembly between a sideline meeting of the two leaders and president obama mentioned it yesterday saying he was opening the dorto new talks for the iranian program and iranian president rouhani said no thanks. they join us live. all right. what do you make of this? the white house sending out signals and maybe they will brush pass each other and handshake or same lunch. none of that happen. >> none of that happen. it is like a chick flicking he's not into you. that's what is happening. white house and president obama wants a deal. he's tried to play hard to get and accomdating and the iranians don't so many to be interested. what are they interested in, playing for time.
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what everyone assumed the deal would be for iran. we would drop the safrngszs and their economy and welcomed in the world economy while they gave up nuclear weapons program in exchange. that's not going to happen. as they play for time, the only deal that is open to president obama 6 or 18 months from now, we'll give in on the sarngzs and they will pretend to get rid of nuclear weapons and we will pretend to believe them. nsanctions has been going on for years. and this is what the rue row had to say with an interpratter. >> the sanctions are violence pure and simple. whether call smart or otherwise. unlateral or multilateral. the sanctions violate inalienable human rights. the right to appease and
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development and rights to health and education and right to life. >> there is a lot in there. but first of all, that's the answer to the president's speech let's let diplomacy work. that was the response from president rouhani. >> he wrote the speech before he saw president obama's remarks. didn't sound very friendly? >> no. why. i think the iranians have suffered under the sanctions. he is making it sound like it is hurting the woman and children and babies. they have a fund of international finances they could use. they are not dipping into. it what he wants to make is a case lift the sanctions and maybe we will talk. sanctions have hurt them but not enough. they think they are on the way to nuclear weapons and so close they will get them. how did reagan win the cold war
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examinally. he didn't invade soviet union. but makes it so difficult that their own people said look. we have to have a change. >> two ways to look at this. potential snub. the administration said it was too complicated and there is a lost internal politics and tough for president rouhani and president obama to get together. should our leader look at this as a badge of honor. they don't want to talk or move a head. or does the world think that rue row have the other hand. >> iranians will come back and tease us again to hope for accomdaugz. what the united states needs to do is develop our own energy and use the united states economic prowess with investment and set ourselves up as competitor to those guys. iran is a gas station.
10:19 am
they don't refine their own oil. if they are economically on their knows now. imagine how much they would hurt in a good way from our perspective if we were self sufficient. then they would have to come around. >> you mentioned rushia. the president tock a jab at putin saying that america happens to be exceptional after putin said it is not good to epicourage people they are exceptional. where does that relationship stand? >> that editorial of putin was rich. he ran for reelection on the basis of russia being exceptional and for him to critize the united states. what happen in the middle east is stunningment 40 years american presidents have gotten the positioned and what obama did over syria begin that up. who is calling the shots in the
10:20 am
middle east and decide if syria gives up the chemical weapons is not obama or kerry. it will be putin. >> thank you for lending your expertise. >> and the president continues his speech. there is another one. there is concerns about former president clenton and the impact on hillary clinton if she decides to run for the white house. and a brand new debate over a historic city symbol. one group is taking issue for a field that is here well over a century. and does the local government have to alter the image. >> it is an intrusion of religion in the world of government and the world of government and religion should be separate as called for in the first amendment of the united states constitution.
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transportation officials investigating the flight in san francisco, are looking into whether the airline provided enough support to families of passengers. this is the first time the government is taking steps to make sure a airline is taking obligations. and as you know louisiana came under fire for other things and failing to update emergency contact information. three people died and dozens were injured. they were trying to land in san francisco back in sea wall. and two years behind bars.
10:25 am
osama bin laden getting a example. trace? >> shannon, the reason the sentence was overturned, the judge who gave him 33 years in prison was not authorized to hear his case. retrial has been delayed, one for security concerns because of the suicide bombing in the northern part of the country that killed 80 in a church and the prosecutions wants to begin the new trial where it left off and the defense wants to start from scratch. he was convicted of conspiring with the islamic militants. but he maintained he didn't know bin laden was inside of the compound. his conviction led to a chill in u.s.- pakistan relations. fox news was told that a possible prisoner exchange might be in the works swapping
10:26 am
him for a u.s. trained nuro surgeon that left the u.s. after 9/11 and resurfaced where she was arrested for trying to kill u.s. soldiers and serving 80 years in the texas prison. the exchange agreement is being drafted and could take a month or so to exchange and the deal after that is unknown. the trial for the doctor might start sometime in the next 4 or 5 weeks. >> all right. trace, thank you. >> president obama calling in the big guns to turn around public opinion on the signature health care law. we'll debate if bringing bill clinton helps or hurts in the impact in 2016? >> and not the small woodland creature. wild boars running ram pant in a neighborhood and where and what is being done.
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>> it is a bore in my backyard. it is just sitting there. canned close
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>> less than a week to go before the next major milestone in obama care begins. and the white house is pushing hard to settle the law. and president obama using scare tactics and senior white house
10:31 am
affairs. hi, wend all. >> getting young healthy people to sign up for the exchanges is essential part of coping coasts down and the exchanges don't begin operating until the first of the year. and the new health and human services report. and the white house said most uninsured americans will pay less than a hundred a month. even if it is the last chance toun do the affordable care act. the president is show casing the benefits. >> because of how we are paying providers and health care costs have grown as you pointed out mr. president at the slowest rate in 50 years. we are bending the cost curve and getting at the problems that are creating the deficits that occur in medicare and medicaid. >> he made his own attempt to expand health care coverage in
10:32 am
the 1990s and failed and agreed with mr. obama that health care reform is an economic issue. president obama called mr. clinton the secretary of explaining stuff. and republicans say endorsing obama care, the former president and his wife hitched their wayingons to it. nhillary clinton decided to own obama care so in 2016 when it falls apart and the economy is in shambles because of obama care i will call it clinton care. if it is a success hillary clinton will win the president so and if it is a failure that i think it is going to be she needs to embrace the owning of the bill. >> president obama said the 2012 election was a reverundum on obama care. >> wendal, thank yo
10:33 am
cloture is invoked 100 to nothing. they needed 60 votes. it is a procedure technical thing to move toward to the next thing. and we'll keep you updated and the first hurdle passed without a single objection. >> monica is a syndicated radio talk she host and christen is a columnist for the daily beast. welcome to you both. >> how are you. >> i will start wu. it has worked well in the past when former bill clinton stepped to support some of this and gave a boost to the president. do you think it will work this time? >> it certainly can't hurt. it might be able to help. one of the problems in the polls is that people don't understand what is in the bill. what is in the law and they don't understand exactly how to
10:34 am
sign up for it and these types of things. the more you talk about it and bill clinton and not just democrats like these days and a popular figure can help obama care, you know, possibly improve what people think of. it >> monica he had 2 or 3 years to sell it and they are spending million on the effort. the more we poll this. nbs and wall street journal and the less popular it gets. the more people learn less they like it. >> now it is ramped up shannon and we are seeing real fallout from obama care in terms of higher premiums and taxes and worning workers losing work and hours and unemployment affected and people losing health insurance and overall security. you will see the numbers climb in terms of opposition. politically is it a smart move
10:35 am
to turn to the clinton. but they are a two piece step. she is playing coy but she is running for president in 2016 and the fallout assuming obama care falls apart as it is and likely to continue doing in really horrific economic ways, she is going to have to step up and spend most of her time defending obama care or talking about how she will fix it. it is not a position she will want, but a position she is ado adopted. it is what she wanted in 93 and 94. she was not able to get it done. she set the original blue print in place for obama care. she inherited this on so many levels and will be forced to defend it. >> a smart strat edgic move? it is the law of the land and
10:36 am
there could be bipartisan fixes along the way. and we have seen some. but it was a gamble by her. popularly it is not popular among the public. was it a gamble for hillary clinton to enforce it in 2016. >> it hasn't started yet. and i continually have to hear how it destroyed the economy and made taxes go up and all of these things. we have to wait and so what happens. and for some reason that obama care is a horrific failure that the republicans are claiming it is going to be. it think the more people have access to it they will probably like. it but if that happens, hillary clinton can say, we want to have health care for all people. this is a effort to do that and need to tweak it to make it better. i don't buy in the fundmental programis of it destroying the
10:37 am
economy. that doesn't seem true to me and that is not anything that suggests to happen. and the polls among the people who disapprove, a tiny minority want to throw out the law. they want to fix the law. but the view of throwing out the law is a fringe view. it is about 20 percent of the country. >> all right. evidence included. plenty of employers are saying they are cutting hours and laying people off and not hiring. monica that is not what hillary clinton will want to run on if that plays out in a macko way. >> that's right. we have a lot of major industries talking about how it has already wreaking ha voc on their health insurance and hours and health insurance and their ability to hire workers. they are afraid they will not be able to cover them. we have so many companies and
10:38 am
businesses and industries saying we'll take all of the workers and throw them in public exchanges and rather pay the fine. you have evidence already even though the law hasn't kicked in yet. and you have a fallout happening already. can you imagine when it is kicked in? and remember the irs. they will be enforcing obama care for regular americans. if regular americans are having daily run ins with the irs over health care, i am telling you, it is going to wreak ha voc on the democrat party. we talk about 2012 and barak obama got reelected and while that is true, go back to 2010 when the republicans and conservatives were running against obama care, they were able to turn over the house and make huge gains and again, that is long before obama care became a reality. once it is affecting businesses and individuals, it is not going to be a positive thing for the
10:39 am
economy and certainly not for the demdeps and particularly not for the mother of obama care, hillary clinton. >> we'll so. unless either one of you have a crystal ball we'll have to wait until 2014 to see how it pays out. >> a new legal battle brewing after one group tries to do away with a city symbol because of a cross. it is a image plastered all over the town. and a crew looking for buried treasure hitting pay dirt. one man's theory of a yellow brick road off of the coast of cape cod and the century's old treasure that is in the end.
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♪ >> some wild boars running loose in the atlanta suburbs and forcing partners to keep the kids indoors. giant hogs are spotted everywhere. one as tall as a man's waist. kids are scared to go outside. one child had to almost miss school over this. >> we can't go to school. you have to get on the bus. she said no, there is a big in the front yard. >> that is a good excuse. police and animal control is aware of the los boars. neighbors say they hope they act fast. >> a new legal battle over a symbol that is around. it is under fire for this city field. there is a cross in there. one group cites separation of church and state.
10:44 am
people who live there is a there is nothing wrong with it. >> it is culture has changed and so we have to rethink what we did hundred years ago? >> and then the issue of the costs. that is on city signs and all over the place. and changing or removing it could cost a thousands of dollars. and the group claims the seal makes nonchristians feel like second class citizens. >> i am afraid the citizens of the staef deland. it should not have been there in the first place and it is wrong. >> former prosecutor and defense attorney and defense attorney look at the legalities of it. >> arthur. the city feel like second class citizens. most don't know what the city seal looks like. it came from an anonymous
10:45 am
complaint. >> i know everybody loves when we scream and disagree. it is to hard to do it on this one. it is ridiculous. as you said. it is one person in a little city and look at the cross. it is behind the heart. and you have a heart and it could stand for several things and been there forever and offended one person. this clogs up a legal system that prevents real justice from being done and it is ridiculous. >> one of the local historians said the two men who founded that and two founders. deland and stetson, they were dopely religious men and that was part of the founding of the city and 131 years old and to do away with it is to rewrite the history of the city. >> for that reason, if it made in a court of law, it would past the lemon test. it would be okay to keep the
10:46 am
symbol, why? listen tis a picture of a heart, cross and an anchor. it is not jesus, mary and joseph. and who is it offending? >> it has been around 131. and we still use the word god on our currency. you know what i think. the atheist get bored and they want to file lawsuits because they can. >> shannon, as you know being down in the supreme court all of the time, god is a part of our government. we can say separation of church and state, but the supreme court said it all of the time and founding fathers in the federalist papers and religion is a part. not supposed to interfere. but in god we trust. that is written right over the judge's head. no one said we have to be 100 percent devoid of and religious references in government stuff. >> we can't sanitize god out of everything we do.
10:47 am
thank god. >> on that note. this is what the group has to say. the seal symbolizes christian thelogical virtue and that means the government is endorsing religion. if they are trowely endorsing religion it is not okay. >> if the government is entangled in the religion it is notoc either. but this is just a simbomb been a round forever. it is not the government's way in deland, florida you have to be a christian and we'll only give money to christian schools. that's not what it is at all. it is historic more than religious and that's why the atheist lawsuit will fail. >> it will fail. it may have enough to get in a courtroom but the judge will use one person offended by this? >> i am offended, too. i don't own a boat and there is an anchor. >> do you have a heart? >> we are told that the city
10:48 am
hasn't specifically responded to the group as of the date of the article. but they are taking the group letter seriously. in this day and age, i would imagine city officials have to take these. this is one of many legal challenges like this. and this city may have to spend money to defend thissine if they will win. >> they will have to defend it and then it could be default if they don't. they have the lawyers on account. it would be tragic if a judge in my opinion mistakenly rowelled yes they win and take the cross off of everything. hundreds of thousands of dollars to take to change all of the seals all over the small town. >> donna what about the city saying go pound sand. i am not changing it. >> if i were running that town that's what i would say. it would cost way more to apiece them than to defend it and most
10:49 am
likely win. if the city weighs options they will defend. >> does this group think they have a chance to win or is it about making a statement. >> i am not sure it is a group. >> americans united for separation for church and state. >> it started with like one anonymous complaint. that is what the judge is going to look at in the first place. it ticked off one person and brought in a national group to use as a test case. and i don't think any judge regarding this lawsuit is going to be a poster judge so to speak for having any indication or symbols of god and banned from our society. >> both of you know. those judges are out. there we'll keep an eye on this particular legal issue and we'll update folks when we hear b more about it. >> thank you. >> exclusive new details, and the aftermath of the benghazi
10:50 am
terror attack that left four americans dead. we are learning more weapons are ending up in the hands of terror groups than previously thought. details in a live report. groups than previously thought. and a year after an american pastor found himself jailed in a notorious iranian prison. we are going to speak with his wife she will be here with us live. >> a day does not go by that the kids do not miss their daddy. especially at nights. our family is suffering at this time. i'm hoping that the kids don't know about the 8 year sentence i'm hoping that i won't ever have to tell them. l day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve.
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fox news alert out of our nation's capitol we are getting surveillance images. the shooter aaron alexis as he stalked his former co workers with a shotgun. you are seeing him entering the building and him walking around. they say this confirms that he acted completely alone. you can see him with that gun going through the building. the head of the fbi's field office in washington saying today saying that they are still looking into the background and motivations of aaron alexis and what drove him to this point. he had a quote well documented mental history of issues.
10:55 am
on one of the weapons he had written or carved, "my elf weapon". we'll have more on that at the top of the hour. >> it is an area of valuable treasure. it lies deep beneath the surface of the sea. we have more on this story. that explorer first discovered it off cape cod on 1984 and has raised 200 artifacts. he recently found some colonial documents that actually say that in 1717 weeks before she sank
10:56 am
and captain black sand carrying 200,000 coins. they may have booty from other ships around the world. they went back to the wreckage and began scouring the ocean floor. they have found rocky masses that form when metal and gold mix with sea water and sure enough there are coins and gold inside. clifford believes that when the ship sank the coins spilled out. he calls them the yellow brick road because they are paved with gold. i will be interviewing him today on studio b and it should be fas fa fasnating.
10:57 am
thank you trace. we are learning un investigators are returning to syria to conduct another round of investigations over the use of chemical weapons. why are they going back. and the death toll is expected to rise after the attack in kenya. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
10:58 am
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confusion reigns even as the investigation begins into a violent four day siege into a shopping mall. now as investigators look into the smoulderring rubble there. they say they expect to find more bodies. kenya's president calling for three days of mourning as the reality of this carnage sinks in.
11:01 am
the attack including pregnant women and six members of the security forces. 175 wounded. >> we are certain that innocent people will be killed. in solidarity all of them lost their loved ones. >> hello conner. >> reporter: hello. you are right there is a lot of confusion on the ground there. the stand off is over. there were reports today of gunshots. rather attack tick being used by the security forces to clear rooms to make sure there was no lone gunman hiding in the rooms. clearly while they say it is
11:02 am
over. there is some concern that maybe somebody was lingering in the shopping mall. today investigators began combing through the debris in the wreckage there. their hope is to piece together who is behind this attack. security analysts say this was a well-planned attack. the weapons appear to be stock piled inside the mall before the tack. right now, authorities are saying that 61 people were killed including also six members of the security forces. five of the attackers are also believed to be dead at least five. 11 in custody, but according to the red cross, there is fear that as investigators get in there they will find more
11:03 am
bodies. more than 40 people still missing. they are trying to piece it together. it could take several days. thank you for keeping us updated. as connor was reporting, the kenyan government added to the confusion. here is the timeline. after the attack began on saturday, the national police announced the area was surrou surrounded. early tuesday morning the police sent a message on twitter reading quote, we have triumphed. late yesterday, the president announced that they were taken into custody. un weapons investigators
11:04 am
arrives in syria. previous visit by inspectors found that a nerve agent was used. ual co welcome to you both. >> general, why are they back? >> first of all, there is a strong suspicion that chemicals were used. these were criminal acts that should be held accountable by the criminal court. >> there has been a push on the hill. congressman smith is putting together a war crime s tribune nal. do you think something like that
11:05 am
would make a dent in this civil war 100,000 lives estimated to be gone? >> i think it would be helpful. >> this is a campaign to wake people up to the dreadful consequences of use of chemical weapons. but we see their horrific potential in places like damascus where the americans allege 1400 people were killed and the un team is trying to check out 14 alleged instances of use of chemical agents and they are trying to put this together. but yes, it is very important that the world view be as outraged as president obama talk talked about being. >> general, what do you make of where we are in the midst of
11:06 am
this agreement? are they to be trust ed? do we trust that they will be fully destroyed? >> well, i think first of all, everybody is for getting rid of these chemical weapons. but the fact is we are dealing with assad and the russians. they are dealing with stableising syria and assad and maintaining their relationship. i think what is happening is assad is being legitimized by dealing with him for the next year or two over these chemical weapons. it is unlikely that he will give them all up. although his list was
11:07 am
comprehensive. it is likely that he will stay in power. that is the way that we are heading. that is tragic. it is a lost opportunity to change the balance in the region and shift it away from the iranians. this is &ker point for them. they will reap the benefit for them in the long-term. >> judy. have we missed an opportunity here? has the us missed an important window here with iran? >> no, i don't think we have. i think we are on the verge of getting rid of an entire class of weapons from the middle east? if the syrians continue under russian pressure to get rid of these weapons, obama will be able to claim victory no matter how sloppy the process was by which he got there.
11:08 am
there are a lot of ways that get rid of those chemical weapons. if we can do that, keeping assad around until those weapons are gone may be worth the trade off. >> there are plenty of sceptics who would be happy to be proven wrong. >> thank you. >> this is a fox news alert as we first showed you last hour. the fbi just releasing new video of the deadly shooting in the washington navy yard. the fbi showing the gunman as he carried out the attack. showing that he acted alone. jennifer griffen is live at the pentagon with more. >> there were chilling detailed presented by the fbi in what will be it's final press conference in the navy nard
11:09 am
should i shooting. it shows him bringing his car into the garage his prius that he had rented. it shows him going into building 197, shows him moving down the hallway with the sawed-off shotgun. he bought the saw at a home improvement store. he was able to elude police for an hour inside theilding. the victims were random and weren't people that he worked with or knew. what is new is what may have moat rativated him. >> at this point i can confirm that there are multiple independent caters that alexis hold a delusional belief that he was being controlled by elf electromagnetic waves. the etching of quote my elf
11:10 am
weapon closed quote is believed to reference these electromagnetic waves. >> he thought he was being controlled by these magnetic waves and he etched these words into the barrel of the gun. and etched into the torment "not what you all say, better off this way, my elf weapon". >> it was a program for submarine communications. however, conspiracy theories exist which miss in interpret it's use of manipulation of unsuspecting citizens. >> it is clear that he was suffering from some sort of
11:11 am
mental illness and he was delusional and believed that the navy or government had somehow implanted these pulses or waves and etched that into the shotgun that he used to kill 12 people and injure four others. >> thank you. new concerns about signing a treaty that some say could affect our second amendment rights. some gun rights advocates say not so fast. we'll debate it. you can decide. plus the u.s. teaming up with a key ally for joint military exercises in a live fire drill. we are going to tell you who it may be designed to send a message to. and days away from the kick off of obamacare in
11:12 am
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11:15 am
u.s. and south korean military forces holding live fire drills on kim jong un's front door.
11:16 am
those missiles being fired with north korea earlier today during a training session. testing out the multiple launch rocket system. the u.s. army brought 45 men in and say it is not meant to provoke action but to deter threats that could come from there. major obama care announcement racing eyebrows. the new health care exchanges will open for business and we are hearing that many americans may have more than 50 plans to choose from? how hard is it going to be to navigate that system. here to break it down for us is dr. mark siegel. thank you for being here today.
11:17 am
these are spread across a number of states. how do you figure out what is best for you? >> mississippi two plans. 95% of mississippi one plan. new york state 16 plans. it is chaos. many, many different plans and some states don't have enough. there are going to be navigate tors to help with the plans. there is going to be a certain amount of confusion here. nine million more will get medicaid or medicare choices there. most people will be relying on their employer there. a lot of changes are occurring. they may say, and this is part of the thing, hhs is saying that
11:18 am
premiums are going to be lower. but new york state has pre-existing conditions s that cover that part of the plan. the other thing that you and i were talking about already there is no free lunch. if your premium is lower. they will lower the number of doctors and hospitals that you have to choose from. if i find out that the orthopedist that i'm used to using isn't in the network, i don't know what to do for my patients, they may cut my fees further. if yyou want to keep fees down, cut the doctor's fees. it is not just about premiums. nothing is free. the cost is going to have to be
11:19 am
offset. you mentioned the network. the piece in the "new york times" yesterday quotes a piece in the times in new hampshire. this piece says many will have to drive 20 to 30 minutes to go to a doctor. >> here in new york we don't have that problem. but in wyoming the next hospital may be 50 miles away. in california ucla is not participating on the state exchange. i can go state by state and tell you major hospitals that are not participating. what if you are having a heart attack? >> you don't get to keep your doctor. your doctor may not be taking the plans that are being offered
11:20 am
on the state exchanges. >> let me ask you this, there has been talk about people who don't have great jobs and they are at the bottom of the rung. the concern is to make sure that they have options and get them covered. if you are saying that there are cutting edge and great hospitals that are saying we are not going to take part. people who can pay out of pocket to go to ucla are going to have different options than those who don't. you can have a plan, but your plan might not cover the mri that i say you need or the pet scan. that is one point. the other point is that 133 to 400% of the poverty line is going to qualify for medicaid. that is good. but who is taking medicaid? what if it isn't taken by the doctor that you want to see? >> thank you always and you have
11:21 am
a little bug. hopefully you feel better as well. >> i'm going to get over it. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> a massive theft in the wake of the terror attack in benghazi. highly sensitive military equipment like night vision gear ending up in the wrong hands. who has that gear and what else is missing. plus a chaotic scene and three trains clyding on the tracks. also one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. one man took it to the streets for his own version of "grand theft auto". >> it was the weirdest thing. he had rage in his eyes. becausey riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment!
11:22 am
luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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11:25 am
investigators in the texas panhandle trying to figure out what caused a horrible train crash this morning. three trains crashing derailing some 30 cars. four crew members were hurt two critically. one engine tipped over but no hazardous materials spilled out. gamers are griping over the newest grand sleft auto glich. but they have nothing on the real people that owned actual cars that need big time repairs after this college student in louisiana decided to play the game for real. trace gallagher is in the
11:26 am
newsroom with this story. he was in baton rouge to watch the college football game. he never made the game. he was partying when he saw a truck with no one inside. he jumped in and took off. but there was a woman inside the truck. >> i think i was lucky to get out. i didn't think i was going to be able to get out. he was backwards forwards. it was as if he was in a whole other world. he had rage in his eyes. >> and apparently a goal in his mind. he told police he wanted to see what it was like to play the video game, "grand theft auto". he drove the truck down the street at a high rate of speed.
11:27 am
here is the owner of the truck. >> i sprinted out here and caught up on the brick wall spinning the tires. i had no idea what to think about it. i was freaking out. >> freaking out but he got in there and jumped and pulled the guy out and held him until the cops got there. >> gurgess now facing 11 counts of kidnapping and yes, grand theft auto. and then the game is not so funny more. >> no, gameover. trace, thank you very much. >> distoushiurbing new details sensitive military equipment falling into the wrong hands. and what was lost. plus new reaction from the
11:28 am
national rifle association after a global arms treaty at the united nations. >> we would never think about supporting a treaty that is in consistent with the rights of americ americans. the rights of american citizens to be able to exercise their guaranteed rights under our constitution. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day
11:29 am
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11:32 am
new developments in an exclusive story that we broke here on fox news. we are learning what those dangerous people got their hands on. adam is live with more. we first were told there were dozens of weapons taken. first of all, this team went in after the benghazi attacks. they had been briefed before the dangerous situation. the special forces team would go and train libyans to fight terrorism and develop their own special forces force. in august, a few weeks ago. that team as they returned back to the villa with their own
11:33 am
kits, the place with the training camp was raided and taken were vehicles like these. gmv's 23 of these humv's that have a range of several hundred miles. those were taken as well as hundreds of weapons. including glock pistols are missing and what a lot of people were telling us. is that the night vision technology is what is the most disturbing. it is not easy to get but also another type of night vision. day and night which includes a target beam. all of these items gone and now in the hands of groups in libya. these groups in line with the brother hood.
11:34 am
these men were training forces to fight and now have the equipment. in the meantime, the same team that has been pulled were the guys that went out and got the information. as of this hour, no one has been arrested in this investigation. although, i was cautioned late last night. but as one diplomate said, it has taken a long time up to this point especially when the information about these suspects was given to the officials back in january. >> adam, thank you very much. very, very interesting information. a lot of questions til to be answered there. the united states signing onto a treaty that regulates global arms training. secretary of state john kerry calling it something to keep the world safe.
11:35 am
>> this treaty will not diminish anyone's freedom. in fact, the treaty recognizes the freedom of both individuals and states to obtain, possess and use arms for legitimate purposes. >> the national rifle association blasted the move claiming it would require information on buyers. this treaty threatens ownership with an invasive registration scheme. it would oppose ratification of the treaty. gentlemen welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> all right so the secretary, secretary kerry said that the u.s. is proud to have worked on this. it gets us closer to higher level of peace. what is wrong with that. it is bologna.
11:36 am
the treaty signs it into an agreement with other countries. it would have to be ratified by the senate. we would be giving up the sovereignty of the united states. the rules and regulations for how guns would be guided by the inn internation international body. i refusion to believe that allen would back the idea of giving up that. the second issue i own a sigsower pistol. it comes from germany. this would require that the u.s. maintain a registry of the end u user. i'm the end user. >> allen, i'm guessing any type of what the nra is calling a de
11:37 am
facto registry and what would be the practicalities, you know the senate is not going to go for that. second amendment? >> here is what i know. i'm almost the authority on what i know but not totally. in this treaty, it says it is pursuant to national law. any of this stuff that the nra is putting out. or the gun advocates is absolutely untrue. the treaty itself states that this is all pursuant to national law. the nra has no credibility. they have gone around for years claiming that the obama administration wants to confiscate people's guns that is not true. they are wrong about what they are saying about this. >> that is the strong happenend.
11:38 am
>> they are pay people to lobby on their be half and as far as the issue of fconfiscation we have seen that happen. >> no we have not. >> the gun laws have nothing to do with confication. that is untrue it is a lie. it is untrue. in your own state of new york they passed a law after the sandy hook shooting that passed a law that after a certain number of bullets in the magazine has to get rid of the gun. >> that is not confiscating guns. >> what is the difference in the government requiring you to down the gun or -- >> that is about going forward. that is about guns already in potion that is not accurate
11:39 am
number two it is about actually limiting the capacity of guns not confiscating them. >> shannon here is the difference. if you pass a treaty and you ratify it in the senate. when this international group says united states you are not keeping track of the guns in your country, that is the in tent of the att. if they tell the united states that you need additional laws that regulate where those guns are and keep track of them. the treaty can force the united states to do things that the representatives cannot do on their own. if we were dumb enough to sign onto this treaty and ratify it. >> it does not force the united states to do anything that the law does not already call for. yoo there has been obsessijectir
11:40 am
this. why would secretary kerry sign for this when there is a good chance that it is not going to get past the u.s. senate? >> it is bipartisan in that from rural areas and democrats who think that this inflicts gun rights. it gets guns out of the hands of rogue nations. the whole purpose of this treaty is to stop the sale of guns. it is being sab luteally 180% misrepresented. >> it does involve small arms and a level of tracking weapons. we have to leave it there. i know you can do a whole other hour on this. >> wonderful. >> good to see you both. >> see you later. >> thank you. >> they deliver your packages. but could your mail carrier save your life? >> we are going to tell you
11:41 am
about the government's plan to turn postal employees into agents against bioterrorism. now getting extra hope from a world famous pastor. >> i also was able to talk to one of the delegations and respectively ask them to get this letter to the president. it was my attempt to do what i can to bring saeed back home to our family. when you have diabetes like i do,
11:42 am
you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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of providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace. and so, bank of america came and reached out to us :::::: :::: so it was kind of a perfect match. tomorrow will mark one year since american pastor saeed abadini was imprisoned in iran. billy grama mm helping out. you will remember he was
11:45 am
sentenced to eight years in an iranian prison. despite writing letters to the iranian prison there has been no release. joining us is his wife. welcome to you both. >> something pretty extraordinary happened with you. tell us about the personal contact you were able to make. i happened to be in the same hotel as the president of iran and the delegates and i was able to approach them and deliver a letter that sa had written from the prison.they confirmed that would. >> and you speak farsi.
11:46 am
>> exactly. >> this week jordan, we know that other prisoners in iran are getting a break. are you hoping that in some way pastor saeed will be caught up in that bit of diplomacy at this point? >> absolutely. i don't think that it is any coincidence at all. that on the anniversary of saeed being in prison only because he is a christian that our secretary of state is sitting down with the foreign minister. the highest meeting since the revolution in iran is happening on the one year an verse a of saeed's in prisonment. we have the state department sending an assistant secretary
11:47 am
of state to the vigil tom. and shannon we had a goal of 104,000 letters, 2,000 letters like reverend billy graham did, we have 105,000 letters today. >> you mentioned the vigils they will be across the country and the world. i want to read the letter you got from the state department. i know there was a lot of pressure on the front end. they say your husband's welfare and that of all the u.s. citizens detained overs sea's. we continue to spursue diplomatc
11:48 am
avenues to press iran for pastor abedini's release. >> that is great that they are taking -- the letter is encouraging and it is great to know there is a representative there. and it is great to hear that especially on his one year anniversary. to know there is support and it is picking up. it is gaining steam. you have young children. how are you doing in the middle of this? a year is a long time. >> the most difficult was my daughter's 7th birthday that happened last week. she said how many more birthdays and i couldn't tell here. it is two birthdays that he has missed. the realization that he is missing out on the special moments. every father or mother wants to be there as the kids grow up.
11:49 am
they started their first day of school a few weeks ago and their eyes were wandering. i can see the pain and every day they are crying and asking for him. >> a year is a long time for a 5 and 7-year-old. >> you have good support. jordan with aclj. you know you have really put a lot of speed to the fire to try and get something done. how different is it that you have the state department. do you feel movement at this point? >> i feel like we have moved from reacttive because of pressure from the interviews from fox reporters asking about saeed engaging them to proactive. now the president obama the united states has still not
11:50 am
talked about saeed abedini. but just like the president of iran is not the top, he is not the iatola, the secretary of the iatola, the secretary of >> sitting with iran, a precondition should be saeed abedini's release as well as the two other americans. one in the same prison as saeed, amir and the missing fbi agent. people can write letters. just because we hit the goal, we're not done. we want to flood the office with letters at the >> i know our viewers are interested as well. >> thank you. >> thank you both. >> some postal carriers ready to work as super heroes. how they'll deliver in a time of need for you. get paid to do something
11:51 am
you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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11:54 am
>> u.s. postal service looking to hike the price of a first class stamp to 49 cents. the agency says they're in a deep financial crisis and expected to lose a whopping $6 billion just this year. another postal news. the fight against bioterror. rick eleven leventhal is live in philly. >> if you need medicine delivered to residents in a major metropolitan area no one better than the postal service. they have the equipment, resources and the volunteers. 1500 letter carriers in five major cities, including
11:55 am
philadelphia, where bill schneider signed up for the postal plan initiative in the event of a bioterrorism attack. they'll be called to distribution points where they pick up loads of antibiotics and pamphlets with protective gear and police escorts and deliver medicines. >> it's an extension of what we do here. we serve the public. we live here. it's kind of an extended family. and if something like this goes down, people are going to need help. who better than your letter carrier to deliver the medicine needed. >> but like all programs, this one cost money. that money has to come from congress. usps and hhs need $5 million to fund the program for three years or they can't expand to other cities or maintain where they've trained to respond to bioterror. >> i don't see why the funding is really a consideration. i don't know how you can measure
11:56 am
people's lives in terms of an appropriation. this is a program that's vital to people's lives. >> reporter: well, the funding expires at the end of the month. with the government shutdown looming there are concerns this program might expire. >> very interesting. thank you so much. early in the show you may remember we told you about an anonymous atheist complaint about a town in florida. they want the cross taken out of the seal. we have got an update you do not want to miss right after this break. [ male announcer ] julia child became a famous chef at age 51.
11:57 am
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[ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. you may remember early in the show we had a debate over the city seal in deland, florida. it's 131 years old. it has a cross. an anonymous atheist raised concern and threatened legal action if the city doesn't get rid of the cross. the city attorney fired back playing out how it is constitutional and legal and ends with i would like to point
12:00 pm
out as a purely practical matter the city has been flooded with offers of support, legal and financial, from organizations across the country. if your organization files suit we'll have resources at our disposal and no lack of will or money to defend the seal. "studio b" with trace gallagher starts now. >> the news begins anew on "studio b." new video showing the washington navy yard shooter on his mission to kill as the feds believe the gunman was controlled by radio waves. that along with other breaking details just ahead. concerns the violent situation in libya could get worse after the consulate attack. now word militants have their hands on u.s. weapons, lots of u.s. weapons. a path of


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