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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 25, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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hard time breaking the news to employees, you know, because it took three hours to find one. >> sean: that is your last call. make sure you go to gretawire. there is a new posting there. 7 is our lucky number. o'illy fa. tonight: ♪ the tax man ♪ yeah the tax man. >> while many americans are having trouble saving money, taxes keep going up and up and up. we're at record levels right now. why? we'll have a factor investigation. i like little burgers, i'm a big fan of eating castle burg. >> bill: senator cruze speaking for 21 hours straight trying to block obama care. what mr. cruze accomplished. >> what do you believe people will be surprised to learn about jesus? >> bill: that he was a regular guy. very afraid, very afraid. >> what do you mean very
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afraid. >> bill: scared to die. scared to be put on the cross. "60ill: 60 mince will minutes" will feature me this coming sunday night. we have a preview. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why don't you have as much money as you should have. as we reported last week. federal government is now getting a record amount of tax money from us, the hard working american public. yesterday, the census bureau issued a new report that says state and local taxes at record levels as well don't have enough money to spend taking money. a 10-year-old can understand this.
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if you drain the private sector of health. consumer spending will be affected. you can't get out of a soft economy without consumer spending. this is why for the past five years the economy has been bad in the u.s.a. and the folks aren't spending enough fomc will tell it you he is not a big tax guy. listen to him. >> i know you hear a lot of folks on cable tv claiming that i'm this big tax and spend liberal. next time you hear that you remind people saying it since i have taken office, i have cut your taxes. your taxes. [cheers and applause] your taxes today, the average middle class family your taxes are lower than when i took office. >> bill: well that statement is spin. pure spin. once again, the federal government is getting more tax revenue than ever before and state and local taxes are at the highest level in the history of this country. more facts state and local
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income tax also clock in at $114 billion in the second quarter of this year. a record. state and local sales taxes more than 82 billion record level. fuel taxes more than 11 billion. a record. motor vehicle taxes almost 8 billion another record. property taxes approaching $100 billion this year. record for the second quarter. so, even if you live in san francisco, can you see working americans are being punished by high taxes across the board. the people we have elected are taking away our security because we can't accumulate enough money to feel secure in retirement. taking away our legacy because we can't pass money on to our children. putting us in danger because we can't protect ourselves from disasters. even with all that money flowing into washington. the country is close to a $700 billion a year deficit. and the united states owes
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close to $17 trillion. things are obviously out of control and the democratic party is primarily to blame. simply put, president obama and his acolytes do not want americans to accumulate wealth. they want to take private wealth away from those who have it and give it to those who don't have it. and they have succeeded in doing that with an assist from the bush administration. which ran up colossal debt after 9/11. taxes in america have reached critical mass. yet nancy pelosi says no more cuts are possible. so, unless we the american people, the working people wise up. and understand what a bad deal we're getting. we'll never have a vibrant economy again. it's just impossible. that's the memo. reaction with us dr. jean j political science professor at iona college. i must say, doctor, we are pleased to have you because almost all of the left wing economists were too friened to come on this program. we have a list that we ask.
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not that we didn't want you, we do. but they were scared to death of this because they know what's happening here. i'm sure you disagree, go ahead.ñi enormous misunderstanding about why that happens. that has to be said. i'm not an economist, i'm a political scientist. this has to do with politics. why the increase in second quarter income tax at the state and local level? because at the end of 2012 fiscal dlif. many say we are not going to get bit by a steep tax increase. started taking steps to avoid that number one. number two, california voted proposition to increase sales tax and income tax. those two things together really account for the enormous increase. >> i am not giving the folks a pass on this because, to be truthful and
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to be blunt, the american people are getting what they deserve they have been voting for the nanny state entitlements and all of this stuff for two election cycles now the fact remains that people are living paycheck to paycheck. the average american is like $3,000 in savings. and, yet, every time they turn around, we are talking about working people. i got my tax bill and my knees buckle this year. i have money. you don't feel sorry for me people go to register their car and go to buy gasoline, stuff they need. >> that's exactly why we need to be doing what the president said all along we need to be doing doing what? >> end income equality in this country. party can't end it. in power who is not willing to go and take the steps necessary to do that. >> that's socialism. you can't have wait, wait,
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wait. doctor, you haven't cut anything the obama care tax is going to kick in at 3.8%. that's another tax rise, all right in the social security was reinstituted that's 2 more%. they haven't cut a damn thing and you know it look, your basic thesis of income inequality is socialism. don't you get he that? the government cannot impose income equality on a private marketplace. they can't. >> look at the fight going on today in the last few weeks over obama care. the healthcare is one the biggest drivers in our economy. you don't get that under control. you can't it's not under control. >> i'm not a huge fan of obama care itself the way it came out. taken steps to try to reform a problem in this country. >> that's like saying i'm the coach of the new york jets and we're not doing well, i fire the whole team and i put little leaguers on the field at least i'm taking some steps to do
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something. that's ridiculous. look, detroit, who runs detroit? who? democrats, correct? right. >> sure. >> for decades. bankrupt. indiana. not indiana. illinois. illinois. going off the cliff. all right? 30 sphats in this country run by republican governors. >> i'm glad you brought that up. >> bill: u.s. news and "u.s. news and world report" did a recent study and said the red states cutting taxes while blue democratic states are raising them. don't you see what's happening here? in your talking points you talked about the fact didn't start with obama. look at the tea party movement. they were upset by the spending. they were upset by what george bush was doing. that's what got them he ran up record debts. >> why do they get responsibility for this. >> because they have been in power for five years. median income has gone down. that's why. listen, i am not here to say that what has happened
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in the last five years is something that i would fully support or want. how you can expect the president to act when at every turn, everything he has wanted to do has been stopped by republicans in congress? >> first two years he had control of both houses. >> and he passed health care reform. >> that's all. and healthcare reform has constricted the economy. >> that is enormous accomplishment. >> it's enormous economy for you as a liberal person. >> i'm not a liberal person i'm a very moderate person. >> bill: it's not enormous accomplishment for the economy because it's resulted in less hiring okay? so your policies are smashing up against the folks they might get get a break on health insurance lower level there is not enough jobs to supportçó them. major legislation. i agree there is a lot more to be done. >> a lot more is a disaster right now. better than it was when he inherited it in 2008.
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>> bill: no, it's not. >> you want to go back to the recession. >> bill: median income of americans is done. in my opinion that's the. very good debate. thank you. california saying yes to illegal aliens. they are legalizing them even though the federal government has not. we'll have a follow-up report on that. later, the inside story of ted cruz's marathon speech in the senate. factor is coming right (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management.
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[ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ >> until impact segment tonight, the state of california seems to be legalizing illegal immigrants. sacramento has has passed a number of laws that will give undocumented americans driving privileges. protect them from deportation. here is how extreme things are. new law proposed in california would prevent police from evening cooperating with the federal government on illegal alien criminal cases. democratic politicians in
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california obviously doing this to strengthen their base on immigrants from south of the border. joining us now from washington julie myers wood. former head of immigration and customs enforcement. obviously california is subverting value law or am i wrong ms. wood? >> absolutely. california is saying we know boast. we know best federal government and frankly we in extremity know better than the california sheriffs who are down on the ground and are worried about threats to their community from unauthorized and illegal immigrants. >> even the sheriff of morin county, the most liberal county in the nation said listen, we can't even put a hold on these criminals now because of sacramento. but this is all about politics it's not about what he is good good for the country or the state of california this the democratic party saying we want to become the party of the hispanic people because there is some of them in california and that's what they are doing. am i wrong on that analysis? >> i'm not going to second
8:15 pm
guess why they are doing this but they are frustrated. >> bill: is there any other reason to institute all of these things that are costing the taxpayers of california billions of dollars? is there any other reason other than politics to do it? >> well, i think raising the flag and saying our federal system is a mess and we saw arizona do it in a different way, and they say we want things to be different and if you are not going to act congress and congress is not acting on anything as we have seen it the states say we are going to take it into our own hands. >> bill: shouldn't the attorney general though go in to say to california you can't do this. you can't not cooperate with federal people. ice if you have a criminal. shouldn't the attorney general do that? they should absolutely do. in the united states vs. arizona. the department of justice was very very clear it was important to enforce federal equities in enforcing immigration law. in arizona they made a different choice. doj went in and they should do the exact same thing here in california.
8:16 pm
we can't allow a state to say we are not going to honor u.s. law enforcement request. there is too much of a danger to public safety. the fact that this go on after 9/11. that they could discourage law enforcement from talking to each other is really appalling. i hope very much. >> bill: dangerous for everybody. because you could have illegal aliens crossing state lines. they get them on a beef in california and ice isn't even going to know about it that's against federal law. governor brown of california we don't care because they know that the attorney general is a very liberal man and he is not likely to go after them. and, again, we go back to politics ms. wood. >> well, you know what they do take he though, they take the 150-million-dollars or so a year in order to house unauthorized immigrants. you know, they take that money so california has an obligation because it takes that money and the fact they are moving forward with the trust act is very disturbing. i hope the doj will come forward and say as a matter of public safety.
8:17 pm
>> you know the game in d.c. you know the players. what are the odds of the attorney general as you rightly pointed out did sue arizona, same issue. your counter man dering federal law. you can't do that what are the odds of him saying the same thing to jerry brown and the people of california. >> i don't think the odds are great. if they are to be consistent with their principles and if they really care about these public safety concerns they would step forward. i know the former head of ice was very concerned about these kind of things in the obama ha administration. so i hope that the administration will look seriously at the trust act and try to persuade governor brown or take legal action if they have to do that. >> bill: all right. we're going to call the attorney general's office and see when the federal lawsuit will be filed against the state of california for failing to cooperate with federal officials. thank you. ted turner says only women should be in politics. we will talk with powers and obenshain about that. later, dennis miller on how he would handle the islamic
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jihad. those re
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, appearing at the international women's earth and climate summit here in new york city, cnn founder ted turner said this. >> well, i have came up with the idea at least 20 years ago that we needed more, more women in politics who would take a different turn and i suggested that men be barred from political office. they could do everything else. but university, business leaders. but they just couldn't serve in any elected position for 100 years. >> that sounds constitutional, doesn't it? jung us now from washington to react republican kate
8:22 pm
obenshain and democrat kirsten powers also a fox news analyst is that a good idea, powers? >> you know, i'm going to go out on a limb and say he was pandering a little bit to a woman audience there. >> just a bit. and, yeah, of course it's not a good idea. look, i obviously support more women in politics. i think it's good to have a diversity of views. i don't think gender tends to bring a ton of diversity. take michele bachmann she is is a prominent woman republican. her views are not really much different than the average tea party man. >> bill: i don't think it's political views that turner is referring. >> to you think it's competence? >> bill: no, no. i think it's style. it wouldn't be as much violence, as many wars macho, women would bring a more reasoned, compassionate style to the table. i think that's what turner is getting at? >> there is no evidence to
8:23 pm
support that whatsoever. >> i'm glad you said that and not me, powers. >> multiple books written about how actually awful women can be. >> i haven't read those books but i'm sure they exist. what do you say, kate? >> first of all, obviously he doesn't know much about margaret thatcher or sarah palin or january brewer, some of these other women. but first of all i'm shocked that something idiotic came out of ted turn iter's mouth. this is a guy that said a year ago it was a good thing that americans were committing suicide overseas our troops because it doesn't make us look so brutal. that's great. the thing that drives me create crazy when leftist say things like this about we should pass laws to get more women involved in office. they never point out the fact that in countries like saudi arabia women can't drive in places like iran, a come just won election to city council but she was disqualified because she is too pretty. they never talk about the oppression of women in islamic countries. and that's one of the reasons why there is this
8:24 pm
worldwide disparity. but oh, no, we are not going to talk about the genuine reason for not enough women being in public office. and it's a stunning thick. it's hypocrisy. they just want to pander do the radical feminist and in this case the radical environmental family miss. >> bill: it was a climate driven conference, powers. and i have a report in front of me that the ant artic, that's the south pole. >> is that right? >> had more ice than they have ever had before and scientists are predicting global cooling. so that would go against all the global warming orthodoxy or am i misreading this? >> you did misread it, i think. i mean, when i read the article what i saw is that they can't -- they were saying it's puzzling but then they came one a lot of theories about why the ice is gathering in the way that it is. >> another report was that it is very cold. >> it actually had to do
8:25 pm
winds. >> winds? so now we have global winding? >> point out that the water is still warm. >> the water is warm? >> yeah. but the ice is cold? >> ice is growing. >> right. but they explain it, bill, they explained it very clearly in the article. >> i want everybody to go to the journal of climate. that's where this study is. what do you say, kate? >> well, i think it just contributes to this skepticism. and also contributing to that is this supposedly landmark u.n. study coming out by climate change scientists that the little problem in the study is !]that they have actually shown 15 year slow down in global warming. a lot of folks including countries germany wants them to brush over this little fact that is causing a problem to their theory. there continues to be glitches in the whole global change environmentalists. let's just the world is coming to an end. in fact, at this women's conference, the co-founder said we are on the precipice of the end of the
8:26 pm
earth as we know it ted turner thinks we are going to be eating each other in a couple of years. that's what she said. >> bill: that would mean the factor would go off 00 air if that happens. >> that's a problem. >> one thing to sooth everybody out there before i wrap this segment up. i have the best take on global warming in the world. number one, i don't know. the deity knows. i don't. number two, it's always better to have a clean planet. cleaner planet, the better. however, you can't hurt working people in that effort. it has to be a clean planet that lifts everybody. that's my global warming. i don't know, like the clean planet. let the deity figure it out. ladies, thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. we have the inside story of ted cruz's amazing filibuster last night where he spoke for 21 hours without a bathroom break. and then miller on fighting the islamic jihad and an amazing story about a strip club bill. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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8:31 pm
who cares. you know, almost all of us are in cheap suits with bad haircuts. who cares? >> bill: a flying flip. joining us now from washington ace reporters carl cameron and james rosen. >> bill: carl, please explain so even i can understand it what senator cruze accomplished yesterday. >> even though he said it was not about him but he got a lot of attention and that's good politically. he spoke up for opposition to obama care more than anybody else on the right and that's good. may be downside to g.o.p. colleagues bad mouthed a few of them for not fighting hard enough against obama care. on the downside that's probably it for him. cruze and allies knew they couldn't stop out stripping out fund obama care. on friday or saturday of this week the senate will send a clean bill back to the house that are fund the government for at least another three months and does nothing else. we won't really know the political impact for cruz and for republicans and democrats about this shutdown near miss probably until next year's midterm elections. >> bill: now, when they send the bill back on
8:32 pm
friday to the house and we assume it will be voted sometime over the weekend by the house. is it possible the house will reinsert and ping-pong game back and forth. >> that's it. a possibility of it. not a lot of time. this has to be passed. sent to the president and signed by midnight, the last day of the month. and, if not, the government could shut down for a couple of hours here and there particularly if it's in the middle of the night. not a lot of willing room. >> so it has -- >> -- it would be tough. politically bill,. >> bill: go ahead. >> the thing to remember here is that everybody is sort of caveting whether this will stop republicans. some tea party republicans giving primaries to handful of republican incumbents. the truth of matter is most republican are totally safe. republicans will hold the house next year at least now. they only need six republicans to take over the majority and that's possible. it's going to be a while before political fallout is viewed from. this what has happened a lot of wasted time.
8:33 pm
on vacation for the whole month of august. they came back here and this is all they have been doing can kicked down the road. >> not much accomplished other than that. >> i want top get to rosen. do you and your other colleagues who study this stuff expect the government to shut down. >> no. it's not going to shut down. no one is expecting. >> you think by monday this will be cleared up one way or the other? >> if cruze has any vulnerability here at all, bill. it's that everybody in washington knew they couldn't do what he said he was going to be doing. >> let's get to the iranian leader who came to new york and didn't meet with president obama. what's the inside story here? >> so, this was seen by a lot of people, bill, as an exexcellent opportunity for united states and iran to make some progress in this long standing terrible relationship that we have had since 1979. the new iranian president hasan rouhani has made some encouraging noises about wanting to make progress on the nuclear issue and all of the rest of the problems that separate tehran from
8:34 pm
washington. but it became the handshake that never was. why was there no handshake? according to senior u.s. officials. the united states offered a handshake photo op. on the margins of the u.n. general assembly in new york between president obama and president rouhani and the iranians at first were intrigued by and this then eventually blinked if you will and said we can't do this. the officials that are talking here in washington are speculating that the reason for this is that back at home in tehran president rouhani has hardliners that he has to deal with. it wouldn't have looked so good for him out of the box. he has only been sworn in for a month and a half to go shaking hands about barack obama. the president of the great satan. so, it didn't happen. but that doesn't mean that the diplomacy is dead all together. tomorrow, in new york, for the first time since 1979, the two top at this particular times of the united states and iran, secretary of state kerry iranian foreign minister are requesting to meet face
8:35 pm
to face no breakthroughs are expected. >> basically rouhani guy said i better not shake his hand because then i might get in trouble back with the mull also a and all these other people i'm going it play it safe. is he a weasel politician like all the rest of them, right? >> in a cheap suit with a bad hair cut. >> that's right. all right, guys. always good to talk to you both. thanks very much. when we come right back, it will be miller time. three hot topics this evening. including how miller would fight the islamic jihad. should be interesting and the sage of is up next. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business.
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with the new toyota tundra toyota. let's go places. >> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time sessionment tonight. as talking points pointed out earlier this week, i object sane muslims are now targeting regular folks, christians and jews for murder. joining us from chicago with his view on the jihad dennis miller. you know the mall attack accomplished nothing other than killing poor people who were shopping and you say? >> well, i think we got a couple -- we have three kinds on this work of my plan. first up i would say we have to do a rebranding thing. i would start using the phrase war on terror again
8:40 pm
in some different perm stations it would make bubba in forrest gump make sure he didn't have any idea how to prepare shrimp. i would hit war on terror every couple of seconds. i would have our president come out, if he he can take a day off from telling me what a religion of peace islam is and i would say that he notes there is a faction within the islamic community that seem to cling to their gods and guns. if he could possibly do that just to get the square even. then, tactically, i would do the following. i would shut up once in a while about what we are going to do. i would loom ominously in the background. this is the world stage. not an oprah panel for god's sake. we talk too much. secondly, like grant told sherman i would meet the enemy wherever we could. and if it was bashar assad and i would kill him. whenever you get an opportunity you whack a mole them. lastly anybody in that part of the world unless they tighten it up gets zero dollars. no more money to anybody. lastly, just personal whim circumstance i institute my
8:41 pm
secret santa plan. where you take the 10 craziest sob's in the world assign them a secret santa. don't tell them who is who. they acted up the other guy gets blown up. take sandra fluke, al gore, dennis kucinich all these whiney people we have over here and form an ultra elite whiney avengers and drop them behind enemy lines and let them go after the muslims about women's contraception and pass victim of and passivism and the hot sun. let them do it. >> bill: that might be unconstitutional drop them behind enemy lines. >> it would violate geneva stuff but it would make my days easier. >> bill: san francisco, you have been there a lot, right? san francisco? it's a good town. >> yeah, sure, billy. >> a little crazy, sometimes. >> yeah, sure, i'm up there all the time leaning on knob hill. >> there is a club there that you might have been to. it's call the new century theater. and it has naked women in
8:42 pm
it. all right, so a guy named jose manuel gomez sanchez, long name, goes into the club with an oracle credit card. he works for oracle, the high tech company. all right? he wracks up $34,000 in charges in just the time that jose was in there all right? charged oracle credit card. oracle says we are north paying this. and now the club is suing oracle for the 34 grand. what do you think? >> well, listen jose hue men nez mark sanchez might have been working for oracle on the day shift but evidently he thought he was working for or face at night. all right? i think they should start taking it out of his salary and i would do it in ones. take ones out every week. this story is going to be dated next week. i will tell you they will be coming out with an app. soon where they put a g string. one of those bar codes on the stripper's g string and
8:43 pm
then you just flash your phone across it and give her a certain amount and hold it up. it's the app. of the future, billy. so mr. gomez he will be able to do that. >> bill: obviously oracle should have docked this guy the money and stay out of court. this is legitimate lawsuit. how about this $34,000? i don't even want to know, miller, sorry, i'm sorry. i don't don't even tell me how you do it but 34 grand. >> in the world we live in, this probably gets the guy put on the oracle board because they need a spanish guy. >> i don't know, man. 34,000. all right. further south, in brazil. is a billionaire named count chickawino scarpa. he looks like jackie gleason and bird friend
8:44 pm
lois. he buys this bentley and he wants to bury it so that he can have it in the after life when he dies. this is true. >> i believe it, billy. >> you're advice for the count is? >> well, my advice for the bird is to get a new owner. >> you will be buried next. >> that guy is absolutely crazy. you are going down the pipe next. cocatu. secondly, you don't wanted to be the pal paul bearer at this funeral. i think everybody should start taking their possessions to the grave. if obama is going to get you for 55% after you die with the inheritance tax, i say take it all with you in the coffin. make them be actual grave robbers. make them dig you up and get it. >> bill: have your in your hand. have the undertaker put it in your hand. by the way, that bentley that this dopey count is buried in 500,000 bucks.
8:45 pm
that's how much his car costs. [ laughter ] >> and he still can't dress himself. deaf miss miller, everybody, one footnote tickets going fast for the bolder fresher show of 2014. miller and i will see y'all in orlando, florida, saturday, january 18th at the bob carr center. neither miller nor i know exactly who bob carr is but we will find out. info available on bill o' tickets will make great christmas gifts. did you see that on deck? a preview of my appearance on 60 minutes this past sunday. right back with it
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8:48 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? we begin with amazing
8:49 pm
statement from congressman charles rangle. he says that jesus would want america to be a nanny state. >> when jesus said that you are going straight to hell, if you didn't treat the less of brothers and sisters. what did he say he? said he was hungry. give didn't give food stampts. thirsty didn't purify the water. naked and didn't give social security. and god knows he was sick and you gave him no comfort. >> bill: here now to explain further fox news anchor martha maccallum. >> do you want to explain that further. >> bill: referred to food stamps. do you know what it is. >> i don't remember reading anything about food stamps in the bible. but i do remember render unto caesar what a caesar's and what is god is god's. what i read in the bible is there is a difference between society and government. when you look at what government has done in terms of being a nanny state, it hasn't really worked out all that well. >> but rangle is right in a sense that in christian theology charity above all. >> absolutely. >> is emphasized, in fact, last sunday while i was in church, i didn't see you there. well, i got on long island.
8:50 pm
you are jersey, right? so i couldn't possibly see you. there was an epistle by the prophet aim must who said if you don't help the poor people you are not going to be in real good shape. he is he right there. he takes it, but rangel takes it and tries to defend an inefficient system, in i my opinion. >> the set-up for his response came from a discussion about whether or not what the gop was arguing on the floor of the house was moral or immoral. he was saying basically it was immoral based on that. when you look at the great society and you look at what the intention was of all of the programs it was to lift people out of poverty. yet 12% of people under the poverty line in 1968. now you have 15. by all accounts, that's -- >> it's not working. >> the american people are generous, but this is not necessarily the route to raising people out of poverty. >> in a talking points memo, the people paying the taxes to caesar are getting hurt because the government is so inefficient
8:51 pm
in how it distributes it. >> exactly. >> rangel was right on the theology but wrong on getting it across. i want to see that. boy. on the same subject, "60 minutes" doing a piece on me this coming sunday off the "killing jesus" book i have released. here is a clip. >> what do you think people will be surprised to learn about jesus? >> that he was a regular guy. very afraid, very afraid. >> what do you mean? >> scared to i didie. scared to be put on the cross. he got angry. he was a little violent. and that he was a man. >> ex plain how he was violent. >> well, when he went into the temple and overturned the money changers he was livid. he was personally insulted that the temple was being used as a place of commerce. not only that, they were
8:52 pm
stealing from the folks. >> that was a good clip. i'm glad they issued that. >> you're going to get criticism for this book. >> i already have. >> it will be interpreted as bill o'reilly interprets jesus. the book, which i just started reading, is very interesting. it's historical. >> we have it right on there. see under killing jesus, it says "a history." "60 minutes" is interesting. they don't do a lot of edited television because they can make you look like an idiot. this is two long. norah o'donnell and i sat t there for two hours. i thought i was in a filibuster situation. they are going to edit it down to eight or nine minutes. it's scary. but the first piece "60 minutes" did on me with mike wallace was fair. i think they will be fair in this one. >> the point you make about jesus being afraid, we live in a brutal world. jesus lived in a very brutal world which you lay out in the
8:53 pm
beginning parts of the book. the fact that he was human and god wanted him jesus to experience everything people experience, that's the lesson of the book. >> we try to contrast in the book the times that he lived in. that's why we do a lot of roman stuff, stuff about the san hedran, the jewish temple authorities and how they were just killing folks. rangel would have been outraged by what was happening in judea. in rome, i mean, they were just hammering the people. >> you point out and it strikes me in the beginning of the book we live in an increasingly brutal society as well. >> ooh. >> i look at newtown, the slaughter of innocents, the navy yard, the mall, in syria -- jesus's backyard. it made me think, boy i, you think, gee, the world was brutal then. we live in a brutal world now. >> we haven't come far in 2,000 years.
8:54 pm
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and save 33% on wolverine wellington boots. tip of the day. helping you get some sleep in a moment. first the mail. d. han nonfrom florida. what ted cruz is doing may not accomplish anything. at least he's sticking up for what the majority of people believe about obamacare. i think senator cruz is accomplishing some things. he's raising awareness of the issue and putting himself up as a leader. darlene from texas. bill, i have always admired you and charles krauthammer. you are wrong about cruz's motivations. he 's doing what we leched him to do. i respect that but the majority of texans would like to see obamacare re peeled. right? best way to go about it is at the heart of the debate.
8:57 pm
got to win both houses and the presidency. steve from california. bill, you made fun of the teacher found with heroin who got the job back. i know the tragedy of drugs. it is not funny. my daughter is an addict and lost everything. your letter deserves a serious reply. i mocked the system. putting an addict back into the system is madness. as for your daughter and other addicted people, i feel sorry, but addiction can be overcome. don't give up. beth from indiana. bill, there is no need to worry that writing "killing jesus" will send you to hell because there are so many other reasons for you to go there. not the least of which is that you place your faith in the catholic church. all i can say is i feel sorry for you, beth. i hope you will come to realize that jesus is not fond of
8:58 pm
hatred. ron filmore, texas. those condemning you to h ell for writing "killing jesus" are likely to go there. the gospels are clear that only god judges. reverend noffsinger from kentucky. as a southern bap preach er i enjoyed "killing jesus." my library is filled with books but your book delivered the history of jesus that i needed. thanks for writing it. thanks for the kind review. leonard from jackson, tennessee. i will be reading the bible, not your book. you don't have the guts to put this on the air. sure i do, len. enjoy the bible. finally the factor tip of the day, getting to sleep. for many of us, it's hard. in fact, about 40 million americans have sleep problems. there is a website called it has tips for you. there is no sure cure. i avoid taking medication and
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when i can't sleep, i read. so i put the time to good use. my eyes eventually get heavy and i doze away. never do i watch tv. never do i go on the dopey machines, texting, anything like that. some folks swear warm milk makes them drowsy, but that seems a little aunt bea-ish to me. might work in mayberry. tougher in new york city. i may try it. here's the tip of the day. just roll with it if you can't sleep. roll with it. re lax and read. think about nice things that happened to you recently. if you have sleep advice, send it to maine and i will pass it along. that's it for us tonight. sound off about the factor. orely at name and town. word of the day, i'm bringing it back. do t not be a blatherskite.
9:00 pm
thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely the looking out for you. i intend to speak in opposition to obamacare. i intend to speak in support of te defunding obamacare until i am no longer able to stand. if it were a good thing, you would want the good stuff to happen before the election and not after the election. we can't be special and exceptional without the american dream. that's what's undermined by big government and by obamacare. >> under no circumstances should members of congress be treated better than what we are


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