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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 25, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely the looking out for you. i intend to speak in opposition to obamacare. i intend to speak in support of te defunding obamacare until i am no longer able to stand. if it were a good thing, you would want the good stuff to happen before the election and not after the election. we can't be special and exceptional without the american dream. that's what's undermined by big government and by obamacare. >> under no circumstances should members of congress be treated better than what we are doing
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under the law, forcing upon millions ofs. >> we are asking for a dialogue. how do we get it unless someone says, enough is enough? >> i would not have imposed on your time and energy if i didn't believe this was of vital importance to the american people. it's now late at night. i'm going to venture to say most members of the united states senate are home in bed asleep. while america lives the nightmare. >> that the at the end of the day is why we are passionate about this. that's why this is an issue worth fighting for. >> obamacare was told to the miles an hour if you like your health coverage you can keep it. we now know that promise was simply objectivobjectively, 100. >> he stood on his feet more than 21 hours and delivered a strong case as to why president obama's disastrous health care
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law needs to be defunded. it was more than that. last night texas senator ted cruz set an example for all lawmakers about what it really means to stand up for the american people. later this hour we'll be joined by senators rand paul, mike lee and james inhofe. first we have a group from both sides of the aisle. good to see you. hello. >> hello, mr. hannity. >> ms. tamara is there. no happy candy tonight. >> ready to rumble. >> regardless of your political leanings, how many of you admire 21 hours and 19 minutes? how many admire it? three people don't. why don't you -- you don't admire the fact that he stood up, fought, couldn't go to the bathroom, couldn't leave, had to stand the whole time? you don't admire that at all? >> why would i admire a faux the filibuster. >> faux filibuster. >> yes. he's my senator from the great state of texas and as the dixie
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chicks said about president obama i'm embarrassed he 's from texas. he could have stood on his head when the first rule for doctors is first do no harm. that's what senator cruz was doing. >> even if a democrat believes it and they are willing to put 21 hours of their life on hold, why would you admire it? >> it did take courage. look at the slings and arrows he's taken from republicans and democrats. count me as someone who believed at first we should strip out the individual mandate because that's the best perch from which conservatives can make the argument. i was on the train at 7:00 a.m. opened my laptop and realized, ted cruz is still fighting. >> i got up at 6:00 a.m. i was like, you know, if i was chris matthews i would have had a thrill up my leg that he was still there. >> in 1836 texans stood at the alamo knowing they would be
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slaughtered. this man is a modern day jim bowie, davie crockett, john wayne standing against the forces of evil who make the fiscal status of the country illicit t. i'm proud of this modern day al moe fighter. he knows he'll lose. he's not the french, welcoming in the german army crying as the german tanks come down the champs elysees. he fought like a warrior poet. my hero. >> let me respond. this is my best friend. do you know what boehner is a modern day of? do you know what cruz is a modern day of? modern day john gacy, raping the american people. that's what the -- >> you sound like -- extortionist -- >> holding americans. >> you better take that back. >> hold on. >> raping, holding them hostage. >> you really -- hostage holding? >> terrorists.
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>> obamacare. >> we don't negotiate. [ all speaking at once ] >> you ought to take that back. you ought to take that back. >> no they are not. it 's ter rising america to look like detroit. >> just so he can be a better candidate. >> he's doing it for principle. >> for those of you who support what ted cruz did, let me ask a question. if you fund it, you own it. do you agree? >> first of all, everybody needs to own this. i think the real result of obamacare will happen in the 2014 election. i think the democrats are on the rope s and running scared. we have to focus not on the defund fight alone. there is an issue here sitting in between people and their health providers, between the children and the decision they have to make. that's obamacare. we have to continue to drive the narrative not just of the fight
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in d.c. it's the fight in the street of how bad it is for individuals. you're going to see in 2014 this is going to come back and crush them. >> let me ego to tamara. you used rape, hostage. what was the other term? >> republicans are standing between our leg s. they want to control women's health care. >> the popularity of congress is at an all-time low. >> going down. >> let me go to doug on this. it's at an all-time low. this is a guy who believes in what he believes in and puts his money where his mouth is. this helps ted cruz but embarrasses everybody else. >> it helps cruz running for president. it hurts america. it leads to a government shutdown, more chaos. the financial markets have been going down for six days and will continue to be in turmoil. we are t at economic risk. what we are t not hearing tonight and we are not getting in washington is bipartisan consensus to make health care work for americans.
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screaming doesn't solve problems. >> a question for doug. if you look at the polls american respondents would blame republicans and democrats. >> 44-35 to blame the republicans. i was in washington. i advised bill clinton if he fought the shutdown with newt gingrich in 1995, he did fight it and did win. >> clinton was re elect ed. >> in terms of the era of big government is over. >> we won the battle. >> let's bring in a doctor. >> what's happening here is the spotlight is shown on a bad bill whatever you think of what senator cruz is doing we need the spotlight. what's happening in 2014 is hands in the pockets of the taxpayer. the liberal press is saying, don't worry. your premiums will go down a
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little and the government will subsidize it like a subsidy is a good thing. or 40% out of pocket if you have uh a bronze plan. we are talking about a bill that stinks. if currently we are putting the spotlight on it through congress, i am all for it. by the way, surgeons stand for 21 hours like that. i admire that. >> let me give -- hang on. let me -- [ shouting ] >> you are wrong. you are wrong. >> wait one second. let me give you some sticker shock. wall street journal. these are real numbers, real people. you have a guy in nashville, tennessee, 27 years old, nonsmoker. he pays $41 a month before obamacare. it's going up to $114. if you have likewise the bronze policy and a guy in philly, it rises to $195 for the same 27-year-old. $73 to $195. in wyoming, from $82 to $271.
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>> 30 million are still without -- the idea was to get insured the uninsured. according to the cbo 30 million will be uninsured still. a dismal failure. >> not true. >> the cbo did say that. >> the truth will set you free. >> the reality is once the affordable health care act takes place 6 of 10 uninsured americans right now will be able to purchase health care for less than $100 per person. this boils down to what type of country we want to live in. do we want to live in a country where you have a good job b you can get good health insurance and if you don't -- >> the cbo also said this is going to lead to bankruptcy, financial ruin. we can't sustain it. >> absolutely. the question is what kind of health care. the new york times reported a couple of days ago there are actually going to be lower premiums, at what cost?
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that's a limited network of providers. people in the state of california participating in the exchanges won't be covered at any u.c. hospitals. any of the doctors working in the hospital, you can't go to them as a specialist. yeah, you may get health care. what the insurance companies are trying to do is get around the preexisting conditions part of the bill to say we are not going to cover complicated the conditions. if you go to specialists or more than one doctor, i'm sorry. >> you have the insurance card but not the doctors. >> we'll take a break and come back. coming up, more with the live stud owe audience throughout the hour. later, we'll be joined by rand paul, mike lee, james inhofe . you can respond t at as we continue. she's always had a playful side. and you love her for it. but your erectile dysfunction -
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[ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ♪ [ agent smith ] ge software connects patients to nurses to the right machines while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ] welcome back to this live studio edition of "hannity." coming up, rand paul, mike lee, james inhofe. first back to the audience. the president said $2500 families would save a year. forbes magazine, $7500 increase. that's a $10,000 swing. the president did something -- and i have to give him credit. if you say i never give the
9:15 pm
president credit he admitted he did raise taxes. medical devices, more difficult to deduct medical expenses. the flex spending account, a $13 billion tax. obamacare surtax 3.8%. medicare payroll tax goeses up. noncompliance tax the. employer mandate tax. health insurance tax. that goes to union members 2018 tax. $2500 savings becomes a $7500 payout for families. why shouldn't we hit the pause button considering he was off by $10,000 a family? >> you are doing your audience a tremendous disservice. >> telling the truth? >> nope. you are infusing them with some sort of deluded hope this bill will ever be repealed under this president. >> is she answering my question ? >> i am answering the question. you can rattle off how people with pre-existing conditions will be covered.
9:16 pm
how if you have cancer the insurance can't throw you off the plan. >> hang on a second. >> no, listen, sean. >> you have to listen to the question. didn't the president promise $2500 savings per family. >> i believe he did, yes. >> now the average family -- now that we have gotten to this point they will pay -- >> actually. i'm answering your question . >> $10,000 swing. >> before obamacare the average family was paying $2200 a year. >> we are not getting the savings. >> just -- listen to me. just to cover people without health care because they went to emergency rooms. the charity care came out of our pockets. >> i i need an abacus. >> no. you need a reality check. stop telling people -- >> betsy mccoy. >> i would like to address the accusations of arson, extortion, rape, hostage-taking. in fact, you are seeing checks and balances. the framers of the u.s.
9:17 pm
constitution didn't want an all powerful president. they gave only congress the ability to tax and borrow. the idea was the president has to negotiate in order to fund the government or it gets shut down. james madison, the chief architect of the constitution said in federalist 58 if the president reaches for more power, stop funding. >> you raise an important point. jennifer, republicans -- i'm disappointed except for ted cruz, rand paul, mike lee, marco rubio and jeff sessions and james inhofe and pat roberts. i'm trying to get all their names. i'm disappointeded they are so fearful of being blamed for a government shutdown, democrats don't have the fear. why do republicans have this fear? >> republicans continue to have trouble leading.
9:18 pm
we have another battle looming. the president is threatening to shut down the government over sequestration as well. the president is shutting down the government for the defund fight and sequestration. the president threatened and held hos tanl the 2% cut we asked the government to take and we won last year. they will let it expire because the president is threatening to shut down the government. they have to fight. >> with all of the numbers and data you rattled off and people continue to ignore it and pretend it isn't true, our president lied to american s. what we witnessed with ted cruz is he was able to educate americans. the base is empowered. with social media and the internet, people are getting their own information. it's the ground up. no longer top-down. that's what the establishment and the left hates. they are losing control and it's obvious. >> let me ask ryan. this is important. i give julie the numbers.
9:19 pm
i tell her what the president said. dls a $10,000 swing. that's the reality of where we are now. based on what he said when he was selling this. he said it would be $900 billion. we are way beyond that. why is there re luck tans to acknowledge the truth that the numbers don't add up? >> right now the democrats can't lose. that's why they don't bother acknowledging it. i watched most of the ted cruz thing. >> i was, too. see my eyes. >> i'm a republican. it was great, exhilarating but it felt for me like a "seinfeld" episode. i didn't understand the point. right now according to charlie cook republicans have an 18-point advantage amongst independents. >> yep. >> unless it was to rally the base and allow red state democrats to have to re vote for obamacare again. >> what's the point? >> unless it comes out with a
9:20 pm
victory -- >> maybe this is what i got from ted cruz. i will let others speak. i thought it was refreshing to see somebody that wasn't making political calculations but was standing on principle. by the way, every republican ran on a platform to get rid of obamacare and re place it. re peel and re place. >> it took reagan 16 years to win the 164 election. goldwater won in 1980. we don't know what will happen in two, three, four years. this patriot stood and fought. he may lose, but long term he'll win it. the republicans weren't hurt despite what doug says in 1995, # 6. who controlled the house? who won the presidency twice? >> barack obama was as happy, sean, as you are. >> of course, but the country was better off. >> they have one strategy.
9:21 pm
let the republicans overplay their hand. let people like bill go out of control and the democrats who can't win the election will because of republican overreaches. >> democrats are happy if republicans fight for their principles. >> yes. correct. >> if republicans cower, they are not happy? >> the republicans will win. >> yes. >> they want republicans to bargain because if republicans bargain, if the republicans stand firm i, so out of touch with the american people it -- >> will you tell doug to shut up? he's talking too loud. don't shake your finger at me . >> we'll have much more with the lively studio audience coming up. rand paul, one of senator cruz's biggest supporters joins me to talk about why he took to the floor last night and this morning and where he thinks the fight to defund obamacare um... where's mrs. davis? she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles
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9:26 pm
talk. >> that was senator rand paul standing with his republican colleague, texas senator ted cruz last night and this morning. joining me now kentucky lawmaker senator rand paul. welcome back. you must be -- i i'm tired. i was up watching late last night and early this morning. i assume you're tired. >> ted did all the heavy lifting. i was the supporting cast. i was glad to be there some. ted cruz deserves credit for a heck of a long speech . >> what time did you finally leave? i know you were back by 6:00 a.m. this morning, right? >> i was there early. really mike lee and ted lee -- ted cruz and mike lee deserve the credit. they put in most of the work. the rest of us tried to support. they deserve the credit. >> before we get to the substance of this you are known for your own filibuster. the rules are tough. you have to stand the whole time. no eating in the senate chamber. you can't go to the bathroom. you have to be technical in terms of the words you use so
9:27 pm
you don't give up control of the floor. that's a long time not going to the bathroom. are certain, say, preventative measures made? do you dehydrate yourself before this? >> i i'm t nnot going there. i don't know and haven a answer other than to say i did have to stop because that was my reason for stopping. nature was calling me . that's why i stopped. >> thank you for sharing. we appreciate that here. on the one hand there was great excitement among conservatives watching last night saying there is somebody who is fighting. like when you did it. then you see where the other -- the rest of the republicans are saying, no, we'll vote for cloture to allow harry reid to strip the defunding measure from the house c.r. and that means it
9:28 pm
will go back to the house without that. that's disappointing a lot of people. why won't they stand with you and cruz and marco and mike? >> here's what i would say. i have been traveling the country a lot. everywhere i go, people want, you know, republicans to win, conservatives to win. i tell them we need passion. what you saw with ted cruz leading it, mike lee leading this was passion. people sorely want us to stand up. for example, benghazi. they're like, why won't someone stand up and speak truth to hillary clinton and ask her, did you order the marines not to support our soldiers? people want answers but they want someone who believes in something who is unafraid to stand up and fight. i think that's what ted and mike showed. >> they are asking, where are the rest of the republicans here? the every republican i know ran b to re peel obamacare. now, i i keep hearing that there are tactical differences. that's what i keep hearing. it seems to me the tactical
9:29 pm
differences, can't do it now because we'll be blamed for shutting down the government. in january in 2015. then we might be able to do something when we have the house and senate. by that time i think it will be impossible to do anything fm you know, ultimately i don't think it is a good idea to shut down government either. i won't vote one penny for obamacare. i won't. i'm not going to vote for a spend ing bill with money in it. i don't want to shut down government because of the disruptive nature of it. the president says, oh, republicans want 100% of what they want or they will shut down government. it's the opposite. the president wants 100% of obamacare or he eel shut the place down. >> senator -- >> they won't allow one amendment to modify obamacare on the floor. >> i don't see the democrats engaged in fear. they see the republicans blinking and get stronger.
9:30 pm
put it on them. pass the bill, fund the government. don't fund obamacare. if you want to shut it down, shut it down. why not? is this not worth taging a stand on? >> it is worth taking a stand. i want to take a stand. no more money for obamacare. at the same time, i think when we are trying to grow our party, it could disrupt and distract us if government shuts down and social security checks in and checks the soldiers in. i don't want either situation. really by standing on principle, what ted cruz and mike lee did, standing on principle, maybe we force them to get rid of some of the worst parts of obamacare. maybe we don't win. uh i'm being a el realist. maybe we don't win but we say maybe we fete rid of the medical devices tax, the insurance tax. maybe the individual mandate. >> people want the republicans to fight, meaning all of you. it means the tactical difference
9:31 pm
is either now you stand up and risk what the media and what the left will say about you being guilty of shutting down the government or wait for 2015 after an election you may or may not win and you have obama as president. that's what i see the choices as. >> maybe. i think it is also important to say and know that we are also battling against democrats who are for funding obamacare. even with the differences within the caucus -- and there are some -- every republican is for defunding obamacare. it's not fair to characterize them and say, oh, well, they are really for obamacare. none of them are for obamacare. >> i'm not saying that. >> i'm not saying you are. i'm just saying it's not fair to characterize people that way. >> you're willing to take it to the mat. you're willing to stand with cruz. >> i am. >> mike lee is willing to stand. where are the other 39 or 38
9:32 pm
republicans? where are they? >> you know, i guess what i'm trying to say what's most important is where are the seven or eight democrats that will vote to fund obamacare that are the problem? >> i don't expect them to. they didn't run on obamacare. >> we need to direct some of our venom or an b 'tis pags in trying to make things different towards getting rid of some of the voices that are the problem here. the problem is too many democrats. >> yeah . that's a big problem. i agree. good to see you, senator. >> thank you. >> get some sleep. coming up next, two more gop senators who stood with texas senator ted cruz. they will join me from d.c. senators mike lee and james inhofe after the break. later we'll turn things back to the lively studio audience. they are fighting in the breaks. we want to hear from you. go to share your thoughts on this and more.
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welcome back. while senator cruz was speaking on the senate floor for more than 21 hours trying to defund obamacare his republican colleagues in the house were brewing up a story of their own according to politico they are considering a one-year delay of the train wreck's individual mandate. is that a good strategy? here to talk about that and more utah senator mike lee and james inhofe. >> good to see you. >> i know neither of you got sleep. mike, did you get to bed last night? >> no. i was on the floor all night with senator cruz. it was a great experience. >> i was dozing into lala land. i saw you at 3:00 a.m. and still there at 6:00 when i got up. let me ask you if summarizing the tactical difference angle of
9:38 pm
your fellow republicans. the tactical strategy differences, you guys have your strategy. their differences were going to get the democrats on the record again voting for obamacare which they are already on the record doing. if you put us in power we may be able to do something. am i surmising that right? >> yeah. to the extent you are, i think there are holes in the strategy. we can't just assume that we can leave these things in place and all of the sudden be able to roll them back. you see, these are big new entitlement programs. once they kick in, the historical antecedents suggested they went go away. we have never in our history, sean, rolled back a new major entitlement program once it's kicked in. >> i was corrected by a friend.
9:39 pm
do you remember dan rostencowski having his windows beaten on by old people? >> that was a minor program in medicare in the beginning phases. that was not a major program. it was a sub program within medicare. this is a new order of magnitude. >> senator inhofe, conservatives are angry. it i seems they really wanted all the senators to stand with ted cruz, as you did. brent bozel put out a statement that said, you fund it, you own it. what's your reaction to that? >> that's right. there are 14 of us that met ten weeks ago -- i think that's right, mike. we decided whatever we had to do for as long as we have to do it we'll do what we have to do. nobody talks about this. if you read what harry reid's statement is he says this is a single payer system we are going
9:40 pm
to which is socialized medicine. we have to do everything we can. let me suggest this. i said this on the floor last night and again this morning. it's really not over yet. the i can remember so well 19 years ago, back in your hannity and combs days. hillary health care. they said it is impossible. we can't win. it's over. and yet we won. in fact, they were so sure we could not win this thing 19 years ago there was a full-page ad in the journal supporting hill ary health care, but we wo. you don't give up. >> i tend to agree. some things are worth fighting for. if republicans believe this is really bad for the country, senator lee, i seems this is worth fighting for. the one obstacle maybe i'm reading into, but what i perceive to be the big obstacle is fear. the fear of oh being blamed for
9:41 pm
a shutdown. if they take the stand. i don't see the same fear on the democratic side. is that fair? >> i think that's probably a fair characterization. you don't see the same fear on the democrat side when you had then speaker of the house nancy pelosi going to members with tears in her eyes pleading with them to do this stating that this was something she deeply believed in. they took a t t lot of risk passing the law. that risk came forward and had political circumstances. it will have a political benefit. i think we need to believe strongly in the principles and do we can to prevent it from taking effect. >> assuming they will vote for cloture. the defunding provision, back to
9:42 pm
the house. >> what the house would do is look at it and see what we can do that's something short of what we are trying to do to see what they will buy onto. i think the key would be the next vote we have could keep them from being able to do this on a simple majority. that's what it's about. i just figure if we have an opportunity here, i have 20 kids and grandkids. we want to stop socialized medicine. it is worth doing everything at the last minute. >> mike lee, the last word. happens if it go s back to the house having been stripped of the defund provision? >> well. that would be unfortunate. the one way we could salvage the moment would be if we still stood strong as a party. if the house of representatives stood strong and said, we are not going to fund obamacare's implementation. we'll stand by defunding.
9:43 pm
we might add different language to it, experiment with different numbers or different formulations of the continuing resolution, but we are going the to stand behind this idea that we want to fund government while defunding obamacare to protect the american people from socialized medicine. >> thank you very much for being with us. when we come back, we have a very lively studio audience over there anxious to dive into this. when we come back, what they think of this and more straight ahead. ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪
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welcome back. we bring back our live studio audience. let's ai sense of humor the senate has punted. now it uh will go back to the house. the defund provision will -- what? >> please. >> the defund provision will be stripped. dr. siegel, what should the house do, what will i uh they do? >> i think we have to continue to fight with the idea that the bill isn't helping america's doctors or patients. even in the panel tonight we have lost sight of what's going on in the doctor's office. doctors are the drivers of the bus. we keep loading the bus with more people. pre-existing conditions. let's give that out. let's give more preventative
9:48 pm
services. everybody gets a mammogram, a kol nos co-i pi for free. who order ers them? we have a doctor shortage, no tort reform. this is a sham, this law. >> it will be like england. >> rationing. >> to answer your original question the house will pass a clean c.r., fund the government for one more week and punt the debate about defunding obamacare to the debate about raising the debt ceiling which is better for them. something that americans tend to see more like, b yeah, don't raise the debt ceiling. that could be more favorable for them for the election. >> it may fight for the individual mandate, too. >> absolutely. >> dr. siegel makes an important point. tactically the republicans are better off putting forward popular provisions that were in the republican bill originally like portability, interstate
9:49 pm
purchasing. let the democrats vote against it. when they are defeat ed you have issues to run on, the credibility is there and the party's numbers will be strong. >> university what the problem is? i hear what you are saying and you were always a pragmatist. i admire that. not only is obamacare the law of the land. it is now the imple men ed law. as senator lee said you are not getting rid of it. >> rand paul made a great point to you. why not introduce things as amendments? doug made the same point. portability, tort reform. that's what the republicans should be saying. >> they have added a companion legislation that would have $20,000 tax exemptions for family. >> free market, portability. bring it across state lines, job to job. >> i think the senate needs to et vote on what the house has provided. they provided the bill. if they don't pass -- if obama
9:50 pm
wants to shut down the government that's on his watch. constituents need to see where the senators stand, especially those in red states like mary lan landrieu. they need to be outed to see where they stand. especially those up for election next year. >> breaking news, today the american association of physicians and surgeons, the conservative alternative to the ama voted unanimously to file a lawsuit to halt the implementation of the law based on the fact that what the president is seeking to implement is not the affordable care act as we discussed last time. it is the affordable care act where the president has unilaterally stripped it of the employer mandate, income verification, caps on out of pocket expenses. >> tamara is making faces. >> wait. one half of all the deadlines in the law and crammed in 1472 waivers and a special entitlement for members of congress.
9:51 pm
it is not the law of the land. >> hang on -- >> do you need the doctor? >> i would accuse jennifer of being drunk or other conservatives. >> i want to be drunk if i have to listen to jennifer. it's too much for one human being to bear. >> jennifer -- guess what. >> we eel come back after the break. stay with us. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrft. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow.
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9:56 pm
breaking news is a filing in the court and obamacare went to the supreme court and it was ruled to be a legal law of the land. >> let me point this out. >> let me point and tell you that this is legal and the conservatives are hurting themselves. >> no. >> the republican party is hurting itself -- wait. >> you don't know what the suit is object. >> fox news alert. tamara has advice for the conservative movement. >> no, no. the problem is i don't understand, sean, why the other conservatives are not talking about, let's see, 9 1/2% of corporations paid their corp. rat income taxes. >> one thing they should be talking about is number one there are a number of points made by the democrats and republicans in the group that talk about the personal impact of obamacare on people's lives. the second thing we should be talking about and i said it before is sequestration to show we won the battle. we got the government cut back by 2%. that's not a lot.
9:57 pm
the president is threatening a shutdown if that holds. it was his idea. >> remember, 2014 is coming up. republicans are set to win big. we have to remind voters that democrats cannot be the party of the worker if everyone is unemployed. >> julie. >> you are preaching to the republican base and that's all. not dependents, you are not preaching to the people that are affected in a positive way. >> 70% of america doesn't want the bill. >> 23% support a shutdown. the rest support augmenting the bill. >> that's one poll. rasmussen -- >> sean, sean -- >> you asked rand paul and mike lee, where are the other republicans? they need to get blue paint on their face, be braveheart. longshanks butchered william wallace, took out his intestines but scotland was freed. we must be free. we've got to be free. >> hang on. hang on.
9:58 pm
>> with all due respect to senator paul when he says it's time for them to stand up -- >> you are longshanks. >> -- it's time for them to sit down, shut up and realize what they are doing is malpractice on our economy. >> no, it's not. >> they need to get back to governing. >> go ahead. at the same time as a democrat you are ruining your chances of the white house -- >> hang on. 70% of americans don't want this bill. >> anybody who listened to ted cruz's speech heard him talk about the real policy implications of obama. i have to listen to someone call him a terrorist when my generation fought real terrorist and you will call a senator on principle a terrorist. we dealt with veterans affairs. your department talked about the failures there, backlogs, paperwork. veterans have seen obamacare. it's called the department of veterans affair. some of the care is great but the paperwork, barriers, implications is what the
9:59 pm
american people will see from obamacare. >> thank you for your service, but the real impact -- >> are you calling him a terrorist? unbelievable. >> people who will no longer have lifetime care. >> terrorist? >> hang on. [ applause ] >> we are almost out of time. >> -- already benefitted from this. >> she won't quiet down. >> negative impact. >> i like this guy. >> i want to ask you this. >> rayeah. >> you say how badly vets are treated is how -- >> a lot of vets love the care they get when they get in there. it's the barriers between them and the doctor, paperwork, the waits, bureaucracy. that's what we'll see. less options. >> go ahead. >> what we have seen evidence by tonight is america is sick of in-fighting. what ted cruz did last night is showed he was an inspirational leader who could unite the republican party again. that's what we need. >> sick of the in-fighting but
10:00 pm
they want real programs, solutions, real ideas. >> we agree. >> give yourselves a hand. that's all the time we have left. as always, thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next "on the record." see you back here tomorrow night. this is a foosx news alert. another late night in the senate. the senate voting to put the c.r., the continuing resolution, on the fast track. a final senate vote could come friday. the senate speeding up the process despite ted cruz's best efforts to slow it down. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding obamacare until i am no longer able to stand. i actually agreed with that notion and it is a tragic notion that there are two americas. two americas between the ruling class in washington and everyone else. >> the president doesn't want to


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