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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 27, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> the o'reilly factor is on. >> fox news has a big base and they know it is carefully done and it is done to polarize the country. >> is that true? does fox news really polarize the usa? we will have a report on president clinton's analysis. >> 30 days in jail. due think that is an appropriate sentence, judge. what if that was your daughter. >> the child rapist who received 30 days in jail for his horrendous crime. now on the streets of montana. we will have a follow-up report tonight. >> you and the rest of the dying breed of republicans should take note there is a new breed of conservatives and
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we are the voice of the future. >> and the obamacare continues to rage. now they are on opposite sides and we will have the latest on the health care battle and talk with mr. bolling. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. >> i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why is america so polarized? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. republicans in the house said they will dough maned a one-year delay in the rollout of obamacare. democratic controlled senate will no go along because this is president obama's signature achievement. today the president spoke in maryland touting the benefits of obamacare that kicks in on january 1st. mr. obama is believing all will turn out well. obviously the issue has polarized americans. some question at this point
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obamacare is chaotic and everybody knows that. this week the department of health and human services announced younger americans will pay substantially more for health insurance. to be fair uninsured people and elderly americans will benefit, but in the end it will all come down to convenience of care and cost. that will shake out fairly quickly and we will know for sure. last night president clinton shifted the great political divide in america. >> they didn't lose too many viewers. >> there is no fear of that. we are storming ahead. >> you are more entertaining now. >> they know it is carefully done, psychologically and substantively. everything is serving to polarize the country.
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>> they do not believe that the fox news or media or any other entity is polarizing america. it is the obama administration driving that. the president was elected to change america. that's what he said he would do. i mean he largely kept the promise. the country is now much different than it was in 2008. the problem is the country is weaker. and the economy is still problematic. wages for working americans have gone down on president obama's watch. >> it is not the media, but it is politics. there are millions of americans who still like president obama, but the job approval rating is falling fast. 43% the lathest poll. fox news is set up to report that kind of information and analyze why it is happening and we do. unlike some other networks, fnc encourages the robust debate from all kinds of people. as you may know there is an intense debate over how
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republicans are handling obamacare. some fnc commentators side with senator ted cruz who wants to blow it up. others say allowing obamacare to fail is the best course of action if you want to roll back the entire nanny state. that debate is healthy, and it is going on right here. a bit later on we will talk with eric bolling. some tried to move the economy dramatically left. some are not working and it is causing the polarization. fox news is reporting that. they are not creating it. from the top story, reaction joining us from new orleans. >> you have my two favorite bills. do i think that fox contributed to the
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polarization of america? did i do it every day, every hour, every minute, no? he is a good friend of mine and a good friend of yours and he has polarized and caused problems for the republican party. this is hardly new stuff, but glen beck has come to fox and said obama deeply recents. recents the white people. they call people communist and socialist. some of it, some have a wide strike zone on this stuff. to be honest you have to be a discourse in the u.s. i think people are able to absolve this and sort it out to some extent. vow saying your boss is wrong? >> i didn't say that. >> you should. >> we here are dominating the cable news industry and everybody knows that. the reason you are on this program debating with me. 24r* are all kinds of voices that we put forth here. whereas msnbc is straight down the line and rarely do you
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hear an opposing voice. cnn doesn't know what it wants to be. but maybe it is not, but that's the way the perception is. for president whrin ton, the -- for president clinton to take the heat away from the real polarizers which is the administration. and they put it on us, that's it. >> i think most people -- uh -- a lot of people out there say fox is a right leaning network. >> there are people who will say that, but they don't watch. they can't -- if i go down the roster of people it just doesn't add up. >> a lot of people do. i contributed to polarization. it is politics. you have to have -- sometimes people do a little of this and a little of that. i don't think fox hasejhkp a far point to defend itself. the country in some of the
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polarization, obama won the election by almost four points. it wasn't even that. >> right now in the country, the president won two elections. he should be respected for that.the people out it, they want to do something. that is at the crux of the obamacare debate. that's where that is. you can't say to me it is causing the polarizations. i could be twrong -- i could be wrong and it could be an unbelieve disaster for the country. that's how you are seeing people lineup. first of all obamacare has come out of the heritage foundation. >> it doesn't matter. he wants it. >> it was a republican idea and it was put in by mitt romney in massachusetts.
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we have had the best four years keeping costs down and we have had the best four years with the gdp. we have the lowest teen pregnancy rate we have ever had in the country. the crime rate is doy.ív there are good things happening out there. >> for every one of those things i can tell you something that isn't good and in a much more important is area. you the median income for working americans, down. more americans in the history of the country are not looking for work. wait, wait, wait. full time jobs are falling. all of the big key factors. teen pregnancy is down. where is that on a scale of -- >> what about the deficit being down. [inaudible]. >> they are at record levels! >> it started in december of 2007. [inaudible]. >> are you really going to go
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back to that after five years? after five years you will do that? >> of course. look at the research. it says how long it takes to come back from -- >> if we had a strong market driven economy we were to be in top shape, not a federal run in the economy. and look, this is why we are polarized because you see the president's policies as being good and you believe that. and i see them as being harmful to working americans. >> i think this affordable health care act will go down with one of the best pieces of legislation. >> the unions don't want it. they don't agree with you. >> they don't want one portion of it. >> they don't want the imposition. >> i will look at the health care costs and i am more optimistic. >> it is your job to be optimistic because you are a democrat. >> you wouldn't be optimistic if it were a republican. this time next year we will know about obamacare.
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the point of the matter is you believe the media has a little more to do with polarization. it is all about the policies. that's what i think is going on. thank you for the debate. another national journalist is going to work for oat bough ma administration -- for the obama administration. and laura ingram has an important message for putin and he will not like it. that's ahead. can save you a lot of money.
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-- of "time" magazine went to work for the obama administration. since 2009 at least would 5 journalists have been taken by democrats and put into the administration. including jay carney. this proves the national media is a left leaning entity.
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dana paw -- dana perino goes both ways. he went to be your predecessor who is a spokesman for w. were you a journalist in the beginning. but -- >> i had never seen bias like that. i grew up in colorado and i thought everyone thought like i did. >> so you saw bias even in the local news in springfield, inin. in illinois, in the legislature? >> you went into politics and then rose to the ranks to get your job in bush administration. do you believe that 25 -- that's a lot. it show thatz national media -- if that shows the national media ? >> yes, it allows us to stop the charade that everyone is
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fair and unbalanced. he was probably the best press secretary of the podium that the country had ever seen. he was already a speech writer for president bush. before he took the job he called me and he said, nowy, look i got this opportunity and he was doing the radio. he was my -- on the radio factor he was my sub. and he was doing a column and he was doing a bunch of things. i said take the job. it will be fun and interesting and you will learn a lot. it won't show anything other than you being a republican. now the editor of "time" magazine was supposed to be nonpartisan, right? nonpartisan guy. we knew he wasn't. this isn't a slam at him.
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he is a liberal. i have had enough time because this is going down the drain. he was supposed to be a hard news guy. >> so was jay carney. when i was in the white house press office he was the dc bureau chief for "time" magazine. i remember in 2004 when "time" magazine did a cover called cowboy diplomacy. i know you are talking about how we handled some of the coverage, but in a way are you so under siege. it is the mainstream media and you have no other choice but to be gracious and provide interviews where you can. before he came the press secretary i remember thinking okay, good, now we can all stop pretending. i think that is healthy. they can look at me and say
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how ironic is this? she was the former white house press secretary. i never pretended to be an unbiased person. >> we hire analysts. you are not going out and covering al-qaeda attacks. he said how the audience relates. he is a committed democrat. >> or people who have >> but the -- i have always said this on his program that the national media skews left about 7 or 8 to 1. for every conservative working at the national level there are eight or seven liberals. >> and the pupils -- every year the pupil says that is true. i also think your point about the magazines and the newspapers going down the drain. if you are concerned about job security and you think there might be a good match for you to work for an administration that you agree with, i think
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these journalists are making probably good personal decisions and then that gives them experience. >> or they get a big university job. >> and the administration needs fresh energy and people who are able to go the distance. >> after i retire from here i am sure i am going to get some community college offers. >> and you will probably work for a dollar. >> believe me, myal ma matter -- my alma-mater ain't going to offer me a job. >> thanks, we appreciate it. the teacher who broke a girl out of jail after serving just 30 days because a looney judge won't impose justice. janeen peer row with an update. >> and we will get to the bottom of that. and we are coming right back.
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>> it is one of the worst atrocities of justice we have ever seen. the 54-year-old former teacher convicted of statutory rape in montana. he abused a 14-year-old girl named sharice morales who committed suicide after the case went public. the judge sentenced rambold to 30 days in jail saying the 14-year-old was partially at fault. that was caused national outrage. here now is judge janeen shapiro. what will the state do or are they still confused? >> the judge is not very bright because what he tried to do after the public outcry was to say i hillary sentence the goi to -- i will resentence the guy to the minimum of two years. the law in montana is very clear. you can't just call a case back and reschedule a sentencing when you screwed up in the first place.
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the attorney general of montana and the county attorney known as the d.a. are appealing to the montana supreme court for a -- for another hearing. he can be sentenced to the legal sentence. >> and that will take some time. >> it takes six to 18 months. >> meantime the guy walks out today and he is running around. he is a free man. >> he is so free. right now this guy is a sex offender and he will register as a sex offender. they will get him some nonsense conditions. remember, he never finished his sexual treatment program when the d.a. before he was sentenced by this judge and he said now we want a lot of years. he wouldn't finish the program. >> even though he was ordered to go into the program he wouldn't do it and they sentenced him to 30 days anyway. and he had some priors, right? >> in 2004 the schools had given him warning. they said you can't touch girls on the waste or the thighs or we will consider taking away the certificate. and then in 2008 he comes back. >> what do you mean he ms
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could back? >> more complaints. >> this guy has a sheet of -- he wasn't convicted of a crime. he doesn't do what the court told him to go to a sex offender clinic or counseling. and he still gets 30 days by the judge. the judge is the guy who should be -- now this guy is running around. the sex offender is running around and they don't have any restrictions on where they can go. they can come here, right? >> he can go anywhere he wants. it depends on the treatment program. the judge didn't impose dricial guide -- additional guidelines. >> he can do what he wants. >> then they have to see if there will be hearing. >> or in 2014 there will be another election. >> he says he is going to run, bill. >> all right, well we will follow that every day. >> another terrible story in florida.
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a 13-year-old girl named hope whistle. sexting, 13 and sexting. she sends her picture to her alleged boyfriend, another knit wit, and puts the picture out in the public and this girl commits suicide, right? before we get to your analysis here is the girl's mother. >> she was ridiculed. she was called names. she was spa shoved into lockers. >> so she is dead. the won -- the one in money none none -- in montana committed suicide as well. 13 years old and still a child and sends a topless picture to a boy she likes. the boy betrays her and puts it on the internet and her life is ruined. >> first of all we have a first amendment problem. and then the issue of -- she sent him the picture, but here is the bottom line. it is an invasion of privacy.
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i truly believe in spite of the first amendment there can be laws that #r* tailored -- are tailored to protect young girls in a situation like this. that is the possession of child pornography, bill. >> we will send them to juvenile court. sue his parents. make them responsible. >> i agree that something has to be done here. i think it has to be a national summit. with these machines now this is all over the place. it is not just children. it is adults and it is everybody. they are all going crazy. they have lost their minds. they are putting themselves in jeopardy. now kids are committing suicide. if i were the parents i would have got out of the state of florida and they would have been gone, but everybody doesn't have the resource. >> they don't have t3k" kind of resource, but what these parents just found out was that the daughter at school, the young girl who killed
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herself had signed a statement she would not try to commit suicide. the school counselor never notified her parents and now the parents are suing the school as well as they should. >> i am knot -- i am not going to come down -- >> i will. >> i want the states to start to take this seriously. that's what i want. this is out of control with these children and the machines. >> what should happen? >> i am not sure yet. i don't want to make the jump right away. we should look at it and come up with some laws that make sense. children have to be protected from themselves. from themselves. >> at odds over obamacare and then americans are buying grand theft auto and the violence is taking to the streets.
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fox news analyst laura ingram has adopted three children. one from central america and two boys from russia. now president putin has signed a law that bans americans from adopting russian children. that is cause august lot of angst. >> i think it was really bad that russia banned adoptions. >> russia slams the door. >> so many americans hoping to adopt. >> and now wonder figure they will ever get to see that
1:32 am
child again. >> kids like me get really nice families. >> please let the children come over here. >> there is an organization called adopt a new attitude. i think this is another human rights violation by putin. those children are a lot better off than an orphanage. if you are an iranian you can adopt a russian, but this is just aimed atv>0w americans. >> the reason i started this initiative is these kids really don't have a voice. there are about 100,000 plus children that have been abandoned in russia. every year the number went up and down and last year where americans could adopt in twenty 12 a thousand americans -- in 2012 a thousand americans adopted. a lot were special years. in years previous 60,000 children in russia are now living in america.
1:33 am
overwelming living incredible lives and incredible successful and great kids. putin came along and agreed with the legislature that we should ban all options. part of the bill was he found his own popularity wayneing. it was at a 12-year low for him in russia. this is a way to puff out his chest. >> why the usa? we are the most affluent country and we have the best services for special needs children in the world. why would you ban americans from adopting, but you let somebody else from a country that doesn't have what we have come on and adopt. i don't understand that. was that articulated by putin? >> a lot of people think it is tit for tat. they blacklisted the russian officials who we believe]ca who were involved in the torture of this whistle-blower in russia.
1:34 am
russia then retaliates by using children with pawns. it is the cruelest thing ever. they also point to some sensational liesed cases where individuals and children who were adopted ended up dying in the united states. these are a handful of cases, tragic as they arehy0-x. over 60,000 children it is not enough to stop adoption. it is so important for these children and also for the americans who want to give them loving homes. >> why are there so many children orphanages in russia? >> there is a big problem there. you heard of alcoholism and drug abuse. there is an enormous problem with poverty in russia. there is a huge degree of wealth especially in places like moscow and st. petersburg. really rich, but severely poor as well. the idea of big families in russia, you don't see a lot of big families. they have zero population
1:35 am
growth, fewer than two children per family usually which is a time bomb. putin wants to play on that point. they have a national unity day where couples are supposed to work to have children basically for the mother land again. that is neither here nor there, and the reason i did this video for these orphans and speaking to putin they are wonderful children and they are special needs and some -- some are special needs and some aren't. we are happy to have the forever families who love them. even putin has to understand. >> you should try to talk to him. you speak rush shin. >> i do. >> you should try to put that together. >> i am working on that. i first have to get a meeting with the secretary of state in our country to try and work on it. >> we can get you to the meeting. >> we've got -- the state
1:36 am
department is trying, bill, to make some headway with this issue. i know a lot of people watching are thinking why do we care about russia? there are all of these kids in the united states. my work and -- is across the board. i started the initiative with russia, but we will move to domestic adoptions. >> good for you. >> places in africa are having problems. this will be a broader initiative than just this. but it is a really important issue to me personally and to these children. >> laura, we are happy we could feature you tonight. when we come back, obamacare and eric will be here. and grand theft auto, the video game, is causing real problems on the streets of america. those reports after these those reports after these messages. i'm tony siragusa and i'm training guys who leak a little, to guard their manhood with new depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at
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us. i'm bill o'reilly. tonight, robust debate over obamacare. on one side are the ted cruz legions who believe the republicans have to do everything they can to block the new law. on the other side republicans who say let the law kick in because it will destroy the democratic party and lead to a gop resurgeons. that position is articulated today in a wall street journal piece. here at fox news, there is also a division. earlier this week bernie goldberg chastised bolling for
1:41 am
being a pro guy. then he replied, "on the five." >> they trash us for being too conservative like they are putting a scarlet c on our lapels and our work boots and cevlar vests. but take note, there is a new breed of conservatives and we are the voice of the future jie. and here is the voice of the future. first of all are you mad at goldburg? >> no, i am not mad. i met bernie a couple times and have done speeches speeches with bernie. nice enough guy. i read some of his stuff. it is interesting, but not sure why he took the shot. >> he didn't go after you personally. >> no, i think he did. >> he basically said, look, if i want to hear the pro cruz line i will go to eric bolling because he articulates that. yeah he was a little ?ipy --
1:42 am
snippy. is that a word? maybe he was a little condescending, but i didn't see he attacked you saying you are a more ron or a pin head or anything. >> there was a line or two. i'm a busy guy. if he wants cruz talking points he can watch ted cruz. if he wants rand paul, he can watch rand paul. if he wants the squishy guys he can listen to mccain. >> squishy? let's get with that. i understand both sides of the debate. if you were watching the show i have been very fair here. i think cruise -- in the beginning i thought what is he doing? he wants to be the leader of what you call the new conservative charge and this is the way to do it. constitutionally it has a perfect right to do it. he is representing texas. they don't like it. i don't have a beef with
1:43 am
that. tactically cruz may be wrong and he will have to see that point. >> let me throw something out here. was this going to change obamacare implementation? i tell you not. this is something you will agree with me on, bill. he went 21 hours. he went through the morning news cycle. he went through all of the morning shows so the mainstream media, the liberal leaning media would have to pick it up saying there is a republican senator on the floor right now talking about how bad obamacare is. who is this guy, cruz. he was very smart. did it help ted cruz? probably. it forced the mainstream media msnbc and cnn and it forced them to aired it cruz complaining about obamacare. >> i agree with you on that. joy it doesn't matter what the meed -- >> it doesn't matter what the
1:44 am
media said. the strategy laid out -- did you read the column? it is a good column. if this obamacare thing blows up where people can't get health care and they are doctors from 55 miles away, it is chaos and they can't get it processed and they can't get treated, they are going to turn on the democratic party with a vengeance. all they have to do is sit back and allow this tsunami of chaos to overwhelm president obama and his party. i am saying there saw lot of logic in that and it is not squishy. >> what ted cruz did, it was brilliant. he knew he wasn't going to change the fate of obamacare. he knew if you have a democrat senate, no matter what happens in the senate president obama will not sign legislation that up ends his own signature law. give me one more second. he knew he had $21 to stand there and sell the american people how bad it is. and then in 2014 when all of the democrats are running
1:45 am
against republicans they will wear obamacare and i suggest they call it demo care. moving from obamacare, let them run against it. >> cruz didn't do anything wrong and he was smart. we both agree. where i disagree with you is i don't think that the talk radio people and other people should be attacking the so-called squishy center of the republican party. they may be right tactically about this. they may be right. i don't like the personal animous here. you are not rhino o'reilly. dear, rhino o'reilly, i got a letter. rhino? i am telling you the truth. the truth is that the election needs to go republican in 2014 if there is any hope of getting rid of obamacare. that's the truth. there may be a number of ways to get there. fair? reasonable? >> more than fair.
1:46 am
we will p oi nt out that senator john mccain was the first that called senator rand paul and ted cruz and the like. remember that? >> we don't do that. so i am going to get them together. we will have a little meal. >> this grand theft auto video game is causing violence on the streets of america. wait until you hear this.
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a violent video game called grand theft auto selling the millions of copies all over the world. an auburn university student
1:50 am
went on a real life crime spree inspired by the video game. burr jess was arrested for allegedly stealing a truck, kidnapping a woman and smashing that nine cars. >> one of his statements was that he wanted to see what stat wanted to see what it was to be a grand theft auto individual, what it felt like, i guess, to take a car and strike vehicles at a high rate of speed. >> joining us from los angeles, big internet guy, adam carolla. does the story, first of all, surprise you that this nut in louisiana would do this? >> no. i mean, there is a lot of stupid people. i'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. you know, i don't think video games make people do stupid things, but sometimes they make stupid people do stupid things and this guy is stupid and the people who play grand theft auto are mostly stupid. >> why do you say that? i don't know anything about the dopey game. i know there is a torture scene in the new one that's
1:51 am
disturbing, but i don't do this stuff. why would you say the game is pernicious. >> i just feel like first off, it is a simulator. again, look, people watch pornography on the internet. why? because they are in a room filled with naked women willing to have sex with them or because they can't do it and they wish they could do it? it's a substitute for something they fantasize about doing. you know, i don't know why he would want to simulate this, if there was a video game where you got hit in the head with a snow shovel, do you want to know what that really feels like? >> i can't answer for the young man. i hope he turns his life around. you are deeply involved with your podcast business and the whole internet, cyberspace world. do you see it as a good or a bad thing b in totality? >> well, you know, the internet
1:52 am
is like bullets and guns in the hands of cops, they're great. in the hands of shiite muslims taking over malls, they are bad. i don't know that it is inherently good or inherently bad. it just is, like any technology that's ever come before it. >> is it more powerful than other things that have come before? see, my the theory is younger children -- and we talked about the terrible suicide of the 13-year-old florida girl. they have now control of the machines. they have the machines, even if the parents try to stop them, they will get it at the play ground, another kid's house. they have tremendous power given to very immature minds which has never happened in the civilization of mankind. the children have so much power because of the sieper space stuff. that's what's going on here. never mind crazy adults who were empowered but the children. a lot of them will make serious
1:53 am
mistakes with the power. >> obviously we cannot unring this bell. we can't get this horse back in the proverbial barn. it will be about the parents and the parental system and an intact family. that's the only thing that will save the children. i have children as well. they are on the computer. they play video games. but they are not going to move to florida and go on a killing rampage on their 18-year-old birthday because they have an intact family and a nanny i pay well to teach them right from wrong. >> i'm sure you contribute, too, carolla. you know my point. there is a lot of danger associated with the new technology. i don't know if we are addressing it in this country. carolla, always interesting. my column this week deals with hate speech on the net. factor tip of the day. when things are going badly, how to win. the tip is two minutes away.
1:54 am
back for your tip of the day in a moment. first a few footnotes. on its first day of re-elise tuesday "killing jesus" sold more than 100,000 copies nationwide. amazing. thank you all. this sunday it will be featured on "60 minutes" with me getting. now the mail.
1:55 am
from massachusetts, bill, don't listen to krauthammer and hume. they are fossils tied to past failures. i disagree. i think they are two of the smartest guys around. texas, ted cruz is my he ro. his effort to block obamacare isn't wasted time. those fighting at the alamo knew they would lose, too. they thought they might be rescued by sam houston, just for the record. fair banks, alaska. i believe you admire the effort s of the founding fathers. why do you see ted cruz differently? who says i do? i think the senator is sincere. oregon, anybody who believes women would make more compassionate leaders has never been to a ladies softball game. judy from caramel, new york. ted turner's kmnts that only women should be allowed to run for office were clearly tongue in cheek like what you said
1:56 am
about robert reish, bill. i almost labusted a kidney laughing at miller talking about the brazilian billionaire who buried his bentley. miller is not funny. interesting how you bring out the worst in people, o'reilly. it's a special talent. i know. joshua allen, prattville, alabama. i graduated from the university of mobile with a re degree. it was re freshing to read your book. but it grieves me to see some so-called christians damn you for the book. they haven't read it. they are overly emotional about jesus. they shouldn't read the book. i'm getting it from both sides -- the anti-christian people as well. their coordinated take is there is nothing new in killing jesus. nothing new. that's a huge lie. the folks will decide how the book does.
1:57 am
if you can't sleep, eat a banana. works every time. it's all about calcium in the system. the banana is interesting. one of the greatest sports comebacks in the history of the world. the america's cup team defeated new zealand after falling behind 8-1. the oracle-sponsored crew won eight straight matches and the oldest trophy in international sports remains in the usa. congratulations. here is the tip of the day. never give up. i know it sounds trite. i know you have heard it before. i can testify personally to this. there was a time in my tv career when things were going very badly and i could have gotten out and taken a huge paying job in another industry. i will slug it uh out though it
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looked dark. here i am bringing out the worst in people. don't give up. no matter how bad things get, if you want to win. that's it for us tonight. check out the fax news factor website different from name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be supercilious when writing to the factor. they corrected my spelling. i had two "l"'s in there and only one in supercilious. glad you found that. i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you.
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>> good morning. it's september 27th. a plane forced to make an emergency landing when one of the pilots almost dies mid flight. what happened 30,000 feet in the air coming up next. >> a night at the ballpark ends in murder. how a ball game between one of baseball's greatest rivalries turns bloody again. >> a man's celebration from medical student to doctor almost turns to tragedy when he stumbles on the train tracks. what happens next is truly unbelievable. "fox & friends first" starts right now.


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