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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 27, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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bill: cory buried the lead. from mars. martha: i thought you knew you had martian qualities. i thought it was an ohio thing but apparently you could be from mars. have a good weekend. bye everybody. jenna: right now breaking news on today's top stories and own brand new stories you only see here. jon: charged with hacking a soldier on a london street, they are in court today, along with the victim's widow. we'll bring you her reaction. plus, how safe is your web camp? miss teen usa computer camp hacked by a guy who used it to take photos of her in the nude. she threatened to post them on line if she didn't meet his demands. what other cameras he had under control. how a guy tumbled on to boston subway tracks and how it
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all ended. this is all "happening now." jon: well, good friday morning to you. the clock is ticking toward a possible government shutdown. i'm jon scott. jenna: have we been here before? jon: it feels like it. jenna: it feels so familiar. i am sure mike emanuel will explain how different it is this time around. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. the senate is set to vote a measure on how to fund the government. it is approved it will restore the government funding for obamacare health plan stripped earlier this week. the deadline to avoid a government shutdown is next tuesday, october 1st. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with more on all of this. so, mike, for democrats what is this about today? >> reporter: essentially they're trying to predict the house's next move, jenna. they are trying to figure out exactly what they will do because all indications are that the senate will pass a bill
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today. we expect senate majority leader harry reid will try to put obamacare money back into it. there are some thoughts house may try to, if they can't defund the health care law, they might try to delay it a year. here is a senate democrat expressing some concern. >> i just hope the house of representatives will be responsible and forget about kids games like picking up your marbles and going home or throwing a temper tantrum or shutting down the government because you can't get your way. jon: democrats here on capitol hill clearly do not like republicans working to defund or delay the president's health care law. and they are promising to fight it every step of the way, jenna. jenna: there is some friction on the republican side which is probably a little bit of an understatement, mike. what is the latest on that? >> reporter: that's right. many republicans want thed senate to vote as quickly as possible, sometime yesterday so
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they had maximum time to work on a response. senators mike lee and ted cruz want objected and wanted vote today. here is key republican and her take. >> issue today do we shut down the government to do so? i think that gives more leverage to the democrats because then it becomes about shutting down the government instead of the real issue which is a law the american people are overwhelmingly against. >> reporter: so that sets the stage for today's votes in the united states senate. we will see how some 2014 democrats who are from conservative states decide to vote on putting money for obamacare back into the bill. all eyes will be on the senate. next it will be back to the house. jenna? jenna: it's a big story for us today, mike. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. jon: well for more on this, let's bring in byron york. chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner" and also a fox news contributor. if we're going to keep the government open here, byron, somebody has to blink.
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is anybody going to do that? >> well, nobody has blinked yet. i think the senate is going to finish tonight. they're going to send over to the house a continuing resolution that whole obamacare stuff will be stripped out of it. it will be so-called clean continuing resolution. the house could pass it and send it back but i'm told that is off the table. the house republicans will add something to it and send it back to the senate. some of the things they talked about are something that would delay individual mandate, say, for a year. we've had one democrat in the senate say he would be open to that. there is a medical device tax in obamacare that is very unpopular with democrats. in the senate they held a symbolic vote on it march of this year. it was 79-20 to repeal it f we attach that the democrats woo have to agree to that. of the this other thing the vitter amendment is getting a lot of support among republicans which would make congress live by the same obamacare rules as everybody else out in the country. the problem is, if you listen to
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harry reid yesterday, he said we want a clean continuing resolution. no additions, no nothing. that is all we'll accept. jon: the president has said, you know, that he is not going to negotiate over the debt ceiling. it does seem like, you know, republicans are in line to get some of the blame if the government shuts down but, the democrats are taking some pretty firm positions on all of this negotiating. >> they're absolutely firm. the president has said no negotiations. now, remember this debt ceiling is a different thing. it comes up and we've heard from the treasury secretary that is going to be history on the 17th of october. this continuing resolution crisis as you reported, is much shorter term. it is coming up monday night, tuesday morning. so they will have to figure something out about that and i hear that the house is going to add something to it. harry reid said that is dead on arrival. that's where we could reach this impasse that lasts past monday and perhaps into a government
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shutdown. jon: well speaker boehner supposedly has been telling his caucus that they have a better chance of getting negotiations going over the debt ceiling. let's get through this current crisis. fund the government at least short term and then really do battle over the debt ceiling but some people in his own caucus don't like that idea. >> they're really skeptical about that. they're skeptical about boehner's leadthis is minority e republican caucus. we're not talking about a huge group here but could be as many as 40 plus republicans who can really affect things inside their caucus. they don't agree with boehner. some of those steps i talked about, about ending the medical device tax, they think that is just baby steps. they don't want to be art pa of it. they want to attach another amendment to defund obamacare and just, you know, go head-to-head have a conflict and standoff with the senate. so boehner at this moment is not in control of the house republican caucus. jon: but if politics is the art of the possible, i mean why not shoot for something like
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delaying the individual mandate? we've already seen unilaterally delay the employer mandate. >> you speak sense. what can i say? this is the argument they're having inside the house republican caucus right now. look, there are achievable goals that nick away at obamacare that we should be pursuing. others say, no, no. obamacare is disaster this is our last chance to stop it and we have to do everything we can. it is kind of, argument between the art of the possible and more purist position and right now republicans can't quite seem to settle on one or the other. jon: all right. a fractured party or so it would seem at least on capitol hill. byron york, from the "washington examiner." >> thank you, jon. jenna: more on news out of washington, d.c. in just a moment. meantime we turn to new information we have on the massacre in kenya. investigators recovering a vehicle they believe that terrorists used in the attack on that nairobi shopping mall.
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in the meantime interpol is looking for mysterious british fugitive known as the "white widow" as we get new images of horrific karnage in kenya. conor powell live in jerusalem bureau with more. conor? >> reporter: authorities are making good progressivitying through the debris and weakage at the shopping mall but it will be days before they can determine identities of attackers. they released three people originally arrested in connection to the attack. eight people are in custody and searching for more including a british woman, samantha leuthwaite, the so-called "white widow." interpol issued a essentially a passport around the world there is no evidence linking here to the attack. technically she isn't wanted in connection with the nairobi mass current authorities think she might have some connection to it though. we're also getting a better look
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inside the karnage at the westgate mall. the destruction is substantial. initially we thought attackers caused most of damage but a senior kenyan official told the associated press today that kenyan soldiers caused the massive collapse there. it is huge. it is three stories that collapsed on itself. fox can't confirm that report but there are a lot of questions, jenna but the sort of professionalism and effectiveness and effective, sort of response that the kenyans put out there. so there are a lot of questions how professional and what type of skills they actually had and what type of heavy-handed response they had in that shopping mall that may have caused some of the deaths there. that is one of the things they're trying to determine, did some of the people die in there die as a result of gunfire and the attackers or, jenna, did they die as a result of the massive collapse inside the building? a lost unanswered questions. jenna: so many today, con -- conor, thank you.
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jon: just in, two men pleading not guilty to the brutal murders of an off-duty soldier, murder, i should say of a soldier on a british street in an apparent terrorist attack. the soldier's widow breaks down in tears during today's court hearing. senior foreign correspondent greg palkot is live in london. >> reporter: jon, it is the first time the two entered pleas in terrible killing of british soldier done back here in may and done at a distance. they were appearing via video link from the high security prison in east london at old bailey courthouse. they med not guilty to charges of attempted killing police officers in the scene and as well as denying responsibility for the killing of private lee rig bi. members of rig by's family were in court including estranged wife. she is the mother of her two-year-old son jack. those not guilty pleas were made
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despite gruesome amateur video which we saw one of the alleged killers standing nearby the slain rigby with a bloody cleaver knife in his hand reportedly claiming he had killed the soldier in response to british military involvement in countries like afghanistan. and, jon, just to show you all the possible terror interconnections out there, a recent tweet reportedly coming from the al-shabaab terror group said to be responsible for that nairobi mall attack proclaimed that that attack was, our woolich. that is reference to the now infamous killing of the soldier rigby. one of the suspected killers of rigby was detained in 2010 by authorities in kenya apparently trying to join up with the al-shabaab group. the trial starts in november. it will be much awaited. a lot of attention being paid here to this terror attack. back to you. jon: so those two horrific
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crimes could be linked. greg palkot, thanks. jenna: back here at home detroit is billions of dollars in debt and in the midst of the largest municipal bankruptcy in this nation's history. help is apparently on the way from, the white house. are we seeing the start of a bailout of detroit? how your money is being used. some new headlines today. also some new questions over safety in the skies after two very serious stories come to light about what is actually happening in the air. that's next. [ male announcer ] progresso's so passionate about its new tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste.
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jon: now, new info about some other headlines we're watching across the country and around the word. the white house is set to announce a 320,348-dollars aid package for the bankrupt city of detroit -- $320 million aid
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package. detroit as you know is currently in the middle of the largest municipal bankruptcy in u.s. history. no word on whether that money will go to creditors who are owed money by the city. who gets paid and who doesn't, those are still big questions out there. six people are now facing charges including theft and trespassing after allegedly breaking into a new york home and causing thousands of dollars in damage with a wild party. the home belongs to a former nfl player, brian holloway. he was florida when the break-in and party broke out. crews searching for survivors of an apartment building collapse in india. at least three people died. as many as 90 more may be trapped. there have been several rescues, including that of a 10-month-old baby. jenna: that is good news for that little child. airline safety is back in the spotlight after two very serious incidents. we're learning two pilots, fell asleep, both of them in the cockpit of a british airlines flight back in august. yesterday a united airlines
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flight in seattle made an emergency landing after the pilot suffered a heart attack. jamie colby joins us with more on the two stories. >> reporter: good to see you. jon, you're a pilot. you know how things can change in a split second up in the air. we learn that the pilot reportedly suffered heart attack that was headed to houston from seattle has died. the pilot, paramedics on board, there were also military personnel on board that attended to him. he was taken to the hospital but he did not make it. and the passengers on the boeing 737 had to wait several hours until another pilot could be flown in from san francisco to complete their trip. and this other story, that you brought up, i'll tell you about it in a second. first united airlines expressing their condolences. a spokesperson saying about that pilot. i'm sad to confirm our coworker passed away last night. our thoughts are with his family. they're unable to provide his
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name due to employee privacy concerns but i can confirm he was pilot. the boise hospital refused to give the name of the pilot at this time. then there is this other story. can you imagine last month, two pilots were taking turns napping on a still unidentified british airline. it was airbus a 330 though and think fell asleep at the same time. fortunately they were on autopilot and someone did wake up in time. the british civil aviation authority releasing details now because a freedom of information request was made by british tabloid. they are refusing to name the airline. the authority says they have confidential reporting procedure for mishaps like this one though we hope it doesn't happen again. the pilots union insists they are not surprised with this incident because of current pilot working conditions and resulting fatigue, you would expect them though, jon, to take the pilots side on think, yeah, that is to be expected. it is a little bit boring up
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there when you're -- >> reporter: napping i don't know. jenna: have you ever fallen asleep piloting a plane, jon? jon: no. jenna: case in point. jon: i don't fly across the atlantic for hours. jenna: is there alarm that would go off? >> one would think. >> reporter: there is always coffee. jenna: there you go. seems easier. jon: flight attendants up there with some of that bad coffee. thanks, jamie. miss teen usa photographed while she changed her clothes by someone who hacked into her home computer. he threatened to publish the nude photos online if she didn't send him more. now there has been an arrest. a lot of new developments regarding iran's suspected nuclear program. the major meeting in new york and what it could mean for negotiations.
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jon: a college student accused of hijacking young women's webcams, taking nude pictures of them and blackmailing them to send him more. among his alleged victims, reining miss teen usa, cassidy wolf. harris faulkner live at the breaking newsdesk with that story, harris? >> reporter: jon, police say this 19-year-old guy had the skills to do this. he is a computer science student from northern california. they say he admitted to the crime. jared abrahams said at one point he had 30 to 40 slave computers, that is what they call other people's electronic devices which he controlled. the criminal complaint though says it was many more than that. maybe as many as 150 computers that he had hacked into. one of the women, as you mentioned, he focused on alerted police to abrahams, cassidy wolf. she actually got an email from somebody who gained access to the pictures on her computer.
8:24 am
the extortion came police say when the emailer threatened to go public with the image unless wolf sent along nude photos of herself. at the time she wasn't nationally known yet. she was miss teen california. according to wolf the hacker went pretty far. she got a facebook alert somebody tried to change her password on that site. then noticed other passwords had been changed and her twitter avatar switched to a half half nude picture of herself. police say this guy tried to hide his identity but investigators discovered corresponding emails, ip addresses and other communications that linkedll together with abrahams. cassidy wolf is now miss teen usa after recently winning the national contest. she will use her new fame to highlight cybercrimes. jon: wow, good platform but scary story. harris, thank you. jenna: happening right now, in new york city holding a press conference is the new president
8:25 am
of iran and you see that live on your screen there we'll bring you any headlines that come out of this pros conference. as we understand it fox is not allowed into the press conference to ask questions but that doesn't mean we won't keep you posted about any headlines that come out of it. we'll watch it from the u.n. as we speak. recap of the last 24 hours. it has been an interesting one. high-level meetings between the united states and iran happened. the first meetings of their kind really since 1979. here we are three decades later. secretary of state john kerry meeting with his counterpart at the u.n. secretary kerry saying he is pleased with a new positive tone on the nuclear program but that the united states will not lift sanctions on the country until it shows it is not pursuing nuclear weapons or, becoming nuclear weapon capable. weaponnization really. ken pollock, author of, the unthinkable iran, the bomb and american strategy. he is a guest now. concern, nice to see you.
8:26 am
>> thanks for having me on, jenna. jenna: you have written this book. you also wrote a op-ed in "the new york times" going into this big week at u.n. what is your take what we've seen over the last 24 hours but really over the last week? >> i think what we've seen from the irrans is pretty remarkable. what president rouhani and his for minister done reflect courage on their part. they seem to want to mover ran in a different direction to pursue a opening with the u.s. we heard rouhani at the u.n. was a caution. the speech he gave was very much pitched to his home audience which includes a lot of hard-liners who seem skeptical of everything he is trying to do. he has two audiences he is trying to mediate between. jenna: that is interesting you mention that we'll look at some headlines out of the united states and iran later on in our program and i think viewers will see differences there. in the article you wrote for "the new york times," one of the things you talked about not only in the piece but also in your
8:27 am
books having a proactive strategy when it comes to iran rather than a reactive strategy. how do you think this week sets up to be proactive rather than reactive? >> we mostly have been in reactive mode with the iranians. at some level i think that is understandable. there is lot of skepticism here in the nights understandably what the iranians are actually up to. this is one of the moments where we need to be a lot more proactive. iranians are coming forward. they're changing their tone. i think at very least we want to show iranians and quite frankly the rest of the world, we're not the problem. therefore i think we ought to be takeing a much more proactive tone with the iranians saying we welcome this as secretary kerry did but not the way president obama really did and going forward saying look, this is what we wanted. this is what sanctions were to bring about and now we need to sit down with the iranians and hammer out the deal. jenna: does it matter how the tone changeses from rouhani? what about the ayatollah? what about the revolutionary
8:28 am
guard? >> i would say the tone matters exactly for those reasons. you're absolutely right, jenna, rouhani is only the president of iran. that is not unimportant. that means he is not the most important decision maker in iran. the most important decisionmaker are ayatollah komen ney. as you point behind him are a lot of people very skeptical of this. this is hard for rouhani to do what he did. he is takeing a lot of criticism at home. i think that suggests rouhani is invested in this and wants to move forward. can he convince khomeni and revolutionary guards to go along this? i think the guard in particular will try to kill this any way they can. jenna: time will tell. that is the question, how much time do we have before they have nuclear capabilities maybe before they can make just not one weapon but several. i want to ask you about one piece in your writing and this is in "the new york times." bugaboo raised by some if iran
8:29 am
acquired nuclear weapons and use them unprovoked or give them to terrorists. this extremely unlikely. why do you believe that? >> what we've seen from the iranians over the years, let's not sugar coat things. the iranian regime is murderous, they're anti-american and anti-status quote. they're not crazy. they're not messy unnick. they're not saddam hussein. what they try to go up to a revved line, once they figure it out they typically stop. on a few occasions they cross the red line. what is interesting, when they realize they crossed our red line they pulled back. that makes them very different actor in world than saddam hussein. jenna: that makes them a better manipulator, right? when we see crazy hard to know what defines crazy. for example the plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador or blow up commuter trains or the fact that hezbollah is involved with hezbollah and their murderous actions as well. when you say they're knotgrass e
8:30 am
crazy like president rouhani is not crazy or everybody is not crazy because some of those things might sound crazy to our viewers. >> i'm sure there are crazy iranians. what i'm saying iranian government what we've seen from their behavior is not reckless and not crazy. i'm glad you brought up the plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador which at the time i thought was really striking. the more we dig into it, the iranians probably did know what our red line was. we didn't retaliate for that. i think that says something about president obama and their assessment of president obama. my guess is, president george w. bush, he probably would have retaliated. that may be less about where iran is and more where we are and perhaps them reading us correctly. jenna: i would love to have you back how maybe syria changed some of that conversation and maybe some of the calculations overseas. meantime, ken, we'll leave it there today. appreciate your thoughts and look forward to having you back. thank you. >> you.
8:31 am
same here, yen that. jon: fox news alert. reports say there is explosion in central paris, a serious one. earlier reports suggest that it was a fuel tank in a parking garage that blew up. according to preliminary reports one person is dead. a large police presence seen around the accident. firefighters are also there. we're working to confirm these reports. however we should say it does not appear to be terror-related. more as we get it from paris. also democrats and republicans in a heated battle over the debt ceiling but president obama could step into the fray. a look what could happen if he decides he will raise the debt ceiling on his own without the go ahead from congress. our legal panel weighs in on that prospect. and it could have been a massacre at this mcdonald's. how a hero helped prevent a tragedy. what do you think? [ mom ] yea, give it more sparkles.
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jon: so as capitol hill tries to deal with the spending bill to keep the government running past monday there's another serious budget battle over raising the debt ceiling. that is a couple of weeks away. republicans are pushing for a list of demands in return for an agreement to raise the limit
8:36 am
that with allow the federal government to pay its debts but there is one other option out there. some democrats are saying president obama could simply sidestep congress, raise the debt limit on his own by executive order. while it is possible the move would likely spark a lengthy battle in the courts and it would enrage congress, or at least half of the congress. fred tecce a former federal prosecutor. arthur idol la, criminal defense attorney, fox news legal analyst. let's get into this, gentlemen. you're both students of the constitution. arthur, if the president were to do this, simply say by executive order i will raise the united states debt ceiling what would happen? >> nancy pelosi is claiming that he has the power to do so under the 14th amendment. that is definitely up for debate. that is putting it mildly. think about this. >> very mildly. jon: what do you think about the debate? >> what i think would happen is, this is the interesting part, this is the little twist. very quickly work its way up to
8:37 am
the united states supreme court. they would be in the middle of another national mess they don't really want to be in the middle of. the funny part here though, jon, the people who are known to be on the right of the court, actually their judicial philosophy support as strong executive branch. speaking generally. generally they support the president having a little bit more power than his than is articulate the in the constitution. jon: you think the court might go along with that? >> i don't know what the court will go. these are very detail oriented arguments. all i'm saying the traditional people appointed by republicans, scalia, alito, roberts, thomas, they're, they lean towards, in their decision giving the president a little more power than congress. so it would be interesting to see what the outcome would be and where everybody would fall in their respective sides. jon: imagine that, if he is right, fred. four conservative justices saying, president obama, you can have the power to do what you
8:38 am
think is necessary. >> exactly. they may like to give him a little more power but they don't want to give him is absolute power. i don't see that happening under any circumstances. you may say the comment from nancy pelosi such for debate. some days i wonder how the woman gets through the day. i completely disagree with here is the bottom line, jon, our government spends too much money. my friends in the government tell me by 2017, that 90% of the money collected by the government will go to entitlement programs and paying off debt service. 10% of the government, including the military has to be run with what is left. these are serious, serious, problems. raising the debt ceiling, having a debt ceiling is not the right thing to do. i think this is a mistake. what the debt ceiling basically says the government can't pay debts it already incurred. so that, all that does is ultimately undermine the full faith and credit of the government. in a recent poll of national economists, 84% of them thought this was the wrong way to go because it does not do which it
8:39 am
was intended to do which is cut down spending. this year our government will collect more money than ever is out of control. jon: arthur, we're talking economics rather than the law. the last time we had a fight over debt ceiling we got the sequester. some say that has actually done a fret good job reining in government spending. >> i will tell you this, let's take about the economics hat and law hat. i hate to do this but politically speaking i don't see the president raising the debt ceiling. he wants to put the problem squarely in congress's court. let them be the one who are dysfunctional. now i 100% disagree with his approach. i'm not going to sit down, i'm not going to negotiate. if you go back to look at founding of this country it is all about interactions especially between those two branches of bought. to say we're not going to talk is ridiculous. if you saw the stat you guys put up a minute ago, in 2011, president obama said no, he would not raise the debt ceiling. so i can't see him doing it now. congress will take the blow and
8:40 am
hit for this. maybe the president's hoping in the midterm elections there will be a change of power because of something like this. >> well -- jon: fred, during the 2007 campaign for the 2008 elections, this president said it was criminal, absolutely criminal that we had a 9 or 10 trillion-dollar debt at that point. now we're up to 17 trillion. he is asking for, you know, more debt. i mean, i don't know. if you were putting him on the witness stand about past statements? >> that's it. >> unfortunately for the american people lawyers like arthur and i don't get to put politicians on the witness stand. jon: ah. >> because the truth would come out. there are two parts. arthur is ride. there is a political side and legal side. everybody knows that the congress has the power of the purse strings the founding fathers in order to rein in the executive branch so that congress could cut off the money for them. it is dangerous precedent for
8:41 am
the president to use executive orders to undo a fiscal issue irrespective whether i think he is right. >> jon, when i say impeach him, in the law, when they're changing their statement on the witness stand it is called impeaching the witness. did i get that right? >> with politicians it is called shooting fish in a barrel. they make so many inconsistent statements to cross-examine them, doesn't take any skill. like hitting somebody with a two-by-four. jon: we'll see what the president decides here but it is an interesting concept. >> if we're allowed to cross-examine them, call us. we'll be there. >> the country is looking foolish frankly over all this. >> i agree with that. >> thanks, guys, have a good weekend. >> enjoy your weekend. jenna: a frightening scene inside of a subway station, and a he frightening scene with a good ending a man falls on the tracks. we'll see what happens.
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sports is supposed to be about building character, right, jon? jon: yes it is. jenna: why a high school coach suspended an entire team, took their jerseys. the principal of the school whose son is on football team. what the team had to do to earn their jerseys back and what it has done to the entire school. that's next. we all have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind,
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jon: a life-or-death situation on the subway tracks in boston. take a look. a guy tumble off the platform wednesday night, landing on the tracks absolutely immobile. that is when a couple quick-thinking hero commuters jump into action and pull him safely. luckily dispatcher was notified. trains in area were stopped. they got the guy back up to safety just fine. jenna: nice to have those people when something like that happens. one life lesson a high
8:46 am
school football team won't forget. the coach benched entire team for what he calls bad behavior. things like skipping class and maybe acting like bullies for example. what he did, took all the jerseys. he made the players do a few hours of community service. the players had to earn their jerseys back before the game tonight. some of them did. some of them didn't. we'll talk to rick nielsen, the principal of union high school in union, utah. the son is on the football team. we heard the son got the jersey back. principal, good to have you here today. >> thank you, jenna. good to be with you. jenna: you heard, from the coach and couple other administrators told you this was his plan what did you think of the principal, what did you think of the father? >> of course as administration we want to support our teachers and do everything we can to fulfill the vision and mission of our school. we thought it was right along the lines of what we're trying to do. we support our coaches. said, you know what? i think the coaches were worried
8:47 am
they would have calls and it would be kind of a negative thing and we, let them know that absolutely we appreciate, have in them in what they're doing and would support them 100%. as a father, the same thing. we're trying to instill these, you know, values in our children and so i just thought, wow, this is great. you heard about village raising your children. it certainly is here. jenna: what did your son think? >> i think they were a little devastated my son and along with the others. they couldn't believe it. football is a big thing. he loves the game. it is his life right now. he is able to, we had a little discussion and, he was able to think about it and, you know, thought, you know what? there is bigger things than the game and these core values that we're talking about is, you know, he understands the importance of it. jenna: the school that you're the principal of is about 900 students. >> yes. jenna: was it known, were the football players standing out that there was a wide a ray of misbehavior? how bad was it to warrant this type of action from the coach?
8:48 am
>> you know, jenna, i don't think there were a lot of things that were any one particular player or anything but for a couple of weeks it started to, you know the students, maybe even among the players noticed because the teachers would communicate with them. cutting classes. not turning in work and not passing some of their exams. some of the little bullying and attitudes, misbehavior in class. just some of those things that just, average go on every day. jenna: a little attitude. i'm sure we can all understand that. what exactly was the community service that they had to perform? >> you know that is what the coach did. he actually instead of practice field, that is why he took the jerseys. we're not football players now. we'll be young men. he took them to a character lesson. from there they cleaned around a couple of the schools and, cleaned up gutters and yards and did things that way. the following day the same thing. didn't to to practice but still required for them to be there as a practice.
8:49 am
they went to a couple of the convalescent centers where they helped do some yard work. they went in and played checkers and visited with some folks that live there. and, you know, did a lot of that for a couple hours as well. jenna: that sound like a good plan. bet they learned a lot. real quick, how is it looking for tonight's game? what do you think is the big takeaway for the entire community, not just for the football team? >> the community has been overwhelming support. parents, again i think coach labrum thought it might be a little negative and he might have some calls as did we. but it has been the opposite. we've had so many calls throughout the state, through our communities and even through the nation. it is just, it's a great thing. we're so appreciative of the support and right here at home we're appreciative of our parents taking, understanding that there is, there is things bigger than the game and that's our life and character that we build within them. proud of our coaches and our teachers and our community for all they're doing to make our
8:50 am
kids better people. jenna: certainly caught our attention. i hear you got a big game tonight. >> big game tonight. it is homecoming. jenna: homecoming too. good thing you got the jerseys back. that would be something they would certainly remember if they missed that much. principal, good luck with the game. whole nation is probably rooting for you now that the coach took such a stand and you did as well. it take as whole team. we hope good luck for the game tonight as well. >> appreciate it, jenna. jenna: what do you think about that, jon, what would you say? jon: i think it's a great lesson. good lesson. i'm all for it. on our long overdue, new library opening today marketing the life and achievements of our nation's first president, george washington. we're live with a tour.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
jon: an amazing collection of books, manuscripts and other documents belonging to our first president george washington now going on public display for the first time, all part of a $104 million george washington library opening next to his historic mount vernon home. carl cameron is live in mount vernon, virginia, with more on the library. carl. >> reporter: very big day for history and. where he is buried and with his mansion they're having grand opening after library of george washington's many, many volumes. this is not like many other presidential libraries around the country. this is research university helping to understand and what the nation's first president really meant and what we can learn from him today. washington astonishing man in addition to being the president who won the revolution and first president and served two terms. he was really the first world
8:55 am
leader ever to be a conquering hero and then choose not to remain an emperor or king or dictator when he left the presidency. over the course of his lifetime he create ad massive volume of literature. before he decide, 214 years ago he said at one point i'm going to need a library for this. it has taken that long and now there is one and there are some real gems in here. most of the private correspondences of mr. washington has been lost to time. martha washington it is said burned a lot of it. there are three letters between george and martha washington from that day surviving and one of them is here. these are types of things that will provide insight well beyond the stuff we learned in grammar school. they also think they're clever about george washington because they realize the story i can not tell a lie and did chop up down the cherry tree was not in fact truthful a hip pock cref al story.
8:56 am
he created idea of crop rotation. all these things can be studied before he to understand the man as president and beyond. way, way overdue and a tremendous amount of things to look forward to seeing here. jon? jon: i was at mount vernon a couple summers ago, even going through the visitors entry hall take as while. fascinating man. obviously an honor well-deserved. carl cameron, thank you. jenna: looks like a great place to visit some time. put that on the calendar. peanut butter and jelly, right, an american tradition, right? there is new research says there is something in peanut butter that may help reduce the risk of very common cancer especially if you eat it a lot when you're young. we'll tell you about that. also the president takeing a shot at fox news. what it was all about next. >> in the country --
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
jon: new developments on our top
9:00 am
stories and breaking news this hour. jenna: we're awaiting a vote in the senate where democrats are expected to approve an emergency bill to avoid a government shutdown. what they are doing now, what happens next, what does it all mean? senator cruz is there talking live. as he tries to build public support for his health care law the president take as jab at fox news. we'll let you listen to what he had to say and why perhaps he is saying that now. sports rivalry turning deadly. this young dodgers fan killed outside of a ballpark. we'll explain his connection to the team. it is all "happening now." jenna: a government shutdown looking increasingly likely as a game of political hot potato continues on capitol hill and we watch the play-by-play anxiously. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: whose lap does the potato end up? that is the key question. welcome to the brand new hour of "happening now", i'm jon scott. time is of the essence now.
9:01 am
congress has until tuesday to come to s agreement. right now we're awaiting a vote in the senate. lawmakers there are expected to pass a clean version of the continuing resolution that would keep the government running. meantime it restores funding for obamacare. a lot of republicans won't like that in the house. they will send the bill back to the house and nobody knows what will happen there. meanwhile senate republicans are still standing firm against it. >> as republicans we all support defunding obamacare but the issue today is do we shut down the government to do so and i think that gives more leverage to the democrats because then it becomes about shutting down the government instead of the real issue which is a law that the american people are overwhelmingly against. jon: the white house, the white house is standing its ground in the battle over what the president considers his signature legislation. here's his press secretary jay carney. >> i think what republicans who
9:02 am
oppose obamacare fear most is that the implementation of the affordable care act and the arrival of additional benefits, the ability for americans to purchase insurance for their families, that they could never afford before, or were blocked from getting entirely, will be something they won't want ever to try to take away because the american people will say no. jon: well the white house says government insurance exchanges for individuals will open on tuesday as planned but we're also learning it is delaying online enrollment for small businesses by a month. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live at the white house and no doubt can explain all of this to us. james. >> reporter: yes. in the next 90 second, jon. good morning or good afternoon i should say. president obama acknowledged that his signature law has hit some stumbling blocks but he also maintain obamacare is already delivering benefits to
9:03 am
the american people. among the delays in implementation however the so-called, employer mandate. this requires companies with at least 50 employees to provide them win insurance options in exchanges run by the federal government or face a fine. well that has been delayed from 2014 to 2015. spanish language portions of the online enrollment process set to go up tuesday will come on line later in october. the start of small businesses participation in the exchanges as jon was just noting is now delayed until november 1st. >> something happens where there is some error made somewhere, that will happen. that happens whenever you roll out a new program. >> reporter: but the delays for small businesses weren't yet announced when the president spoke in maryland yesterday and press secretary jay carney later said they won't mean a shorter enrollment window. >> moreover, as i said before, because of aspects of the affordable care act that have already been in place and providing benefits small businesses have already,
9:04 am
hundreds, more than 100,000, i think 200,000 perhaps small businesses across the country have already taken advantage of 35% tax credit as they provide insurance to their employees. >> reporter: every step in the implementation process has seen delays and setbacks countered kevin cole man of national federation of independent business. we're not surprised by this one. with the latest glitch for small business exchanges the case for delay for individual mandate alongside the employer mandate gross stronger. coleman said, the small businesses should not be required to conform with a law that is not ready for prime time. this seems like a parody. unfortunately it is very serious. despite the sign-up delays, president obama said health care benefits will be provided as scheduled through this program starting on january 1st. this is a massive overhaul of we know of 1/6 of our economy. it remains to be seen, jon, how much will take place when we
9:05 am
were told it would. jon: we'll see. good job in 90 seconds. james rosen. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. jenna: there are new calls for republicans to embrace another strategy on obamacare rather than weighing into the debate about whether or not you're going to keep the government open or not or extend the debt ceiling. "wall street journal" publishing an editorial saying conservatives should step back and let the law collapse on its own. here is part of that piece. quote, if obamacare fails or seriously falters, the entitledment state will suffer a his tore loss of credibility with the american people. it will finally be vulnerable to challenge and fundamental change but no mere congressional vote can achieve that. only the american people can kill obamacare. dan henninger is deputy editorial page editor of "the wall street journal" he joins us now. this article has gotten a lost attention, dan. why do you think this is the case. why do you map out this argument now? >> well i think it's a really a bridge too far for modern
9:06 am
american liberalism. they always believed they could do good with great complicated entitlements, social security, medicare, medicaid, in 1965 and now obamacare and we just got james rosen's reports on the initial problems they're having and jay carney is kind of poo-pooing it. the president says we always have these problems. the difference is, jenna, we live in a different time than the 1960s. if you had a problem with these programs then, people really sort of accepted it. now because of the media age, social media, anything that happens, immediately gets distributed to people and they know instantly what's going on and i think this program looks as though it is simply going to have a lost problems in its implementation phase. jenna: i have a lot of hypothetical threat calls to ask you about, hopefully 45. president is on media sentence about this trying to support the law. he brought up key points i want to talk to you about. let's go ahead ahead to listen to the sound from yesterday. >> part of the reason i need
9:07 am
your help to make this law work because there are some people out there working to make it fail. [applause] why, one of the biggest newspapers in the country recently published an editorial i thought was pretty good. they said, the republicans in congress are poisoning obamacare, then trying to claim it is sick. [laughter] and once it is working really well i guaranty you they will not call it obamacare. [applause] jenna: so the blame game is already beginning there. if it goes bad the president says it is not his fault it is republicans fault. if the scenario play out, let it go through, it will be terrible how do republicans not get blamed? >> i don't think they will get blamed. this is very interesting. a couple points what the president has done. one, why just several days before implementation is barack obama going around so publicly supporting it?
9:08 am
why hasn't he been barnstorming the country for the past three months, going into poor communities and colleges. he has not. jenna: why do you think he has not done that. >> he was aware it would have problems and at point goes to the routine blame game. there is second very important point, jenna, that is the fact this is an insurance program and that means that program need as huge pool of people to sign up. that is the way insurance works. if it a lot of people don't sign up for obamacare, its economics don't work and it is going to fail and i think they have become aware that they're not going to hit their numbers even if the exchanges were working. the target market for these programs, poor people, and young people, say college people, believe it or not, are not fully aware of what exactly obamacare is all about. we all think that everybody does nothing but pay attention to this sort of stuff. that's not true out there. and they're going to have some difficulties signing people up initially.
9:09 am
jenna: quick final question. we just saw a great come back this week with the america's cup. oracle team comes back out of nowhere. that is the other argument are some saying. if you let this thing go through it will be very difficult once people start to get involved in a system that they get health care, imperfect as it is to pull it back. what happens if there is an amazing comeback and if the white house says once it is done it is going to be great? >> president himself has said this will be quote, high quality health care for less than the cost of your cell phone bill. that should be engraved in stone. because we are talking here about people's family health care, right? your medicine. if this medicine delivers health care at the level of say, medicaid, there's going to be heck to pay. people are not going to accept it. that is why i think this is a bridge too far with the entitlement state. if this starts to crumble in the kind of age we live in, people are going to say, i will not accept the quality of health care that this program is providing to me and they're going to start looking for alternatives. that is when the republicans or
9:10 am
even private sector will have to step up. just quickly, the private sector is already setting up private exchanges, parallel to obamacare. walgreens just sent their employees into one. ibm is sending retirees into a private exchange. there will be a real competition i think between obamacare and private marketplace. jenna: be interesting to see how it plays out. as you point out maybe the moment is bigger than the politics we're watching and play-by-play of it all. dan, good to have you on. appreciate it. jon? jon: fox news alert, jeanne r jenna. we're awaiting a key vote at the united nations on syria's chemical weapons. the five permanent members of the security council have agreed on a resolution that will require syria to give up its stockpile. the deal is not foolproof. there is no automatic trigger on military action if syria fails to comply. we're getting word the inspection team tracking down the arsenal will begin work
9:11 am
tomorrow by investigating seven places where alleged chemical attacks took place. eric shawn is keeping an eye on this live from the united nations. eric. >> reporter: some of those chemical weapons attacks may have happened after the big one on august 21st. right you are, critics say there is a huge loophole in the resolution, likely voted on later on today. for 2 1/2 years the security council has not been able to deal with the syrian war as the humanitarian crisis has only increased because russia has supported the assad regime. this new agreement is based on russian american framework to rid the regime of its chemical weapons by the middle of next year. it does not include the threat of force which the u.s. had wanted because russia refused to back that. it calls for unnamed consequences if assad does not hold up his side of the bargain, a second resolution would be voted on. russia would not likely approve that. despite short comings, u.s. ambassador samantha power praised it. >> this resolution will require
9:12 am
the destruction of a category of weapons that the syrian government has used ruthlessly and repeatedly against its own people and this resolution will make clear there that are going to be consequences for non-compliance. >> reporter: meanwhile iranian president hassan rouhani you see here live is having a news conference across the street from the united nations. during the news conference a little while ago he said that there is a different tone in washington. he also said he would have met with president obama here at u.n. this week but there just wasn't enough time. he claims iran does not want a nuclear bomb. he did not indicate if iran will comply with the security council resolution, that it has been defiantly ignoring. he was directly asked if iran will open his nuclear facilities. he did not say yes. he said that is up to the negotiators. >> translator: there will be in a very short period of time there will be a settlement on the nuclear file, on the nuclear issue.
9:13 am
>> reporter: and in 2004 rouhani famously said will iranians were talking to europeans they were quoting a quote, calm environment that enabled them to continue their nuclear program. jon. jon: eric shawn at the u.n. thank you. >> >> there are some exciting developments to tell you about in the battle against cancer. a look at so-called jekyl and hyde protein. some researchers say this could be the key to saving lives. a night at a ballpark ends in tragedy once again. a young man killed in a brawl outside of the stadium. team reaction, plus the latest on the search for the attackers. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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jenna: a fierce sports rivalry turns violent off the field once again. police say bickering between giants and dodger fans escalated after last night's game in san francisco and in that fight
9:17 am
a 24-year-old man was killed. harris faulkner is live from our new york city newsroom with more on this. harris. >> reporter: jenna, the fan who died wednesday night was plumber's apprentice who took a couple days off to drive to san francisco for a rue green with his dad and brother. their team lost 6-4. they left the game a little early and walk ad few blocks to a bar. to paint the scene this is area is often jammed with fans walking from the stadium to nearby transit stations. jonathan denver was wearing l.a. dodgers gear apparel or some sort after jersey and got into an argument with some giants fans. in a few minutes it got physical. here is the san francisco police chief. >> when the fight ended, one member of the victim group, jonathan denver, 24 years old, realized that he had been stabbed. he did not survive his injuries.
9:18 am
>> reporter: now police say they have arrested two men but are looking for others. they need the public's help turning over any cell phone video or surveillance tape that might have caught this violence. sadly we've seen this rivalry between the two teams play out off the field before. remember bryan stow? 42-year-old paramedic, that dad you see pictured here was savagely beaten outside of dodger stadium in 2011, targeted because he was wearing giants clothing. he survived that but had life altering injuries. after denver's death this week the dodgers organization said now in a statement, quote, words are not enough to describe our sadness, end quote. back to you. jenna: harris, thank you so much for that. i mean it is really, i don't know what is happening. jon: appalling that people can take a sports rivalry to that point where they're killing fans just for wearing the other team's jersey. jenna: a group in san francisco gone to a lot of games. new ballpark is beautiful. area around there, harris pointed out, there are a lost bars. it is heavy pedestrian traffic.
9:19 am
it's a beautiful setting and rivalry is bad, jon. it really is. i would not wear blue colored anything if i went to giants game. not that i thought somebody would do something. you just wouldn't do it. i was not necessarily a but not. surprising to see two fights we've seen in past couple years end badly, just beyond sad people let it get to that point. jenna: that's a good point. jon: all right. did he or didn't he? iran is blaming cnn for a bad translation after some comments from its new president seemed to indicate a new era. we'll hear what he said and what cnn is saying about the accusation. also, we'll take you to a vintage car auction so cool even jay leno's people are said to be stopping by. much fancier than the cars we're seeing outside of our manhattan headquarters on this fall friday.
9:20 am
yeah, it is fall. beautiful day outside. hope you're enjoying yours.
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
jon: they're in business in washington. there's a lots of news from the senate floor today. harry reid, the 345 majority leader is speaking out right now against a possible government shutdown. he accuses some republicans being extremist on this issue. the minority leader from the republican side, mitch mcconnell, just finished speaking. and republicans senator ted cruz who had a whole lot to say about all of this, spoke just a few minutes ago. here's a flavor of his comments. >> the good news is the process isn't over. it will go back to the house of representatives and i salute the house for having had courage to
9:24 am
stand up and fight and defund obamacare. i remain confident, hopeful, optimistic, the house will stand their ground, will continue the fight. which means this issue is coming back to the senate. and that is good news. that is good news, number one for republicans. it is unfortunate that there has been republican division on this issue. and when it comes back to the senate, after the house stand their ground, yet again, we will have an opportunity for republicans to come home. >> well the senate is expected to vote to end debate on the continuing resolution later this hour. we'll bring you the results as soon as they come in. jenna: can we take a little break from politics for a moment? do you mind? jon: sure. jenna: there will be news. we'll tell you bit. let's talk about cars because it is one of our favorite topics on this show. a vintage car auction in a small midwest town is drawing thousands of visitors across the country. many of the cars up for sale haven't been driven. doesn't mean you can't drive
9:25 am
them eventually. alicia acuna has more on the story. alicia? >> this is car collectors dream come true, barely driven vehicles that date back to the 1950s and '60s. they're going up for auction. this is happening in pierce, nebraska, where 17 years ago, automobile salesman ray lambert walked away from a dealership he owned since the 1940s. he stored the cars around his showroom and undertrees, in barns and collected 500 of them. some with fewer than 20 miles on the odometer and still have the new car smell according to the auctioneer. the auction will take place in an 80-acre oat field where some were stored and saw some time and weather. >> this is a six at this five impala two-door hard top. it has 10 miles on it. it is a 396 car with air and, it had some water that dripped off of a roof and came in a little bit.
9:26 am
the carpet has been pulled out. the seat is loose. but it is a new car with paperwork and 10 miles. >> reporter: the town of pierce is bracing itself for the crowds of looky-loos and folks plan to bid in person. we hear jay lenos folks will be range from 10,000 visitors and up. that is large for a farming community for 1800 people. hotels are sold out two hours drive in all direction. some are moving with families and friends for the weekend just to rent out places. race cars are not just the talk of the town but folks say they heard it in other locations. >> she heard people in the lobby in this hotel in sweden talking about this lambert car sale here, in sweden. that is kind of amazing. >> reporter: and the reason the cars are going up for auction now because ray and his wife are in their 90s. the family decided it is about time. the reason that the auction is happening this weekend is because they had to pick a time when there wasn't a nebraska football game because they
9:27 am
worried if there was a game, that no one would show up. anyone who noise anything about nebraska football knows that is probably true. jenna: this little brother played for nebraska team with 80,000 plus in the stadium. what car would be your favorite if you could pick? >> reporter: you know, they have this really cool truck that has very low odometer reading on it. i thought it was supercool because something i never heard of. no one here heard of either. that is what is so cool some of the cars date back to the 50s and '60s. this only existed back then. not something that made it through time. jenna: absolutely. alicia, thank you. one of the best stories of the day. jon: i love that story. i think i saw a 54 chevy. jenna: i definitely saw an impala. jon: that is the cars we both drove back in the day. anyway. president obama, did you hear about this, he take as shot at fox news. hear what has him so, well, rattled. he is taking aim at us.
9:28 am
we'll show you the clip. from the return of prime-time tv to new box office hits. hollywood is heating up. we'll look at what is coming soon to a theater near you. ♪ for a strong bag that grips the can... get glad forceflex. small change, big difference. ( bell rings ) they remwish i saw mine of my granmore often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away.
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jenna: a fox news alert and with a potential government shutdown on the horizon, here's what's happening in the senate right now. there's a vote for cloture, so what this would do would be if
9:32 am
the vote for cloture is approved, if people vote to end cloture, that means it's ending debate. so the next step in the senate would be to vote for the bill that puts the funding back in obamacare. that's the funding that the house has stripped out. so that is what we expect to happen later today in the senate. it would ping-pong back to the house. the house would have to figure to out what are they going to do with it, do they leave the funding in with obamacare, do they do something else and send it back to the senate? all of this is trying to take place before tuesday when a government shutdown could happen, so we'll watch this cloture vote. it's going to take anywhere from 10-15 minutes, and as we get the results, we're bring those to you. jon: well, "happening now," reaction to the president's speech promoting his signature achievement, obamacare, yesterday in largo, maryland. you might have heard president obama defending his legislation after reports that in some states individual insurance premiums could be pretty costly.
9:33 am
also republican efforts to strip obamacare's funding and delays on implementing certain programs. the president took a swipe at fox news. listen. >> we need you to spread the word. but you don't have to take my word for it. if you've talked to somebody who said, well, i don't know, i was watching fox news, and they said this was horrible -- [laughter] and you can say, you know what? don't take my word for it, go on the web site, see for yourself what the prices are, see for yourself what the choices are, then make up your own mind. jon: let's talk about it with judith miller, a pulitzer prize-winning reporter and author, kirsten powers is a columnist for the daily beast, both of them fox news contributors. kirsten, to you first. you have spent a lot of time on capitol hill working in democratic politics prior to your journalism career. is it smart politics for the president to make that, take that shot at fox? >> yeah, i actually think it is.
9:34 am
i think it's something that you see republicans doing a lot when they are, you know,ville nice the liberal --ville nice the liberal media, so the president has set himself up against fox news, in this case, i think in a sort of light hearted way. it ignores the fact that there actually is a diversity of views here, as we know, not just among the liberals that are actually on the channel who support obamacare, but even within the republican party there's disagreement. you have karl rove arguing against defunding obamacare, for example. so there isn't a unanimous view regarding how to approach obamacare. but, you know, maybe the president doesn't watch fox. jon: well, he said that he doesn't watch fox, at least he said that once upon a time, said he didn't watch cable news at all. judy, what about it? i mean, from your standpoint is it smart for the president of the united states to single out one news organization for, i guess you would call it ridicule?
9:35 am
>> well, jon, as you know, we have complained about this often, and this is not a one-shot, one-off by the president. he and his aides have done this repeatedly. it's effective. it draws attention away from the fact that his own popularity is sinking in the polls. but even here at fox there is, there was a spirited debate about obamacare and how it's going to play out and its impact and implications even on "the five." bob beckel, the panel liberal, was defending the program and accusing fox of scare tactics, and he was trounced upon by his co-panelists. so i think debate is healthy. the president at this point, of course, is aware of what's on fox news because more americans watch fox news than any other. it gets under his skin. and i think he was, as you pointed out, light-hearted in it, but the message was clear. jon: kirsten, i have a problem, i guess, with his assertion that you should just go to the web site and check it out as if all
9:36 am
truth is to be found in government facts and figures. >> trust the government. they're just here to help. [laughter] jon: ronald reagan said that's one of the great lies of all times. i'm from the government, and i'm here to help. >> right. >> yeah. look, i'm a supporter of obamacare. i do think that i disagree with a lot of the assertions that have been made by my colleagues here who are against obamacare. and i do think there are places you can go for good data. however, because obamacare hasn't actually started, it's very hard for us to really know what the prices are going to be, what the impact is going to be. so i think over the next couple months it's going to be a much more interesting debate. jon: all right. let's go to this topic, it's called lost in translation, you might say. [laughter] iran is apparently blaming cnn for misquoting its new president. in an interview with christiane amanpour, president rouhani of iran seemingly acknowledged and condemned the holocaust.
9:37 am
it's a far cry from his predecessor, mahmoud ahmadinejad, who denied repeatedly that there ever was a holocaust. well, now iran's news agency is blasting the interview saying cnn got it wrong. the cable news network is standing by its translation. let's put that translation up on the screen so we can see specifically what, what cnn put out. according to their translation, president rouhani said: whatever criminality they -- the committed against the jews, we condemn. now, a lot of people, judy, have taken those words and said, oh, this is a kinder, gentler president rouhani or president of iran. this is somebody with whom we can do business. what do you think about all of this? >> well, i think the debate about the word is a little silly. what happened here is that a president of iran, a country that has been at war with the united states at least verbally and also with israel who has
9:38 am
tended to deny its existence and has been very harsh, has actually done things like tweeted new year's greetings to jews and has said that what happened to the jews was terrible. the fact that he didn't use the word "holocaust" because, by the way, there really isn't one in farsi, is beside the point. and i want to salute "the new york times" who pointed out that the iranian news agency which chastised cnn for accusing christian christiane amanpour of mistranslating the word is one of the hard-line agencies in iran. iran has politics, and there are many people who don't like what president rouhani did. they don't like the outreach to the americans and the israelis, and that's why they pointed out that he didn't say what christiane said they said. jon: kirsten, tempest in a teapot or something there? >> well, look, if it was
9:39 am
misintercepted, then, of course, that's huge news. i still think it's unclear what he meant by it because the iranians have long maintained that there were things that were done to the jews that were bad, but they will not acknowledge that there was a holocaust. whether they have a word for it or not, they will not acknowledge the history as we understand it is true and, in fact, he did say -- he did sort of allude to that in the way he said this is something for historians to deal with, this sort of fake idea that it hasn't been settled that there was a holocaust. jon: all right. we'll continue to watch all of the translations and his words as this new president starts to make waves coming out of iran. judy miller, kirsten powers, thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. jenna: a little change of tempo here, some big fall films hitting theaters as fans gear up for the finale of what some critics call the best tv drama ever. julie banderas. >> let's just hope you don't have big plans this weekend,
9:40 am
because there's a lot of movie and tv watching. ron howard's rush races to screens nationwide. the film is based on the real-life drama of 1970s formula one rivals james hunt and nicky loda, the forecast for the kids is cloudy with a chance of meatballs, as part two of the pg-rated tale continues. the animated adventure can be seen in 2-d and 3-d. paula patton leads baggage claim about a woman racking up the miles on her mission to get married in 30 days before her younger sister's wedding. and for an unusual romantic comedy, well, there's joseph gordon-levitt's directional debut don jon about a guy who falls for a girl who watches too many hollywood romance films. and for the metalheads out there, metallica through the never is part performance, part dark storyline, all rated r. and if you're staying home, there's a good chance you're one
9:41 am
of the many wondering the fate of walter weiss, that's amc's emmy-winning series "breaking bad." it is all the buzz, and it concludes sunday. >> it's one of the most live-tweeted shows that's on. people are just going crazy, and every one of the last episodes has been more intense than the previous episode. >> reporter: we're going to have to wait and see what the twitterverse has to say once we find out how it all ends. jon and jenna. jenna: my money is on jon going to the metallica movie. >> reporter: you think so? i could see you as a metalhead. were you a metalhead at any point? be honest. jon: no, not at all. jenna: that's a good question, julie. >> reporter: you? jenna: never. >> reporter: i actually used to listen to metallica. jenna: you can see she's waiting. >> reporter: not anymore. jon: i think i'll go fly fishing or something this weekend. jenna: julie, thank you. jon: a high-stakes showdown in the capitol just days before the lights could go out in washington, almost literally.
9:42 am
they're talking about not picking up d.c.'s trash, for instance. the senate votes now to end debate on the continuing resolution. we will bring you the tally when we get it. plus, a groundbreaking discovery on mars. it's now raising, again, an age-old question: was there life on the red planet? is there now? okay ladies, whenever you're ready. thank you. thank you. i got this. oh, no, i'll get it! let me get it. uh-uh-uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent. nice! [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-905-6500 now. here we go! hold on man. is that a leak up there? that's a drip. whoo. okay. aah. now that's a leak. that is a leak!
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test. test. test. test. test. rrn
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jenna: fox news aleft, and a key vote happening in the senate, a procedural vote, if you will. the vote to end debate on the government funding bill that would come out of the senate is happening now, so they have to do this, end debate on the bill, and then vote for the bill. that would keep the government funded and also keep funding for obamacare. that's what's coming out of the senate today. the vote is not over quite yet. when we get the results of it, we expect the vote to end the debate and move along to the big vote, if you will, from the senate later today. we expect that to happen, when it does, we'll bring that news
9:46 am
to you. jon: out of washington and up to mars now where there's been a major discovery. nasa's curiosity rover finds water in soil samples collected there. according to a new analysis, 2% of the mars surface is made up of water. so does it mean there could be life on the red planet? derek pitts is chief strong her and director of -- astronomer, and i'm surprised this is a surprise. scientists didn't know there was water on mars, derek? [laughter] >> well, actually, jon, we knew that there was water on mars, and the way that it was known is through evidence of looking at the surface features. the surface features plainly show that there was some sort of erosion at some time suspected to be water. and then other landers on the surface have identified evidence of water on mars. the real surprise here is that in a soil sample scooped up from the surface where the curiosity
9:47 am
lander is, it has been found that 2% of that sample by volume is water, and the expectation is that it would be like this all across the planet. so that's the big surprise. jon: they should have sent curiosity up there with a divining rod, and maybe they could find some serious amounts of water underground. i suppose that's possible. i mean, i'm jesting here, but i suppose it's possible that there is, you know, there are serious deposits of subsurface water. >> well, the real expectation, jon, or the real knowledge, i should say, is that there is plenty of water frozen into the martian soil as subsurface water. we can think of this in terms of the earth analogy of perma frost in the bow lahr regions of our -- polar regions of our planet. this is the same situation for mars. it has been identified by radar studies of the planet from orbit that if you look down at the northern hemisphere of mars, there is an enormous amount of water frozen into the surface. the question is has that water
9:48 am
ever been out on the surface or when in the past was the martian surface covered with large bodies of water like lakes or maybe even seas? we can tell that there have been streams of water, and we still see occasionally the evidence of recent streams of water on the surface of mars. that -- at particular times in particular locations. jon: just about everything we know on earth as life needs water to live. does this suggest that there is life on mars or was life on mars? >> i believe that what we want to sort of speculate is that at some time in mars' past it was much warmer and much wetter. evidence shows that the planet was much warmer and much wetter. we'd like to suppose that that indicates that there was a strong possibility that at some time in the past there was life. finding water currently on mars even though it's a small amount, again, raises those hopes that perhaps there's still some life there now. jon: you need water to make
9:49 am
little green men, that's all i know. derek pitts, thank you. [laughter] >> thank you, jon. jenna: well, could a common and, arguably delicious, food help prevent breast cancer? here's a hint, it's good with bread, jelly and a cold glass of milk. weal tell you about it next.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
jenna: well, some possible breakthroughs in the treatment and prevention of cancer. researchers say a unique protein could be key in stopping the cancer and the cancer from spreading inside our bodies. also a separate new study shows eating peanut butter could reduce some women's risk for developing breast cancer later on in life. dr. david samadi is chair of yourology, also a fox news medical a-teamer.
9:53 am
let's talk about the peanut butter first. what is the deal with peanut butter and breast cancer? >> this is a very interesting study, and it just was published this week. and what they're saying is that if you are taking two portions of peanut butters ages between 9 and 15-year-old, by the time you become 30 years old, there's 39% lower chance of getting breast cancer, a major study coming in. and part of it is because it reduces the benign breast tissues; cysts, fibroids and those kinds of things. so what i like about this is the fact that they followed this up for many years, and it started in 1996, about 10,000 patients. what i don't like about it is that it's an observational study, and we don't have any control. but you know something? what you learn from this is if you're going to go for some of these sweets or sugar drinks, you can replace it with peanut butters and nuts -- jenna: anytime we talk about peanut butter, we have to talk
9:54 am
about people with really bad peanut allergies. is it only peanut butter or does this include cashew butter, all the rest? >> all of them are involved. you've seen me talk about nuts and the effect on the brain and cognitive skills, and now we know as a result of antioxidants, it helps in some of the cancers, particularly breast cancer and other cancers. jenna: do the dark chocolate almonds that jon eats every day, do those count? [laughter] >> now you're really stretching it. jenna: poor jon, that's his entire diet. >> once in a while and moderation is the key. jenna: good point, doc. he only gets six out of the machine. jon: that's right. [laughter] jenna: let me ask you about this other study that talks about the proteins that exist inside our body. they're calls it the jekyll and hyde protein. what is that all about? >> so this is very interesting, and it's a major step in the way the cancer actually thinks. so it's called e2f, and these are cells that are actually
9:55 am
responsible for turning one cell into apop ptosis or something into cancer. there are cell signals. and what we're finding today is exactly what turns some of these cells on or off. that's huge because if a cell starts to turn into a cancer and starts to metastasize, by knowing the mechanic 9/11 of this -- mechanism of this, we can stop it. this is going to change the way we practice medicine, and, obviously, you can do the best operation and the best surgery, but by slowing down some of these cells, you can actually cure. so i think this study's coming from oxford in england, and it's a major study. but it's a small step in a big picture. so i think we're going to watch and see how it's going to turn jenna: it's nice to note those small steps as we continue to cover this story and, hopefully, we beat cancer someday, and we'll keep the peanut butter -- >> you going to have peanut butter? jenna: i can't, i'm aerer jibbing. -- allergic.
9:56 am
doctor, it's always good to see you. jon? jon: well, the u.s. senate is underway with a cloture vote they call it, a vote to end debate on the issue at hand. the issue at hand, obviously, is a big one, the continuing resolution to keep the government funded. they do it old school in the senate, they count the ballots by hand, no electronic tally like they have over on the house side. we'll let you know what the vote is when they finally get it finished, and then all of this is expected to kick the continuing resolution back to the house. it's a game of back and forth, ping-pong as jenna called it earlier. we'll keep you updated here on fox. ♪ ♪ unh ♪ [ male announcer ] you can choose to blend in. ♪ or you can choose to blend out. the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move.
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>> a fox news alert. during the break cloture has been invoked in the senate and that means they will be ending the debate over the continuing resolution for the government to be remain open. that doesn't moan it will remain
10:00 am
open. and then they will have a few votes and then send it back to the house. >> continuing resolution would only fund the government until middecember. that leaves us a lot to look forward to. >> it is a great way to run the country, we try to keep you apprised. >> america lives starts right now. >> and we begin with a high stakes show down in the capitol. the senate votes on a bill to keep the lights on in washington and avoid a government shutdown for now. welcome to america live. i am shannon broem in for megyn kelliy. law makers have been balthing over follow-upping for weeks. the president refuses to negotiate with republicans. one said the gop refused to come to the bargaining table. >> for sucks months the republicans refused to negotiate. they


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