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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 27, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> that's it for us on "the five." thanks for watching. see you back here on monday. "special report" up next. president obama digs in over his health care law. the continuing resolution and the debt ceiling. will house republicans stand firm or buckle? this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. president obama has very clearly put the advanced blame on house republicans. if a deal on the new spending plan cannot be reached and the government shuts down next week. and today's action in the senate has put the house back on the clock. we have fox team coverage tonight. wendell goler is at the white house on the consequences of a possible shutdown.
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jim engel here in our washington bureau. we begin with chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. >> reporter: good evening. by a party line vote, the senate has sent to the house a stopgap funding bill. >> i would ask my colleagues before they vote yes on this important amendment, do you really want to be responsible for killing more jobs? >> the yeas are 54. the nays are 44. >> reporter: democrats succeeded in placing obama care money back into the stopgap bill. ted cruz looked ahead to the next confrontation. >> the process isn't over. it's going back to the house of representatives and i salute the house for having had the courage to stand up and fight and defund obama care. >> reporter: the senator majority leader took aim at cruz and his allies. >> these extremists are more interested in putting on a show than in legislating.
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>> reporter: senate gop leader mitch mcconnell said all republicans agree the health care law must go. >> it all adds up to just one thing -- a law in trouble. a law that needs to be repealed. that's the goal of every member of the republican conference here in the senate. >> reporter: the president appeared in the white house briefing room and drew a map for the congress. >> the united states senate, democrats and republicans, acted responsibly by voting to keep our government open and delivering the services the american people expect. now it's up to the republicans in the house of representatives to do the same. >> reporter: in the house, the next play won't come until speaker john boehner and his leadership team meet with gop members tomorrow. it's believed the house is leaning toward voting on a continuing resolution that would delay obama care a year or remove the congressional exemption. but the calendar may start to become a factor. yesterday the speaker wasn't showing his cards. >> we're not going to have a
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discussion about the c.r. and speculate about the c.r. until the senate finishes their bill. >> reporter: today house democratic leader nancy pelosi accused the tea party loyalists of being at war with the government. >> this is silly. maybe they didn't get some orientation on how serious the work is that we do here. >> reporter: florida republican senator marco rubio says the gop doesn't want to shut down the government, they're trying to protect real people. >> the reason i want to shut down obama care is because of the harm it's doing to the american middle class, hard-working people to try to get ahead. >> reporter: adding to the tension here, leader reid has announced the senate won't return until 2:00 p.m. on monday, just hours before a possible government shutdown, trying to say to the house, it is the senate bill or else. bret? >> mike, thank you. president obama seems to be digging in as this critical weekend approaches. he's standing defiant in defense of his embattled health care plan and is refusing to
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negotiate on a debt limit extension as well, that deadline a little more than two weeks away. wendell goler tells us where that leaves us tonight. >> reporter: this time the president claimed the threat of a government shutdown isn't about reducing deficits which are already falling. this time he said it's most about undoing obama care and he said that's not going to happen. >> those marketplaces will be open for business on tuesday, no matter what, even if there's a government shutdown. >> reporter: mr. obama urged republican lawmakers to consider the impact of a shutdown on an economy that's still recovering too slowly. >> that's why many republican senators and many republican governors have urged republicans to knock it off, pass a budget and move on. >> reporter: as he spoke, federal agency heads indicated more than a third of the nation's 2.1 million federal workers would stay home if there's no agreement. combat troops would remain on duty but training and maintenance would suffer and civilian contractors already pinched by the so-called sequester would be hit again.
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pentagon officials bristled at having to plan for what many see as washington not doing their work. >> it has or will consume a lot of senior management attention, probably thousands of hours of employee time better spent on supporting national security. >> reporter: national parks across the country and national monuments here in washington would close. social security and medicare benefits would go out but applications for new benefits would be delayed. with an animated offering on the internet, the white house launched the crucial sign-up phase obama care's health insurance exchanges. >> starting october 1st, go to and see all the plans available in your area and sign up for the one that fits your needs and your budget. >> reporter: applicants will have to send in their applications by mail and the online spanish language sign-ups won't be ready next week. the president says these are start-up glitches. but when you add the waiver,
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some republican senators are urging the house not to compromise with the president. >> when he's throwing around insults like irrational and blackmail, the first thing i thought listening to that is i wonder if he thinks james hoffa, the president of the teamsters was irrational. >> reporter: whether or not congress avoids a government shutdown next week, the president warned lawmakers will have to extend the debt ceiling by the middle of next month. failing to do that, he says, will have a destabilizing effect on the world economy and warned lawmakers, don't fool with it. >> wendell, a bit of history today and a big forpgs move for the president, he and the iranian president talked on the phone today. president obama saying he believes he can deal with hassan rowhani over his nuclear ambitions. >> president rouhani has made
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clear that iran will not develop nuclear weapons. the test will be meaningful, transparent and verifiable actions, which can also bring relief from the comprehensive international sanctions currently in place. >> and a tweet from president rowhani's twitter account following that phone call in regards to the nuclear issue with political will, there is a way to rapidly solve the matter. i express my gratitude for your hospitality and your phone call. have a good day, mr. president. he also tweeted that president obama apologized for new york city's traffic while he was here. not everyone was impressed with that phone call. here's response from john boehner's secretary, negotiates with iran, putin but not congress. what's the take on this? >> reporter: i'm not sure whether it's more surprising that the president talked with
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rowhani or that he has a twitter account. it was easier than for him to meet with the president at the u.n. general assembly earlier this week. the pictures could have been used by hardliners to undermine r rowhani's role. he has the backing of the ayatollah. the foreign minister is now the chief negotiator. he reports directly to the ayatollah. we'll see if that makes a difference, bret. >> wendell goler, thank you. more on the lack of negotiation with congress a little bit later with the panel. meanwhile, as we first reported by "the wall street journal," iran is escalating its cyber war with the u.s. hacking unclassified navy computers in recent weeks. the attacked were staged by hackers working directly for iran's government, according to the article, and for a group acting with its approval.
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one of the things that really rankles obama care opponents is that not everyone is required to be a part of it. chief national correspondent jim engel has that part of the story for us tonight. >> reporter: many lawmakers have been asking a pointed question about obama care, why aren't administration officials in it? >> if it is something that the white house and the administration is saying "this is great for the american people" then they need to come be a part of it. >> if the president thinks it's such a great idea, it should apply to him and his political appointees as well. >> it would be like going to a restaurant and saying this is a fine dining restaurant but the chef doesn't want to eat the food he prepared for you. >> reporter: representative mccall wanted to force those in the obama administration to eat their own cooking. similar efforts under way in the senate. >> i consider this almost the first rule of democracy. any law that is passed on the nation, america, folks who pass
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that law should be subject to the same thing. >> reporter: during the original debate over obama care, senator charles grassley inserted an amendment to make all members in congress to participate in obama care so that's not an issue. some administration officials, including the health and human services secretary, agree they should be part of it, too. >> i have no problem with the bill at all. >> reporter: but in august, the administration ruled members of congress and their staff could keep the 72% subsidy they get under the federal health plan and take it with them to the obama care exchanges. though many staffers need the subsidies, lawmakers argue the administration had no legal authority to offer them to congress. >> why is this president carving out an exception that doesn't exist in the law and only make members of congress and their staff the beneficiaries of it? >> as far as i'm concerned, that's just made up out of thin air. a lot of conservatives rightly get upset when the obama administration does that by administrative fiat. >> reporter: staffers are
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defended, though, who have modest income. >> staff people should have access to health care like everybody else who works. >> reporter: one lawmaker concedes it will be hard but necessary. >> it's a very painful thing for us to do. >> reporter: there are plenty of other issues about obama care ahead of this one, of course. but there's no way the republicans are going to drop the fairness issue. >> jim, thank you. the dow lost 70 today. the s&p 500 dropped seven. the nasdaq gave back six. for the week, the dow was down 1.25%. the s&p 500 was a little off, over 1%. the nasdaq was up .18%. up next, the president touts what the administration sees as another potential breakthrough regarding syria. first, here's what some of our affiliates across the country are covering. in boston, three good samaritans who pulled a man from the subway tracks. he said he'd had a couple of drinks to celebrate passing his medical boards.
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this republican senator was accused of charges on his expense account. and the big here in greensboro, is disabled being assisted in hunting deer. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] some things arsigned to draw crowds. others are designed to leave them behind. ♪ the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move. with my united mileageplus explorer card.
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president obama is lauding a u.n. security council resolution on syria's chemical weapons that could come soon. >> the fact that we now have a framework that will be voted on perhaps as soon as today, perhaps over the weekend or monday, that would be legally binding, that would be verifiable and enforceable where
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there would be consequences for syria's failure to meet what has been set forth in this resolution, i think, is a potentially huge victory for the international community. >> the resolution demands syria abandon its chemical stockpile and allow access by experts. u.n. inspectors are preparing to visit a total of seven sites where chemical weapons may have been used, that includes the damascus suburb where hundreds were killed last month. since he took office, president obama has promised to shut down the guantanamo bay terrorist prison. one of the big hang-ups is what to do with the detainees. tonight, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with a cautionary tale of what is already happening. >> reporter: the two detainees were transferred from these detention camps in april 2012 to el salvador. at least one of the men was deemed high risk by a guantanamo joint terrorism task force in 2008. >> he's the guy who was thought
3:17 pm
to be a weapons trainer and he was the one who was determined to be a threat to the united states and its allies. >> reporter: the two uighurs were given refugee status at the request of the u.s. government, adding the designation did not require the men to stay in the central american nation. quote, according to our legislation and international treaties, refugees are free to move to any other destination they choose. at the u.n. this week, president obama renewed his 2009 pledge to shutter the camp. >> as we're transferring detainees to other countries and trying terrorists in courts of law while working diligently to close the prison at guantanamo bay. >> as one in three detainees is now suspected for confirmed of returning to the battlefield, an islamic syrian opposition group recently posted this video claimi claiming detainee who was
3:18 pm
repatriated in 2007 is also reported to be a former detainee. without offering comment, a federal law enforcement source told fox news they are aware of the video. a defense department spokesman would not explain the location of the detainees nor confirm fox's reporting that at least one, likely both men are now in turkey. one analyst emphasized, it is the gateway for foreign fighters to enter syria. >> catherine, thank you. kenya's interior minister says authorities are holding eight people in connection with the terror attacks on a nairobi shopping center. meanwhile, it appears the terrorists were not the only ones to do damage to the mall. >> reporter: as the rubble of the westgate shopping mall continues to smolder, forensic investigators from around the world are combing through the debris, trying to piece together the details of the deadly attack. a massive three-story hole in
3:19 pm
the mall appears to have been called by overaggressive kenyan troops, not al shabaab terrorists, raising concerns the rescuers may have killed some of the hostages. kenyan authorities say they have found a car suspected to have been used by al shabaab. and they say they are making progress, determining the identities of the attackers. but it will take several days. >> these investigations will answer the questions being raised about their nationality and gender. >> reporter: three of the 11 people originally arrested in connection to the attack were released today. but kenyan police are searching for others, including a british woman, samantha lewthwaite, considered the white widow. she is the widow of one of the 77 london bombers and is known to have ties to al shabaab. investigators say this was a sophisticated and well-organized attack and fear al shabaab is planning more. so there's a real urgency to identify the attackers and the
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from an old fight to a new frontier in medicine. senior national correspondent john roberts tells us tonight about an amazing advance in treating one of the nation's biggest killers. >> reporter: a blockage in the so-called widow-maker artery left kevin with scar tissue over 20% of his heart's main pumping chamber. given his family history, it was no surprise. >> my father had a heart attack at 54. my eldest brother had a heart
3:24 pm
attack. he had a quad bypass at 46. so for me, i was headed down that same road, but for me now the road has changed. >> reporter: the road has changed because today, hillman will get an injection of cardiac stem cells directly into his heart. the goal? to replace scar tissue with healthy beating muscle. >> it's the holy grail of modern medicine. how do you restore a tissue that's died and that traditional teaching tells us is gone forever. >> reporter: this doctor has done this before. in a small trial he achieved an average 50% reduction in scar tissue in several patients. those stem cells were grown from a biopsy of the patient's own heart. but now he's made a big leap forward using donor hearts to grow massive lines of stem cells for a therapy he hopes will one day be a simple off-the-shelf injections. >> take patients and keep them out of the hospital, might be
3:25 pm
able to take patients on a transmit list and heal them enough so that they go back to normal activity. >> reporter: while the previous studies found a reduction in scar tissue, there was no measurable improvement in the amount of blood the heart pumped. still the doctor says more healthy heart muscle is better than less, a principle that kevin is counting on. >> it's given me a second chance, a second chance to take care of myself the way i should have in the first place. >> reporter: the doctor's first trial was at two hospitals. this one will be at 20 medical centers across the country with the ultimate goal to get this therapy into hundreds of hospitals in every state. bret? >> john, thank you. a california man who says he has no qualms about living the easy life by living off government assistance wants to be mayor of san diego. you may remember lobster eating
3:26 pm
jason greenslay. he's holding his first campaign rally on the beach tomorrow. if you missed our report, you can catch it sunday night. >> i got ahi, salmon, eel, yellow tail with rice and then lobster on special. got lobster and coconut water, $200 a month. >> thank you for shopping with us. >> just like that. all paid for by our wonderful tax dollars. >> please join me for the replay of "the great food stamp binge" sunday night 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the nsa spies on lovers, paying your water bill with crack and a couple of british airline pilots give chilling meaning to the phrase asleep at the wheel. "grapevine" is next. clay.
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at least a dozen nsa employees have used surveillance programs to spy on current or former lovers, spouses and relatives. an nsa inspector general's report outlines 12 instances of what it calls intentional misuse of the systems in the last ten years. in testimony thursday, nsa director general keith alexander noted this was essentially one
3:31 pm
per year, not the thousands claimed by the media. if you are traveling in and around great britain, this story should wake you up. two pilots on a british airliner fell asleep in the cocktail, leaving the packed jet traveling unsupervised and on autopilot. one of the unidentified pilots eventually woke up and roused his colleague but neither knew how long they'd been out. . seems sleeping on the job is not exactly unheard of. a survey found that 56%, more than half of the pilots, admitted to being asleep while on the flight deck. and of those, one in three said they had awakened to find their co-pilot also asleep. finally, police in florida are searching for a man who tried to pay his water bill by handing a cashier with an envelope full of crack cocaine.
3:32 pm
the man was caught on surveillance video leaving the water office on a bicycle. it took two centuries but there is finally a presidential library dedicated to the nation's first president. chief political correspondent carl cameron shows us tonight from mt. vernon. >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: 214 years after the death of the nation's first president, the national library for the study of george washington officially opened in mt. vernon next to his historic mansion and compound in virginia where he's buried. long overdue and more than a decade in the making, it will contain the single largest collection of george washington's personal effects and the library he once said his collections would require. there are manuscripts, letters, including one of only three letters known to have survived the centuries between washington and his wife, martha. the virginia governor rattled only a partial list of his world-changing accomplishments. >> he was a surveyor, a
3:33 pm
businessman, a farmer, a property manager, a great general, a tremendous leader, a congressman, a member of the house of burgesses, president of the united states for two terms and one of the best whiskey makers in america. >> reporter: it will be open to the public only by appointment. tim kaine and mark warner held him out to be a visionary. >> any historian will tell you that george washington was a fiscal conservative. but he also did not despise taxation. he called it unpleasant but vital. >> reporter: two-time historian and author david mccullough gave the inaugural lecture. >> i think his autobiography is not on paper. his autobiography is this place. i think this is one of the most
3:34 pm
important sites not just in america but in the world. >> reporter: private donations paid for all of it. in addition to washington's time as the revolutionary commander in chief and the nation's first president, the library seeks to go beyond that and talk about the man, what made him tick and his so many accomplishments. it began with a little more than the equivalent of a sixth-grade education but were driven by discipline and can-do american spirit. >> carl, thank you. that's worth checking out. get ready to take part in tonight's panel discussion if you have not yet participated in our pulse, go to our home page, watch the simple instructions there. only takes a minute. and you can provide and monitor realtime feedback to what the panelists are saying. you can access the pulse on your smartphone or tablet at the rhetoric is pretty much off the charts. that's on capitol hill behind us. ahead of a possible government shutdown, the clock is ticking.
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let them vote to avert a shutdown. >> my message to congress is this -- do not shut down the government, do not shut down the economy. pass a budget on time, pay our bills on time. >> i was just so surprised to hear united states president be so eager to negotiate with iran who refers to america as big satan, yet refuses to come and even have a conversation with congress. >> i very much hope when the house bill comes back that all 46 republicans stand together, stand united against obama care. >> well, the ball is in the house republicans' court --
3:39 pm
really the house court as the bill went from the senate to the house. house republicans on the same sheet of music today. speaker boehner's communication director tweeting potus negotiates with iran, putin, but not congress, shocking. let's bring in our panel, jonah goldberg, kirsten powers and charles krauthammer. jonah, what now? >> i called a bunch of guys on the hill this afternoon and the reaction -- i asked exactly that question. and the consensus answer was, hell if i know. it is a mess. it's like the civil war in "game of thrones." a lot of factions. winter is coming. no one knows exactly what to do. i think boehner is locked into a -- has to have something in the c.r. to appease the conservatives. my colleague at "national review" reported that ted cruz
3:40 pm
has been lobbying house republicans very aggressively, which has got a lot of people in the leadership quite upset. and i think that basically no one knows what it's going to be. i think what boehner has in his back pocket is this idea of getting this waiver from obama care for a congressional staff in there to make it at least a very difficult vote for republicans not to get on board with. it's a good political vote. >> just so everybody's on the same page here, today the senate. ♪ed -- voted 79-19. senator majority leader harry reid put the funding back into the bill. it passed and went from the senate over to the house. now you have a bill in the house that funds obama care. senate democrats would like to have it back, a continuing
3:41 pm
resolution to fund the government cleanly without anything attached. as jonah's talking about, house republicans are not going to do that. >> right. look, if they're not going to do that, we're headed for a government shutdown. it's very simple. the president isn't going to negotiate about obama care. he's said that a million times. they have picked the one thing that he's not going to negotiate on and basically said -- by the way, it's not really even negotiating about obama care. it's just killing obama care. that's the negotiation that republicans will kill the president's signature. if he doesn't go along with that, the government will shut down. we seem to be on track for that. i don't see how this can be reconciled. >> charles, there was word that house speaker boehner wanted to shift this fight to the debt ceiling fight. pass this clean continuing resolution and then put on a bunch of stipulations on the debt ceili delaying obama care by one year, simpler,
3:42 pm
fairer, flatter tax code. keystone xl pipeline construction. the list was very long and growing. >> it's a two-time republican agenda to be enacted in two weeks. it obviously has everything the republicans want. the essence of a negotiation is you walk out with two of these perhaps and that would be a triumph. you did the keystone and the one-year delay. you drop the others and you look statesman like. which is going to be the fight you choose? the shutdown of the government or the debt ceiling? and what are you going to demand in the negotiation? on the first, it is open and shut that it should not be able to shut down because the polls show the public is 4 to 1 opposed to any shutdown or even any negotiations over a shutdown but they are 2 to 1 opposed to obama's position on the debt ceiling which is, i won't
3:43 pm
negotiate and i'm going to raise it. people hate raising the debt limit in the first place and the poll that was done last week shows that 61% of americans against 28% want to see a negotiation over the debt ceiling. and they are prepared to actually have it expire if it isn't a good negotiation. so that ought to be the place. and then you put in the christmas tree and you negotiate -- which obama will have to do over the debt ceiling. and you go home with what you want. it's not that complicated. i just think people here have an urge to do what pickets charge. >> what about this line from republicans this afternoon that the president's negotiating with the iranian president but not talking to them? >> there's a certain element of truth to that. president obama has this very strange monochromatic way of talking about things in which he constantly says, well, americans desperately want people in
3:44 pm
washington to compromise, therefore all the republicans have to agree with me entirely. people want people to be civil and that's why those evil terrorists, bomb-throwing crazies need to stop being such extremists and agree with me because i'm reasonable. it's a one-sided way to look at politics. the continuing resolution fight is much tougher for republicans even if they sneak in all the secret santa stuff they're doing. but the debt ceiling makes a lot of sense and the president has to negotiate on that. >> take a listen to senator rubio and schumer on the different tone of the messaging today. >> sounds like that the democrats here in washington are obsessed with shutting down government. that's all they talk about. i don't know of anyone who wants to shut down the government. the only thing we want to shut down obama care. and the reason why is because of the harm it's doing to the american middle class, to hard-working people who get up in the morning and are working hard just to try to get ahead. >> the tactic of waiting until
3:45 pm
the last minute to come to deals has been used a lot in recent years. and in the past, it's worked out at the very last minute. let's hope that happens again, but if speaker boehner attaches anything, the likelihood of that happening becomes smaller and smaller. >> the likelihood, if anything comes back. you're saying if anything comes back, kirsten, we're headed for a shutdown on tuesday? >> i think as long as they're trying to defund the obama care, we're headed for a shutdown. i want to address this line that everyone thinks is so cute about the terrorists. i think it actually reflects bad on the republicans. i think that they actually are behaving so badly in this situation that it is impossible to negotiate with them. again, i go back to the fact that there's no negotiation. they want to defund a signature program. what's there to negotiate about? it's like saying -- >> if they send back a one-year delay, that's a negotiate.
3:46 pm
>> we won't pass your continuing resolution unless you can find water on mars. let's come up with something that absolutely is not going to happen or human life on mars. it's not something that's going to happen. i agree if they come back and say a one-year delay -- perhaps. >> that's called negotiations. >> but this is the first that they're talking of doing that. that's not -- what is this, every time taking everything all the way up to the brink before you will suddenly bring up, maybe we'll delay for a year, which i don't think is a good idea anyway. >> nasa reported yesterday that martian soil is 2% water. >> human life. >> look, i think what schumer said is if you attach anything on the c.r., we're going to reject it. that's not true. if you attach something that 80% of americans want to see, that you don't exempt the members of congress, i bet you the democrats in the senate will approve. you have to choose stuff that is
3:47 pm
very popular. and that's how you win a showdown which would shut down the government. if you do something where the country is split, you're going to get crushed. >> obama care was the most partisan piece of major legislation of the last 100 years. this is the natural consequence of such a divisive move where the other party has completely not bought into something and they're trying to have a negotiation that they were locked out of four years ago. next up, the friday lightning round. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
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>> bret: each week we let you vote in lightning round poll.
3:51 pm
charles chose the topic. we are back with the panel. i will play a sound bite before you go on the topic which was iran and it's just timely. here is the president. >> just now i spoke on the phone with president rouhani of the islamic republic of iran. the two of us discussed our ongoing efforts to reach an agreement. the very fact that this was the first communications between an american and iranian president since 1979 underscores the deep mistrust between our countries. but it also indicates the prospect of moving beyond that difficult history. i do believe that there is a basis for a resolution. >> bret: we should point out that charles' choice came before that announcement. so it was clairvoyant. >> exactly, presence yens of the highest or order. obama and my question is what are the prospects of a deal that will stop and reverse a nuclear program? i think they are very small. right after that the president said in explains the basis of his optimism
3:52 pm
for deal. he said the supreme leader had issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons and rouhani himself had said that iran will never construct a nuclear weapon. but rouhani says it's never been working ton and isn't working on it today. he starts with a double lie and then we tore believe that his next statement it will never construct one is true. i think this is a very shaky basis, looks like we are the supplicant and we will give a lot of way which will give iran in a position to go nuclear in a very short order. >> president rouhani did not want to shake hands with president obama or have that photo at the u.n. but he did do the phone call. kirsten? >> well, look, there is a lot to be skeptical about here. absolutely. there is every reason to believe that the iranians will mislead. and up to no good. the question is we haven't been talking to them and they have been moving closer to building a bomb or so we believe. that's not working.
3:53 pm
so, trying to talk and start some sort of conversation is a step hopefully in the right direction. it has to be, i think, dealt with with less skepticism. >> i think that's all. >> fair enough. >> i think that's there is something terribly unseemly about, it is sort of like a high school crush that obama seems to have on rouhani. refused to meet with him but he called me. you know, as if at least i got a phone call. wouldn't shake my hand. wouldn't be seen in public with me but he likes me enough to call me. moreover, all of this talk about concessions from reunion these aren't con sessions we are talking about. compliance by treaty and u.n. resolution, they have to give up their nuclear program. and we talk about it as if they are doing us a favor by having these conversations. >> bret: all right. joanna, winners and losers this week. start with the winner and then the loser. >> the winner this week or whether you agree with strategy or tactic its has to be ted cruz. he helped himself
3:54 pm
enormously politically. loser, i picked al gore as a sort of representative of the entire sort of climate hysteria wing. he, from his comfortable perch at al jazeera calling republicans terrorists today. has lost one -- the great cause of his life. this is now something that is scientifically acceptable to be skeptical of. >> kirsten, winner or loser. >> winners are the democratic party. and the losers are the republican party and it's because of the antics of these house republicans that are going to guarantee that the republicans are not going to be a national party any time soon. >> bret: all right. emails kirsten powers at. [ laughter ] >> charles? >> i will less chew a rebuttal and original winners, united states, defeating the kiwis the new zealanders in a miraculous come back in sailing. a loser, the united states in getting snookered by russia at the security council over the resolution on syria putin he drew a
3:55 pm
red line. no enforcement of this of any consequence. that's exactly what he got weighing the two. losing on very important issue to russia. unfortunately was a bad week for the u.s. >> bret: bonus round. government shutdown or not? >> i thought no. but now it's about 50/50. >> i think yes. >> couple days and get a cr to keep it going. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for diplomatic message to the american people. ♪ [ male announcer ] now, taking care of things at home is just a tap away. ♪ introducing at&t digital life... ♪ ...personalized home security and automation... [ lock clicks ] ...that lets you be cloto home. that's so cool.
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3:58 pm
>> here are tonight's bing miles. democrats agreed with jonah tonight that the president has a one-sided approach to politics. the highest intensity
3:59 pm
moment of the first panel when charles said that republicans will win this shutdown, showdown if they send something back to the senate that's extremely popular with the public. we had 23,000 votes per minute at that point. in the lightning round there was strong disagreement among democrats when kirsten said we he have to try to negotiate with iranian president rouhani. but everyone seemed to enjoy jonas quib about jonas having a high school crush on the iranian president tonight. the total votes 190,000. well, finally, after today's phone call clearly the iranian president is trying to reach out during his visit to the u.n. this week. president hasan rouhani delivered a message to the united states to try to present himself as a more moderate leader. but perhaps he is trying to reach out too much. watching a little too much american television in his down time. >> you know, for the first time iran's president spoke directly to the american people in english. >> i bring. [ laughter ] >> peace and friendship.
4:00 pm
to americans. that duck dynasty everyone nuclear standoff in decades. president obama has spoken with iran's new president over the phone today. it's the first time a president of the u.s. and iran have communicated with each other since 1979. and keep in mind, america and other western nations have long suspected iran is enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. just days ago as we have been reporting iran's new president says the islamic republic is open to talks over its secretive nuclear program. president obama says the u.s. has an opportunity to move forward beyond its difficult history with that country. >> president