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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 27, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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to americans. that duck dynasty everyone nuclear standoff in decades. president obama has spoken with iran's new president over the phone today. it's the first time a president of the u.s. and iran have communicated with each other since 1979. and keep in mind, america and other western nations have long suspected iran is enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. just days ago as we have been reporting iran's new president says the islamic republic is open to talks over its secretive nuclear program. president obama says the u.s. has an opportunity to move forward beyond its difficult history with that country. >> president rouhani has
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indicated that iran will never develop nuclear weapons. i have made clear that we respect the right of the iranian people nuclear energy in the context of iran meeting its obligations. >> the republican chairman of the house foreign affairs committee said our tough penalties on iran got its president actually on the phone and added we must increase the economic pressure until iran stops its nuclear drive, end quote. iran actually broke the news a few minutes before president obama. according to a tweet from their government, iran's president said have a nice day. and president obama responded thank you in a phrase in iran's farsi language meaning goodbye along with that wendell goler live with the news in the white house. both leaders were at the united nations earlier this week, but they didn't meet then. now they are talking on the phone. >> well, harris, white house officials say they were prepared to meet with hasan rouhani on the margins of the u.n. general
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assembly session, but the iranian leader was concerned about how that meeting might have been used by hardliners back in iran. they say reunion phoned president obama today before leaving new york. mr. obama says he was frank about the need for iran to prove that its nuclear program is not aimed at building a bomb. will test will be meaningful transparent and variable action. also bring relief to the international sanctions that are currently in place. resolving this issue, obviously could also serve relationship. and the islamic republic of iran. president says agreement won't be easy but the u.s. has an opportunity to pursue diplomacy and iran's new leadership presents an opportunity to make progress. >> the president started today and then he started talking about government
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shutdown. threat of a shutdown, the deficit this time he says the shutdown threat is all about obama care. and he warned lawmakers, even a government won't want to stop it. >> about 40 million more americans will be able to finally buy quality affordable healthcare just like anybody else. those marketplaces will be open for business on tuesday, no matter. what even if there is a government shutdown. that's a done deal. >> house speaker john boehner spokesman responded with a written statement saying quote: americans don't want a government shutdown. and they don't want the train wreck that is obama care. grandstanding from the president he went on to say who refuses to even be a part of the process won't bring congress any closer to a resolution. more than a third of the nation's 2.1 million federal workers will stay home on tuesday if if there
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is no agreement by monday midnight. harris? >> harris: we have more on what that could look like. wendell goler thank you very much. the political hot potato over that possible government shutdown and future of obama care heads now back to the house of representatives. the clock ticking tonight because the feds could run out of cash to pay the bills just three days from now if they don't reach a deal. as we have been telling you, all of this means hundreds of thousands of government workers potentially including pentagon staffers could be off the job for the time being. many national parks could close. your 401(k), retirement funds may be hit. and after all the dow dropped 70 points today on investor worries over the possible shutdown. more on that ahead. hours ago as political insiders had predicted the senate passed the house's version to fund the government with one major change, senate majority leader harry reid stripped out that rule defunding obama care. obama care has been the law for four years.
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why don't they get the life and talk about something else. >> i am confident that the house will continue to stand its grounds, continue to listen to the american people and step up to respond and to stop this train wreck this nightmare that is obama care. >> continuing with his passion. the texas republican senator ted cruze, he held the senate floor for more than 21 hours earlier this week. urging democrats to help pull the plug on the healthcare law. mike emanuel live on the hill tonight. what are other top conservatives saying? fishing back on the notion that they somehow. the only obama care. people get up in the morning and are working
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hard just to try to get ahead. >> many conservatives are hopeful that the house will send something back going after the president's healthcare law, whether it's a delay or perhaps cutting out exemptions for congress. harris? >> well, if you go by what the president has been saying. another democratic leadership, it doesn't sound like that party is willing to budge. true and the fact that the senate does not return until 2:00 p.m. on monday, just hours before a possible shutdown has only added to the tension here on capitol hill. bottom line, democrats are saying they went address or accept anything going after obama care. >> the only thing that can cause a completely unnecessary government shutdown is another tea party tantrum in the house. house republicans have got to stop playing political games with our families and our economy and pass the senate's shutdown prevention bill without any new gimmicks or tea party panders. >> all eyes are on the
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house and house leadership won't announce its next play until after it meets with rank and file members, g.o.p. members sometime tomorrow afternoon. harris? >> harris: some other voices piping up on this tonight, too, mike. those are lawmakers who have actually been through a government shutdown before. >> that's right. and they are issuing a strong warning to their colleagues who have not been through this before. they are saying that any government shutdown will come with a heavy price to pay. >> the american people do not like government. they do not want it shutdown. and there will be a heavy price to pay amongst the opinion of the american people if whoever is responsible for the shutdown of government. that's a fact. and the american people will blame congress? >> that is the risk, all for a bill that will only fund our federal government for about a month and a half. mike emanuel on the latest for us tonight. thank you very much. a judge today ruled new jersey is unconstitutionally denying
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federal benefits to same sex couples. she is giving the state fewer than four weeks to legalize gay marriage. but republican governor chris christie says he plans to appeal that a group of same sex couples and gay rights activists sued the state in july. soon after the supreme court struck down parts of the federal defense of marriage act. and in this judge's ruling today, she wrote every day that the state does not allow same sex couples to marry, plaintiffs are being harmed. a spokesman for the new jersey governor's office says governor christie has always maintained that he would abide by the will of the voters on the issue of marriage equality. that's spokesman blames the state legislature for delaying the process. a flight on its way to a major city when crew members asked over the intercom if anybody was a doctor. not to save a passenger, to save the pilot. that pilot did not survive. you will hear the co-pilot's call for help ahead. and another indictment in the murder case surrounding
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veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> harris: it's a seen that would rattle a flier a pilot sprawled out on the floor. passengers desperately trying to revive him. it happened on a united airlines flight from houston to seattle. more than 160 people on board. the captain had a heart attack in the middle of the flight. the co-pilot manned the cockpit and called in an emergency landing in boise idaho. tonight, reaction from some of the people on board. >> several people helped. >> yeah, yeah. several people helped give him cpr all the way down and then when they got the
4:13 pm
emts on there and got him off. >> harris: the plane landed safely. the pilot did not survive. jamie colby is here with me now. fox report home base and jamie, they tried to hard to save him. >> a lot of times people don't want to volunteer, harris, to help. but in this particular case everyone on board did pitch in. there were several passengers and at least one doctor on board that united flight 1603 that did attempt to stabilize this pilot according to reports. but late today, the coroner confirmed that the captain, 63-year-old henry stillern who died of a heart attack as harris was telling you, actually did make it to the boise hospital. so they were able to get him well enough to get off that plane and get to the hospital. he lived for two or three hours but then did he die. the passengers on board the plane credited the crew for an orderly and calm response to the incident. they are trained, even the pilot for solo landing in the event of such an emergency. here is what the pilot actually told air traffic control. we got a man down. chest compressions going on
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right now. i'm not sure too much right now the status. and can an ambulance and maybe some air stairs meet us on the run way. well, the paers j on the bowing 737 waited several hours in boise. they had to fly in another pilot to complete the trip to seattle. and unfortunately that pilot we learned today his name and the fact that he didn't make it. 26 years with the airline. >> such a heart breaker and shocker for the people on that plane. united airlines put out a statement. >> they did a very heart felt one. a spokesman for the airline stem cells us that he was a united pilot for 26 years and said that we are so sad to confirm that our coworker passed away last night. our thoughts are with his family at this time. and, you know, they were so sensitive about it, harris. they didn't want to release his name today to protect his privacy and his family. even the hospital didn't want to release his name. and then the coroner did, they did an autopsy confirming that it was a heart attack. so far united hasn't
4:15 pm
released any other information. one thing we do know after 26 years with the airline, sure loved to fly. >> harris: he was loved by a lot of of people too. >> you know, our pilots we think of them fondly when they get us there. we know the other pilot did everything he could, too. >> harris: absolutely. thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> harris: the grand jury has indicted the girlfriend of aaron hernandez. accused of lying under oath in the murder case. the former new england patriot star who investigators accuse of killing his friend. unclear what led the perjury charge against his girlfriend but prosecutors say she has not been arrested they will order hear to appear in court very soon. the jury in the michael jackson wrongful death trial has been deliberating for its first full day, the panel of six women, six men began talks after closing arguments wrapped up yesterday. suing former act will
4:16 pm
negligently when it hired the doctor who gave jackson the lethal dose of that powerful an set stick propofol in 2009. the argued the singer insisted on having that doctor as his physician and that jackson is solely responsible for his own death. meanwhile, lawyers for the jackson family have suggested the damages in the case could top a billion dollars. the last time u.n. weapon inspectors were in syria, the threat of a u.s. strike was hanging over everything. well, things have definitely changed. the inspectors have returned. the u.n. security council is expected to meet shortly, we're told. in just a few minutes. our eric shawn is at the united nations. he will give us a live update in just minutes. ♪ ♪ unh ♪ [ male announcer ] you can choose to blend in. ♪ or you can choose to blend out. the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move.
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>> harris: team of united nations inspectors is on the ground inside syria and they plan to investigate more sites of alleged chemical weapons attacks than previously indicated. the u.n. says they will check out seven locations including damascus where nearly a thousand people died last month. the u.n. reported there would be only three sites under review. of course those inspectors middle of a war zone. alone outside a mosque. i'm looking at the clock because they are do this. resolution for syria to surrender its chemical weapons. jonathan hunt is live in our new york city newsroom. john that be, the president today was hagel diplomatic progress on syria. expected to be made at 8:00 p.m. eastern. 40 minutes time when the u.n. security council meets. they will formally demand
4:21 pm
two things of syria. first, that it abandon all its chemical weapons. stockpile and secondly that it allow weapons nuclear inspectors unfettered access to those stockpiles being sure that that abandonment had been carried out. major steps forward, listen. >> this binding resolution assad regime. vigilant following through. community and demonstrate how strong diplomacy can allow to us secure our country and pursue a better world. >> but following through as president obama put it will be made more difficult because this resolution, harris, will not include the threat of military action if syria does not do what it is supposed to do. that is a big omission
4:22 pm
according to the critics of this u.n. resolution. >> i was just mentioning, all of this is playing out in the middle of a civil war where 100,000 people have died in the last two and a half years. so even with this resolution, nothing will be easy. >> very, very tough work for the inspectors indeed. remember, there are two teams of inspectors involved here. one, that is already in syria. they are inspecting the sites of alleged chemical weapons attacks. then in the middle of this civil war as you say, a second team is due to begin its work next tuesday. they are the ones who will be looking for the stockpiles of weapons. now, remember, one of the chemical weapons inspection teams that halls already been there was fired upon when it was investigating the attack, the alleged attack of august 21st. so if is i have difficult conditions. and as i say, under the agreement, they are supposed to deliver their full report on all of these chemical weapons stockpiles
4:23 pm
by november. that is tough work for these weapons inspectors because while we know where some of the sites that president assad of syria has stored his chemical weapons we don't know all of them. they have to find awful these chemical weapons while literally dodging the bullet. harris. >> harris: wow, jonathan hunt, thank you very much. at least 8 suspects are now in custody in connection with that deadly massacre at the shopping mall in kenya. officials say five terrorists had already died during the standoff along with more than 65 mall shoppers, employees and security forces. more than 200 people hurt, including americans. and now we are learning who may be set off the collapse of three floors of that mall. a top ranking government official tells the associated press kenyan military forces were responsible. fox news cannot independently confirm that but it raises the possibility that a rescue effort may have ended up killing some of the hostages. that official did not say how the floors fell
4:24 pm
meanwhile we are hearing from a father of four who ran into the mall who help men, women and children get out alive. is he wearing a checkered shirt and says he has a license to carry a gun and at the height of the standoff. he says he came face-to-face with one of the gunmen. >> he was look at me and i was looking at him and he was taunting me in swal i swal he is crazy. joke a game. i quickly duck and shoot at him. come back up again and is he gone. >> and then there is this image. you see him holding a gun. he reaches out it to help a little girl to take cover. he says he thought that that was very very brave of that child to try to get away. president obama warns a government shutdown would hurt the economy. already just the threat of missing monday's budget deadline is having an impact on our stocks and retirement funds. we will take a look. also, the story of a prisoner getting a surprise
4:25 pm
chance at freedom. who, instead, wanted to go back behind bars, hmmm, he called 911 to see if they would come and get him and take him back. it's true. capital to make it happen?
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>> obtain: he and several other inmates had he is dismand a stolen security van. it happened tuesday in oklahoma. police say guards with private prison company were
4:29 pm
transporting the prisoners in that van when two inmates managed to steal it from them after they stopped at a hospital. those two inmates eventually made it a run for it that prisoner that we mentioned says he found a cell phone inside the vehicle and used it to call 1911. >> 911. what's your emergency? >> yes, ma'am, you are probably not going to believe this, but i'm a prisoner in a van and i'm here with a couple of other cats and a couple of the guys that were in the van, jacked the van at the hospital. >> where are you, sir? >> whether ford. i have no idea where we are at. >> sir, i just need to know where you are. i understand you are in weatherford. >> i can't tell you that i don't know. we are in oklahoma somewhere. i don't know because we are not on a road and i'm not from here. we are back in some yard and walk to the corner. i just don't want to get shot my no cops or something. >> i have a theory on this. that prisoner seen here later explained that they were near a little caesar's pizza place. managed they had stopped for lunch. maybe they didn't any cash
4:30 pm
on them. that's my theory. police eventually found them and caught the two inmates who had run away. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shep. this is the fox report. stocks our retirement accounts taking a tumble on wall street today. traders assess the potential damage of a government shutdown and reacted much the dow dropping 70 points. nasdaq shed 6. s&p off 7. tracy byrnes from the fox business network is with me now. tracy, how much of an impact really can we expect for this to have? >> on the market i have to apiece everyone's fears right now. don't worry about your 401(k). we are going to get through this. this is a lot of noise coming out of washington, d.c. right now. >> harris: i like that. >> the market today was upset for other things, too. we have earnings coming up. we have a jobs number coming out on friday that's really important. jobs numbers haven't been all that great. at the flip side though, nike was up and on fire. so people are, you know, we're getting out there again. many, many traders are
4:31 pm
putting this washington stuff on the side for now. at least the budget stuff. debt ceiling? whole another story. >> harris: i look at 70 points off the dow. i didn't know if that was all that much compared to some the other things we have been feeling recently. >> we have seen in the past some major dips. this is kind of like deja vu all over again for a lot of the traders. they know we are going to come up to the last minute. they kind of also know that they're going to figure it out and come out with something in -- some bipartisan something something something and then we will all be fine. >> that's very technical bipartisan. >> that's economic term. >> that's positive? >> it's totally positive. the government has shutdown in the past before. if it does happen this time. maybe it happens for like a day or two. just so someone can make a point. and, you know, they say it's only the nonessential workers that won't actually go to work. maybe you can't go to yellow stone for the day. >> harris: well, military personal are on that list too. >> military are. it's not going to last for more than a day or two. i don't think we have to worry about the economy
4:32 pm
coming to a screeching halt. >> one of the indicators that came out this week has to do with how americans are spending. it's having because it's conflicting reports depending on where you look. >> the data is so freaky that's also an economic term. no one can figure it out. some days the numbers are good. consumer confidence is up. other days it's down. housing we are seeing pull back a little bit because interest rates are are starting to up again. sentiment is down lately. a lot of it has to too with the uncertainty coming out of wught. the data is really mixed. are we off to the races? no is there little increments of better? yes. but, again, friday's jobs report is going to be a real big number for a lot of people. >> all right. tracy byrnes fox business network. if you don't have it i say demand it with your fist on the desk. thank you. >> as the federal government prepares to open its new healthcare exchanges on tuesday, some members of congress are calling for changes to the entire system. certain changes would apply to lawmakers themselves. they want members of the obama administration to be subject to the measure which they pushed into law
4:33 pm
for everybody else. jim angle is on fox top story at the bottom of the hour for us live from d.c. jim, it's an aspect of the healthcare law that really hasn't gotten much attention. >> no, that's right, harris, many lawmakers have been asking a a pointed question about obama care, why aren't administration officials part of it? listen. >> if it is something that the white house and the administration is saying this is great for the american people, then they need to come be a part of it. >> the president thinks it's such a great idea that it should apply to him and his political appointees as well. >> like going to a restaurant saying this is a fine dining restaurant but the chef doesn't want to eat the food he prepared for you. >> representative mccaul has introduced a measure to force key officials to sign up for obama care to eat their own cooking as some put it. efforts also underway in the senate. >> i consider this almost a first rule of democracy. any law that is passed on a
4:34 pm
nation, america, folks who pass that law, folks here in washington should be subject to the same thing. >> even some administration officials agree, harris, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius said some time ago she has no problem with that. but the obama administration hasn't lifted a financing his or her make it happen. harris? >> so, are lawmakers, as you put it, eating their own cookies and participating in the healthcare law? >> absolutely. during the original debate over the law, senator charles grassley inserted an amendment to make sure all members of congress had to participate in it so that is not an issue. but in august, the administration ruled that members of congress and their staff could keep the 72% subsidy they can't under the federal health plan and take that into the obama care exchanges though many staffers of median income may need the subsidies, lawmakers said they didn't want them and argued the administration didn't even have the
4:35 pm
authority to offer them, listen. >> why is this president carving out an exception that doesn't exist in the law and only make members of congress and their staff the beneficiaries of it. >> as far as i'm concerned, that's just made up out of thin air. a lot of conservatives rightly get upset when the obama administration does that by administrative fiat. >> now some worry about congressional staffers who might be hurt. but lawmakers are more determined that they have to participate if he they are going to demand that administration officials do the same. harris? >> jim, good to see you, thank you. >> good to see you, thanks. >> detroit is getting $300 million to keep emergency services running and to clear out neighborhoods that have become ghost towns. but the assistant falls far short of what the system will need to pay all its own loans. the obama administration said today it's sending treasury official done grays to detroit to oversee the distribution of the cash. this summer as you know detroit became the largest u.s. city in our history to
4:36 pm
file for bankruptcy protection. u.s. government is bailing out one of its own agencies. the federal housing administration has announced its plans to withdraw 1.7 billion taxpayer dollars to stay afloat after massive losses from its reverse mortgage programs. reverse mortgages allow people 62 and older to borrow against the value of their homes to pay regular living expenses. analysts warn these sorts of loans can be risky. the agency reports it lost money after some americans took large payments upfront and then ran into financial trouble down the road. this marks the first time in the agency's 79 year history that it is withdrawing cash from uncle sam. well, on the very same day we learned that president obama's historic phone call with the president of iran, there is word now that iran hacked into our military computers. a senior u.s. official tells fox news hackers in iran were able to break into unclassified navy computers in recent weeks. officials say those hackers work directly for the
4:37 pm
iranian government or with a group that has the government's approval. and it is just the latest iranian hacking incident to tell you about in the past. they have targeted american banks. computer networks, energy companies and we have telling you about that. officials say they don't believe any significant information was breached in this latest hack attack. well, the thing about releasing a man from prison is he can usually go wherever he wants once is he free. that poses a question for u.s. security officials who are trying to track now former detainees they have released from the prison at guantanamo bay. we have learned two former inmates whom the u.s. sent to el salvador has since left that country. where are they? catherine herridge is live for us in washington. catherine? >> well, harris, the two guantanamo bay detainees be a do you and mohammed were picked up in 9/11 in torah bora the same route usama bin laden used to escape to pakistan. there is a photo of one of
4:38 pm
the men who was deemed high risk based on the intelligence by the joint terrorism task force at guantanamo in 2008, a leading counter terrible analyst says his ties are significant. >> he is the one who was determined to be a high risk detainee. he was the one who was determined to have high level connections to senior al qaeda operatives. he is the guy who was thought to be a weapons trainer at this camp in torah bora. determined to be a threat to the u.s. and allies. >> al el salvador museum minority given refugee status at the request of the u.s. government adding the designation did not require the men to stay in the central american nation, quote: according to our legislation, international treaties, refugees are free to move to any other destination they choose. defense department spokesman did not deny the detainees had left el salvador but would the not explain location or confirm fox news reporting that one or both men are now in turkey while there is population there.
4:39 pm
one emphasized it is the gate way for foreign fighters to enter syria, >> harris: hairs hope this is anomaly and no others like. this we found these two others earlier this month an islamic syrian opposition group posted a video claiming the dead fighter in that video was a former guantanamo inmate mohammed al alam my you see him there. repatrioted to his country in after infantry go in 2007. white haired man presiding over what appears to be a funeral is also reported to be a former guantanamo detainee. without offering comment today. a federal lowmplet source told fox news that they're aware of these videos. right now, they there are about 164 detainees left at guantanamo just this week president renewed his 2009 pledge to shutter those camps, harris. >> catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> here is a situation we are watching. we are expecting members members of the u.n. security council to start filing n just the next few
4:40 pm
minutes to once and for all they say lay down a plan for syria and its chemical weapons. our eric shawn is standing by to bring us a live play by play from the u.n. stay with us. walking the groun. in tuscany. [ man ] her parents didn't expect her dreams to be so ambitious. italy? oh, that's not good. [ man ] by exploring their options, they learned that instead of going to italy, they could use a home equity loan to renovate their yard and have a beautiful wedding right here while possibly increasing the value of their home. you and roger could get married in our backyard. it's robert, dad. [ female announcer ] come in to find the right credit options for your needs. because when people talk, great things happen. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, for all those who sleep and struggle to sleep comfortably together, now there's a solution. the company that individualized your comfort with the sleep number bed brings you sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand,
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harris, secretary of state john kerry told us they will vote 15 minutes from now 8:00 p.m. eastern standard time. he is representing the united states and the security council. the administration hagel this resolution as legally binding and enforceable on syria but some diplomats here believe that russia won. they say moscow basically got what it wanted in this resolution. that assad is protected. there was no threat of force in this resolution
4:44 pm
war crime charges to the international criminal court. the resolution does have a clause that mentions unnamed consequences if the assad regime does not comply. a second resolution though would be needed if there would be any military action. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power praised the resolution. >> this resolution will require the destruction of a category of weapons that the syrian government has used ruthlessly and repeatedly against its own people. and this resolution will make clear that there are going to be consequences for noncompliance. >> the syrian opposition are happy that this resolution deals with the chemical weapons but they are angry that assad is not going to be punished. >> this is what hitler did. and i think assad regime is repeating the same mistake and the whole world must say never again. >> and there are reports that there were three more chemical attacks after the big one on august 21st in the domestic -- damascus
4:45 pm
suburb of -- u.n. weapon inspectors are going next week to investigate all of that, harris. >> harris: they say eric now they are going to look at a total of seven sites as you say that's far more than what they first had indicated. this historic phone call today between the leaders of the u.s. and iran, the first time that presidents of those countries, including our own have talked since 1979. what you have learned about that call? >> yeah, that's pretty astounding the president, mr. rouhani both talking about 15 minutes it lasted. the call took place before the iranian president left his hotel here across the street from the united nations. and they, of course, discussed the nuclear program. earlier the iranian president had a news conference in which he expressed confidence that a deal can be reached. during that news conference, did he discuss the iranian nuclear program. did he not say though if iran will stop uranium enrichment. he has refused to do that in the past. or say if iran will actually obey the six security council resolutions that they have been defying. he was asked if his country
4:46 pm
will open its nuclear facilities. he did not say yes to that either but said it's up to negotiators. it was in a very short period of time. it will be a settlement on the nuclear file objected the nuclear issue. >> well, the iranians say they hope to have a deal in place within one year. finally tonight, harris, maybe a little example that there is potentially a thaw, i'm told that the members of president rouhani's delegates actually bought some plastic new york yankee logo coffee mugs to take back with them to tehran. harris? >> harris: wow, it is a big day, eric, we have been talking about this. thank you very much. speaking of the yankees. because an emotional salute to one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history. we will show you how marianne that rivera and fans at yankee stadium bid farewell to each other. and it took more than two centuries. now one of our nation's founding fathers has a
4:47 pm
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monumental day for founding fathers. george washington finally got a presidential library. more than 200 years after his death. a grand openings ceremony today at the president's mt. vernon estate in virginia. dedicated to washington's life and colonial america. took planning and millions of dollars in donations to make it happen. carl cameron with more. >> it's pretty fabulous facility right next door to washington's home in mt. vernon, veavment a treasure trove of american history. the national library for the study of george washington and it delves into his 8 years of commander and chief of all the revolutionary forces and two terms arrests the
4:51 pm
country's very first president. it goes way deeper than that stuff there are man scripts and letters from his civil and his military life and personal and private diaries. among the letters, one of only three to survive the centuries between washington and his wife martha. before he died, the first president of the u.s. suggested that people might find some of records interesting and he hoped there might be a library and there you see it there, harris. it is really striking, some tremendous stuff there. >> so, carl, how is this different from the presidential library's modern president set up when they leave office? >> yeah, that started with franklin roosevelt. all the earlier ones didn't have them. this is research library so by appoint want. scholarship is what it is supposed to be about. today only most people know the legends about washington as a general. first president and folks think they are clever when they remember that he didn't really chop down the cherry tree and admit it and say he couldn't tell a lie. he was landowner in the region started with the equivalent of a sixth grade
4:52 pm
education. this is governor bob mcdonald of virginia, watch. >> washington was an extraordinary man for reasons that are well-known. he was a surveyor, a businessman, a farmer, a property manager, a great general, a tremendous leader, a congressman, a member of the house, president of the united states for two terms one of the best whiskey makers of america when he died. that's his life. >> 214 years after he passed away not far from where is he buried he finally has a library, harris. >> harris: carl cameron thank you very much. a building has collapsed. left people trapped and now we have learned at least 8 people are dead. apparently no one should have been inside that building. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. independent i can't the three story structure crashed early this morning in mumbai. crews dug through the rubble with crowbars to
4:53 pm
pull out survivors. [shouting] >> officials say many families ignored orders toler vacate last april. 100 building collapses in the city. argentina. police versus squatters during forced evictions in the north. authorities saying dozens of people have been vacant factory weeks. some of them threw molotov cocktails at them. at least three people hurt. venezuela, police rounding up 22 people in connection with with a massive cocaine bust. authorities came as cross the drugs on air france plane. the suspect smuggled cocaine suited cases from caracas to paris. suspects said to include military personal. air france employees and airport officials. china, twins just 100 days old and celebrating at a breeding facility in the southwest. this is typically when
4:54 pm
newborn cubs are first able to open their lives. breeders celebrated by preparing a frozen cake made of karates and carrots and bamboo leaves for the little ones. that's a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> the saneld man has entered yankee stadium for the final time as an active player. >> it was emotional send off in the bronx as rivera pitched in his final home game, is he retiring at the end of the season, and the new york yankees are out of play off contention at this point. rivera, known as the best closer in baseball history, fans call him the sand man because he is supposedly puts the other team's bats to sleep. for fun, long time teammates and jerry petit got role of coaches and yanked him out of the game.
4:55 pm
>> how is this for drama? [cheers] >> and for that drama, the crowd gave him a four minute standing owe he investigation. rivera, an all-star 13 times broke down in tears. the yankees have retired his number. he was actually the last active player to wear 42 which the league retired in honor of jackie robinson. surveillance cameras captured a gunman of trying to rob people. got the moment he pulled out a gun on customers. something happened and police say it saved lives. [ male announcer ] marie callender's knows you may not have time to roll out a perfectly flaky crust that's made from scratch. or mix vegetables with all white meat chicken and homemade gravy. but marie callender's does. just sit down and savor. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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4:59 pm
suspect aiming the gun at a father and son. the moment he pulled the trigger the gun failed to fire. the guy ran into the parking lot, police caught him running down a service road. we have learned the suspect said he just wanted a drink of water and then heard somebody say something. and on this day in 1930, hall of fame golfer bobby jones won the u.s. amateur championship and became the first person to win the grand slam of golf. born in atlanta and battled serious health issues as child. quickly excelled of golf despite never having taken a lesson. picture perfect swing. although he never made it to the professional ranks. he earned most of his income as an attorney. still he was a shining star on the golf course. having won the u.s. open, british open, british amateur championship, leading up to that u.s. amateur final. and on the final hole, bobby jones used his famous rusty putter two putting his way to the title. jones became a king of the
5:00 pm
links 83 years ago today. that is how fox reports on this friday, september 27th, 2013. back with fox report weekend tomorrow and sunday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. for now in two seconds, the factor. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i suppose if you are of. >> anna: arckist -- anarchist mind which i think some of them may be, then you do not want government. you want to create chaos. >> there is chaos because of obama care as congress fights bitterly over the new healthcare law. he we will take it step-by-step tonight telling you who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. >> some of the tea party anger is racist. having a nonblack person on 00 ticket will diffuse it. >> bill: once again a pundit playing the race card in presidential politics. we will take a hard look at that. >> you believe the holy spirit directed to write


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