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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 28, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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fox urgent. republican leaders in the u.s. house of representative want to delay the roll out of the affordable care act for a year. it is a shift away from the push to defund obama care and now a bill to avoid government shutdown containing a key requirement to postpone the president's signature health care law. i am harris faulkner. this is the fox report. a look at the house floor and let's take a look live on capitol hill. action to take place at this hour. we are waiting on votes for the changes that the house is adding in their version of the bill
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now. and on the other side of the political aisle the top democrats say the plan is dead on a arrival. loud criticism from harry reid who said the senators will vote down the house approach. the white house doubling down on the opposition to the bill that would touch the health care reform. the white house said go vote for the bill is a vote for government shutdown. if the president were presented with hj- resolution 59 as amendment the by the he would veto the bill. >> we are hurling to a monday midnight dead line when the united states government would be lights out for the first time since 1995. a busy saturday on the nation's capitol and more to come what we are laying out for not to. we have fox team coverage carl came ronl on cant captain hill
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and elizabeth cran on capitol hill. >> and carl, where do they stand? >> they are inñi a ping-pong match. funding is set to run out and each time the house pass says legislation to do that they would defund or derail or delay theñi president's affordable careanth and the senate said absolutely not. there is rhetoreccal attacks for the republicans and democrats. this is existed for months and time running out, there was a statement from john boehner outlining what would happen. there will be a series ofñr vot tonight to change the clean resolution toñr cope government operating past midnight and republicans will add to. it and mr. boehner said the following. the first amendment delays the health care law for a year.
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health care law for a ye jobsçó overseas and insurexd our troop get paid no matter ñiwhat. çó i repre boehner with the possibility that the government will shut ñiñrç"harryñi reid resp the senateñr willçóñi reject th year delay of theñiñiñrçó affor careñ)i actñi and weeks of fut games by the republicans we are at square one. they have toñi passñi theñi4' ci resolution keeping the government open or force a republican government shutdown. and the republicans disagree with that and say itñiñi is a çóa democrat shut down. republicans say that obama care will hurt the economy and raise the debt and isn't doing what it is supposed to do with health care and improving care. we'll listen to darril issa,
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a republican critic and saying that republicans are holding thr country hostage to reform a law that is on the bock. >> how dare you presume a failure. the country is based on things that people are saying. andñi in the end of the day com ñi we anticipate there is an opportunity for compromise. >> the time is running out and american people are frustrated and it is time to get real and not a game. people will be hurt and do your job and the right thing. >> messages from jim mcgovern. they are son to trickle out and get ready for the votes. republicans have a meeting set for 8:30 and appear to be standing if i were. >> and push back coming from the american public. looking to the polling, millions of americans don't want obama
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care and republicans are representing them. when are democrats in the senate plan to formally reject this >> monday at 2 o'clock the senate will return to work. and they are off for the weekend and aides said they are not planning to work on sunday. and the clock will be ticking and there will be ten hours and the game of ping-pong back and forth and the september demanding that senate fund the government. and the it remains the stand off and ten hours, the question is whether or not ping-pong becomes hot potato. should they be able to send it back to the house. and will the house of representative be left holding the ball and the republican
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majority would have failed to avert a shutdown. there is a lot of more steps to happen in the next few days. by the time we get to monday it could be in the septemb-- senat republicans. it could be a couple of short hours and the government would be technically shut it down before they get a deal on monday morning. they could get through the night with overtime. >> and the option that the president could use excutive fiat if he could delay it beyond the midnight dead line. >> there are whispers around the hill go for a ten day extension. this is an ongoing negotiation since obama care was passed into law. and opposition to it and no republican voted for.
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it and the two sides are at odds on this. and the idea of a miraculous compromise is slim. ten day extengdz whether or not that makes a difference we'll find out. >> we are waiting a couple of important votes on changes to the bill. a bill shift away from defunding obama care and delaying it for a year. carl cameron thank you very much >> it is worth noting that a government shut town, co part of obama care will roll out. some run in states, insurance exchanges where individuals can shop for man dated health care. elizabeth continues our look at what is happening in washington. >> how will the insurance exchanges go forwardine though the government shuts down. >> a partial government shutdown
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leaves the major part of the health care law unscathed. it will be rolling out as planned. the reason being, the government doesn't grind to a halt and essential services do function normally and including national defense and entitlement programs. and as far as the health care law, it is designed to be funded through implementation money. and we hear of core functions and people at call centers and folks who are building the exchanges. they are nonessential government employees. >> tensions are running high on both sides of the political aisle and there is a long list of delays with obama care. >> and tensions are getting higher and there have been speed bumps in the implementation and small business enrollment and
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part of the enrollment process will be ready for weeks and qualifying companies do have a one year extension and adding fuel to the conservative argument that the program is flawed and yet the president is showing no signs of altering the law. >> no one gets to hurt innocent people just because there is a couple of laws that you don't like. it is not going to do now. >> obama care is a night ma re and that's what they called. it >> you can see they are at odds. >> there are steps of millions of uninsured in the u.s. they are hoping that 7 million sign up in the first year. >> elizabeth, thank you. >> some people in the beltway are predicting that a government shutdown could be short. if that happens, here is
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information to know. we have faced nine possible government shutdowns since the government turned off the lights in december of '95. that was lasting throw weeks. and in that brief time centers for disease control and prevention called for the national institutes of health regarding illnesses were not answered. throw 68 national park service sights closed and applications from foreigners for viss went unprocessed per day. and services for war veterans were cut back. health and welfare and finance and travel. >> and right now, the commander in charge of the military's fighter units is in hot water. he is accused of doing something. we'll tell you do about it. >> we are keeping an eye on capitol hill. we are waiting on changes to the
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bill that temporarily fund the government and delay obama care for a full year. texas congressman will join me with his take on the political show down, stay close. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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>> wore watching the sausage get made basically and the house rowels committee is preparing for a bill andel that vote on versions shortly. it will cope the government running through september 17th and only if president obama's signature health care law is delayed one year.
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a live look at capitol hill. the nowest bill drawing the harsh rhetoric we have seen in the nation's capitol over the passing of the budget to cope the budget going. democrats are calling it a nonstart sxert white house accusing gop law makers of forcing a shutdown. joining me is the texas congressman. >> good to see you. >> we have seen congressman members to go away defunding obama care and delaying it for a year, why? >> we are trying to actçó like adults and get some agreement and we really did think that sense the president has delayed enforcement for big business of obamañr care, they would be har pressed to say we'll help big business cronies but not let the lower middle-class and working
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poor not give them a break and we are not bending. we hoped that the president would draw a redline. we anyhow he would move off of that. we think that we have a proposal and a good compromise. this is not ready for prime time and it is a trap wreck and nightmare as democrats have said. and what would make more sense for heaven's sake delay it for a year. we areçó hearing from she many people hurt by the bill. let's at least delay a year so that we can take a better look. enough people have been hurt already. ncongressman, you walked in the house rule's committee and a prouser waiting for you to come back out and they are working on the language now. and we are getting word that democrats are showing up to the house rules committee to protest; what is it like this?
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>> i did testify in the room. it is just democrats coming in and talking about oh, it is going to hurt this and that. and as i have been doing on the floor reading testimonyians from specific individuals about how they already have been harms. we are getting their opinion about how bad it would be and how grand and glorious. >> look, the president and democrats say if you like your insurance, you will cope it. that was deceptive. i don't think they meant to deceive. but that was not true. you like your doctor you can cope your doctor. that is not true. all of these promises that were made to shove through obama care without a single republican vote and any input from respects tha
4:18 pm
row. it has major problem. before we hurt other people post pope for a year and work on it like adults. >> democrats are going woe is this. and this is terrible. but i heard from other members of congress that said the same thing, we need to move forward. and they are trying to delay things. >> and congressman, i want to cover a little bit of ground with you. you were pretty harsh on your house speaker there on the house side of thing, john boehner in recent days and weeks. why so harsh? >> we haven't stood up to do what we were send to do. we anyhow obama care was hurting people and we were not standing up.
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we were told the bifth conservative wave election in american history and we were going to fix the cr and fix all of these things and protect our seniors. we department do. that got to the cr and told you can't do it here but we'll do it on the debt ceiling and we putted on that and so we went two years without keeping our promises, and i am kind of big on wanting to keep the promises that we made to the american people. >> these amendments would strip the tax on medical equipments and the september version called for keeping it going for november 15th. and the version would keep it going on until december 15th. here are reports that you gave house speaker boehner two thumbs up today and you like what you see now. and i think this is a good compromise and still protecting the people are america, i think
4:20 pm
as they see more and more of what obama care is going to do to them, then we'll have more democrats and we'll have some on our side now and we'll have more as the year goes along. and we'll get the quick question in and we'll have to get your back and do your work on capitol hill. and your version goes to the senate and they do what they say they are going to do and make it a nonstarter and kick it to the president and make it to the president's desk and he vetoes it. we see a government shut town. are you concerned that the republicans will take the blame. >> i am only concerned with reality. and the reality would be the democrats for political purposes and all believe that the polls show and there is a shutdownine though the democrats do it, republicans will get the blame and they are hoping for a
4:21 pm
shutdown so they can scream and holar about republicans. >> congressman >> we are trying to avoid it. >> stay close, we'll be right back. ♪ as your life and career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way, rethink how you're invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity i.r.a. has a wide range of investment choices to help you fine-tune your personal economy. call today, and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity i.r.a. ♪ ♪
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>> the pentagon on the fighting force system on suspension. officials in washington told us navy admiral is under investigation for matters related to gambling. it was a suspension handed down three weeks sxoog not disclosed until now. no further details were revealed. he is a signed for command but not performing duties related to nuclear weapons or secourt
4:25 pm
clearness. >> iowa rannians welcoming their president home from the meeting with the un in new york city. and following the breaking of silence tone the highest leaders of u.s. and iran since 19sfoin. hundreds of people cheered. but approval was hardly universal. opponents protested in the streets of teheran and security guardsçó fending off a protesto throwing a shoe is the ultimate insult. >> it was the 15 minute phone call heard around the world. in his first trip as president. rouhani pushing for a resolution
4:26 pm
between the two great nations to finally resolve u.s. concerns over iran's nuclear ñrprogram. rouhani is ready to offer more transpartnerency and to assure the u.s., that the iran nuclear program will not be weaponized but only if crippling sanctions against iran will be lifted. row rue was greeted by supporters and one reading yes to peace and no to war. and hard line conservative protestors chanted death to america and hurling eggs and tomatoes. and obama using a phone call with rouhani to bring up concern over the three americans held in iran including the pastor who was jailed for his kristyen faith. earlier today, his wife told fox news, that her husband's imprisonment is hardest on the children. >> my daughter locks at me.
4:27 pm
mommy, how many more birthdays. it is my heart that broke. i know it is eight years, i haven't told them that and i couldn't answer her. and in my heart, i anyhow that i would do whatever it takes to bring him home. >> he was sentenced to eight years and the obama call to rouhani gives her hope her husband will be returned soon. >> law makers in washington d.c. working on a bill to delay obama care for a year. we have told you that this represents a major shift. representative louie geomer out of texas said it represents compromise and they are trying to keep it done and keep the government going. more thoughts on it.
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4:32 pm
down and senate majority leader harry reid and said any bill that touches the signature health care law will not pass. the president threatening a veto if that bill makes it to the desk. setting the stage for a possible government shutdown on monday. my next guest is convinced a shut town will happen and will last a while. why would jose that? why would you say that? >> the sides are not even talking to even other. senate majority harry reid and spoker boehner is not talking. that is a difference compared to the fist california shut downs. it is strained and the president said you are either taking the senate bill or i willçó not sig anything else and what spoker boehner did today is a shift in how he led the house. the critics of boehner and
4:33 pm
boehner is in with the tea party and ready to take on the president whose poll numbers dipped on a government shutdown. he's ready to attack on the bully pulpit. the president has the advantage now and maybe that changes. >> i am curious about the mood. one of our producers said there is a chaplain that showed up in the house rulesñi committee. that does happen. and usually, according to chad, it only happens when things are getting chippy and representative geomer said democrats for there jawing and how tense is it? >> it is pretty tense and it will only get worse in the next 24 or pur48 hours. if there is a deal it is struck in the last second. the problem is, we are not talking about numbers, but ideology. not just 50 pillion like in 2011. you can't cut obama care in
4:34 pm
half. you either keep it or get rid of it. and both sides are dug in and theyñi are convinced they will win. and there is jockeying and maybe the senate reject its or don't act on. it harry reid said boehner, you either pass the senate bill or the government will shut down. there is no doubt about it. thera a high probability the government will shutter. >> your twitter handle is up next to your head and i am reading what is on the social media and people don't feel like they are dug in. they feel like republicans are starting to do their jobs now. is that hopeful for the millions of americans who don't want obama care? >> this is a big victory for the tea party and ted cruz who really pushed house republican leaders who had their own plan
4:35 pm
and rejected by the conservatives in the house. they embraced the ted cruz strategy. and there is tension tone the house republicans and ted cruz. where do we go from here? i don't know how it will end. but i think there will be a short- term government hut down and could go on for a while. they will have to see who the public blames. >> the two sided are not talking to each other. they are. and sometimes i question the fairness of this and i am hearing it from a lot of different places. the idea that the president hadap unprecedented photocopy call with the president of iran, rue row after the un meetings in the general assem blow. they didn't meet each other face-to-face. but they talked on the phone. why wouldn't the president walk over and have an allah- alcohol-
4:36 pm
free sum i with the gop? >> right. and that's what republicans are hammering the president on, he's willing to negotiate with russia and or syria a iran, but will not negotiate with them on the debt limit and there hasn't been a big meeting in the white house. i thought the president would call oaf the congressional leaders just for optices to look like there are talks going on. those have not happen. the president was on the the golf course today. he was going to unite washington. >> and it is part of the reason the house members were upset with the speaker. and john boehner and their leader and our -- he put the debt limit and fight on it next.
4:37 pm
if we don't win on this we have that next. but he's right it is next. >> it is coming next. and that's what he was looking. we have a debt limit fight and tea party. no, we have said that we'll fight for the next one. we'll fight right now and take the stand right now. and speaker boep bone said okay, let's jump forward off of the cliff and so where it goes. and years ago boehner said about obama. if we are going to have a grand bargain on taxes and spending, we'll have to jump off of the cliff. he is jumping-off of the cliff with tea party law makers and the biggest gamble in speaker boehner's career. it would be viewed as boehner's shut down or obama shut down and
4:38 pm
reid's shut down. >> i want to watch this in case you missed out. a thumbs up and apparently getting applause after this. it showed how much progress the gop maded in of the house and we'll watch and get a comment from you. >> it appears that you gave house speaker boehner two thumbs up. >> it is a good compromise protecting the people of america. if they see what obama care will do with them. we have some democrats on our side. but we'll have a lot more as the year goes o. >> is he right about that? are they picking up democrat support by being willing to photocopied a compromise? >> the democrats said it is not
4:39 pm
a compromise and they are united. the bill will pass tonight and all republican votes and maybe 1 or 2 democratic votes. did will not go anywhere in the senate and the president vowed to veto it tonight. compromise will not happen any time soon. it may be the senate punt its back to the house and the house back to the senate. but until they get in the room, and the president and congressional leaders, the government is headed for shut down. >> how do we get them all in one room and what do we have to serve? pizza. what does it take. >> i am watching it as i talk to you. thank you for joining us. >> let's talk about what is separate. the other plan on the hill tonight. we have votes coming up and find out how united the republicans
4:40 pm
are in the house as they fashion the new working that calls for the delay on obama care and next measure. it would keep funding in place for thexd military even if the government shuts down and even with that. many important questions remaun about the fighting men and women and their families and especially considering the tens of this happeneds of troops and still on the ground. and national security corspopdant how our military fare in the last shut down and what is at stake now. >> the last time the government shutdown, it lasted 26 days. and 400,000 dot workers could be furloughed. those in afghanistan would have to continue work without pay and pick up the slack for civilian
4:41 pm
personnel doing their jobs as well. military personnel would receive automatic retroactive pay. but they may have trouble in the meantime. it would require an act of congress to pay those civilian subjected to furlougn. other ways a government shutdown affects the defense department. death benefits for those killed in the war zone would not be paid until appropriations are past and commissaries would dloes. the man responsible for the largest budget in the government explained the impact of a shutdown. >> even if the lapse never occurs, the plan itself is disruptive. people are worried about their paychecks delayed. >> and one myth is save money. they estimate the last time there was a shut town in 1995 it
4:42 pm
cost the taxpayer 1.4 billiop dollars. >> a pastor gunned down delivering a ceremon. new details on the hunt for his killer. >> and if at first you don't succeed, try again. that is not a place that applies if you are trying to steal a squad car. respiratory ♪
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he walked in a church and opened fire and killed that pastor who was preaching. woodrow is accused of second-degree murder. investigators are still looking at why he did this. >> the ben franklin four house which is believed to stand on the site of the oldest fire house in america actually caught four. it is our top story in the trip cross america. pennsylvania, in the old city section of philadelphia, an ambulance parked inside of the garbage of the stagdz ignited and exploded. we don't know how yet. four fours were on a training mission at the time they returned and put it out. the stagdz is badly damaged and now closed for repairs. >> a man on the run from a law trying to steal a police car. it happen minutes after a suspect escaped from a county
4:47 pm
courthouse. when he couldn't find the cos. he got out and try to get in another squad car. south dakota. there is thunder in the hills and they turned out for a giant buffalo roundup. many people helping to coral the care for medical care. they got examines and vaccinations. the buffalo will be auctioned off to prevent over population. andy millis is ten throw and the sweet heart is 90. >> he is a ro mantig and they wed in a dough nut shop where they used to go on the date. he is a catch in the senior's complex. there was a lot of them after me. i have to admit that. >> in the fox watch across america. >> and new movement right now.
4:48 pm
and take a look at the house floor. debate just opened up. and remember gop members of the house reached the compromise in their own party and do away with a push to defund obama care and delay obama care for a year x. they are debating the second bill which they will consider and they will talk about the language they use on the delay of obama care and talk about the language they will use to pay the military members should the house and senate not be able to roach an agreement and then put this on the president's desk and he not sign. it should all of that not happen, the second bill they are going to debate on the house floor is paying our military men and women so they will not have to go without. you heard jennifer griffin reporting what that might lockout. and they are trying to prevent's government shutdown.
4:49 pm
we are watching it together. we'll be right back. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> shedding light on a tragedy that claimed the lives of four fire in june. the men died when an infern no tracked them. the final journey, the car van of white hearses carried their bodies through cities and towns of that great state. now we are learning about the tragic loss of the hot shot as their unit was called and what investigators say went wrong. dom? >> hey, there harris.
4:53 pm
investigators released an official report and doesn't answer all of the questions. because the commander's lostro contact we'll never know what the exact conditions they were facing. the crow wasn't ordered in the canyon where they died. >> no one directed them to move from the location they were in. they made the decision on what they were looking at to do so. we don't have and documentation to give insight in the attack or decision of moving and going down in that location. and they looked around every 19 seconds, 2,000 degrees farren heet. and they recommended role- time tracking technology for four
4:54 pm
crows and the relatives haven't take know comfort in the report and saying there is holes in the investigative finding ands they are trying to cover it up. it could be updates were vague. the families are desperate for a explanation and some have challenged the investigative team publicly in the news conference. investigators say this is the only report in the dea frankly it will remain a mist row to what really happen in the last fateful moments. >> tough for the families,dom, thank you. nwe'll attack a live picture of the house floor our national capitol. even the house rowels meeting that was starting northerly an houring on and democrats showed up to protest. the debate is happening and gettingurn way moments ago. they are talking about an amendment to delay obama careñr
4:55 pm
a full year and wipe away the tax that is a job killer. the vote coming and time this evening, we are watching it. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement
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and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> breaking news, the shutdown show counsel. republicans in the house proposing to delay obama care as for a full year as part of their bill. we are waiting for important votes on the house. carl cameron rejoins me with what is breaking. >> any senate democrats that will go for what the house is working on tonight? >> probably not. the house is passing the bill to keep the government open past midnight and repole the tax on medical devices. there are a handful of democrats that like the ideas.
4:59 pm
and in west virginia, joe manchin said it is a good idea. and so there are democratic support for it. it will be an hour before they pass it tonight. and not much action on it tomorrow. and on monday, harry reid will open up the senate at 2 o'clock and so what happens. he could strip it out and table the two provisions and kick it back to the house almost immediately. and we head in the final hours and still no solution here. both sides at odds. >> a lot of americans cheering because congressional members are working on saturday night. carl cameron thank you for much. and i will bring you live updates as the nows happens. i am harris faulkner.
5:00 pm
thank you for watching. huckabee starts in just a now -- few seconds. >> tonight on huckabee, targeted by the federal government. >> the first contact we had in the irs just a general round of questions, at some point those questions crossed the line. >> after years of harrassment, they are getting tax exempt status, but is she satisfied? >> it is an honor to put on the school jersey. and it is a me, me, me. and representing the whole school. >> the high school football coach who suspended the team on the life lessons you can't learn studying a play bock. >> americans you want the repolled and i wont be surprised


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