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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  September 29, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> fox news sunday is a presentation of fox news. >> get ready for obamacare. a look at what to expect when the health insurance exchangesti go live on tuesday. plus, he is the man at the center of the budget showdown. just what did the texasud senator accomplish this week? and president obama speaks to rouhani, but will negotiations be different this time around?rnal >> welcome to the journal editorial report. are you ready for obamacare? they are set to open onth h tuesday and both critics and supporters of the controversial law are waiting to find out just who will sign up and what premiums will they
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pay? he has no doubt the signature piece of legislation will succeed.ill >> what we are confident of is when people look and see theyhe can get high quality, affordable health care for less than their cell phone bill they are going to sign. up. >> joining us is columnist and deputy editor. >> you heard the president's optimism. what do you expect to happen on tuesday? ex >> i think we are expecting a choppy rollout and very disruptive. we have seen a lot of delays this week. the dc help exchange says they could not perform core functions. we have seen the same in the the 34 states where the federal government is running the
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exchanges in lieu of the governors and a lot of problems over time. that said everybody iso be expecting this to be such a mess that they are judging it with the soft bigotry of lower expectations. >> what about the premiums ? will people be paying more than they would play in the be market place or less as the president asserts? >> the answer depends on where you live and how much income you make. in general the premiums will be 20% to 30% higher on average than they are in the ave individual market today.o you that will be offset for the subsidees for some people. but some peopl.e are on the a hook, the younger ande healthier people are on the hook. it is people over 40.ople so much more expensive, but in some cases less depending on who you are. >> one of the interesting things here is some of the pri
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private insurers are not participating in these exchanges, these government-run exchanges. aetna is not even participating? why is that. >> the exchanges are market su places, but they are markethey' places for political competition. the help and human services department and the insurancement commissioners have been sayingo regulations will hit that cost. the insurers who are offering policies are really the contractors who currently runont medicaid in a lot of states.curr 10* we have been talking about t rate shock here. g people are seeing benefit shock where they will have very limited networks of doctors, hospitals and otherors, providers and not a lot of
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choices in return for theseor discounts. >> that's why they are callingdc some of the products on the exchanging the so-called medicaid plus. what is the big fear in the obama administration? what are theyin worried about most? >> the problem for democrats they have been telling ha themselves for years, our problem politically is that we are running against a law that has not yet started. people don't like it.nall you when they finally get it, they will understand how great it is. fea the big fear is that will not be the case. as you have benefit shock andk n price shock and you lose your doctors and combined with people people -- layoffs and companies avoiding being hitanie by this law and reduced hours then there will be a public revolt against this that will be reflected in next year's mid-term elections. >> right. but the history of
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entitlement, social security,iso medicare, medicaid and people come to love the free lunch and the subsidees . is that going to happen thisthis time? >> i don't think so. t let me put it this way. thi who are you going to believe about obamacare? joe rago or barack obama? we heard that this will provide high quality health care for less than the cost of your cell phone bill, okay? and now the question is is thatan going to happen? i think the consensus is it will be complex and it is going to falter and it will be a mess and i don't think that this entitlement is going to become as entrenched as social security did. s >> you wrote this week and -- in a piece let obamacare fail.its it is going to fail of its own accord. explain the argument.
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i said let it collapse. it may not literally collapse. it may not literally fail.but but i think it is going to be a very poor federal program, a poor health care program. there will be enormous problems such as people discovering that they only have a limited number of doctors to choose from or getting their bills paid willm r be complicated. when that starts happening as is already happening, people will start looking for alternatives.a i think that is the point when they should tell the american people this was a big entitlement. if this does not work we haveor to look for an alternative and have the federal governmentte provide services like this. >> joe, what do you think ult ut -- ultimately will happenyo here? >> do you sheridan's beliefgoin that it will collapse? >> no. i think the problems will create an opportunity for a real alternative. government failure is usually
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solved by another regulation and then that failure isen t solved by another regulation.gul i think the problems that we will see in practice with thetie affordable care act if there isn't a real alternative re offered from the republicans,pul democrats will come in andto say, well, all doctors and hospitals need to accept the governments coverage. >> okay. allall right. we when we come back, onepubl republican senator making hiso opposition to obamacare. it is the centerpiece of the wi fight. what did he uh come accomplish -- what did he uh come accomplish with his floor speech.
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i intend to speak in opposition to obamacare. i intend to speak in support
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of de funding obamacare until i am noba longer able to stand. >> texas senator ted cruz, theas republican at the center of the budget showdown kicking off a 21-our floor speech aimed at drawing attention toing his efforts to de fundma obamacare. his tam particulars -- his tactics are drawing fire particularly from those on theay left and from many on the right. dan we are back. kim, the senator said his goal is to de fund obamacare. is he making any progress toward that end?ca >> no. here is what senator cruz says.seid he kept his focus on,e surprise, surprise, senator cruz, but more importantly on republicans. this has been the big problem hs here. what we need to have happen, if you are a conservative and, you don't like this law, then the goal is to say making
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democrats have a law that is problematic for many americans. and one of the results of this de fund campaign has been that there is no attention paid on the vulnerable senate democrats and they are up ford re-elections next year. these are people like mark lik pryor and they need to feel the pressure to actually have to vote in someway to delay or change the law. p nobody is talking about that. >> kim, are you saying that to there is zero chance, no chance that the republicans will succeed in de funding obamacare during this fight? >> not if the leverage is government shutdown. americans don't generally agree with that. and more -- moreover, the president intends to veto anything like that. this is his signatureesti achievement. giv it will give them some sort of change that they will delay orr
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help with the law. >> it seems that ted cruz is tapping into a grassroots a sentiment of frustration with washington. there are really a lot ofle people who say look at the leadership and they say you are not fighting hard enough. they are tapping into the frustration and backed by some activist groups and of course the talk radio crowd which likes this populous ground swell. is he on to something here, cruz? >> paul, i think a lot of people agree with him. peo a lot of people area lo frustrated. >> we want to de fundant obamacare too. >> the issue is, the long-term strategy, theere long-term strategy is winningdef first in the mid-term and then u the presidency. that's the only way we will push back or roll back obamacare and what ted cruz has managed to do is isolate people who agree with that goal in his own caucus.
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and that is simply not helpfuln' , particularly to the extent it is taking the focus off the fights that the republicans have a shot of winning in the short-term.inn there are senators like tom koll burn who -- tom colburn who have delayed that. >> such as pointing out how members of congress and their staff are trying to putir loopholes in the law s that exempt them from some of the provisions. that is where obamacare is vulnerable. in the short run that is where the lempleg is to be had -- where the leverage is to bend u had. he is almost clear in saying that he would like to run in lik 2016. and this is helping raise his profile. did he help his perm political statute -- his personal political stature? a >> there is an enormous element. to run for president you need an enormous amount of national
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publicity and you need it fast. >> at a fundraising pace. >> at a fundraising pace. if you can get in there early and win in iowa and in new hampshire you immediately new become the odds on favorite for the nomination. if it is a bloodless strategy he is doing a pretty good job at running. r itun we are living in a media age and they love the media savy he is showing that he has that ability. >> how do you think about howdo cruz has helped himself orou hurt himself.t a lot of the republican colleagues in the senate don'teu agree with what he is doing. but they don't vote in iowa.>> >> and here is why some people have used the word cynicism. as you mentioned there is an enormousth frustration among conservatives in the base. they lost last year's election with a candidate who was not a great candidate.grea they felt the rnc let themdo down and theyw were out matched. they want change in
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washington. so what senator cruz has done and i don't think anyone can d argue against thison he has elevated his profile. he has done it very specifically by beating on his own colleagues in the republican party. that sounds good with the baseus out there, but in the longer run you need lots and lots of friends to run for president. >> is he the next ronald rea regan? >> i don't think so. regan united the party. u he didn't isolate his allies in the interest of self-promotion. what cruz is also doing is more damaging. e he is giving reid and the democrats an excuse to bust the spending caps and to use the leverage. that is the best lefnlg that republicans have to bring down spending. it is, woulding. when we come back, a historic phone call between president obama and rouhani opens the door to the nuclear program. will the outcome be different this time around?
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iran's new presidentni m rouhani made his debut and there was a series of other speeches and news conferences and other meetings in new o york.d but notably none with president barack obama whose white house offered an informal encounter between the two leaders, something iranian officials rejected.g but friday afternoon the two leaders finally connected in a 15-minute phone call. the first communication between an american and iranian president 1979. "wall street journal" global view columnist brett stevens joins us with more. why this new enthusiasm from the iranians? at least at the appearancesmo level for negotiations. >> i think they get the sense that the united states really would like to make a deal.
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obama has given every indication that he wants to shake rouhani's hand. there is the situation where the united states walked away from what appeared to be imminent military strike which shows how little appetite there is in the u.s. for as strike on iran. they see an america that is t willing to play. >> but that isn't what the administration says.t is the administration says, look,ed the sanctions are working andnc the iranians are under appreciator and that's why they are doing it. and now the new moderate voice , he has impressed the rest of the iranian leadership with how well he did in theith election. they are willing to say, all right, go see if you can cut a o deal. >> well, look, we have had sanctions for a very longtime.g i keep -- we have been hearing about how the sanctions have gone on for years and years with no change in the iranian -- in the iranian behavior.
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people forget that more thanrget 600 candidates for president were de selected before they found six acceptable people. cre rouhani has been there going back more than 30 years there is no question he looks different and he does not havemn the vulgar aspects and speaks in hushed tones, but there isitl substance to theubst predecessors. >> what do the iranians hopet do to get out of this. if brett is right, there is a change sub stan sighly. >> they want to pull the plug on the pressure. >> the oil experts are down to a million barrels a day. they have a population and they would like to get in the last few years spending $100 billion on the nuclear program. it is a huge commit --spen
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commitment on their part, and it is the key to ascending in the middle east. i think just as we arenu suggesting that they are certainly willing to enter into negotiations with a so many ply gent -- with a compliant obama administration. i don't think there is any possibility of actually ending the iranian nuclear program. it is like north korea where we talk for a very longtimeng without ending it. >> dan justett erred the key phrase -- dan just uttered the key phrase, nuclear capability. iran wanted nuclearweap capability. do they want to be like japancon and produce nuclear weapons in a short amount of time? >> right on the edge of a break out capacity. >> right.ut perhaps the debate that hass beenth resolved for the time being within iran's political circle is they would bethin content with that nuclearey capability being on the edge. that's why you heard them say we will never negotiate a
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right to enrich uranium.ate they want a complex that will over time become invulnerable to any kind of strike should they then choose to move from cape bill to weapons.invu capability to weapons. >> and do you think the obama administration is willing tomini accept that kind of capability, near breakout capacity in return for a promise of not building a bomb? >> the obama administration b has not been explicit. t iran said nuclear chape built is is -- capability is tensethe for a nuclear capability. no country has really used their nuclear weapons, but by by possessing them it gives themm t a freedom of regional action, r press stege, authority and deterrence that you don't have if you are not at that stage. >> briefly, will there be a deal? >> i don't g think so. >> okay. wow, we have to take one morel
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break. when we come back, hits and misses of the week. m
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time for hits andis misses tf the week. >> this is about larry ellis son.they they were contesting america's cup and they were 8-1.le t people talk about a lot of the engineering that goes into these amazingly fast boats. there is a great deal of engineering and see -- seamanship involved. >> a big hit to bill gates whoek apologized for control, alt, delete. instead of using one key to log on to your pc as in microsoft's early days, he chose three. so control, alt, delete
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persisted for 40 years. it is a test meant to how powerful inertia is in hule life. >>er jason? >> this is a myth to hillary clinton who endorsed bill wh deblosio. he honeymooned in cuba in the 1990s and spent the 1980s in nicaragua helping the sandanistas fight the allies.y hillary clinton will probably run for president as a moderate, but this tells you where her heart is.. >> does joe loder who is challenging have a chance to rally and beat him? >> democrats outnumber republicans in new york 6-1, so it is an uphill fight. >> thank you. remember, if you have your own hit or miss, send it us at jer at fox and follow us on twitter. that's it for this week's
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show. thank you to our panel. hope to see you here nextonfn week. hello. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. topping the news this hour, a government shutdown. it is looking more and more likely as the minutes tick away. we have the latest developments on capitol hill. the united nations deals with syria getting lost in the maneuvering on capitol hill. did we wind up with a bad deal? political insiders say we absolutely did and we are here to tell you why. and a new report on a complicated mapping program and what it has to say with your facebook page. we begin with