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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 29, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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thank you to our panel. hope to see you here nextonfn week. hello. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. topping the news this hour, a government shutdown. it is looking more and more likely as the minutes tick away. we have the latest developments on capitol hill. the united nations deals with syria getting lost in the maneuvering on capitol hill. did we wind up with a bad deal? political insiders say we absolutely did and we are here to tell you why. and a new report on a complicated mapping program and what it has to say with your facebook page. we begin with a fox news
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alert. the sands of time are dropping through the hour glass as a potential government shutdown gets closer and closer. we are now essentially 33 hours away. and then the lights will go out unless both sides somehow manage to reach a deal to keep the government funded beyond midnight tomorrow. the compromise has more and what are the house republicans saying as they wait for the u.s. senate act? >> talking to a number of house republicans they are expressing outrage that the united states senate is not in session today. the house late night last night passed a bill to keep the government's lights on to delay obamacare and to repeal the medical device tax which is an unpopular part of the law. meanwhile, the senate has not shown up for work today. you can hear some growing frustrations. >> what i am hoping is that
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because of this circus that went on, that finally all republicans, the far, far right and the mainstream republicans can come together and say this strategy hasn't worked. let's unify and let's do things like make offers to the senate that will make them look completely unreasonable. >> the president was out golfing and we were making sure we didn't shut the government down and we put a funding bill across. >> a number of house republicans will take to the east senate steps of the united states capitol to hammer the senate for taking the weekend off. >> mike emmanuel, thank you very much. the government closed down on two separate occasions in recent history between november of 1995 and january of 2006 was felt far and wide. as a result the centers of disease control prevention. 368 national park service sites closed down and turning away seven million visitors.
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200,000 applications went unprocessed. and multiple services for american war veterans were cut back. it ranges from health and welfare to financial and travel assistance. >> words of warning from israel to the united states on iran's new leader israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is meeting at the white house, and he is expected to talk about israel's deep concerns about a nuclear iran. james rosen is reporting from washington. >> greetings from washington where conservatives are expressing profound skepticism about iran and its motives and the white house is too. in the historic phone call they told rouhani that the u.s. believes iran has a right to peaceful nuclear energy. he said afterward he urged them to take meaningful and transparent and verifiable action to comply with interest national law.
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with international law. the top states like germany and iran met in new york. that was also a first since 1979. the iranian dip diplomat who attended the session urged iran to open up the closed nuclear facilities and stop enriching uranium at high levels. >> i'm sure secretary kerry does not want to dictate what we should or shouldn't do. >> the foreign minister lied this week when they setted they were never pursuing a nuclear weapon. also on sunday, president obama 's top national security aid discussed the prospects for the eventual normalization of relations between washington and tehran. >> it is way too soon to presume either the prospect of an agreement on the nuclear program which we hope to be able to achieve, but we are quite sober about the potential for that, and that obviously would need to be a first step before going on to
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discuss other aspects of the u.s.-iranian relationship which has a long way to go to get to the state of normalization. >> the next round of nuclear talks will be held in geneva in october. >> james rosen in washington, thanks. and as tensioned grow between israel and tehran, what role will the united states play? we will talk more in depth about it. we have lisa coming up in the next hour. there is a new report out that the feds are spying on americans using social media. the new york times reporting that the nsa has been exploiting its vast collection of information on u.s. citizens. the goal is to map social connections, locations and travel by creating very sophisticated grass and diagrams. the newspaper reporting that the gathering of personal information has actually been going on for nearly three years. he says he will respect the
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united nations resolution to eradicate his stockpile of chemical weapons. this plan that calls for syria to either remove or destroy its arsonal of sarin gas and other chemical weapons by the middle of next year has come under fire. it does not outline any consequences if assad's regime fails to comply. all of this is coming as a team of united nations chemical weapons inspectors prepare to wrap up their investigation in syria. after spending the last week of alleged chemical 1k3 biological weapons use including three incidents close to damascus that occurred after the august 21st attack that killed more than a thousand people. there is a new report that says ken jaw was -- kenya was warned before masacre at a popular mall. there was a leaked intelligence report saying high ranking kenyan officials received information in advance about a plan to carry out a major terrorist attack.
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islamic terrorists from somalia's al-qaeda-linked group armed with automatic weapons stormed the mall last weekend. that attack lasted four days and it killed at least 67 people. the shopping mall was partly owned by israelis and long considered a prime target. well, wawflt bickering over the budget in washington, d.c. and the shutdown looming large, is the u.s. government falling apart? our political insiders weigh in next.
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serious concerns about the state of affairs affairs in our nation's capital as a bitter spending fight goes on and on and n congress aiming to shutdown the federal government on monday night. if it wasn't that bad, a new cbs news new york times find that just 43% of americans agree with the job performance and that was his lowest approval rating in two years. let's bring in our political advisors, the former republican congressman for new york. doug, i saw one poll and i think it was the routers poll that had the president as low as 39%. >> greg, it is undeny -- undeniable he is trending down. he gets negative ratings on
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the foreign policy and the american people are sick and tired. the only thing is a republican party that is committing harry kerry and doing what the people don't want which is ultimately being responsible for shutting the government down do -- over an admittedly unpopular obamacare. >> republicans always get the blame and in fact they are already getting the blame. cbs new york times, who is more to blame if the government shuts down? republicans in congress, 44%. president and democrats, 36%. the 16% both equally is an important piece of data. >> what we have is a country that is condemning them all. they have merit to condemn them all. we add -- we admitted that the fall back position would have
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drawn and the bill by the senate to deal with the issue of the congress exempting themselves. the house didn't even put it in. you know why? they are all in on this. the american people going american people are screwing up. >> i think they have the leadership. >> let me talk about the strategy as a two-fold strategy. to fund the unpopular -- >> let's put it up there. the fund obamacare if it means shutting down the government, look at that. 59%, almost 60% say absolutely no. john? >> i don't want to pat ourselves on the back, but the three of us with you, greg, for the last two months have been saying the way to go is
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to ask for a delay of one year to go along with the president's delay of the businessman date. absolutely. had the republicans use this summer to investigate the irs aggressively and help disagree the a agency a little more they said the irs can't be trusted to run obamacare. the exchanges are not set up. the president is delaying part of the bill. don't you think we should delay the whole thing for a year and take another look at it. >> the economy. don't forget the economics. 80% of jobs being created part-time, the union screaming bloody murder. will we sit on the program? >> if they reached out to the union. >> this is too little, too late by the republicans. what john and pat are saying the republicans had a coherent pro growth plan to stimulate the economy and to delay obamacare and it would have been popular.
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to do it at the 11th hour. >> it is catching up to the debt ceiling and that is insane. >> we should focus on that. excuse me for one second. the full faith of the credit is at stake. for the republicans to hold the government hostage to their agenda is huge. >> you can see a massive default and a halt to spending as we know it. >> i want to put up a couple more polls and have you react to this. >> look at this. the economy on syria and on iran, the disapproval far outweighs the approval rating. go to the bloomburg poll. it is generally headed in the right direction? a scant25%. 68% say wrong direction. >> i don't want to jump to the next topic. because of these numbers they are desperate to have
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something to hang his second term on. it is a success of some sort. and when we get to it in a few minutes, either iran or syria or both, they #r* likely -- they are likely, he and kerry, to make a bad deal just to get a deal to run around and say, hey, i have a great accomplishment here. >> i want to go back about these numbers. health care, 54 disapprove. his numbers are going there, but as doug said earlier, the party was winning by default sort of. they have set themselves up to be questioned. we should mention the discontent with washington when ted cruz started speaking and we should mention him and they are driving the bus with everybody. >> he seems to be in charge of the house and speaker boehner
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is no where. >> boehner is basically at a responsibility. they will have a press conference of the republican leadership. >> we will see and i think it is important to watch. but bottom line what pat is saying is right. ted cruz is driving the bus. i say the wrong direction because the de fund proposition is doa. >> we also have this major problem. we will get away from any one thing. the speaker of the house doesn't always talk to the majority leader of the house. the speaker of the house and the majority leader of the senate never talk. the speaker of the house is the top republican and the minority leader ?efer talk. never talk. >> the president never talks to anybody. >> except chasing the iranian president around. >> he will talk to a terrorist nation, but not the congress which he claims or at least his staff is calling terrorists. >> that's correct. >> we are going to pause and
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take a quick break. we do want to talk about the deal with syria on chemical weapons. they are doomed to fail. and was president obama way too quick to sign off on that? is he too eager with iran? more on that when our insiders return. stick around.
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about a united nations resolution requiring syria to have chemical weapons stockpile. as we mentioned the plan calls for the assad regime to destroy the arsonal of gas and
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weapons. but the important part is no where in the agreement does it outline consequences if assad fails to comply. that is a big loophole. >> it is a big loophole. it gives the russians and the allies, the chinese effective veto power on the security council because under article 7 of the u.n charter they must approve any military action to enforce violations of the deal. greg, i ask you this question. would you trust the russians and the syrians to fully comply with this agreement? >> let me answer it with a question to pat. did the president get snookered by putin because the president was so desperate to get out of his line in the sand? >> he was so desperate. i said it was to set him up so he would not be -- we would not be able to do anything. so now he is driving the bus. then we follow it up with what is going on in iran. it is unbelievable. a country that for 30 years
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has been killing americans and running to terrorism. >> funding hez law -- hezbollah and hamas. >> the president is trying to shake his hand. >> president obama says a deal could be had with tehran, but tehran insists that we will never, ever give up our uranium enrichment. if they won't do that, where is the deal? >> this is the same man who said we don't have a nuclear weapons program. we know of mountains inside of which are secret compartments and the centrifuges as we speak. >> i think the big picture is assad putin they now look at obama as mush in his second term and they can drive right through him. obama and kerry are letting it happen. >> is this a blueprint from north korea? we will keep on talking and
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secretly develop our nuclear weapons and we will hide them? >> it absolutely is. bottom line, the rogue nations understand that the u.s. wants a deal almost at all costs. and somehow if we say the right words we will succeed. they don't want to negotiate. the only thing they respond to, greg, one word, power. >> is the president's muddled speech -- arguably muddled, at the united nations the toast of tehran these days? >> i think that is a teddy kennedy headline which cost him a nomination among other things. this president is being taken by every which way of these people. they are laughing at him. as i said we have a country that we know is not going to do anything which is us. they are -- here is the problem. would you think the israelis will sit back and allow their survival to be in dangered.
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it is for a deal that would do nothing other than having a deal. >> he makes chamberlain look good. >> the one last point, there is no opposition. what we don't have in this country is a foreign policy message from someone be it republican or democrat. >> speaking of the message, the "washington post" of all news organizations referred to the president's u.n speech as the most morally crimped speech in modern times. were they right? >> i think they were. while he said good things about america being exceptional, given his track record you couldn't figure out what the red line was and what we really stand for and when we will take action. >> here we had four years ago a stolen election in iran. the president did not side with the people who had the revolution. we had a red line he drew and syria was obliterated.
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we had the government in egypt fall. he didn't stand on either side and he still won't decide what a is going on in egypt. they read this as a hopeless, lame duck -- >> no more attacks on jimmy carter. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. you can get more from the insiders every monday 10:30 a.m. they will be back here next sunday and also follow them on twitter at. a healthy you with carol alt is coming up next.
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