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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 29, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that's it for today. have a great week and we'll sue you next "fox news sunday." >> "fox news sunday" is a presentation of fox news. this is the "report sunday." tonight, why didn't u.s. senators work today after the house pulled an all-nighter trying to keep the federal government running? tempers flaring on capitol hill as house republicans blast senate democrats for taking the day off after they worked through the night to pass a temporary spending bill to keep the government open and delay obama care for a full year. >> if they really cared whether
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this government would shut down or not, they would be here. >> "report sunday," what happens next. troubling sleeping. what could help you. and what on earth drove this guy to punch that store clerk. >> my reaction, i didn't think he was going to hit me. i was like, okay, and he just went like socks me. >> that hurts. >> now they're looking for him. >> we are now on the eve on what could be the government shut 7 down and with only hours to go the blame game is already in full swing. working well into the night they voted to delay the health care overhaul for taking effect by a full year. and they very voted to repeal the tax as part of their bill to fund the government and approve aid separate bill that would ensure our military is funded no matter what happens at midnight
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and call it a compromise. earlier this harsh a dozen house republicans gathered calling out as the deadline inches closer. >> unlock the doors i said to harry reid and come out and do your job. the senate must act. they must act. we do not want to shut the down government. >> they were too preoccupied yesterday. they're too busy to come back today and what they're trying to do is shut down the government. this is what president barack obama wants. >> senate that majority leader harry reid's office was quick to react saying it was an e. ly political stunt and saying "tomorrow the senate will do exactly what we said we would do and reject these measures. at that point, republicans will be faced with the same choice they have always faced, put the senate's clean funding bill on the floor and let it pass with
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bipartisan votes or force a republican government shutdown." there you have it. two sides opposite ends of the spectrum, it would seem, the clock ticking. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on the hill. let's begin with house republicans and this inclusion of a delay of obama care. >> well, harris, interesting because a lot of house republicans are blasting their colleagues for taking the weekend off, a critical weekend as it's counting down towards a government shutdown as for why they've continued on trying to defund obama care and now trying to delay it here's one key lawmaker's take. >> we all represent people back home who sent us here, we have a responsibility to act upon what they've asked us to do and we hear from them. he they want to keep the government open but also are panicked over this health care law. >> october 1st is a critical date in terms of continuing to
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fund our government and critical for for the health care law and a number of republicans feel justified and they feel justified trying to aat least delay the law for now, harris. >> we've seen it but it seems more firm a response it an explanation or why democrats simply won't budge on adjusting obama care. >> that's right. they've heard time and time again the house republicans have heard interest their colleagues in the senate essentially saying that it is the law, so we're not going to budge. we're not going to mess with the president's health care law. well, a texas conservative fired this warning shot. >> i would remind the president, harry reid, senate democrats the debt ceiling is the law, as well. unless you want thatshoved back in your face you need to be flexible and help american people. >> reporter: the debt ceiling, the nation or government's
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ability to borrow money is the next battle on the horizon, and that takes place around october 17th. harris. >> representative gohmert on this evening does not mince words. a few weeks ago it might have taken a crystal ball when i ask you this next question. i'll think you were talking to people inside the beltway and within hours how likely is a government shutdown. >> a great question and honestly does not appear there's much negotiation going on. it feels like they're talking to the cameras more than talking to one another about hammiering ou a deal. >> i'm afraid i do. i watched what happened last night -- i do. i watched what happened last night in the house of representatives. i was waiting for at least some republicans to step up and say, this shutdown strategy is going to destroy our party and its image. >> this is not a place to negotiate but i will promise you there we will pass a bill if the
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senate does what you think they will do that will keep the government open that will reflect the house that i believe the senate can accept that will have fundamental changes into obama care that can protect the economy for america. >> so you hear kevin mccarthy a key house republican leader expressing optimism at the 11th hour they will get something done. dick durbin sounds like we're heading for a government shutdown less than 30 hours from that shutdown and the national is not due to return until 2:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow afternoon. harris. >> not even an early morning start. many questions remain over how it will shake out. for so many they wonder how would a shutdown affect our everyday lives. the answer is kind of complex. and varies across the federal
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government depending on what you look at. so, for example, if it happens people will not be able to get any visas or passport applications processed. and hundreds of national park sites will be closed. but other key services will not be affected. things that we rely on every day like the post office you'll still receive your mail and those of you who count on social security check also still get your checks. coming up inside the "report sunday" we will break down what else will change and what will not if the government shuts down. where president obama is set to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is at the white house. the trip, a simple goal, to convince the president that iran's new president is disguising himself as a moderate. all the while continuing to work toward a nuclear bomb. chief washington correspondent james rosen has more. james? >> reporter: harris, good evening. conservatives this sunday were
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expressing profound skepticism about iran and its motives and the white house is too. president obama told hassan rowhani that they have a right to peaceful nuclear energy and urged rouhani to take meaningful, transparent and vie final actions. the top diplomats from the five u.n. security states, germany and iran met in new york. that was also a first since 1979. on sunday morning the iranian diplomat who ra tended that session responded to comments from secretary of state john kerry who had urged iran to open up its closed nuclear facilities and to stop enriching uranium to high levels. >> i'm sure he does not want to dictate what we should or shouldn't do. >> reporter: the iranian foreign minister flied when he claimed the iranians have never been pursuing a nuclear weapon tweeted republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina.
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also on sunday, president obama's top national security aide discussed the prospects for the eventual normally says of relations between washington and tehran. >> way too soon to presume the prospect of an agreement on the nuclear program which we hope to achieve. and that obviously would need to be a first step before going on to discuss other aspects of the u.s./iranian relationship which has a long way to go to get to the state of normalization. >> the next round will be held in geneva in october. harris? >> james, thank you. chemical weapons inspectors on the ground are now talking to the media. the group has outlined its plan for overseeing the destruction of the country's chemical weapons arsenal so they're telling reporters about it. in that country, saying their first priority to help scrap syria's act to make weapons of a chem nature by the deadline and
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that they will use every means possible including smashing equipment with sledge hammers blowing up delivery missiles and driving tanks over empty shells. this follows that chemical attack last month which killed hundreds of people, many of them children. meanwhile, syria's president bashar al assad said in an interview his government will abide by u.n.'s resolution calling for the chem weapoical s program to be stopped but won't talk to the rebels until they give up the weapons. so the civil war goes on. right now new reports the u.s. may have been warned about the kenya mall attack sometime before it happened. remember, americans were among the hundreds injured there. as terrorists enter the upscale shops and nairobi and targeted non-muslims. there's new evidence your
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islamic extremists have hit another soft target, not a shopping mall a college where students were sleeping in their dorm rooms happening in northeastern nigerinigeria. the gunmen dressed in military uniforms torched the classroom. it attacks from nigeria's long battle with militants who want to install an islamic state. fear and intimidation their weapon. most were muslim had this. just last week president obama described this group that did it called boek co-haram. speak of what our government knows a report suggests the united states was warned that the shopping mall attack in
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kenya was coming and multiple the reporting coming out showing kenyan and u.s. intelligence knew of a serious threat ahead of the siege. some source, not our own at fox, are claiming the nsa got wind of it. fox news is working to independently confirm there. much people died when killers stormed the mall in nairobi taking an unknown number of hostages for days. and torturing some of them. the al qaeda-linked terror group al shabthatbab quickly cld responsibility. more now on the nsa and this country had advanced warning about the mall attack. judge michael mukasey, a former u.s. attorney general under george w. bush is with me now. you're not surprised by this report about the nsa. why not? >> well, the nsa has a vigorous
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and robust surveillance program. and i am somewhat surprised to hear that they had a specific indication because obviously that raises the question of whether anybody did anything about it but it's difficult to filter out the static from the real reports and to make sense out of the real reports. >> you know, again, i want to make the point that fox news is trying to confirm this on our own. kenyan newspapers today were reporting that the intelligence in that country had such specific details on in that it named the date and the fact that hostages would be taken at the mall. there are a lot of americans who live over there. we had an embassy bombed in that city not far from that mall in 1998 as you know americans killed. so wouldn't kenya and the u.s. have shared this intelligence? >> you would think and you would think that both sides would be much more forward leaning about pursuing it if, in fact, it was
4:17 pm
that advance notice. that's so dis -- >> this is critical and important why? >> because we have a surveillance program that is designed to give us advance notice, obviously. it's not just there to give us notice. it's there -- the notice is there so we can act on it and if people don't act on what they get then there's little point in having the notice in the first place. >> yeah, that brings me to my next question. we have all of this information but we don't seem to be able to stop that. i mean i bring up all the intel we're finding out they had on the suspects in the boston bombing. that you have a situation in benghazi, libya where u.s. consulate was hit, ambassador, three others taken out, three other americans. we had intelligence that that consulate was under threat but we couldn't stop it so what do we do with all this information that we're gathering? >> i think we have to be more forward leaning and more willing to act on it. i find it somewhat ironic we're now getting reports in the newspapers it is a great scandal that the nsa gathers all this
4:18 pm
information. the scandal is not that they gather it but, number one, that the deteals get leaked and somebody is not acting on it if they do -- >> you're not liking knowing how much they can do. >> i don't like the fact that we're simply learning about it but our enemies are too. >> which brings up the leaker, edward snowden and how much information has come from here then there's the separate information that's come out today, this report that the nsa is much more powerful and much more pervasive than we ever know and may be interacting with us on social media sites. >> i don't think they're interacting with us. i think they're interacting with some people that -- who may be under investigation. and if that's the case then there's no reason why they shouldn't. everybody interacts on the internet. i don't see why the nsa should be barred from doing it, if, they are, in fact conducting a situation relating to
4:19 pm
intelligence. >> you really opened my eyes. you said there was a time when the fbi guys weren't allowed to go online to do search. >> correct, even to get publicly available information. i mean there is such a dread of the notion of the government gathering information that people want to shut it down. there's no such thing as the government. >> "the new york times" -- >> it's individual people. >> i'm sorry to cut in on you. "the new york times" is reporting that the nsa knows pretty much our every move through personal connections we have online. is that legal that they can do that? >> well, let's start with the premise of your question which is that they know our every move. they don't know our every move. there are 350 million people in the united states. do you think the nsa keeps track of all of them. that's ridiculous. the nsa keeps track of people who principally people abroad who have -- who make contact with people in the united states. people abroad who are suspected of terrorist activity. if somebody is suspected for
4:20 pm
good reason of terrorist activity overseas we want to know who in the united states they're having contact with. because that's a threat to us. >> you know, on the flip side, we pretty much don't have really a whole lot of expectation of privacy anyway. i mean we're captured on people's cell phones. every piece of video is caught on tape by retail surveillance, so on and so forth so what do you say to those people who say we're losing our liberties through this. >> i usually ask them what liberty they think they've lost and usually you get a blank look. nobody can tell you what liberty they have lost. the fact is that every -- that the box store i go shopping every couple of weeks knows a lot more about me based on my purchases. i mean, you've had the experience i'm sure of buying something online and get an e-mail describing other things you might be interested in. >> judge mukasey talking with us
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about several items in the news today. i appreciate your perspective and your context. thank you very much. a new sleep study putting into motion one goal in mind, help our men and women in uniform kick a growing dependence on sleeping pills. [ bird chirping ] ♪ ♪
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new research describes an epidemic of reliance on sleeping pills among americans. but maybe there's a better solution very close. a california company has begun unmasking some of the problems associated with insomnia. it's using a new technology to put an end to that all night-time tossing and turning and could one day help our men and women in uniform kick their growing dependence on it.
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in the end help other peoples out of the military find a good night sleep. >> oh, yeah, ending the torture and developing technology to give the troops better support. they call it a sleep profiler. phil westbrook helped design it. >> the snoring and sound and pulse rate and head movement can be used to identify little, brief physiologic arousals, what we call oautonomic nervous arousements in connection with that. >> reporter: that gives an idea how fragmented is or whether
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it's continuous rest throughout the night. >> many people wake up intermittently but string together all that little wake-ups and think that they were awake continuously because they've been thinking in between and we call that a sleep misperception. >> that way your doctor can work out whether you have insomnia or a different condition. here's the next step. abm's somnia heat mask. it cancels out noise and uses blue slight to ensure the user wakes up alert. the u.s. military helped fund it as it wanted to avoid the groggy effect of sleep meds an hem them take power naps. >> you need to be able to wake up and fight back immediately. you don't have the time to be groggy tore try to figure out what's going on. you have to get up, be ready to go and fight the threat out there.
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♪ 'take me home...' ♪ 'i'll be gone...' ♪ 'in a day or...' man: twooooooooooooooooo! is that me, was i nging? vo: not paying for scheduled maintenance feels pretty good. no-charge scheduled maintenance now on every new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering i'm harris faulkner. this is "the report sunday." countdown to exactly what we're not sure but it's possible and a bit more than 28 hours parts of the federal government could be closing. we haven't seen that happen since 1995. and here's where we are in all of this. house republicans today calling out senators, senate democrats in particular, for not working today. and accusing them of helping to push the government to the brick of a shutdown.
4:32 pm
for hours last night fox news covered the developments as the house passed a government funding bill which includes a one-year delay of president obama's health care reform law, obama care for individual americans. democrats say that bill does not have a chance and when the senate does finally resume tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 p.m. eastern there will only be roughly ten hours left until the deadline. if lawmakers don't stop it what could a shutdown look like. steve centanni is live for us working on this part of the story. steve. >> reporter: harris, the impact of a government shutdown would extend all across the country affecting millions of people. if the shutdown happens the nations 401 national parks would be shut down. you won't be able to apply pore a passport. loans for the housing administration which backs ha% of all mortgages would not be available even as housing is struggling to recover. other government functions impacted would be federal research facilities. the mythsmithsonian museum but
4:33 pm
would not affect social security check, medicare checks, post offices and active military duty would stay on the job. >> what are lawmakers saying about the actual impact of a shutdown? what is their perspective? >> republicans are talking too much about the specific impacts. they're only saying it's democrats who seem to want that shutdown while democrats are pointing out some possible effect. >> 800,000 federal workers will be the victims of this republican shutdown strategy. it hurts our economy. we're just starting to recover and create jobs. >> the impacts could be felt tuesday morning unless some bargain is struck in the meantime. >> steve, thank you very much. let's get more now on the looming shutdown and what's at stake. byron york is a fox news
4:34 pm
contributor. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> some key developments today and which ones do you think we really need to know about. what are the headlines on this sunday? >> right now it looks like a shutdown is absolutely unavoidable and what we heard from both sides today from republicans and democrats is that they're not moving from their position and that we know you just outlined the time, you know, the senate is going to come in in the afternoon tomorrow to avoid a shutdown, the senate would have to strip out the obama care provisions from the cr, send it back to the house and then the house would virginia to agree to pass that bill. center in just an hour or two, that's not going to happen. i think today is became absolutely totally clear there's going fob a shutdown. >> i'm sure they have huge breakfast plans and why they can't gather until 2:00 p.m. but really even with that from what you're saying there wouldn't be much time even if they had all day long. republican leadership in the
4:35 pm
house says that it has some cards to play, though, still to keep us from going to the brink of a shutdown. like what? >> yeah, i think we heard kevin mccarthy, number three republican in the house give a hint of that on "fox news sunday." they passed a cr and the senate took it out, sent back the clean cr and the house said, okay, we'll put another obama care care provision in it, the one-year delay of it and added a repeal of the medical device tax. what happens if the senate does what harry reid says it's going to do. it'll take those two obama care provisions out and send a clean cr back to the house. so at that point the house could just pass the clean cr and all be over. is morning they havethy yet another obama care provision that they're going to attach and send it back yet again to the senate. most people think that's going to be some form of the vitter
4:36 pm
amendment which is an amendment named for david witt ir, the senator from louisiana that would ban members of congress and their staff from getting negligent sort of special subsidies when they buy insurance in the obama care exchanges. >> you know, byron, politics make this somewhat of a game and so i'm wondering who is scoring points now because you've soon house republicans do a couple of things in the last 24 hours or so. they mutt in a provision in place, a bill in place to pay the military should the government shut down. that gets a whole lot of people's eyes opening wide like they're taking care of part of america if that happens and a reminder to everybody for months the polling showed that americans have expressed deep concerns about how obama care would affect their lives. so they're still pushing with that in mind. are they scoring points with the public at this point? >> well, we don't know. i mean really the conventional wisdom in washington is always that republicans get blamed when the government shuts down and i think what you've seen from republicans in the past 24 hours is a pretty concerted effort to
4:37 pm
deflect blame in some ways and point blame in others. the defect blame is military provision you just mentioned saying that, you know, we wouldn't be guilty of stopping the funding for our troops if a shutdown occurred. the point in the blame is that if you hear republicans talk they're saying that senator harry reid would be to blame if he again strips these obama care provisions from the cr and sends them back. they do have one point in the sense of the pedicle device tax. a majority of democrats support repealing that medical device tax. most voted for it in the original obama care vote but now want to get rid of it and harry reid will make them vote against doing it to take those obama care care provisions back out of the cr before it's sent back to the house. >> you know what's interesting. we haven't seen the president come out of the white house and maybe he's done it under cover and haven't seen it. hasn't been public but i've seen him do it at times. he'll sit down and talk. why is he not doing that now?
4:38 pm
>> it's a great question. republicans have been saying the last 24 hours that the president has talked more with the leader of iran than he has spoken to john boehner who apparently the two of them have not spoken about this. the president -- i think what has happened in the last 48 hours is both sides have gone back to their corners and said we're going to fight this thing out and you certainly heard the president start the blame game and tell the house -- the republicans to knock it off and do not bring the nation -- not only to government shutdown but to bring it to the edge of default. that's in the debt ceiling fight that's going to come in the next couple of weeks after this. so i think both sides have really decided it's just time to start fighting. >> you've watched this for many years. real quickly your biggest concern at this point as we inch toward that dead liline? >> that they don't reach some sort of agreement. it's probably not going to end
4:39 pm
well. may end badly for republicans if they have to back down and might end badly for everybody else if a number of government agencies are not able to function. this is not good. they should knott have gotten to this point. everybody knew the funding for the government ended on september 30th the we didn't just learn that last week. they could have done this a long time ago. >> yeah, i see that playing out on twitter and other social media. the very line you just spoke, byron york, thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you, harris. terrorists target a key government official in what is supposed to be one of his safest locations. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iraq, a pair of car bombs went off near a police checkpoint killing at least four iraqi security officers. officials say terrorists were trying to hit the country's interior minister and happened at the fourest largest city in a kurdish region relatively
4:40 pm
peaceful compared to the rest of the country. tourists on a duck boat forced to jump into the river thames after the boat went up in flames. 30 people on board all got off safely, two of them treated for smoke inhalation. no order on what caused it. the olympic torch getting its long journey around the globe. ahead of the 2014 winter games in sochi. using the sun to ignite it. random people are chosen to carry it 50,000 miles through nine time zones including a trip through space before the games begin in russia next february. taiwan. it takes four wheels and a creative mind to compete in this soap box derby. racing with wacky homemade rides like the noodle bowl, the bathtub, the miniature train.
4:41 pm
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4:44 pm
the price of a cigar apparently leaves a store customer fuming and a clerk in pain. this lhappened in lakewood. watch as the man leans over that counter and just balls up his fist and take her out? why? because he did not want to pay $1.41 for that cigar.
4:45 pm
>> it just happened so fast like he went like this at first but my reaction, i didn't think he was going to hit me. i was like, okay, and he just went -- socked me. >> it's a brutal attack on an innocent victim who was just trying to make a living. >> apparently he thought it was 41 cents more than what he should pay. you know the other thing that's really shocking. watch this video. the other customers just stand and watch as that attacker makes a getaway. and he still remains at large. the clerk has since recovered from her injury but she says now she fears for her life every time she goes to work. >> young girls in search of one thing and willing to steal to get it. it's our top story as we go across america. arkansas, teenage bandits one holding a baby caught on store surveillance video, they were look at strands of hair at a beauty shop in north little
4:46 pm
rock. the store's owner said they shoved the extensions into their bag and ran. >> they come here one minute and try to take everything. i tried to grab it and they were so young. i'm 51. >> police now looking for the suspects who they say jumped into a car and sped off. pennsylvania, a piece of history imploded. the masontown bridge gone in seconds. it was two lanes originally built in the 1920s and renovated about 20 years ago. a larger four-lane bridge will take its place. nebraska, a vintage chevy auction draws thousands to pierce. 500 chevrolets dating back to the 1950s up for bid. >> lucky to see one but if you got 500 then that's really a big deal. >> also a big deal. some of those cars have fewer than 20 miles on the odometer. all of them owned by a local dealer. kentucky, a soldier returns from a year overseas and
4:47 pm
surprises his family at a high school football game. specialist justin may dressed up as the school mascot, a polar bear. his brother plays on the team. his dad the assistant coach. >> he had no idea what was going on. it was amazing. they had no idea i was out here in that uniform. >> it was crazy. i mean, just proud of him, glad to see him home safe and told me you're this tax today. >> the costume was his mom's idea. that's the watch across america. a wild ending to the baseball season. marlins henderson alvarez earning what had to be one of the most memorable no-hitters. the game against the tigers was 0-0 in the bottom of the ninth when the winning run was scored on a wild pitch and with that the marlins would win 1-0 giving alvarez his first career no-hitter. there have been 282 no-hitters in baseball history but major league baseball says this is the
4:48 pm
only one to ever end on a wild pitch. good for him. well, it is a mistake made hundreds of times every year. people die because of it. mostly kids. what will it take to prevent a driver from backing up over objects and mostly children when they're leaving their driveways because they simply couldn't see what was behind the car? some parents say they have a good idea. and girl scouts on a mission to save themselves. young girls are not joining that organization like they used to. so to the rescue a new campaign to make girl scouts cool again. ♪
4:49 pm
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and she's part of a new recruitment campaign to attract more members and volunteers. the scouts are hitting social networking media and relying on neighborhood drives to attract elementary schoolgirls because membership continues to drop. by the way, the girl scouts have been around for 101 years. in case you missed it. some parents are taking action. they say they want to prevent so-called backup accidents. people backing up cars mitting mostly children who they didn't see behind the vehicle. in many cases, the results are fatal. now safety groups and victims' families are suing the federal government demanding act on reforms already delayed four times. which could potentially save a lot of lives.
4:53 pm
we have more on this. brian? >> reporter: one of those parents who filed a lawsuit against the department of transportation wednesday is susan oriami. in 2005 she hitary injured her daughter kate while back out of her driveway. >> i hit her with a car but was able to stop the car and found out what i thought was someone else's child lying on the driveway and bleeding from head to driveway, and she was bleeding from head to toe, and she was screaming and asked me why i hit her with the car, and i told her, i didn't see you and did not know you were there. >> she did not receive any life threatening injuries. now safety advocate for kidsa
4:54 pm
more than two years eighter, the dot has yet to issue a safety rule. >> congress directed the department of transportation to issue a regulation so that there is a standard for all vehicles, so that all drivers, not just those that can afford to add a camera on to their car either when they purchase it or as an after market device, and safety should not be an option. >> 292 people a year are killed by cars backing up and 18,000 are injured and 44% of the deaths are kids under the age of 5. the department of transportation declined to comment to us, and the lawsuit asks the dot to implement the safety rule within 90 days. remember amanda knox accused of killing her roommate in an apartment in italy, and even though she is a free woman they will try her again for murder.
4:55 pm
what is next, we do a fast-forward. and then blast off. what exactly is so special about this rocket? ♪
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the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? private enterprise making new moves in space. this is a falcon 9 rocket taking off with a canadian weather satellite onboard. the private rocket maker has launched rockets five times before this, and the model is supposed to be the next generation of the falcon 9. it's declined to deliver heavier pay loads, and a different group dropped off a half ton of needed supplies to the international space station. marking only the second time a
4:59 pm
private company delivered a shipment 260 miles above earth. and let's do fox fast-forward now. by monday at midnight a budget deal must be reached in washington, d.c. to thwart a government shutdown, and then the new insurance exchanges will go online on tuesday. also tomorrow, the retrial of american amanda knox begins in italy. she spent four years in a jail before her conviction was overturned in 2011. knox said she will not return to italy for the retrial. that is how fox reports on this sunday, september 29th, 2013. it will undoubtedly be a drama-filled week in washington. will or won't parts of the federal government shutdown? will republicans in washington succeed in forcing a year's delay in obama care, or will democrats dig in deeper?
5:00 pm
don't miss a moment of our coverage on fox. have a fantastic week. thank you for joining us. in about six seconds, my friend, governor huckabee. tonight on "huckabee," targeted by the federal government. >> the first contact we had from the irs, the first round of questions, at some point those questions crossed a line. >> her group is finally getting tax exempt status, but is she satisfied? >> it's an honor to put on your school jersey, in a world of me, me, me and you are representing the whole school and community. >> the high school coach who suspended his whole team on the legend you can't learn from studying a playbook. >> the american people want this lawrie peels and republicans want it repealed. i wouldn't be surprised if a


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