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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 30, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> grandchild -- gretchan, welcome to afternoon. we're getting closer every second to a government shutdown that could ticket the economy and every one of us. we have the latest from capitol hill as house republicans vow not to fund the government without dealing obamacare a big blow. shutdown or not, a how long part of obamacare is about to roll out in just hours. there are still a lot of big questions. as the president's signature healthcare law gets ready to go online. we'll break it down for you. the israeli president, benjamin netanyahu, isn't buying iran's new nice guy act. he is meeting at the white house days after president obama's phone callry iranian leader. '. first from fox at 3:00, we are now less than nine hours until the government shuts down, and lawmakers and congress are no closer to any agreement to
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make sure that doesn't happen. in just the last hour, the senate rejected the latest proposal from house republicans. a plan that would have kept the government only open if key parts of obamacare were delayed for a year. that means it's back to the drawing board in the house where many republicans said they won't go along with any bill that does not block the president's signature health care law. so we have a political game of chicken with a whole lot riding on it. and if there's still no deal by midnight tonight, the government closure begins. that would mean some 800,000 federal workers would be off the job without pay. first-time home buyers seeking mortgages could face delays. national parks would be forced to close in comments today it seems both sides think they're simply following the will of most americans. listen. >> it's time for the senate to his on -- listen to the american
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people like the house has listened to the american people and pass a of obamacare and a permanent repeal of the medical device tax. >> a straightforward solution to this. if you set aside the short-term politics, and you look at the long-term here, simply requires everybody to act responsibly and do what is right for the american people. >> and at least for now it's obvious that neither side is willing to budge. mike emanuel on capitol hill. after a quiet week in the senate it's been busy. >> by a party line vote, 54 democrats to 46 republicans can the senate successfully stripped out the obamacare provisions from house continuing funding resolution. they took out the aspect that would delay obamacare for a year, and took out the aspect that would repeal the medical devices tax.
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so they're sending back to the house a funding -- government funding bill that would just fund the government for a month and a half. here are some top senate democrats moments ago. >> it was deliberately designed to be politically provocative. continuing resolutions are always about disputes over money. they were not about political ideological viewpoints over past legislation. >> they tried to send us something back, they're spinning their wheels. we are not going to change obamacare. if they want any changes in obamacare, wait until after the debt ceiling. >> senate majority leader harry reid said give obamacare a little time and he predicts 90% of the american people will like it just like they like medicare. trace? >> trace: on the flip side, what
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are we hearing from republican leaders? >> a lot of closed-door meetings across capitol hill, including house and senate republicans. house republicans are looking at a plan that would essentially pull out the individual mandate for obamacare and cut subsidies for members of congress and senior administration officials, so they're going to continue going after obamacare. i'm also told that senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is looking at the possibility of a one-week government funding bill just to keep the doors and lights on for another week. here's what the speaker of the house said about why republicans continue going after obamacare. >> this law is not ready for prime time. the house has done its work. we passed the bill on saturday night. sent it to the senate that would delay obamacare for one year, and would eliminate permanently the medical device tax that is cost us tens of thousands of jobs, that are being shipped
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overseas. >> the house republicans continue looking at going after obamacare. the senate republican leader was considering the idea of funding the government another week. tension is building as we're about nine hours from a government shutdown. trace? >> trace: big talk. with us now the managing editor of the hill newspaper, bob cusack. good to see you. >> hey,. >> trace: trace don't you love how each side thinks the other sized just being absolutely ridiculously stubborn on this? >> both sides -- they're dug in, and i think that we are headed for a shutdown. harry reid today saying, no chance they're going to change anything, including the medical device tax, repealing it, which had bipartisan support but they're saying they're not going to change one built of obamacare as part of this debate. so that's where we're headed. harry reid and john boehner are not even talking to each. that's different than two years ago when we almost had a government shutdown. there was constant talking in
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the hours and days up to the possible shutdown, and it was averted. this time we're not going to avert it. >> trace: i was going to mention. they're not talking. there's no negotiation going on right now at all. so you have the house republican members huddling right now and will come up with some strategy. what's the next strategy? what's the next move on their part? >> i think they're going to send another version, as mike was saying, some other version back to the senate so they're replying the ping ping-pong game. it's going to be a nonstarter like the bill that the senate torpedoes. democrats are confident they're going to win this p.r. battle. the polls say -- this is going to be a shut down on the watch opresident obama. >> nobody is united on capitol hill. do you think there is any measure -- talk about mitch
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m-connell saying, let's keep the government open for another week, and then after that give us some time to kind of negotiate things out, maybe that happens? >> i think it's -- there's a possibility but i don't think it has to -- happens. democratsed today in the senate kind of mocking that idea, that decision has to be made. they are united on this. they don't think that a one-week solution is going to break anything -- the only thing that is going bring the sides together is if the market continues to fall, and somebody is blamed for this. then that party is going to have to give in, like the republicans did in the mid-1990s. >> most people are blaming the run republics here, but the republicans go back to their districts and they're comfortable. they're safe with their constituents. so, they're doing the job they believe they were sent out to do. >> that's why i think this shutdown -- the average shutdown usually last two or three days. this could go on for quite some time, and then we have the debt
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ceiling. so, republicans from the get-go wanted to negotiate one deal, both on government funding and the debt ceiling, and they may get their wish but they're going to have some rocky times for both parties in the days ahead. >> trace: save for getting rid of the individual mandate for a year or pushing this thing back, is there something in this that the republicans might take away as a victory? there is anything you can see where they say, okay, we won this little bit, this little inch of the war? >> i think there are two possibilities that democrats-not offering now but maybe eventually they will. the medical device tax. they're not a going to delay obamacare. that's not going to happen. and possibly the panel that sets reimbursement rates, the republicans dub this the death panel. there's a lot of opposition to that so maybe that is part of the discussion. right now the sides are so far apart, it's lard -- hard to see any deal at this point.
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>> trace: there's a huge gap on the hill. bob cusack, good to see you. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: at the very heart of the budget showdown is president obama's signature healthcare law, and beginning tomorrow americans can begin signing up for insurance exchanges. administrative officials say that will happen with or without a shutdown. lots of questions still remain, including how much it will cost and whether or not those exchanges will be completely up and running. peter deucey is live in washington. what reports? >> reports some of the navigators or the people hired too help enroll americans in the health care exchanges haven't even had a chance to preview the system yet. that's according to an item in the wall street journal, who is also reporting now that system software as recently as friday was only calculating accurate
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subsidies for consumers two-thirds of the time. this morning the health and human services secretary said the exchanges will go live tomorrow and using them will be like shopping online. >> people online, for the first time, can look at plans side of side by side, figure out what is available, figure out what the premiums are, and actually shop online the same way you can buy a tv or a pair of shoes. >> to spark public interest in the rollout, federal agencies have been using the hash tag, get covered, and the president's senior adviser, valerie. >> sent people to funny or where jennifer hudson solves people's problems with obamacare. >> as the clock starts ticking how are republicans making the case against exchangeses. >> right now pup -- republicans
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are hoping more lawmakers are listening to their constituents who they argue are mostly opposed to obamacare. >> we're just seeing higher premiums and fewer jobs and that's the result, the net effect, of obamacare and why there's so much interest among the american people in trying to get it delayed or repealed. >> those exchanges will go live tomorrow. shut down or no shut down, according to the president himself. trace? >> trace: on it rolls. peter, thank you. so if the got shuts down at midnight tonight, which we expect, which party will shoulder most over the blame here, and party might best use the whole mess to their political advantage? we'll break that down next. before they sat down, one more time, just for themselves. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild. smile. before katie, debbie, kevin and brad... there was a connection that started it all
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it's not clear what americans think is worse, the affordable care act or the government shutdown which would leave hundreds of thousands of people out of a job. that makes for a tricky situation for republicans who could face a backlash if the government shuts down. so which side has the edge? with us shirra center. thanks for joining us. depends on the market. if the government shutdown happens and the sky doesn't fall and the markets don't fall, it's like the sequester where people don't feel it, there's not a lot of blame to go around at first. >> exactly. i think a lot of this will depend on just how long of a shutdown we're looking at. if this is something that is only two or three days, i wouldn't expect the markets to feel any major back and forth. we'll all move on. another short-term funding resolution, and then have this debate again in a few months.
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if we're looking at a long-under shutdown, one that is two weeks, one that leads up to the october 17th deadline for when the -- we reach our debt limit, then you can talk about serious ramifications, especially for congressional republicans. >> looks like republicans for now are kind of shouldering much of the blame here. that's kind of the deal. what's the penalty? okay, they blame the republicans. what's the system they feel very secure in their home districts. they believe they have the weight hoff their constituents behind them. so what the fallout for republicans if there is blame to be placed? >> first, we're a year out from the 2014 elections, and a lot can happen in a year. i've covered campaigns for a decade, and it's terribly hard who is going to predict the house 12 months, 14 months out, but you raise a good point, that republicans are very comfortable in their districts and that's because they just redrew a lot of these districts before the 2012 cycle. so a of them are very cozy in
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districts. some cases they have practices under he radar drawing for themselves. so they go back home and they're reinforced, stand your ground. so, it's hard to see any big ramifications. i think that if -- let's say we have several weeks of shutdown, and then we have a big standoff over the debt ceiling. the market goes crazy. it's very hard to conceive of a situation just given the makeup of these districts that democrats win the house in 2014. it's very difficult. >> because they vote with their pocketbooks and the bottom line is nobody wants to see the dow tank because of the debt ceiling and the government being shut down. but what if republicans go at this and stand their ground and they do get some concessions on obamacare, maybe not pushing it back for a year. maybe the individual mandate stays-but little concession here or there don't they come out of this feeling like heroes? >> i think it depends what the concessions are and how big they are. i think whatever concessions they get they will go home and try to play them as massive
12:18 pm
accomplishments. but looking at where both sides are right now it's hard to see where the concessions come from, especially because the senate does not appear willing to budge on anything. >> trace: what about -- it's a very good point. what about these 11th hour deals? you see that republicans are huddled right now and they come out of the meeting, they have to say something, do something, to try and at least make the effort or make it look like they're trying to avoid this shutdown. they're trying to be the -- they're at the diplomatic ones, trying avoid this thing. what comes out of this and does anybody, anybody blame the democrats for this shutdown if the republicans offer something the democrats say absolutely not? >> i think what could come out of this, at least about 20 minutes ago what they were talking about coming out of this is house republicans taking up funding resolution that would include what is called the vitter amendment which would delay the mandate for a year.
12:19 pm
but it could be somebody they talk about. in terms of blaming democrats for this, it's hard. it's very difficult. because in part because people blame congress a lot more than they blame democrats, and with a split house and split senate, democratic president in the white house, it's easier to lay the blame at the feet of congress and polling shows that. >> trace: and whether or not the government shuts down, obamacare rolls on tomorrow morning, regardless. good to see you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> trace: meantime at the white house, the president isn't only dealing with the government shutdown and the obamacare roleout. he also has iran and syria on his plate, and today the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu made a visit to the oval office. we'll have a live report on that visit next. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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>> despite iran's apparent willingness to work more closely with the west, the done country remains committed to the destruction of israel, according to prime minister benjamin netanyahu who met with president obama today. the two leaders said they discussed a range of pressing topics, including renewed middle east peace talks and the crisis in syria. it appears much of the focus was on iran and the nation's controversial number nuclear program. iran claims the program is only for peaceful purposes about the west suspects it is secretly pursuing atomic weapons. iran's new president at the united nations last week declared his country is ready to negotiate but netanyahu and president obama both say iran's new leader must prove he means what he says. >> it is absolutely clear that words are not sufficient.
12:24 pm
that we have to have actions that give the international community confidence that in fact they are meeting their international obligations fully and they are not in a position to have a nuclear weapon. >> trace: man accused of being a spy for iran appeared in court in israel today. some israeli analysts have suggested the timing was intended to discredit tehran during netanyahu's visit. wendell, what was netanyahu's message to president obama today? >> you see the prime minister driving out of the white house behind me. his message here is the same as the one he'll deliver at the u.n. general assembly this week, and that is don't be fooled by iran's smiling campaign. netanyahu brought israeli intelligence that iran's behavior has not changed even if the words of the new president seem more accommodating. the israeli leader's goal is to
12:25 pm
make sure the international sanctions on iran aren't bargained away for anything less than an end to the iranian nuclear threat. >> i believe that it's the combination of a credible military threat and the pressure of those sanctions that has brought iran to the negotiating table. i also believe that if diplomacy is to work, those pressures must be kept in place. and i think they should not be lessened until there's verifiable success. >> president rouhani is the former iran nuclear negotiator, who bought time for scientist under the guise of negotiation. >> what about the president? how did he respond? >> mr. obama and his aides made clear iran gets nothing for promises. the president said again today only actions will result in change of. he said the u.s. still retains the military option to make sure
12:26 pm
iran doesn't possess nuclear weapons, but he also said we have an obligation to try to find a diplomatic resolution to the problem. >> we have to test diplomacy, we have to see enough fact they are serious about their willingness to abide by international norms and international law. >> there's no talk today of a time frame, but the israelis have pulled back their prediction that iran would move to the weapons phase of their nuclear program sometime this year. trace? >> trace: wendell, thank you. we're learning more about exactly what to expect if the got does shut down hours from now, and the serious impact on those who serve to defend our nation. details on that are next. plus, with obamacarety hart of the -- heart of the dead lock in d.c., a lot of americans are asking exactly what the
12:27 pm
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>> this is "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news. the clock ticking on capitol hill. as the nation braces for another possible shutdown of the federal government. the deadline now just hours away, for democrats and republicans to reach a deal to continue funding the government. so far there's zero sign the two
12:31 pm
sides are coming together. the pentagon has already released its plan if a shutdown does occur, and under it the defense department tomorrow would force 400,000 civilian workers to stay at home without pay. lawmaker on capitol hill are working to pass a separate measure that would continue payments for our troops, and the department of veterans affairs claims it would be able to continue providing benefits until late october. james rosen is live in washington. james? >> good afternoon. the senate is expected to vote by unanimous consent today as the house voted unanimously on saturday night, to pay active duty military throughout any shutdown. for veterans, however, the picture is worse. the va has funding authority to keep on the job those workers who process benefits claims, saying by-riz will receive benefits but that's provided that the shutdown doesn't last until late october.
12:32 pm
if if does the payments will stop, and even before then regional offices handling disability claims will likely cut back on services. federal law enforcement agencies such as the fbi coast guard will be exempted, as will about personnel who protect life and properties, from from air traffic controllers to meat inspectors but with 800,000 federal workers accomplishingees of agencies like the national park service, nasa, and federally operated museums, expected to be benched this week. this community is feeling beth frustrated and apprehensive. >> federal employees and executives have been through a three-year pay freeze, several of these near shutdowns, through the sequestration process which resulted in furloughs over the summer. so, there's sort of a combination of anger and fear of what might come, and i think a certain sort of sense of resignation about, here we go again. >> roughly the same number of federal employees, 800,000, were
12:33 pm
furloughed in the shutdowns of the mid-1990s. one economists advises not to be too worried about a return to those days. >> there have been 1 shutdowns since the late 1970s, and recent research has shown that the stock market didn't tank in any of those shutdowns. in the last big shut young 1995 and 1996, the stock market actually rose. >> one point here on terminology. back in the 1990s, those federal workers who continued working during the shutdowns redeemed essentials, those furloughed were called nonessential in deference to those folks' sensitivities, the terms used today in official literature are, accepted and -- excepted and nonexcepted. james, thank you. let's get now -- bring in mike, the senior writer at yahoo fortunate. good to -- yahoo finance. you just saw two different
12:34 pm
perspectives. some think we're just about to drive off the cliff again for the umpteenn't times and other i saturday we have had these happen 17 times and nothing happened with the market. what's your take? >> we're about to drive off a cliff but it's not a very high cliff. essentially the economy can absorb something, a couple weeks. the furloughed workers might have retroactive pay reinstated. so the markets don't internalize this into a big economic hit, but it's still an unnecessary drag on top of the sequester cuts we have been dealing with. >> you go back to the last time the government shut down and you had mid-9s. didn't have a big impact burt you didn't have cable news talking about this hours a day and there's a certain sense of anxiety this creates. not a lot of confidence in our lawmakers and that tens to have a negative effect on the market
12:35 pm
sometimes. >> i think it's a cumulative effect. the fact it seems like almost every year we have kind of a d.c.-manufactured crisis that crime pact the economy, does in fact have some kind of influence on the way people think about things and decisionmaking but i think the market right now is saying, hey, if they want to have the fight over the continuing resolution, and the fiscal side of things, that's preferable at this point to actually making the debt ceiling debate the front in this war. who knows they can too boat. but the assumption is this is manageable, a debt ceiling jeopardizing the credit worthiness of the country again is not tray. >> trace: when you couple those together you have the debt negotiation and the likely possibility the government is going to shut up to, markets don't like uncertainty. do you have money that sits on the sidelines until lawmakers figure this out. >> it's one excuse to do less and not put money into the market. you actually have seen money flowing in terms of measureable
12:36 pm
mutual funds. it's another excuse to sit back and not do anything and keep your risk appetite in check. that being said, one thing i think is interesting is nobody feels smart for having panicked over the fiscal cliff thing last year. so therefore the conditioning is, let's not make too much out of this until we're absolutely forced to. >> trace: everybody uses the phrase, if the government shuts down for a couple of days no big deal. but what if it goes a week? maybe ten days? right to the edge of those debt ceiling negotiations, and then people start to get a little more panicked. >> then you have this more exasperated response, this thing is doing more than just a gesture, and the disfunction has got ton a new level. i don't think the markets are likely to front-run the possibility. they'll wait for it to actually happen before the actually panic. >> trace: in your estimation, mike -- i got to one but who is going get hurt the most?
12:37 pm
we talked about the hundreds of thousands of americans getting laid off. we talked about maybe the loans might not process as quickly if you're using the government loan agencies. who gets hurt the worst in this? >> i have to say it's the furloughed workers. the only real direct impact you'll have immediately. everybody else will have an inconvenience or deferral of some money they were expecting. so i do think it's those workers directly put on the sideline. >> trace: we have heard again and again, the see if is falling sequestration, we hear it all the time and people are getting numb to it, let's wait and see. so we're going find out how this thing fakes us. >> no doubt about it. yep. >> trace: mike good, to see you. >> thank you. >> trace: while hundreds of thousands of americans wait to fine out whether they can earn a paycheck tomorrow, others are now keeping an eye on capitol hill for another reason. their health care. as we have been telling you, new
12:38 pm
insurance exchangeses are set to roll out tomorrow under president obama's health care overhaul. and while that is driving the showdown in d.c., there are still many questions about the law, including one of its major sticking points, the individual mandate. the fox business network's jerri willis with a closer look at that. she is live in our new york studios. >> the individual mandate, everybody is talking about it today, because tomorrow the starting gun for obamacare, and here is what the law says. it's a mandate. you have to have insurancerage. you, your wife, the kids, everybody has to have some kind of coverage, and there are a number of ways to qualify. satisfy that government requirement, be on medicare, medicaid, employer provided insurance, private exchanges, and if none of that works you have to sign on for the healthcare exchanges on the obamacare web sites. 50 of them across the country. >> a lot of people we expect are not going sign up for this. in fact you know that a lot of people aren't going to sign up. what happens if you don't?
12:39 pm
>> okay. you need to sign up by january 1, 2014. provided you have coverage by that start date. if you don't the irs is coming for you. there's a $95 fee or fine or tax, whatever you want to call it, if you don't participate in 2014. after that it goes way up, almost $700 two years hence. so the fees and the fines are high. you have to pay attention because you're required to participate in some way. we'll talk all about this tonight on the fox business network, the willus report, at 6:00 and 9:00'm and we're covering it all week long. so many unanswered questions. >> trace: and a lot of people are going to say, i'd rather pay the 589 -- 95 bucks and then next year we'll talk about it. thank you, jerri. the american student convict and then acquitted of murdering her roommate in italy is now back on trial for that murder. but amanda knox is thousands of
12:40 pm
miles away in the seattle area. why are prosecutors once again trying to convict foxy knoxy? a live report and legal analysis is next.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
the american college student acquitted of murdering her roommate during what italian prosecutors called a drug-faulted sex game is now back on trial for the killing. the thing is, the trial is underway without the star defendant, amanda knox. knox served two years in an italian prison before an appeals court freed her in march, the top court overturned the acquittal and ordered foxy knoxy to have a retrial after the prosecutors convinced the court there was enough evidence to retry knox. the police found the victim dead in an apartment she shared with knox.
12:44 pm
her throat had been slit. foxx does not have to return to italy for the trial, and i the court finds her guilty, extradition is unlikely, but her ex still lives there and faces returning to prison for decades should he once again lose in court. jonathan hunt is live in our new york studios. jonathan, what happened in court today? >> this was day one of what is in effect the third trial for amanda knox and her co-accused, her former boyfriend. the lawyers for amanda knox asked today for new tests to be allowed on meredith kercher's cell phone, on a computer, on a pillow. the judge said no but did agree to new tests on minuscule amounts of dna found on that night, believed to be the murder weapon in the meantime, meredith which i's family wrote a letter to the judge today. her sister pleading for what he said the dignity of truth for
12:45 pm
marry kerr -- meredith kurcher. >> stand by. house speaker john boehner discussing the senate's demanded. >> no special treatment for anyone. as the speaker indicated, this administration, this president, has provided special treatment and carveouts and exceptions under obamacare for big business, for special interests, and, yes, it has provided a carveout for members of congress. our position is very clear. no special treatment for anyone. we all live under the laws equally applied. >> very short and simple today. we'll pass a bill that funs government. but the question rests with ari reid two questions. will he treat individual americans the same as he wants to treat big business? and secondly,s to he want special treatment? we say, no, you have to live within the law.
12:46 pm
>> each of the 232 republicans in the house were elected by the people from their districts. we listened to the people that we represent and we have a responsibility to act on their behalf, and we continue to hear this story of the impact of this law. on individuals, on families, and the action we're taking in the house is one that reflects the concerns we continue to hear back home, and, yes, this president has issued all kind of waivers, the delay of the employer man tate, come up with a ruling for members of congress and their staff. and what we're going to do is we're going to stand and say, for individuals, this mandate should be delayed, and for members of congress and their staff, this should also be delayed. it's what is go for america. >> do you have the votes? >> mr. speaker, some of your own republicans say they're not going to vote for this because -- [inaudible question]
12:47 pm
>> i left mccarthy talk about votes. we're confident this issue will pass. this is a matter of funding the government and providing fairness to the american people. why wouldn't members of congress vote for it? >> speaker, -- [inaudible] questions -- is a clean cr off the table. >> not going to happen. >> happens tonight, midnight, north going to happen ever? >> the house will act this evening and sended over to the united states senate. thanks. >> trace: quick and easy. you saw the house republicans huddled for not even an hour, little over an hour maybe, and came out saying that, and what they've done is they want to too this. they want to make sure that congress and the president have to live by the same healthcare bill they're asking to us live by. obamacare. no exemptions, no exceptions, and, two, they're trying to get obamacare extended for one year.
12:48 pm
they're going to put that bill together and they're going to send it back to the senate. right? that back to the senate and then they're going to have the senate turn it down because harry reid already said it's a no-go. the standoff will continue. the trick on capitol hill for the run republic they have to get thisly to rules commitee because the rules committee has to go through the parameters of the bill, and if that doesn't happen you can't send it back to the senate. so at 45:00 eastern time the rules commitee will meet. the house is confident they'll have a bill back in the senate and the standoff will go on because the senate will reject that bill. we'll have much more on the breaks news out of the house as well as what happens next in the senate. continuing here on "studio b." e? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do...
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>> trace: coming up now on the eight-hour mark in the doesn'tdown to shut down the government, and it's hurting stocks and possibly hurting your 401k. take a live look at the big board. ten minutes left in trading and looking like 140 points down. not a good sign. if you missed it, you had john boehner came out and said they will not send a clean bill back to the senate. they want to put in there that congress has to live with the same health care. that the rest of america has to live with. and they also want to delay obamacare by one year. harry reid said the senate is not going bite on that, and the impasse continues. let's bring in the fox business network's rich edson. what's the latest where you are? >> the senate has just rejected the house's latest plan. this goes back to the house and house republicans will be trying to pass a bill that deletes the individual mandate, the provision that requires almost everybody to have health
12:53 pm
insurance next year, that and member and staff subsidies and other government subsidies to go into the exchanges. democrats are saying they should simply pass a bill to fund the government. >> to think that because of his wilful faction of tea party republicans he would allow this government to shut down and continue to play these games back and forth, is just inexcusable. inexcusable for anyone who calls himself a leader. >> there's so much potential for bipartisan evidents toed a -- efforts to advancing this legislation. the senate needs to adopt an attitude that its broader than, our way or the highway. there's time for us to work together. the senate needs to hustle. >> here's where we are. what democrats want republicans to do the run republics say they're not going to do. what the run republic says they want the democrats to do, they're not going to do that either. so we're at a classic washington standoff, a few hours before the government shutdown deadline. back to you. >> trace: yet you have this situation where john boehner is
12:54 pm
determined. he says he has the votes and thinks they will pass this new revamped bill tonight and send it back to the senate. it's futile because the senate is going to turn it down. so we're really at square one. we're at square one and the markets are dropping 140 points today. is it your sense the markets are dropping part and parcel because the government shutdown or other factors weighing on the dow? >> when you look at what specifically markets are looking into when it comes to washington, part of it has to do with the government shutdown. there are sectors going to be affected by this, especially government contractors. if you go beyond that a number of investors are looking to the next deadline, october 17th. that is when the government schedules to hit the debt ceiling and exceed the debt ceiling. that would create problems in the market. some investorses are saying if they get the shutdown out or if the system that bodes will. other say it's a harbinger of more difficult negotiations
12:55 pm
later this month 0. >> trace: the confidence factor you talk about confidence and uncertainly all the time and right now we have above. we have double deadlines looming and the dow is dropping today. is it your sense that people are saying, i'm just going to sit back and wait until they get this sorted out before i do anything? >> absolutely. volatility is up. investors don't like volatility. they like to know what's coming from washington. they like certainty from washington. that's pretty much what they're not getting from washington right now. we're trying to figure out exactly how politically democrats and democrats and republicans can pass something that increases the debt ceiling and extented government funding and wall street is not getting that right now. >> trace: rich, good to see you. thank you. >> thanks. a. >> trace: there is word of an airport with a hangar full of u.s. cash. billions of dollars. but it isn't on its way to a bank or corporation.
12:56 pm
the airport claims it doesn't even know whose money it is. that's next. and your money, lot of it, going down south on the corner of wall and broad today. breaking news on what the house's next move is on the government shutdown. "studio b" continues in three minutes. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> trace: then there's this. losing luggages no fun. your favorite pair of jeans, new smith gone without a trace. then we have moscow airport which could be holding the most valuable piece of missing luggage. it's 200 pallettes of cash reportedly worth more than $27 billion and it's been there for six years and nobody is sure to whom it belongs. one theory it was saddam saddamm hussein's stash. a number of people have at the same timed to claim it. so if anybody is missing a hangar full of dough, call
1:00 pm
moscow. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. that's it for "studio b." later it's john scott with the fox report, 7:00 eastern time, 4:00 in the west. the dow is down. neil cavuto and your world will have all the answers. next. >> neil: eight hours and counting and now everyone is scrambling. ahead of a shutdown that is looking likely at midnight. here's the lowdown on where we stand right now. reports that senator republican leader mitch mccome is gaining interest for a measure that could keep the government funded for another week. that would give both sides time too iron ounce a deal. this after the senate rejected the amendment for a short-term spending bill that would declay the health care law. but house republicans are not exactly taking no for an answer. now considering a counteroffer to delay key elements of the


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